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2010, Environment  -   98 Comments
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GaslandThe largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the United States.

The Halliburton-developed drilling technology of fracking or hydraulic fracturing has unlocked a Saudia Arabia of natural gas just beneath us. But is fracking safe?

When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination.

A recently drilled nearby Pennsylvania town reports that residents are able to light their drinking water on fire. This is just one of the many absurd and astonishing revelations of a new country called GASLAND.

Part verite travelogue, part expose, part mystery, part bluegrass banjo meltdown, part showdown.

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98 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Truth

    Everything in this documentary is a lie. Watch Fracknation for the truth.

  2. Arby

    I don't want to get ANYTHING from Amazon. Okay? Let's ditch that rotten biz. Stop sending me there progressives. Is it necessary?

    1. Vlatko

      What do you mean?

    2. Arby

      Let's see if this slips by. I answered Vlatko and it was disappeared. That can happen folks. Beware. Those with power usually have it because they are unprincipled and willing to break big and small rules. Don't expect them to play nice once they've won their power.

  3. Marcel

    Oh yeah cuz dick Cheney is to blame. Not our consumerism.

  4. earthfile

    Do a little fact checking people,don't be so easily fooled by this bullshit

    1. Earthwinger

      Seems legit to me. Have you watched the follow up film, which is also on this site, The sky is Pink?

      If you're going to call bull on this, perhaps you could share your concerns so there's something to discuss. :)

    2. rileysmom1204

      What Bullshit? That there are chemicals being put in the ground around residential areas? That doctors are now "gagged" from talking to fracking workers about what chemicals they are working with and what these chemicals can do? Yes, that IS a fact and was just signed into law in PA. That well casing fracture and fail causing ground water contamination? PROVEN FACT. And you call yourself "EARTHFILE"? Really?

  5. Christine

    This movie scared the CRAP out of me and my husband. We live in Colorado and don't drink the water in our rural area anyway, but COME ON. Halliburton loophole? Cheney is SATAN!

  6. Chantelle Prince

    Clean water and air should be top priorities, that they are not displays the utter disregard those in power have for the poeple, especially future generations.
    One thing (other than joining the heroic Occupy movement) you can do is to reduce your use of electricity as well as water and all consumer items.

  7. Paul Salmas

    Thanks for sharing this! It's incredible what (as Ken Smith said below) corporate terrorists (lobbyists) get away with. They are taking over this country, then the world. They're trying to make a one-world government and wanting to lead it. Now they're implementing the Smart Meter, which is a new form of control and power. Don't let them take away our voices. We need to stand together. Nobody will do this for us (as our politicians have very well demonstrated). It's up to us. Spread the word, and learn what's going on. Thanks guys!!

  8. Carrie Ross-Stone

    Consol energy co is installing a marcellus gas well less than 5 miles from the house I just finished building from recycled materials. And, my 6 & 9 year old grandkids live here!

  9. Sarah Hansen-mcvay

    This film is an ESSENTIAL for everyone. Especially those of us with family in the natural gas industry. My father, brothers, friends, and friends of friends have all been employed by Halliburton, CUDD, BJ Services, and other companies involved in the industry. The horrifying thought of this as the reality of what is being done, in our nation, in the small towns where I and millions more grew up, is too much for words....

  10. Tadgh Murphy

    I believe companys will be "fracking" in Co.Leitrim, Ireland next year, this was very honest and informative. Thank the universe there is good onto it people still out there informing this student of life

  11. Hamish N Vangana Terepo-Johans

    love this, and is well informed now thanks everyone!!!

  12. Buzz Knapp-Fisher

    I will now start to make my anaerobic digester!!

  13. Buzz Knapp-Fisher

    Buzz Director of us-energy Ltd trust a non-profit energy company.
    I would like to say thank you for making this film good luck buzz

  14. 57PVecchiet57

    I have recently taken up a cause to inform as many people as possible about the subject non-profit corp. I invite you to check the subject website. It is a group whose mission is to remove the suppression of inventions by special interest groups. There is much to add. The suppression by the oil cartel and others involves such tactics as murder, intimidation, censorship, and buying out inventions and hiding them in the patent office. Please check the web site, then if you find it consistent with your ethics join the official Face Book page ‘The Orion Project’. I am trying to spread the word and eventually form a strong group that will spread throughout the world. Be sure to read the start of a lengthy 137 page report about the suppression history.
    Thanks, and if you also agree, be sure to spread the word yourself. We cannot rely on any political leaders to risk their careers for this.
    It is up to people like us to exert enough pressure. This effort will also eliminate the evils of the gas industry.

