Friends of God

Friends of GodThis documentary centers around the relationship between Christian evangelical churches and political activism. It attempts to demonstrate how these organizations have shaped modern politics in regards to issues that include, but are not limited to, gay rights, abortion, and the creation-evolution controversy.

The estimated 50 to 80 million evangelical Christians living in America today have become a formidable force in US culture and democracy. But the evangelical movement is a big tent. To try and get a better understanding of the range and diversity of this community, intrepid filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi hit the road to meet some evangelicals and learn about what their influence may mean for the future of the US.

In this documentary, Alexandra Pelosi visits several of the largest evangelical Christian church congregations ("megachurches") in the country, such as Lakewood Church and New Life Church (Colorado Springs, Colorado), and interviews their leaders and members. Pelosi also visits other Christian organizations like the Christian Wrestling Federation and Cruisers for Christ (a car club) as well as others committed to spreading the Gospel through their own unique packaging and marketing.

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    Tranny chugger
  1. Tranny chugger

    Its amazing how messed up the world is.

    Tina zeitgeist

  2. Hardy
  3. Hardy

    A few ideas after watching this...

    Americans are seriously overweight. Honestly, cut back on the "worshipping-time" and go jogging.

    It's interesting how there is absolutely no commentary throughout the whole doc. Makes it quite a bit stronger, as far as I am considered.

    I really want to scream in the faces of all of these people. I can't begin to describe how hypocritical, unintelligent and obviously blind all of this is. Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE world we live in.

  4. Faith
  5. Faith

    This is the fact of religion,when you start forcing people to believe on something by telling them,if you don't do so,you're going to hell.This becomes a problem here because you're trying to scare them,so they can follow or believe in what you're saying.This is what we call"IMPOSING".You cannot force someone to believe unless he's convinced by its own truth.That's why we see a lot of people believing in books(fairy tales)since no one what to go to hell or die poor.

  6. Achems Razor
  7. Achems Razor

    Cant stand this stuff. They are doing their 6 day creationist stuff in this doc. Could only watch about 15 min.

    What a bunch of sheep, the children do not know any better, this is all they have been taught.

    It almost seems like there is a dark age coming for America.

  8. henry
  9. henry

    Scary to see what people get into when they have no better guidance.

    Tolstoy once said, "Unless dynamite is put underneath the church, there cannot be any peace." It seems there could be some truth in that. Not to say that I'm in favor of violence to stop them; just to show what danger they represent.

    I'm all for leading a religious life. Although religious systems are misused at present, that does not mean that religion should be avoided. Real religion should be taken. If my eye is giving me some trouble on account of a cataract, it does not mean that the eye should be plucked out. The cataract should be removed. Essentially, this people are outlaws, manufacturing or following some concocted system of religion.

    History shows that many people have misused religion. People have no conception of God, and they are preaching religion. They have no idea of God, so how will they know what is the order of God? Once they come to accept that taking part in animal killing is against the law of nature I'm ready to acknowledge their sincerity.....'people are sincerely wrong.'

    Just ask them what their conception of God is? There is hardly any philosophy to explain their believes. Only irrational, wishful thinking (so called faith). Ultimately they will create social and political chaos and crash. Such type of religion tend to have sad endings. History repeats itself. Watch "Who wrote the Bible" for further insight about their bogus claims of truth.

  10. ckin
  11. ckin

    The idea of placing god before people is the seed of evil.

  12. key
  13. key

    "I believe in preaching to the converted; for I have generally found that the converted do not understand their own religion." -G.K. Chesterton

  14. Yavanna
  15. Yavanna


  16. Yavanna
  17. Yavanna

    Worst doc on TDF and most scary

  18. Collette
  19. Collette

    ''So do you think these children get more enterteined or more educated?'' - This is the right question I think. It is not about what they say but ho they say it. In the word of reason and science and evidence is exectly about what is said and not about how is said. That won't change the truth.

  20. Tubz
  21. Tubz

    'Weakness' is the closest description, how can the human race be so unsure and scared of the unknown that it manifests, practices and believes in this unprovable 'solution' called religion. Because it is in our nature to place responsibility and accountability on something and not ourselves.

