From Big Bang to Us: Made Easy

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From Big Bang to Us - Made EasyThis series explains the scientific evidence for our origins, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa, in a way that most 7th-graders would understand.

It challenges people who believe we were created by a deity 6,000 years ago to confront the evidence instead of ignoring it.

About the Author: Potholer. I've been a journalist for 20 years, 14 years as a science correspondent. My degree is in geology, but while working for a science magazine and several science programs I had to tackle a number of different fields, from quantum physics to microbiology.

My particular talent was my ignorance. By not understanding half of what I was assigned to cover, I had to reduce scientific discoveries from the complex to the simple.

If I wrote it in a way that I could understand it, then my readers could understand it.

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74 Comments / User Reviews

    Lance LeClaire
  1. Lance LeClaire

    It's a shame that I had to give up on this by the end of the fourth video due to the absurd amount of load times, often appearing every sentence, mid sentence.

  2. Vlatko
  3. Vlatko

    No it is not a shame @Lance LeClaire. I see only three reasons for that:

    1. Many people are trying to watch this at the same time thus YouTube has problems with streaming this video,
    2. You have a terrible Internet connection, or
    3. All above.

  4. Leonardo
  5. Leonardo

    it worked perfect for me, and the videos are a piece of cake to understand. Thanks Vladko so much to helping us being educated.

  6. HaTe_MaChInE
  7. HaTe_MaChInE

    Im really enjoying these home grown grass root videos... I just wish they would spend more time on just one subject. Present more evidence. I think I could enjoy at least an hour just on the geology.

  8. holly
  9. holly

    thanks worked really well for me too!

  10. Achems Razor
  11. Achems Razor

    No "problemo"!

    Basic, but good doc.

  12. capricious
  13. capricious

    Potholer is awesome. He also has a 2nd channel called potholer54debunks should anyone else be a youtube-whore like myself.

  14. Rip
  15. Rip

    Excellent, video is performing well. Thanks Vladko!

  16. normal
  17. normal

    Nice to know that there are normal people out there.
    Great video easy to understand.
    Thanks potholer.

  18. Seb
  19. Seb

    No problem for me, thanks again Vlatko

  20. reprovo
  21. reprovo

    The problem Is The faithful don't try to see what's in the black box , It radiates so much It knocks you off your feet.
    Nothing wrong with science , but trying to disprove God's existence with It Is utterly ridiculous.

  22. Pacha
  23. Pacha

    I'll never be truly satisfied until I learn what's at the outside edge of the universe.

  24. heyhey
  25. heyhey

    the man in the sky ;O

  26. nik morling.
  27. nik morling.

    wow....truly amazing. Its all about the universe....haha love the quote bout how you didnt mind not being alive 100 years ago. Rock On!!!!!

  28. Cas
  29. Cas

    I remember being a kid and seeing an image showing apes at different stages of being upright. That was my first exposure to the concept of our origin.

    As I have gotten older, I have accumulated wealth of knowledge, and just as I can't pick a point where I turned from a child to an adult, I frankly can't pick a point from where I stopped seeing the world the way my parents saw and to my current status where I fully embrace science.

    Sometimes, I used to have tiny doubts, but with more knowledge those doubts slowly evaporated. Now, I am full fledged Atheist. With all the disciplines of science converging to a common message, and all these information available to us at the click of a mouse (you just need a sense of curiosity), it is more mysterious that some people still believe in medieval nonsense.

    Maybe just maybe, these religious people are fundamentally different and are spread out among our gene pool, remember that we have a common Y chromosome much sooner than we have common mitochondrial DNA (our common father might not have been selective in the women he chose to take to the cave?), so that might mean that there are folks in our gene pool that are much more ancient, and that their success to remain in the gene pool might be driven by a trait other than intellect, but other capacity such as breeding prowess etc.

    I wish scientists took this research seriously, normalize population on their exposure to knowledge and look for common genes that affect brain development and that correlate with being religious. I really don't see any use trying to convert these people despite the overwhelming knowledge available to us.

