Generation OS13: The New Culture of Resistance

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Generation OS13: The New Culture of ResistanceAnonymous itself has come forward with an amazing short documentary that happens to be called Generation OS13: The New Culture of Resistance.

The film takes you on a rapid-fire tour de force through the madness of our world and the new resistance movement that’s trying to come up with alternatives.

What’s fascinating about Generation OS13, and about the new culture of resistance in general, is that it’s trying to carve out a new ideological niche that is firmly critical of our present world order without falling into the trap of the old-fashioned socialist or communist clichés. After all, we need new critiques, new narratives, new inspiration.

Generation OS13 is an explosive insight into the attack on civil liberties occurring in western democracies and how artists, musicians, journalists and authors encourage the peoples right to resist against Banker occupation.

Examining economic dictatorships, puppet regimes, tax havens, tax dodgers, and the debt based money system the film explains why you can not count on the law makers to see shit when it first happens.

For a new era, generation OS13, the repression will not be tolerated; do the government really think they can win that war if the young people are like f--k this, you cant beat that you, can't beat us, it's Impossible - Saul Williams.

Featuring Painter, poet and song writer Billy Childish, Harry Malt from Bare Bones, Luke Turner from The Quietus, journalist Huw Nesbitt, broadcaster Max Kaiser, author Nicholas Shaxson and Artists Anika, Comanechi, Gaggle's and Saul Williams.

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  1. Just seems like more Talk Talk Talk. No Actions just a bunch of complaining !!!!

  2. Keiser is definitely turning into the Joker...

    Buy silver and bring down the banks...

    Yea... just dont tell any scousers...

    Actually their probably already preparing for the biggest heist in history...

    Good Luck.

  3. bullets would never work against sound/microwave weapons harp tecnology theyd kick our ass then fill the campes if massess of people closed bank accts however this would be a good weapon quit working shit like that would do damage we have no idea as to how tech advanced they realy are

    1. All you're doing is repeating propaganda that's been sold to the masses time after time. Feeling helpless, like there's absolutely nothing we could do to stop those in power ... Is part of the plan. If individuals in history can change the world as we know it, what's so different between you and me ? We're not helpless, and those in power are not invincible.

  4. "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." ~ JFK

  5. Some of this rebels do they have very expensive clothes. I don't understand it, where the money for revolution come from?

  6. Sorry but they are going to have to be killed! They are not going to surrender their power and influence because we ask them, or beg them or demand them to.

    They'll not stop using mankind as their throne because we sign petitions or stand outside the headquarters of their organizations and scream ourselves blue.

    They have only EVER stopped when dragged kicking an screaming out of their palaces and executed.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. . . but you knew it already didn't you? In your heart of hearts you know it will come to that. . .

  7. That Keiser guy is nutty but he made me laugh! We need that.

  8. This is interesting... commenting has turned into "My country sucks worse than yours" contest!
    The issue is ... The public is being demoralized into believing that we hold no power.
    The Solution is ... strength in numbers. Start locally, aim Globally.
    Fight with knowledge and presence and intolerance towards oppression.
    Search for truth and when a truth hits you in the gut follow it!
    I know my truths, what I am willing to fight for.
    If you are interested in a resource based economy (and dream big) check out the Venus Project. I adore Jacque Fresco a true visionary.
    Quit your squabbling people.

  9. Freedom for all, oppression for none. If your solution breaks either of those philosophies, to me, it is the evil we are fighting.

  10. VIOLENCE is not the way, the revolution must be done with complete NON-violence, we must fellow common law and show the people what a democracy really looks like

    1. Non Violence only works when the adversary fears shame. These people are shameless. They don't care how we feel about them they don't care how we feel about what they do. We have given massive amounts of power to a small amount of people and they are drunk. The only way to sober them up is a "slap" you can't reason with them because they don't care how you feel.

    2. Indeed. They don't have enough bullets.

    3. How could a shift to any ideology that counters the profit motive be peaceful? The root cause of many of these problems comes from corrupt government and standardization of surplus revenue.
      Make no mistake, the democracies of this world are no longer run by the people. To see this reality you just need to look with clear eyes, what background do the people in power come from?

  11. The problem of this world is. The world that wants to strike is. Is that they attack the wrong places. Instead of demolishing the government/corrupt financial companies, they destroy stores and homes of people who have nothing to do with the problems in the current society. Violence is needed, that is true, because just talking won't help anymore. Even if I do not like it that people use violence.

  12. One things notice me a lot, they always have the face of V for Vendetta. A 2005 movie. And I am curious, are they being suid for copying that or have they made that face? Must say, somethimes I agree with this organisation, but sometimes they also go way to far. Not sure how it goes in this docu because it takes very long to load.

  13. And oh yes, I have one more comment to make here before I go on rampage break. F*** current democracy, it's my firm belief that we should be able to -individually- allocate our taxes. For example: "Ahh, the end of the year, time to do my yearly tax allocating. I think I'll put 20% into Science, 0% into millitary!! Maybe I'll put about 50% into health care annnnnnd, 15% into both road maintenance and other social services".

    And oh yes, I prefer the libertarian philosophy on government: Do what you want so long as it won't negatively affect someone else. Because you know what? I WANT to smoke pot, and drink, and gamble, and smoke cigarettes and maybe trying shrooms out wouldn't be so bad either.

    There, I have made my rant, and if you want to learn the full story on my political philosophies, message me, I will be glad to tell you my possible alternatives to current systems. Because current democracy/capitalism is awful, and so Is communism. And ya know what? I'd love feedback. Because I want to strive for these goals.

    1. only way to get anywhere is to have the entire country come together and demand whats right. look at egypt. look what they did, because of the people come together.

  14. This is the result of the age of information. NO reference in history. The people have NEVER had power. This is a completely new concept. What to do? Everyday life is a strong illusion. The birds whistle the next morning even though the economy is collapsing. Hard to believe it's all going to hell. New day soon. I hope we stand together.

  15. This is the result of the age of information. NO reference in history. The people have NEVER had power. This is a completely new concept. What to do? Everyday life is a strong illusion. The birds whistle the next morning even though the economy is collapsing. Hard to believe it's all going to s***. New day soon. I hope we stand together.

  16. Sorry, maybe I shoudl be more specific, the idea of not making tax or loan payments is not intended to be long term but to make an impact, be heard, establish the fact that we really have power and we know it.

    30 days or so maybe could do such a thing maybe?

    We need something BIG!'

    A non violent solution where no single person is at risk of being singled out for punishment, it has to be possible.

    I am reading all over the place of people ready to take action but I don't see info on anything telling me people are actually coming together to do anything.

    I am reading about GMO's, growth hormone's, 90% population reduction, cancer, aids (not working fast enough), the threat of losing more of our constitutional rights, etc.

    Lots of talk and lots of people argee....IT FEELS LIKE WERE ARE ON THE BRINK OF SOMETHING REALLY< REALLY BAD!

    I have felt this way for like 5 years, it feels like I'm waiting for the ground to crumble beneath my feet. (I live in CA so that very well may be). But I mean worse!

    Are we going to wait till it is too late? I read about 30 states that plan to succeede from the Union, and it sounded like the best thing I had heard in a long time, I had hope. I did an internet search and see that the states filed the documents like back in 2006, so I guess that idea has been abandoned.

    Please remember before criticizing people that you can bring a team of experts to solve a problem and while they stand their scratching their heads, a 5 yr old can produce the solution and it can be amazingly simple.

    I am not feeling like any responses to my idea were discouraging but I see discussions all over where people are ridiculed for having what others claim is a stupid idea.

    If we become united and supportive we can be so much stronger than when divided.

    Race, religion, political party, whatever, those issues are what they count on to keep us weak, don't let them win! I have 2 kids.

    I am not concerned for myself, I have a 15 yr old son w/a heart of GOLD.

    I am really concerned about his future and chance to have a good life.

    I would give my life right now if that would guarantee he will have a full one, but nobdy is going to guarantee that and if they did, the promise could not be trusted. Long painful death at an early age is not necessary.

    1. I agree with you that people want change, but don't know what to change. We don't want to go back to the 70s where a lot of people did want change, but didn't end up changing anything.

  17. Ok, maybe if we close out whatever accounts we have and turn them into cash, hopefully having a safe place to keep it, It seems to me we might make a huge impact if we ALL stop payments of the taxes we have control of paying and stop payment on our loans. Could that make the system weak enough to comply with demand to rebuilt it?

    I know the idea of 100% of the population participating is a delusion but I think the majority might.

    I am not saying wipe ourselves of our debts but stop payment pending the agreement of rebuilding the system at the very core.

