Gary: Young, Psychic and Possessed

Gary: Young, Psychic and PossessedTwenty-year-old Gary Mannion calls himself Britain's youngest psychic surgeon, channeling a spirit from the dead to operate on the sick.

He is a rising star in the world of spiritual healing, traveling the world to bring his alleged ability to effect miracle cures to a devoted following.

In Young, Psychic and Possessed filmmaker Emeka Onono follows Gary as he tries to prove he really does have the power to heal.

It is a journey into the supernatural that will challenge both skeptics and true believers. Emeka hears stories of miracle cures, watches Gary operate, and even participates in seances, before turning to science to try to separate fact from fantasy.

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  1. persarian

    those people are pathetic!

  2. Waldo

    psychic surgeon? nuff said, I'll skip this one.

  3. Anthony

    Its funny how faith healers and other such charlatans manage to fly under the radar. One might argue it is the intangible nature of any transgression; that prevents useful legislation. But if one where to implement draconian punishments, targeted against beliefs then where would one draw then line? Imagine how terrible the world would become if any government where to do that as a matter of policy...

    But still the power of belief touches each one of us, we all seek to construct some elaborate dream by which we can assuage our fears of inevitable mortality.

    Those who challenge our beliefs are hated, since it reminds us directly in the present of encroaching death.

    Those who assure us that our faith is sound, we love and trust, since they diminish our uncertainty, building upon our dreams; to assure us of some life ever after, beyond the cold embrace of infinite darkness.

    Its a timeless human tradition. A simplistic concept easily manipulated a source of much disharmony.

    If there is a god he has a terrible sense of humour.

  4. Anthony

    Oh yeah I might be wrong.....

    it may just be an elaborate way for people to touch each other!

  5. hanselda

    Put it under double blind test, full stop.

  6. Jimmetry

    And I guess we're supposed to believe the filmmaker is unbiased in this. Skip! +1 to Handselda.

  7. afly_on_the_wall

    to mix in ancient chats and Buddha with this new age carp is sick thinking

  8. haa

    its either cheaper to have a psychic surgeon or its really not that serious. if its life and death i dont think he will wait for the surgeon to finish the chant

  9. patrick

    Bogus. Can't give credence to this nonsense.

  10. HonestJohn

    I love this site, but PLEASE remove this kind of NONSENSE!

  11. Prix


    I really dislike these types of documentaries as well, but it does not mean we should remove this kind of stuff from the website. Each documentary has something important to teach us. Maybe there are human emotions that we might notice in this documentary that we might have missed in others. For me any type of documentary is fine, it brings up questions and makes you search for answers.

    For example my Christian friends think I have no clue what Christianity is about, even though I know more about their religion than themselves. I really dislike nearly all of the religions but it doesn't mean I can't even look at what they believe in. So please keep an open mind, this website is trying to provide entertainment and educate all types of individuals. I'm pretty sure Vlatko doesn't like to put up this type of nonsense but he is just trying to make a good site with documentaries that satisfies everyone.

    Vlatko, thank you for your hard work!

  12. Waldo

    @ Anthony

    Surgery is performed to fix serious, observable, and tangible issues. Belief should never enter the context of the situation. We can not afford to have belief in any thing other than the scientific method when medical situations are being dealt with. Recovery may involve some spirituality, but never surgery itself nor diagnosis. Allowing rubbish like this to represent themselves as a valid alternative to real medical care is dangerous. Think about it, there is a reason the sticker on the petrol pump says no smoking- because some genuise thought one day what a good idea it would be to have a smoke while pumping his petrol.The last thing we need in the world of serious medical care is more misleading choices. Its bad enough that we get run through the guantlet by big pharma and the medical association, now we have to look out for mystical charlatans as well?

    I see your point though, I don't like the idea of government telling me what I have to do or what I must believe or disbelieve. Even if they are doing so on the basis of good science and common sense. What do you do? If you give people true freedom some of them are bound to make silly misinformed decisions concerning their own health. I guess it is one price a civilization pays for having choice.

  13. princeton


    its not so much a price for having choice, it is simply a part of existence, that uncertainty because no one can know all the variables that go into a certain health situation. even with best precautions, mistakes are still made by the professionals. voluntarism is more about the principle than the effects..

    looking out for scams & making educated choices is not as scary as being forced into scams, know what i mean (the fed and wars..etc..)

  14. Gordon

    I have witnessed a "faith healer", not unlike Gary above, do "work " on one of my cats. The cat went into some kind of trance with nothing more than the light touch of the guys hands on his back. The cat (which was old and becoming very stiff and not keen to go out a lot ) next morning leapt 5 feet into the air , from a sitting position and caught a bird in flight!
    It seemed completely "repaired" and died suddenly exactly a year later !
    I believe you can easily fool humans, but I do not believe animals are so easily taken in by fraudsters.
    Now I have a far more open mind to this sort of phenomena . I dismissed it all as rubbish before , the same as most people do.
    I do not claim any religious beliefs and more important, the guy who "fixed" my cat did not claim to have any idea where his ability came from. He just "knew" that he could.
    He has worked on many people and also many other animals too, from small pets like cats and dogs, up to and including horses!
    One huge difference between my friend and others is that he never charges anyone anything . He sees it as a gift (And sometimes a curse too as it can leave him physically and mentally drained ) for him to share with those who need it.

  15. Achems Razor

    Ah, physic surgeon, as in "Edgar Casey" or "Arigo", the surgeon with the rusty knife.

    Have no faith in faith healing, but because it is off the wall, have to watch the doc. of course.

  16. Bobbler

    Disappointing to see comments by people refusing to even watch and passing judgement again without even watching.
    This is narrow minded no matter which way you look at it.

    I havent watched the doc yet and have little time for psychic this and psychic that but I am curious and have a relativley open mind.
    The person featured in the documentary is apparently getting more and more famous for some reason,dont you want to know why?Dont you want to know something about it even if its only to gather ammunition for arguing with believers?

    Dismissing something out of hand just because it doent fit into your version of reality is pure ignorance and will keep you ignorant.

  17. Achems Razor

    This person is getting more famous because of the herd mentality of sheeple.
    The person in this doc is preying on gullible people, some who are grasping at straws, who figure they have no recourse except to concede to his machinations as truth, anybody could lay hands on a person and that person to feel something akin to warmth, energy. Does not mean it is healing anything.

    Yes, watched the doc. and in my books is a scam!