  15. Joe Myrick

    Now go view agenda 21, then do an extensive research on the Bush ,& Walker families. I have not gotten to Dick Cheney yet. Learn about former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer & her investigation of CPS, and the death of her & husband in March of 2010.

  16. Nite Lite

    Funny in a very dark way that people are pushing so hard for a carbon tax to save the future generations from poisoning the air...and we had since found a way not only to kill the future generations, but the current ones as well by pumping the poisons underground...sad

  17. GQDaniels

    We who are concerned about our planet and our neighbors in other countries have to find ways to help our world. What can an individual do to make a difference. Contacting our politicians is useless...what can we do?

  18. Krzysztof Jarzyna

    The same thing is going to happen in Poland in few years, unless people will shut their greedy mouths and open their minds. But they are too ignorant and simpleminded to think on their own, and they don't speak English good enough to understand the movie:). Of course, Idol is better and more entertaining...

    1. Lukasz Gladki

      I agree 100 procent! I'm Polish but I live in Sweden right now (planing to move back this or next year), I AM SO SO SO MAD AND SHOCKED that Polish media has not even MENTIONED risks that come with this method of getting gas!!! What makes me even more mad is how brain washed normal citizens are, whenever someone tries to say something about the risks, the reply that comes back is "Well, in America they did it for years so it must be safe"....pure ignorance, Polish people think that anything that comes from USA must be good, safe and honest. Money destroys this world in the front of my eyes and I cant do anything to wake people up :( We need some kind of movement, spread the information through web, social networks and in real life but it almost feels like I'm alone in this battle, its very hard to find people that are not brainwashed and even harder to find people that actually want to do anything about it even if they think like me...if someone from Poland reads it and wants to do something, write a comment! I wish I could leave my email adress here but I think its not allowed. Maybe with just few people we could start doing something, internet is powerful weapon, we cant just sit and watch! Leave a comment and lets try to get in contact with eachother and DO SOMETHING!!!! Pozdrawiam wszystkich myslacych :)

  19. Samuel Daigle

    We cannot tolerate governments who put their own citizens at risk for greedy reasons! Our only hope is to choose the government we deserve!! A government who makes the right choices and listens to us!! The only way is EDUCATION!!!!

  20. Ken Smith

    Scary as crap --and now that the dirty energy of nuke is exposed (japan quake) the fools (politician puppets) bought and paid for by corporate terrorists (lobbyists) Will no doubt be getting subsidies and kickbacks to spread the "unnatural" gas agenda throughout the world. Or the oil companies will again be hailed as the saviors of the energy crisis...Enough is enough there are already clean renewable energy sources available, and the argument about it not being cost efficient is stupid, un-ethical and just not true... we only have one earth, what happens to it if you destroy it, how's that cost efficient?

    1. GQDaniels

      I agree totally. San Diego

  21. E.L.

    I watched this documentary while i was in L.A. last year. What an eye opener! Dick Cheney is an A@@SH*$# ansd needs to be frickin lynched along with all his cronies! What gives him the right to put everyone at risk. Our natural water supply will be shit in just a year or less! I used to think of Colorado as a beautiful natural environment that brought memories of John Denver and the Rockies. Now I would not live in that state even if you gave me the property for free! This is a disgrace and our government needs to put a stop to this practice immediatly!!!!

  22. clix


    Good idea! I am on it!

  23. kris


    PASS IT ON...

    KRIS (PA)

  24. Dan Shaw

    I'm so tired of the greed in this country and the lawyers and politicians that protect the a--holes that are tearing apart this country. Men and women DIED to protect these jerks that are just pure greed. True Americans please stand up against these in power and the rich behind them. This make us UNITED WE STAND against those destroying this country with greed and use social issues to make us not take notice.

  25. FreeOpenMind

    Thank you!!!
    When will we join as one to fight the corps!
    When will we stand and fight for our planet!

    Only after the last tree has been cut down,
    Only after the last river has been poisoned,
    only after the last fish has been caught,
    Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.
    Cree Indian Prophcey.

    Peace love and freedom!

