Freedom Downtime: The Story of Kevin Mitnick

Freedom Downtime: The Story of Kevin Mitnick

2001, Technology  -   32 Comments
Ratings: 8.21/10 from 29 users.

Freedom DowntimeCan you launch a nuclear missile by whistling into a payphone? The unofficial story of Kevin Mitnick, possibly the first citizen in American history to be jailed without a bail-hearing. He went to jail for nothing more than copying software, but was "convicted" by the media both for breaking into NORAD as well as causing millions of dollars in damage to a software-company. This documentary introduces you to the "Free Kevin" movement, who tried to stop the making of a film about Mitnick based on the media's lies, and who went on a journey to track down key players in the Mitnick-affair and get some answers.

Directed by: Emmanuel Goldstein

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9 years ago

This is a great documentary(check it out) for reinforcing the fact that truth and justice are not a priority when dealing with the legal system. (too long though, needs editing)
Furthermore, legal and moral are 2 completely different things. (one has nothing to do with the other) The bottom line is it isn't justice if you have to buy it, and incarceration as a business is a conflict of interest, period! The best way to avoid all this, is the following.
1) Don't get married. Your chances are better than 50% that you will end up in divorce court, and if you are male and have children, life as you know it will be over. ( it thrives off the misfortune of others)
2) Don't consume alcohol. Since alcohol and intelligence do not go hand in hand, it is a sure fired way to end up in court. (also why it is legal, when grass isn't - potheads aren't violent)
3) Don't say anything critical online regarding those in power without being fully aware that the first time you piss them off, you are a keystroke away from hell. (many martyrs before you)
Note: I am purposely discounting murder, theft, etc since everyone should already know the likely outcome of these poor choices.
Being as outspoken as I am, sadly, this is the main reason I no longer desire to visit the U.S anymore; It is not the people, just that George made it very clear. ("if you are not with us, you are against us") Solely for that reason, my views on American foreign policy and global corruption would deem me a risk. (If Ted Kennedy could be on a no fly list, why take the chance) Take care everyone, and good luck in the future, your going to need it! (does the patriot act really make you feel safer?)

9 years ago

The USSA authorities are the only element that is destroying their own country, not "terrorists" , or "evil" governments. Russia should have recruited him if this own country wouldn't.

10 years ago

Absolutely insane they stole this man's life for what, to make a point they are the ultimate bullies and evil doer's.
Ruthless and shameless all involved need to be put in jail

10 years ago

OK just saying u shouldn't make hackers look like retards. Even for the lulz that was New Mexico Las Vegas. I also liked the long format! As if more info is bad?

10 years ago

There will always be arseholes, (translatation for Sisters and Brothers in 'Americania' = "Ass'oles" :D )... and those arseholes will always, owing to a poorer intellect, 'rig the game to get on top'...

What's the answer? I worry that my 'answer' is simply 'fed to me' by the "Top 1%" regardless :(

Well.... There's still the can of petrol, my evolved bunch of cells, and a match all coming together on Live TV to make my point... but I know if WTC7 can be obliterated live in front of the West's Media and yet most people would still rather read their horoscope, eat crap food and then vote on X Factor then what's the effing point?? :(

I wasn't born to be a slave! Humanity is worth FAR more and I hope, I truly hope, she survives.

11 years ago

To any hackers reading this...if you want to get the people and maybe even the press on your side...why not try doing something that will really help people like creating an group called Hackers Against Spammers. Go after those bastards that intrude on all of us. Everyone will worship you.

11 years ago

2 hours of my life I will never get back. This is a 40 minute film at best. Someone needs to hire an editor and arm them with a big knife.

11 years ago

You crazy hackers and conspiracy theorists believe that the man is after you?
How juvenile of you to believe that money, greed and pure evil rules our current world or ever has in our past. (only read government approved history)
We were founded on freedom, and once the genocide of native americans was completed, we were free.. to steal as much as we could. Now that's the freedom we all wish we could have enjoyed!
Now that our population is out of control, the top one percent is only looking out for the rest of us, protecting us from those who would expose anything to the God fearing population to any nonsense that could contridict their belief that we are a fair and democratic society.
A democracy that allows us all to vote, whether you are black, brown, red, yellow, woman, (well, they can now) white, mentally challenged or any IQ over zero (they were always allowed).
How dare you try and disrupt our normal world and threaten the sanctity of our freedom to follow the examples of what made this country so rich and powerful.
You should just be good americans and realize that you can't beat them and just join them like the majority of our population.Just be happy to share the little trickle down profits that they allow us to have.
You are free to make your own choices, however when you threaten the freedoms that our government enjoys, you threaten us all.
Don't bite the hand that feeds us all. Enjoy the remaining freedom that they allow us to have.
If you can afford to donate large amounts of cash to their campain funds, you too may still enjoy a taste of the freedom our founding fathers did. Above the laws and profitting off the less fortunate in order to own more and rule over the weak, god fearing working class (endentured slavery is still alive)
Now say you're sorry and get back to work!
God bless america!
(cue music and wave flag here)

11 years ago

...if 45% of us could get the balls to just stop participating in the feeding frenzy to the elitists. Stop buying our bling. Stop using their fiat. Stop eating their poison. Walk up to the beltway, walk in, tell them to leave...plain and simple. 140,000,000 of us ....all at one time, simply have a "flash rebellion". I mean really, what could they do.
Sure, we will be setting us back about 50 years, there would be chaos until 90% of the other 150,000,000 killed off each other....but hey, they are turning us into drones anyway!

