Gaddafi: Our Best Villain

Gaddafi: Our Best Villain

2011, Politics  -   114 Comments
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Gaddafi: Our Best VillainMuammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi (born 7 June 1942) is a Libyan politician and revolutionary, who has led the Libyan state since he overthrew King Idris in a 1969 bloodless coup and established the Libyan Arab Republic.

He went on to survive revolts, military strikes and embargoes while showing a knack for playing to Western interests, namely geopolitical security and oil reserves.

It’s no surprise many of the interviews about hidden dealings are tainted by realpolitik. These personal accounts from key players are a fascinating foray into the diplomatic world of riddles, theatrics and hidden agendas.

In early February 2011, major political protests, which were inspired by recent protests in Tunisia, Egypt and other parts of the Arab world, broke out in Libya against Gaddafi's government and quickly turned into a civil war. Gaddafi vowed to die a martyr if necessary in his fight against rebels and external forces, saying that those rebelling against his government deserve to die.

On 17 May 2011 the International Criminal Court issued a request for an arrest warrant against Gaddafi for crimes against humanity.

This insightful essay-style documentary by Frenchman Antoine Vitkine puts current events into perspective by examining the motivations behind the actions of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a man whose peculiar appearance belies savvy negotiation skills.

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  1. This doc was created by the Pentagon.

  2. I think it's a good starting point to get a glance at the complexity of Gaddafi's regime.

  3. Stupidest documentary I ever watch, ,the commentators talk so much cunt,, them say Gaddafi wanted power as a young man then he became a lunatic after trade towers bombing and they say he condemned the bombing he was alright, , was crazyyyyy or mad any more, , that's white ppl for you or the west

  4. So, Ghadafy helping the IRA fighting against 400 years of brittish occupation and atrocities is financing terrorists, but Ronald Reagan bombing a palace and killing civilians while at the same time financing death squads that killed tens of thousands in guatemala isn't... This documentary is appaling by its partisanship. One life = one life, france US and brittain have way more innocent blood on their hands than Lybia ever had, least this film could have done was to mention it...

  5. I watched it to the end. it's a biased documentary where Qaddafi is depicted as evil and the Americans as heroes as always. for example, under Reagan, Libya was attacked by the US, the military bases and Qaddafi's home in Tripoli were targeted, you can see blood in his home but yet no death toll is claimed. However, a plane exploded over lockerbie (allegedly Qaddafi's responsibility which will be denied later in the documentary) and this time, the number of people killed is stated.
    What's the difference between both? Why British and Americans lives matter more than Libyans ? it's just an example among others of how this documentary is only a piece of propaganda from the Western countries. You'll find no real investigations, no real objective look at the life of a guy who was deeply and genuinely involved to improve the lives of his people, a social revolutionary leader just like Thomas Sankara (leader of Burkina Faso between 1983 and 1987) and who was killed too because of his refusal to comply to the Imperialists demands and corruption.

    A shame that these techniques are still used to discredit an entire people for money. We're lost in the middle of a war made up of disinformation and propaganda and we are the ones who have to be careful to make sure not to be influenced by those who are in power whether in political or economic system.

  6. I watched it to the end. it's a biased documentary where Qaddafi is depicted as evil and the Americans as heroes as always. for example, under Reagan, Libya was attacked by the US, the military bases and Qaddafi's home in Tripoli were targeted, you can see blood in his home but yet no death toll is claimed. However, a plane exploded over lockerbie (allegedly Qaddafi's responsibility which will be denied later in the documentary) and this time, the number of people killed is stated.
    What's the difference between both? Why British and Americans lives matter more than Libyans ? it's just an example among others of how this documentary is only a piece of propaganda from the Western countries. You'll find no real investigations, no real objective look at the life of a guy who was deeply and genuinely involved to improve the lives of his people, a social revolutionary leader just like Thomas Sankara (leader of Burkina Faso between 1983 and 1987) and who was killed too because of his refusal to comply to the Imperialists demands and corruption.

