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Future Is Wild

2002, Nature  -   49 Comments

Future Is WildImagine a world far, far into the future. A world very different than our own where people have been wiped out by massive climatic and geological changes, nearly destroying the Earth. What would the world be like, and what kinds of creatures could survive?

An international team of eminent scientists was formed to predict the future and its new life forms in five million, 100 million and 200 million years.

The scientists predicted that the Earth would go through several phases, including Ice World after five million years, Hothouse World at 100 million years and New World at 200 million years.

To portray the scenery as accurately as possible, a camera crew traveled to remote locations around the world.

State-of-the-art animation helped bring to life such freakish beings as fishes combining the characteristics of birds and fish, the giant slime mold known as the Slithersucker, the Toraton tortoise bigger than any dinosaur, tree-dwelling squids called Squibbons, the spewing Spitfire Bird and many more!

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49 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Matthew Capobianco

    I think the most amazing thing about this series is the overall reversal of life on earth. In Five Million Years, the earth will be as it was Five Million Years Ago, with animals like those that existed 2 million years. In 100 million years, there will be a Cretaceous Era climate, and Mammals with first evolved 100 Million Years Ago, will disappear in 100 Million Years. In 200 Million Years a new super-continent will form, like the one that broke up 200 Million Years Ago. The creatures don't matter. Its the general concept of the documentary. The most amazing part is that we, the first intelligent lifeforms on Earth evolved right in the middle of this.

  2. John August Gronau

    This is a brilliant series. It clearly demonstrates inductive reasoning used in the context of speculative, evolutionary biology. It is so interesting to see reasonable possibilities. These are much more gratifying thoughts than those of fantastical or superstitious impossibilities.

  3. rtm

    We are still making assumptions about our origins, and you expect me to even watch this? hahahahha

  4. Fernando Estrada

    says video not available? most docs i look up cant play? this site's quality has dropped... what's going on? can anybody help?

  5. zeus angelo Salvo

    im expecting remains of human civilization; skyscrapers, bridges to show up...

    1. Sarcastic_Drew

      and a sh*tload of plastic! ^^

  6. Carlos Monge

    First it was global warming.Now is climate change.I"m for science but I feel it has been highjacked by policy makers.

    1. Sarcastic_Drew

      At least it's getting the attention it needs; regardless of the agenda.

    2. Emenot

      More like grant cheaters!

  7. happycodger

    Just a quick thought. How about the evangelists use a little more common sense and the Christophobes just ignore them!

  8. happycodger

    That was hilarious! Everyone knows that without people there is no climate change!

    1. Emit Brown

      That is not true, there is and has always been climate change. The problem is the rate of that change.

  9. Mark Clavelle

    British speculation and bad bow ties

  10. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    far fetched

  11. Chris Verhoeff

    If you are looking for answers on how life works, you won't get there with religion. If you want to know the meaning of life, you won't get there with science.

    The true problem however is that religion forms institutes. And those institutes never respond well if you aproach them with science.
    However, same goes when you aproach the scientific community with religion.

    1. Sarcastic_Drew

      I think you are giving religion a bit too much credit. You won't find the meaning of life in religion because it is fiction. Scientific communities don't respond well to religion because again, religion is fiction. Fictional stories claiming they are truth has no place in a world of reality.

  12. devlinwaugh

    I have some Jehovah witness friends and they hate all other religions they make me laugh and i have a good time listening to them preach.They know i am only humoring them and take this in a light hearted way but still try to convert me.I get away with a lot as my brother is a witness i don't mind this why should i.They tell a good story and seem to be happy with hate of other religions but when i ask why religion hates religion they say all other beliefs are false.I ask so the Mormon religion were they got gods word from a top hat isn't real? ooooo how i laugh and they frown.If you believe your religion is the only religion cant you see that this cannot be so and the whole flawed idea of a god (alien).

    1. War Dog 666 - U

      Jehovah Witnesses are truly lost souls - the nonsense they breach is as backward as the teachings of Islam - both of these nonsensical religions are travesties to progressive civilization.

    2. Sarcastic_Drew

      The problem with religion is religion.

