Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point

Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point

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Free Energy: The Race to Zero PointWe live in a vast sea of energy. Everything, every atom, every subatomic particle is in constant motion, spinning eternally. Even in the cold, dark absolute vacuum of empty space, there exists what new physics is calling the quantum vacuum flux; it is the ether of the ancients, the life force energy of metaphysics; are the random fluctuations of this vast field of potential in which space and time are embedded. Now theoretically and mathematically proven, the question no longer is: “does this zero point energy exist?” but rather, can we tap this inexhaustible resource of free and unlimited energy and manifest new technologies which are both inexpensive and environmentally safe.

One thing is certain, if we continue on the course of rapidly burning fossil fuels and relying on nuclear fission, the future of our civilization is in grave jeopardy. We’re at a critical juncture where the ravages of industrial pollution and radioactive waste have exceeded the carrying capacity of mother earth. Our finite reserves of oil and gas will be completely exhausted by the year 2025 at the present rate of consumption. Large corporate and governmental self interests ignore this pending crisis and resist change to the status quo. The question must be asked: Is this the kind of world we want to pass down to future generations?

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  1. Joe Lynch

    This works on the simplest of principles, the principles of basic preschool pulley mechanics, where you only have to pay the small amount of electricity,(only a spark) that it takes to gain one single rotation of a DC motor, with a large 100 cm circumference pulley attached to it. With this one rotation of a large pulley, you can freely gain a long length of 100 cm of moving belt, which will give you a multiple of 100 rotations, for your one rotation of a DC motor. This could be multiplied by as many 1 cm circumference mini-pulleys that you wish to attach to this same belt. Then all that you would have to do is, attach AC generators to each of these mini-pulleys that you choose to attach to the same belt as your large 100 cm pulley.

  2. Mostafa El Gharbawy

    I have free energy generator
    I have zero point set

  3. David Harding

    Don't forget their present pay check is coming to an end anyway. It is so important that visionaries ideas are studied seriously and amply research funded.

    1. caroline

      Dr. Steven Greer agrees 'wholeheartily'...with that 'statement of yours i am certain'.

  4. Tony Mandolin

    What will be interesting is watching how the science plays out. Every time there has been a discovery that threatens the livelihood of the older, less efficient technology, the conflict has been lass than kind. In this one we have literal trillions at stake, and those at the top will not give up their paycheck without violence.

  5. none

    Yeah, you're warning us. What for?

    Go to the Elite, the Oil and Car Corporations, the ones that impose the system on us. We THE People.

    Go to them, eh?

  6. Les Moore

    There is nothing conceivable by the human race that is not attainable, Today we may not understand, but each step taken awakens the possibilities of what can be done. The most idiotic statement made is saying that something is impossible. An oft repeated statement of the smallest of minds

  7. Agent of Change

    Free energy? We'll get there eventually and the disbelievers will be forgotten. The doubters are generally nobodies and the visionaries are either exalted well after their death or someone else takes their credit. Orthodox science plays it's important role and out of unorthodox science comes the next level we eventually adopt but it takes time, there's to much vested interest in 'the norm'. It's always been that way, not worth fighting over best we be patient and let politics turn in the direction of us absolutely needing free energy - then we'll have it. A few hundred years from now we'll look back on these discussions about what qualifies as science and have a good old laugh.

  8. Kenneth Kelly

    Please don't accept what is presented in this video as fact. Truth is that very little od what is presented here actually ever would work. When they say these people were prevented from developing their ideas by any person or company is a real sign of their own failure.

  9. Sapir-Whorf

    Obviously there are delusional charlatan dreamers all over the world, and probably several here too. However, quantum uncertainty and quantum entanglement are real effects that are just now being understood. Those purported scientists that want to dismiss zero point energy cannot explain the real effect of quantum entanglement. The zero point energy is real, whether there is a practical application to harness the power is yet to be seen.

  10. gwhosubex

    4 minutes into the video, i hear over 5 statements with shoddy logic, dubious credibility, and overt sensationalism. the info is probably outdated. and even if it's not, i'm not going to trust people who can't distinguish between sound probable, backed up claims vs leaps of conclusions that ignore some pretty important counter-information.


    It was dedicated to Sparky Sweet who gave his life, but one of the other speakers was Eugene Mallove who was beaten to death while cleaning out his parents home by would be robbers.

  12. Boris Bozic

    World scientific community said man will never fly,until two brothers proved them wrong!what were their names?


      Orville & Wilbur Wright - but wasn't there someone who beat them to it and didn't get the credit?

  13. Robert Foyt

    1:29:00 can anyone confirm or deny that this is real?

    1. Guest

      the objects flying up in the air are obviously on strings, and the pennies being pushed about are obviously being manipulated by a magnet under the table.

      the 70 lbs cannonball is also obviously nothing of the sort or else that flimsy plastic bucket wouldn't be able to support it.