    A sha

  7. Reagan lied just like bush did, he lied about Qaddafi so that they could intervene in Libya
    according to him, Qaddafi had bombed a German club, my ass, what would have been the point, none. he was an easy prey for easy money to destabilize the whole country and make the Libyans their bitch while easing the oil market for petrodollars.

    No wonder why nobody likes America.

    the USA is a shameless country that will stop at nothing to silence the voices of social revolution against this capitalism responsible for the death of millions of people and the overthrowing of government that were bound to become really financially independent and real democracies and hence, were a threat to the United States.

    the worst is that they've been rewriting history from Columbus and the genocide upon the natives to the Indians war , the real founding father's background, who were slave owners and land holders part of the establishment, to 2001, a war declared under a false pretext that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which was not the case and allegedly hiding Ben Laden. They are the perpetrators of lies and death and still claim themselves as Christians, embedded in fundamentalism.

    this country is a shame for the rest of the international community and we all have to suffer the consequence of this stupid and selfish country influenced by the Israel lobby, the AIPAC to which any congressmen and presidential candidates have to swear allegiance.

  8. You so called american's kill me with terrorist;s talk look at what bush did to Iraq.

  9. uh-oh it's no longer available lol

  10. After reviewing my many and lengthy comments of last year, and others' posts, I'm getting the idea that this doco is NOT the customary hypnosis session, and I'm gonna WATCH it!! They killed him like a mad and murderous dog, but who are the mad and murderous dogs?

  11. I was going to watch this one as I have seen some good ones on youtube about Gadhafi, but after reading over these comments I've changed my mind. Figure I won't waste the time.
    Look up truth about libya on youtube. They explain the real motives for the "humanitarian aid" we gave Libya.

  12. not available??

  13. NH

  14. At the Berlin disco bomb trial, the prosecution was unable to prove that Libya's Colonel Gaddafi was behind the attack. The court blamed this failure on the "limited willingness" of the German and US governments to share intelligence.

  15. I couldn't watch more than 4 minutes of this BS "documentary".

  16. Of course a Frenchman would represent why we attacked Libya. If you do a little research you come to find that France has some interests that are not humanitarian

    1. yes as Libyan I know that very well, I worked with Gadaffi just 3 days and then I changed my mind, because I know very well how his work was ,,,,,,

  17. This documentary lists all of these "crimes" committed by Gaddafi's regime, but really the only reason the west gives one shit about Libya is because Gaddafi nationalize his oil fields. End of story, book closed , send in the F-16s

    1. USA , UK and France are looking for their interest "Oil Oil Oil " ,

    2. Qaddafi was exporting oil to UK and France before and with no conditions ,but USA not used to export oil from Libya . In addition , The oil companies of the mentioned above were working and doing business in Libya ,So oil is not the real cause of those truly respected countries for intervention.And you're completely mistaken.

    3. I agree Oil does not seem to be the reason (Directly), state sponsored terrorism can't be the reason since Gaddafi had been cracking down on the Madrassas in the west rather harshly. No, I think the Euro Trash wanted a guaranteed source of energy in the event of a Russian or Ukrainian boycott under their absolute control. Perhaps they feared that Gaddafi was losing his grip on the reigns of power and introducing instability. And a Humanitarian mission? Bullshit

  18. Propaganda Alert; viewer beware you cannot trust a document which starts on a false premise of 'turned tanks on his own people'. No, lawfully and legitimately defended his country and people from communist/jewish infiltration and massacre. The UN cover the Libyan 'rebels' (jews) atrocities. They are slitting the throats of the people like kosher sacrificing of animals, they are hanging people, impaling children's anus' with pole, cutting off their rape victims' breasts and enforcing canabalism on captured Libyan soldiers. US and UK Corp are consumed by the virus and Israeli Jews are taking revenge for the rightful expulsion of and cancelling the extortionate debts to the Jews. They never forget. You should see the revolting footage of thier Kosher fest in action. The people love their leader, the leader loves the people. Typical of the jew-created communist psychopolitcal strategy, their press defames by slurs of 'insanity' and then the British faction does it damndest to pin the label 'terrorist' on a man and his people for their own actions in Lockerbie and the Libyan Embassy killing of Yvonne Fletcher. From what I have read and seen, we, in the west have never experienced such benevolent guardianship.

