George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview

George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview

2011, 9/11  -   234 Comments
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George W. Bush: The 9/11 InterviewNational Geographic Channel presents George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview, a world premiere documentary that reveals exclusive, first-person insight into the former president's experience following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

In the most in-depth on-camera interview he has ever given on the subject, President Bush recalls what he was thinking and feeling and what drove the real-time, life-or-death decisions he faced in the first minutes, hours and days after the most lethal terrorist attacks ever on U.S. soil. Hear in unprecedented, intimate detail what he grappled with as both commander in chief, and as a man concerned for his family and fellow citizens.

George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview also takes viewers behind the scenes with extensive archival footage and exclusive materials directly from his library that open a new window into his personal experiences during that historic day that changed the face of America, and the world, forever.

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  1. This criminal accidentally confirms the 9/11 was a false flag operation. Between 20:13 - 20:25 George bush on their way from Air Force One to the bunker tells the young driver to slow "Al Qaeda is not here" the only "Humorous" part of the he claims ? The attacks are still happening and Georgie Boy has already solved the case, oh America wake up and take your country back from the money men of this world, history will hold you all accountable for your inactions and your grandchildren will suffer your failures if they survive.

  2. George seems sincere, but 911 was not a terrorist attack. Either he is naive or out of the loop or both. Sad that people think a few monkeys in two planes could bring down three nyc towers. The u.s. did it for war, via Israeli demolitionists. Ask any top international architect.

  3. ITS NOT AN Interview...

  4. surprised to find that anti-intellectual Americans believe conspiracy theories that their government blowed up its own city in order to launch the hunt for Bin Laden costing billions of dollars.

    1. 1--"architects and engineers" .. They are not kids who talk nonsense.
      2--The Pentagon is probably the most protected area in the world.
      How did a "'plane"" approach it and not intercepted?
      3--What is the connection between Iraq and the events of that day?
      4--The Project for the New American Century (PNAC)...
      5--Whistleblower W. Binney ....... AND T. Drake .
      6--Operation Northwoods 1962.

      A few points to think about ..
      AS for the budget - it comes from the money of the citizens .. The deliberation is not difficult.

    2. Bin Laden wasn't the only goal ..
      The real target was Saddam Hussein

  5. I am a soldier, British Army. Corps of Engineers. Who is he trying to convince. The world is on fire. He and his mates started it... cause they spent all the money on candy, all the gold and oil too. carefully place thermite and c4 cutting charges, not civvy aircraft but military fitted with a neclear weapon. Time delay or remote det. A master class of explosive engineering and mass murder, all to cover up the fuck ups. Waht a joke the USA is... and now always will be. Do Not believe a word tat comes out of this mans mouth.

  6. Yes I have already come to the conclusion that the facts & evidence show that this was premeditated murder. It was big enough for the US Govt to justify the BS that they claimed at the time. Ironically they "The Americans" are about to vote in Donald Trump as their new president. I don't know what is in their water over goodness people. Why do you continue to allow the corrupt to run your country & get away with it? Can you imagine Donald in the oval office with all that power. Something tells me property prices will go up lol.

  7. hahahahahahaha
    if u watch the frames of the missile hitting the pentagon.... only 3 frames really - first is nothing - second is a tiny while entrance of the missile - second is start of explosion... but u can see the line of smoke from the missile engines from right to left - thin white line

    sooooooooo obvious it wasn't a plane - and virtually no damage

    also love how he wasn't allowed to fly home - with 2x airforce fighter jets and no one else in the sky the CIA wouldn't allow him back to the white house

    personal fav part was his story about taking his little dogs to the security safety bunker in the white house - i don't think he was in on 911 attacks - but I'm sure he was thinking its an inside job and shitting his pants when he was sitting on that kids stool for 7min in the class room - feel sorry for him - get the retarded kid into office and then use them like a puppet

    1. That's right because a plane going how many miles an hour wouldnt implode immediately prior to the wings going into the building. Dont forget the pictures of the wheels and the fuselage on the ground though.