  18. Bobbler


    For those that didnt even bother watching,you missed out!
    You missed out on a laughable scene where he was healing someone with alzheimers for the 2nd time that couldnt remember why he was there(later described as maybe having nothing wrong with him at all,except maybe old age),the Abraham that "helps" him is the Abraham from the bible but just like modern Jebus he is as white as vanilla ice,also he has a snobby english accent?
    Garys interpretation of this Abraham is probably the most intelligent thing he said for the entire documentary but basically worthless.
    Less than ten minutes is devoted to the scientific side of things,the psychosomatic effect which to me would be far more interesting.
    A bit of a waste of time to be honest,a doc that followed a person around that had imaginary friends as a child and "progressed" into contact with spirits,a ten a penny deleuded person making a living from desperate fools.
    What did i gain from watching this?
    Gary is nothing special except for his popularity which is easily explained away by Achems Razors "sheeple" comment.
    I now know of a website run by hardcore skeptics that probably need a doc made about them :)
    Also I would like to add that Derren Brown is the only person worth watching when it somes to this type of stuff,a hyper intelligent,admitted charlatan of sorts that educates as much as entertains.
    The spolier alert is there so I dont flavour peoples opinion or put them off watching and forming their own opinions,I know I wouldnt like it.

  19. Hewwy

    I do not hold a belief a belief that spiritual healing works the way its believers claim but just wanted to say its not a "bad" documentary.

    Emeka seems pretty skeptical too, and comes to a conclusion i would agree with. He sais at the end he didnt find any evidence and is still skeptical but the patients seem to leave with a sense of hope, which i dunno is prolly a good thing.

    I wouldnt judge a video just because of its title or appearance, I often watch documentaries with subjects that I am skeptical of.

    Its an interesting subculture to me (prolly just because of my opinion that maybe theres potential benefit to studying an learning about the placebo effect).

    The issue becomes more complex when you think about people who maybe exploit faith for their own gains only, not genuinely seeking to help others. Interesting to explore.

    I dunno just thought id advocate watching stuff that perhaps may go against your opinions and beliefs. You might enjoy it >8¬)

  20. Imightberiding

    I'm quite surprised this ridiculous nonsense is still thriving in certain deluded circles. I thought we were all past & done with this sort of spectacle by the mid 90's. If there is any miracle it is that any one let alone so many believe in this trash.

    On a similar note of health/healing: Just curious as to how you are doing Waldo. Have you had your visit to a Dr. & was it fruitful & is all OK? Forgive my earlier fatalistic concern. As I mentioned I was only speaking from personal experience & trust you are doing well.

  21. Kwamla

    Ok. Its worth saying having watched the documentary in its entirety. Its was, contrary to some of the views expressed here, very worthwhile. Of course being familiar with this type of "channeling" phenomenon is useful. And I have to say "belief" does play a large part in this. Lets also remember belief works both ways and no one person or establishment can have a monopoly on this. (unless we allow them!)Even the film maker is not exempt from the obvious hovering from skeptical/cynical-ism he brought with him.

    Theres a poignant point in the film when the energy Abraham is being interviewed and he makes the comment about skeptics being "open" minded and cynics being "closed" minded. Which is exactly what you see here being displayed in most of these exchanges of views.

    To be honest I find it quite laughable the way the... oh so cock sure... arrogant and closed mindedness of opinions all surface when issues of a "psychic" or "spiritual nature" arise. Theres just so much these people think they know but really DON'T!!! The more arrogant they appear. Generally the less they actual know!!!

    We all have a lot more to re-discover and re-learn. The ancients can tell us so much about this. So can some of the documentaries posted here now and again.

    Great Doc. Lets have more

  22. David Dressler, BA, RMT

    In the 1980s, I watched as the front of my shoulder was opened, my eyes less than 12" from the opening and the interior of my shoulder in plain view of my own eyes. I was staring, astonished, at the muscles within my own shoulder quivering and glistening. The surgeon did not use her hands to open my skin, unlike what I had previously seen her do. I imagine this was so that I could see. Otherwise, her hand would have obscured the place she was working on. She pulled something slimy out of my shoulder. I felt it tug at the meat of my interior shoulder. The wound closed as though my skin and tissue beneath it were a pool of water that she had just pulled her hand out from. There were orange droplets of moisture on my skin. I was hugely shaken by the entire experience. When I saw the skin on my shoulder form a slice and open all by itself, and I was looking into my own inner anatomy, my mind reeled. I knew I had to make a choice within a split second: either doubt the evidence of my own eyes, or accept what my eyes told me was real. I knew that if I denied the evidence of my senses, I would go insane. I also knew if I accepted what I saw, reality would never be the same for me again. I chose.... Later that evening, a young man who was one of the recipients of the psychic surgery was found in the field out back of the building. He was gibbering incoherently. I always believed he made the wrong choice.

  23. kate arnold

    It's worth watching. People should be more open minded although of course some of these people are charlatans, no doubt.

  24. Lillyvon

    I'll watch it but I know it will piss me off. I still cannot believe people fall for this shit. Not only that these people are absolutely dangerous - sometimes making people stop their PROPER medication etc to rely on this hocus pocus. Disgusting. These 'people' saying they have 'powers' should be arrested!

  25. Lillyvon

    Thank god there are people with brains and morals posting about this doco! You lot need to head over to the Zoo doco comments and read the people DEFENDING having sex with animals! Yep. Seriously. Go have fun!

  26. Bobbler

    David Dressler you were effectively hypnotized,the choice you made was very imprortant,accept that you should be in excrusciating pain or not........
    Your brain chose survival.
    My friend drove a tractor home after having his right arm minced by a PTO shaft.....
    Shock is there for a reason,to nullify pain until such time as(hopefully)you get help.Crying like a baby wont help.
    These people are hijacking abilities/instincts we all have and making in this docs case a grown up child 2 grand a week!
    Your mind protected you,nothing to do with the healer and very little to do with your own conscious thought.
    Lucky I wasnt there or you would probably have had a heart attack and died :P

  27. Hambone Littletail

    As a critically thinking, left-brain Virgo former journalist, I failed to fine one scintilla of evidence that this "psychic surgeon" has ever "healed" anybody of anything, at least based on the small sample shown in this short documentary.

    This documentary harkened me back to 1984, when I was a freelance journalist working in San Francisco. At that time, I stumbled upon a "psychic surgeon" (technically, the widow of a deceased psychic surgeon who had passed "the gift" onto her when he died). Bertie Plume, age 87, perenially broke, and an envelope stuffer to pay her rent, was clearly no charlatan or a liar. She worked on my dog after he was hit by a car, and I did see some marked improvement. Since I had no ailments for her to work on, all I could do was interview folks who swore by her. I met one woman who insisted that Bertie had cured her of cancer. Three oncologists at Stanford University told me (not for attribution, it goes without saying) that they routinely sent inoperable cancer patients to Bertie, and they all insisted that they had witnessed her cure cancer by simply laying her hands on their patients. (The article was killed just before it was scheduled to go to press in San Francisco Focus Magazine, the sister magazine to SF's NPR radio station, KQED, with no explanation from the publisher.)

    So I say, who the Hell knows? Bottom line: if the person receiving the treatment thinks their condition is improving, and if the "healer" genuinely believes they are offering some sort of service, then all the skeptics (including Yerz Trooly) can stay out of their business. Believe me, if I ever DO get cancer or some other awful illness, I will put just as much "faith" into folks like Gary or Bertie than I ever will in the American Medical Association, who I have NO faith in whatsover.