    The narration and script are hugely biased and quite frankly, highly irritating. Had hoped for a more balanced, informative viewing.

    1. I was a bit sceptical about his doc also... thanks for you informative review.

    2. your anti-semitic views are not welcome.

      f*** you make me sick.

    3. Yes, we never forget !!!

  19. On one hand Real Africans, don't consider Gaddafi as an African, of course he never consider himself one, he live in African soil, yet his people are Arabs. Now, he expect 'Real' Africans to come to his aid (Which they are doing, because of their humane and forgiving nature), when his so called Arab brothers, abandoned him as they always do. While, many Africans think he and his Arab terrorists are not worth being in African soil, the hypocrisy of the West tend to win him some sympathy. The same West that supply him and his likes dangerous weapons to kill their own people are suddenly claiming to be bombing Libya in other to protect 'civilians'.
    What business has NATO in Africa, are they now military wing of UN??
    They myopic greed of the West when it comes to money will end up costing them their very existence. They are willing to sell their souls to the devil just for a quick gain. They are willing to form alliance with Islamic terrorists against their fellow Christians, for a short term gain, even when they know that those people will never like them..
    God help us if they US and their new romance with the same terrorists Taleban/Al Queada, succeeds in bringing them back to power!
    Now we wonder where to stand, since the same US that proclaimed that anyone not with them is with the terrorists, now secretly going to dinner with the same terrorists, while we foolishly stand there shouting at terrorists a' bad ...
    Are US now with them??? What an Irony!

    1. Khaddafi always wore an attire with the image not of Lybia, nor the Magrheb only, but of Africa!!!!!!! Also, he has done many things for other African countries. Your three sentences are so wrong!!!! I had to read them many times to make sure you are really talking about Khaddafi on that one, lol. The guy could have been a maniac, a hard head, but it is with unanimity that people, especially Africans will tell you that despite all, Khaddafi has been of the greatest lover and believer of Africa. He always considered himself as an African!

  20. This documentary, bullshit pro-NATO propaganda.

  21. other ahadith talk about the weapons they come to iraq with are never before seen

    other ahadith say O group of muhaajireen, 5 practices - if your afflicted with them ... and i seek refuge in Allah from you reaching them (!)evil does not spread throughout a people to the extent that they proclaim it openly except that plaque and hunger will spread among them, to such a degree that was previously unknown to them before; (2)people will not reduce in measurement ie by cheating with scales when buying and selling except that they will be overtaken by drought in the lands, by burdensome obligations,and by the oppression of the ruler upon them; (3)they will not refuse to pay zakaat on their wealth except that they will be prevented rain from the sky, and were it not for there livestock,they would not receive rain altogether(4)they will not break Allahs covenant of his messenger peace be upon him except that there external enemies will be given reign to subdjugate them, enemies that will take something from their hands and as long as their imams do not rule by Allahs book and they mock what Allah revealed, Allah will make their strength to be used among themselves - Against one another. this is talking about the muslims.

    1. Can an other Muslim tell me what Omar is trying to say here, my being French, i do not understand what he is trying to express, may be you do.
      He says:"this is talking about the muslims.
      Thank you

    2. tho I'm not a muslim, I think he's saying that the assault, and drought, on islamic lands is what the prophet peace be upon him said would happen to them if they dont strictly stick to social requirements like paying zakaat (alms) to such as widows and orphans, and supporting sheiks who were crooks. btw, may interest you that [quote]and were it not for their livestock,they would not receive rain[/quote] demonstrates fundamental islamic understanding that animals are muslims, that is they do nothing but obey the will of Allah, meaning that they only try to remain in their fitr (true nature). The beings most departed from their fitr are human beings. I hope I made it clearer, and not less clear! In short he's saying that Islamic world has brought current and past misfortunes upon themselves as predicted.