    3. Robin there is no person at American Airlines that has ever publicly identified ANY parts from ANY plane parts in those staged pictures of the aftermath. Plus youre missing about 80 more tons of aircraft and luggage etc. ITS A LIE EVERYONE KNOWS IT TOO HAHAHAAAA KEEP LYING ROBIN because you identify yourself as a * to everyone.

  8. Cannot finish watching this lying sack of s*it, Its a wonder he doesn't choke the amount of gulping and swallowing after each blatant lie. Shame on you Bush, Shame on you.

  9. This was no interview!! A interview consists of a unbiased person asking questions, this is the bush show, its painful to hear lie after lie knowing this man as got away with 3000 murders, plus the deaths of the brave 1st responders still to this day, this tragic day still angers me daily to no corporations, plus bushes av profited billions of dollars. 9 11 victims and families, and citizens are owed a new investigation!!!

  10. Good interview..removes him from the Media image if him as a buffoon...I admire him and Laura Bush for their work in Africa to overcome cervical cancer which few people know about and is a cause close to many womens hearts

  11. 5.2 rating, looks like everybody already knows there just going to listen to bullshit, biggest mass murderer on the planet, i wouldnt even bring myself to touch him if ever the day came when for some reason he was in town, i would go out of my way to spit on him

    1. The Holocaust was the world's biggest mass murder.

    2. WRONG. Mao Zedong.1958 to 1962, Great Leap Forward policy led to the deaths of up to 45 million people.

      He must live in fear of your super intelligent spit landing on him.

  12. So he tells the kid to slow down "Al Queda's not here" but he doesnt have any real idea that it might be Al Queda until hours later at Offutt Air Force Base when he talks to his security advisors there. If that isn't suspicious nothing is.

    1. EXACTLY....As soon as I saw the film, I heard that and I knew, I had to look if any1 else had spotted it....well done my man....great minds think alike....

    2. I know same here

  13. Bush was a great president! For all you hater....All I have to say was we weren't part of the government so we do not know everything and we never will! Get over it! It happened! Plus everyone that watched this more than likely voted democrat! lol

    1. i am sure he matches your level of intelligence. Get over it!

    2. You are blind or brainwashed; sorry for you.

  14. If only he went after the right people

  15. he sink like a greatest liar in the world.@ 3:10 he was told ' the second plane hit the second building' so, you knew the first plane and you just went there pretend nothing happening to cover his ass..

  16. Too many questions about 9/11 and too much "benefit" for certain aspects of the US business culture. I don't buy this story at all, and it seems that they're trying to put National Geographic's name to endorse this version.

  17. Tell me when he reached Louisiana and the enlisted man was driving his convoy, he told him to slow down, their is no Al Qaeda here. The term wasn't even a common one then, it also means he apparently knew who committed the act hours after it happened. Bush is a Liar. Watch his eyes blink.

  18. Even feed back is being deleted, I geuss someone is being one sided

  19. All I see is a smugness and arrogance of someone who got away with something

  20. The thugs are Massad and the leader is goerge bush

  21. So far every picture of the pentagon crash I have seen is only an explosion not one shows an aircraft in it. Not even this doc.

    1. No, killing is his way of power play,
      There’s no plane, people are blind to it, Every plane that goes down, there’s always parts scattered everywhere. Where are the parts at. Come on i don’t see any Airplane parts anywhere BUSHES arranged it. Why would a white Present go to a all Colored school anyhow?? His family has the largest fresh water aquifer on there land so we will see where this takes us

  22. It is amazing that we had just been atacked by air and our defense system had no clue as to from where it came from and yet the president is flown around the country from one place to another. Its realy kind of funny so far.

  23. So far agree with george bush. He said the only enemy was the only plain left in the sky, which was air force one. And he told the kid to slow dow al qaeda is not here.