    Please don't jump all over me, I don't have a long history of education on the corruption of the system, while trying to understand it all, it just becomes overwhelming and depressing I don't even know where to begin.

    It is just an idea, I'm curious what people think, we really need to be willing to hear ideas w/o being so judgemental, I am sure a solution is possble if we stop discouraging people from speaking up.

    1. I like the idea of closing accounts and going back to cash, creating a separate cash economy, obviously that has its difficulties. One of the things I least like about bank cards is that your entire spending history is there in black and white and it speaks volumes about your family life. Everything you do, everywhere you go, they know it all. I try and take cash out to shop with and leave enough for the bills.

    2. The problem is the money that goes into banks is important for economic growth in that small and local businesses needs to borrow to start their business. I'm not talking about big businesses but something like the local restaurants etc. It's a catch-22 in that you need money to make jobs, but jobs to make money, and banks are important gears. Or it would mean that only rich people can start businesses. GFC had a period of where people took all the money out of banks that actually instigated a lot of what happened in GFC. Tax is important for the redistribution for important things from education to maintain roads.

      I think it was started by the idea of 'free market', meaning letting the market to run itself. That's obviously letting greed go out of hand. So at least free market shouldn't be allowed. Both government and an independent organisation should over see it together.

    3. Here's my crazy idea...what if on a set date every loto winners asked for their prize in Cash. Most of the time the winners are poor individuals who wish for a better life. People who are being handed down millions in just about every country in the world. That should send THEM a message.
      I like the way your end your comment with the last paragraph. Let's show them we can be a little crazy when our financial sanity is in question.

    4. ... Aren't people getting lottos are apart of the 1% after they get the money? Also the money comes from people that buy lotto tickets.

      Some insanity is good but causing another GFC with good intentions is not a good idea.

    5. You don't get it.
      The lotos are organized, profited by the GOV and paid by the GOV. Then after a year taxed by the GOV for the GOV.
      What do you think if on, let's say near Christmas....every loto winners said i want cash now so i can distribute it around me? The lotos were paid mainly in cash at counters all over the world. They're cheap enough that most people don't by them by credit.
      You think that's insane, we would see when Santa rolls in with his carriage full of big bags of bucks instead of boxes. Lotteries are one of the biggest scam.

    6. Australia get's all the money from the lotto ticket buyers, I am trying to say that like business, it is a zero sum game. There is a government tax on it for sure, but taxed before you get the money. Is it different elsewhere? Yes they are paid by cash but how those that send a message? A message of what? The government doesn't lose out.

    7. I think the message would come from requesting cash instead of bank deposit (which is just vapor).
      I agree to point cannot be proven unless it was to happen. So i will leave it at this and if you have a better proposition, i'll be happy to see how much or less crazy it is to mine.

    8. Mm, I think I listed some below, like if you lose your job, you get money as long as you prove that you are looking for one. That's the case in Australia and was in place since the great depression. I think it also means that government will not be likely to bail out companies because it's cheap to feed and house the citizens, which would in turn make companies less reckless. Also, don't leave the free trade ungoverned, both an independent organisation and government should over see it. Don't allow loans to be higher than 90% of the property used for the loan. Increase taxes of the '1%'. Government can also order companies to split if they are monopolising (the law has always been there, just not enforced enough). I can probably think up more... I think this is all possible with peaceful demonstrations.

    9. More of the same you say? We simply can't trust people with power, never seemed to have worked successfully for any period of time. People with power talk to other people with power. They create a bubble. I would too even with the best intentions.

      We all need to think think think. How can one protect a democracy from turning corrupt?

    10. I'm not sure what you mean by all of the same. I think a good welfare system would have saved a lot of families from being homeless and without food, and spreads the wealth by taking the money from the rich. Government is power sure, but even getting rid of government would still mean another rise in power somewhere else, but no laws to control that power because it has been over turned during the previous rampage. Like you said, if you had power you would also do the same, I am sure it would apply to many other people.

      There is no perfect system because people are not perfect. I think democracy as it is right now isn't bad, because every single vote counts, and demonstrations are not forcefully silenced, unlike a lot of world's third countries. However I still think raising awareness about issue through peaceful demonstration is a better way to go. I mean US citizen had the right to vote off George Bush after the first 4 years, why didn't they? And why elect Arnold Schwarzenegger at governor of California after Enron has screwed the electricity up? Things might have been very different.

      It's all nice saying we need more equality in the world, but China has showed that pure communism doesn't work, and by that I mean everyone gets paid exactly the same regardless of what you do.

    11. YOu missed the g20 in Canada last summer.
      We live in a police state....and it is getting worse everyday. The system has lost all semblance of legitimacy. These banks should have repaid all the money they stole and the CEO's and the B of D should have been jailed. Instead they got settlements that represents around 2% of the profit they made and walk off scott free without even an admission of guilt. And no third party like little old ladies cannot sue in civil court as her pension was stolen. I mean why settle if you didnt do anything wrong.
      Citigroup Agrees $285M Settlement of SEC Charges of Mortgage-Backed Securities Fraud, •Bank of Hawaii Reaches Tentative $9M Settlement in Overdraft Fees Class Action (Jul-19-11)
      •WaMu Settles Securities Class Action for $208.5M (Jul-1-11)
      •Bank of America to Pay $410M in Overdraft Fees Class Action (May-24-11)
      •UMB Bank Reaches Potential $7.8M Settlement in Overdraft Class Action (May-19-11)
      •Preliminary Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Between JPMorgan Chase and Military Families (Apr-21-11)
      •Tentative $12M Settlement Reached in National City Bank Overdraft Class Action (Apr-1-11)
      •$600M Countrywide Securities Settlement Approved (Mar-1-11)
      •Veterans To Receive Refunds from Wells Fargo (Feb-22-11)
      •CitiMortgage Lender Placed Insurance LPI Class Action Lawsuit Settlement (Feb-16-11)
      •BofA Settles Overdraft Lawsuit for $410 Million (Feb-7-11)
      •Unfair Overdraft Fees Class Action Could Settle for $12 Million (Jan-20-11)
      •Preliminary $12 Million Settlement Reached in Overdraft Class Action (Jan-12-11)
      •Deutsche Bank to Pay $553 Million in Tax Case (Dec-29-10)
      •WellCare Reaches Preliminary Settlement in Securities Class Action (Dec-27-10)
      •Capital One Settles Bank Fees Class Action (Dec-16-10)
      •Fifth Third Bank Class Action Settlement Involving Overdraft Fees (Nov-29-10)
      •Jury Finds Shareholders Overpaid for BankAtlantic Stock (Nov-18-10)
      •Wells Fargo Settles New Jersey State Investigation into Pick-a-Payment Mortgages (Oct-12-10)
      •Webster Bank Settles Overdraft Suit for $3 Million (Sep-30-10)
      •WaMu Cash Balance Pension Plan Partial Preliminary Settlement (Sep-24-10)
      •Citibank Credit Card Rates Class Action Settlement Proposed (Sep-7-10)
      •$550 Million Fine Against Goldman Sachs (Jul-15-10)
      •$624 Million Settlement Proposed in Countrywide Securities Class Action (May-7-10)

    12. Now, as a Chinese Australian, and I'm honestly saying Canada is no where near a police state and all these statistics you have showed is showing a level of democracy. The fact you know these numbers and there were fines means something Rocky. You can post it for all the see and and set up a protest. I think you are under-estimating the power that you have.

      What you have describe is the world that you know. China did indeed attempted 'give according to ability take according to need'. However, it didn't work. Because no one gives according to ability and take according to need, because humans are naturally lazy if not greedy. We would like everyone else to do the hard work and do little ourselves. If possible we would like to buy 2 for the price of one even though we only need one. Such ideals ended with no one in farms wanting to farm more food, and hence starved to death millions.

      The problem is that the government are bailing out the companies but not the people here. It's all nice to say that well, these companies got the money, and therefore even if they bankrupt they should pay the money. However, money means nothing if there is say, nothing to buy. These companies to offer hundreds and thousands of jobs and indirectly affect more. If you shut them all down it would be like the 'Great Depression' all over again, 30% jobless. It is funny because it is because the government refused to bail out everyone that resulted in the high unemployment rate. It's a hard thing to swallow that we are already so totally dependent on it that we can't live with out it, like internet, petrol, and electricity. So basically, the system screwed everyone over. They didn't get power by sell things you can live without. The government had to bail the companies out because there are no system in place to bring the help straight to the individual.

      What I am trying to say is, help the victims, not the companies. Also, from what I have heard, Marxism is nice to think about, but never works. Well, I suppose Canada/US in its current state is similar to what China looks like before turned communism, perhaps this is inescapable.