  22. rue
  23. rue

    That guy won't ever get a sitcom not because he's Christian, but because he's not funny. And retarded.

  24. Z
  25. Z

    God is imaginary... ssshhhh don't tell.

  26. WaDe
  27. WaDe

    Not the best doc on here, but still interesting. i couldnt careless what ppl believe in, but preaching to kids like that is sick. In my opinion the only reason people 'turn to god' is out of fear.

  28. Sar
  29. Sar

    "Let me teach you something very special about dinosaurs . . ."

    I wish someone would teach him something very special about carbon dating.

    The Christian comedian has a chapped ass because all the gay, black, fat, female comedians get a TV show and he doesn't. He missed the number one requirement for getting a sit-com: actually being FUNNY.

  30. Reb
  31. Reb

    This 'comedian is not only repulsive but he is stupid about the founding of his own country. The founding fathers were mostly deist and did not adhere to the bible or the barbaric bible gods. The Creator they referred to was the Universal Creator and not some ignorant bloodthirsty savage who was clueless about the world he presumably created.

    If people are so dumb as to believe and follow these husksters and parasites then they deserve just what they get. Religion is bondage and a prison for the mind. It is a way to control the masses and extort their hard earned money. People never learn and it is depressing to know the people who are intelligent and use their right to think and question are stuck living amongst such insanity.

    The fanatical religious fools are the most dangerous animals on the planet. I fully agree with Christopher Hitchens when he stated at the death of fatass Falwell that it is too bad there is no hell for that man to burn in. Did anyone ever notice Falwell and Hagee never preach against glutony?

  32. Matt
  33. Matt

    "Everyone gets help..."
    Except they threw you out on your ass didn't they Ted?

  34. Sarai
  35. Sarai

    Jesus figure misquoted Jesus.

    Religious fail.

  36. Obsidian
  37. Obsidian

    very powerful and moving.
    watching this i kept thinking that the people here are not trying to do or be "good" they are trying to be "rightous" and in so doing they are stealing a lot of beautiful things in the world that are amazing by putting this generic "god created it" label. They seemed to have this monopoly on everything from morality to marriage, except that both these concepts far exceed the age of their doctrinal book. I only wish they sought to have a monopoly on reason and logic for surly they would be able to see how in er they are. truly sad and troubling.........

  38. Obsidian
  39. Obsidian

    if you gave me a book written in a time i didn't live and by people i didn't know i would find it hard to call that book Truth- me

  40. Inquiring Minds
  41. Inquiring Minds

    So you can't be "Christian and Pro-Abortion," but you can be "Pro-War and Pro-Life?" 100% pure retardation and hypocrisy right thurr.

  42. LET
  43. LET

    I don't care so much about other people's beliefs....but I live under that same government they do, and when they think that that same system should be run under the rules of their religion, I have problems. I am not the same believer you are, there are diverse amount of people everywhere who don't agree, and should not be subject to your religious law. Keep Church and State separate please.

  44. HaTeMaChInE
  45. HaTeMaChInE

    @Sar - You can't radio carbon date dinosaurs.

  46. Jake K
  47. Jake K

    It looks like God found consumerism.

  48. Linda McGuigan
  49. Linda McGuigan

    I was brought up in the West of Scotland In what you would call a protestant home non practicing, I attended Sunday school untill I was 15yrs old and started to ask questions, I met my husband who was catholic and then the bigotry started his church told him to find a good catholic girl and I was not bothered either way where we got married in the end we just lived together and we have four lovely grown up children all who have done very wellfor themselve's if they all believe in the one god then should it make a differance where they practice. We are non believer's and brought our children up to make there own decissions about religion non believe, but we never forced our will upon them. We have two lovely grandson's and only my eldest daughter has married in a registery office. I have alway's found the church here in Scotland to be very snobish and unwellcoming to new people, and why worship on a Sunday? that is for the sun god the sabath in the bible start's from Friday night untill Saturday evening. I am glad I dont live in a mixed up country like America they dont allway's practice what the preach. My husband and I have been together for 37yrs now a lot longer than some of our church married friend's have lasted

    Love and Peace,

    Love and Peace

  50. perfectarc
  51. perfectarc

    There will never be peace on this planet until religion goes extinct. Praise the lord, molest the child, murder the doctor, wage war. Such conflicts, caused by irrational modern day myths.