  24. You want justice, Bush?
    1) INVADE ISRAEL. Destroy Mossad.
    2) Hang the Jewish traitors that crawled in every strategic place across USA.
    There's your terrorists.

  25. You want justice, Bush?
    2) Hang the jewish traitors that crawled in every strategic place across USA.
    There's your terrorists.

  26. In the most in-depth on-camera interview he has ever given on the subject, President Bush keeps lying through his teeth in his usual disgusting way, demonstrating once again what kind of disturbing individual he is. Worth watching!

  27. You will find this documentary in the fairy tale/folklore section of your local library.

    1. Did you honestly expect National Geographic to do anything on Georgie boy but a scripted pile of soft $h1t?

  28. W reminds me of a discarded puppet: A hapless, minor member of a vaudevillian cast, not so very bright, thrust by fate into a starring role for which he was ill-equipped.
    I think he only peripherally understood the ways he was manipulated by darker forces, and in that way I feel sory for him. But, he had his talents. He was a writer's thespian. He played the role as written. He served his purpose, uneasy with his legacy as the curtain closes on the greatest of American tradgedys.

    1. uhmmmmm he and his family made BILLIONS off of 911 and wars. he was absolutely no puppet or minor player. his family and friends PLANNED and PROFITED greatly. this is no innocent puppet being manipulated. stop apologizing for him. it's gross really.

  29. nice adress to blind and deaf ppl...adress to those that not use their brain to think and let the government think for them...

  30. Frame 38:30, when you where looking at ground cero, with a wery disturbed face you descibe it like "looking at Hell", in that instant, you smile. How can you dare, you just gave yourself up. You MEGA ID**T

  31. fairytale

  32. @35:34, he says he was going to deal with Iraq later but thought we should deal with alqeda now? I don't quite think that was the order of things.

  33. The "truth" in all these so-called documentaries are always coloured with great melancholic music and emotional-triggering smalltalk.

    There is no reason to explain what I conclude right now, which has already been a conclusion a billion times and is well-documented for those who google up some of the keywords below:

    9/11 was an inside job.

    Google works! Just try and connect the dots here:

    Trilateral Commission, Prescott Bush nazi connection,
    Operation Paperclip, PNAC, Council on Foreign Relations,
    Rotschild history, Federal Reserve, Bilderberg, amero,
    Project INDECT, and of course: one world agenda.

    1. Some how there was and still is a connection there was a need for this to happen for those who had a hand in the stakes involved, moreover the after math, I.E. tightened Security (Homeland Security) and everything else that goes along with it! i welcome your reply!

    2. Yes, but when will the citizens of the United States - AT LAST - realize that they are being fundamentally manipulated and deceived by their own government, which is now so connected to the self-running Artificial Intelligence Industrial Military Complex that the human race would never have a chance if they don't stop this elitistic way of thinking NOW..?

      The train has passed a long time ago. What we can do now is act. Impeach the powers in charge. Hunt down false leaders with suspicious tendencies and betraying their own people. Take back the power - power to the people!

    3. You evaluate individuals as all government emowering them, watch the hearings on 9/11 & Norad, One or two cannot represent the entire government, ranting inobjectively creates loss of control. name your criminals, they will be dealt with for their crimes but don't blame the 'government' for the crimes of a few, ranters are ignored, count to ten, say it clearly for all to hear, Cheney & the Bushes burned us, burn them for their crimes so history shows our government works. Politically correct is gone, they killed many, prosecute them under tribunal as the president you hired committed a crime that suits the punishment of tribunal law which he enacted for crimes he committed. Think! $2.3 trillion dollars was missing from the war chess & showed up in Bushe's account off-shore, that is against the Patriot Act they enacted then broke. You hired them, now fire them as they are living on your $ still.