  13. devlinwaugh

    The only creatures that normally survive a quick and dramatic environmental change are the ones who can adapt the quickest.I cant believe how many religious people are posting it seems as tho the site is becoming a target,stop posting blind faith messages and give something that is of solid fact.If god exists he is an alien of higher intellect (Alien) (subjective) as the bible says god is everything and all of us and sees everything knows everything i don't think he/she/it would be happy by some of your comments even tho i am not religious or believe in god i would like to think i am a kinder person than most religion based people.I am so glad over the last 100 years we have escaped the dark cloud that hung over humanity in what we called religion and i am so happy to be of this generation that i can openly speak about it.If i was talking like this 200 years ago i would be jailed or worse.This docu is speculative but based on solid facts of animals and habitat evolution this is not to be taken seriously but only to encourage thought and interest as to what the future could have in-store for the earth.I hate to say this but when the time comes god will not be repopulating the earth with believers that is just a rotten lie from an organization of cruelty.Paradoxically if there is only one god and all religious people are preying to him and he exists the the Muslims the Jews the Hindus Christians and all the rest will come back that sounds like hell.damn that thought even made me laugh.....

  14. Phil Rogers

    Suitable creatures evolved to survive earth's previous context and therefore the creatures of the future will evolve to suit that context, with or without humans. The planet is absolutely indifferent to human survival.

    But really, the only hope for the human species long-term lies in the continuing evolution that is always underway. In time, Homo Sapien evolution will address that our brain's spirituality mechanism is inefficient and directly reduces our prospects for survival by directly inhibiting the natural creativity and experimentation that most certainly elevated us to the level of conscious thought we have today. The stress caused by the discomfort of realising finite life is compensated by medicine.

    Yep It's sad that life goes on after us, but that's ok. After everything the species has gone through to get to this, we have every right to predict what the future holds. However, by looking at the ill-informed comments even on this documentary (and most advancements in modern knowledge), it seems apparent that the Homo Sapien will have some increasingly important choices to make.

  15. Shaun Brinegar

    Evolutionists made up the past... now they make up the future... i can't believe someone got paid to come up with this rubbish.

    1. Fishsticks421

      The sun's coming up better get back in your cave.

  16. Yogi SmarterBear

    interesting . at least he gives credit to the female mothers for passing on survival skills .. people did live in the last ice age ...

  17. noconman

    Sorry It bored me and the graphics were weak.
    Although speculating on our earths future environment and life is interesting, it is easy to imagine the odd creatures that may exist by looking at our past examples. History always repeats and is cyclical.
    Guess we'll have to find a way to travel to the stars for survival as a species.
    Unless...that's already happened too. LOL

  18. KsDevil

    The "Life After People" series was better done than this. It appears the producer tried to cram as much speculation into the time slot as possible...quality suffered.

  19. KaderNahaboo

    THE CREATOR says "BE, IT IS"

    Meanwhile, let's make our Global Village an abode of Socio-Economic well-being, and try our very best to respect all THE CREATOR'S Beautiful Creations.

  20. Angele Aguilar

    seems weird to think we'll be go
    ne forever and life will go on

    1. devlinwaugh

      Nothing lasts forever just enjoy your life i am sure you will be long gone before this happens.They cant give a date on species extinction as they don't know.Anyhow we will be gone to the stars before this cybernetics are here to stay prosthetic limbs hearts lungs legs bones even the blind seeing with new technology.I doesn't take a leap of the faith (god joke) to think in 1000 years our bodies will be able to endure interplanetary space travel with cybernetics.Sleep well and at ease you have nothing to worry about also eat healthy they are saying some people borne today have a real chance to live forever now thats something to get excited about.

  21. Angele Aguilar

    It's al right but I wish they would say when WE dissapear

  22. Fupi

    the last two comments are seriously r*tarded. of course climate has changed numerously on this planet, drastically - before and after the short period when humans were here

  23. xpirex

    Never seen so much rubbish in all my days. If you folks think Creationists have faith you evolutionists are completely off your trollies and have more blind faith then a one eyed pastor. Mega Squid??? You people are trippin..