    I spent part of my young life in a hut in Africa, twice survived a Malaria attack, have burns and cuts in my stomach as a childhood remedy to my ills on behalf of my uneducated grandma. Despite that I have come to comprehend how a few self-replicating chemical chains gradually evolved into complex being such as us over millions of years. So despite all that disadvantage I had, I am able to understand this, so why are we trying to convince people born in rich nations who can afford and have access to so much knowledge?

  30. GreatBigBore
  31. GreatBigBore

    Ackk! At about 9:40 in part 8, he says, "Almost nothing in the DNA evidence contradicts what we find in the fossil evidence."

    What? Almost? Is he allowing that some DNA evidence contradicts the fossil record?

  32. Arthur
  33. Arthur

    As anyone been able to explain how gravity isn't electromagnetism?

  34. santosh limbu
  35. santosh limbu

    very informative.......

  36. yourboycal
  37. yourboycal

    We know alot , but understand very little .

  38. Whooboy
  39. Whooboy

    Obviously, this presenter has an axe to grind with Kent Hovind and Creationists. Obviously, an atheist. Unfortunately, the dude sure ignores some important details in his haste to prove them wrong.

    For example, can anyone explain to me how dumb chemicals evolved into human minds expressing concepts like this? How did a mind evolve from apes that can't speak, write, read or create complex explanations. According to TOE human beings evolved a mind from an animal that is probably less intelligent than a dog and can't speak as well as a parrot. How'd that happen I wonder?

    I guess our minds must have come from clay at the bottom of the ocean huh? Yeah, that's it. Minds from dumb rocks. Makes sense to me. Duh! Science sure is brilliant ain't it?

    What a crock! BTW, speaking of DNA, how did the DNA get the information in the first place? DNA is a store of information. Where did the information come from? Dumb clay again?

    BTW, the hypotheticus example is bogus. If it happened the way described, where are the fossils demonstrating the transitions? There should be billions of them, millions or even thousands. Hundreds even? Naaaah......instead, there are huge gaps, isolated fragments and no discernible transitions after centuries of digging and arbitrary connections that biased scientists culled together based on assumptions.

    The dude who did these films has one aim disprove the existence of God and replace it with scientists as the new priests and the theory of evolution as the new religion. Meanwhile, human minds from clay and apes. Uh, thanks for sharing dude. What a waste of time.

  40. Snappa
  41. Snappa

    I think Whooboy just proved the point Cas was making.

  42. Snappa
  43. Snappa

    I think the arguments between Christianity and Atheism come about because of the bible. I believe the bible is an attempt by highly intelligent people using a far more limited knowledge of the Cosmos than we have now to come up with their version of a 'Theory of Everything' just as we continue to do today.
    It is Science that pushes us forward now as we have learnt over a couple of thousand years not to take things at face value. Science isn't about disproving God, when used correctly it is a far more sophisticated tool in the search. Newton and Einstein said it themselves. The irony with comments like Whooboy's is he doesn't deny the existence of DNA yet without men like Charles Darwin we may never have discovered it's true workings. He does make a very good point though and that is when do a bunch of Amino Acids organise themselves into a self-determining 'living' organism? Why is the universe and planet Earth so well balanced to support life at all anyway? There is still so much we don't know.
    Science is for people that want to know the how, God is for people that want to know the why.

  44. 2b1Heretic
  45. 2b1Heretic

    If you've ever watched a flock of birds, darting and turning all in a seemingly synchronized display, then you can see how one or two are 'leading' and the rest of the birds are mindlessly following. You won't see Hawks or Ravens or even Parrots doing this, only the stupid litte prey birds.. finches and starlings. So yes I believe that even birds have religion too!