  26. John Jacobs

    This is one of the best docs I have ever seen. 5/5

  27. Joe

    @Stewart - I'd say many people in today's society (and perhaps I can only generalize to American society) always wants more and more and more. It's the reason we are in debt as a nation - this ostentatious society 'needs' to have a bigger house, faster car, bigger TV. True, not everyone is like this, but I'd say a large amount of people are.

    "Our major problem being a weak government..." not sure I completely agree. I do think there needs much reform in Washington as the system is broken. This system of government is far from the one our forefather's built. But again, much of it stems from the greed of power, the greed of being elected, etc. As soon as you tie a political 'job' to your career it does, and will always, become a problem - since it is your self-interested nature to protect your only source of income - ie. your political office.

    I do agree with your Hegelian structure wherein society moves forward progressively by fixing the problems of the past. But you can't change the system when the people in that system make their 'income' from it. And further you can't expect government to 'regulate' business either - since in the film the EPA couldn't touch what was rewritten into a new congressional act.

    And instead of laissez-faire capitalism and business buying off government, which is a typical "conservative" approach; or its opposite of state and government run control; where no business has any incentive to create and develop, which is typical "leftist"; perhaps the best approach would be for both to work together for the good of the nation and globe instead of our own personal gains. Big Government vs Big Business debate: maybe we should stop picking 'sides' and instead build a better system together.

    It does start outside the economic... it starts when people, children, are taught greed is bad and that the goal is to create systems that create money (a medium of exchange) that output 'good'. Good products that don't harm others, good industry that doesn't harm the environment and people, good business that gives back to structures instead of 'mining' them for as much money as possible and then closing shop and doing it again. Again, money can be used to generate good, but the question that we all should be asking is how much good do you (or your company) output... not how much money did you make.

    1. GQDaniels

      I agree with your whole statement. Do you think the Libertarian Party is the middle ground between the Republican Party and Democratic partys? San Diego

  28. Stewart

    It is the rare person whose incentive is exclusively monetary. Second, our major problem is a weak government which can not make the rules and regulate the behavior in the market place.

    Not sure what you are saying "is good if ...." Too much shorthand.

    Generally, I believe we have to start where our society is and move forward from there, no huge leaps or revolutions are going to happen. The self-interest in the economic sphere will remain, so we need to control or set boundaries on the behavior, and on the margins shape the mentality. More important in the idea shaping is outside the economic.

    I'm not setting myself up to proclaim what is important for other people, the self-interest is their business when relating to business, it's outside of that are that we need other principles.

    In all, I look at what we need is to create a stronger Hegelian structure that allows the self-interest to run rampant but only in the confines established by the "State," which is broader than a government.

  29. Joe

    @clix - I agree that people shouldn't lose money in a process of something successful and further they should make profit; however it is possible to make profit and distribute the material for the greater 'good'. And you are right, I'm not saying everything should be free, since that wouldn't create an efficient system without a medium of exchange (money). however there are things that should be free and other things that should not be free. Point is profit for profit sake is evil no matter what medium you choose: oil, gas, finance, food, filmmaking, etc. Profit (making money) but with good as the output is not evil and in this case, raising attention of social issues should not come with a $29 price tag.

    @Stewart - Sure, gas companies can make as much money as they can - but the problem is that their entire incentive is profit driven. The statement "make as much money as possible" is only good if there is something to be purchased with it later. ie. "make as much money as possible to give back to XYZ". And that's why this movie hit upon truths, because when people only want to make money for money's sake and their (or their company's) own needs they lose sight of what's important. So does it still matter that the gas companies or filmmakers or food producers "make as much money as they can"?

  30. Stewart

    I don't care that the gas companies make as much money as they can, as long as they're not killing people in the process. Also, why shouldn't filmmakers be allowed to do the same? Although, the only filmmakers who seem to make money are those in Hollywood making the dumb-downed films.

  31. clix


    I think the simplest explanation is, making films is costly, and one needs to cover those costs. And furthermore, one must make a living making these films, therefore a little profit is in order.

    I think we risk having anything worthwhile made when we start expecting everything for free.

  32. Joe

    Great documentary - but I wonder if this is 'real' and the benefit to the 'people', why aren't all these films free to distribute online? Is it because they too, like the gas companies, want to extract as much money as possible? Who has an answer to this...?

  33. Alex

    where is the movie guys ?!

  34. Erin S.

    This needs to be re-uploaded. Not only is it not viewable on YouTube, StageVu has removed the film as well.

