The Geopolitics of World War III

The Geopolitics of World War III

2014, Politics  -   94 Comments
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Storm Clouds Gathering, known for its unorthodox analysis of news, politics, and geopolitical issues through documentary video content, takes a look at how the American media portrayal of why Russia and Syria are being accused of global aggression might differ from what is really behind it all in The Geopolitics of World War III.

The filmmaker sets the stage for the subject matter by suggesting that the U.S. dollar is a unique currency for many reasons, though the reasons that matter most are not necessarily widely known. One fact often thought to be significant is its status as the world reserve currency since 1945, but the dollar's importance is much more dependent on the fact it of it having been the primary currency by which oil has been traded in the global marketplace since 1970. Oil makes the world go round in the present political landscape, for better or worse, so this in turn makes the U.S. dollar a very important cog in the global financial machine.

Prior to 1971, the U.S. dollar was bound to the gold standard - or at least that is what the world operated under the belief of. The filmmakers highlight that the International Monetary Fund reports that in 1966, foreign central banks and governments held 14 billion U.S. dollars. While the United States did have $13.2 billion in gold reserves, most of that was needed to cover domestic holdings and only $3.2 billion of it was available for foreign holdings. What that means is the U.S. was printing more money than it could cover, and inflation naturally ensued. To quell the fire, the Richard Nixon presidential administration took the dollar off the gold standard and made it a debt-based currency.

Through various political arrangements, the filmmakers suggest that the U.S. then tied the dollar to oil trade to keep its demand up, a system that remained in place at America's convenience until the year 2000 - right before 9/11, mind you - when Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein declared he was shifting their oil trade from the dollar to the euro. This is said to be the catalyst behind all the post-9/11 military action, not anti-terrorism efforts, and that these dollar-undermining decisions by foreign governments continue to shape the U.S. military agenda today in regards to policy against Russia and Syria.

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  1. elmerfudzie

    Can't put up with the stupid "music" running in the background of these documentaries

  2. Ray Togtman

    It is impossible to have an honest gold standard because, for there to be stable economic growth, the supply of gold must increase through discovery of more gold. That is why the discovery of huge amounts of gold in South Africa made possible the expansion of the British empire. Without a constantly expanding supply of gold a gold standard is inherently deflationary. There is nothing wrong with paper money as long as it cannot be counterfeited. So Qaddafi's desire for a gold backed dinar was misguided.

  3. Geo

    Not the first time I've heard/read that war has been used as a means to protect bankers fees coming in from currency exchange due to the oil trade, such as with Iraq.

    Supposedly the reason Iran wasn't hit, was that the mullas decided they preferred the money they were getting by selling oil denominated in us dollars, to the possibility of being destroyed, if they allowed their oil bourse (trading house) they had built and completed, to go live.

    Qaddafi, some years later, decided he would do it if Iran wouldn't. Bankster minion, the Council on Foreign Relations (which Dick Cheney was at the helm of at point prior to being vice president [you can watch him state that fact in a video]), through one of their minions in the State Dept, Hillary Clinton, arranged for the dirty work with the help of the usual suspects.

    Make no mistake, the Clintons, the Bushes, Cheney, Kissinger, Obama, and many others all work for the same Bankster masters. That is why it is so comical for the clueless useful idiots to be screaming at "the evil republicans", and trying to get rid of Trump who is not actually part of the Bankster plan. Trump has and will go along with some of their plan in order to stay alive. However, he has opposed a great deal of it. The idiots should be thanking him.

    Note that Hillary and several others had been trying to paint Russia as doing things worthy of war. It seems logical to be for the same reasons as the other recent wars. Why are we still in Afghanistan? Securing a pipeline route. For who? Not for us, but the world banksters will profit from it.

    Is Putin the bad guy for wanting to be independent from the us dollar? No more than Qaddafi or Saddam.

    And if they will go to war, sacrifice patriots and volunteers alike, not to mention those in the Twin Towers, to keep their oil currency exchange fees coming in, what would they do to those who have inventions that obsolete the need for oil as an energy source?

    Stan Meyer stated he was poisoned minutes before he died at the time of meeting in a restaurant for a major deal for his technology. HIs tech converted water into hydrogen and oxygen inside his fuel injectors at a much lower energy input than output. His brother was behind a lot of the technical development could have easily carried on but he chose to live instead. So for those like a few I know who proclaim anyone would become a rich man if they had any such thing was possible, simply aren't thinking. Many other scientists have met an early demise. Other researchers that have stopped short of putting a turnkey product out for sale have plainly stated that they have been threatened. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that billions spent on oil and all associated with it, just can't be allowed, in the minds of those who own or profit hugely from it.

    Nikola Tesla is still waiting for someone to reproduce some of his technology or similar and put it out there to save the world from the same JP Morgans that shut him down.