    13. Canada is most certainly a police state. Police have power above the law, they can shoot innocent people to death, beat innocent people to death, or whatever fits their fancy, and they get away with a slap on the wrist.

      When I still lived in Brantford, On. I read about this case involving a 19 year old who was threatening to commit suicide. He was holding a knife to his throat, so his mother called the police out of concern for her son, one of the cops got him to calm down, then, a male officer unloaded an entire clip into this kid's back. The cop then said he felt his "life was threatened" and got nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

      This was not an isolated case, police murdering and assaulting with no just cause happens all the time in Canada, and Corporate taxes keep going down(down 10% in the past decade alone) and civie taxes keep going up. In fact, with the large amount of taxation and low wages in Canada, it's become nearly impossible to live on a single job, you either get multiple jobs( my mom used to have three) or you have multiple people in the same house paying for all the bills and taxes(5 people in my house, and we still have some hard ache).

      People need to get it through there thick skulls that Canada is not the perfect country it lets on. Oh, yeah, back in Brantford, there were a tonne of crimes that the city tried to cover up, for example, there's a serial rapist with a body count of over a hundred that nobody without connections to authority knows of. All so that big universities will be willing to set up shop there. That's f*cked up. And then there's the g20, where police were pretending to be violent protesters so that the police could justifiably make mass arrests with a side of protester beating. I know a guy, who was totally peaceful, who had multiple bones broken by the police there. Don't even TRY to say Canada is nowhere near a police state. I will shoot down every argument you make.

    14. Please note that I am comparing Canada to China here, a real police state would have done a lot worse. The bar is obviously different for me because I do come from a country where there is oppression. What you have mentioned are comparatively small (yes comparatively, it's a lot worse in real regimes). I am worried that people wants communism over the current democratic system, and that was what my post was about.

      For example, protests are not allowed at all in China, however one was set up to complain about the division of rich and poor (it's a lot worse in China than first world country), and a jasmine protest was set up. Not many people showed up, one guy took a picture, and his phone was confiscated. A real police state isn't how many people the police kill, or cases covered up (sometime though it's to prevent mass media coverage so you don't cause the rapist to either escalate or moving to a different neighbourhood), but what they are allowed to do without even picking up their weapons.

      I am not Canadian, so obviously I wouldn't know the details of your country at well as you. I'm simply expressing an opinion to the Canada from a Chinese Australian point of view. I am not telling you to stop protesting about inflation or tax. Call me cynical but it just angers me that you are complaining about thing like gambling, alcohol, weed, when there are other parts of the world these things are luxuries that people can't afford.

    15. I can see how you come to your conclusions regarding Canada. Comparatively it may not be as bad but if you lived here and see first hand how police behave, you would understand that Canada has a loooooong way to go.Unfortunately we have a government that is pushing through archaic, US style laws, and sent a pot activist over to Americans for selling seeds online to serve a 5year sentence in an American penitentiary. The list of people abused and killed while in police custody is disgusting and worse is the police investigating themselves.G20 Toronto;over a thousand peaceful protesters arrested and detained for no reason than to remove them,then released without charge.Effective police state right there.Don't want protesters? Fine, send in masked police agents to cause damage and allow uniformed officers to commit mass arrests to quel legitamite protesters.

    16. Yes, I see your point of view. But I for one see it this way. Just because it COULD be worse, that doesn't justify keeping it the way it is. Don't compare death to broken limbs....If you were to choose either of the two? You would choose the latter, but that doesn't mean you're happy with the result, regardless.

    17. I am not saying that it isn't bad if the police is breaking bones etc, and I agree you should do something about it. I am more worried that the solutions here will lead to further injustice. I am trying to say that more violence, anarchy will perhaps give the illusion that the police state issue will be addressed, but will eventually lead to a worse state than it currently is.

    18. Do some research on First Nations in Canada. Here in Saskatchewan multinational corporations are investing in the resource boom(potash,uranium,copper,oil,gas.etc) people from all over the world are coming here for jobs and Canada has a small population especially Saskatchewan.

    19. Canada is a awesome place! Not ALL of our resources have been disposed by our hidden rulers yet. This dispossession however is occurring, as you pointed out. Dispossession takes from the public and puts into the hands of private. We Canadians have no control over the private sphere of production.
      You pointed out a key concept here look up 'Accumulation by Dispossession'

    20. Give according to ability take according to need was the Marxist prescription. It is hard to go from an 18th century agrarian country to a modern industrialized one in a few decades. It took the genocidal Elimination of First Nations to get the land in America and then it took a century of slave labour for the primitive accumulation of capital to create a capitalist class, child and women's labour in the early mercentile days of early industrialization, an inter imperialist World War to determine the geo-political spheres of interests to be assumed by these rivals, a great depression to further concentrate wealth at the top another inter-imperialist war over capitalist expansion and what capitalists would get to exploit what part of the world and wars of national struggle from the colonies to throw off the yoke of the imperial powers and now we are witnessing these reactionary forces repeating the same old same old all over again Using both space age technology against donkeys and carts and economic weapons of mass destruction such as CDO's in the shadow banking world to destroy each other. Only this time we really can blow ourselves to smitherines 1000x's over and if we survive warfare will be conducted with sticks and stones as "civilization as we know it will be wiped from the face of the earth. Only the cockroaches will survive something about their ecoskeleton.

    21. hey Thomas "How can one protect a Democracy from turning corrupt" ...get off your ass and offer/do something proactive other than just blabber . A Demo placard outside a Nike store would surely rattle the cage of the powerful. Us many many millions have always had more power than we acknowledge....we are many many millions against a few thousand Corporate and Political baboons whom we choose to give power to. Whom we choose to give power to. To choose to not purchase is elementary ....but very powerful

  18. I can't help that this is a push for communism, but we all know full out communism doesn't work. Perhaps US could adopt what Australia is doing, that is that when you lose your job, you can get money as long as you continue to try and find jobs (10 applications/2 weeks), or do volunteer work. Communism but manageable.

    There is an argument that no one will go to work anymore, but because these people are living off tax payer's money, and so they are stigmatised in society. The unemployment never rose above 5% even during GFC. Well, we also have the law that banks could never lend out more that 90% of the worth of the property, it probably helped out a lot.

  19. Oh another new way to defeat capitalism....the mythical third way...yet again.
    Socialism or Barbarism....that's it that's all.

  20. Wow, the Brits really know how to put on a good show. Occupy Wall Street, eat your heart out... we Americans can only wish that we were as bold as Generation OS13.

  21. I'm not entirely sure why this documentary was made. It doesn't seem to have much more than the usual rant. Well, except for one small bit of advice. Fiscal violence. A concerted effort to take down the banks one by one using their most vulnerable spot. That small blurb seems to be a better action than protesting and physical violence. They can fight against violence, they can't fight against a system they depend on.

  22. Not even close

  23. go to church, temple or Local Synagogues to avoid having to:

    Does our Government believe that most of us living in Amrtica are here only to protect and serve, and die if convenient for those whose greed supports their belief that most of us just don't matter?

    It may be time to channel our frustration by finding political supporters and financing to create a THIRD POLITICAL PARTY and APPROPRIATE CANDIDATES.

    Under no circumstances will I be a candidate for any elected office.
    Only a supporter.

    We need to find People who care about each other and our children and families in Hawaii.

    People, not politicians who calibrate creating generation after generation of poor dumb people.

    How do we expect our children to keep away from drugs when they have no future.

    Good, honest people who are logical and have common sense and reason and who will use their reason and common sense for the good of all the people and not get caught up in political games, vanity, money and power.

    People to run on a truth platform and who are not afraid to admit when their wrong.

    The new political party may be based and even called “The Democratic Party for Truth, Freedom and Judeo-Christian principals” or as determined by those interested.

    Judeo-Christian is a term used in the United States since the 1940s to refer to standards of ethics HELD IN COMMON by Judaism and Christianity. (See Judeo-Christian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    Principals such as those of Buddhism and other Spiritual Beliefs.


    It is time for the people to stand up and follow our beliefs, not just preach them.





  24. life is short, cannot buy love, then they die, too late 4 them, hard to forgive even thorgh they cannot or refuse to see and hear the cruelty n suffering they create while living in the vanity of their fairyland. then they die and no one is listening to their prayers as they did not listen to ours

    sad but true

    kill them all and u become one of them.

    stay close to your infinity and remember you cannot give respect when their is nothing to respect no matter how hard u try , are paid or bribed.

    1. 'kill them all and u become one of them'

      care to clarify? I've heard this ambiguous statement in one form or another a few times and can't ascribe to it, so feel free to explain the reasoning...

