From Girls to Men

From Girls to Men

2011, Sexuality  -   20 Comments
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The conversation surrounding gender identity issues has become more open and prominent than ever before, but severe misconceptions and prejudices still exist. For many, understanding and acceptance may only be possible when provided an opportunity to walk in the shoes of a gender-challenged person. A film like From Girls to Men, an intimate and deeply felt documentary, can prove especially enlightening and beneficial in this regard.

The film introduces us to Sam and Evan, a young couple who may seem like unlikely partners on the surface due to their wildly different upbringings and backgrounds. Yet the commonalities of their struggles empower them with a profound and soulful connection. They were both born female, and continue to have female bodies, yet they both identify as males.

We witness their steps to build a life together while fighting to find comfort in their own skin. At the age of 17, Sam leaves home and moves in with Evan, 20. The burdens of discovering your own identity - the same journey that faces all young men and women of that age - are uniquely demanding for them.

Many of the activities we see them engage in are instantly relatable from our own relationships; painting their apartment together, bickering good naturedly about who washes the dishes. But we also observe the verbal abuses they must face when stepping out as a couple, the initial discomforts when their parents are forced to come to terms with their offspring's journey, and their brave ventures into the early stages of gender transformation treatments.

In the end, viewers are made aware of the immense and painful challenges associated with gender identity issues, and the psychological impact of feeling detached from your own body. The road ahead for both Sam and Evan is certain to be a long and arduous one, but the bond they share with one another, in addition to the support of their accepting family members, successfully cushions any fear and apprehension they might experience along the way.

From Girls to Men is a sensitive and knowing tribute to those who dare live their truest life.

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20 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Jon

    Gender dysphoria is a condition that causes distress and discomfort when the gender you identify with conflicts with the sex that you were born with. I don't care if they choose to outwardly change sex, as long as they use their own money

  2. Ronny

    Men will never see you as a real man. The same goes for men who "transition" into women. But there is money to be made with these kinds of surgery which are essentially cosmetic surgery.

    Only time will tell if this is the right path to take... all in the name of so-called progress.

    1. Costello

      😂 Transgender people don't care about your opinion....what's the matter 'ronny'?...feeling a bit threatened?? 😁

  3. Julia

    I am so happy I watched this documentary. I think it is amazing to see even this small piece of transition from one gender to another, the way these young men think, actually how they learn how to be a man, their observations... It really let you feel how they felt while going through the process. That is so hard from one hand and so beautiful and amazing that science let us get to this level to help people like them. I think they could have said more about lives before transition, but still it is so good to have this opportunity to see the whole process from the inside! Thank you!

  4. Clayton

    The synopsis of this film is nothing like the actual documentary. That said, I found it brilliant bit of film work, very curious subject handled deftly and with compassion. A great big hard-on from me to you guys, your determination and bravery is to be highly commended. Best wishes for all of you as your lives unfold. Peace, Clayton Missouri USA

  5. Hay

    Oh come on, guys .. The question is not where is going our tax money, but if those two young guys are not going that fast in the transitionnal process. The discovery of your own identity, whatever your gender or sex preferences, is a process of a life. Taking hormones can influence in your sperm/ ovule production. To not make irrecoverable mistake, you need time to discover who you fully are, and the impact of the decisions you're taking. You're born women, and want to be a man, maybe one day you will also want children...Having the apparence of a men is ok for now, think also about your futur. It's really sad to see that those two guys have all the support of their family, and they are making the mistake of not keeping on developping in a professional way... (this is also a part of learning to know yourself). Think, and take decision in an apropriate time. :D

  6. Finn Bjerke

    Link is dead ?

  7. msitakesweremade

    @Gt: Right? I mean, come on already. Also, people with depression should just smile more, why are our tax dollars going to pay for therapy and antidepressants? And people with drug and alcohol addictions should just quit already, why are my tax dollars being wasted on treatment centres? And don't even get me started on diabetics! Control your blood sugar levels on your own dime, amiright? Honestly it would be so great if we could just tell other people how to live their lives. Ugh those people who aren't exactly like me drive me so crazy!