    Now, where is the documentary on the REAL cure for cancer, hemp oil?

  28. David Dressler, BA, RMT


    Thank you for your comments. I was not hypnotized. I was fully aware. I heard the music being played, the droplets of liquid the surgeon was wringing out of a cloth into her bucket she carried, the murmuring of others in the room, my own curiosity and skepticism. Up to the moment of my discovery, I was a dis-believer, in fact. My background happens to be scientific. The problem I came to have resolved was not responding to conventional or "usual" unconventional treatments, including my own. I was also not in pain. I came out of a last-ditch attempt at a solution and was, most of all, curious. I was also astounded to see my own family doctor there!

    In terms of neuroscience, you are partially correct. The brain does what it must to survive and to keep the organism alive. The way it does this is to "orient". This means the sensory input from the eyes, ears, skin, etc.--all the sensory organs--are evaluated by the brain and a cognitive representation of external reality is formed. This is what child development is fundamentally about. Assuming normal development, whenever there is a trauma--physical, emotional, cognitive, or in any other dimension--whether sudden or over a long period of time--the brain no longer interprets incoming stimuli accurately and adequately. The same may be said for interpreting internal mental processes too. This is why people who have head injuries or emotional abuse (to name just two kinds of trauma, one sudden and physical, the other emotional and long-term) have inappropriate reactions at every level. Traumatized people may act out emotionally, or stagger physically, or have nausea, anxiety, depression, or have mistaken interpretations of what even their therapists are trying to get through to them. Trauma disorients. That is the core of what trauma is: disorientation of the brain so that it does not interpret stimuli, internal or external, accurately. Symptoms appear at every level because the brain is not working right and controls every level of functioning.

    When I saw what I saw, I was momentarily disoriented. My brain could not interpret what my senses saw. No, let me re-phrase that: My eyes saw what was really going on. The cognitive picture I had about reality, what was real, what was not real, did not correspond with what I clearly saw. This is why I was disoriented. Something had to go. Either I had to deny what I saw, or I had to deny what I believed the limits of reality to be. To try to maintain my scientific and common-sense beliefs in the face of what my senses were telling me, would have cost me my sanity. That is what I saw inwardly in that instant of decision. I chose to sacrifice my limited and limiting beliefs and the security they had given me in order--yes--to survive mentally. I chose the only way that would NOT have left me traumatized.

    Beliefs, or cognitive interpretations of reality, when held in place by emotion, are very difficult to change. We hang on to them--whether religious, political, romantic, or stuff like this--because we identify with them. Our brain and body react to the challenge or destruction of an emotionally-held belief with the same aggressiveness, the same neuro-hormonal responses, that we do when our physical survival is threatened. You are right, it is about survival. But sometimes the way to survive is NOT to identify with a core belief and instead choose LIFE.

  29. Bobbler

    David Dressler
    Thank you for your comments.
    It was worth commenting in my half trollish way just to see your respnose.
    This site becomes more and more interesting thanks to people like you,if the doc fails to impress then people such as yourself will take up the slack.

  30. Intbel

    Communication with the "Dead" is nonsense.
    I state this as a fact.
    Simple - no-one ever died. No-one, period.

    "Death" is just a belief based on no more than circumstantial evidence. Life is proven, death is not.

    Please do not show me life-less bodies as proof. All you would be showing me is a body from which Life has departed.

    You are Life, you are not your body. You are the Life which animates your body and when your body has served its purpose, you, the Life which animated your body continues in unbroken sequence. You can not die.

    More later ...

  31. LisaP

    @ Prix
    I think I love you!

    If it is really what you wan't, expanding your knowledge is never a bad thing. There is something to be learned always.

    This was actually not bad! I do like my BBC doc's, so was glad for the relative open minded-ness on the topic.
    Really, this is just another film about faith. There are alot of those kind of films on this site. Don't knock it just because you don't like the title.
    Gary does seem trustworthy and legitimately believes in his power to help people.... Cemented to the interviewer by the fact that he chooses to help sick folks and not be with the super hot pole dancing psychic! Hehe

    As always, this film makes me feel sorry for skeptics. Such boring, stuck up looking people with no heart or soul. Look at that group of people... Sad, sad folks.

  32. Achems Razor

    Not saying I believe in this stuff, BUT, in the "Karcec" school of medicine. The "Kardec" approach has to do with spirit physicians.

    That approach is practised by up to thousands of physicians, from top ranking American and European schools.

    Have read "Arigo, the surgeon with the rusty knife" many years back, that has stayed with me ever since, stuff in that book that has never been discounted. Still remains a mystery.

  33. Achems Razor


    Right, nobody knows what death is, all we can do is see it in the third person, never the first.

    My take is since there is no oblivion, there is always something.

  34. Lillyvon

    Lisa P - you have to be kidding right. So you are saying rather than be skeptical - people should just blindly believe rather than question and investigate? You are a fool. Sorry, you are. It's people like you who stop the progression of mankind. Your attitude is in the dark ages! A time when skeptics, or people that questioned what the 'sheep' were blindly following, were burned or tortured. It's time to question EVERYTHING. Especially rubbish like this. There is absolutely no scientific proof that this works - none at all. I feel sorry for you if you get cancer or something horrible like that and blindly go to someone like this over a doctor.

  35. David Dressler, BA, RMT


    Thank you for your appreciation.

  36. Bernard

    Superstition is the religion of the feeble mind.

  37. LisaP

    @ Lillyvon

    I do not believe that I stated anything you said I did in my post. You sound like an angry person and that's cool, just keep it away from me. There is no need to be so personally nasty because I don't agree with your narrow minded opinion.
    Either way, I do not see how being open minded would in any way stop progression of human kind. I am pretty sure experimentation has got us everywhere we are today. I agree it got some people killed in the process but risk is always there.

    My problem with skeptics is that they close their mind and then jump on the soap box and attack those who do not believe the same as them.... Sorry, but this sounds exactly the same as hardcore right wing politics or religious groups... I'm not into that kinda black and white thinking. Those skeptics in the film represent what I DON'T want to be... dry, humorless and negative thinking at all times. Lets not even get into how that comes across in the way they present themselves!!!

    Personally, I currently use alternative medicine and scientific medicine together. Not intending to sound biased, I have never had an adverse reaction from alternative therapies (some haven't worked tho!), but have been hospitalized due to scientifically prepared, tested and approved medications... Blame my stupid doctor for misdiagnosis if you like but he too is part of the scientific branch of healing.