  24. His Forever

    If humans ever extinct themselves (which I think is likely IF there wasn't a God), then there will hardly be a planet left to evolve different lifeforms = if such were even possible.

    Hothouse world? Ice World? I thought humans were the cause of such climate change? Gees! Even while extinct we're changing the climate . . . . not!

    I've promised the boy a baby shagrat . . . a.k.a. guinea pig (maybe).

  25. Daniel

    dang I was hoping for the full version, this is cut and didn't have the sharkopath -__-

  26. drinker69

    I've known a few 'shag-rats' in my day.

  27. BlackDog Aura

    i would to see a comedy documentary of how animals would look in the future set out exactly like this but just filled with ridiculously funny animals.

  28. BlackDog Aura

    firsh and squid!!. vomit some acid!! and lasers for eyes.

  29. Dave-tox Lampert

    extremely slow for the first 30 minutes, then more exciting in the last 20 minutes, but less informative. Great concept, but the execution leaves much to be desired

  30. PavolvsBitch

    We have ben under relentless bombardment of 'imagine's' in order to engage humanity's vast reserviour of creative power into supporting genocidal agendas.

    What creature would survive? Cockroach types. Not in form but in characteristics. The DNA and genetic codes within blood types has received the most intense research for the depopulation initiatives under way. There are those among us who are seperate by inheritence, due to thier tolerance and quick elimination of toxicity.

    Plum Island and all those 'scientific' laboratories of torture have bred the 500,000 as written in The Georgia Guidestones both humanoid and animal, leaving the rest of us expendable.

    Their Whirled Vison for the future has arrived and was always within our midst: A Pan Hellenic Male Sodomite society where children are conceived in labs, genetically specified for role in serving society. The Olympics and Olympians clearly demonstrate what that role is. A sexually subservient race of super warriors of perfected physique for the enduring satisfaction of psychopathic Elders.

    I hate these propaganda films and won't watch them anymore; the jury is in on this one. We are being primed to accept our destruction as inevitable. Military strategy ABC.

    1. Juraj Filkorn

      what is written on the stone is pretty reasonable. continuation of our life stile without change will take its toll sooner or later. what is so bad with 500 milion people on earth? is population control bad(*)? i live in a country where we have natural population downfall, if this would be a wordly trend, say 1 or 2 percent per year, in a couple of decades there could be half of us. is that bad?

      *through education, not through violence...

    2. PavolvsBitch

      Do as you are told, beLIEve what they tell you is reality. You've a long way to go in uncovering the motives. Goway, little boy.

    3. durike

      you did not adress my question, did not even try to show me some flaw in my logic. how shall i doscover the truth. bigboy

    4. PavolvsBitch

      Type into search engine something like .... the myth of overpopulation .... or Thomas Malthus and Eugenics ...... or Agenda 21 and the Eugenics of depopulaton .... or even at a stretch Transhumanism. I DID address your question. We have been lied to, misled by those who wish to exterminate us. Overcrowding through wilfull warfull displacement into cities is NOT 'overpopulation' but both originate from the scum elites.

    5. Zombie2501

      How exactly is imagining the world 50-200 million years from now propaganda for depopulation? Think about that 50 to 200 million years. Human existence is a tiny blip when dealing with time scales that large. Do you really think humans will be around for that long?

    6. UniversalCypher

      given the proper decision making, i think humanity will be around much longer than that - much longer than earth will be around even.

    7. Mantid

      You must have watched too much Alex Jones. If it weren't for those ''scientific'' laboratories, most humans wouldn't be alive today.I didn't know disease prevention was such a bad thing.

    8. Jack1952

      I just read that in 5 billion years our sun will run out of fuel and start to cool. This cooling will cause the sun to expand, engulfing planet earth. This could be the final and winning attempt at population control by the Elders. We must find ways to allow the sun to conserve its fuel, thereby thwarting the plans of these psychopaths. The human race must endure.

  31. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Not seen the doc. but it would be nice to think life on earth would exist at all in a "100 to 200 million years". I think the "cats out of the bag" as far as mass extinction event is concerned. We can assume all this has already happened somewhere else in the universe. Perhaps many times just like the seasons of the year.