11 years ago

I'm gonna renew my subscription to 2600,

11 years ago

A true pioneer in his day and the law knew it and the only way they felt safe from this computer 007 was to quickly find and lock him up.
All Government Departments were running scared,that someone with enough knowledge was able to sift through their secrets.

Josh Smith
11 years ago

the government wants to destroy us. the free thinkers. the nerds. the hackers.

its all a form of control. money is power. power means control.

they know that if we the people truly realized the corrupt nature of the system we would cause an uprising. thats why theyre trying to censor information. thats why they try to take away the right to bear arms. thats why the poor have no power.

they know we can overthrow them. they are afraid.

i will fight until my dying breath to rid this world of corruption and greed.

12 years ago

f*** o** AmeRI**

12 years ago

@ Skye-hook
They don't care about our letters. We don't have an accountable gov't. When the media gets videos from protestors, they never use the incriminating evidence of police brutality or illegality on their news programming.

12 years ago

the 1337357 ]-[4><0|2 of all time

12 years ago

Most hackers just get jobs when they write a virus or do something like this. Think about, if they can do something like this on their own time, think what they can do for your company! Poor guy probably thought he was gonna land a sweet programming gig. Instead in lands in solitary!

12 years ago

Yep, let's all gauge the validity of protests by their popularity, sorta like a Protesting with the Stars, sound good Ka? Would you watch then? This Doc merely added to my already contemptuous view of the legal system. I've been in it and there is no justice and there is no access to law without money.

12 years ago

Whether or not you consider your crimes "panty raids"....they are still crimes. I have the ability to break into my neighbors house and mess with all of their stuff for laughs....but I don't because its wrong and its a crime. Same thing applies here. Somehow hackers feel like they deserve different because they can hide behind their computer. Why don't these people use their knowledge for the good of society instead of amusing themselves? Yes, our judicial system isn't perfect....but this guy committed crimes plain and simple. If he was a completely innocent....then maybe you have a story.

Anyway.....thats why I lost interest in this documentary halfway in. There are much better causes that need protesting and bringing to peoples attention. Im guessing thats why their protest had only a handful of people.

12 years ago

Free Kevin! They convinced me of that near the 1st, when they said he's been in prison for 3 1/2-4 years now without a trial! And 8 months or maybe more by now, in SOLITARY??? People have been gone insane in solitary for much less time than that!
Needs edited down a LOT! Needs to show ONLY the relevant issues. It's like has too much entertainment value somehow. If you're serious, Get SERIOUS! Poor Kevin meantime is counting on these people??? And they shoulda given the flyers to the police they had any contact with. I don't believe all cops are bad. Having some of them on Kevins side can't hurt!
As for FBI and the court system- good heavens, if you're gonna be paranoid about hackers, go after the right ones who actually DO something harmful. And get proof & go to trial in an appropriate amount of time.
What is the matter with everybody? Don't bow down to the bad rap about USA & feel hopeless, people! I hear all the bad government stuff & hear & see people just accepting it, getting hopeless, & it makes me mad. This IS America, & we aren't gonna take all this kind of nonsense,- are we???
So where do we write to help out? I stopped watching at 50 mins, so if they told us who to write to or email, I didn't see/hear it. If someone knows the answer, please post it here. Thanks. If you do write, keep it brief and polite so there's a better chance they pay attention.

12 years ago

US government you FN FAIL

13 years ago

Did the editor really deserve the editing credit?

13 years ago

The criminal justice system is CRIMINAL! Don't spit on the sidewalk in America You may get the chair! ZAP!

Carl Hendershot
13 years ago

Too long. Waste of time and not to the point. This whole Docu should not have taken longer then 10-15 minutes. If he did not hack and create what he was accused of then let him go. But there is always the other side to this.

13 years ago

"Its called the American dream, Because you have to be asleep to believe it." - George Carlin

13 years ago

THe media at 21 minutes is embarassing, what a bunch of fools.

13 years ago

A police state where civil liberties are a joke..great to be part of the American dream!!!!

13 years ago

You would think that if there was anything to the paranoia the FEDs have that the film makers would have saved time and gas money and just freed Kevin by hacking into the prizon's computer system.