Gaza We Are Coming

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Gaza We Are ComingGaza We Are Coming is a documentary describing the maritime mission that successfully broke the Israeli blockade.

Israel's attack on a flotilla of aid ships sailing for Gaza has once more put the spotlight on the Israeli blockade of the Strip.

But, activists did manage to break the Israeli blockade. In August 2008, two wooden Greek ships laden with 44 activists from 17 different countries managed something no other vessel had in 41 years and broke the marine blockade that Israel has unilaterally imposed in Gaza, in contravention of international law.

The mission was the brainchild of the Free Gaza Movement, founded in 2006, who realised that the only realistic way of breaking through the blockade was via the sea.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 45 minutes)

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  1. Jeremy Hughes

    Israel scares me.

  2. h2ch5oh

    How is the name of "Occupy Wallstreet" movement in Israel?
    Occupy Palestine

  3. Jeremy Hughes

    I don't... eh... what?

    Not really sure what you are trying to say there.

  4. dmxi

    the muslim has been target for defamation so israel can exist to it's own pleasure!if you dare to criticise,you will be labeled anti-semitic & therefore
    classified as a nazi or sorts of !a spinning rhetorical argument that shields
    off criticism.

  5. Earthwinger

    But I thought they already occupied Wall Street. ;)

  6. JaniMyshtari

    I wonder if any of the people who have prosecuted the long war crimes against the Palestinian people understand the incredible historical irony of a group of people who were herded into ghettos and killed en masse doing such a similar thing to another group of people within one generation of the Holocaust. I know that all Israelis do not condone what is being done to the Palestinians, but Israel as a country makes me absolutely sick for its hypocrisy and lack of historical perspective. Of all the nations on Earth, Israel should be the most conscious of the evil of walling in, starving, and displacing an entire ethnic group. The Jewish people had the Shoah, and now the Palestinians have the Nakba, which has been carried out since shortly after the Holocaust. Never again, indeed. Sickening.

  7. wald0

    Well said sir, I salute you!!

  8. wald0

    Why is this doc only a little over ten minutes long, am i missing something? No one else has remarked about it being unusually short so I am wondering. Seems they barely got started explaining the movement and the incident and its over. Also it ended very abruptly while the guy was still talking almost, like it was cut off or something.

  9. dmxi

    will this be the next holocaust of a new 6 milion?holocaust is a term,meaning
    a burning ofference by fire,where 6 milion have to perish to implement world domination by the chosen people ?!?

  10. Jeremy Hughes

    This is part 1 of I "think" 4 parts total. I found the rest on youtube.

  11. Brandon Cooper

    watch the rest on youtube !!!

  12. davy11

    i enjoyed this. the next time it was tried, it wasnt so joyess

  13. Rudy11

    Anti-Israeli comments welcomed here

  14. Rudy11

    Brought to you by the same people who murdered 244 US Marine in Beirut in 1983

  15. Guest

    Normally @Vlatko post all part of the series...something must have gone wrong.

  16. Vlatko

    @Jeremy Hughes,

    You're right. I'll re-post the complete playlist.

  17. Jeremy Hughes

    Thanks Vlatko, much appreciated.

  18. h2ch5oh

    Coz ur stupid

  19. wald0

    Well I didn't understand it either, guess I'm st(pid as well. I'll give back my degree and quit my job as research chemist first thing in the morning- thanks for letting us know. I never thought I was a brain surgeon or anything but, I would have sworn I was smart enough to understand a legitimate sentence.

  20. wald0

    O.K. I finally got to see it all, thanks Vlatko. Its touching to see these people get to return to Palestine and all but, if its just one trip with a few people on board what real difference is made? I mean they are still under siege and no shipping is allowed in or out, right? I suppose it is a symbolic instance of defiance, a way to bring attention to the Palestinian struggle, a big fat "f... you" to the Isreali government. But I don't think it really succeeded if that is the case. I mean its been several years since this happened and this is the first I am hearing of it, the Palestinian's are still in the same shape, and the U.S. is even further up Isreal's a55 than ever before. These poor people are caught up in a web cast by religion and oil- the two most powerful and destructive influences on the planet. In my opinon mankind has gotten much from both of them, political structure and the beginnings of science emerged from religion and we have powered it all with oil. But now we are no longer gaining anything from either of them, they are tearing the world apart in fact. If we can get off fossil fuels but still power our lives and do away with religion but retain the march of progress that it helped start- we might make it. Problems like this would be over, that much is for sure.

