General Idi Amin Dada: Self Portrait
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General Idi Amin Dada: Self Portrait

1974, Biography  -   31 Comments
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In 1971, the small African nation of Uganda was taken over by self-styled dictator General Idi Amin Dada, beginning an eight-year reign of terror that would result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Amin's rule was characterized by human rights abuse, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings, nepotism, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement.

The number of people killed as a result of his regime is estimated by international observers and human rights groups to range from 100,000 to 500,000. During his years in power, Amin was backed by Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi as well as the Soviet Union and East Germany.

In this chilling yet darkly comic documentary, director Barbet Schroeder turns his cameras on the infamous tyrant, revealing the dynamic, charming, and appallingly dangerous man whose fanatical neuroses held an entire nation in their grip.

Made with the full support and participation of the infamous dictator, General Idi Amin Dada provides a candid and disturbing portrait of one of the 20th century's most notorious figures.

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31 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Andrew Blackadder

    As a 28 year old Scotsman I went to Uganda in 1976... Nothing in the shops, basic food like Rice was black market bought which was operated by one of the many wife's this moron had, the Whisky was rot gut shit and in order to buy a Beer you had to buy a shot of this crap, money was worthless,the streets after dark were very dangerous, the paranoia was heavy in the air.... Big Daddy, as he was called, was an islamic racist prick and he wanted a statue to Hitler posted at the Uganda Airport, Entebbe and I arrived there, overland from Kenya, not long after the Israeli Commandos did what they needed to do, Amin was given asylum in Saudi Arabia where he died of some sex disease...He rots in hell as a muslim.

  2. Brian

    Where can i get the full film for free. I have been looking for this documentary 7 years now

  3. John kay

    Yeah, yeah yeah,, we have heard all this before, brutal, murderous tyrant and all,, how about western leaders who have spearheaded wars that have killed more than the 500,000 so called people killed by this african leader.

    1. Hello

      So you're saying Africans aren't people. (you call them "so-called people")

  4. N

    He got rid of the foreigners who owned all the shops. Maybe we need this in America.

    1. disqus_PchXOUXzEg

      Yes he did, and it led to a complete breakdown of the economy.

  5. pjle

    He murdered so many people to get his way and it is also a fact his league of monsters were criminals who supported him for the simple fact that every owner of every shop business were forced to leave and their businesses and belongings were stolen from them.This TYRANT was responsible for Ugandans to suffer untold cruelty and rape,murder was his way of getting way.He was a very tall large imposing figure who got alot of his training from the military in Great Britain.When he imposed his ruthless crimes against his own people,not only did he steal,rape,murder,he also caused Uganda to become a state that became poor,destitute and broke.Those businesses that were flourishing were taken over buy m*rons who basically bankrupted Uganda.His manner of speaking about all other countries who he stated were poor and the donations that came in were stolen from his own people and anyone who disobeyed were shot and so many other intimidation tactics were used to scare the people to literally to death.Many parties he would have were merely a rouse to get his victims to attend not knowing their outcome would be death by decapitation,brutal rape and torture,as well as many other serious affects to scare the people to do whatever he ordered,This animal kept human heads in a freezer and would display them to intimidate and cause mass hysteria out of fear.A compulsive lyer,thief,raper,torturer and murderer was not shye with his manner and when he went to Great Britain exclaiming he has some money from his people to donate to the British was taken as an insult and his visit was also to pretend he was in favor for all other nations and his dream of being the leader of the world was not taken seriously. He was put on a plane and sent home empty handed.He wanted military supplies but was turned down and laughed at by just about every leader in the world.He was called the big Bafoon clown because of his outrageous dress code.It was also rumoured that some of the women at his parties were forced to do unspeakable things just so they would not be killed.As well some people who new him personally said he was also a CANNIBAL.He was regarded as one of the most brutal scariest man that Africa had never seen at that time and the level of corruption was found to be in every Ministry.Those who would disagree simply were killed.In fact anyone who wasn't corrupt enough were dealt with.The camera was always a way for him to try and legitimise his power bye lying so much he believed his own lies.When you see someone smiling all the time when important issues would arise and or questions asked.One would think that the seriousness of the Questions would be answered in a serious manner,not smile to suggest it is some joke.I grew up with someone who knew what was happening in Uganda explained he was a powerful man and anyone who dared speak out of line would simply disappear.Murder,rapecorrution,intimidation was his way of instilling great fear against his own people.Maybe buy being a part-time Canibal is what fogged his way of thinking and the outrageous remarks he would make were clear signs of a dictator so overly corrupt and feared. Did I just hear a marching band playing My Knapsack On My Back? LOL.
    This was the song played for Hitlers Monsters in the movie Schindlers List during a drunken dinner that Oscar Schindler was singing.Enuff said

  6. manfruss

    He's not alive Raghavan. He passed away in 2003. This doc was filmed in the 70's.