  46. No Thanks
  47. No Thanks

    I agree that science is how and religion is why.
    However while science is advancing every day, in every way... religion has remained static since it's conception. Science has proved itself time and time again... religion hasn't. It's these differences that make me more inclined to believe science over religion -- there's hard evidence. That doesn't mean I am either/or, it simply means I don't know for sure.
    And how would one know for sure? I think anyone preaching that they have a definite FOR SURE!! answer, and discounts everything else is not to be believed, that's pure bias. Even amongst science there are different theories, just like the different religions. Which one is the right one? No clue. What happens if you believe the wrong religion? Will "god" be angry at you? Maybe. Maybe it's better to be agnostic, cause organized religion could offend "god". But people are so sure they are right... PFFT. Think critically.
    Think about this: our beliefs are shaped by our reality, our perception of reality is shaped by our surroundings through our senses. Which means... everything is all in your head. Your brain, your mind - the same one that is influenced daily, and can be controlled by other people. Nothing is CERTAIN! Doubt, doubt, and doubt some more.
    We are limited, ignorant beings, and we're not capable of knowing everything. Even if we think we know something, we learn all we can about something -- there's always more to learn. ALWAYS. Maybe we are not meant to know, who knows?! Maybe everyone should just enjoy their lives, live happy, help others, learn all they can, make their own judgements, and perpetuate understanding and acceptance... instead of all this crap about "I am right, and you are wrong! (which really depends on your perception of right and wrong)." Sounds a little egotistic to me -- I'm pretty sure pride is a sin in most religions! Although it still depends on which type of pride... I am speaking of the pride that blinds!

  48. VlCE
  49. VlCE

    I find it amusing, how many religious people think it is their duty to try and convince other people of the stories they believe in. Science is built up of observations and theories. Unlike religion where the "explanations" don't have to undergo any scrutiny, you can damn well be sure everything in science is tested, and re-tested. And even so, scientists are always open to the idea that their theories are wrong, but for them to accept any other theory, a PLAUSIBLE one must first be made.

    And a little note to the "whooboy" post; If you would take some time and get an education on what you preach I'm afraid you would be left with nothing to say.

    I wish someone would make an international poll on the relation between the level of education and faith in Christianity.

  50. Scott Joziasse
  51. Scott Joziasse

    Maybe if you spent some time learning about the theories that scientists have you would have answered some of your own questions. Are you really trying to suggest that humans coming from apes over HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of years makes less sense than a completely intangible omnipotent being snapping his fingers and everything that has ever existed just appearing over 7 days?

    The point of science is to figure out where the information came from, at least its continually trying to make up for its short comings instead of trying to slow down the progress of the human race like the church did.

  52. Jerry Roy
  53. Jerry Roy

    Its not the believablity because there is more then enough evidence for Jesus. It is the accountability that people don't like. This id**t has mastered everything according to his account in his short 60 something years on the earth. What a fool. I wonder which sin that he is practicing that he does not want to be held accountable for?

  54. tariqxl
  55. tariqxl

    To start I should say I don't particularly disagree that there maybe an intelligence far beyond what we can currently comprehend. But I do not necessarily agree with the traditional explanations of what or who god is. To me organised religion is nothing more than a way for man to extort fellow man for wealth and power this much can be seen through out history. But that's not to say don't trust in god its to say don't trust what another man tells you without proof. Scientist can provide that. That all being said I can't help but to point out some of the errors of what you have said.

    Firstly you asked how non living matter went into creating us as wells as stating your disbelief about clay at the bottom of the ocean... This ones easy... I don't even have to explain it in a scientific nature heres the king James bibles version:- And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. Dust! Have you read your own bible?
    Secondly you say that apes (even though you mean chimps) can't communicate. To which I laugh. Washoe was a chimpanzee that learned 350 words in American sign language. Not only that, it has been observed that certain primates have different calls for different predators. One call tells others of immanent aerial danger another warns of a land predator. This is rudimentary language that is even shown in some birds. Dolphins can communicate using a computer, so please don't think your god made you special because thats half the reason we tend to think we can do what ever we want with this planet.
    Thirdly you say basically there should be more fossil remains... Huh good point, neglecting coal, oil, lime and chalk (Coccolithophores) shed from micro-organisms. Oh and several human remains that predate the 6000 years past since Adam. BTW Eden is old Arabic or Aramaic meaning garden which was in Ur the first civilised city, just thought you'd like to know that.... Oh and heresy comes from ancient Greek meaning choice. So choice is bad? We MUST believe this indoctrination?
    Forth and final. You state that evolution comes from biased opinions and assumptions. Do you not just assume that God is real? Have you ever seen one iota of evidence without just saying we are all evidence because that's the crock. It would seem that you skipped school and went straight to seminary and didn't even pay attention there.