  38. Steve

    I think the film producer showed significant bias. I have been on the giving and receiving end of energy-based therapies, including "hands-on healing" and have seen significant results. The obvious question is: When will science be able to consistently replicate the results of the placebo effect? Who is going to fund that research, Merck? Doubt it. I think the current progressive Doctors, as well as the Doctors of the future, are Integrative in their approach. They draw from both Oriental and Western medical knowledge. I want a Western-trained surgeon in the event I am in a car wreck and need to get repaired, but I will prefer a more holistic approach to a chronic condition like high blood pressure,insulin resistance, etc. It seems like all the producer needed to do was to put some electrodes on Gary's head and monitor the brain wave activity during a treatment. Might as well gather the same data from the patient as well. Let the Neuro MDs analyze the data and give their explanation of the scientific evidence. Reminds me of the Bill Moyers Documentary on Chinese/Oriental Medicine and how the Western Docs were confounded by witnessing a Chinese Doc performing brain surgery using only acupuncture for anesthesia.

  39. BobbyD

    The amazing thing is, these people will actually heal many of their clients, as long as the clients truly believe. The placebo effect is something.

  40. David Dressler, BA, RMT

    Recent research has shown that not only to drugs work less well than placebos a significant amount of the time, but even when a patient is told "this is a placebo, take it three times a day with meals" by his doctor, that patient will improve as well or better than with an actual drug. Thus, it is suggested that the authority of the doctor is the significant factor. The same kind of experiments could be designed in which a placebo (fake) doctor were used, someone who is or is not a real doctor but who tells the patient that the placebo he/she is getting will NOT work, and a machine-dispensed placebo that says it will/will not work...and observe the results. Also, placebos, unlike drugs and doctors, cause no known side effects.

    It is worth mentioning that 85% of all medical procedures are of unknown safety and efficacy. Otherwise said, only 10-15% of medical procedures (drugs and surgery) are proven by scientific tests to do more good than harm. My source for this information is the "father" of evidence-based medicine (EBM), Dr. Kerr White, whom I interviewed in 1999 on the subject. Therefore, conventional medicine is, for the most part, unproven. In the US alone, over 110,000 people die every year from CORRECTLY prescribed drugs and surgeries, not counting malpractice.

    Would you invest in something if you thought it had an 85% uncertainty rate? Would you fly in an airplane if you thought you only had a 10-15% chance of the pilot being able to fly it safely? So, the popularity of conventional medicine is NOT due to its overall success rate! And then we have the popular TV program "Doctor Doctor" whose introduction every afternoon looks almost like a rock concert.

  41. Lillyvon

    Eh, call me silly but I'll stick to science, doctors and hospitals thanks. I'll 'take my chances'. Yes the mind is very powerful indeed, but it's not powerful enough to cure Lukemia - I know. So you can all take your mumbo jumbo crap and shove it. I feel so passionately about this as you can tell, but the 'placebo' is all nice and good in LA LA LAND - but chemo does a bit better than spirit rocks and good wishes!

    Good luck if you all get some horrible disease! Hope the bullcrap placebo dribble works on you. I'll be checking into a hospital instead!

  42. HomingDave

    "I knew I had to make a choice within a split second: either doubt the evidence of my own eyes, or accept what my eyes told me was real. I knew that if I denied the evidence of my senses, I would go insane."

    So you're not of the opinion that the senses can be fooled? Isn't this fact that our eyes and ears and minds can be deceived the reason that magicians have a job? Do you respond similarly to magic tricks that you see but can't immediately explain, or do you more reasonably conclude that you have been deceived by an expert in the field?

    You chose to believe that the magic trick was real, and this is nothing more than a failure of your skepticism. Ask some questions of yourself. Why is there no documented evidence of the success of psychic surgery? You think you saw the skin on your shoulder "form a slice and open all by itself". Why is it that when such wonders as this are possible, they are "seen" by so few? In the age of YouTube anyone who believes that they have any sort of talent will invariably share it with the world. People even upload videos of themselves doing nothing at all. If a person could really slice into human flesh and conduct surgery with their mind, I think someone would take a short video at some point. Call me crazy, but I think that's something you would share.

    Instead, all we see are con-artists and sleight of hand. Psychic surgery only "works" when it is not tested or measured in any way. You think you saw something that you acknowledge was inconsistent with your understanding of reality, or any modern scientific understanding. Your choice was simple and your sanity was not at stake. You either believe your fallible senses in a situation where many were fooled before you (choosing instead to believe that the entire scientific world is mistaken) or you apply your skepticism to yourself and your situation. Rather than accept that you were fooled by a fooler, you abandoned reason for the sake of comfort. Find this woman and share her gift with the world. Until you do you're just one more believer in the comments section, at odds with reality.

  43. Lillyvon

    @Homing Dave

    Thank tap dancing jesus someone with pure common sense has posted here! It's been a while! Welcome to the nut house! Could not agree MORE with everything you said! Thank you for rational discussion!

  44. Jo McKay

    I had a nurse (who was visiting at my office) offer to do a Reiki session (15 yrs or so ago). I had heard of it, but knew nothing. I neither believed or dis-believed. I was new to the community, so all I knew about her was she was a good nurse. I had a broken foot (broken in 6 places), in a full cast to my knees; after about 3 weeks my foot began to hurt & got itchy - the pain mostly a nuisance and uncomfortable, but no way to relieve the itching. - I said 'sure, go for it' - took 15 minutes, during which time she never even touched my cast, let alone my foot. But, I swear, I 'felt' the pain just dissolve and the itch disappear. 5 weeks later when the cast was removed and ex-rays taken the DR commented I had healed very well (he had previously thought that maybe he should have put in a couple of pins), I have never had another moment of pain or sign that foot was ever broken. SO - that's some placebo, considering I'd agreed to it spontaneously and had no expectations. More evidenced based research into the power of our minds to heal, and the placebo effect, I think is long over due... In the end, I had to agree with the Dr in the film who said - we can find other possible explanations for these improvements, but as long as people continue their medication or conventional treatments, I can see no harm in it. (I would only add, if your gonna try it, go see the grannies, or at least those who believe in themselves :)

  45. Lillyvon

    Hate to be a party pooper Jo M, but after reading your story it's simple. Yes when you are put in a cast your skin itches and your bones hurt. It's healing. That is what happens! I could of got Carrot Top to come in and rub your stump and you STILL would have felt better and healed well. I'm guessing you are young'ish? Under 40? Do you play sport? Yes your mind BELIEVED that it helped thus the power of the mind. Can I ask - have any of you taken acid? Dropped a smilie? I have. I know how powerful the mind is - trouble is when you 'sober' up it's all the same! The mind only covers the pain if you believe - it does not cure. Sorry, it doesn't. My father was in 'denial' thinking he would never die...died a year before was predicted BY THE 'MAGIC HEALER'. Doctors said if he didn't take the medication it would shorten his life. It did! It was his life - but if he stuck to his PROPER medication he could have lived another 2 years. Think about that some people...just think about that. How long do you want to live? Do you believe in heaven? Why fight it - go with it! If not - do everything MEDICALLY you can to cure yourself. If the Amazon's and Aboriginals had 'magical cures' they would all live a lot longer than 52! They don't. Science is there for a reason - to find cures and remedies! If it makes you feel 'better' go for it - but DO NOT NEGLECT your proper scientifical medication ok! I really do not want ANYONE to die before they have to! Life is too short!