    3. AlfBeta, you say "supporting sheiks who were crooks", can you tell me exactly how you extracted that, or was it an extrapolation using your apparent ignorant understanding.

      Azilda, to summarize what is said in the above, it is saying if Muslims don't follow their religion, then bad things will happen to them.

    4. You're talking rubbish !!! believe me.

  22. these are over 1400 years old and the one ontop is even considered weak lol and its still happening

  23. Abdullah ibn Al haarith said,''i was standing with Ubai ibn ka'ab in the shade of haassans high house,and he said,'people will continue with their differing necks to seek out the world.'i said yes. He said indeed i heard the messenger of Allah say, 'The time draws near when the Furaat will lay bare a mountain of gold. When people will hear about it they will proceed to it, and the one beside it will say, 'if we leave the people to take from it, all of it will depart.' And so they will fight over it with 99 dying from every 100.

    we thought actual gold but lol black gold i didnt think of that growing up

  24. It's amazing how Kaddafi has survived since the 60s. I find it very shameful that the West has pandered and played his games all those years.

    1. The West hasn't [quote]pandered and played his games all those years[/quote]. I can see how you could assume that, from the "news" and "background profiles" about, that are designed so that the average time-poor media consumer will "understand" that gaddafi has been a problem for the people, and for a very long time. Libya's actual history including Kaddafi era is widely on record though, and it doesn't resemble the "impression" that is put to us.

  25. Well Canada has declared war on Libya, the paaaaarrrtyy is on. Haha, god NATO & the UN are scumbags. ....and Libya just happens to have oil! Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya.

    Perhaps when this conflict is over those rebels can become time management consultants. They sure do get a lot done. What a skilled bunch of rebels – they can fight a war during the day and draw up a new central bank and a new national oil company at night without any outside help whatsoever.

  26. It is, of course, not possible to know how history might have gone, if only. BUT:
    I'd bet my last petrolbuck that if Eisenhower's CIA had not overthrown Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1951, the situation in the Middle East and North Africa would be more than just a 'little' different (and, right now, any kind of 'different' translates to 'less bad', maybe even a peek-a-boo of 'good'. If only...

  27. No mention of Mandela choosing to visit Qaddafi after he stepped of of prison? and Mandela refusing to meet with bush... Now the west are supporting those very Al quaeda to overthrow qaddafi... only a small part of libya has revolted and they are holding only because of the support of the west not the the libyan people revolted??? ... strange conclusion... no insurrection in the south of libya

  28. Was there no libyans to comment in that doc ...

  29. another propaganda bullshit documentry funded by west

  30. i never knew french can kill innocent people dictated by usa

  31. another propaganda documentry from west against who want to use his own countries resourses for its people


    1. Apart from recent short period, has been western enemy for long time for reason of demonstrating a non-"democratic"human way of organising a society, actually taking responsibility as a true leader in caring for the people.

  33. delhibiguy. "international community" is helped in its bombing of an inhabited city of 2 million people, the capital Tripoli, and kill its leader, because you millions of docile "news" guzzlers dont even bother to take their mouse cursor all the way up to the search bar, and find out a little bit of the history of this country, and instead gobble up the surface story that's been prepared for years for them (under my watchful eye), and burp some lazy lie back out like "pity gaddafi didnt do something for his people" Shame on your laziness. It kills, it is killing innocent Libyans today, otherwise I wouldnt be so impertinent as to criticise it

    1. I haven't watched the vid yet, because I sniff that when I do, I'm going to need to spend some time on a critique that would be unnecessary if people would take responsibility for what lazy hatreds they allow to lodge in their being. But I will watch some of it soon. I'm surprised that the famous instant legend of Gaddafi's chemically tumescent hordes marching east and raping all living things in their path hasn't been casually mentioned here as tho it were as real as the air assault on the 2 million people of Tripoli. Do Americans know that Tripoli is in their team song?

