Future Intelligence
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Future Intelligence

2009, Technology  -   120 Comments
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Future IntelligenceCatch a first-time glimpse at smart technology that will put android helpers in the home, network commuters and entire cities to the Web, and bring us entertainment systems that can virtually make dreams come true.

Advances in artificial intelligence are creating machines with near human-like mental agility. Intelligence will be embedded everywhere - even in our clothing, thanks to smaller, more powerful computers.

Soon, we will be able to build computers with artificial intelligence and processing power that rivals the human brain.

Intelligence will be everywhere, in our clothing, our vehicles and homes. Intelligent robots will serve us - until they don't feel like doing so anymore. And what happens then...?

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5 years ago

@JohnnyBoy You are creating robots, than you are participating in destroying the entire civilization you are nothing more than a criminal in a suit.
You didn't even read what other people wrote about what is science and technology doing to humans, and you say it's positive, people are becoming more virtual and they are unable to sruvive in the real world, the dependance on technology is something that has destroyed all civilizations before this one-that is historical fact.
Second, it's increadible that every time technology gets to its peak it destroys society from the inside out, and those who rule the world and scientists and technologists with them are just masurbating and cumming because they are technology and science addicted junkies that cannot see the truth how technology is destroying humans and their lives, screw the advencemnts in science and technology and everywhere else, if scientists and technologists their visions of the world are entirely different than those of normal people, you Johnny Boy are just another sociopath who is creating robots and you don't care about anybody or anything except to prove that you are right, if you really care about people you wouldn't try to turn them into robots, you wouldn't take their jobs.
Robots are not necessities for survival they are only used for control, I cannot believe that you damn scientists and technologists and futurologists and philosophers are saying there is no toher way when there is, science and technology has become totalirsitic dictatorship and supreme ideology of the modern.

What people here are saying are not some delusions, they are real because similar "delusions" have happened every single time in history.
You do realize that science and technology will not save the world, people have lost humanity because the yonly thing they do is that they play videogames and virtual reality, and none of this is going to save the world.

Technology is not the only answer to furthering human survival, it is the the path to total destruction and end of civilization as we know it, every normal human knows, but the problem with you are that youa re technology addicted and so are other people, so when you tell addict that his drug is going to destroy him and everyone he loves, than you say this is delusion-typical addict behavior, except you are all addicted to technology and science.
And one more thing: You claim that science and technology is going to save us, no it's not, it's going to destroy us, every normal human who is science and technology addict will tell you this-because this is 100% true.
Something like science and technology that has caused us trouble and problems and existence issues and survival and gave delusion of power that we only think we have (and we don't have at all, not even the slightest), well that science and technology only is destryoing us, you cannot have and you cannot expect that same technology and science is going to save us because as you can see it's only getting worse and worse by every single day, and people are dumb they don't create revoluttions against science and technologists and superrich,, instead they create robots, the more tehnology you have the more you become like zombie without critical thinking and fight against scientists, tehcnologists and futurologists and philosphers and politicians who all work with superrich.
Obviuously we need the change oof scientific and technological dicatorship into something that is directly connected with the balance of spirituality and nature.

@Jakolph Wankler Yes, paper will not destroy you but you didn't even read what other people have written, every single time an civilization has been in the peak of its science and technology it has collapsed, every single time, because people who love science and technology are like drug addicts so they cannot see what the hell they are doing to others, neither are you.

6 years ago

Artificial Intelligence but not natural intelligence (research Godel). You put a chip in you if you like, who controls the switch?

A lot of dumb predictions in this docu... just look back at other such predictions in the past to see how wrong they were.

8 years ago

Assume it was more impressive in 2009 when it was release. Don't argue the
technologies, they are really cool, but some of that stuff is already
progressed much more.

Documentary itself is very shallow, containing more entertainment rather informational

9 years ago

good inspiration. a bit simplistic and ignorant of mechanisms at times. last guy at the end, his voice omg, shoot me.

9 years ago

I build robots for a living. We are working on providing humanity with all the basic necessities for survival. Relax your paranoid delusions for a minute and open your mind to a completely different future. Technology is the ONLY answer to furthering the human races survival. Oh yeah , and half of this DOC is purely speculative. Just relax and gain perspective.

Jakolph Wankler
10 years ago

People once feared the invention of paper. They thought it would render our memory obsolete. I support the idea of technological advancement and I understand that people are going to be fearful of things they don't understand. All I ask is that if you are against this idea, then simply choose to not be apart of it. Allow the rest of us to do whatever we choose with our own lives.

Jakolph Wankler
10 years ago

People once feared the invention of paper. They thought it would render our memory obsolete. I support the idea of technological advancement and I understand that people are going to be fearful of things they don't understand. All I ask is that if you are against this idea, then simply choose to not be apart of it. Allow the rest of us to do whatever we choose with our own lives.