  46. End

    WOW.. I thought than when people die they go to heaven not wondering around like this Abraham does ... I am an IT specialist. When i die, i want to have someone to command for writing C++ and Java :) or who knows what computer language will around be at that time ... Cheers to Abraham :P
    C'moooon ... Really?

  47. Allan Michael

    I was determined to watch this film before commenting on it.
    As a documentary on how people can be sucked in by a charismatic young man, it hits the mark.
    Unfortunately, it's trying to sell the "power" these faith healers as a real phenomenon.

  48. jack1952

    The Alzheimer guy was funny. I chuckled a little when Mannion was talking in his office and behind him was a small sign that read "Mind Your Head". Abraham speaks English too. I guess learning never stops. Did you notice when they went to Mannion's mother's home that the in pictures of her children, Mannion's siblings had their faces distorted. I wonder when they first started to distance themselves from their brother. Too bad he was shown to be a fraud. I have bursitis and I could use some help.

  49. David Dressler, BA, RMT

    Homing Dave,

    Of course the senses can be fooled. I had a choice to make. I had less than a second in which to make it, it seemed. I could tell what the implications were in both directions. Could my assessment of the choices and their outcomes be fooled? You did not ask that question. Sure. I do not think you understand tthe enormousness of the moment, or the sense of total disorientation or the necessity of making a decision without deliberation. Perhaps you have never experienced an emergency. This was apparently that. But to your point, yes, senses can be fooled. Did I think mine were? Of course! That is the first conclusion I came to. But then it seemed not accurate. Then I had the conflict, because (don't forget)my eyes were within a few unobstructed inches of my own shoulder as I lay on my back and raised my head to look. Pretty difficult to fool the eyes. Also, how on earth does one explain the small curved slice (I thought it was a hair at first) forming in my skin? How about the orange droplets exuding like sweat from my skin at the same time, as though through my pores. And then how do you explain looking into the tissue beneath my skin? I am in the medical field. I know anatomy. What I saw was genuine anatomy. You can say that I "projected" my knowledge of muscles and tendons and so on into my "hallucination". I cannot deny that in any way you will believe. In the end of this experience, I knew full well that no one would likely believe me, so I am not trying to convince anyone. But I also know what I saw was real.

    And, when I watch Criss Angel the magician, spectacular as he is, I do NOT have the same kind of experience.

    The woman who did the psychic healing is a reverend in a Nevada church. So, lots of other people have seen her do healings and have experienced them. Apparently, opening the body without touching it was fairly unique.

    The "woman" who was the psychic healer did

  50. Henry

    Just watch the part from 22:00 to 24:30. You can sense his fake old English accent from a mile away. And his answers do not even make sense. The producer asked why did "Abraham" chose Gary and not someone more powerful and he just strayed away from a straight answer. His next question should have been how he feels about Gary's sexy psychic stripper girlfriend.

    It is astonishing that some people really think a holy biblical figure with real magical/holy/psychic powers would be going around healing a couple of wealthy European folks while the rest of the world starves and dies by the masses.

    I work in IT, Maybe I should stop wasting my time driving to work and just stay home and use my psychic powers to remove viruses from computers.

    The more I learn about people, the less I understand humans.

  51. suzyspellcheck

    in my opinion my 55 yr old azz need not go past the title of this doc to know it contains caca. I agree it does not belong here as it is dangerous information that is of no benefit to mankind what so ever. as a webmaster i understand if it stays.

    Off topic for a sec, if money is the root of all evil, i offer that the root of all evil is clearly printed on the reverse of our money in the usa.

  52. Pia

    All of those people here that have a negative opinion of faith healing and alternative therapy need to do more research on their chosen topic please research the work of Royal Rife and Antoine Priore,
    As for 'No Benefit to Mankind' then ask your self just how much profit is made from pharmacuetical companies, and their 'treatments'...Most of the aids patients that died during the 90's died because AZT was a highly toxic poison that did more harm than good. House of numbers is an excellent documentary that gives a little insight into the 'Heathcare System', doctors regularly take huge amounts of money to claim false cures...and take a damned sight more than £40 pounds a pop.
    What profit is to be made from healthy people? A cure for cancer was found, though due to the drain it would have on profits it was also found to be 'fake'
    Reiki is proven to work and I challenge anyone here to receive such treatment and not feel it's benefits.
    If the idiot that drives to work to mend computers doesn't stay at home, then maybe he should learn about the internet...he can easily mend computers without leaving the house...and you claim that other people are idiots?

  53. Tigerspaw

    Where is the Amazing Randy when you need him? He can smell this type of crap a mile away.

  54. Imightberiding

    @David Dressler,BA,RMT
    You said : "When I watch Criss Angel". That in itself speaks volumes. Watching vs experiencing/being a part of the show. You were a part of the show with your "psychic healer" but a member of the audience in the magic show. Does that not suggest something to you & everyone else reading this thread? It's time to wake up & stop being such a hopelessly misguided wanker. I truly feel sorry for you. I have probably experienced more alternative healing endeavors than most as I have suffered from severe spinal injuries & many surgeries but I am lucid/sane enough after all the alternative therapies I have sought to understand it is all B@ll@cks! I won't bore everyone with my many past experiences with "alternative healers" but to say this: Wankers every last one of them! Stick to your trusted family physician for guidance. I am truly sorry if you are suffering. I certainly have had my share. I don't go on about it very often as people tend not to give a sh#t in general. Please just wake up & realise these sorts are not going to help you in the long run. Maybe a short burst of self esteem or feel better for the moment but trust me, (I sound like one of them) I've been there & done it. It's all false hope. If not for my faithful medical doctor committed to my well being I would be lost as a result of all the wrong directions these psychic healers & alternative practitioners have coaxed me over the years.

    Please people! Be sensible with your health & well being. I wish you all good health & speedy recoveries from any & all injuries & illness.

  55. HeWinked

    My jury is still out on this as I don't have first-hand knowledge. I definitely agree with the final statement in the doc that people do leave with hope and hope can restore health varying.
    One thing for certain is the side-effects of going to see Gary/Abraham are only monetary--compared to most drugs.
    If I had an ailment, I'd spend the 20 pound for first-hand knowledge or healing.

  56. Intbel

    Belief has little to do with spiritual healing. Otherwise it'd not work with animals, would it?

    That said, negative cynicism could well block such healing.

  57. Lillyvon


    "If the ***** that drives to work to mend computers doesn’t stay at home, then maybe he should learn about the internet…he can easily mend computers without leaving the house…and you claim that other people are ******?"

    My my my - where to I start. Ok, I'll make this as basic as possible and you try and understand and not be so 'clouded' with your 'oh the big corporations' type mind ok dear.

