Gaming for Life

Gaming for Life

2013, Technology  -   36 Comments
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Escaping harsh reality or relaxing after a hard working day? A guilty pleasure or the only reason to wake up in the morning?

Computer games are made for fun, but sometimes they cause one's real life turning into one slaughterous level which inevitably results in Game Over.

For gamers the computer is everything, so much so that they can even earn money through tournaments and sponsorships.

Some even meet their future spouses online, but for others games can take up too much of their time and affect family life.

Psychiatrists and psychologists argue whether or not the human mind can be negatively affected by games, but for many they instead serve to help bring people together.

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2 years ago

The date is wrong, the original video was posted by RT in 2016 so how can the video be 3 years younger.

John doe
3 years ago

They have a mental disorder and it doesn’t reflect properly in this doc. He has the crazy eyes and laugh when seeing blood.

Play games
4 years ago

No matter anything else, games take the time away of a very, very limited supply. Keep that in mind, when you spend your learning years gaming. You will spend you working years serving.

E. Mo
5 years ago

The out of control kid obviously has serious emotional and behavioral problems that affect him far beyond anything his mother, online gaming, or any other single factor could do alone. I'm sure the gaming doesn't help, and it's probably the last thing he needs to be doing, but the truth is he's a special needs kid who's simply addicted to video games. He'd still be out of control without them, but at least they keep him still, which is probably why his mother let him play so much. Wouldn't you?

6 years ago

wow i never seen so much hate for video games haha lol

7 years ago

I played World of Warcraft and became a homosexual. Quit gaming, now I have money and and a real wife.

Wimlemina Vinkema
8 years ago

I have been playing videogames since im 3 so that is 24 years now. Guess I really am a danger to society now I didnt know this until I saw this extremely objective documentary. Jep it seems I am truly crazy

8 years ago

These people are Crazy that's it and they would be regardless if they played violent video games or not! And what kind of mother lets there kids play violent video games, watch violent materiel, cuss like sailors and eat junk food 24/7? If she whipped a little Butt and monitored what they watched, played and ate (ya know BE A MOTHER) maybe they wouldn't be like that! Bottom line is if a person is Crazy they're Crazy that's it! It's not video games, movies or music it's a psychological issue that should be addressed and treated accordingly!

9 years ago

so it s the same excuse again... video games made him do it, that woman was quick to blame games, never did she mentioned the guy s social environment, his medication, I say she s ignorant because she s too lazy to investigate any further than her first impression, typical of ... a non gamer, xd, as for that kid, of course feeding him on froot loops 24-7 is going to crank him up, mix that with a frustrating careless mother, and you ll get that kind of result, she dumps her responsibility to the care of a pc, gaming tournaments seem pretty cool, and earning money on top of it is great, lucky guy!

9 years ago

As an ex-video game junkie they took over my life and I lacked social skills to function apropriatly in the real world. Video games are a drug and are highly addictive. I do not play them now but playing them continuously for 20 odd years took its toll. I am just getting my life sorted. I am not speaking for everybody just a general few like myself that has had their lives more or less taken away from them by computer games.
Not having a console I now spend most of my time training or doing bushcraft instead of sitting on a chair 4 days straight playing games.
They are a drug.

9 years ago

All I can say is that the mother of that kid laughing is a frigging r*tard of a mother. What sort of brain dead excuse of a human feeds their kids non stop of junk food and 24/7 violent video you have a malnutritioned brain due to the correct lack of vitamins and minerals and you pump it full of twisted weird psychology that you get in some of these games....and people wonder why kids like that are screwed? I would say its not just the violent gaming that's the issue, its the damn mother in the first place, if you cant feed the kid properly due to poor wages etc how the hell do you afford online gaming? Throw away the PC, cancel your broadband, spend the money on food for your kid would be a start.
Too many morons in the world...can not compute....about to crash.....system failure..................................................................

9 years ago

Oh God... That kid laughing as he watched those violent cartoons was genuinely creepy...

Donny Corbett
9 years ago

violent people are drawn to violent things. violent things do not create violent people. there is a difference. the kid is anomaly. and in a bad parental situation. if the only argument you have that videogames causes violent people is a kid like that, then your evidence is weak.

9 years ago

i play violent games for almost 2 decades and am a compassionate human being who feels for the misfortune of others, trying to help those in dire needs. it breaks my heart when i hear of news of people i don't personally know who have died or live in poverty or are disabled. i really hope that we can fix the socioeconomic and ecological problems this world is facing. i still like to relax and shoot other digital bodies online though. the digital realm and the real world are, for now, separate entities, and until human mind and body is fused with the digital projection of self, video games should be considered an irrelevant factor when it comes to development of sound human emotions and behavioral patterns. learn to separate the two distinctly different worlds.