  35. clix

    @ will robinson

    I can agree with you to an extent about Inconvenient Truth, as it relies heavily on carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere as the leading cause of global warming, while ignoring the increasing amount of solar flares that is causing the entire solar system to warm up.

    What do you think is causing these people's water coming out of their faucet to catch fire? Do you believe fracing is harmless? Do you have an alternative hypothesis as to what is causing the water contaminations in areas where fracing is taking place?

  36. will robinson

    this film ranks right there with inconvenient truth. full of distortions, non science and plan bs for lemmings to follow.

    1. GQDaniels

      Do you own stock in the oil and gas industry?

  37. beverly eads

    I have been in litigation for 3 l/2 years with Chesapeake Energy over this issue and so far have accumulated over $200M of documented damages and attorney fees - but am rapidly running out of money but they still continue to throw motions at me. I thought when I started in April 2008 I was doing the people of Arkansas a favor in fighting to keep my land "drill free" and making a "noble" effort to do so to set an example that everybody doesn't have to lay down and die against "big gas" but I am a 72 year old great grandmother and just weary of fighting anymore. I hope I don't live long enough to see my beautiful ranch totally destroyed.

  38. Laurel

    I live in canada, near Toronto. Can anyone tell me if this is happening in Canada, and if so how to take action, or who should I contact?

    Thank you

  39. TSGordon


    "Solar-efficient" home building has never been practiced on anything approaching a commercial scale in the past, but mostly for lack of understanding. Here, in Boulder, Colorado we once enjoyed a flourishing community with hundreds of fairly well-informed "Solar architects." Mostly they passed with flying colors in just one of three actual key categories.

    "Passive-solar," which is obviously the most efficient, would include, Earth-sheltered & partially underground designs. By the mid 1980's, New and exciting things were being done on a on-by-one custom basis, but nothing whatsoever transpired in the rest of the nation's 'developer-housing' arena. Basically, ALL of the American residential landscape is dominated by a matchstick-model of paper-thin, under-insulated cracker-boxes.

    Lately, (adding insult to injury,) the global housing industry has merely focused on retrofitting for slightly "more efficient than average" systems upgrades. –Things like instant-on hot water, and lower-volume flush toilets, LED lighting, etc.

    Miraculously, nary a hand full of homes featured for these "modern amenities" even have a skylight, or would dare make use of natural ventilation, as every architect was strictly taught to practice just a hundred years prior...

  40. chezKiva

    "Fracting" is, and must be legally treated as a explicit form of Terrorism, from now on.

    What we ALL really need to concentrate on is how to stop all the currently planned drilling operations. These trans-national Corporations truly are attempting to destroy millions of years of "God's progress," within a couple of years or so.

    "Fracting" is, and must be legally treated as a explicit form of Terrorism, from now on.

    Again, "Fracting IS Terrorism," -full stop!

  41. chezKiva

    Josh laughed about the comment comparing him to Hunter S Thompson. I fail to see any similarity, having had a half-dozen or so chances to discuss photography, and particularly shooting across the western plains States. Hunter was tall, pensive when he required his reading glasses, and much more of a nerd than Josh, who is remarkably easy to know by comparison.

    Mostly, you need to understand that Hunter only appeared to be really weird. He banked on having built that reputation, but when addressing the most linear of topics, such as stockpiling supplies for the winter, he was actually about as common a guy as Hoss Cartright. Johnny Depp is completely unlike both, projecting an entirely different and more versitle stage-presence.

    The neet thing about Josh is that he's found such a natural voice, and a truly clever way of packaging some fairly low-grade cinema verite.

  42. octhrope

    sigh again
    i cant argue with denial of the facts. its impossible. the attacks on spelling, wow, that was the bulk of the comments. the water table is roughly 30 to 250 feet below the surface. drilling and fracing take place more than a mile beneath that. if natural gas could escape that easily, there would be no reason to drill. many on the claims of flammable water have been traced to poorly dug wells and natural methane pockets. Here is the real question, how long had the water been ignitable? bet they never tried it until they heard it could be done. All gas however, is not deep in the ground, just large quantities of it. but again i cant convince you otherwise. the first thing you hear is the truth not matter its validity. of course oil companies have an agenda so do self righteous hippies with cameras. certainly bad things have been done, mistakes are made; but to think there is an agenda to knowingly destroy drinking water is just silly. dont mistake ignorance/miscalculation for malice. Ill start drinking the water when everyone stops using the natural gas and oil that’s produced. Go ahead, stop using your cars and heat and by proxy electricity. Read Plato’s “Republic.” Good insight to why we have to take the good and the bad. But I digress. Nuclear is still incredibly viable and incredibly safe. People die in airplanes all the time but we don’t give up on flying. One scare on US soil and were writing it off? Ridiculous. Anyway, your all dumb heads who eat butts and pee pee.