    2. Because that is the same as they would do for you.

    3. If we do not remove the act of killing from its context either side of the fence we're left with two very different actions - the battered wife who kills to free herself from abuse does not by that action, become the abuser that she killed, her situation and the actions of her abuser justify hers.

  25. Guy Fawkes mask and female SIRI voice is a bit creepy.

  26. The fundamental message of this documentary is: protest with violence, commit vandalism.

    I reject that message, I reject that approach.

    1. Sooooo...youre saying complacency and subserviency is what I should do ? Pay my taxes always and die poor and distraught

  27. what exactly was the point of this doco? banks are bad? ok. sure. i agree. but how about some feasable solutions, rather than more aimless protest. also i wonder what record labels the musicians interviewed were signed to.

    1. Most of them don't know what they want; they just know they're never going to get to ride in the limousine! They have been whipped into a frenzy by 21st century internet evangelists, who told them that their FUTURE had been stolen; and then sold a utopian dream of returning to nature and taking their technology with them. Doubtful there are many physicists or historians in the crowd (Chomsky and Zinn notwithstanding).

    2. I would be surprised if Zinn showed up anywhere.

    3. Hahaha that would mean something much more serious was happening on planet earth

    4. @David Foster

      Sort of...
      But think twice, a generation ago peoples couldn't transfer information in a "Live mode".
      Is there any yongster within the "G8" who can't have access to the Internet in now days?

      They know every thing there is to be learn about the so-called "Big Shots" and have full access to history.
      I mean, for the ones who really wants to know.
      Then, they pass the words 'round at school or university and dig into matters a little deeper day by day.

      And obviously, some day a smart as* found out that the worldwide bank is lending money that never existed to start with! The money (Any currency in now days) do not represent far or close the wealth of a given country anymore! It's a big hoax! :-) :-) :-)

      That is the deep root of that docu.
      Governements (Occidental democracies) are borrowing hoaxed money from private banks that charge interest fees for a wealth that do not exist!
      They don't have the wealth they claim to lend the populations!
      Coze wealth can normally be evaluated. It's the sums of all estates, buildings, cars, houses and everything one owns that can in principle be sold.
      This is fact, reality!
      Just try to find how much gold there is in Fort Knox.

      Once this is settled, does any bank on planet earth possess that much weath as what all Europeen, America, Australia, India (The G8) has borrowed to this or that or these banks?
      -12 Gig for the USA, some 20 Gig for the whole Western Europe not counting the "Rest", Really?
      That much of Currency" is ludicrous! It doesn't exist!
      Banks simply couldn't lend that amout because they never had it to begin with! A fraud!

      I dunno where exactly where the whole "Money Hoax" will lead the world, but many proeminent men in history have seen, realised and figured out that it just doesn't make any sense. Even the american nation will lose their shirt! And underwears! :-) :-) :-)

      In regard to "Evangelist", nope!
      I rarely, so very rarely rarely seen youngsters fall deep into this. It is rather middle-age persons in search of a "Renewal". They are not much religious.

      In short, as the "Industrial Revolution" took place, humankind needed to fake money power even though it was a hoax because of the needed to create the modern world for a better future for humankind.
      Why keep the inventory of a nation wealth then? Dumpt it & lets print money...
      Lend the money to build this factory and that industry!
      For the rest, we'll see later on in a 100's years.

      Once some youngsters realise this, it may be a little scary for the future. I just hope that whatever they'll decide to do, I'll have time to retire and pass away.

      Rest in peace or nuke me?

      :-)) :-)) :-))


    5. You selfish p***k , do you really think you enhance this Doc interraction with such self serving statements? Like "I hope to have time to retire and pass away". I am 58 yrs old and I still care for the future of the youth here in canada....why do you show no concern for the same in your Country?

    6. youy guys who criticize others for not having innovational ideas to further our society ...just "kill me'. You are so detached from society ...dont 'cha know. You are what I call "Armchair Critics". All you do is criticize , criticize,criticize. like the rest of society should solve all societies problems...incl yours. Why dont you attempt to at least offer just one positive pro active suggestion to further us all? why dont'cha/ You refer to the rest of us in society (your society) as "they ". Are you involved and part of "us"....or do you deem yourself to be superior and not needing to partake in the struggle of all of us ....for the sake of all of us ?

    7. OK Nathan ....step up....make a feasable solution suggestion./....rather than just put it on all of up dude

  28. Well I guess OWS and its association with Anonymous is unimportant. The drama in Oakland with a vet shot in the head and how this short film can open the eyes of many, and possibly provide a solution for all, is less important than the b-days, shoes sizes and worthless drama played out here in the comment section.
    Please take the "Red Pill"

  29. Technology has rendered many of these institutions and models invalid. These are fighting like hell to survive. The are losing and are being rendered irrelevant on a daily basis. I think the foolish road is to fight with dying people and institutions. You move forward by simply moving forward. Resistance indicates one is not really clear on what is happening. Love is where its at.

  30. Sure, corporate greed got out of hand, that is undeniable. The Keynesian stance of bailing out these corporations and financial institutions isn't necessarily get us out of this mess (look at Japan's lost decades). Having said that, this documentary is still crap: they've picked an easy target and they have various artists and journalists talk about it for half an hour. Wow. If you spend five minutes listening to expert opinions and analysis from university professors, etc, you will discover that they also hold similar opinions but will also be able to produce supporting evidence and even propose alternative viable solutions, rather than complaining about how they had to get a job and couldn't 'freak out' for a while before completing their project. If you want to be part of the problem, then protest and burn shit. If you want to be part of the solution, study, get a job, and change the system from the inside.

  31. comments under "Rockybrandy" at this time 4 hrs ago) re how TDF deleted the john Pilger Doc "The new Rulers of The World" ( re how Nike etc ..are enslaving the people of Indonesia for gargantuan profits) after I posted radical and proactive suggestions on how to affect these Corporations , and their bottom line ....has now been reinstated so you can watch it.Kudos to you TDF..You make me beleive in you even more now ...thank you. I sure would like to see my 'comments/suggestions" reappear too. But thats ok ...I have posted these suggestions on the comments page of your Doc "generation OS 13:The culture of resistance under "rockybrandy" I am an animal rights activist with , I have been instructed well by PeTA in how to make serious change happen re any cause. PeTA has taught me well. I hope to inspire all of you to take pro-active steps for the benefit of the downtrodden Indonesian people by looking at my comments under the "generation OS 13" Doc. dear TDF....thank you for reinstating this profound video / everyone please see this video if you have time/ AZ re your comment 3 hrs ago ...very cool / very objective ...very mature observation..thanks for that insight...unusual how complete strangers can be on the same page without knowing each other eh? Im not a "webophile" , dont need new friends or anything like that , but I sure do like to hear mature perspectives from another concerned human re seious life altering mattersThx....Michael anderson....hey "lets make a Deal" we will never ever respond in any way to the frivolous silly behaviour of Psymthe ...he really is a pissymyth any way ...hes a myth in his own mind anyway(thinking he makes a difference) and hes full of piss also. Ok now Im being silly just like him. Anyway lets just never respond to him at all. hes one of those who gets his kicks by irritating all of us . I do take these comment oportunities seriously lets agree to ignore silly people like him ok?

  32. God I find it so annoying to see comments of what birthdate one was born/ at what time / what does it mean? This is just so silly. Is this Facebook or a reply section to a serious doc? Those of you who push the more credible and worthy comments far below with your personal immaturity , must really rethink why you are here at all. Dont ya have friends? Now, getting back to the seriousness of these "comment pages" ....lets be enlightened to the power these comments can have. Approx 10 days ago I watched a John Pilger Doc re Indonesia and the slave labour enviro that Nike /Reebok etc are all too willing to have the Indonesians endure..without concern . The profits of these corporations are gargantuan due to the Indonesian workers...yet these corps. dont even supply a Hospital for them. One million were killed a few years back due to "standing up". Otherwise ..I tell you this as I was tired of just "comments"after watching this disturbing Doc( go to "search" key in John Pilger, you will see the Doc title avail on other sites) Oh ..forgot to mention TDF deleted the video just days after my suggestions on how to take proactive measures re Nike etc..I am an animal rights activist with PeTA , I live in Toronto canada,I am well schooled by PeTA on what ACTUALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I suggested #1...send all your Nike( for e.g.) products to Nike and tell them you will not purchase more prods until they treat Indonesian workers with more respect and compassion #2...go to your local city hall/ apply for a "legal permit" to demonstrate outside a Nike( for e.g.) seller...these permits are usually for 4 hrs and free.... Demonstarate at Xmas especially...get another permit and do it again , and again , and again #3...go to the MFG website and find "contact us"...then send an email of concern DAILY if not almost daily. Coincidentally ...just days after I posted these suggestions ...that Doc was removed by TDF. Hmmmm...why? My comment with "suggestions" was also removed...Hmmmm

    1. You are right, we, the members of this site often take side steps and talk personal. It has been pointed out many times lately and it still keeps happening even though most of us make a real effort to stay focus. The reason for this is that people get to know one an other, get to like one an other, and then what follows is a camaraderie. I wish the moderator had a subterrain where they can collapse a comment but it doesn't seem to exist on Disquus.
      Back on the doc...we are reading you.
      I don't think docs are pulled off TDF because someone makes suggestions, Vlatko and Gang are beyong this fear.