    How to do so and stay alive? Give it away free by posting it online with reputable evidence that it works. There are those who claim that there are those that will pay you handsomely for doing so, since most inventors are not independently wealthy and need compensation, that needs to be investigated further. The sticky point is the reputable evidence. It would be difficult to know who to trust so best just to have a good video showing the operation, the input and output meters and showing that there are no hidden power cables, while exposing the details of the method, parts list, etc. Some have done a fairly good videos but without exposing the details of their method, such as the internal wiring and components. So then it really isn't useful to anyone to lower or truly be free, of your power bill, which at some point also free you of your fuel bill.

    It will be the scoffers who haven't done their homework on this. Sadly the world is chock full of the lazy minded haters who think they know physics because they went to a govt and Rockefeller endowed indoctrination center called a school.

    There is a reason why none of Tesla's later inventions are never mentioned in any of the textbooks which only note that he invented AC electricity. He later invented a much safer and universally adaptable type. Pulsed DC which can power both an incandescent and fluorescent bulb with a single wire. You can hold the end of that wire, hold the light bulb in your other hand, under water, if you like. The bulb will light and you will not be harmed. You can watch videos of those that have replicated. Just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

    If you take away their money and power they hold over you, what need of war is there? Look on this website for "All Wars Are Banker Wars" and similar for more confirmation.

  4. Kriss

    World economy would collapse if dollar would collapse.

  5. Taz

    If everyone that made a comment about this subject would actually think logically, they would realize that almost every nation wants to do what the U.S. has done! Be honest and then, maybe we could have an honest conversation! Yes, the U.S. has used it's power, afforded by it's ability to trade and barter with oil-backed currency called the petrodollar. But, ask any other financiers in other countries and their reps if they would love to have their currency be the one that the commodity oil is traded with and they would say "Hell Yes"! That is a fact and once you understand that, you have the reason as to why there are so many conflicts in this world. Once a nation has that power, they will do anything to keep it. So, complaining about how another country or, your own, does business, will not get the world to be fair! And if you think that this world runs on being fair, you are really too naive and don't understand how we will someday implode from our own greed! Greed is a sickness that kills people, both individually and collectively as a nation. Do you really think that there is enough resources to go around right now? Let alone 25 years from now? Yes, imho, we are doomed and have been from the start. There could be a solution to this mess. But, ALL nations would have to be willing to give to get stability and peace. We shouldn't keep feeding the greed monster! The more that we do, the more greedy everyone becomes. We can examine this subject from the macro or micro levels and it is basically the same! I want more than you have and will harm others to get it. It's the same old problem that mankind has had from the very beginning and until we figure out that no one wins if everyone takes more than their share, we will fight wars over material assets and make up absurd reasons for killing each other to get them. Before long, we will have to switch the commodity we use to hold sway over other nations to something else besides oil. When that happens (and it is to some degree now), we will do the same things that we do now! We may be able to bypass the actual wars with using starvation and deprivation as the sole tools to force other countries to 'bend' to our will. But, even that causes more wars and violence. There is NO end in sight as long as we are greedy and hateful humans, IMHO, and we show no signs of recovering from our sicknesses of greed, jealousy, and hatred of others, for whatever reasons!

    1. bob

      how can we trust anything you write if you are incapable of using paragraphs?

  6. Dean

    This is so obviously biased it's absurd. Just go back and listen to the explanation of the Ukraine situation - it basically tows the Putin line and says nothing about their shady dealings and only examines the US - We're not saints, but the Russians aren't either, and this dude is a Russian apologist.

  7. Ed

    People are people. American, Russian, Chinese, Iranian, European, whatever. Every group of people (country) has its own culture-based issues (like Religion, mores, biases, egotism, etc.)...and there is good and evil in all men on top of this. The US is not immune to this, but is not the originator of the concept and is arguably far from the worst offender in these regards.

    So, the rich and powerful will always seek to maintain and extend their wealth and power relative to others. At the same time, some rich/powerful people will seek to help the needy. Some non-rich/powerful will also choose the course they feel is "most moral, ethical or philanthropic" (up to and including the point of demanding it be done with other people's resources via political action, emotional blackmail or whatever). Welcome to the human race. We are who we are and that will not change...period. Only the names/races/locations of the players change.

    It is quite true that empires always come and go. We MAY be living during the transfer from one to the next...or maybe not yet. One cannot effectively forecast people, let alone geopolitics across many nations. Therefore, I choose not to worry about it. The best I can do is play the cards I am dealt each day as effectively as I can FOR MY OWN family and self.

    Fair disclosure: I'm American, a Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine), an Atheist and consider myself generally Libertarian in political leanings.

    Sidebar: Colin it was at least 30 years before planes were an effective bombing platform. Even then it took another 40 years (70 total) before most bombing was truly on-target. Prior to that it was simply "bombing a general area."

    Sidebar 2: Mutually assured destruction has been quite effective at keeping the major powers from directly killing each other. It is been quite ineffective at impacting proxy wars and wars involving at least one non-power. (Frankly, no matter how many noon-power people get killed it is of no importance to propaganda and proxy location control value. That's just the way it is.) Non-powers attaining nukes is a much larger problem simply because they cannot be counted upon to act the way Powers have and by definition they have much less to lose from doing something stupid.

