Freedom from Choice

Freedom from Choice

2014, Conspiracy  -   27 Comments
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Many Americans regard freedom as one of life's most cherished gifts. The documentary feature Freedom from Choice claims that these freedoms are merely an illusion. After all, the film argues, how free can we be when the U.S. government colludes with the biggest corporations in food, finance, media and medicine?

When you step into a grocery store and are faced with aisle after aisle of choices, you may not realize what you're being denied. But fat-pocketed lobbyists and compromised politicians have determined many of the products you're allowed to purchase. Left out in the cold are the smaller independent farmers who remain devoted to operational transparency and products free from harmful pesticides and processing.

Even the safety standards of our medications are at risk. A significant number of popular drugs have been approved over the objections of FDA's own medical reviewers. Why? Big Pharma wields all the influence and sway over decision makers in Washington. Meanwhile, the ordinary citizens who rely on these medicines to survive are the guinea pigs of adverse side effects and even death.

The 2008 financial crisis was brought upon by the corruptibility of regulators who had sworn to protect us. Instead of doling out appropriate punishment and enacting stricter regulations, the heads of these banking organizations we rewarded with bailouts and hefty bonuses.

Those in search of unfiltered news often reach to the internet. This poses a threat to deeply entrenched figures in power. That's why plans have been set in motion to centralize and control the internet. "They're working around the clock to try to scare people into thinking that the internet must be controlled by our political figures," says one commentator.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The film features ongoing conversations with political commentators, authors, investigative reporters and assorted advocates. They clue us in to the backstage dealings that effectively compromise our freedoms without us even realizing it.

The subject matter may be dire, but the tone of Freedom from Choice remains lively and engaging throughout. It presents a mountain of undeniable evidence that we should all take into consideration.

Directed by: Tim Delmastro

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8 days ago

Excellent Documentary. The Government has way to much control over what we can and cannot do. If you want to drink raw milk then do it, if you want to take a Jab then do it and if you don't then don't! The Government should have no say in any matters even remotely close to these types of things.

Martes Marsden
1 year ago

Excellent documentary , could not have been clearer to the truth than it already is , well done .

2 years ago

I don't like to read when I watch TV, so your segments that caused me to put on my glasses made me lose interest. Otherwise, I would have watched until the end.

2 years ago

All this delusional rubbish about cronyism and capitalism just shows how willingly people shoot their mouths off without the least bit of understanding of economics, and libertarians are the worst. Childish nonsense of big government, small government, of collectivism and individualism, a system whereby a magic hand will get it all right as long as we don't piss it off, whereupon it looses it sh*t and throes a hissy fit and screws us all for spite

2 years ago

Not a fan of any president, however Ronald Reagan said it well: Government IS the problem, not the solution.

If people want something different that the worst govt bad money can buy... All they have to do is form an all inclusive independent party which requires candidates they support to sign a performance contract which allows them to yank any contracted candidate at will for failure to perform as set out in the contract, rather than having all the BS required for a recall. Such a contract should stipulate elimination of govt agencies, a few at a time so as not to freak out people who cannot handle rapid change.

All actually quite easy and simple, yet the people prefer to whine than to act. They absolutely refuse to lift a finger to make their lives much better, so they get what they deserve, and the rest get it even if they don't deserve it.

3 years ago

John Lynch
The voters of america. We vote and the winners set the rules, that"s how it really does work. Nobody cares enough to vote for waren. She talks about this all the time.
Thats why wall street was very relieved to hear she was not chosen for VP.

Look it up. I find it hard to believe you folks dont know what is in print, on the internet and in the constitution.
Corporations are considered PEOPLE, HUMAN, in a court of law. 14th amendment.
Change THAT and they lose power to get in government affairs. They also could not stand up to workers much either.
It's soooooooooooo simple. Look it up and VOTE!


Aussie Mick
3 years ago

Is it ok to give a domestic putty cat a drink of milk from the shop as I dont want her to suddenly sue me as her master went away for a week, 3 weeks ago

3 years ago

I ment the government is over reaching and is controlled by big corporations.

3 years ago

When I was a kid I drank raw milk. Today I follow a vegan diet. Humans were not made to drink cow's milk, having said that I do believe that the government is over reaching and is controlled by big government.

john smith
3 years ago

I got TB from unpasteurized milk in 1972.This is no joke. Milk should be pasteurized.

The Pipster
4 years ago

Who's that dick (at 45:00) who says the financial crisis of 2008 had nothing to do with capitalism? Instead he blames it on the regulators, while seeming not to understand that the regulators WERE the capitalists (members of Goldman Sachs in particular). Even if you blame everything on the US Government, the US Government is a capitalist organisation!

The Pipster
4 years ago

It isn't freedom of choice for a child to be denied a vaccine that could save their lives by a decision of their parents.

4 years ago

Edward Griffin and the others are good at exposing the problems but don't have no answers or suggetions to how to change all this. It's empty rhetoric and they're probably well paid for all this and makes them part of the problem and or situation.

4 years ago

But the government workers are nothing but just human beings that do err like others. And since majority of whom are of the high ranks do think even influenced by self-justification (Satan's tool to seeing as many souls as possible stands under his banner) even seeing that their fellow human beings do either willing or compelled to stand together with them under tbe banner of Satan. Curse be the man that put his trust on another man.

That thing so called democracy is nothing but the very root of evil in disguise. It is the very right tool of Satan to see either willing or compel & compromise human beings to stand under his banner! It is the very tool few group of human beings use it to rob, steal from their fellow beings even to violate individuals privacy in the name of government. They do make look like their fellow human beings are incapable of taking care of themselves by not being be able to think & act accordingly.

4 years ago

"....Many Americans regard freedom as one of life's most cherished gifts..."
...they do...? – I see no signs of that all...(If they did, they would at least propose to dissolve the union...because it is the "union" that "renders" unto those in power, that which totally obliterates any notion of "freedom"...)

4 years ago

You are never free until you are willing to leave either physically or mentally. Physically, is moving a place less oppressive. That can even be hoping from place to place every 86 days or so (assuming 90 day visas) until you find some place you like. Mentally, is when you stop functioning within and therefore supporting their corrupt system ...while slowly but surely obsoleting them by replacing what little they do with private enterprise voluntary solutions. e.g. Home school or private school. Drill a well. Get off the power grid. Form a community somewhat akin to the Amish in that typical govt is not part of. When the people in such communities trade with each other for what they want or need, the need for typical govt will disappear. No need to fight or resist just ignore and replace.