    You see, yes Mr IT CAN fix his computer at home but he gets up and goes to work so he can earn money. NOW - you are trying to compare what you say to what he said. Where it is wrong is that Mr IT would still have to use his skill set to fix his home computer as he would at work. It's not like once he gets home he stands there like mini darth vadar in the Volkswagen commerical and waves his hands at his computer 'wishing it' to be fixed. No, he uses the same TECHNICAL technical skills he is trained and skilled in no matter WHERE he is. You know why? Because HE'S NOT FULL OF SH@T like 'faith healers' are.

    But you know what, trying to reason with some of you is like talking to a wall. You will believe what you want to believe and you know what - good! You go GIVE YOUR MONEY to these faith healers because I assure you they do not do this out of the 'goodness of their hearts'. You rip into medical companies and doctors etc for how they - gasp - charge money! Well you tell me one - just one 'faith healer' that is free.

    You people that think this faith healing crap works are delusional. I'm telling you that because you do not KNOW you are delusional - much like those poor bastards that show up to Idol auditions and cannot sing a note, but walk away devestated thinking they were going to be the next big thing. They have no idea they are terrible (although I've got no idea how - I know I cannot sing a note!), and people that believe in this shonky rubbish are the same. You tell yourselves it works, you believe it works - and reason will not change your mind.

    So you know what - go on being delusional. I've learnt no matter how much proof one has about this type of stuff people will continue to believe it, much like crop circle that were PROVED that they were ALL manmade - yet folks keep believing it's alieans or some crap.

    I'm just relieved there are some people here with pure reason and no delusion to this type of practise. And in reply to what someone said, cannot agree more. Where is the Amazing Randy when you need him!!!!!

  58. Lillyvon

    Intbel - ummm what way does it work with animals?? Please tell me if you dog gets sick you take it to a vet. Because other wise that is animal neglect. Simple as that.

  59. Intbel

    Lillyvon whaddya mean, "What way does it work with animals??"

    Same way it works with people, of course!

  60. Mo

    Absolutely ridiculous.. Another con artist taking advantage of the poor and stupid. What a moron, left a stripper girlfriend.. hahaha.. he may as well be gay

  61. juice

    A spirit in the after life gives him his powers?

    1/3 of us believe we can actually contact the dead?

    where are all these people who prank call hitler ?

    this video needs to have its youtube link Disabled!

  62. MBBS

    first of all, don't even trust a REAL surgeon if he's only 20 years old... he hasn't finished a residency, let a lone a fellowship. in short, he has little to no real experience outside of his textbooks.

    second, if you trust a psychic surgeon, treating your tumor will not address the underlying problem with your brain.

  63. BDA

    Thats an awesome name for a horror/thriller film.. 'Young Psychic and possessed'

  64. D4V3

    This is disgusting. Please don't give psychic surgeons any publicity, TDF. They're a bunch of hacks with no real skills, so they have to invent some magical scheme that can't be explained by "science", which they portray as some evil conspiracy by people in labcoats to poison and mislead us. Some of us actually go out and learn things and get jobs rather than con people to get by. This "psychic surgeon" should get his act together already.


    LOL at everyone above.. Did anyone actually watch it... I was thinking I might do it to kill some time.. After reading ummmmmmm. LOL Many comments however lol... If you do watch it let me know.. Give me a email...

  66. Bobbler

    Yeah we will watch it for you and send a review via email!
    The only email your going to be getting is mountains of spam for posting your email on a public forum.
    Unless youre just fishing for other peoples?
    Either way,get lost.

  67. janardhan

    may be garry is suffering from schizophrenia

  68. Dex

    Hello - I enjoy interesting documentaries...but they have to at least a kernel of truth. This guy is just another scam artist taking advantage of people for money. A young con man...& not even a very good one. He should get a job in a circus. I watched Abraham speaking thru him. is just amazing how these guys rip people off with absolutely no regret....they are sociopaths. Has spent a little time learning some elementary magic tricks. And then the pole dancer/stripper/psychic funny. He's another Rober Tilton, Benny Hin, etc.

    Why even waste the film to make this junk? Giving hope to very ill people is just so bad that it takes a scumbag to do it.

  69. Lillyvon

    Completly agree Dex and well said. I find these people lower than low. And it constantly amazes me people fall for this crap over and over again from the beginning of time. Hell, back 500 years ago I can understand to a certain degree, as much was unknown and people believed anything - but now with what we know people STILL fall for this. It just amazes me.

  70. Emma

    What i want to know is a how the biblical Abraham developed a posh english accent lol

  71. sanford

    In the beginning of this doc Gary said Dead Abraham had been a surgeon. Later he said Dead Abraham was actually the Abraham from the Bible. Where in the Bible does it say Abraham was a surgeon? Where does the Bible say Abraham healed anyone?

    The Biblical Abraham has a British accent?

  72. CarterT

    I really dont understand the sceptics on here. Why do you feel the need to destroy other peoples belief systems in order to make yourselves feel better?

    Its just like the bbc in this doc. The lady near the end believed that her gall stone had gone and as a result was leading a happier life, but oh know we cant have that, not somebody feeling positive, it might spread. Well the bbc's sorted that little problem out and she'll probably end up having to have her bladder removed now once the worry kicks in and the "placebo efect" stops working.
    Bravo bbc.
    But at least you lot can say i told you so.

  73. gallowaygrumblefield

    Obviously Gary is deceiving his customers, and maybe or maybe not deceiving himself. Others have commented on Abraham’s "Charles Laughton" type accent, so I will asterisk that, as well. At the 48 minute mark, though, Gary looks like a deer in the headlights when he is caught confessing that he really didn’t eliminate Pam's gall or kidney stones as he said he did. His breathing seems to accelerate, he looks off to the side before answering the reporter—I assume this means he is supposedly consulting “Abraham” for advice on how to answer. The answers he gives are inconsistent with what he told Pam and the reporter the year before. At the time Gary told them Abraham would “clear” the stones, now Gary says that Abraham didn’t focus so much on the gall stones as “the whole (something vague here, didn’t catch it).” The very best scene, though, was at 51:56 ;)

  74. gallowaygrumblefield

    @CarterT, is this really a belief system? Should we not draw the line at charlatanism? You propose that these people are really feeling better, but what appears to be the case is none of them really improved because of Gary, and in some cases continued to endure much pain because of him, without seeking other medical attention. Even more troubling is that some, like Pam, the woman with the kidney stones both got worse and excused Gary's incompetence. As for Gary, himself, I think on an unspoken level he knows he's a fake. I also credit some blame for this to his mother, who seems to have reinforced this avenue for its commercial viability early on.

  75. fifimsp

    But on the flip side he took advantage of the poor woman who was in constant pain. Nine years of pain and somebody will try almost anything. I'm an atheist and pretty big skeptic on everything, but after nine years of pain I might be in a mental state to try anything as well. He took her money and didn't give her what she needed. He's a fraud. I betcha there are more like her than like the gall bladder lady. They go, feel better for a week, and then the pain or ailment returns.