  8. Colin

    Don't waste your time debating folks. Empires come and go and we are currently witnessing a tectonic upheaval of the American"civilization" and all that it represents.
    The answer to these problems you are debating has been around for millenia but only a few come to an understanding.
    Regarding the USA's contribution to science, I would like to mention that the Wright brothers gave the world aviation at the turn of the 20th century and 10 years later aero planes were being used as an effective means to bomb the crap out of mankind. The US was responsible for the Atomic bomb and have since developed more sinister deterrents / threats to war except that now it's all backfired and everyone is pointing a loaded pistol at each other's head.
    Nevertheless things as are what they are and there is nothing anyone can do to alter the future of mankind. But you as individuals have the power to now choose life or death. Get my drift?

  9. MeAMillenial

    Lenny, you are ignorant and blind. You should be advocating for those affected by the decisions made by our U.S. government. The good the U.S.A. does do does not make up for the bad. And we can't correct our mistakes until we face them. Denial is the only dog you know. So go somewhere else with the lies. They are stinking up HOPE.

  10. John Connor

    For those that had been wondering where the sources, links, and references to verify and confirm what this video said and claimed all of them can be found here on his website:

    It's in the entire transcript of his video. He put all of the links in the transcript, you can click on them and it will be the reference source of where he got the information to
    verify what he said.

    Although anyone can challenge and try to debunk what he said but I don't think he's wrong about the Petrodollar, this system is indeed real and established and is the source of where all the conflicts are happening. Let's face it, all things that happen are motivated by money and resources. This is consistent across Iraq, Libya, and Iran, as all of them did indeed tried to abandon or had abandon the US dollar for their oil sales and trades which will pose a big problem long-term for the dollar. Similarly even Russia also have their own independent oil bourse in which they sell and trade their oil for other currencies instead of the dollar, and since they are the second largest oil exporter, this pose a huge threat and problem to the US dollar's value.

    It is absolutely true that President Richard Nixon removed the dollar from the gold standard since 1971 I can assure you of it, there are multiple videos on youtube that verifies this,

    I didn't believe his video completely until I found all of the links and sources he had provided for additional verification and confirmation of what he claimed and said in this video.


    we saw saving private matt damon and believe we defeated the nazis, you ask any german or russian and they both say that ww2 saw russia vs germany as the real,actual fighting and tradegy of the war, germany lost 80% of troops and equipmt and russia about 25 million people to each other.

  12. Arprov

    This is by no means proven to be the exact thruth as it is. But, seen the general track record, large parts of it are at least plausible. But that is not even the point.

    The true merit of this short documentary film is to show that there is - if you actively look for it - a whole other point of view of what is happening in the world than what the mainstream media tell you in their 8 'o' clock news. And that you should always question yourself: "is what they are telling and how they are explaining it really true?" And then start digging into the subject. That is the only way of getting a real understanding of what's happening in the world today.

  13. will

    This was an excellent follow up to Brexit the movie it just seemed to all tie in neatly, especially with the presidential election campaigns, party conventions, the rhetoric, lies, misdirections, and rampant corruption at all levels of the bureaucracy , that are all in motion here at the moment.

  14. Suhail

    I believe this video is an nothing except Justifying the Iran's treacherous acts against the he neighbouring States..

  15. Max

    please pray for ignorance of disputes

  16. Deegee

    It would get an easier review from me if it had identified itself clearly as speculative. Instead, it attempts to present itself as factual, when in reality, much of it is simply guessed at - and the fellow has yet to successfully predict anything. If anything, events since this was made have shown how spectacularly wrong he is on some of the centrepiece predictions he makes, e.g. energy. There is no oil shortage, and, if I may make a prediction of my own, never will be again - OPEC has learned that if it throttles supply to get prices up, they make shale and tarsands extraction (as well as fracking) viable, which increases supply. Their customers become competitors with overflowing fuel storage that they can't use quickly enough. So, that's not gonna happen again. Or at least not for a century or so, at which point oil will be about as relevant as coal is today.

  17. Jihad Jane

    An incredible movie. I hope it's not true. What about our kids?

    Watched the GOP debate tonight it they all agreed we have to strengthen our military and keep a standing army of 500,000 troops. They for the most part were for tearing up the Iran treaty and increasing support for Israel. With what money? They will never change.
    Vote Democrat (Bernie).

    It's funny, at least the 5 O'clock audience was nil and the cameras didn't show it. LOLA

    1. Daniel Piotrowicz

      Bernie is burned out.(8-2021). He has been burned out. He just talks sh*t.

  18. joe gill

    I was blown away by this film. There's no denying the connections made to events of the past and present. I fear for my children and everyone else's.

  19. TheUprising

    Important positions in government are held by lackeys, put into office by the Real Rulers simply because the Real Rulers have incriminating evidence against them. Politicians, to continue to hold office, must pull favors and exact legislation as the financiers require, or risk their transgressions coming to light.

