Freedom Fuels

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Freedom FuelsFreedom Fuels, takes an in-depth look at renewable fuel sources, such as bio-diesel, ethanol and vegetable oil.

It explores the interaction of the petroleum industry and alternative fuels over the last 150 years, and examines the global impact that bio-fuels can have on our future.

Most of the new film is a series of interviews with farmers and biofuels innovators, economic and energy security experts, engaged government policymakers, and the occasional false prophets of inertia (Searchinger and Pimental).

It treats its audience to an unblemished look at where we are and why public support now is so important to the well-being of future generations… ending the addiction will take time, but during the Q&A session after the screening it was clear that a dread, helpless feeling was being lifted from the audience.

There are alternatives and action we can take today to secure a sustainable future for our children. We shouldn’t elect policymakers that limit our consumer votes at the pump.

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  1. KsDevil

    They are getting closer to making a documentary with less pie-in-the-sky idealism and more practicality. Still a long ways to go to encourage individuals and school science/business classes and foriegn aid workers from building, demoing, and selling bio fuels.
    Time for the business suits to come out of the bio fuel closet.

  2. magarac

    One solution could be the use of timber, because of the much smaller amount of energy needed for harvest and cultivation.
    Then on the other hand of cause it is much harder getting alcohol from wood then from sugarcane.

  3. joey77

    What about HEMP? Do they touch on the most versatile plant in the world. It's just illegal to grow it, for now until the next world war.

  4. fonbindelhofas

    And about the Brazil we hear so much... soja buisness is crushing all so called "green" myth, it have everything to do with profits and non what so ever about nature.
    thumbs up doc

  5. Luyang Han

    Biodiesel and so on is not the solution but just reorientation of the same problem. If we really seriously want to change large part of the fuel consumption to renewable fuel, we need huge amount of plant oil or biomass, or equivalently, huge amount of food, which could be used to feed the poor countries. The fundamental problem is how much we consume, today from a drilling well, tomorrow from other people's mouth.

  6. Kenneth C

    riight, and the alternative is we mindlessly pump petrol out of the ground, was your daddy a republican also?

  7. Daniel Simonson

    IT is a documentory on renuable energy, not a bull@#$% NORML add.

  8. Daniel Simonson

    You guys are thinking way to far outside the box on this. Did you know that you can purchase hydrogen generators for your car to run %100 on water for around $6000. It does not eleviate the fact that there are 6 gallons of oil in every tire, but the algie concept may have an answer for that. Try watching collaps very informative on the history of oil. Then practically. Search HHO on you tube. You will be shocked.

  9. spystyle

    Salt water is our greatest resource, we should have all the scientist figure out how to convert that into energy :)

  10. lex lexich

    bla, bla ... alternative FUEL is NOT the solution! we need another source, one that is not BURNING anything... wait, oh we have it already, it's the electricity, but what should we do with it? maybe we should wake up mr.Tesla, and ask him to explain AGAIN

  11. Nicholas von Buttlar

    Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland then became Canadian, you self righteous douche

  12. Agroecology Gardener

    GMO BIOFUEL; if you ask for biodiesel that`s what you going to get from the pigs controling all money based shits in the world.

  13. Sarah Terry

    Please, by all means, continue to burn fossil fuel because the less destructive options are not a perfect fix and won't instantly improve your own society. I'm sure by ignoring progression completely, green friendly energy will continue to receive the funds it needs to continue developing research and more, even greener, options, End sarcasm. We are never going to get free fuel. Ever. Just like every other creature on this planet, we consume resources; and that's absolutely fine. The problem is when we consume faster than Earth can restore and replenish. We might think we have governed our dependence on the planet, but in truth we take, and need, more and more from it every growing year. The more explosive our population growth, the more pressing our needs, and the more likely there will be a massive population crash. At least supplying food, water and fuel for a sufficiently smaller population will seem a less daunting task.

  14. Chino Valdez

    Meh. 20 mins in and no mention of hemp?!?

  15. akaacmeinc

    "Snap!" NAILED IT..Give us a "T", give us a "E", give us a "S", give us a "L", give us a "A"..Whats that spell ? Freedom!

  16. Richard Neva

    There never will be an affordable fuel as long as bankers control economies. We are slaves to their high priced fuels and that is the way it will stay for this lifetime. I have no use for films such as this!

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