      Sorry mate but this is an obvious forgery.


      I didn't see any flimsy plastic bucket. Where was that? All I saw was the ball on the plywood table with everything else...

    3. a_no_n

      The Saw etc that go flying up in the air move as if being pulled by a string, and the penny under the table moves as if being manipulated by a magnet under the table.

      so far so fake.

      the seventy pound cannonball is nothing of the sort either. If it weighed seventy pounds it would need a lot more than that flimsy plastic bucket to support it.

      my vote is for hoax.

  14. soupisgoodfood

    Current physics says it's impossible to tap in this energy source in any meaningful way. So really, we are in the same position as before in regards to a practical, endless supply of free energy, which is "it goes against the law of thermodynamics". So, this doco is not science.

    1. Kelechi

      Using Resonance effect one can tap into the ZPE.

  15. lgcamp

    Looking at all the posts here, I think mine will be the most intelligent one... even more intelligent than you so-called "scientists" who say this isn't science. My comment is: "I have no idea whether or not zeropoint can be harnessed to use because unlike scientists, I have not been ruined by the so-called "education" that is nothing more than brainswashing and I don't have enough real INFORMATION to say whether or not 'free' energy is possible." However, I have actually OBSERVED Paul Bauman's free energy unit and it powers an entire community in Switzerland with no other source of energy running the community.


      Switzerland always gets the good stuff first. No fair. You guys have Gander water too. Another cool explanation defying invention.

    2. lgcamp

      Yeah... If I had the money to qualify for immigration there, I'd go in a heartbeat... especially since the US has a fascist government now.


      No s*it! Right now, I'm digesting the message about Alex Jones in StormCloudsGathering's documentary about the Boston Bombing.

      If we're going to fight fascism, we have to have accurate info... and I agree that if we try to physically fight our government, we will lose. We need to WALK AWAY and leave them standing there all alone.

  16. hagrid37

    To all opponents - live your lifes in a hard way , it is your choise, life is school for everyone of us. All of you are hypnotised form large corporation ideology. That is what they want, to we did not believe in posibility of free energy. They diskredite every try in this field. In case if it realy unpossible why they so much worry about this !? All science is under corporation controle, and we know as true, what they want to we believe.


      There are 18+ substances, systems, or energy pollution hitting the human body in the USA now (in 2014). Most people are chemically lobotomized. For those on this blog overseas, please make sure anyone you know who is trying to come here - make sure they know that they cannot eat the food or drink the water or breath the air without remediation or protection of some kind for each poison that is being used on us.

      I do have a science background. I did not believe most of what I am now telling people for many years. But I have researched it for myself and found out that it is all way too real.

  17. Nicholas Ramirez

    i think what he means by "free energy" is not only that of costless, but that for example you have a motor that puts out 100 watts, but in order to run the equipment it uses a total of 25 watts, therefor you get 75 watts for free

    1. Kelechi

      We can can see evidence of larger output from heat pumps.

    2. Kelechi

      We can evidence of larger output from heat pump too.

  18. James Herd

    There are so many things wrong with this doc im not even going to bother. This is not science

    1. Nicholas Ramirez

      then you don't know what science is

  19. Flora Lee Bernard

    Please check your spelling--with regularity, and ruthless discretion. The internet lets us get away with far, far too many copy errors; it speaks poorly about your website's content when its titles, names, etc, are misspelled.

    1. Vlatko

      @Flora Lee Bernard,

      Which titles, which names? Care to point them out? I'll correct them if you do.

  20. PatricktheAtheist

    why is this in the science section? Free energy is not science

  21. Ike

    Gary V Water is "free", yet we still have to pay for it's collection, treatment and transport/pumping. It has to be put in a form that the public can use safely and efficiently. This "free energy" stuff is no different, otherwise I could just hang my computer cord out the window and log on.

  22. Gary V

    An interesting doc, I hope that one day we do find out how to get free energy & give it to the whole world, so that all the big corporations stop making the billions of £'s that they make from us all each year.

    1. Jonathan Seagraves

      LOL have you ever thought that if it were not for those big corporations, you would be living like you were in the 18th century? Stop being such a twit.

    2. Gary V

      Yes I'm quite aware of that, but it is only because it costs money to make electricity in the ways that we currently do that we have to pay them to produce it. If there was a way off getting it for free then it would be better for us all surely. You twit.

    3. Jonathan Seagraves

      You are aware that if there were a source of free energy, oohh lets say they found out how to sustain fission. That you still would be paying for electricity as you do right now? because someone has to build and run the place, PLUS maintaining all the power lines... SO you idea of a free energy utopia is retarded. Besides it only costs like 9 CENTS per kilowatt hour anyway.