  52. peter
  53. peter

    the definition of irony-the only non white person in this doc is jesus

  54. lallu
  55. lallu

    I really laughed at one time, I know I should be respectful of others' views, but I could not help it. What I found funny was that there are so many other groups around the world who have blind faith like this bunch (e.g., Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, and Scientists, etc.) and they all think that they are correct. Well science still leaves some probability of being wrong. Imagine you are an Alien race who has been monitoring earth for thousands of years and look at all these people and shaking your head at all the absurdity and lack of true knowledge.

  56. Truth Division
  57. Truth Division

    It's mainstream American cult ~ brainwashed in the blood of god

  58. john
  59. john

    I felt most sorry for the mother of ten, she just looked crushed. when are the Americans going to wake up and see they are being completely manipulated by ht e right and conservatism. its just serfdom...i find it hard to believe that in a country based on science they are allowing dangerous idiots to brainwash god not scientists...unbelievable..and i wish that so called comedian ( racist hick would be a better description) would get it right. America is were all the nut-case religious zealots went to when they were kicked out of Europe.

  60. jane
  61. jane

    after being raised in an evangelical church part of my life ( when i was young we attended the Osteen's church in Houston- Lakewood, moving from there to many other Mega- Churches, and even going to VA to be under Falwell's leadership...) My parents divorced and we stopped attending church- although my mother is still a firm evangelical and her next husband is an evangelic pastor.

    I was about 12 at the time of my parents split. what I have come to realize is that I do feel I was brainwashed- which perhaps isn't the worst thing, except for the fact they did not finish the job.

    Now I am left to contend with what I feel is right, what is logical, etc, but it is at constant war with what i was raised with.
    It is a a very difficult place to be.

    I had just enough brainwashing to be scared to step to far away, yet not enough to let me live that life in peace- blindly accepting the lies.

    As a result I have spent my life studying religion. I have practiced everything from witchcraft to Judaism, to Islam and back to Christianity. I have been to Synagogues, Temples, Mosques and Mega-churches.
    What I don't understand after growing up around these people is IF they have the answers, then why are their lives so screwed up. why aren't they better off than the rest of us?

    At this point I guess if I had to classify my beliefs, it teeters between Islam and Christianity(not really the evangelic sort).

    I guess I feel like if your going to believe in religion- then they all offer some sort of truth- a piece to the great puzzle.

    But - my biggest burden is that I suspect the only truth religion holds is the fact that it means something to the individual.

    there is no greater purpose, its relative.
    I have three children, to date they have learned of many religions, attended worship centers of many faiths beside me, I have also taught them about evolution and creationism, somehow I manage to believe in both.

    I cant bring myself to tell my kids we are anything but Christan though, for fear they may go to hell. how SICK is that?

    its not fair, what i feel was done to me. I don't want to do that to my kids. I guess the only thing I feel I can do is to teach them that every religion has value- to someone- and all have good stories and lessons about being a good person, and just let them decide what or who or IF they believe when they are old enough.

    I wish my parents would not have been believers, my life would have been so much easier.

    either that- or i wish my training would have been so thorough that they would have killed completely my ability to question. either way.

    to this day i have to hide myself and my beliefs- they(family) have called me a satanist- because i let the kids trick or treat -
    they called me a Jesus hater, lol- because i practiced the Jewish passover and Hanukkah.
    they demand I put up a stupid tree at Christmas time lol, and nearly died when I said the tree is Pagan, and if we are "supposed" to be Christain- why are we worship Pagan Gods? lol
    they have called me unpatriotic, and a potential threat to America because of my "Islamic sympathy's"
    they have told me I need to get out of this country if i don't want to believe in the evangelic God.
    To be fair, that is pretty much the consensus of the state in which i live - Dallas, Tx.
    I think perhaps I may be in better company if i move to the north :)

    ok- that's it. just wanted to share my thoughts and struggles and personal experiences with this sort of Christan movement.