  7. Raghavan Narayana

    how come this fellow is still alive?the film maker has done a real great job in making this film.

  8. Raghavan Narayana

    how come this fellow is not yet shot dead? The film maker has done a very nice job.

  9. Koos Karoo

    Amin was not the last clown to rule an African country. Lately, although admittedly not as brutal, we have Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Jacob Zuma in South Africa.

  10. Imightberiding

    The man was a cold blooded, deluded megalomaniacal narcissist complete with bent racist ideas. He was truly a very selfish man with large appetites, a stone heart & no conscience. Forest Whitaker did a convincing portrayal of him in the film "The Last King Of Scotland".

    It was certainly interesting & troubling watching this original footage from the early/mid 70's. If anyone finds this doc or the history of this man the least bit interesting, you might want to check out the lighter, faster paced dramatic option that was the film: "The Last King Of Scotland". Yes, it was based on some fictionalized accounts but over all held true to the reality of Idi Amin & his reign over Uganda with his brutal, bizarre egotistical approach to rule.

    1. systems1000

      Your words are the words of plactice hero.In a diffrent time and place would you have marched into Idi Amins office and said these things to his face? I think not.And to all you safe,anonymous,internet
      snippers who are trying to sound brave and moral, how do we know that given the power that your your selves wouldn,t commit simular crimes?History as shown us that all tyrants first appear as liberaters.At least T West showed that he has some real-time cahonas.

    2. Imightberiding

      First off, I would never dream of marching into Idi Amin's office & calling him out to his face. It would be nothing short of suicide. I am neither that brave nor that foolish. He was an extremely narcissistic, egomaniac bent on killing those who opposed him.

      As for how do I know I wouldn't have done the same as he did? I am not a psychotic leader of a nation & cold blooded killer with twisted ideas of myself on par with a position of power similar to gods & kings throughout history that he clearly aspired towards. In other words, I am not a psychopath & he clearly was. He was a man full of himself who clearly had no remorse for all the deaths he was directly responsible for.

      I would like to believe that I would never imagine to commit such atrocious acts of brutality that he did on a daily basis without regret.

      If you don't know that given the power he had, you wouldn't commit such atrocious acts as he did, then I strongly suggest you get yourself checked my friend before you get yourself wrecked!

      I really hope you don't live anywhere near me or anyone else for that matter. You sound like a danger in waiting.

    3. systems1000

      Ok,if you say so.But please ask your great grand father where all the North American indians have gone to.

    4. Imightberiding

      I doubt my great grand father nor my grand father could accurately answer that question. My parents are the first generation born in North America.

    5. systems1000

      Ok my good fellow,please chill out.Slam down a few cold ones and kick back to Schuberts string quintet in C-Major D.956.The light will start to shine once again.Just pushing some buttons to see what your realy made from.All the best.

    6. Imightberiding

      Not to worry. I'm very relaxed. If you recall, you were the one who responded to my comment. Not the other way around. Cheers!

    7. systems1000


    8. tomregit

      So, are you just trolling here? Just asking.

      Perhaps admins. should take note of this "button pushing" behavior.


    9. systems1000

      You seem like a nice guy to, but just because you say that you are better then Amin dosen,t necessarly make it so. Only the shadow knows.Wake up,its fools that make the world turn.

    10. Pythus

      i cant believe forest whitaker won an oscar for that. he was terrible. ask any african his accent was terrible and he overplayed the role

    11. Imightberiding

      I was never that attached to his role or the film to realise that he won an oscar for the role. I appreciated the film for his fairly realistic portrayal of Idi Amin.

      As for his accent, I certainly can not comment on that as I have never been to Uganda. I thought for his part, it was fairly done. An oscar? I would never go that far in my estimation of his portrayal.

  11. T West

    Idi Amin was a great African leader. King Leopold II, George W. Bush, Margaret Thatcher were all killers.

    1. tanzanos

      Idi Amin massacred his people! He was insane and a bloodthirsty dictator.

    2. Jack1952

      Lets talk about the subject at hand. Bush, Thatcher and their ilk have been discussed many times on this site. We are now talking about Idi Amin. Please, don't make it a comparison discussion. One person's ill deeds does not give me licence to perform my own bad deeds as long as they don't seem to be as bad as theirs.

      What is the world would possess you to say that Idi Amin was a great African leader. Specifics that deal with him. No one else. His time as a leader.

  12. Trevis Robotie

    One big beast!I don't think I can stomach this entity.....

  13. Pythus

    the part where he is speaking to his cabinet is so funny!

  14. J S

    Seems like a nice guy.

    1. Baris Onur

      jep a nice and charming psychopath

    2. systems1000

      So dose everyone,untill given power.