  34. What I find interesting is that we get another glimpse behind the golden curtain - our own greed is truly our own worst enemy, and no one is watching the store.

  35. The more of this documentary I watch, the more I'm beginning to admire Gaddafi's political sense. It's amazing how he played the biggest world powers for so many years. If only he had used his skills for the benifit of the Libyan people.
    What I find hilarious is how this documentary spends so much time analysing Gaddafi as a terrorist turned anti-terrorist while glossing over how yesterday's Mujahideen "freedom fighters" are today's terrorists.

    1. @delhibiguy

      To read about the ways in which his leadership has benefitted the Libyan people look at my previous post in this thread and also have a squint at this bullet point.

      * In Libya, vast sums of money are spent on irrigation and the diverting of about 100 runoffs of the Nile. By its scale, this water project has been dubbed by Gaddafi as, "the Eighth Wonder of the World." It provides 5-million cubic metres of water a day across the desert, greatly increasing the irrigated area. 4,000 kilometres of pipes are buried deep into the ground to secure them from the heat. All that was needed for the project was carried out mostly by Libya herself. Nothing was bought in the First World, which has never helped developing countries to rise from a supine position, and if it does, then with the further enslavement of the receiving country (think IMF and World Bank loans!) With this water project, Libya was able to solve a lot of problems with food in Africa, and most importantly, it would help ensure stability and economic independence.

      Also, here are more ways in which he pissed off the world powers.

      * Gaddafi has amassed more than 143 tons of gold. He planned to introduced the dollar-free zone using the gold dinar instead of currency in settlements with other countries.

      * In 2010 Gaddafi made a motion to the UN General Assembly to investigate the circumstances of the US and NATO aggression against Iraq and bring to justice those guilty of mass human rights abuse.

      *He also submitted a draft resolution on the liability of former colonial states to their former colonies for the exploitation during the colonial period, and on compensation payments thereupon.

      It is clear that Gaddafi is no saint but If nothing else the man certainly has style.

    2. So true! Thank you!

      Although it is also true that those who were found working against Gaddafi were severely punished, hanging was not unusual...

      But every government punishes those who are working against it. Contrary to many governments, however, this guy is investing most of the country's revenues into improving the life of the people. I wish someone could give an example of a western democracy where university education is for free.

    3. @ zatarra

      My allegiance goes to my conscience only.

      Thanks for this information on the US AF academy, it is new to me that it is free. But, indeed, that's the least a country could do for those expected to die for it...

    4. @ zatarra, you are right of course. Still, it doesn't change anything - somebody ends up being dead.

    5. As Epicureanlogic says - also wasting libya's oil on free education, housing for all, tolerance of immigrants, changing very low to highest standard of living in africa, lowest infant mortality, life expectancy raise by 15-20 years. Gaddafi didnt do this by hearing a bit of propaganda and letting it fall out of his mouth (sorry delhibiguy you've sparked off a rising outrage .He did it with the ruthless powers of experienced nation-crushing corporations against him. You bet he was clever and fearless. )

  36. I can't wait until we can refer to this murderous evil man in the past tense! A very interesting doc.

    The victims of Lockerbie were certainly sold up the river! An utter moment of shame for all the Western powers that let Libia gat away with that with little or no punishment.

    1. don't forget to add the other Evils of the world such as... bush and Obama, then related peops to the list... preferably top of the list....their part of the biggest contributors to global civilian deaths and genocides....may as well nab them before they get old and die.

      gaddafi doesn't even make the top 1000 list of evil why waste effort on small fry.

      Though Obama/bush's and related elite employers should get priority, but burn their lap dogs first to show them what's coming for them.

    2. Obama is guilty of genocide? What are you smoking?

    3. That was so stu-pid I won't even address the arguments.

    4. Waltznumber2: he's not smoking what Obama is, which is pure crack and that's a fact, jack.

    5. @ Dutch Major

      I agree that "gaddafi doesn't even make the top 1000 list of evil people." That does not in any way detract from the horror of Gaddafi's crimes.