  56. tariqxl
  57. tariqxl

    There's more than enough evidence for me but where, might you ask, is the evidence if I were to say I'm the son of God?

  58. AstraStarr
  59. AstraStarr

    This guy is awesome- I follow him on Youtube, love him! I also love the living dinosaur- check him out!

  60. morningdove
  61. morningdove

    The Big Bang states that the Universe started from nothing and then bingo there is was hot and dense and is still expanding. The earliest moments of the Universe is one of the biggest mysteries of particle physics- it cannot be explained even after spending billions of dollars and smashing protons at almost the speed of light at CERN. Science is as big and as expensive a scam as religion.

  62. Brian McLean
  63. Brian McLean

    Science is indisputable proof of theory and observation

  64. Barry Miller
  65. Barry Miller

    Just found your series. And would like to say it was fantastic. One small criticism, you spend far too much time debunking the religious beliefs.
    As long as you keep doing what you do and our wonderful scientists keep doing what they do, common sense will prevail. Keep up the good work.
    Barry Miller

  66. dancingroads
  67. dancingroads

    Yet you utilise this "scam" to write your anti science rants on a computer, made possible by science, on the web, made possible by CERN

    Oh the irony. Science facilitates you to preach ignorance and attack science.

  68. dancingroads
  69. dancingroads

    Ok if theoretical physics is a "scam" prove it. Jump off a cliff and prove the theory of gravity false.

    I'm not holding my breath either.

  70. morningdove
  71. morningdove

    I don't need theoretical physics to tell me that jumping off a cliff is a bad idea. I have my own eyes and can see by observing nature ie trees that things fall.

  72. dancingroads
  73. dancingroads

    Of course that's true but all you are really saying is that you can survive in ignorance. Neanderthal man didn't need an understanding of Newtonian physics either but only a wilfully blind fool would claim we are not better off now because of science.

    You may not need theoretical physics to avoid walking off cliffs but you do need it for most of our technological advancements from airplanes to computers to mobile phones, to nuclear energy to medical imaging to lasers to communications to semi conductors to satellites to GPS to cancer treatments to lenses and optical instruments

    The list goes on and on Try sending a space craft to the moon or mars without understanding physics and I hope you never need a MRI because that too owes its existence to theoretical physics.

    Your view is absurd and amounts to nothing but a celebration of ignorance. You claim physics is no different to faith but the difference between science and faith is that science is based on evidence and above all it works whereas faith is belief in the face of no evidence or more often in the face of contrary evidence.

  74. morningdove
  75. morningdove

    The Big BAng Theory does not hold water and is holding us back from exploring a more viable theory. Science keeps pushing to try and prove the Big Bang Theory at the cost of billions of dollars and getting stuck in an unprovable theory. The science of airplanes, computer, phones, MRI's is a different kind of science than than theories. This technology could also be improved as it comes with a lot of side effects to human health and the environment. As for an MRI this test and other tests such as X-rays are being over-used. These are dangerous technologies and people forget this. I would only get an MRI if I suffered trauma. I use alternative medicines which have been much more helpful than modern medicine and hospitals ie I would NEVER go for a mammogram which is being pushed as prevention when in fact there is now evidence that exposing breasts to radiation actually causes cancers in vulnerable woman. Science has got out of control and people have to start asking questions. I bet if you asked most people believe that the Big Bang Theory is the way it is because scientists say so - scientists have no more proof than those who say God created the EArth. In fact at the quantum level scientists and spiritualists agree! I think it is only fair to stop saying that science has all the answers when they don't. Its time to look in different directions and with new eyes.