10 years ago

AI is around us and in use everyday, we enjoy more time to do what we wish, that don't sound bad to me.
There are two things infinite, the universe and human stupidity.

Wesley Hagarman
10 years ago

how do you cite this video if i watched it on youtube through a different person but it was the same video.

11 years ago

Yawn...We'll that was a good way to become completely disinterested in the future. It helped me to fall asle......................................

11 years ago

Typical US tech hype nothing new, this could be a commercial :)
Wonder what kind of version BBC would make of this near future tech..

11 years ago

dude **** this video and this site i just wrote like a 6 paragraph note on here just to have them delete it instantly and all i was saying is that these are the people who will destroy the world there pre meditating the mass genocide of the human race by making us so lazy technology will have no use for us anymore and these people are excited about it WTF!!! the worst part is is that the people who run the world make you think u cant live without technology and inevitably makes u there slave so you wont see the real world and can never truly live your life and the worst part is is that 80% of the world will read this and call it a bunch of tree huggin hippy bull**** and the FUNNY part is that the 80% that think that couldn't go a week without there cell phone or computer or some kind of technology because they rely on it so much they dont know how to function without them

11 years ago

WOW! this video is just telling us humans are going to be useless and technology will replace us. and if they dont all the greedy people of the world will use it to enslave the people that cant afford it this video is complete **** i mean sure were evolving but were doing it in the most lazy ways possible by saying we no longer have to go to work we can just sit at home or on the bus to work and eventually, technology will replace us they will take over and humans will become extinct when they see how much destruction and evil we are capable of they will just kill us off i mean come on the people on this video are excited about this!!!!!! what the ****!!! why cant we make something that helps us grow as humans i dont know maybe something to help starving children or a something to help with our excessive polluting of our planet but NO!! we have to think of ways to make us more lazy and incapable of doing anything on our own anymore in my opinion these people should be locked away!!!! there just pre meditating a mass genocide of the entire human race and some how were all dumb enough to just say ya sure why not sounds fun!!!!!!!!! im a believer that someone NEEDS to shut down all power on earth and let people remember what its like to be human we are still just an animal but instead of claws or sharp teeth we were given a brain to help us survive not to use it to just exterminate ourselves slowly. THIS WILL BE THE END OF THE HUMAN RACE IF WE LET PEOPLE LIKE THIS CONTINUE WHAT THERE DOING!!!!!!!!! **** TECHNOLOGY

Ryan Cole
11 years ago

typical Ray Kurzwiel crapola.

Raptor jones
11 years ago

Who would benefit from these developments exactly? I don't see anything here to solve population growth, food shortage, starvation, pandemics, climate change, energy crisis. A glossy bmw made of material with a V8 is going to be pretty useless when there's no fossil fuel left. I watched a lot of shows like this when I was younger, none of the ideas ever materialized (a part from the compact disc), even those are now obsolete. Whole docs like a promo of playboy tat, none of which will ever be cost effective.

11 years ago

for the vertual gameing.. we need to give it to the monkeys.

11 years ago

I find amusing that this documentary talks about having a machine that needs not a human to be operative being able take humans to work. What kind of job is going to be available when machines become the norm? It's ridiculous to build machines for today's standards of economics and society. Sorry for my language, but a bus to work from it's just plain bullshit

11 years ago

The problem with technology is its going to fast for people to follow that gives a big atvantage to those that can use it against all humanity (N.W.O )
Every technology that is based on electricity will not exsist after 10 years ..why? u would ask me ..well it simple go to Nasa look for solarstorm look wt Nasa says to her inployers about what supplies the need to servive for 1 year.
The thing is that after that will happen electricity will never be used again!!!
Stone age from the start again! its not the first time this has happen and wont be the last. good luk to the ones that will servive it.

11 years ago

Koenigsegg is not the fastest car in the wold it is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 267mph, the koenigsegg ccx can only manage 245mph.....Fact.

11 years ago

lol im not getting those s*** robot cars.. i want a car i can drive fast and bymself styling it up.

11 years ago

i wont get any girls with those s*** robot cars lolz

Octo Rent
12 years ago

Fact:Robots Dont feel, so I wouldnt be worried about the last part. :)

12 years ago

my prediction: people will get so fat they won't be able to lift a crisp to their lips without the help of a mech suit

12 years ago

"Basically If a machine asks you not to turn it off then you shouldn't."

Sting Ray
12 years ago

I love this Doc. But most of this will not happen. I wish it would if it worked but it will not Why? Because their are just to many HACKERS out there. Just think of what they can do! To your HOME, your Job, Your Family, Your Robot, ETC.