      To "waste effort on small fry" is not a waste!

      There is no reasonable hope of successfully addressing the Bush/Cheney/Obama/Ahmadinejad... problems of this world.
      But we can successfully address the 'Gaddafi problem' and save thousands of lives, and untold suffering, in the process.

      So let's do what we can and leave the impossible for tomorrow.

    6. I really used to like you Charles, that is before you started making comments on political issues that you have no clue about. Why don't you just get back to the purely religious topics. Now you are getting into things you don't understand and on top of that you are putting a knife into your own religious stomach by wishing someone's death - be it even Gaddafi. Who are you really, Charles? A devout Christian, as you proclaimed, who should turn the other cheek and leave the punishment of the evil ones to your lord Jesus Christ or a political analyst? Fear your god, Charles, because I am sure he's marked a minus in his notebook under your name after this.

    7. No surprise there, if he makes comments on purely religious topics he's clueless about everything!

    8. Fuk*n OWNED .

    9. A devout Christian, Buddhist, Islam or other. No one is perfect, we all strive to believe in something. Even perfection should be taken in moderation, we are only human.

    10. Charles is only following the main stream media in USA like the most americans. I don't think his militant stances on world politic are his own. I am certain soon or later he will learn to think on his own. For now give him slack.

    11. Let God judge my heart, but I know an evil man when I see one. What is wrong with longing for a time when a 40 year evil be gone from the face of the earth? If you were the brother or the mother or the daughter of one of the people he killed just because he wanted to, would you still be defending him? Evil is as evil does, and this man is very evil.

      But, in your defense, the Bible does say not to rejoice in the death of your enemy--meaning, don't glaot and be smug when one meets his just end. That still doesn't mean that we can't help him along to that well-deserved end (speaking on the national level of course).

      Peace to You

    12. Yeah, whats the score Charles, are you becoming militant? whats with all this rubbing out people you do not like? Make sure you "Don't take your guns to town" Charles!

  37. "an ally who 17 months later would use tanks and artillery against a popular uprising in his own country".. You mean to tell me the US government won't use tanks and artillery if/when people uprise in the US?

  38. Why doesn't the Arab League of Nations just drop a bomb on the bastard?

  39. Yeah, our politicians have really driven the truck off the cliff. We need to elect an entirely new government before they go and get us nuked whith their geopolitical bumbling.

  40. Is it just me,.. or does Gaddafi look like just another one of those drunken crack riddled American sexopaths that you'd find slumped over his barf drenched table in any one of those thousands of crab infested sleezee strip bars that so abundantly puncture every town in 'GOD BLESS AMERICA' ????

    1. you made me laugh and laugh. Silly is right!

    2. My feelings? No, I don't have feelings. I just hate seeing ignorant bs like your stupid comment. "every town " in America? You are obviously brainwashed by whatever outlet you get your "news" from, and don't really know anything about this country. What third world toilet do you live in? The only people who bash America are the jealous ones.

    3. What you mean there is actually a town in the US that doesn't have a peeler bar filled with cracked up drunks ? What was I thinking ?

    4. 'third world toilet', a marker of ignorant violent america. 'The only people who bash america are the jealous ones' um, sorry, not actually true. believe it or not there are other reasons, including serious american patriotism, which I cannot share, not being american.

    5. Kind of like the UK. Where all the women are boozed up slags and all the men are greasy drunkards. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

    6. Yeah,.. ironically it is in those countries that think they are better than the rest of the world, and have clear imperialist agendas that we find most intoxication.

    7. 'Scuze me, which part of the UKZone do you drone from? Not ALL the women or ALL the men are anything, you silly old willy.