  76. lakhotason
  77. lakhotason

    Well that makes sense for at the Big Bang there was no water to hold. How astute of you.

  78. morningdove
  79. morningdove

    "Does not hold water" is slang for it can be shown to be wrong - for the Big Bang Theory the age of the Universe is in question - also further galaxies are older than ours - how is that possible and the fact that the Universe is continuing to expand leading to the Big Rip theory that the Universe will eventually tear apart. Too many weird things happen when the Big Bang theory is taken to its logical conclusion or what astronomers are seeing does not fit into the theory. But CERN is still accelerating and smashing particles even in the face of serious questions as to the validity of the Big Bang Theory.

  80. lakhotason
  81. lakhotason

    Oh. So now I should explain what a play on words conveys. Think I'll take a pass.

  82. Achems_Razor
  83. Achems_Razor


    You say "the Big Bang can be shown to be wrong" Well then you better show us.

    Before you talk of cosmology you should learn something about cosmology.

    Find out what "inflation" means at the time of the BB, the speed of light, what a light year is, time dilation, when you see galaxies that are on the edge of the deep field of space 13.75 billion light years away or expressed in Planck time, age of the universe...10^17/(5.391x10^-43=3.3 10^(60), you are looking into the past just like a time machine at the time of the galaxies birth. When you at least figure all that out, you are a smidgen closer to give meaningful comments about cosmology and the BB. Then get back to us.

  84. dancingroads
  85. dancingroads

    Do you know what we call alternative medicines when they are shown to work?


  86. morningdove
  87. morningdove

    I will only use one small example - dandelions. HAs any Doctor told you this is medicine?

  88. morningdove
  89. morningdove

    Your comments are difficult to make sense of without more information.

  90. dancingroads
  91. dancingroads

    No but I'm sure if it has medicinal value it will be synthesised and put through a rigorous scientific testing procedure to evaluate its efficacy if it hasn't already. You know, like medicine is.

    Enjoy your dandelions

  92. morningdove
  93. morningdove

    Then please answer the questions - Where did the Universe come from?, What is the Universe made of? And explain the dark matter paradox. According to the physicists dark matter is everywhere but it can't be seen - sounds like God to me. According to the Big Bang Theory the Universe should be slowing down because of gravity but it is speeding up which brings us to dark energy. When looking at the unsolved questions one might as well ask a priest because the physicist knows as much as the priest. They don't know! It bothers me that physicists insist on the illusion that they know what is going on - priests do the same. The origins of the Universe are still a mystery and the more these mysteries are looked at the more mysterious it becomes when trying to explain life with science or religion. ITs time to join forces - the priests and the physicists and work together. Acting as if science has all the answers keeps us stuck as does religion. We have to go to a higher vision of what life is all about. Easy no, but fooling ourselves is not helping us.

  94. morningdove
  95. morningdove

    Some of the best medicine is fresh plants right out of the earth - medicine is the energy contained in plants. Pills isolate one thing rather than look at human health as a system. That is why there are so many side effects with pills. Pills are not serving us well. Getting back to the basics of food, water and air and how we interact with our environment will serve us more. Medicine is failing now if the truth is told. Doctors are good at repairing traumatic wounds but internal medicine of keeping our organs healthy is not working. Think of the difference between eating an organic apple right off the tree or eating a Sara Lee apple pie. Or medicine could make an apple pill. I will stick with eating an apple.

  96. Epicurus
  97. Epicurus

    no because they are not medicine. they do not have any ability to cure you. but if you want to believe new age hippy nonsense MORNINGDOVE that is fine.

  98. Epicurus
  99. Epicurus

    there will always be people like you.

  100. Kateye70
  101. Kateye70

    Hmmmm...god as dark energy...