12 years ago

we are the borg resistance is futile prepare to be assimilated

Howard Eakins
12 years ago

Ideally, advances in technology like this could help humankind, as we could all live like kings and queens, but greed invariably gets in the way. In this case, elite, powerful people will not like commoners having the same advantages as them. Something will give.

12 years ago

I think there will be a big catastrophy or uprising when the machines take away the job of most people. But then again if they could replace most jobs with machines overnight. Then people would not need jobs anymore. They would just eat, entertain themselfes, sleep and f***.

12 years ago

I think that this is a great documentary and that anyone who questions the material should start doing some research on AI and future technologies. It is going to happen no mater what some ignorant troll on the interwebs states. I, personally, could not be more excited for these future technologies to become reality.

12 years ago

Tech should be there to help us, not to become our master!! Some things humans should do by them selfs.

12 years ago

Am I the only one that is scared watching this? Skynet anyone?

12 years ago

Excellent Technology!!

12 years ago

Some pretty interesting stuff. Yeah there will be some of those technologies developed for daily use but some of the technological theories are really just a dream like fantasy. Technology has changed all aspects of our life dramatically, and will do so and keeps continuing to evolve and integrate more into our daily lives.

12 years ago

Wow, is it really true?

12 years ago

no longer available :(

12 years ago

Interesting conclusion... let's all become Borgs!
Are you sure this documentary is science and not science fiction? I guess there's a blurred boundary...

12 years ago

The wacky religious leaders will rail against machine enhancement of humans while secretly getting the flock to pay or enhancement implants for themselves to make them appear naturally more knowledgable, and there for, worthy of more money.

12 years ago

Plug me in

House Of Pleasure
12 years ago

Looks promising but I’m not buying it. I mean, it’s well past 2000 and I still don’t have my flying car.

I would take Gina the shape-shifting roadster over that flying car any day by the way.

12 years ago

Many technologies almost always end up being used for evil and destructive purposes, especially when you involve governments and their overreach and their adoption - that is just the nature of mankind. Remember towards the end of the 19th century and the industrial revolution and what it brought to us throughout the twentieth century with the world wars and nuclear weapons. One must be cautious and exceedingly aware of all of the unintended consequences of rapid, uncontrolled technological "advancments".
Look at the younger generations now who do nothing but sit in front of a video game for days on end. They are getting fat and lazy. Is this the type of world we want to live in in the future? Corporations would also love to get their hands on it and interfere by inserting ads everywhere.
Also, governments would like nothing better than to use all of these so-called advancements to control us more and more. I have to laugh at the game controllers that simulate various games when all the person has to do is go to the local bowling alley or go out in the fresh air. It is verging on the ridiculous and redundant. Mankind will never be able to compare to the power of nature. We cannot even cure basic diseases now such as the common cold.
Also look at all of the problems surrounding reproductive "technology" that are coming now. It scares me to think what the future world will look like. It is the height of naivete to think that our lives will be improved by a robot taking all of our jobs away. A good reason why the unemployment rate is so high now is because of the uncontrolled expansion of technology.

12 years ago

Best advice I could give to my fellow 'meat machines' out there is to stock up on guns & ammo because then we can tell the trans-human freaks to 'make us' join their fallacious cult. They will be greeted with wrenches & military grade firepower to make sure we 'hit the off button!' The genius of mankind will never surpass the genius of nature & virtual reality will never replace natures beauty. Have fun mating with robots you sheeple that are actually stupid enough to buy into the RFID chip scandal so maybe you can just NOT reproduce, in fact I hope your technology such as the GMO foods you support also sterilize your kind so your seeds cant grow. I'm not anti-technology but I'm anti-N.W.O. anti-globalist anti-establishment & willing to fight you trans-humanoid freaks with MAN POWER lol, recently a HUMAN senator beat your precious IBM super computer on jeopardy, HA WINNING!!!

12 years ago

bolox to all they technologies they talking about. i wold never want a micro chip in me.bollox

12 years ago

we must all get in touch with nature and keep technologies for specific purpouses not let robots control us....though rovoking doc

12 years ago

@David Holz & anuragawasthi

To answer your question directly, Evolution. Taken as a whole, the Universe itself can be viewed as a glorious process that spawned The Stars/Galaxies, then Elements/Chemistry, then Complex Chemistry/Life... and now, Culture/Technology.

The ever-accellerating pace of Cultural and Technological Evolution is the greatest force shaping change on our planet. Despite what I read from many, it is impossible to argue that the evolution of Technology is anything less than a Net-Positive for Mankind. This holds true even when considering the "worst" inventions such as weapons of mass destruction.