9 years ago

That kid is gonna be a serial killer. And that's not the fault of videogames or internet, but the fault of the mother. Because of bad parenting the kid is a psychopath and that's why he's playing violent games.

I watched Tom & Jerry, horror movies since I was 8 and play very violent games. But I had never had the urge to kill someone. Because I was raised right (I like to think so :p).

The psychologist in the movie has some good points. But the rest of the documentary doesn't really have any structure.

My brains shrink more when I watch the moronic TV shows searching for "talents", than when I'm playing videogames...

9 years ago

Not a ton of substance on the issue... there's a lot more interesting and worthwhile avenues to take video game addition and its social impact than a gaming tournament.

Dave Ace
9 years ago

It's incredible to me that so many who play... Like myself, an adult who grew up as a child being influenced by everything I did or saw, can honestly fool themselves into believing games do not affect the mind of kids. Most arguments for the safety of extreme violent games are touted by the addicts themselves. Don't misunderstand me, I love them, I play them, but don't for one second believe the are completely safe for growing minds. That's the reality of the fantasy. Time to accept it.

9 years ago

ive been playing games for years and even the thought of shooting someone to be like someone in a game disturbs me I cannot believe they blame video games as an excuse for bad parenting.

9 years ago

Yes, what we watch can affect us. Games are addictive, and it can affect our way of behaviour. Just like anything from films, music, to games. It's only logical really.

9 years ago

those games had nothing to do with that kid being like that he was just a little a**hole who his mother let do whatever he wanted and now suprised he is like that he needs a good kick up the a**

i think the kid was already a bit of psycho if you look at the crazy laugh when watching those violent cartoons i think he enjoyed it a little too much

burger head
10 years ago

this documentary sucks!!!

10 years ago

And note, psychiatrists are doctors. Psychologists are not.

And one more note: how the documentary is biased only to shooters. no mention of Dota?? (you see it on the background at one scene of competition)

How games like DOtA offer key strategies on teamwork, empathy and humility

10 years ago

In science: Cause and Effect. Do not mix that.

10 years ago

This is a joke. Gaming is not even close to the problems that parents are facing with their kids. In fact, it is the opposite. Gaming promotes logical critical thinking and reflexes in addition to social interaction.
Parents need to stop blaming outside sources for their children's issues and start looking at themselves.

10 years ago

I got a laugh out of the effort to blame video-games for that out-of-control kid. Woman let her child be raised by the internet and acted surprised when it turned out the internet isn't a good parent.

10 years ago

Gaming is of course responsible fore violence. I mean Hitler and Stalin where mayor gamers and look what happened wait what. This has always been the same rhetoric of bad parenting it is rocknroll it is tv it is so easy to blame a medium instead of your utter lack of parenting skills. Your kids should not be playing certain video games and if they do you should take a look at yourself. The Religious text's of the world have inspired more violence then any other bloody medium in history. Let us ban all these things. Anybody ever been to the Louvre in Paris. It is chuck full of violent images yet we never here people about these works of art. You sucked as a parent now suck it up start taking responsibility fore your bad decisions and start making some changes. There have been countless studies by the FBI, CIA and the friggen secret service and none found any link between school shootings and video games. Video games help surgeons learn complicated operations it helps in the rehabilitation of injured people and there has just been proven study in witch people with a lazy eye benefited from playing tetris. Not to mention flight simulators driving simulators shooting simulators that have benefited pilots police officers and so on. Now excuse me I have some mind bending puzzles to solve in Portal 2. Yeah kids how play video games on ave ridge have a higher IQ anybody playing games now how complex an intellectually challenging games have become.

10 years ago

I have been playing games my entire life and it has never ruined anything in my life. I haven't shot up the place and I'm always at work on time. I think people who let games run their lives are the same people who would let something run their lives anyway.

10 years ago

I could start making a list of all the times I've seen the words "Game Over" cleverly describing the way video games ruin people's lives. BECAUSE LIFE IS A GAME yo yo keep it real.

10 years ago

I had to quit gaming. Not cause I wanted to kill someone but because I wouldn't take out the trash.

10 years ago

This is an interesting documentary, but in no way are computer games responsible for someone going out and murdering people, if it wasn't a video game they would have found another reason to murder. Those children are INSANE and its because of BAD PARENTING. Is the video game feeding them junk food? No. Is the video game allowing them to cuss and be disrespectful? No. Is the video game letting them play for hours? No... Their mother is doing that... quick solution... she needs to take away the computer. For the one man who plays with his chin and the pencil on the keyboard, he is simply amazing... For the most part this documentary seemed to be attacking gamers, just because I pwn noobs on my pc does not mean important parts of my brain are shrinking... sometimes they shrink when I'm watching the News.