    8. The name you use on this site is quite appropriate.

    9. Awe,.. thanks man that is very nice of you to say !

    10. he ain't pretty

  41. I have a friend (for over 40 years!) with whom I talk politics. He has many areas of interest within national and world politics. But, I have noticed that he denies anything that falls under the category of "deep politics", as coined by Peter Dale Scott and meaning all the true stuff that the media doesn't tell you. He is quite happy with the narrative he gets from CNN, and some of the liberal blogs, and "experts respected by the international community". There is no desire to look under the rug where the real dirt is. We remain friends and enjoy discussions. Maybe we even learn something from one another. Anyway, he's a friend. I think he represents many well-meaning people in our society. We did almost have a screaming fight in a restaurant over the "humanitarian" bombing of Libya. Thanks for posting this vid.

    1. I also have friends like him. Unfortunately they are wearing blinders that are truly selfish. The lyrics as sung by Pink Floyd; "have you traded cold comfort for care?", are descriptive of my friends who are like that. For some people, acknowledging the facts is too uncomfortable for their tidy and compact lives. I'm not judging your friend, please don't get me wrong, you just reminded me of people that I know.

  42. I can't understand how the west would be considerd as advocates of human rights, while they are the worst human right abusers of the 3:rd world ppl's right. Ppl are getting aware that the only thing the west care about is to feed their dominance and to loot the African resources. This video is an evidence if you read between the lines, the only reason of NATO's bombing Libya is the hate they had for Qaddafi, it has nothin to do with democracy or human rights!

  43. "ALL STATES, all powers, that have held and hold rule over men have been and are either republics or principalities." Machiavelli - The Prince

    Neither model of governance is intrinsically good or bad. Their moral superiority stands and falls on the actions and effects of their leaders. With this in mind lets look at living conditions in Libya!

    * Libya’s GDP per capita is $ 14,192.

    * For each family member the state pays a $ 1,000 yearly subsidy.

    * Unemployed are paid 730 $ monthly.

    * The salary of a hospital nurse is $ 1,000.

    * For every newborn $ 7,000 is paid .

    * Newly weds are donated $ 64,000 to buy an apartment.

    * To open a private business one gets a one-time financial aid of 20 000 $.

    * Large taxes and duties are prohibited.

    * Education and medicine are free.

    * Education and Internships abroad are at government expense.

    * There are chain stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic foodstuffs.

    * Gasoline is cheaper than water. A litre of gasoline costs $ 0.14. (2) The profits from oil sale were spent on the population welfare and rising life standards.

    What an awful place Libya must be to live in! It surely must be a breeding ground for discontent! Libyans must have serious grievances against their leader! Those poor Libyans, I don't know how they put up with it.

    On a side note, I went to Belgravia with £1million in my pocket, the promise of a fat Swiss bank account and a position of leadership in my future government and tried to drum up support for the removal of Cameron from 10 Downing St. Guess what? I recruited 1000 people who have been suffering awful injustice under the Cameron regime who have pledged undying allegiance to my future regime.

    You don't need to watch this documentary to figure out that there is a scam going on.

    1. Wow. Thank you for those stats; wish I had lived in Libya! Here in UK it's misery inc. as usual. I know living standards are (or at least were) way higher in countries refusing usury-based Jewish fraud and that the IMF doesn't take rejection gracefully so declares 'war'.

    2. brilliant post my friend ! This stuff demonstrates that the attacks against this country are designed to destroy that which western criminal governments hate - common folk having a chance.

      keep up your research, bring us the facts !

    3. And no doubt the IMF whores will claim that they're terrorists 'because they hate our way of life' - boy, talk about smoking mirrors.

    4. THANK YOU

  44. So let's imagine in "small scale scenario":
    Gaddafi is the friend you are having a scrap with.
    The reporters are the friends you share, who spread the words about your scrap.
    You are a proud us citizen although you travel constantly abroad, you can't stand being anywhere for ever.
    Your "opponent" friend is a muslim.
    You have met long ago while travelling, you liked, appreciated and laughed together. You are two good persons.
    You are both on vacation somewhere.
    Your broken conversation is about religion and science, you feel betrayed and mildly pissed right off by what the other said. You almost want to punch him.

    One night you meet in privacy, you both share a "good" joint and talk some more...and somehow "by magic" you find a way back to coherence and egolessness. To be and to let be, while adjusting one Self a bit more through the other. Using the mirror.