    Oh, I forgot to mention- after having kids I tried really hard to "be a good Christan" I attended church and tithed etc- my husband and I gave from his very meager check every week, and the more we gave the more we went without- got to the point we where tithing and then going to food donation centers to just feed our kids. thats when i decided that something wasn't adding up. ( !!!!????)

    But those pastors LOVE the "prosperity teaching" lol.
    the more you give the more you will be blessed- perhaps- unless your pastor is using the money to pay for prostitutes- as I later found mine was. :(

    anyway, that's it. :)

  62. Randy
  63. Randy

    This docu illustrates the point I have made over and over on this site, against the cornered christians, (that would have been earlier busting into an Evolution forum to "preach" against us intellectuals), who finally cry out, "WE CAN BELIEVE WHAT WE WANT TO!"

    To that I say, absolutely! And I would die for your right to do just that! What you DO NOT have the right to do is force those beliefs and your special "moral agenda" into legislation that affects my life and the lives of those around me.

    And, you do not have the right to deny the advancement of scientific knowledge for the betterment of our species on the grounds of your stone-age beliefs. That is repugnant and decidedly IMMORAL!

    Go away and believe whatever fantasies you want, just leave us alone to try and make some real progress here, and save lives.

  64. Lauren
  65. Lauren

    The comedian is obviously not educated on the founding fathers, he'll be really butt hurt when he finds out what Jefferson and the rest of them originally thought. I'm liberal, and I'm tolerant, but he assumes that those two don't go together. He is just a little too hyper and 'over the top' for me to accept as even a comedian. Robin Williams was more calm and cohesive during his coke induced rants in the 80s.

  66. Michael
  67. Michael

    We date dinosaurs using potassium-argon methodology. It gives readings within millions of years of the correct date. Carbon-14 dating is accurate to within about 50-100 years.

  68. WTC7
  69. WTC7

    @ Randy,

    Excellent comment!

  70. JCWOLF
  71. JCWOLF

    Just a foot note Randy.

    Stone age an further back peoples beliefs were more into Arctolatry, and other adoptions from what they seen around them.

    Wasn't till much later on do any signs of these 3 versions of the same 'greatest story' ever told; Hebrew, Islam, Trinity. Which appear only recently on the broad spectrum of time @ 5k-6kish BC. A lot of remnants from generational stories and folk lore prior to their 'birth' of the heavens above and the earth bellow, "fisherman's tale".

    I'm sure the post of yours was a bit of emotional release in the frustration you and others have delt with.

  72. BJ
  73. BJ

    @ Lauren

    I 100% agree. I couldn't even force a smile because it was to preachy. Chris Rock and who ever else he mentioned does NOT preach like that!
    Total BS and what a surprise from a evangelical.

  74. BJ
  75. BJ

    Also, way to brainwash kids in such a "holy" place like church. To put up a picture of a chimpanzee with Grandpa written underneath and ask them if that's what he looked like is sad and depressing to me, particularly when you hear them laugh(like a laugh at science) and answer "noooooo". What I would do with the right army of people to take those children out of that life and set them truly free.
    If people want a truly GREAT America they should spread the word of how evil these teachings are. Teachings North Korea's Kim Jong-il would be very proud of.

  76. Freddie
  77. Freddie

    Is it just me or did the lady with the 10 kids look like - someone please help me! get me out of this living hell!

    these people frighten me just as much as the fundamental muslims, and if they are going to heaven please please please send me to hell!

  78. Connor
  79. Connor

    I thought it was really funny.

  80. Kurrrt
  81. Kurrrt

    That herd searched and found their controlling source, their happy. What unknowingly works for them, works for them. Perhaps they didn't need much convincing since all their parents brought them there to get baptized.(Way-Before they could even speak or read).
    Maybe fighting dogs is going to send the next message after the wrestlers of Jesus sends theirs. God gave us a perfect world, yup, mosquitoes, poison snakes, spiders, disease, and plants that all kill people, (not as much as religious wars). If only the industrial herd focused on technology instead of waisting all that time on a God which is simply only just a figure of speech anyway, geeze. How silly are they? Way. Adolph Hitler said: Keep the lie short, say it often, and they will eventually believe it to be truth.
    Only an insane controlling force would tell the herd to keep science away from God. Not smart eno

  82. Kurrrt
  83. Kurrrt

    Not smart enough for science, then try religion.