  43. fly poster

    Octhorpe, sidestep this again please:

    drink the water for 3 months in a controlled test that you cannot cheat on.

  44. claudia parke

    Better yet, anyone including the CEO's of these companies doing this and any legislator encouraging it should be made to drink nothing else. I think someone should make a documentary about just following up on this idea alone.

  45. usedtobesupermom

    octhrope, Why won't you volunteer to drink their water? That is the ONLY proof needed! If you drink their water & give it to your kids & wife or significant other over a weeks time I will believe you. If you can't do that everything you say is BULL!

  46. claudia parke

    The legislation that allows "fracking" without any regulations or accountability is the same as allowing murder in my opinion. How did we lose our voice?

  47. usedtobesupermom

    Read the article from the link you posted. Don't you think that it is still biased? The pro natural gas industry has an agenda. Those whose water ignites don't have an agenda, they were lied to.
    For your information I'm not a hippie. Haven't been one since I was 13 years old. These people affected are VICTIMS!
    I never said all ways of getting natural gas cause problems. Again please DRINK THEIR WATER. Then you can make a qualified decision.
    P.S. please learn to spell.

  48. octhrope

    @Cathy Consoli

    obviously you didnt read the artic i posted and have no idea how impervious the miles of rock are between the frac locations and ground water. we are not just talking about lateral either; fracing occurs miles below the water table with no oppertunity for contaminiation. read the article i posted first before spouting your hippie nonsense. sigh.. people look for any excuse to blame a someone making money, because they want a piece of it. read the article.

  49. Cathy Consoli

    I remember rivers & other water ways in the late 1960's & 1970's catching on fire. I remember when our Great Lakes were so polluted they qualified as a SUPERFUND SITE!
    I doubt that these people are lying. You should tell them to their faces & see what happens.
    By the way, cars can run on HHO for about $100 to install the generator. If you're not familiar with this technology our government is. Only our military is working to utilize it.
    Oh, if you don't know what HHO is it's OXYHYDROGEN (water)& it's been around for more than 50 years. Only thing the oil industries have made people disappear when trying to 'market' it. It works too.
    As far as nuclear being safe you obviously don't know about the Three Mile Island near disaster (people were exposed to radiation) or Chernobyl while is STILL EXTREMELY DANGEROUS & UNINHABITABLE more than 20 years later. Radiation did spread across the Northern Hemisphere.

  50. Joe

    len carlson If you think it's just the Republicans lets see what your new Wonder Boy will do about this. I'm betting on nada. It all go's back to Deep Throat, Fallow the MONEY.

    Scott,s point: "It’s the American people allowing this to happen by complacency" is right or if we wake up and see this for what it is then hey let the revolution start.

  51. Scott

    It isn't the republicans really. It's the American people allowing this to happen by complacency.

  52. Ien Carlson

    Congratulations, Republicans. Thanks for destroying the world yet again. When are you going to stop your evil ways?

  53. Thomas M

    My parents used to have this as a bumper sticker on their car in the 80ies and it so fits. 30 years after and non the wiser. Thank you for posting this documentary.

    When all the trees have been cut down,
    when all the animals have been hunted,
    when all the waters are polluted,
    when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
    only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
    ~ Cree Prophecy

  54. Auto

    A first rate documentary. Bringing to light a previously unknown (at least to me)risk.
    Thanks for this one.

  55. Stewart Nusbaumer

    It was HBO last night, have no idea if that's a reason.

  56. Miau

    Seriously - does anyone know why it was removed from youtube?

  57. Miau

    Just finished watching it. That is just disgusting. They should have made those 'managers' drink the water they claimed not to be affected by the fracking. How they would enjoy the nice taste of all the chemicals they know they put into it! I feel so sorry for those people living there....

  58. Cathy Consoli

    It's time for our citizens to get their heads out of the sand & file a class action lawsuit against our government. Right now so many Americans are BRAINWASHED into believing the sound-bites & propaganda the qualifies as news in this country.