    2. Ya think I'm starting to look like a target again, Az?
      Must be getting to be a big wheel, or
      ( Personally, I suspect these guys just need to get laid!)

    3. @Pysmythe
      Is it me or are there just soooo many comments that goes, me smart, you dddddduuuuummmmbbbbb, you can't think for yourself! You are sheep! You are the result world is going down! I'm right because I don't think mainstream even though I get my information from the same media (documentaries and blogs i.e. because someone told me so). You must be blind, you don't think for yourself! Then ends with I feel sorry for you. -_-;

      In all seriousness, if these people want to act all convincing and smart, don't sound like an id**t who knows no grammar and a vocabulary consists of only swear words, and insult who ever that disagrees like a bully.

      I feel for you.

    4. Ah, well, really the thing to do when confronted with such idi*cy is to ignore it... Unless you're the one afflicted with it, in which case it usually becomes an unsolvable problem, of course.

    5. I had that a few times, manage to get out of one by pretending to get an orange dress over ebay lol.

    6. I like to see a bit of friendly chit chat on here, it helps to have a mental picture of the people your discussing the Doc's with so you can put their views into context. And please don't be nasty to people, what's the point?

  33. I wouldn't be surprised if this documentary was made by an intelligence agency. OWS is a non-violent movement.

    1. I wouldn't go that far about this doc...But if the Movement continues, I have little doubt at all that the powers that be will try to discredit it with staged acts of violence, to give themselves a reason to crack down hard on it. Believe me, this IS getting their attention, and they are worried about it considerably, since it has real potential of hitting them where it hurts them the most...And if push comes to shove, they won't have a qualm at all about pushing and shoving however they have to in order to put an end to it.

    2. Haha, no worries- forgotten it already.

  34. Hollywood is a subtle actor or singer is the last person to trust in this world...mindless, popular puppets...

  35. All these people in that documentary complaining about the monetary system
    never worked, never had any money, never saved any money and never lost any.
    And what sort of crosssection of the entire planets population are unsuccessful musicians anyways?

    Most of all i do wonder what that documentary wanted from me.

    1. how can you make those accusations without knowing the people? seems like the people who made the documentary have some kind of skill and possibly work in the industry.

      the documentary i think was not directed towards the common person but more preaching to the choir. and that is fine for a new movement.

  36. @TeganDan

    Good use of the the word Riff Raff. Unfortunately you're still rather blinded. There are no imaginary monsters, just a few really greedy humans.

  37. came back just to check out the comments..negative positive, strong reactions from everyone!
    I think at this point maybe it doetsn't matter so much if its 'immature' or whatever criticisms people have made.. what matters is the stirring up of things, the discussion.
    Personally , just one week ago i had no idea.. of anything at all! i was living my little life, always at the back of my head kind of sad that it'd take me about 30 years to get my own place without a mortgage..and all that.. politics state affairs a hopeless fog in my mind,
    but the events and their coverage have finally reached me and that has reaalllly made me want to go and look into this.. just to understand things better.(yes i know im awfully late..but you wouldn't believe that news like this you actually have to SEEK OUT in some countries! )
    i hope if anything this movement and any associated documentaries/media coverage do just that - make people who are complacent flatfish start to notice and stir!

    1. Did i get that right, you are from Russia? It is a pleasure to be able to discuss with a person from across the Globe. YOu see as i have said before, it is not so much the quality of the film that should be discussed here, especially by people who have never made one, but the subject. The fact that this doc brought you here is a proof that any form of expression will attract someone somewhere to the cause.
      Is it always our turn to learn something new or to teach something new to someone else.
      Spread it like peanut butter and jam in Russia if you can and watch other docs, there are many that will inspire you.

    2. I watch Russia Today news online, myself. It's a pretty good source for lots of things they won't much cover here, or not at least without some kind of spin or other dishonesty. It's not perfect, but it's usually more, umm...complete, I guess you'd say. If there's an angle that the big corp owned broadcasts don't want to be covered, they're usually pretty good about honing in on that, so that at least you have a fuller view of the story.

    3. My God you are not awfully are reawakened...I am 58 and was reawakened 6 years ago with "Zeitgeist...the movie'. At 52 yrs old I felt like a fool for not "being aware" . Welcome to the "real world Iwannabeanonymous....we need you

  38. This is another crazy conspiracy documentary. Riff raff from the left claiming imaginary monsters are trying to control the world.

    These people should be banned from commenting everywhere. Good work Vlatko/moderators.

    1. @TeganDan = @NandGate = @Psinet

      Edit: These people are not banned from commenting. Your provocation is pretty much lame.

    2. This is the craziest place I have ever visited. From the first time I posted here I was accused of being this person. I AM NOT! OK?

      I AM NOT @NandGate = @Psinet!!.

      I dont know them and I dont want to. PLEASE stop with this paranoid angle. I have just now realised I have the same letters in my name. Is that it?!?

    3. You "have just now realized I have the same letters in my name"?
      You knew that from day one, unless you are a bit "thick".

    4. Too many good Scrabble players around!
      Now let's see what i can make out of your name.
      edit: without the H of hell

    5. Are you part of the top 1%? You sound more and more like one of them. Keep snapping those suspenders on your chest and tighten your tie a little tighter, a little tigher....the blood might start flowing to your heart.

  39. stop glorifying the violence and stick to the facts and the technology advantage of your generation. instead of breaking the window of a starbucks and gossiping about what banker is bed with another.

    i appreciate the slick production value but please, when it comes down to it
    amy goodman is my hero. how about you?

  40. As much as I hate bankers for being irresponsible selfish pricks. I feel we should not forget the other side of the equation - people who did not pay back loans ("sub-prime" loans).

    When protesting against bankers, you should also be saying: "do not give loans to random people" Taking a loan is a devil's deal. Unless it brings you profit, you should avoid it at any cost.
    The lesson here is: people are irresponsible and need somebody to guide them - that is why we have bankers - but they got greedy and gambled on short term money gains. Libertarian capitalism did not get us in trouble because it is too authoritarian, but quite the opposite.

    Anarchy or Libertarianism are the things that got us in to trouble.
    The society in general (not just bankers) needs to grow up!

  41. Anarchy or Libertarism are the only choices for truely free societies.

    Interesting short film, but there seemed to be an avoidance to directly mention Max Keiser's solution to purchase silver in order to run up the metals market and in turn destroy Jamie Dimon (hence, Chase) and other banking establishments. This would occur due to the current banks' position on the short sale of the precious metal. The "silver spike" as Max K mentioned is what this is about, so buy silver if you want to fight the banking establishment.

    Also, V from Vendetta is about ripping power back from those who have stole it. Stole it with the use of "false flag" operations (e.g. Gladio, 9/11, Reichstag Fire, etc.). The film has little to do with monetary policy other than the fact that greed for power always seems greater that the greed for wealth.

    Its also interesting to see floods of useless comments having nothing to do with this good short Doc. I wonder who is at work to prevent the expansion of information that will eventually brings these banking crooks to justice.

    If you have something say it. But then STFU, no one cares about individual inadequacies and social interpretations. The supporters of the NWO can always be counted by their number of useless comments. And you losers know who you are.

    In parting, as Max K would say. "Bye All!"

    1. You can buy up all the silver you want from here to Alpha Centauri, but until (among other things) the SC ruling on corporate "personhood" is repealed, we're in for a bought-and-paid-for democracy on a scale like nothing we've ever seen, as of yet... Mighty interesting, too, it is that here is yet another loser assuming some kind of a conspiracy, this time, probably, out of a bare handful (not a flood) of congenial remarks among friends, made amid much more on-topic information from those same people...It is staggering to me how some of your sort can make it through a single day of your clinically paranoid lives in this world, with some of the assumptions you make about it. Anyway, I'll tell you what, tough guy. If you want a whole lot of constant info on these matters, go to the website I've mentioned over and over: AlterNet . org. There, you'll not only find terrific information on OWS, and many other things regarding the power/money elites, but a ready audience for the kind of antagonism and rudeness you obviously would thrive on.