  84. khadijah
  85. khadijah

    31:24 Why would the stone need to be rolled away from the tomb in order for Jesus to come out? Jesus is supposed to be God and God can do anything - EVEN walk through stone!

  86. Sean
  87. Sean

    I don't really know where to begin.
    I was lackluster through most of the documentary.
    I laughed when the pastor was accused of homosexual acts with a male prostitute.
    I was saddened when the gay christian cried in Jerry Falwell's church.
    And I was deeply, deeply, destroyed inside when they talked about the Battlecry events.
    Why you ask? Because I have attended those events. I'm essentially ashamed now, as a freethinker, humanist, atheist, and moral person, to know that I attended those events and gave my money to them. That thought hit me in ways that can not be explained.

  88. Ahasver
  89. Ahasver

    The documentary makes a good case for eugenics.

  90. Ahasver
  91. Ahasver

    Was the woman with 10 kids trying to convince us or herself?

  92. chocolatestarfish
  93. chocolatestarfish

    they really set up a parrallel society.. they got their own comedians, schools, rock music, children and voter indoctrination: frigh-ten-ing!

    but i like how the director/-tress at all points avoids to de-humanise the characters. i think i understand better what those folks seek and why they're so attached to this monstrous belief system.

    then again, drive-through churches? really!?..... .... really!?

  94. Creatio-whaa!?
  95. Creatio-whaa!?

    As a documentary, it was pretty good actually. I saw the Pelosi name and cringed a little bit, figuring it would be over the top and one-sided. Mind you, their perspective is certainly fixed on the issue... there was zero chance of Alexandra completing the documentary with a fundamentally different view of the movement than she had coming in and the editing is certainly done so as to display her perspective.

    That said, at least she basically kept her mouth shut and let the evangelicals do the talking. The fact is that their views speak for themselves. However well meaning the followers are (and I do believe that the masses of the political right sincerely believe they are making America a better place), the simple fact remains that they wish to tell everyone else how to live. They do not fight for their own religious freedom or equality; they fight to impose their opinions on all of us. I believe that this is fundamentally un-American, despite their rhetoric about this being a "Christian nation". America is not a Christian nation. It is a FREE nation that happens to have a lot of Christians living in it. When people forget or ignore this distinction in their zeal, they are undermining what truly makes our country wonderful and unique. Theocracies are a dime a dozen, nations who protect the liberties of the individual are rare indeed. We have enough trouble with this as it is, please don't throw Jesus into the mix.

  96. Rami
  97. Rami

    lol The woman talking about the bible making more sense than evolution theory made me realize that those evangelicals are ready to tell the biggest lies to themselves to prove that "their" god is not a myth .. and they are actually teaching this $hit to little kids!

  98. Galloway Grumblefield
  99. Galloway Grumblefield

    Serious mass delusion going on in this doc.

  100. ez2b12
  101. ez2b12

    How did this happen? I could have sworn it was getting better. When i was younger we went through the whole "backward masking" trend, you know where different bands supposedly had secret incoded messages from satan in their music. Yeah, just play ther album backwards and you can hear it saying stuff like, "Satan is god" or I don't know "smoke more weed!" I never heard any of it, but that didn't matter to mom of course. Besides who plays thier albums backwards, I never did until they told me it had cool satanic messages on it.

    My mom went so far as to make me throw out my Beatles albums along with several others, what a waste. Any way I thought that was the death cries of a pathetic and out dated belief system, and that was the seventies. Now its all back, Jesus mania all over again. Even worse, its now influencing decisions made on foreign and domestic policy. Its influencing our childrens views on science before they even get old enough to think logically. We are doomed alright, not from some ficticiouse god or demon but by way of Christianities influence.

    P.s. Its good to see others on this thread have not bought that whole, founding fathers lie they push all the time. The founding fathers where deist not Christians. Do these people ever read anything other than the bible?

  102. Alex
  103. Alex

    I got to say that Ted Haggard creeps me out. Always has done.
    There is something so manipulative about the man...
    That and the secret buttsecks and angel dust!