  59. Cathy Consoli

    Why was the film removed?

  60. Miau

    I was really looking forward to see this.... And all I get is black background and white text: 'We're sorry, no embedded videos are currently available for this player.' What does it mean? Shall I be paranoid and think there was too much truth in this documentary? I want to see....

  61. Steve

    This was great. It seems like the energy crisis is more severe than we realized. Maybe the Amish had the right idea all along. Americans need to start focusing on more sustainable lifestyles, I think.

  62. Cathy Consoli

    WOW! GREAT DOC! EVERYONE should see it.
    I think the people from these companies & everyone that profits from them,should be made to drink & shower in the water that they say is safe. It's obvious, water that catches fire is definitely NOT SAFE!
    I should add those who support "fracking" & those that say it's safe should be made to drink & shower it it too.
    Maybe the people should gather together & have a meeting with the company bosses & fix the refreshments with contaminated water or just dump the water on them.
    Either way those evil, greedy bastards should be made to pay for the destruction of the environment & the murder of those who have died because of what they do.
    All those environmental laws ie: The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act & the EPA along with another hundred or so were because of Ralph Nader. Over the years OUR elected have SOLD OUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE for the corporate $$$$$$$$$$$!
    Like Ralph Nader says, there are MILLIONS of us. They (corporations)may have more money, they still have only one vote like everyone else.

  63. Barry

    Fantastic documentary. Very shocking, Cheney you Dick, you've done it again.

    No offence to any Americans here as ye are probably the enlightened ones, but from my own experience, most Americans attitude towards energy is sickening: Everything is bagged in shops, clothes are dried in driers, people drive small/big distances, to everywhere. The Cowboy in Wyoming was complaining about the gas companies, yet he was still driving a big car. The rest of the world doesn't do this. If the country of America's hydrocarbon needs have to be supplied by drilling over 8,000 feet into the ground and shattering the rock with over 500 chemicals, it is a very bad sign. How much time will it be before it all runs out? A lot less than what I had previously thought, definitely within our lifetimes. That stuff needs to be saved for drug manufacture and more important applications. Please STOP NOW.

  64. Jason

    Rifle Colorado, The home of the last couple of underground nuclear bombs were used to Fracture some wells.

    I was employed by EnCana Oil and Gas and could go on and on about bucking the system and finally was asked to leave because of refusing to sign off on hazardous designs. One location was pumping produced water including frac fluids into surface ground water for 2 years at a rate of 42,000 gallons per day. The two pumps on that location came up a bit radio active and then got conveniently lost in shipping.
    Farmers will even allow the produced water that is high in potash to be distributed on the grass land because the it turns so green and makes the steer grow faster. A little short sided....
    En Cana has a safety program of just don't talk about it and you can keep your job.. No thank you.

  65. Leebo

    I agree, this documentary is "award worthy". Just excellent!

  66. blah blah blah

    These corporations,especially the likes of haliburton,are here for one reason and one reason only and that my friends is pillage.America please wake up.The time for revolution is now,the reasons for revolution are countless.Evil persists when good people do nothing.Together we are indestructible,lets come together........lets fight this tyranny together.

  67. Jon

    This is an excellent documentary that foreshadows a terrifying future.

    How long will people stand idly by and let those who are purely self-interested turn the world to crap?

  68. Kiteboarderjoe

    This documentary is award worthy. Great job shedding light on an ultra serious issue

  69. steve

    I just wish the 'green' political parties would give up all the left wing baggage they carry with their environmental messages. I'd love to vote to save the environment but i can't bring myself to endorse all the other stuff they package with it.

    The problem isn't all one sided.

  70. Larry

    Fu*k, I live right next to fort worth.
    What can I do?

  71. waldo

    Holy sh*t this is how they are going to kill us! doh! i thought it was going to be some flu or virus its going to brain damage.. Good the Drinking water nice idea.. why didn't i think of that.. Fu*k Dick Cheney got me on that one.... then he and his buddies will own all the land. nice one big company owning all the land after the kill you and push you out... so NYC water is no good because of this i give it 3 years till benzynees found in NYC.

    i am moving out of USA.. good fu*king luck to the rest of you....
    Any Suggestions.. is this happening in Canada? Mexico?

  72. ron

    It seems the world is in a full blown addiction to fossil fuels. In Canada we have the tar sands which is a very expensive and dirty way to make oil. I learned the other day it takes 10 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce a single calorie of food to eat.