  21. Guest

    Excerpt from the web site Free Gaza Mouvement:
    "We entered Gaza successfully five times in 2008; however, we have been violently intercepted on four voyages, including Israel's MAY 31, 2010 lethal attack on our Freedom Flotilla,when nine of our colleagues were killed and many more injured by Israeli commandos. And, on the tenth voyage in July 2011, Greece prevented us from leaving as Israel and the U.S. outsourced Israel's occupation of Gaza to Greece."

    Fantastic documentary!


  22. Peggy Lynd Binning


  23. wald0

    I see, so this is a sustained effort to actually break the seige repeatedly until others begin to do so also? That makes much more sense. They should make that clear in the documentary.

  24. israeli1

    Gaza is under siege because they chose the way of Hamas- which means to not rest until Israel is of the map. a humanitarian mission to help such people? have you gone mad?
    if it wasn't Israel nobody would have defended those terrorists so anxiously. but when it comes to Israel it seems that the nature of the people of Europe and some Americans is to explore less than in other cases.
    is it antisemitism? i don't really care about naming it, i just know something is there and it's not your inability to ignore "injustice".

  25. His Forever

    I agree with you Israeli1. It was a flotilla of terrorists! I loved the spoof video Israel did: "We Con The World" which might still be on Youtube. Very funny and very well done.

  26. dmxi

    "Gaza is under siege because they chose the way of Hamas"
    is like saying "jews were expelled because they chose to lend money".equally

  27. dmxi

    there are enough very well done docs about the US & israel policies which are no spoof!come back when you have gathered enough information & tell me how funny you find it then!

  28. Jeremy Hughes

    People that defend Israeli policies sicken me, this is nothing more than a different flavor of Nazi style genocide. I grew up Judaic, I know their teachings, I was told as a young boy that "someday I could go to the holy land and fight the infidel" Seriously. I have interviewed local Zionist Jews for my newspaper, and my articles always get edited, so that the true hatred, racism, and murderous attitude doesn't show. I literally have dozens of Jewish locals on tape, saying things as horrible as "I would kill them and their babies myself and not feel bad about it" to "God gave this land to us, if you are against us, then God will bring us against you as well!" I realize Hamas is dangerous, but they only appeared in response to Jewish occupation.

    TO me, now that I am older, this war and propaganda machine is NO different than the colonial propaganda that detailed all native Americans as barbaric, god-less, infidel, and any other form of dehumanization they could come up with to justify murdering them and taking their land.

    Same old game, different faces, same old rhetoric. Imagine if even 25% of the US was actually educated on this topic? Do you think it would still be allowed to happen? I DON'T, and I think it is a sad statement of our system's overall health that a HUGE chunk of Americans DO NOT even know what a "Zionist" is, they simply spout "Anti-Semite!" They do not even understand what the situation driving this movement is. Zionism is Nazism reworked to a different agenda, make no mistake about it.

  29. Jeremy Hughes

    When US patriots stood up against the British during the revolutionary war, I'm assuming you would have sided with the British, because obviously, these revolutionaries were set on "wiping the British off the map" and also an obvious terrorist organization right? Your logic is so flawed, please go sit down and ponder existence more before you claim jump like a m*ron.

  30. dmxi

    do yourself a favour & never mix personal feelings with historical,political & ideological'll make yourself an
    easy target,if you haven't got one yourself !you'll find better answers
    if you're neutral minded!

  31. Jeremy Hughes

    Sorry if I offend. Just being honest.