  102. morningdove
  103. morningdove

    Ask yourself where pills come from and then ask yourself if eating herbs, vegetables and fruits is hippy nonsense. Another example - when I have the flu I drink fluids and eat lots of garlic rather than take antibiotics. When I took antbiotics in the past they disrupted my digestive system. Garlic makes my digestive system stronger. I am still alive and well so food rather than pills healed me at that moment in time. I am never going for any more medical tests or take any pills. I am staying away from the medical system as far as I can. I know someone who caught CDifficile while in the hospital - nasty. Unfortunately money is valued above health. I don't understand it but it is the way it is now. Pills are made for pennies and sold for thousands. Look at the cost of drugs for AIDS patients. It is disgraceful the cost never mind the long list of side effects. People have forgotten the simple things in life, good food, clean water, fresh air, exercise and sunshine for health. I will not buy into the multi- billion dollar BigPharma business. X-rays, MRI's, pill, surgeries, invasive tests. If and when the pill to cure cancer is found than I will agree with you but I am not holding my breath. Until then NO thank you to modern medicine and YES to holistic humanistic medicine!

  104. morningdove
  105. morningdove

    Thank you.

  106. morningdove
  107. morningdove

    I did not come up with the name dark matter, dark energy but it does have the same description as the priests do for God - the inexplicable energy that permeates the Universe. I personally like to use the words light and love but I don't pretend that I have all the answers and that I know that the Universe started from a BIg Bang even though I can't explain dark matter and dark energy. Life is sacred and a mystery. The best we can do is to learn about life and take care of it. Spending billions of dollars to prove an impossible theory is a waste of time at this point. Science is good at making dangerous technology and weapons of mass destruction. We humans are learning the hard way but now is the time to join spirituality and science looking for answers while honouring what it is to be alive. Our present technologies leave out what it takes to be a healthy vibrant LIVING being. I would rather see the billions spent on CERN spent to research renewable sustainable energy and make the world we live in a better place.

  108. Epicurus
  109. Epicurus

    antibiotics are not meant to help the flu. I dont know why you would take that.

    but i guarantee you a vaccine will protect you against the flu than any combination of vegetables and herbs.

    you dont take any modern medication and i will sit back and watch natural selection in action.

    you say the pills are expensive? well i live in Canada so no its not expensive....but you know what IS expensive? all that homeopathic junk! ever seen those stores and the prices of their products? ever actually use them? i have taken a weeks worth of naturopathic sleeping aid and it did NOTHING. its a bunch of nonsense that has been tested and shown to do basically nothing, especially when its combined in homeopathy and they just dilute the ingredient by like 1ppm

    look at life expectancy before modern medicine. ya ya, you keep doing what you are doing. im sure you are making a bunch of charlatans very happy.

    PS if you understood what cancer was you wouldnt say something silly like, "when there is a pill for it"

  110. Epicurus
  111. Epicurus

    no no, thank you. people like you are an easy source of money if one so chooses.

  112. Epicurus
  113. Epicurus

    "Science is good at making dangerous technology and weapons of mass destruction. We humans are learning the hard way but now is the time to join spirituality and science looking for answers while honouring what it is to be alive. Our present technologies leave out what it takes to be a healthy vibrant LIVING being. I would rather see the billions spent on CERN spent to research renewable sustainable energy and make the world we live in a better place." just dumbstruck at how insanely ironic and ignorant this is.....

  114. morningdove
  115. morningdove

    For sleeping try chamomile tea, lavender essential oil drops on your pillow and/or hops tea or dried hops in a sachet under your pillow. All these are under $10.00. PErsonally I find lavender drops on my pillow the most effective - for me it works every time. I have shared this with others and they have told me it also works.
    Cancer is complex but I do not see how radiation, chemo/poison is going to help anyone. The DVD "Cut, Poison, Burn" is a good DVD on how the present medical treatments for cancer are not working and it is time to move on. That is my biggest concern. When Doctors and scientists see that their theory or treatment is not working they hang on to it because it is so profitable shutting down the possibility of finding a better theory or better treatment.

  116. morningdove
  117. morningdove

    That's a bit of stretch to say that I am an easy source of money. What do you base you hypothesis on?