    4. Thang Tran

      You mean fusion and not fission.

    5. Agent of Change

      The Tesla and JP Morgan story is very well known. Our world is a his-story not written by us. Two paths emerged, free or metered, corporations and government (same thing) chose this one for us. And yes of course they sustain our world and we should be thankful, yes yes, but we are now their slaves and that was the whole idea. Them being your buddies and you being free is in many ways an illusion your allowed to believe and it seems you bought it. Shifting now will be way expensive but it will have to happen eventually that is without a doubt or its back to candles for us, so I hope for your sake and every bodies that the utopia idea of free energy is not so retarded or you and I won't be able to have robust conversations anymore over the internet let alone make toast.

    6. 0zyxcba1

      @ Jonathan Seagraves

      "...say they found out how to sustain fission."

      Jonathan, I'm sure it was just a typo, because atomic power plants in use today all rely on fission. My guess is that you meant to write:

      "...say they found out how to sustain fusion."


    7. Gifford Boake

      you my friend are the twit! what ***** would think that if we had free energy that the rest of technology would not evolve at the same rate if not faster. what do you work for the Hydro company's marketing department. think before you comment **** *****

    8. Rocky Racoon

      Conversly if it were not for those corporations perhaps we could be living in a technocratic utopia in conditions that nurtured the full potential of all instead of the enrichment of the few and the debasement of the many. You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one who has ever thought along these lines. It seems human beings have an intrisic understanding of a golden age where just these types of social relations prevailed.
      "From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs".


      Thank you in 2014. Corporations now think they are people and demand to become people who have no responsibility for what they do.

      Your comment has now been played out to its most extreme form in our daily and global lives. Corporations are largely responsible for the 18+ chemical, systemic, energetic toxic impacts to the American human body.

      Corporations are currently engaged in chemically lobotomizing the American people. Anyone reading this post can perform their own experiment.

      1) Remove your tv from your home
      2) Do not eat ANY food that contains a paragraph of ingredients whether you think you know what they are or not.
      3) Put on an EMF shield device.

      I promise that you will have an increasingly different level of awareness within two weeks. Overtime, you will observe even more changes. Within a few months, you may ask yourself (like I did), where have I been all this time?

    10. lgcamp

      People who can produce "free" energy should DIY it for themselves and USE it in their homes and for their own purposes. Think about it. There are many free energy enthusiasts who make models they claim will produce free energy. If EVERY ONE OF THEM produced models and used them in their homes, then visitors to their homes would become interested and order a unit from them. Friends of these people would ask where they got their unit and order MORE units and so on and so on and so on, until there were quite a few of these units in operation in homes all across the country. This could not be ignored. Soon, everybody would be clamoring for a unit. Eventually, this would put power companies in a pickle. THEN you'd see headlines. Until this happens, we can't hope for much. It's up to the inventors to put up or shut up. If I see a working unit, I'll buy it.

    11. Agent of Change

      So you have solar panels? A friend of mine has so many he now sells energy back to the electricity companies. Have you got onto this yet. The technology has been around for a while now. Another friend used the GEET to power his shack, not a house mind you but hey it proved that it has merit. But I guess Pentone did too, that's why he like many others was imprisoned. You should build one. If you're really keen experiment for yourself and build one as a hobby. Be a leader not a follower. Put up or shut up they say.

  23. tariqxl

    I watched a doc a while back, an alien interview, entertaining whether u believe it or not. The alien said the funniest thing when he apparently witness ww2, ''Uh oh the children have found the matches''. We are an infantile species, my view is more of a failing social experiment maybe theres hope or maybe we'll start a big enough fire with these matches leavin room for the next social experiment

  24. Torrque

    And of course, this being said, havoc is being created and exacted by the controlling elite right now. One group or another, we're all screwing things up. Further example that humanity, as a whole, needs paradigm shift. Humans probably don't deserve unlimited resources. I love life, my family and friends, and I believe in the well being of others and, most especially, of the planet, but like Agent Smith said to Morpheus in The Matrix, we are a virus to this planet. Controlling elite, the bulky middle classes or the impoverished, the majority of humanity lives in base desire and emotion beyond what they are capable of seeing, let alone admitting to themselves. Religious, spiritual, Green, political, etc views all put aside, VERY few humans are all inclusive in balanced & harmonious choices, lifestyles and habits that genuinely seek to find equilibrium and proper stewardship of the earth we are blessed to call home.

    1. Jonathan Seagraves

      HAHAHAHA... I knew I would find some nut jobs replying to this doc...

    2. Gifford Boake

      Yea you were right there are some pretty big nut jobs on this post and it is you! In all sensuousness please try not to make comments as you clearly do not have the intellectual prowess to do so.