  104. Ceara
  105. Ceara

    How dare he compare the Holocaust to abortion. These evangelical brainwashing Americans are ignorant and need to be ashamed of themselves. I am so tired of American Manifest destiny.

    If you must follow the rules of the bible then follow all of them! Mad about homosexuals? Well then you should be mad at everyone who sleeps in the same bed as their wife when she is menstruating. Instead of picking and choosing what you choose to believe in the bible, look at the total universal message - to love and respect yourself, god, and everyone.

  106. cs78
  107. cs78

    Many Christians follow the church rather than the Bible, which is a sad mistake, but don't judge God based on what humans do. There is value in opening your heart to search for the real truth instead of basing your life on the political beliefs of one group or another.

  108. Kevin
  109. Kevin

    Maybe I was the only one who really learned this by paying attention in school...

    In my mandatory U.S. Government class I learned why the Judges ARE NOT to be mandated by the majority. Their only job is to interpret the Constitution and The Law how it is stated. This reason for this stems far back in to the Three Branch theory of Government that is most well noted in Voltaire's Letters On The English. They are separated in three so that none get so powerful that they can take-over the other branches. We have Judicial Review so that the Judges can rule anything the Executive or Legislative Branches do unconstitutional and void. This concept has led to EVERY Supreme Court case even having it's power. That is why Judges do not bend to your whim!

    On the man with several children. I learned in my European History class that there was a trend that began in the 16th century where women and men would marry later and have fewer and fewer kids. This trend began because women had to raise a dowry to pay to become married. Many women would become in-house servants to pay for the Dowry and the average age of marriage increased to the early 20s. Families with eight kids have NEVER been common outside serfdom. Russia is an example, they continued to have large families up until the 19th century. There are also other factors such as contraceptives becoming more widely used E.G. Coitus interruptus also led to decreasing family sizes.

    The founding of our country was by secular and seperation of church and state values rather than Christians. Ignore the personal faiths of the founders, their works obviously spell out they are HIGHLY against any theocratic implementation to the government via a state church. The reason for this was the corrupt status of the Church of England and The Roman Catholic Church.

    Do I even need to talk about Evolution? Seriously? I thought we finally stamped that since the Dover Trial crushed the Creationist movement by a conservative judge who knew bullshit even if it came from his supporters.

    If they would have sent their children to a good old public education, their children might actually know how to analyze statistics and facts. GO JOIN A DEBATE/SPEECH TEAM AND QUIZ BOWL TEAM...

  110. Jahbeebopboe
  111. Jahbeebopboe

    They are only pro-life until you have one.

  112. debbye
  113. debbye

    I used to work at a direct mail plant that i called "Junk Mail for Jesus!" This is a factory where machines insert several documents/return envelopes/post cards/etc into envelopes that are mailed out en masse. We handled mailings for credit card "soliciting," monthly coupons, as well as, many churches seeking donations. The letters are computer generated with your name in the letter, on the reply card, and anywhere else, to make you think that this is "special" just for you!

    Among them, Joni Eareckson Tada, Rod Parsley, Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell. These mailings were sent to people on different mailing lists in numbers of 300,000 to over 1.5 million pieces at a time. Sometimes, as many as 6 separate mailings per month.

    In the case of Falwell, he had many smaller satellite organizations that would send out an equal amount of letters, pleading desperately for money. One such mailing that i remember was a call for help to "Stop the Militant Homosexuals," who were trying to take over the country and pervert God!

    A job that we did for Rod Parsley had little scraps of rag that were referred to as "prayer cloths." These had to be done by hand because the machines would jam as the cards with the fabric. You were supposed to send in your $35+, along with a prayer request & the cloth. After Rod prayed for you over the cloth, he would return the cloth to you. For this amount of money, the cloth was a scratchy 3x3 inch piece of white fabric, stapled onto a post card, included with "your" letter and return envelope.

    Now, on a different mailing list for people who had previously been more generous with a donation, you received one Rod's own personal, monogrammed handkerchiefs! These were also done by hand, to most special 200,000 supporters. You were supposed to send in your $100+, along with a prayer request & the hankie. After Rod prayed for you over the it, he would return the cloth to you.