      ANARCHY or "Libertarism" ? And that's it, in order to be "truely" free? What are you, in the 10th grade?!

    2. You yourself are working to prevent the expansion of information. IF there is a New World Order your brand of paranoia will provide a perfect smoke screen.

  42. try this?

    "turn off your monitor...ignore the music... think about the information that's being presented to you."

    My father (still living and still $%#$# talkin) : )

  43. try this?

    "turn off your monitor...ignore the music... think about the information that's being presented to you."
    My father (still living and still $%#$# talkin) : )

  44. seems to be a lot of comments being deleted. i dont remember deleting that many comments. is that you achems or is it vlatko?

    1. No, I don't delete that many comments, only the ones that do not follow the guidelines. Check the deletes to see what I mean.

    2. @Epicurus,

      No, I didn't delete anything. Where did you get this? This thread?

    3. no i was just looking through the list of deleted comments and it seemed like there was 10 or more almost per day being deleted. just seemed a little over-zealous. i was just curious.

  45. Never mind the video, I didn't make it half way through. It's poorly produced and written and also appears to have subliminal messages that, while I couldn't figure them out, was able to determine they weren't doing me any good.

  46. Well I posted a lengthy comment in response to Pysmyth below, but it was "collapsed" by the site monitor...too bad. Too sad and very surprising. This is a doc site of truth not available on mainstrean media is it not? Ok I will try to stay under the radar also. Note TDF I am not "trying to inspire an emotional response" , (as per your rules/regulations) , I am just stating my "emotional response" cant be helped...your docs inspire me emotionally. Isnt that the "point" of docs.isnt that the intention of all these documentarians? To inspire "care and compassion " in any viewer? please dont 'collapse " this comment also

    1. @rockybrandy:

      I checked, nobody "collapsed" your comment, it is still pending, you have a link on it for a charity looking for donations, I will put on your comment minus the charity if you want, let me know.

    2. Achems_Razor....from "rockybrandy" ...if you can have my aggressive /political comment posted are obviously more adept on this site than I. yes it is pending ...but...its been quite a while now...and according to the "rules/regulations" of this TDF site ..they do not appreciate anyone who seeks to inspire "an emotional response". What ????????? If you can re-post my comments rule / and you have my permission !!! I guess when you have a LOT to determines you to be a person who should pay more. I'll leave it at that . Please re-post if you is a collection of worthy views.very worthy. RB

  47. it lacked - please do not put people who are not of any authority in a short film to spew their opinions... this gives your short film ( which should have been under 10 mins) a lack of credibility ... it was all over the place - learn to organize your thoughts and express yourself ... visually and orally -

    the visuals when one place then there was no follow through -

    1. yeah Joel ..I would have liked to see a more "fluid and continuous flow" of information too....especially a more digestible concept of why? I understand why....but does everyone understand that after this video?

  48. OK ,,,I cant tolerate the silly (possibly "gatekeeper" ) comments below. I have read the first 3 and they are ridiculous. This perception of how we are "being f****d by the banking institutions is very real. You all (who dont know) must study the "money is debt" concept. It is a very real and powerful force over your life.Here in Canada and even in the USA..the Banks only need to have $100,000 to lend one million. You ( by borrowing ) create the other $900,000. ...STOP BORROWING MONEY FROM BANKS....that is the most elementary step you can take to restoring your power.Stop trying to keep up with others who have more material gain than you...that is your power here... According to the foolish comment below me (Pysmyth) he determines that some of the people who put their health/well being /and freedom on the line by demonstrating is (in his words) "usually fun to watch". he even uses the term " LOL" twice. Obviously he's never committed hinself to stepping outside the box and putting his physical health on the line by attending a Demo where he could easily be physically harmed by Police or jailed. I guess he's just another "armchair critic" who does nothing 'bout everything". A useless "tool" in who can proudly tell his grandchildren " sorry I didnt do anything pro-active when I saw your future going to hell....but you must understand...I was afraid and selfish...SORRY". All of you in this video...all of you who risked your life in these demos ...I salute you. V for Vendetta is not just a movie ....its a concept! For those of you who dont get it ...stay are not just are very naive. In signing off i need to say ...."beware of the gatekeepers....they are those who claim to be pro-active and on your side....but reaLLY THEY ARE JUST ACCUMULATING A LIST OF NAMES. I had such an experience with 3 years ago. (re that bullshit fence to stop Mexicans from entering the USA)...they actually sent me an email to thank me for my passionate support in signing their petition to stop the fence...then they stated " MR ******* we can see you have supported us with great passion, due to your passion we assume you have encouraged many others to sign this petition, to see if your friends have actually signed this petition " click on this link and enter THEIR NAMES TO KNOW" . This is a perfect example of the "Gatekeepers" we all need to be wary of. They are out there to deceive us ..... So you all know , I am aware that I have seriously exposed myself here online , to write such a letter of radical views...(easily tracked to my IP address) but for those of you who think this is a protest of the very "young and emotional", not so here ....I am a 58 year old who actually gives a damn. So come and get me you bastards. You cant shut me up unless you kill me. It may sound corny to the young,and reminiscant to the old...but theres never been a more appropriate time to reinstate the slogan " POWER TO THE PEOPLE". Fergus (canada)

    1. Go to the top of this page and read my first posted comment. This should clear up any misconceptions you have about my views a little.
      ( Not that I care all that much...)

  49. 11.05 here so I'm off to bed- you lot live in the wrong time zone! Sweet dreams all x

  50. I'm keeping my cash in the matress from now on. Love the layout of that article, no frills facts. We have a group called uk uncut, they've organised protests all over the country and are now joining forces with Occupy outside St Pauls Cathedral. The camp there is in an unusual position being that the land they're on is owned by 7 different people. Moving them on is all but impossible.

    1. Are you talking about the alternet article I mentioned?

    2. Yep, think so- lots of lovely graphs. Didn't have any trouble finding it, clicked on 'economy' and there it was.

    3. 'The Shocking, Graphic Data That Shows Exactly What Motivates the Occupy Movement'... That the one?

      That's a good site, lots of great articles, and some of the comments there are pretty phenomenal. Lots of old hippies, liberals, progressives, even socialists (I suspect!), who've spent a long time mulling all this stuff over and have a lot of great knowledge, insights and ideas. Quite often, too, you get comments from folks actually "on the ground" in the Movement, which is cool.

      Oh, and some of the fights are pretty spectacular! lol. That's a large vocabulary, witty bunch of old bong-hitters over there, for sure...You read their posts, and sometimes you can just SEE them gettin' off on how clever they are, you know? lolol.

    4. Yeah that one. Almost made me wish I hadn't looked but glad I did. You spend much time over there ? Only checked because you mentioned it but thought it might be worth another look. Love a good slanging match and I'm partial to an old bong-hitter now and then. Sounds like good clean subversive fun- can anyone play?

    5. Absolutely! :)
      Be prepared for some tremendously wordy people, though...Sometimes too much so. Every now and then you gotta sift through a whole lot of verbiage to get to the central idea, which may not turn out to be all that substantial, or could've been said a lot more succinctly. But...not that it's really annoying, or anything, lol. It's usually fun to watch, and it's pretty good intellectual exercise, trying to determine if a poster really has a good idea of what he's talking about. Sometimes folks will hide a lack of knowledge in a surplus of information...Some other poster realizes this, and then everybody whips their blades out, lol.

      Much like here, really, only more so. And about far fewer topics.

    6. Psymyth...You dont even understand the concept of "social responsibility do you/ are one of those who "spews off at the pub" ...but really cant even comprehend the seriousness or complexity of the financial powers which control your (our) live(s)....Go to bed for gods sake !!

    7. Are you slow, or something? I suggest you read a few more of my comments before you try throwing such sh*t over into my yard, bud.

      (And I don't "hang out at pubs," and never did...Furthermore, if you don't have the capability of recognizing a little humor when you see it, maybe you are the one who needs to put the glass down. Either way, and anyway, you are NOT intimidating...)

  51. Why is there so much footage of the 'black block' violence. These idiots smashing a few bank windows are welcomed by the police and governments
    The media circus turns up and then the vast majority of people who are there for peaceful are demonised ... Check out the documentary about the G20 summit in Toronto where agent provocatours from the police incited this and were caught doing so. Grow up .