  32. The Sage

    This is a great video.... and the solidarity of these people brought tears to my eyes. In fact, if you hadn't posted it.. I would probably be still thinking that Riad' website was simply "censored"...after 911 & the insane arab witchhunts.. and I thought his site was yanked as a result of this, till now. In 02' one of my children was killed. A couple months later I started searching the web for good causes to join with children at risk in mind. Then I came across Palestinian Childrens Welfare Fund site, run by Riad Hamad. Ironically he was based in the same state I was after my childs was killed, so I mustered the courage to write & find out more.. after a few emails, Riad and his wife invited me to dinner & to join in in the pre-invasion of Iraq protest in Austin. I was reluctant to meet someone online, and soon found myself in the company of wonderful people, having a scrumptuous traditional arab meal...meeting his children who were both headed to universities on scholarship, Riad himself was a professor in the computer dept. at U of Texas @ Austin and also met some of his musician friends who do their own separate work in a latin american country for good causes, helping children. Before I knew it I was attending every protest I could and meetings for the Fund (albiet, I already felt complete solidarity with Palestine since the 60's.) Eventually, I found I needed to leave the state where my child was killed, needing some peace of mind & to pick up the pieces of my life and start again and lost direct contact w/ Riad, but would share Riad' website with others interested in helping. He had gifts made from Palestinian's to support various programs to replant trees buldozed by the IDF, art programs for children with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from all the waring around them, help to special needs children there, clinic's etc... you name it, Riad would help. He was a genuinely humane conscientious objector, who often took both sides, to show how really inhumae it all is... ie; Israili parents losing children...that no parent should lose a child, etc. (so some of these biased comments here are disturbing in that they will never negotiate peace as long as we argue that one side is right, the other wrong)... after I moved out of state a year after befriending him & his family & colleagues... I continued to share the site with other as I have stated...but had not heard any national news about his untimely death & the suspicious circumstances. Watching this video was how I got the news.. and am still in shock.. he was humanitarian at it's finest. Thank you Vladok for posting this video. I am indebted.

  33. ambertwistt

    Totally moving story of solidarity & commitment to the people of Gaza , Palestine. It's been awhile since l watched something as moving & heart warming. Now that's living the Dream.

  34. israeli1

    @ dmxi - they did choose Hamas in free elections. i guess what you mean to say is that they were "forced" to choose Hamas because Israel left them no choice but to defend themselves that way, and that's the same as Jews were not allowed to have another job so they lended money. well, the Palestinians had the choise of choosing PLO and continuing peace process. you can tell by the agreements we made with Jordan and Egypt that Israel's best interest is in making peace and not continuing war. we gave back territory and scarce water resources in exchange to peace. if such thing was possible with the mob of Arab people in Gaza and the west bank we would have done it already. we proved our ability to make peace, they only proved their ability of finding new and ingenious inventions in the area of killing innocent civilians (exploding cars, suicide bombers, bigger rockets).

    @ Jeremy Hughes - "I realize Hamas is dangerous, but they only appeared in response to Jewish occupation." are you saying that prior to 1967 there were no Arab terrorists??? (a clue- there were much more including the peace loving PLO). i know that claim- "if you just hand them the 1967 borders they will be your best friends". well my friends, before 1967 they were just as brutal as today, and even before 1948. the occupation didn't start the Arab terrorist attacks on Israel, it was always there.
    another claim- "if it weren't for the Jews the middle east would be heaven on earth" history suggests that Christians-Muslim and inner Muslim conflicts in the middle east caused more deaths than the Israeli-Arab conflict.
    and Jeremy, if you as much as take one look on the Hamas TV Micky mouse suicide bomber i promise you will be more sickened than what you feel right now towards me.

    the lack of ability to see both sides by westerners concerning Israel surprises me every time. and i heard the exact same arguments over and over. as if i"m dealing with brainwashed people from a dictatorship. you have to understand that the books and articles (and documentaries) you read about Israel are not by concerned citizens but by the great propaganda machine of the Arab world (Aljazirah, Almanar and the special talented crue of saib Arikat). the other side of this propaganda is people like Chomsky and his prodigy which truly believe Israel is a racist "Terrorist" country because they grew up hating everything Jewish and they hate Israel for the same reason. by the way if you look carefully at their faces you'll see that their not in complete mental health.