    I could not resist the temptation, and I am the scandalous owner of a Rod Parsley monogrammed, charcoal hankie that represents to me, the trustworthy word of God! :)

    If you think that any of these megachurches have concern for YOUR soul, think again. They prEy on your faith and your guilt, so they can have their mansions and cars and exotic vacations. None of these institutions should have any kind of tax exemption status. [Except, maybe the $cientologists, who do seem sincere!] :)

  114. pearlheartgtr
  115. pearlheartgtr

    I got about half way through and felt the need to watch a Dara O'Briain dvd.

  116. milf74
  117. milf74

    I am sorry, really tried to see he whole thing, but couldn't...., look Americans and I really respect your faith and all, but the fairytale is up and please open the book and do your homework cause the whole class wiil laugh at you agaaiin. (pleease,, I respect religiion.........but it's aaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhh)

  118. trololo20
  119. trololo20

    It is so hard to watch this. I feel genuinely sorry for those children. They should not be denied the right to think for themselves. They get indoctrinated from an early age and never get the chance to make up their own mind. If they look at scientific findings and the bible when they are older and decide for themselves that they want to believe in creation, fine. But to "educate" them in such a one-sided and ridiculous way is just a crime on their young minds. If it wasn't so serious I would find it hilarious. I am glad I had parents that let me think for myself and I am glad that I live in Europe where the state prevents funamentalist parents from indoctrinating their children by educating them outside their homes, by teaching empirical facts rather than beliefs. I hope these children will wake up one day and realize what has been done to you, I hope they will get the chance to see what is out there and see what has been kept from them. I pity them and i loathe their parents and the people in this documentary.
    Just to make it clear, I am not an atheist, I am agnostic. There might be a god just as well as there might not be one, there might as well be a giant quaille in the sky prancing around, the Jedi might exist on another planet and who knows about the Spaghetti Monster. I do not know. ANd so does nobody else.

  120. Bishop Mark Pius Charlton OSN
  121. Bishop Mark Pius Charlton OSN

    This has left me with grave concerns for your future. You are creating a nation of morons unable to stand in the modern world. If these creationists want to be taken seriously then at least read some modern books and look at modern studies and stop with the same worn out drivel.

    Pro-life or as it actually is in the USA pro-birth because as a nation you have no welfare system to help all the children born. A nation where you can loose your home if you get sick. A nation where the government is ruled by business and lobbyists.

    As the "Comedian" tried to say but got totally wrong (like his views on the founding fathers) Europe actually wanted rid of a collection of self absorbed religious nuts and so we packed them off on ships. Now we see what would have happened if we had have let them stay. A disaster of ignorance.

    Ted Haggard said we have 1500 pages of what we should think..... slavery is ok. Killing your unruly children..fine. Slaughtering whole nations and animals ..... excellent and could someone explain the morality actually shown by this so called God when David and Bathsheba sinned who did this moral God punish..... them..... oh no that would be too easy... it was the innocent child and it even goes into detail of how much the child suffered. Explain to me this God who sent Moses to Pharaoh to ask for his people to be freed and then it says " and God hardened Pharaohs heart" so the God goes and kills all those Egyptians because he actually made Pharaoh say no.......I am sorry take your picking and choosing of Morals and keep it.

  122. Sieben Stern
  123. Sieben Stern

    Watching kids get indoctrinated was heartbreaking. They aren't even given a chance to learn to think - just repetition, brainwashing, and fairy tales.

    As for the 'christian conservative comedian' - all christian conservatives are comedians. well, they certainly are hilarious.

  124. Grace Myers
  125. Grace Myers

    brainwashing!! I can't believe a fellow aussie founded that monstrosity of a cult, telling kids evolution isnt real, even the Pope said it's real GIVE IT UP MAN! How sad, how pathetic with all their billboards lying to everyone. what a waste of money, whats the point in denying evolution anyway?

  126. Matt Coates
  127. Matt Coates

    are you kiting me! americas going to dogs!!!!