    The Real Rulers have no one country. Using their money and influence they effectively buy elections by financing all the choices the general public have. You fight each other over whether republican or democrat is best, while they laugh their cufflinks off, knowing whichever you choose, you choose their man.

    The system, democratic-republic, or representative government, is not as good as democracy, but it and the usual systems of checks and balances are adequate ways to govern. It is not so much the system that is the problem - the problem is that the system has been bought and taken over, infested if you will, with power-hungry vermin seeking to enslave all human kind. Through this infiltration, and through the usual subliminal devices the media, Hollywood, the press, etc., they have by bread (welfare) and circuses (internet) made the bulk of you fat and happy and for the most part oblivious to even obvious treachery (9-11, e.g.).

    1. Daniel Piotrowicz

      The Uprising: Well said!! 8-2021

  20. bluetortilla

    The next time you're out and somebody says something you know is wrong, speak up! He's not likely to punch you.
    And don't let fear make you shuffle and mutter- stand your ground, even if you shake.

  21. Maya

    Everyone is wondering what we can do about it, can stop listening to CNN and FOX for a start, as everything they tell you is lies, lies and more lies.

  22. Horst Manure

    USA need s war and does not want any of them to end as it keep the ones in power, in power and military making war machines...the rest can make their own arrangements.

  23. L. E. Alba

    Very astute analysis. The part where Cheney, in 1994, lists all the reasons why Bush-41 didn't push forward to Baghdad during Iraq #1 is particularly revealing,

  24. Him Again

    Hey people! Just b4 I go....
    Thanks for some intelligent... banter (I don't think it qualifies as discourse).
    What we do need everywhere is discourse - the power of ideas, the finding of solutions, not politics.
    Is there a way of stopping this runaway train?
    Even Our Owners know they went too far now, but what to do?
    More important - what can we do for our own personal near future?

    1. KC

      We can start by up-voting you to the top and share your post. I agree with you that we have a lot of banter, not much discourse, and even less doing.

    2. Not Important

      So, what are you going to do? Whatever it is; it needs to be very very well organized, and coordinated. The more people you have, collaborating coherently; the better. These vids are trying to reach a "critical mass". It's a shame, they have to resort to a possible WW3 scenario; to attempt to make something happen.

    3. Not Important

      There are plenty of ideas, of how we can turn things around(new tech and knowledge is compiling, like never before). The ideas are just not breaking ground, because of the political system, in place. The point: some sort of revolt is needed. But then, yes; are we just going to talk about it? Regardless, we need to act, in unison; and the net, is our beacon of hope, to truly come together.

    4. panagiotatos

      i think that this internet information boom has a possible side effect. It is due to the plethora of the most contradictory opinions and sources of information in the internet, that there is a danger a person with a bad judgement could fall easily prey to the malevolent -even full of state propaganda- information.

    5. Not Important

      One small example: the election process should be revised. It should be set up, to allow more parties and candidates; as well as cheaper(it's not a brilliant idea, it's common sense, like many other ideas swarming around us). Currently, it's near impossible to have a grassroots campaign in the states. With the web and social media, campaigning should be virtually free. Those in control know this, and don't want this. They prefer the candidates to need funding, that places chips on their shoulders...putting them into pockets, and out of the public's corner. We need to get the right people, in the right places, first. But, in order to do this...well you tell me? We need to organize, reach more people and stand up with the force of an over populated world lol), and accept nothing less.

      Even if we do this in one country. They'll eventually assasinate or pull off some sort of coup, taking back power(as they have, time and time again, in many countries). This needs to be done internationally(or as far reachng as possible), and all at once(or persistent, until a system is more secure). We have the ability, to come together, like never before...but yes, just banter. Even the discouse you speak of, is banter; if you're not doing anything about it. As i've said, there have been alternative views on how to change things, for quite some time...but everyone just talks, because we won't stand together and act. The 60s movement was quelled/pacified...i'll just stop(i've blathered enough), but please elaborate, on what you mean, by "discourse".

  25. Him Again

    There is one good point about Nuclear War capability. It has stopped the Next World War To End Wars.....
    However, the threat of imminent collapse of the whole world's economy is now very real. This will be a war on everybody's doorstep.

    So far, there has not been a reasonable suggestion anywhere I've trawled as to how to stop what is happening.

    This *IS* bigger than the insane "Tulip Bomb" which damaged the Dutch a century or so ago.

    This is vastly bigger.

    Kylneth said that it was like a dangerously stretched rubber band, but now it is more like a balloon full of gas that is still being filled and stretching faster than it can be leaked. The Tulip Bomb was only air and tiny - it was a local pop. This bang will be felt all over the world.

    This is no time to be correcting anybody's English - or American, that's rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    1. L. E. Alba

      I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, I was just telling my daughter that she & my grandson will probably see increasing global turmoil until the tethers snap and we experience worldwide war. I'm a USAF veteran of the Vietnam era and too old to fight now but if I'm still around, at least I can try to explain to my grandchildren why it's happening.