  76. C.BOLAR

    ALL of these "Psychic Surgeons" are frauds, like those idiots that pretend to "talk in tongues" and those who claim to have the ability to "communicate with the dead". Rubbish!

  77. immune2stdz

    Everyone who believes in these 'Psychic Healers' should watch Derren Browne's doc Miracles for Sale, discover the truth about these charlatans and wake up! These people who pretend to have these powers,prey on the weak and sick,fill them with false hope and cause them to stop receiving vital medicines and treatments and inevitably their health gets worse and they can die,all so these guys can make a quick buck.Regarding the power of placebo, there is only so much placebo can accomplish and in the long run it won't make them better it makes them worse.
    These people are Sick and I'm not talking about the people who are ill regarding this last sentence.

  78. nicnacblue

    I totally agree with you and had never seen Miracles for Sale. Thanks for the tip.

  79. Philip Auer


    While his proposed method of healing may be a total fraud, it is clear that he truly believes in what he is doing. Sure, the abraham speaking through him may be bulls*** in reality, but he damn well believes it to be true. The point is that there are likely thousands of things me and you may 'know' to be true when we truly don't have a f***ing clue. We are no different from him.

    Sure the stone was not removed from the lady, but that is certainly not reason to discredited the man completely. The lady lived a year without pain for god sakes. As far as SHE is concerned, Gary and 'Abraham' solved her problem completely - without a part of her body being removed (surgery) and without drugs (which disentegrate your body in the long run: we never evolved with them). The fact that she needs an Xray to even know the stone is there is absolutely miraculous! Do you know how painful those things normally are? You say "Giving hope to very ill people is just so bad that it takes a scumbag to do it", but it is very clear that hope did positive things which conventional medicine could never accomplish: remove gallstone pain completely for one year WITHOUT drugs or surgery.

    And plus, governments (with media/ propoganda) and corporations (with advertising) scam us everyday with FULL knowledge of their dishonesty. In my books, Gary is still a level above them, because he actually believes what he is doing to be true. If he knew he was a fraud, he would never allow a documentary such intimate, scientific analysis into his work.

  80. skaljac

    not sure when these comments were made since i dont see a date but there is a science and technology behind energetic healing. It has been proven beyond a doubt.

  81. skaljac

    I agree there are many fakes out there but healers to exist. I personally know many

  82. skaljac

    Any skeptics in the toronto,canada area i'd be pleased to show you.

  83. Norman Wall

    No, it just hasn't. You're probably thinking of the placebo effect.

  84. Norman Wall

    James Randi would like to have a word with you.

  85. Norman Wall

    I'm sure you know many fakes. Energetic healing is a scam.

  86. skaljac

    actually the placebo effect works on possitive people they think it will work so it does. Its a energetic healing. there are devices that measure this energy now. If your a non believer thats your loss i have witnessed it myself many times

  87. skaljac

    Like i mentioned when you want to see it for yourself let me know

  88. skaljac

    no matter what prof you give James he will still have an excuse. He has blinders on

  89. Guest

    Some people do not realize we are energy.

  90. psandz

    Abraham chooses his words poorly at times. He says "without deterring from the path". The correct word is "deviating".

  91. Marcus Renheim

    For people who haven't had a chance to get an education and end up at faith/psychic/energy healers or other flim flam practitioners instead of a doctor i feel sad, but for the people seeking Gary in this documentary i feel nothing but contempt. When being so willingly ignorant I almost gloat over their misfortunes.

  92. Fernando

    bunch of lies....but well, they did a movie

  93. adam hester

    The womans gallbladder problem can be sorted out easily with keyhole surgery. this guy takes the yellow liquid. Utter quackery.

  94. Carolyn L'Hommedieu

    I watched this documentary with great interest as I am also a hands on practioner, who by the way makes little to no money doing so LOL !! But I lead a mostly happy life. I am a true believer because the practicing of the Healing arts, has greatly enhanced the joys in my life. I also have much less pain than I could have, given the things that are wrong with me and the past illnesses I have had.
    Having had Gall Bladder surgery many years ago and then experiencing the disastrous effects to my health, I wish I had found someone who could have eased my pain, I probably would not have had removed an organ that I apparently need. Through the years I have studied many areas of alternative healing and witnessed some miracles. There is something to it that conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals are never going to admit. It is this, there are people out there who by the grace of God can with their hands and their love - give people some healing comfort and relief. There are people who go on to heal themselves in ways they never thought imaginable. There are people who are not 'cured' but learn aspects of living in this earth that they never dreamed was possible. And then there are People who Die, which is a fact of life sadly....
    I had a woman come to me for healing that had many physical things wrong with her. I worked on her out of compassion, she had no money and at that time I had no need for any. I knew her for six years before she succumbed to the diseases, but in the meantime she became free of many things that hurt her. She got a divorce from a man who beat her for years and was able to live on her own in complete freedom for those 6 years. Her death is a mystery, the doctors have No idea why she died. I feel she died because she was tired and was simply ready to go. Before she passed she had learned how to put her hands on herself and maintain some relief, she learned how to meditate and put herself in a place of no pain. She made friendships that supported her and helped her to survive as she was disabled, from these things she learned, she got more support than she had ever gotten from the medical profession who filled her with pills that made her sleep and woke her up and made her dull. She came back to life for those 6 years and was beautiful. I miss her so very much, but she taught me that everyone has the ability to learn to heal themselves from many things and to allow themselves relief .
    Most people who are in chronic pain are also depressed. Tell a doctor you are in pain and also depressed they usually want to prescribe an anti-depressant and in many cases it provides a relief of sorts, but it still does not get to the root of the issue, and that is -people who are in constant pain need someone with compassion to issue pure love and a healing effect to them. At some point when they are in a better frame of mind, they can then begin to sort out the puzzle that was given them and put the pieces of their life back together.
    Who really gives a crap if it could be only a placebo effect,( which I personally do not - it is something much deeper that may not ever be measured ) something is working and something is changing and the medical profession cannot deny it because they have witnessed it. Sadly to some of those in the healthcare Industry - it means money taken from their pocket, so they lead the charge to discredit and destroy. In most cases they are doing people in pain a terrible disservice, they are taking away Freedom and Hope, and in many cases without Hope, what is there to live for. Never take away Hope..
    The people helping others with these services have the same right to charge for their time for their gift as any therapist or doctor, they have bills to pay and they usually do their work with great caring and compassion and devotion.
    Yes there are charletons, they are in every profession, there is always one person who is going to take it to the limit for the dream of being rich and they are famous and on television and they are out there, they do not need to be named. But we live in a world of free enterprise. If someone is out there not making fantastic claims and just helping people to have comfort and relief, let them be, they ARE providing a service that they should be getting compensated for ! In many ways it could be compared to participating in a prayer group. No one would ever tell you not to pray, so why do others think they have the power and the need to tell others not to feel a healing taking place, how do you know it didn't Medical science does not, as yet have the ability to measure ALL the aspects of healing. Our current medical methods are very rudimentary to say the least. Think about that. They are one dimensional and cut and dry and clinical. Why not follow it all up with something that seems to come from a place of great love and compassion and feels miraculous !
    The problem with this young fellow Gary Mannion, is that he is Young and Naive, he never assumed he would become a target. He also seemed to be living a very fine life, and why shouldn't he- he has provided relief for so many people ! Yet, he seems to be extremely trusting and naive, my opinion, and is learning some very important lessons about life. Thanks to the Documentary,some may now have lost some trust and sadly, this is what society and the powers that be have always done to healers. My heart goes out to him because he is young and impressionable and obviously has something going on healing ability wise. I do hope he walks through the fire and walks out the other end an even more powerful healer. My heart is with you Gary, from one healer to another, I believe in what we do, even when the rest of the world may not, and how sad for them. But then, that is their choice and we ALL live by our choices.