    @ The Sage - im sorry for your loss, i really am. one child's life is whole world and the death of a child is a death of an entire world. i am absolutely certain that whoever did this to your child did not intend to do it and is deeply sorry for what had happened. as you said, it's a tragedy shared by both sides. as for riad- i guess he was a victim of the retaliation toward the terrorist attack from the boat. the Israeli soldiers did not get on this boat in order to kill innocent people as they never do. what happened is, as always, terrorists taking civilians as human shield and the civilians pay the price.

  35. Jeremy Hughes

    You are welcome to your opinion, I would still rather see all Ideologies fail, you make the mistake that I support Arab extremism, I don't. I support neither side, but I am fully aware as to WHO the aggressors are in this situation. One needs to look no farther than any of Noam Chomsky's lectures on Israel to get a pretty good idea of who is defending, and who is assaulting. I have no pity for Israeli Zionists that fall at the hands of terrorists, much as I feel no pity for Arab Extremists that do the same at the hands if Israeli soldiers. Both sides are mentally r*tarded inbred slime in my opinion, the casuals, I feel for them, as they are simply trying to survive and carry out their lives. I feel for the children, who are not even old enough to understand why their parents are lunatics.

    Basically, I sum it up with this: IF China or ANY foreign nation, decided that America was actually their promised homeland via some unseen deity, and then invaded, and started a displacement campaign of genocide and terror, while running a PR campaign showing themselves as freedom protecting heroes, which side would you fight for?

    Tell me please.

    Enough said.

  36. Jeremy Hughes

    "I realize Hamas is dangerous, but they only appeared in response to Jewish occupation."

    By that I meant their new claim to political power. They obviously existed before this, I was referring to the election.

  37. The Sage

    A few people here have way too much time on thier hands & sincerely have to have the last word...this is simply a documentary... and of human "casuals" as someone put it.. last time I heard those are called innocent casualties, or civilians. But then they could be called collateral damage depending on which side of the political fence you're on... I will say, from all his comments it appears Jeremy would prefer we were all homoginised and never complained about injustices... no matter where in the world they occur. And while you're being intelectually honest maybe you DO recall and just conveniently forgot it was NOT Arab extrememists who blew up boats of Russian immigrants BEFORE 48', it was thier own homegrown israeli terrorists to justify, in part, their subsequent invasion & occupation. The lack of humanity and intelectual dishonesty, btw, is sickening. I will say all your comments led me to believe you truely support israel, that is till my first post. And clearly zatarra, It was the use of "tossed in Med." that threw me for a loop... Did you mean Mediteranean? ... but then you're not biased either. I love how @israeli1 claims that only their side tries to make peace again & again..when if you also were intelectually honest, you would admit Israel' reluctance for peace (since they back away from negotiations each & every time) and it's (since you used "we" to speak for an entire nation... it's.. meaning Israels) main source of income is arms dealing, as with the US & Saudi Arabia, all of which are "addicted to war." Maybe a WAA! is in order... a 12-stepper called WAR ADDICTS ANONYMOUS will bring peace in the world... nothing else has worked and yours Isarel1 is not the only country suffering from the horrors of war... Yugoslvia, where my family is from... comes to mind. The sheer selfishness, lack of diplomacy & utter indifference to other human beings will never bring about peaceful solutions, anywhere.

  38. Jeremy Hughes

    Wait, what? I support Israel?!? NOT! I think you need to re-read my posts. If I didn't care about injustice why would I be here complaining about THIS injustice? Maybe you missed the part about me being raised in a Judaic household, how they brainwashed me into believing that Israel was my future and life goal, and eliminating "infidels" was my god given right. You probably also missed the part where I actively write articles exposing Israeli propaganda. Also note that I completely left my faith and went on to learn about science and biology at the expense of being ostracized from my family and community I was raised in.

    And if your idea of "homogenization" is the removal of ideologies that revolve around the idea of "sky gods" then YES, I fully support the homogenization of the human species. I personally feel that the entire world would be better off if 85% of humans did not cling to bronze age beliefs and superstitions.

    Next time try actually reading what I post.