    1. Alexander Bogossian

      Money is actually being wasted on depression treatment and rehabs. Depression treatment has made zero progress (for victims) in the past 40 years, and unprecedented progress for big pharma and the paid-off quack psychiatrists pushing their chemical bandaid$ (a. By far the most effective meds, MAOIs, were used 50 years ago but then demonized as they were too effective and their patent$ expired and b. Medication has been overu$ed and overhyped as the only means of treatment, its not)

      And drug rehabs, (the vast majority at least) act as those who prey on addicts for financial gain on the "right" side of the law, essentially they're the legal drug dealers... hope dealers.

      Statistical analysis and critical thinking shows this all to be true

      -someone who has been on both sides... of both situations

  8. Blaice

    @Mike, You are an abhorrent human being. Close-minded and inadequate. Enjoy a very, very awful life. No one is forcing you to talk to, or even know these people, yet you have plenty to say. Glad I'll never meet you, but unfortunately I'll meet many like you.

  9. Mike

    So, both are biologically female but inside their both homosexual males. Anyone who tolerates this madness deserves what they get; more madness. England along with the rest of Europe is being destroyed by Islamic immigrants ; why not add females who believe their gay men ; to the mix.

    1. Fan

      Man, good luck with your life. Because you need it.

    2. Costello

      Mike, just accept the fact that you are becoming an insignificant minority. Trans people don't care about you or your archaic attitudes. I suggest you hide under a rock 😊

  10. Oliver

    I am Transgender, and my anniversary for 1 year will be on May 22. I'm 17, and transitioned at 16... My parents try to understand, but I am not allowed to fully transition. It's great to be able to go out on the weekends and be myself... I just wish they wouldn't say you're transgender, but that I was a boy... Maybe if I was more pushy about it, people would take it more seriously... I just wish I could transition.

  11. Margie

    I wish them the best and I wish for Evan better health. Perhaps now that he has achieved his goal of gender confirmation, he can work on weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise. He has a strong support system so I am optimistic that his family will assist him with regard to regaining a healthy weight, if he chooses to do so. Great documentary and I must add that I share the sentiments of Gt.

  12. Gt

    As long as my tax dollars don't pay for transitioning, I have no problem with it. Canada has paid thousands of dollars for this operation, my question is why am I working and paying taxes for someone to feel themselves. If so important to oneself. Work hard and save money to perform the surgery to feel complete and happy. I am not against the LGBT community but I do believe that public funds should go towards the public as a whole not just personal cases of feeling inadequate. I know I will get flack for this but if it is so important, why is the transiting person not just raise the funds themselves instead of relying on public funds. It is a topic in which to get votes and the average taxpayer is paying for an expensive procedure to make a small percentile feel whole. Another waste of tax dollars that could go to a broader public service. Canada has gotten this wrong in the past.

    1. Ned

      America's healthcare model is about as bad as it gets...I don't think we should consider opinions of a country that still refuses the metric system. People pay in and take what they need, this is how healthcare works in most modernized countries. I don't want to pay for a man's ED meds either yet here we are. Unlike ED, this has practical use and can prevent someone from killing themselves so I'm happy to contribute to it.

  13. claire

    people that bully these people should go to the jail and get bum screwed

    1. larry holmes

      i think that you are what you are born as and if you choose to change your gender for some odd reason and if your bullies just toughen up and kick someones ass, quit being a sissy and complaining about it, do something about it, teach the bullies a lesson problem solved, but you are still short circuited in the brain thinking that you are the wrong gender, if you have a penis your a man and a vagina your a woman period end of dilemma

    2. Ned

      @larry if you watch this documentary your statement falls apart. People born with XX chromosomes can obtain penises and people with XY chromosomes can obtain vaginas whether you like it or not. People can also damage/lose genitalia due to accidents or warfare...are you going to tell those war vets they are no longer men if they come home without penises? No...that would be rude. Same concept here.