I often hear people suggest that earlier cultures, such as the Native Americans, lived in some kind of wonderful harmony with the enviornment. This is really not true, as they lived in constant fear of the environment much like our ancient ancestors. Their lives were brutal and short-lived; averaging just under 30-Years before succumbing to the pressures which all natural organisms face in the relentless struggle for existance.

It is technology that allows Humanity to adapt and meet these selective pressures and, as a result, we have nearly trippled our individual life-spans. This is not a trend that is going away, technology is ubiquitous and it is the Natural "Next Step" in an Emergent Universe that trends/evolves towards higher and higher levels of complexity. Cultures that do not develop advanced technologies will simply pass into the oblivion of history, replaced by those that are better able to adapt and thus survive.

The problems of world-hunger, climate change, ect... will be solved by one thing and one thing only. Human Technology.... It is quite reasonable to argue that, in some of these cases, Humans are not intelligent enough to solve the problems. This will facillitate, through a very natural process of selection, Intelligent Machines. This is, in my opinion, very natural and very good. Any way you look at it, however, there is no stopping it.

12 years ago

Glenn Beck just said " I CAN'T EAT AN IPAD"

12 years ago

Yo darwin i got a question for ya . who was here first man or machine ? also man or nature? dont desecrate the life giving trees man. ill give you that his predictions were accurate but how can you mathematical compute infinity as in trillions of atoms and trillions of galaxies?

12 years ago

Change is coming whether we like it or not.It may not come too soon(30-50yrs),but whenever it comes it will have a great impact on our society.
Amazing technologies are coming to open new horizons to our lives.Will new tech improve our quality of life by default? Of course not, for if it were for the technology alone, even present day tech would have established a heaven on earth.
Our political and socioeconomic structure is continuously becoming vastly inadequate to accommodate the new perceptions science and tech bring.We,mostly, are trapped in archaic dualistic ideas, which we treat with reverence they don't deserve, eg religion and atheism,soul and matter,employment and unemployment,rich and poor,smart and dumb,black and white, capitalism and communism,democracy and monarchy,ethical and unethical, money and value.
In addition our education lags behind new scientific developments.Even though new tech(see internet) resists this phenomenon we are still badly educated.We lack basic understanding of fundamental scientific principles and as a result we are carried away by false trains of thought and conclusions.
What new scientific developments imply is that basic needs for survival will no longer be a problem.They imply that basic resources for survival wont have the traditional limits, so they also imply that our whole financial system(be it corporeal or electronic money) is meaningless.Most of the employment and the jobs today are based on this principle of survival, which is why they won't have any meaning in the future. Are we going to abandon so easily this hardwired perception of survival(see improvement through difficulties and pain)? I don't think so.This is why big turmoil is ahead of us.
Last but not least is the problem of the so called third world.If developed countries would find it difficult to adapt to the new technological tsunami, it would be far more difficult for the developing countries to assimilate what would seem between magic and new religion. It would be for them like for the fish out of the water.Because they are more than the developed world used to live through difficulties eg the urge to survive.How would such an individual live in a world where every conceivable biological need could be satisfied? It would become addicted to indulge into these satisfactions and so would become sterile and counterproductive.We already see this in rich countries, smoking, drugs, obesity, depression and other psychiatric disorders as a result of a stubborn denial to abandon survivalism and accept creativeness and innovation.

12 years ago

The only thing I don't like about this documentary are the comments I'm reading from all the Neo-Socialist "Zeitgeist" Types. This documentary is about technology; if that's what you want to comment on, lets hear it. Otherwise, save your "OMG people are Hungry/OMG civilization sux/OMG OMG" hippy tree-hugging comments for the appropriate forum.

Ray Kurzweil (featured in this doc) is a pure genius. Some people may find his ideas on the comming technological singularity to be frightning, others may find it fanciful or unrealistic... The fact of the matter is, his record for predicting future trends years in advance is incredibly accurate. This is because he builds mathmatical models that actually make predictions about the world. This is far more than I can say for the pseudo-scientific hippies included in the Zeitgeist doc.

12 years ago

Did any of these people actually watch this doc. The comments are ridiculous, end of the world and NWO crazy rants. The "experts" quoted from 20-50 years for most of these advances. So really that maybe a bit zealous on their part, don't know about most of you, but chances are I will be about 80 years old when this sort of reality happens. So it isn't like they said this will all happen at once, tomorrow. And we know enough about technology that it is nearly imposable to predict. Most things we take for granted day to day would not have been dreamed up 20 years ago.

12 years ago

Awesome Documentary!!!
I specially like the part that briefly mentions the idea of RFID chips embedded almost on any object and living thing out there. With this technology you could definitely say bye bye to privacy.
Hopefully these RFID chips as mentioned in the doc will not be the next big target for identity theft cases and hackers around the globe!!!! Obviously RFIDs will present a huge risk to privacy.