  95. Barzee

    Just another conman and exploiter of the ignorgant.

  96. Jack

    They do seek modern medicine and of no help in easing their pain or illness. It is easy to judge until one have to go through the it.

  97. Jack

    I did energy healing to my friend who has a rare illness which almost cost him his life. His immune system attacks his own nerve system. He got out of hospital in less then six month, surprised the doctors and nurses. According to the doctor, the last patient who has the same sickness only manage to get up from the sick bed after six months and discharge from the hospital after more than one year. He felt the effect of the energy healing is similar to having his prescription, minus the side effect. I did to many and most said that they can feel the energy. Do experience it yourself.

  98. ormstown

    After going to see someone, I now have a very strong energy in my hands, and have shown things to my doctors. They tell me that I'm a magician, and must have a battery pack or magnets on me to do what I did. There is alot more, but you would have to see it to believe it. I don't even know how I'm able to do what I do. I've been told not to ask why, just accept.

  99. ormstown

    I'm looking for someone who can explain the energy and white spots in my hands. It feels like I'm breathing through my palms. There is alot more, but you won't believe me. It all started after seeing someone. He told me that I could do things, and to pay attention.

  100. Crithink

    so someone told you that you were an x-man and you believed them... dont listen to psychics they are and always have been frauds, playing with our emotions, hopes and fears.. you are not a beautiful and unique snow flake.. you might have a serious problem with your hands.. go to a real doctor and get some tests.. it might be a tumor in you upper spinal region..

  101. Crithink

    been and going through it.. gunna lose my life from my condition.. i've been sent to see 2 different "healers" because the religious quacks in my family begged me too. they offer nothing but a relaxing massage and some positive words. at the end they have nothing but a bow or a handshake and nothing changes.. staying as active as i can helps just as much as these healers, costs less..

  102. Crithink

    please do. danforth and woodbine area. where do you practice out of?

  103. Crithink

    exactly! nailed it. the ill and infirm are easy targets for both wolves and con-men. which one you have to deal with depends on your species.. but the animals dont have a fog of faith to hide the fact that they are prey..

  104. skaljac

    daniel dubajic add me to facebook and i will be more than happy to answer any questions

  105. skaljac

    daniel dubajic add me on facebook i will be happy to assist you

  106. knowledgeizpower

    This really blew me away...I will do my best as not to get too emotional but just reading this and like a couple of situations you mentioned is like you were speaking about me and speaking to me this is crazy omg....beautiful comment.

  107. Bishop Mark Pius Charlton

    I found this young guy hard to believe and almost a bit annoying. I will not mention the accent as that beggars belief. Now in defense I would like to point out that many Drugs we use quite commonly now, when you read the scientific literature you will often find the words " Their exact mechanism of action is unknown." I am not saying they don't work but what I am saying is that it is a well known medical fact that we don't know why they work. Even science is not as cut and dry as these skeptics would have us believe. In the end of the day I am of the belief well if it does not hurt you why not give it ago but never place yourself fully in the hands of any one system as they all seem to have strengths and weaknesses.

    You will find this phrase "Their exact mechanism of action is unknown." in official FDA reports for drugs like Xanax, Tramadol several anti epileptic drugs, seroquel to name just a few. We use them they do work but we don't know why.

  108. Mistymoo

    I found this to be the dullest documentary I have watched on this fantastic site so far . Lacklustre, not enough case studies shown - wanted to believe in his powers but feel like i just wasted a bit of my life watching

  109. Mistymoo

    Lol i love the way you cannot even spell ignorant

  110. Mistymoo

    Actually I will give a positive comment - gary has georgeous eyes

  111. Ramona Erdman

    Love the scenery of the old church and graveyard, would love to go there and take pictures.

  112. Out_Of Africa

    ... Right at this moment I, too, have a 'Strong Energy' in my hands... Though I may have to tab to a different screen for a bit... but don't worry... I'll be back! ;P

  113. Out_Of Africa

    If you like I can help you find an even more rewarding life?

    I met my wife off the internet and she became pregnant within days... She realised she was pregnant within 3 weeks of our first date... but as a true Gent I stood by her decision as to what to do, (i.e. see the pregnancy through)...

    Anyway, she was a professional Astrologer and Holistic Therapist, (I thought that was silly but just fancied her pic!). Anyway, just through knowing me and being shown how to look objectively at things she's now a total skeptic!

    She says life without superstition is more boring, as she now lacks 'blind belief' in silly whims, but, she also says, on balance she's far happier knowing she's not being duped by every other fellow con-artist! Sometimes she's angry at how she's been conned pver the years and, in turn how she has, (inadvertently), conned others... but her growing awareness of Humanity is helping her realise it was her own ignorance, having never striven to stretch her mind, that kept her in the darl... so she's not really at fault.

    Anyway... I'm happy to help you improve the quality of your life too... If you'd like!

  114. Out_Of Africa

    I'm confused by what you're trying to say!

    "Any Fule Kno" that the Placebo Effect works. So surely the point is that if ignorant people are enlightened to the power of the evolved mind then they can at least save a bob or two as they won't have to fork out on 'Alternative Therapies'/Charlatans?

    I am from the UK, which you may have heard has ostensibly a 'free' Healthcare System. However, I left home at 16 and have never visited a doctor, (I am now 44!)... In that time I've broken bones twice, possibly thrice... and have experienced all the expected ailments a middle aged man can be expected to have 'suffered'...

    However, as an Atheist I've never believed in Black Cats or Horoscopes so have simply carried on with a smile :D... The trouble is, silly people... you know... religious types and gullible sods... sadly, through poor education, seem to need the extra 'jolt' of 'quackery' to perceive some correlation between investing in charlatans whilst naturally 'reverting to the mean'!

    So what was your point exactly?

  115. Daniel Dubaji?

    it was a long time ago that i wrote that so im not sure now. point is healers do exist. There are millions of cases. i was wondering what you did to treat your broken bones? without doctors. how did you know they were even broken without x ray?

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