    1. even equally amazing are the 4 Montreal Police officers who arrived at the SPP(security Prosperity Partnership) meet just north of ottawa here in canada bout 3 years ago. They were dressed in black/bandanas covering bottom of their faces/ and each had a rock in their hand.The SPP was a meet 'tween Calderone (Mexico)/ george Bush Jr(USA)/ Harper (canada). These 4 Montreal Police Officers posed as demonstraters but were called out immediatly by Demo leader. He caught the deceipt immediatly upon their arriving at the front line of the demo where the "military line" was. When the demo leader identified them as subversives, the military pulled them to the oposite side of barricade and handcuffed them. A keen observer noticed the Police issue boots when they were on the ground. The Montreal Police dept finally admitted complicity.The canadian Military was attempting to conceal their identity and objective...."to cause a violent riot and hurt many people"...a great means of persuading others to avoid demos in the future.SPP bout 1998/ 1999

    2. Uh, yeah...I pointed out this same, common tactic about a week ago, at another doc... And this may be similar to what happened in Rome on the 15th of this month, since a witness there said he saw the rioters who showed up getting decked out in their gear right next to a group of police officers, and thought it a little suspicious that the police made no effort to intervene, since it was pretty clear what their intentions were.

  52. it was short but good, not very detailed, told everything in the most compressed way possible and i'd advise it to everybody :)
    but i just don't know when people will understand that protesting in any way won't solve anything. if you want to change you must be organized and fight with tactics and brute force if necessary, because that's how and does the government keep YOU(me included:D) down. all i'm saying is that if you want to make something right then you must work hard for it. in every century people died to prevail over someone's ideal, and today isn't any different.

  53. Every generation has gotten it up the arse by the man. Yours (the people in this documentary), is no different. The difference is that this is a generation that is too addicted to gadgets and the wealth of previous generations that they really don't know what it is that they really want. Is anarchy the solution? I say not. Believe me these whiners would be crying without their cellphones and computers, running water and food shortages. And Yes, that's what it would mean. Think about that. I'm all for change, but Change won't come at the macrolevel until we change at the micro-level. Help your brothers and sisters, think about the one's closest to you and respect each other. By all means fight for what you feel is right but it has to be done within the system. I give a thumbs down to this doc for trying to glorify the bunch of wannabe heroes of this supposed revolution to come.

  54. Thought you guys might like a little fuel for the fire. Found this while I was wandering-

    Three complex systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich analysed the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations (TNCs) and identified that a relatively small number of companies, mainly banks, hold a ‘disproportionate’ level of power over the global economy.
    1. Barclays plc
    2. Capital Group Companies Inc
    3. FMR Corporation
    4. AXA
    5. State Street Corporation
    6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
    7. Legal & General Group plc
    8. Vanguard Group Inc
    9. UBS AG
    10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc

    Goldman Sachs inc, comes in at number 18.

  55. These people are just annoying. They just know they "dislike something" but can't point their finger at anything in particular except vague, generalized concepts. It's like shouting "I want things to be better", "things are crap", "I want things to change".

    Well yeah that all sounds nice, but do you have any specific suggestions, ideas and a plan? Or you just wanna whine?

  56. I say this only with the hope that the makers of this film make it a point to view or track each site it is featured on & hopefully take the time to read some of the comments & constructive feed back. Please lose the computer generated narration & make an effort to improve the audio so that it is neither as annoying or at the very least difficult to listen to & understand as this production is. It really wouldn't take much to make this film infinitely more watchable & far less irritating so that in the future, should you produce more topical videos, your directive would reach your target market in a far more positive manner.
    It appears that at least one other viewer would agree: @Hettie Rowley.

    1. @ Imightberiding Yes the Film makers (thats us posting now) do check all the feedback back and take it very serious. We have taken the sound level comments on board, as for the actual sound track, you can't please everyone. Thanks for watching though and posting feedback...appreciated.

    2. Are you Anonymous?

    3. Heh! I've now got an image in my head of that question being asked in a crowded place, and everyone then standing up in turn, and shouting "I'm Anonymous". Of course, the scene wouldn't be complete until a little comedy voice piped up from the back, "I'm Anonymous, and so is my wife!" :D

      We can but hope! :)

    4. Anonymous flash mob!

    5. a lot less anonymous than you seem to be with your name and avatar. lol

    6. Make an other one...keep making them and tell the ones you've touched to make one too!
      The message has to come in as many colours and looks, as there are flowers because there are millions of people out there who need to realize we are being had and the way to wake them up have to be numerously diverse.
      Thanks for joining us here on TDF

  57. Nothing more than misguided adolescent frustration, the twist for the 21st century being that they now have a social networking system that allows them to communicate this misdirected h***e s***t to the rest of the world.

    "Anonymous" the underground group of elite hackers doesn't even exist its just a disparate collection of social pariahs with access to a computer. There only common thread being the narrow vein of communication that exists on anonymous websites namely: 4chan /b, but there are others.

    I'd really love to know how a group of 14yr+ males whose only skill is the ability to copy and paste obscure images onto an image board and then make a pithy comment from the safety of their mom's loft conversion, are going to effectively reorganise the complex highly sophisticated global capital system?

    I call it a system, but let me define what I mean by a system:

    Something that comes about through persistent repetitious activity and coincidence over time (geological or human, its up to you to pick the scale) and is then given a name " x- System" in order to explain its existence.

    In the communication age we should not be surprised that even id**ts can do so, we should be surprised if anyone pays the slightest attention to them when they do.

    I'm not even going to bother to watch this, I cant imagine how anyone with any kind of mental capacity would want to be transported into the vision of the world as laid out by one of these monkeys.


    And to finish my rant: Let's imagine that these disaffected rejects, (some of the brighter ones) do get together and start to form some kind of political organisation (ok, so where also imagining that they don't just resort to terrorism like all other radicalised id**ts), pretty soon there going to realise that in order to have any kind of traction with the public they are going to have to provide them with the exact same half baked half cooked methods of government that have muddled us through in modern democracy's for generations and will continue to do so for generations to come.

    1. A point is all that is needed...and many points end up making a phrase.
      Yours are full of little stars because you cannot use the English language respect fully.

  58. When you take a stand, you have to show you face. Bad approach.

    1. Maybe I'm wrong, but my understanding of the use of the Guy Fawkes masks is that they are symbolic of the uprising of the faceless majority.

      And besides, one of the tactics employed police forces, especially in the UK, is to use video cameras as a form of intimidation. So the masks are a way of removing that "power" from them. Think of it as a reaction to the surveillance state.

  59. Keep it simple. Corporate charters are forever these days. They were NOT in the past. Corporations used to be given limited charters for, say, 5-10-15 years and then had to demonstrate value and benefit to the community,workforce,etc. If they could not show this simple thing they did not get a charter reissued. Sort of like not getting your drivers license again because you failed the test, ya know?

    Since corporate leaders are so much higher in intellect than the common low paid likes of us I feel confident they would manage to find the ways needed to be,FIRST, good people and THEN big huge profit machines.

    This would put their BOTTOM line down where it BELONGS and NOT up ours.

    Believe me, they would find a way, very quickly, to be very profitable and also would be naturally prodded by this very simple re-adjustment to set in motion natural changes to governments and societies all over the globe without any other changes being made to law. One shot would fix the war. A shot heard 'round the world. Keep it simple. Then, when their adds say they CARE about you, you could maybe even start to sort of believe it!!

  60. Even a News Paper can save you from a bad burn
    Duck & Cover!

  61. This would have been a very interesting documentary I suppose IF it was possible to hear anything that was said over the loud, intrusive and quite honestly, very s*** soundtrack.

    1. Please see my comment 6 or so viewers above your very reasonable observation. Cheers!

  62. We already knew about "Faked" money created out of nothing. Wealth is known as gold, land ownership or anything that can be exchanged in a deal between buyers and sellers.
    One could use his ~ 5,000 cattle or 20,000 chickens as currency but he may have some problems carrying his "Currency" in his pockets since it smell a little :-)

    It is well understood that the major economy market, the USA has legally given away (Really given, as well as the UK) its authority to regulate its own currency.
    Everyone doing business with any USA based commerce is bound to carry part of this burden.
    It's like a company that has only one super hooper dooper customer. This is dangerous and not reliable because if payment from that customer doesn't come in for any reason....

    A few generations ago, there was this "Industrial Revolution" that needed a lot of more money (See currencies) to create the next standard of living. A lot more money than real factual wealth there could have been at that time.
    And humankind succeeded. Some politicians got fed up, overwhelmed by the task and simply found an easy way out: -Give it away to "Experts".
    That was a genetic error within humankind evolution, it happens. We're not in a perfect world!