    I now admire anyone who's lifestyle frees them from owning a car.

  73. Zalobar

    New Title "To Kill your Customers".

  74. hawkpork

    thanks Vlatko. been waiting to see this.
    wow. words fail me. hope this doesn't continue. or come to europe or australia.
    we get 20% of home energy from wind farms here in denmark. not a lot. can still see coal stacks too. but it's a start, and an example to the rest of the world.

  75. Phil

    Man, why can't they find with today's technology an environmentally safe and feasible way to come up with energy production. When I first heard of natural gas as a solution, the word 'natural' made me look the other way and not want to research how it was produced. Assuming the government was finally looking for safe methods that still created income for companies at the same time.

    This is awful! To see the bold faced lies at the end by some of the head representatives of the companies was pretty infuriating. I'm not even American but I still hate to see people's rights and health being overlooked for profits.

    Great documentary and I really wish one day the environment is the motive more than the financial gain.

  76. carlos1234

    very well done by an independent filmaker......I think even micheal moore would of enjoyed this one :)lol

  77. ed

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  78. sensa111

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  79. Achems Razor

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  80. CJ

    Love independent journalists. They/we are the vanguard nowadays. Criminals operating in broad daylight have knocked the People down, so we fight from the ground, fight to our feet, never stop swinging, take em' down. Everyone has a duty, he has done well, hope more is done.

  81. ez2b12

    This is onr of the best and most relevant docs I have ever seen. The narration is haunting and the visuals are extremely powerful. I live in north Alabama, in the foot hills of the Appalachian mountains, and have gas wells all around my house. We used to get water from a natural spring when I was growing up. Now we have city water, yuck. The spring became to toxic to drink some years ago and has now dried up all together. They have clear cut most of the hardwood forests and planted short growth pines in perfect rows. The river where I caught endless fish growing up has filled with pesticides and dirt that wash in from the fields surrounding it. It is barely knee deep in most spots and is almost barren of fish. Now a coal mining company is drilling, looking for more fossil fuels to burn in the fires of undustry and progress. I have tried to fight this stuff until i am just f'ing exhausted. Maybe I should make a documentary or something. I think we are going to need more than just the five or six of us here in the community that are willing to fight. We are a very poor area and this would bring in jobs you see. That makes it very difficult to fight. In my opinion the sacred places around here like the river and rock ridge canyon where we all grew up, should not be for sale no matter what.

  82. Courtney

    I saw this film when it was in theaters and I think it's even better than I thought it was on first viewing. It is a very thorough look at the unregulated industry that is natural gas today. 5/5

  83. KimmieKey

    Great documentary!!!

  84. Anthony

    a quick follow up to my comment above which may seem inflammatory, I am currently studying as an architect specialising in environmental technology. Basically I have in the course of my degree been forced to educate my self on environmental policy as it directly dictates the types of designs I can make that will be commercially viable.

    I am a UK resident, our legislation is largely contradictory or overly complex, with the exception of the recent solar tariff which whilst being imperfect does increase commercial viability of domestic solar power, which will in the long run do a great deal to increase public awareness of the issues on energy. All of my education has led me to look at primary energy sources i.e. oil, gas and coal.

    My conclusion is that though we are told sources are bountiful companies are in fact looking to more risky and technically demanding sources for our oil and gas supply with large amounts of untapped resource's in environmentally sensitive and remote areas. It is my gut feeling now that market forces combined with the wider impact of such activities which this doc does an excellent job of demonstrating, will bring about a real energy crisis and it will hit sooner and harder than anyone is expecting. I don't even believe that the industry will be able to predict it accurately.

    Due to our massive dependency on hydro carbons we will see wide spread cost increases in basic commodities such as food; just look to history to see what happens when the peasants run out of food. My deepest concern however is that if we do not make sweeping changes in the types of home we are building right now; we will enter into a period of huge social decline as we fight over dwindling resources. however individual house can be designed to be entirely energy independent but ironically they are all-ready to expensive for most people to build.None knows for certain what the future holds but we can make reasonable predictions that the era of cheap abundant energy and consumable products is over.

  85. Anthony

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  86. Canadian

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  87. Supreme

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  88. Supreme

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    I was thinking the exact same thing when I watch it.. His voice and his writing styles are very similar indeed.

  89. Scott

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  90. dtrain

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