  39. Jeremy Hughes

    lol nice, didn't even catch that till just now : )

  40. Jeremy Hughes

    "The other side of this propaganda is people like Chomsky and his prodigy which truly believe Israel is a racist "Terrorist" country because they grew up hating everything Jewish and they hate Israel for the same reason."

    LMAO you just completely lost any credibility you thought you may have had. Noam Chomsky wins every debate he gets into, not because he is "losing his mental health" but because he is right. Get with the program man.

  41. Adeel

    Enshalla Iran, Hammas, Alfateh, Hezbollah and Pakistan are coming for your elimination very soon. Time is not very far for justice to prevail

  42. The Sage

    Subversive. Terrorist. Insurgent. Enemy Combatant. You create what you hate... meaning hatred and indiference create the problem in the first place. Well then there's greed but we'll save that for another time. One Man' terrorist is another Man' God... it just all depends on which side of the political fence you stand on. For the slothful & impotent fence riders who feel taking any side is promoting a problem you are just as duplicit in the agitation for insisting that things stay the same, business around the world remain as usual.

  43. The Sage

    PS@Jeremy... Please take your own advice and read my post(s)... never did I mention "sky gods" or organised religion in the thread "homoginized"

  44. Jeremy Hughes

    I advocated the fall of ALL ideologies, and you called that "homogenizing" by which I thought that you meant people should continue believing in fairy tales, aka, "sky gods" that is all.

  45. The Sage

    @Jeremy: I think we agree more than you know and.. it's all good. In my opinion.. to say all ideologies should fall, gives me the impression that what you'd want is no ideas at all... meaning no one should think, meaning we should all think alike, thus be "homoginized." If what you're saying on the other hand, is we should do away with hierarchy, I totally agree.. I feel we don't need a system in which someone(s) or something should tell us how to do things, ie; we should be civilised enough not to need this and live in peace. By definition and in part, ideology is 1. The study of ideas, their nature & source; (science does this all the time) 3. The doctrines, opinions, or way of thinking of an individual or class, etc. specif., the body of ideas on which a particualr political, economic or social system is based. That would include anarchy, ie; no hieracrhy, no rulers, no laws... because we all behave properly, etc. but then anarchy is an ideology.... even peace is an ideology, and neither has to include "sky faries" or any form of religion. Ideology isn't limited to religion... it's simply "ideas". Even philosophers have "ideas" even as abstract as they may seem, they are ideas. To say that one advocates the fall of all ideology... does make one think that no one should.... have ideas or "think"... thus everything would be quite "homoginized" don't you think?

  46. Jeremy Hughes

    Ideology as in religious ideology, srry if I'm confusing lol

    Ideas are fine, convincing people that something with zero evidence is the truth and the only truth is what I'm against :)

  47. David Foster

    Still on about the "evidence" thing, eh? Try looking IN instead of OUT. You'll find all the "evidence" you could ever want.

  48. David Foster

    Actually, I would think that "peace" is simply refusing to fight. I'm not so sure that requires a priest.


    mr. jeremy huges
    so your basically for ideological communism, when referring to homogenising ( English spelling). people should have the right to believe what they wise, and in regards to homogenising ideologies what then would be main ideology. for your condescending and disrespectful statement "sky gods" you would be pro-atheist. the question you have to ask yourself is, do ideologies kill our do people kill. I am sure that their are atheists who kill. just as you mockingly put people who believe in sky gods kill ( muslims, jews and christians) therefore even with or without the existence of god people will always commit injustice, because some people are immoral or amoral. just because some hides behind the cloth of religion doesn't devalue the ideology of believing in god.

  50. Devon Griffiths

    Ideology is the cloak which allows the immoral to escape guilt. It isn't that people wouldn't do bad things without it - it is that, they would get away with it far less often.
    Religion is a neutral topic as far as I'm concerned; so long as it stays out of politics and secular matters. When it inserts itself into those things, it becomes yet another dangerous ideology.
    People should have the right to believe what they want; but every ideology opposes this, in favour of itself alone. At best, they tolerate other ideas - temporarily.

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