    Bottom line, I don't see the use to throw everything overboard when faced to correct little things like this one.
    In short, I found that docu a little on the "Extremist" side.
    Not to mention the disturbing music.
    That is not the way to go.

    For the least, wait until my retirement is over and that I'm on my death bed, Ok?
    At most, one year before I die should be just fine!
    I'll go away happy knowing that this world may have a future.

    :-) Pierre.

  63. 2nd amendment... stock up on ammo boys and defend what you got. Might even be time to submit that application for a concealed weapon permit. Gotta fight fire with fire.

  64. Powerful message. The 'Keiser Report' is funny.

  65. Pretty irritating documentary. I'm not meaning the message it's trying to convey, but the way it is made. Masks and muffled voices and some really annoying speakers. On this site there is far more better films on the same subject then this one.

    1. Haters gonna hate... It was made by anonymous. What do you expect? Be glad it wasn't nothing but memes and rick astley.
      Ungrateful roody-poo.

  66. This could've been a really powerful message, but much like the system you're bashing, it's a lot of smoke and mirrors, silly creepy voices and masks, instead of a straightforward message about how the system is screwing us. As a fellow artist, I certainly love creativity. However when the effort is focused on the cool factor, instead of the message it seems to be counterproductive.

    1. I agree, all that music stuff has nothing to do with the subject. It's good to express yourself threw music, but for this it should be straight to the point.

    2. Hmm I feel where you are coming from and what you are saying, but like as far as focused on the cool factor okay how can I explain this the younger generation of this present day expresses themselves differently I am apart of the 80's generation so how those in my generation would view things and show their creativity when they are trying to spread a message would be different than say my parents generation which is like in the sixties...

      Some one made a comment down below as far as a generation of people being dumb jobless arrogant gamers... I just ohh that frustrates me thats not the case people should give some of this generation of younger folk some kind of credit okay let me stop here this was a good one i'm glad this was posted....Peace

  67. Just another example of mankind living out their neurosis .

  68. I might have misheard because of the music but i'm sure someone said we each have to eat 31,000 turkey twizzlers a month to stabilise the economy. Please say its not true :(

  69. Every generation has been f****d in the a*s. This one is no different.

  70. Everyone knows what's going on in this world - whinging and complaining to music achieves nothing unless the lyrics and music are exceptional, like Rage Against the Machine for example. Listening to some of these half baked protest songs by wannabees made me want to go work for the World bank, finding ways to create more virtual cash to loan out to America and the UK.
    Seriously tho,I found this piece of pop art lacking substance. Perhaps I missed out on the good bits after clicking it off at 12:41?

    1. Surprising comment coming from an artist herself. Art is not good or bad although art can be liked or disliked, art is a geyser coming from the depth of a person.
      I tried to imagine the long making of this short doc, the influence it has had on the makers and all the participants if not on the watchers.
      I hope more and more docs, in any way immaginable will keep coming to wake up the sleeping beauty in all of us and in all of them.
      I don't think one banker, investor, politician would go against the marching crowd instead the police with numb feelings are being sent to the line with sticks in their hands by the dictators of agreed normality.

    2. @Azilda
      In my humble opinion, musicians and artists are just as thick/intelligent as the rest of the population and deserve no special dispensation regarding their political agendas. I have been writing songs and playing instruments/recording since I was a kid, but it doesn't mean I know something that non musicians don't. I just don't give credibilty to someone and pay attention merely because they are an 'artist' unless I really like what they do and they engage my attention enough, regardless of the political/socio content. Just another example of wearing the cloak
      of whatever to gain an identity.

    3. In my humble opinion, we are all artists and in our own way we can touch someone somewhere if we let the art be free instead of trying to fit the market.

  71. I'm torn, because even though I agree wholeheartedly with the occupy wall street movement, I also can't say that I think banks are evil or corporations are evil greedy a--holes that are out to get the rest of us. what I think is more accurate is that we've allowed for too much deregulation, and people, as you would expect have simply taken advantage of the situation. how can we expect that hugely rich entities aren't going to try their best to get even richer, it's in human nature. the problem lies with us letting this all happen, we need to be more involved in our democracy, we don't need to bring our government down, we need to get more involved. we can't shut down the banks, we need banks. The wonderful standard of living we have today would be impossible had banks and corporations not existed. it's simply gotten out of control. the final phrase in this doc "off with their heads" disturbs me. We have to avoid violence at all cost, I think any bankers breaking the law should be caught and punished for it of course, but no violence. in my opinion we have to raise takes and put in more regulations that will close the income gap. but this talk of revolution is not what we need, our government can work, we just need to be more involved.

    1. Is it not also in human nature to help those in need... You might not agree with it but the only way for this movement to amount to anything is violence. The top 1% will not share and do not care about the likes of the 99%. To them the 99% are subhuman. This type of thinking will do them in, as they deserve. Off with every-f*****g-last-one of their heads. Peace

    2. What makes you think the government or corporations will change ANYTHING for any less than flat out revolution. I completely agree that in theory we could 'reign in' those institutions with tighter regulation so why argue that we scrap it all...But guess what, the guys who 'regulate' went to the same private schools as the bankers and CEOs that need controlling, same as the judges they'd be tried in front of and the politicians that handle the applied laws. If we could pierce the clouds of collusion with an arrow truth and honesty, maintain our institutions but flush out the old boys club running the show that would be fine by me...As you say we NEED institutions of law and banking to maintain order for our massive populations, but not the way they are now.

      Off with the heads of the filthy Rothschild dynasty, unaccountable scum who helped plunge America into every one of its economic depressions. The central bankers heirs should be brought out and hung for their crimes against humanity. What they have done to manipulate and control is not excusable with the old 'human nature' argument.

    3. Dear Wisegapist....terrific points ...they surely went to same (or similar thinking ) private schools...The highly educated and connected just dont value the power of tha masses.Unfortunatly the masses dont appear to value the power of the masses either....hmmmm....We have power untapped?

  72. Generation of dumb arrogant jobless gamer social networkers with pompous pretenses based on countless false assumptions and misinformation they "learned" from the Interwebz. Fortunately, most young people tend to (or are indeed forced to) grow up.

    1. In this doc i have seen and listen to people from all ages, some must be so far from the gaming scene or the Internet as you are from reality. Please, ask someone to force you grow up.

    2. Right, because banks and other financial institutions, with their unmitigated (read: not restricted enough...) greed and gambling with people's futures had nothing to do with the trillions in wealth lost, the resulting job-cuts, and the economic predicament we're in now, huh? And did you miss the Supreme Court ruling (2010) on corporate "personhood," or something? (and if you don't live in the U.S., believe still affects you.) We've now, even more than usual, got the best democracy that the rich can buy (the one best suited to themselves, of course), and this doesn't piss you off at all? Your best advice -apparently- is to just grow up and, who knows, maybe get rich with them?

      What a good little foot-soldier you are!

    3. Mmm. False assumptions. Luckily no one could accuse you of that eh?
      Assume - Makes an Ass of U and Me.

    4. watch The Money Masters. That's not misinformation, it's fact. What you call 'growing up' really means crushing your own aspirations for a better society and telling yourself you can't change anything until you just take that data processing cubicle 9-5 and get busy dying. I'd love for you to outline what the false assumptions are.

    5. What is a fact? The tired "money out of nothing" and "evil FED" myths repeated ad nauseam by brainwashed Zeitgeist teens? Believe it or not, there are better sources for macroeconomic education than taking misguided advice from a jobless artist...

    6. In a way, I agree, the whole zeitgeist thing is a little weird. But if it weren't for this "money out of nothing" thing, how DO you explain money inflation and devaluation. As for brainwashed? Well....Let's not forget how patriotic north american schools teach us all to be....

      But regardless, I see your point, EVERYTHING should be questioned, and that doesn't exclude the zeitgeist movement.

    7. I must say straw man *cough* though it's a little ad nauseam (or whatever outdated Latin you used to try and sound educated)

      It's quite annoying when anybody who questions the nature of the financial system is automatically a 'Zeitgeist teen' - I didn't recommend Zeitgeist, I recommended a The Money Masters, the two are very different, many years apart and the author of the latter was not a jobless artist.

      What do you specifically feel was false in The Money Masters? If you're going to disagree at least throw out some foundation that will make me question my own opinions instead of stupid remarks - I studied economics, admittedly only at a measly A-level, but I am fully aware of sources for macroeconomic information.

      Do you believe that our current political, banking and legal systems are not corrupt? THAT is the underlying question that is truly important.

  73. Just another brick in the wall... taken OUT... keep these types of documentaries coming... This corporate sh*t has got to go!