    They call this "medical marijuana". The native indians told us in many ways but we didn't listen. We think pot is to get you high so you can laugh your ass off, well it is sometimes but many times it is so you can be a pacifist. Hey! it even calms down any sickness!
    Have your army smoke joints from morning til night and not many will want to go fight.
    Now i am not suggesting that pot is the solution to wars and conflicts on a large scale....i was afterall talking in small scale!
    I wasn't sure where i should land my bits of pixels about these ideas.
    A pot doc? A religious doc? A relationship doc? A war doc? A science doc?
    I chose this one because i always wanted to go on a meharée in the desert of Libya.

    1. Nonsense, he's a criminal terrorist, he ordered the Lockerbie bombing! He's also a Military dictator. There's no way the American people were his "friend" We the people are the U.S.A. and the things the cia does simply reflect very badly on our country.

    2. You fail to see what i was doing WITH MY WORDS?
      What i wrote had nothing to do with the doc but everything to do with my thoughts on wars and conflicts in small scale.
      I chose to put it here because i chose to put it here, i love deserts and have been in many on camel treck.

      You chose to read it your way because it is your way.

      See my flag on my photo, it is between my finger symbol.

    3. Now about your comment,
      Every Government is a tyran in different degrees, in different arenas. What is particular is the style in which a government does his "inside game". The representative president or prime minister has a lot to do with the verbal personality of the combat.
      My guess is all of them participate actively in destroying their opponent, who ever this group may be.

      à chacun sa manière

    4. But we cozied up to him. In fact, Hillary Clinton VISITED Libya and spoke with him and his sons in 2010. LOL what a a backtrack...

    5. The things the CIA does ? What, and you let this happen,.. maybe you feel like your hands are tied ? Well,.perhaps you should fight to regain the 'for the people, by the people' status your country is supposed to be so proud of.

    6. Azilda, what are you talking about? Who cares if you have been on a camel and love deserts. I'm sorry but every post I have read of yours (granted I have not read that many) just seems to be random ambiguous fluff. I'm sure you are a sweet person but I will not be reading any more of your comments unless they start to add to the conversation.

    7. @pulunco
      By writing a comment you just prove that my comment added to the conversation to which you added to.
      You never need to read my comments....and yes sometimes i do like to fluff up things. This is a hard world!

    8. Lockerbie Bombing was the CIA! Do your homework!

    9. He didnt order the lockerbie bombing, except in what you call "news"

    10. ...the only flaw is that while YOUR army will be high as a kite, the other army will gun them down like they were legless bunnies...

    11. David Icke said: "The more we come together, the more we put down the fault lines that divides us, the quicker it will be over. What do we do? If we do that everything else comes from it. Because if a dividing rule is the foundation of human control than if we stop being divided we stop being ruled."
      Bottom up people or let the top tell you how what when and why!

    12. was ist meharee?

    13. A meharée is a camel trek in a desert for a short or long period of time.
      I was fortunate to work for a hotel owned by a French fisty woman in Chinghetti for the period of the holidays (a month or so). Once a week i would be part of a crew of three driving jeeps through the desert for two days to go pick up a group coming back from a 10 days Meharee. Those jeeps ran the dunes lilterally like sailboats on a high sea.
      And then when you stopped, it was Magnificient!
      I have trekked the desert of India, Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco on camel, Burkina Faso on the bus and on the back of trucks. And others... It is not so much the riding of the camel that i enjoy but the space it allows one to stop and observe the surroundings and conditions.
      The nuder nature is in front of me, the nuder i seem to be in front of it!

      i imagine as an artist, it would be nice to cover the floors of a house with thousands of pennies and create a desert floor, a good stage for a summer party, plus you invite the guess to bring their pennies
      az edited
      psit! i edit a lot, i like to correct my expression until it fits in the puzzle that i am.

  45. Its called Gaddafi our best enemy. Excellent doc.
    Bad guy but great fashion sense.