  26. robertbeal


    It is not a Spanish word, not pronounced "crih-MAY-uh."

    1. Martin Hedington

      And: The 'infinte' (4:29) Really poor proofing, smacks of amateurism.

    2. Him Again

      Martin, if you aren't a shill, you need to learn to focus on the core of the presentation, not the insignificant detail. See above....

    3. Martin Hedington

      Thanks for the comment, not being familiar with the word, -although I had seen it before-, I reviewed the definition to be sure of your meaning. No, I'm not a shill, I am also politically active, on the South African gun lobby. In fact I found the doccy thought-provoking, well-researched and sound in its argument. Two things about it detracted from its primary function though, (that being -I think-to educate). Firstly the audio, which had a rather detracting 'imitation stereo' effect which I found almost hypnotic, then, right when I was developing a keen interest, (which thankfully I maintained to the end BTW), that glaring typo smacked me right in the kisser and managed to annoy me somewhat. This was a shame as it deprecated the value of almost the entire presentation for me. My comment was delivered as a positive crit', intended to urge the producer to strive a little harder in this perhaps minor, -but to me at least- important function, that being post-production editing. Spending so much time, thought and effort on everything else, the doccy deserved at least 'finishing' more carefully. Thats all.
      Martin Hedington.
      Author: Conditioned Victim? Your Choice

      To quote another commenter in this thread;
      'I have no dog, and this is not a fight'. BFG

  27. Russ Tul

    This is a brillant documentary, many thanks for uploading it. It's a must to hear and see for all who are politially literate, for those who aspire to become politically savvy, and especiually for people, like myelf, who have children and grandchildren to worry about. "Full spectrum dominance" - this is the goal the 0.1%ers are pursuing. It is a product of total ignorance and bound to end in global catastrophe if we, the 99%ers, don't stop these lunatics.

  28. Hussain Fahmy

    The United Satans and the Evil Union has to be stopped by every peaceful means.

    1. Daniel Piotrowicz

      Hussain Fahmy: Are you "anti-capitalism?

  29. awful_truth

    It is refreshing to see a short 'up to date' documentary on the geo-political events as of late. I do find it rather disturbing (reading comments below) just how much people wish to ignore the obvious, which is stated in this documentary. (by any other name, a rose is still a rose)

  30. Fabien L

    A bit short and somewhat tenuous links between news articles. Lots of conjectures that really can't be proven in any way. Could it be true, yes, could it be completely wrong, yes. You could swap many countries names in there and it would still ring true. Too vague to my liking and short on evidence to make me want to share it as the author begs.

    1. Michael Jay Burns

      some of the basic observations are simple statements of known fact. Some "connect the dots" discussions are pattern perceptions that are open to challenge.
      Mesopotamia's threat to Anglo-American oil/financial interests WAS neutralized militarily on a pretext.
      If an Iran/Russia/China coalition is successful the Dollar's days of domination IS certainly threatened.
      FED policy HAS pumped trillions of "empty" dollars into the economy.
      I don't see it as much of a stretch to suggest that this over-inflated economy is vulnerable.
      Bottom line: the documentary makes very valuable observations that the viewer may extrapolate as he sees fit, but would be a fool to ignore.

    2. Fabien L

      All fiat currencies are doomed in the long term. Anyone with a basic understanding of economic history should know that. I don't see the Russian rouble or the Chinese yuan as great alternatives.

    3. Michael Jay Burns

      If I am not mistaken all modern currencies are fiat, i.e. not commodity backed.
      Fiat currency derives its utility as a unit of transaction solely from a "legal tender" status, i.e. a legally mandated requirement to accept it in payment of debt.
      The issue of the power of a country's currency isn't fiat/not fiat but rather which currency is the "reserve currency" of the world, i.e. universally accepted as legal tender.
      The country whose currency has that status derives enormous economic advantage since it can inflate and deflate the currency at will.
      If a coalition of petroleum producers goes off the dollar, e.g. following a US market crash, the US will lose the advantage that it has held since the end of WWII.
      Many economists see a US crash as highly likely. This clip adds the coalition issue to that discussion.
      There is no "o" in ruble.

    4. Fabien L

      Ruble and rouble are both used if you care to look it up.

      The U.S.A. is the main petrol importing country and the 3rd producer, I can't see petrol being denominated in another currency until that situation changes.

      If the U.S. crashes, so will the rest of the world. Where do you think China exports most of the goods it produces?

    5. Michael Jay Burns

      You are correct on the spelling issue.

      I gather that you now see your "fiat" point is irrelevant.

      As to a world economic crash precipitated by a US crash, I agree that would be likely. What would emerge from such a crash is anybody's guess.

      But perhaps most importantly, the U.S. is projected to be the number 1 producer of oil by 2015, which would make the central point of the clip obsolete.
      But I'm glad that it prompted this discussion.


    6. Russ Tul

      Creative destruction - another word for revolution. It's high time it happened. Yes, there'll be plenty of turbulence, but in the end, the world will be the better for it.