  128. Matt Coates
  129. Matt Coates

    DR Gobils would be so proud of these men

  130. Jack
  131. Jack

    This is potentially very dangerous. It seems as if it is some sort of mass brainwash disguised in smiling faces. It reeks of capitalism and the consumption of ‘God’ as a product. If there is any value in the bible it is that if informs the whole of traditional western literature which intern informs our conception of history and western identity. The bible can’t be taken as a literal text. Its only value is in symbol and myth. Dismissing evolution and claiming that men walked with dinosaurs is absurd and dangerous, to preach this nonsense to children is terrifying: this might as well be scientology. The bible has some good advice but when it is mixed with the climate of fear that I perceive in America today then it becomes a crusade. This is potentially very dangerous.

  132. Ted Reading
  133. Ted Reading

    Funny how everyone starts with, "I believe" as opposed to "I know". As for evolution, diamonds take millions of years to form, end of. Indoctrinating chidren with lies? Shameful.

  134. Lucy Machado
  135. Lucy Machado

    This makes me sick to my stomach. Literally sick. I shouldn't have watched it while having lunch.

  136. Kristen Michelle Potter
  137. Kristen Michelle Potter

    I feel bad for that one kid giving the money to that one guy on the ground in that Holy Land place. He's not even a real poor person, so that money is just going to the park for their purposes, not to an actual charity that could actually help people like that.

  138. a_no_n
  139. a_no_n

    I think the most notable thing about belief, is that it needs a lie in the middle of it to keep both ends together.

  140. a_no_n
  141. a_no_n

    whats the point in denying evolution anyway?

    Evolution challenges their authority.

  142. a_no_n
  143. a_no_n

    a Tim minchin is alright too

  144. a_no_n
  145. a_no_n

    Considering all that, it's wierd how America has ended up...crying shame really.

  146. Tony Cupero
  147. Tony Cupero

    Church and State=nuclear war=death=BAD

  148. g.p. little
  149. g.p. little

    chilling....sad...ooooh they have sex, no fear of death, b.s.,thats why they are there...gonna die don't like it, lol....scared people. Weak people.

  150. mn_skatepunk
  151. mn_skatepunk

    I would love to ask Ted Haggard where in the bible does it say Crystal Meth and Male Prostitutes will get you into heaven?

  152. mn_skatepunk
  153. mn_skatepunk

    I love their take on freedom of religion. The first Amendment guarantees people freedom of religion. I don't see the clause saying you have freedom of religion/free speech as long as you're a christian. They know the bible word for word, maybe they should check into what the constitution says.

  154. srose278
  155. srose278

    Oddly enough, the part that jumped out to me the most in my first viewing is when the evangelical husbands talk about how much sex they have with their wives and how their wives climax every single time. In my experience with folks involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and similar groups, sex discussions always put it on this huge pedestal of how "perfect" it will be that first time with one's spouse. I can see how it would be terrifying to admit anything less than sexual perfection when they've been hearing their whole lives about how "god's plan" for sex is the only good sex they can ever hope to have. Instead of bragging about "how many chicks they've banged" or however the secular version would look, they feel pressure to present themselves as the christian version of, as Ms. Pelosi puts it, a "stud." On the flip side, it's good to see they acknowledge that women can enjoy sex too.

  156. teresa sumrall
  157. teresa sumrall

    If religious figures are publicly instructing their congregations how to vote, then those churches should no longer receive tax exemption. Big money has manipulated evangelical Christians, ie we will sponsor your culture wars if you allow us to write laws that favor corporations over the average citizen.
    Starting in the late 1960's evangelicals were systematically taught by people like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson how to lobby their elected officials. They have succeeded in helping to dumb-down our country. 48% of U.S citizens do not believe in the science of evolution. ie Jesus riding on a dinosaur! As long as the majority of people believe a supernatural force will come and rescue us from ourselves, we will not address serious problems that threaten the survival of our species. Intelligent, reasonable, people
    must begin to speak out against this repressive cult, that desires to force their narrow-minded and fear based belief system on everyone. fascism?

  158. Hollis
  159. Hollis

    asking men how often their wives have orgasms isn't who they should be asking -- just sayin' ...

  160. Maxine Godfrey
  161. Maxine Godfrey

    there's some algebra involved -- you take their answer, divide by X, subtract Y, and you come up with Zgazms.

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