  25. Torrque

    @ ohnolookout I agree. Unlimited, better, energy sources and resources would drastically need paradigm shifts in humanity. Primarily among those who are 'just getting by'. Try to imagine what the average human would do with unlimited resources; they would might likely breed out of control, spiraling our already overpopulated planet into chaotic levels of human numbers. I imagine that is what the controlling elite fear and attempt to control. In keeping the average mortals locked into inflationary pricing and 9 to 5 responsibilities, they keep the masses preoccupied with busy minds and the limiting of imaginations. Remember, an idol mind is the devil's workshop. Most people lack the consciousness and awareness to always do the right thing. It only takes doing the wrong thing one time in certain situations to wreak havoc upon others or other things.

  26. Hesus

    Ah yes ALL HAIL Google...

    Some worship deities and even Batman... pfft

  27. jono


    "Energy from the vacuum" has quite a lot of information and theories. It's a big series but findable if you persevere.

    Google is your friend.

  28. SteveM

    try the "You might also like to watch these documentaries": At the top of this page.

  29. M-files

    Rise up! For those who have children and grandchildren.Rise up and take your experimental findings from your garages basements and backyards into the classrooms of the world. Allow the next generation to be empowered to recover the planet from those who have selfishly exploited her existence through carcinogenic profit-marginal distruction. "Children" dig the next grave for those who know not what thay do. Do not concern your selves with forgivness at this time. If you manage to live long enough with the ability to reserect human grace and dignity, then the slow proccess of reconciliation of your ancestors can begin. I wouldn't begin to know how to apologize.

  30. John seals

    Oh come on man, does everything have to be spiritual and portrayed as supernatural. For the most part I like this doc. except for the fact that it mixes supernatural ideas in with real science. This technology is no more supernatural than any other open ended system, like a wind mill or a water wheel. The energy is supplied by natural phenomena and it is up to us to eliminate loss of said energy until we get to the source where it will actually do the work we want done. Dark energy is sort of surreal in property I'll give you that, but we should not call it an ether or what was it "the stuff of the ancients". It is dark energy- completely definable and effects from it can be measured. Let's stop going so far as to lie in bed with superstition just to get those predisposed to it to listen. Science is about dispelling that crap, not inabling others to hold on to it.

  31. kriss

    where can i learn more .............. amazing stuff. Made me sleepless.............. please get back to me !!!!!!!

  32. cg

    imagine all the free time you'd have to learn, or play, or create. if everyone could earn enough money to live on working a part time job, then everyone could have a job. if energy was free it would be fabulous.

  33. Eric

    A good first question is "Why do we pay for things?" "What is money?" Think of this as well 75% of Amercians want health care reform, but will they get it, Probabally not there is no money in it. 75% is enough in a democracy so what system are we cought up in now.. The same goes for us Canadians lets stop letting "Fat Cats" of wall street run our lives. Another good Question, "What would happed if everyone woke up and decided not to pay taxes..or even use money?" It probabally wouldnt be as bad as alot of people think.

  34. Eric

    I completly agree with 'ohnolookout' We have far to much potential to keep falling in to this 2000 year old monitary system...Lets get our act together and Discover the universe already, The general population is too affixed on CG in movies, that stuff is coming to life now ppl open yor minds..In my opinion we have discovered aliens we are close to figuring out how to travel close to everyone reaching space and the possibility of living for hundreds of years and still people LOVED Avatar and all those other "Movies". Get of the couch and ask some questions.
    Please mind my spelling. Eric

  35. Jim

    I don't place credibility with anyone who mispronounces "nuclear" as "nukular".

  36. Karen

    When application is sorted out, a paradigm shift will occure naturally like radio to CD, just sell it.

  37. ohnolookout

    the point i meant to make is that this doc. is very well done, with plenty of credible sources, clear descriptions of the ideas, and meant to be shared with everybody. what i like very much about it is that they mention that understanding free energy and accepting the possibilities requires a paradigm shift both in the scientific community and in the general public. it is hard to imagine a world without paying for gas or electricity, because it would allow us to work to better ourselves, rather than solely working to 'get by' or save up to buy a bigger TV.

    again, a great eye/mind opening film.

  38. ohnolookout

    fantastic and inspiring! what is interesting is that the US government in particular knows that these technologies exist, and the elite banking groups who finance research control what gets funded and what gets suppressed. it really makes me sad how squandered our species has become, we have too much potential to let our fate and intelligence be controlled by insecure narcissists who want to feel like they are better than everyone else! gah!

    mr. tesla knows. he always guy indeed.

  39. DancingSpiderman

    Does this website have the doc film about using water as a fuel, narrated by Schoddy MacDuggyHauser of The CattleCar DeathStar TeeVee show?

    I ferget whut it's called.

  40. Jeb Murphy

    Excellent information. Thanks