    7. Russ Tul

      Since the Bretton Woods agreement and the dollar becoming the world's reserve currency by default, several countries had threatened to drop the dollar as the reserve currency. Libya was the last one to try. We all know what happened to that country. I wonder what will happen if China decides to go it alone.

    8. awful_truth

      On the contrary Fabien, I didn't see anything vague about it at all. Everything stated is quite factual, and I am at a loss as to how you could swap country's names, and surmise the same results. Just a suggestion, but perhaps you should watch it again. (you may have missed the point)
      A) Why the U.S invaded Iraq.
      B) Why the U.S continues to support the very people it will later demonize, once they have served their purpose. (Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda - formerly Mujahideen, Syrian Rebels - now ISIS, etc )
      Note: A good read is,' war is a racket' by Smedley Darlington Butler, a major general who pacified many nations for American corporate interests, later referring to himself as a gangster for capitalism.
      Here are some interesting thoughts for you to contemplate.
      1) The last audit of Fort Knox (gold supplies) was 1954. Any further attempts by Congress has been an act of futility.
      2) Fiat currency was inevitable since gold (precious metal) could never keep pace with severe population increase, and industrialization. Fiat currency makes complete sense, as long as it is based in reality, not the perception of reality. The real culprit is interest.(Usury) Furthermore, a gold standard is a terrible idea, since it is precisely how the banking elite got control over the working public to begin with. Just reign in the amount of currency in circulation, (recession) no one can pay their bills, and the bank takes everyone's property. (sound familiar?)
      3) If U.S currency was dropped for oil sales, their economy would collapse, since most of the manufacturing jobs have gone to slave labor abroad. (capitalism's true dog eat dog nature exposed) Technically, it should have collapsed already, since they are printing it like there is no end to it. The only reason it hasn't is because of the only business the U.S can compete in anymore which is military applications - heavily warned of by Dwight D. Eisenhower.
      4) In the 1970's, the U.S was pushing Iran towards nuclear power, so the U.S could utilize their oil reserves. (that was until the Shah was overthrown) Now, it is reasoning for a pre-emptive strike. (Like Iraq, and against international law, determined at the Nuremburg trials)
      The bottom line is placing one's head in the sand doesn't change the facts, or make one an ostrich. I guess it really boils down to a simple choice. Stand for something, or fall for everything. Take care, and best wishes Fabien.
      P.S: It is amazing how many people will accept immorality, as long as they are on the winning side. (Just an observation Fabien, not directed at you personally)

    9. bluetortilla

      No, I agree with Fabien. Lack of cohesion and substantiation. Sure, we all understand the underpinnings but if you really want to implicate the nearness of WW3 and how that could down, don't be sloppy!

    10. Fabien L

      Thanks, saved me a reply there :)

    11. Insignificantly Significant

      From what I've noticed, all of the vids, this narrator is involved with, are geared towards WW3. Like most other presenters, they juxtapose, and paint their narrative, very one what it is. In 10 years, if it hasn't happened, they still may be making these type of docs lol.

      But, there are so many things going on in the world(including in the US), that should be stopped. Do we really need threat of another WW, to convince us to do, what we should already be doing?

      Do we really need an all out crisis of sorts, as they say? Well, if you lived in libya, syria, iraq, the ukraine or name a might feel the crisis is already here. And yes, the US is responsible or are constantly involved, not sure how you could swap names out.

    12. Russ Tul

      One of the sad facts about the world we live in is that the US economy is essentially based on arms production (even though we've reached "overkill" several decades ago). The way the 0.1%-controlled media make sure that the military industrial complex continues to dominate the narrative is by feeding our fear: If it's not communism, it's Al Qaida, if not Al Qaida, it's China, ect. In a recent poll, 30% of US citizens expressed the opinion that the government is spending TOO LITTLE on defence (even though, the US spends more than the rest of the world PUT TOGETHER). This goes to show that Edward Bernays, the inventor of "public relations", was right when he said that the masses are totally manipulable (Goebbels and Hitler were among his most successful disciples), all you need is the right strategy. So sad.

    13. awful_truth

      Oh, I see. Funny thing, I don't recall anywhere in the documentary stating that world war 3 was imminent. (I only see it in the title) If it was called 'immoral American foreign policy', would you still attack the facts as lack of cohesion and substantiation? A sloppy distraction for a sloppy title, yes/no? (your comments have nothing to do with my response to Fabien)

    14. Russ Tul

      At this stage in history, there cannot be a WW3. there can only the Last War, which would mean a total destruction of humanity. And many would say "good riddance".

    15. trilemmaman

      Someone once asked Alert Einstein what WW3 would be fought with? He said he "didn't know". But he was "sure that WW4 would be fought with sticks and stones". Some humans will likely survive WW3. War does appear inevitable if national interests (national sovereignty) continues to reign supreme over human interests (human rights). But perhaps that's what humanity needs to learn the ultimate lesson. Make just laws...not unjust war.