  118. Epicurus
  119. Epicurus

    that you will pay money for things that dont work

  120. morningdove
  121. morningdove

    Lavender works for me and other people I have recommended this to. People have been using lavender for thousands of years. As well listening to nature sounds DVD, making sure there are no gadgets in your bedroom ie cellphone. !00% natural cotton sheets and making sure you are warm enough but not too hot - cool temperatures are actually best for sleeping. Sleeping pills come with side effects, addiction and inability to fall asleep naturally. You will have to up the dose over time to get the same effects and you will go through withdrawal to get back to your natural sleep rhythms. There will be times when you don't sleep as well but that is part of being human. MEditation and stretching also help with relaxation. Best of luck. I am sticking to natural help - no radiation or chemo for me. In over 60 years there are no cures - time to move on if the medical system was intent on curing cancer. I again recommend the movie "Cut, Poison Burn" and "Pink Ribbons Inc." - easily goggled. BEst of luck. Namaste.

  122. morningdove
  123. morningdove

    Thanks for the clarification - at least I am enjoying the beautiful scents of essential oils and the yummy tastes of herbs, vegetables and fruits the things I grow and I buy to make my life easier and richer. White pills, smelly hospitals, no thanks - my hospital is a long walk in the woods outside my door.

  124. Epicurus
  125. Epicurus

    you are completely downplaying the effects of insomnia. you are making it seem like people cant sleep because they are not calm or comfortable enough.

    its almost like saying people with aids would get better if they walked it off.

    now meditation and stretching is something i can agree with. but the lavender is nonsense. like i said before, valarian root would be better at least it has real sedative effects.

  126. morningdove
  127. morningdove

    Lavender has been a sleeping aid for thousands of years. HEalth is a life style. Many patients with AIDS have benefited by changing the risky behaviour that often accompanies a diagnosis of AIDS, using drugs, risky sexual behaviour, bars, etc and when exercise, sunshine and wholesome fresh foods replace fast food, cigarettes, alcohol many AIDS patients can live a normal life. Insomnia is a symptom, not a disease. You know yourself better than anyone else. I am suggesting opening to new ways. Also many people do only sleep 4 hours a night and that is normal for them. Know thyself is the best advice ever given.

  128. Jeremy Hughes
  129. Jeremy Hughes

    Placebo effect bro...

  130. Jeremy Hughes
  131. Jeremy Hughes

    No, it claims it started as a singularity. you're a walking talking eric cartman lmao

  132. Shawn Arscott
  133. Shawn Arscott

    LAvender is not a placebo - the soothing scent is real and an effective relaxant.

  134. Shawn Arscott
  135. Shawn Arscott

    That is exactly what the big bang theory claims - the scientists might as well be cartoon characters except they are spending billions of dollars that could be much better spent - its like children smashing cars or running toy trains off the tracks - CERN is nothing more than smashing neutrons hoping to find a new boson - pretty crazy except this is real and is happening outside of cartoon land.

  136. Hollis Evon Ramsey
  137. Hollis Evon Ramsey

    i wasn't going to watch this, but after reading the comments, i'm intrigued. thanks for all your thoughts, good and not so good. btw, it should be e.g. (for example), not i.e. (that is), morningdove

  138. Unzar Jones
  139. Unzar Jones

    "Video Does Not Exist" With that said, I would say that the movie was quite enlightening, if a little short.

  140. Kateye70
  141. Kateye70

    Search for it on Youtube, I guess the link here is broken atm.

  142. madpscyentist
  143. madpscyentist

    Ancient people have been making the same mistake you're making for many years my friend. Just because you can't see something or don't undertsnad it or can't figure it out, doesn't mean it's GOD. People used to think rain was from the gods but we now know it's from precipitation.

  144. madpscyentist
  145. madpscyentist

    It started as an infinitly dense point of gravity, the singularity

  146. Epicurus
  147. Epicurus

    so how do you feel now that it has been verified? are you willing to come back here and admit you were wrong?

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