    16. awful_truth

      Great quote trilemmaman. Another terrific quote from Einstein is "doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the first sign of insanity". Take care!

    17. Russ Tul

      Hate to disagree with Einstein, of all people. But there will be no WW3, because there will be no one left to fight it.

    18. awful_truth

      Yes, no doubt the world itself would probably be happy to see us gone. Perhaps that is why it has not intervened, since we are well on the way to completing the job ourselves. Best wishes Russ Tul.

    19. Russ Tul

      Thanks, same to you.

  31. D. B.

    I am no fan of the US and it's foreign policy or the petro dollar, but this video sounds like anti-us propaganda.

    1. Insignificantly Significant

      You just don't have to propagandize much, to paint the Western powers in a negative light...just tell it like it is. Some of it is speculation, as we're not at these meetings, and often are left without all of the details. But, look at the track record. We're doing the same things today, that we've(US) been doing(on several continents), for over 50 least. We're destabilizing regions, creating conflicts to perpetuate the war machine(that few profit from immensely), as it's used to "obtain" other countries' resources(not to mention building contracts abroad from all of the destruction we caused), and set up and cut off global trade routes and fortifications,...and all at the expense of the loyal patriotic tax interest...without mentioning the countless lives lost or ruined.

    2. pwndecaf

      Can it be called propaganda if it is true? US citizen...

    3. Lenny

      That's exactly what it is, anti-US propaganda. Nothing more, nothing less. We've done a lot of good in this world. Much more good than evil. "Documentaries" like this focus only on the negative, they blow everything out of proportion and fail to apply the same critique towards other countries and regimes. It's always "America's fault". They do the same with Israel.

    4. WTC7

      Could you please remind me of the good things?

    5. Lenny

      The list is endless.

    6. WTC7

      list a few things

    7. Lenny

      Our technology, our patents, our scientists and scientific breakthroughs, culture, art, athletes, NGO's, we defeated the Nazis, the ultranationalist Japanese, we feed the poor, we help third world countries, we give aid ($), we help make the earth greener and more sustainable, MLK, JFK, NASA, etc etc etc

      Like I said, the list is endless.

    8. WTC7

      I have no dog, and this is not a fight. And I don't care what you think of my name. My country was one of the recipients of your bombs, so don't go down that alley with me.

      As to your country's contribution to the world, other countries in the world have contributed to the development of technologies, have patents, made scientific breakthroughs, have contributed to the world culture, art, have outstanding athletes, NGOs, defeated the Nazis, feed the poor, give aid and make the planet greener.

      You killed JFK, NASA has equivalents in Europe and Russia....

      What is your country's contribution that is greater to loads of other countries' contribution?

      Apart from the fact that you spend a lot of money on war technology and then use it around the world...

    9. Lenny

      Alright, I'm done feeding you. Run along, kid. Hopefully we won't live to see the day where America stops being the leading superpower because when that happens you will be on your knees begging for the Americans to rescue you.

    10. WTC7

      Sure you are done. The typical arrogant attitude won't make your country any more lovable. As to the saving the world, I pray to the day America stops doing it. Look the world today, that's the result of your saving it.

    11. Lenny

      No, that's the result of a power vacuum and poor leadership. If you want to stop with the blanket statements and talk specifics, then maybe we can have a rational debate. But again, Mr "WTC7", you have a dog in this fight and your mind is already made up. If you really believe that 9/11 was an inside job, you are not worth another second of my precious time.

    12. WTC7

      I am a Mrs WTC7. And, actually, I do have a dog - his name is Shaka, he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback :). Blanket statements are yours because you have nothing specific to say, I only responded.

    13. Lenny

      Ok, if that makes you happy, Mrs. WTC7. At least we can agree that you have a cool breed of dog. :)

    14. WTC7

      Thanks, there we agree for sure :)

    15. Russ Tul

      Beg to disagree. There is little doubt in my mind that the 911 attack was allowed to happen by ppl in the hihest echelons of power. And most ppl who have examined the facts are on my side. In fact, Condoleze Rice virtually admitted it by stupidly lying when she said, in so many words, that nobody could have known that there was the possibility of terrotists using passenger jets to attack tergets in the USA. I suspect she was speaking off the cuff without having consulted her advisers, because that was precisely the possibility the US interlligence had warned Dubya aka "The Decider" about just days before the attack happened.

    16. Russ Tul

      Lenny, you mean like the way it rescued Iran, Angola, Nicaragua, junta-led Greece, Cuba (almost), Vietnam (not quite, despite a good try), Cambodia (dito), Pinochet's Chile, Apartheid South Africa (almost, although it tried hard enough) Panama, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or like it's now trying to rescue Ukraine from itself?
      If that's your definition of rescue, then u are right, in part.

    17. Russ Tul

      Yup, the strategy of the 0.1%ers is simple: destabilise every country you can and then sell weapons to both sides and make untold loads of money. High time we got the gillotine running again before the neoroyalists plunge us back into the Dark Ages.

    18. Niklas Lindgren

      I dont argue that USA is a nation full of amazing individuals. Sadly, your government is just aweful, and as for your list of good deeds, well: China makes your technology. Your oilcompanies actively strangle progressive energypatents. Your culture is among the youngest on the planet. Art is definitely nice though. You do run fast, but your basketballplayers and hockeyplayers openly use steroids. NGO┬┤s are everywhere. The allied nations defeated the Nazis. Hiroshima, Nagasaki. You recently outlawed the act of sharing food with the homeless. USA and
      IMF issues massive loans on forced premises and unreasonable terms to desperate nations. You are the only nation on earth invading multiple third world nations as we speak. You buy contracts for rebuilding countries after bombing them, for profit. You use more fossilfuel per household than any other nation in the world and actively drill for naturalgas in your own drinkingwater. Also, you allow torture, trial-less incarceration, have the highest rate of executions and gunrelated crimes in the world and aparently spy on everyone in the whole world, but like you said, the list is endless.

    19. Russ Tul

      Yes, the USA is truly exceptional, I believe we all agree on that.

    20. Russ Tul

      Good try Lenny. But most if not all the points you mention can be challenged.

    21. Lenny

      I can tell from your "name" that you already have a dog in this fight...

    22. Max Soto

      i do not think is anti-us is more anti us foreign policy wich you cannot deny is FUBAR. true we have done good but boy the way we do evil is amazing. i think if europe want the euro let them have it if africa wanted their currency let them have at it. what is so bad about multiple currency each according to its own region.

    23. Insignificantly Significant

      That's just it, it's not bad to the average us citizen(as long as put practices in work, to mitigate a collapse), but to those, who seek international control; obviously it's an issue. It's not anti-us, as you said, as much as it is against those who have taken control of the us...similar to how the us has taken control of so many other countries...covertly(financially or otherwise). To even call it us, is a simplification. It's a multinational group of corporations, who are exploiting the US, just as they are, so many other countries...much of...through US foreign policy, of course.

    24. Russ Tul

      Absolutely! This is a crucial distinction, which most ppl persistently fail to make and which leads to a lot of misunderstanding. There is a world of difference between "the USA" and "the American people". Like you say, the USA is owned, run and controlled by the big corporations and big money (see "Citizens United"). The American ppl -- by and large a likable bunch -- are not much different from any other group of the world's 99.%ers. They just do and think as the 1% wants them to. In most cases, when ppl refer to the US, they mean the US foreign policy, which is firmly in the hands of the 1%ers. The US domestic policy is also run by the 1%, but critics from abroad are seldom concerned about that part of US policy.

    25. lulu

      Are you kidding me? I am waiting for the follow through beneficial results of all the good the USA has done. From a broad perspective all it has done has been to build empire through lies and proxy wars, promoting monopolist business interests, etc., all on the backs of the working class.

    26. Russ Tul

      Lenny, could you mention a few of the good thigs the USA has done for the world? I personally believe that the world would be a lot better off if the USA didn't meddle in world affairs. It has enough problems of ist own. Besides, it is much too young and immature a country to tell others what to do or how to do it. It's anythig but a model for the rest of the world.

    27. trilemmaman

      The United States gave the world a brilliant document called the Declaration of Independence. This document proclaimed that all people have the rigth to self determination and affirmed the ideal established centuries earlier that all people are born with fundamental freedoms/rights that NO government, king or cleric can take away. The creation of the US Constitution obviously bungled that ideal but it did provide a framework (a federation of states with separation of powers) that eventually upheld human rights over states rights. It cost us a war and about a million American lives but we now have 50 states that only fight politically. That could change if political party divisions and extremist ideologies based on religion or worship of the dollar continues to spread. But I can envision a world federation where human rights reign supreme over states rights. And differences between states are resolved in the court room, not on the battle field. Make law, not war. Just laws because injustice will eventually lead to war. Einstein advocated for it. Must be something there.

    28. a_no_n

      um, the declaration of independance has absolutly zero effect on the rest of the world. For the vast majority of us it's an old bit of paper.

      It was also full of sh1t.

      we believe every man is born equal...(unless he's a woman or black, or a native).

      and patient suffering of the Colonies? pull the other one, we never even tried collecting the taxes you owed!

      And however sternly it might suggest it protects you from government, it certainly doesn't offer you any protection from the corporate entities you all bow and scrape to.

      And just so you know, those rights can very much be taken away, and usually in the rest of the world it's an American who'll take them from you if you live in a country that has it's own oil supply or votes in a government you don't like (Iran).

      It also did nothing for the Native Americans who were genocided almost to extinction and had to suffer forced relocations.

      Some suggest that the only reason the war for independence ever happened was because the British were happy just trading with the native nations of America, but the nobility in the Colonies wanted to expand.

    29. lulu

      well the USA could use a little counter-propaganda since it was built on progranda and at the expense of most of the world.

    30. Russ Tul

      Why so D.B., because it lists too many facts that tend to be systematically ignored by he mainstream media?