  34. National Geographic & George Bush are from the same sad nest of neocon fanatics in the same manner N.I.S.T. supports the official version on 9/11.
    National Geographic distributes disinformation about 9/11 because National Geographic has always supported the status quo whether it's right or wrong or worse. Unfortunately we live in a time of the magnificent liars.

  35. The only good thing one can say about Bush is that he is probably ignorant of all the real facts. He seems to be a nice guy and is definatly not a sociopath like his daddy. However, he was most likley just a puppet for others to control. Kind of like Obama. Go along to get along! Isn't that how it works?

  36. 10q rupert murdoch

  37. There is a book l read as a child Arabian Night's 1001 Tales, very unlike the Tale l have just heard in this documentary. The Former President of the United States never mentioned Building 7? That was rather odd, l saw great sadness in his face, or was that atonement one can never tell, no l am afraid this documentary provided nothing. My two questions remain unanswered, perhaps one day they will be.

    1. Why would he mention building 7? The building had been thoroughly evacuated before falling and resulted in no lives lost. The only people that point out building 7 when talking about 9/11 are the conspiracy nut jobs who claim that thousands of witness were wrong and that the buildings were hit by rockets. Or that the planes hit exactly where pre-planted explosives were placed.

  38. Yes they were. It was the biggest slaughtering disgrace in history! Along with slavery. There isn't a country that wasn't taken from somebody else. I live a mile from a reservation and have a lot of native buddies.
    What I'm talking about is people here taking that sense of security for granted. Just exactly how do they think it comes about?...handshake?....World wide peace treaty......a$$ kissing?

    1. long live the taliban my native buddies

    2. ProudinUS that is the first time I have heard that story for where the term redneck originated. I have heard it having to do with construction workers having the backs of their necks sunburned and some others I cannot recall at the moment. But yours sounds reasonable. Can't say I find everything you say to be correct but since I do not have the energy to write down why I disagree I will have to forfeit for now.
      David calling people names on the internet will not win an argument or make you come across as anything but the fool.You are probably not a fool (but hey you could be lol) so don't make yourself come across as one. Unless of course you are a fool, in which case you won't be able to come across any other way. Luckily I am only half a fool, so I can at times fool other fools.

      Luckily lakhotason is (or at least was) here, he as a rule is sensible, calm and knows what he is talking about. My suggestion is to listen because it is very difficult to learn anything while you are busy talking.

  39. @David

    Who are you calling a redneck prick!? Did something bug ya about my post? Im just just sticking up for the US that I owe a little respect to. Not a single person in this country has ever had to wake up to a war siren or stripped of their dignity and been forced to live by a foreign belief.....NOT ONE! (unless they came here from another nation that has) Things are done for a reason here.

    To be labbled a redneck is an honor you little sh!t stick! Some coal miners fought a bloody battle in the Virginia's against the greedy coal mine owners. So, as to not shoot any of their fellow miners, they tied red bandanas around their neck. Giving them the label of jacka$$!

    The next time you have something to say to me why don't you put my post name at the top of the comment box instead of that ignorant "I could be talking to anybody" crap I see on all the doc threads here.

    1. I do believe the American Indian was stripped of his dignity and forced to live by a foreign belief.

    2. Well, after hundreds of years we native Americans are responsible as any other citizen it the USA. Sign petitions, vote wisely in your own interest, clean up the reserves on gamblers money, we can win this is our land.

  40. You know, when the reality of human nature rips into the unity of a countries people, there's always going to be a few that point their fingers at it's leadership. These people raise their voices in disgust for no other reason then having a mentality that their entitlement to the American dream without a single blister on their hand. Some, if not most, think the gov. role is to hand out good paying jobs without any effort on their part. These same complainers also reek of a false sense of self worth and importance as if they were highly marketable. Ya..ok!..if you were highly marketable in this country.....ah..youd be working! So they just begin to ame everything on the gov. Sure our gov needs some serious work. But these

    1. But to think the US would kill its own is just ignorant. If the US didnt have people like Bush in office once in awhile( for the sole purpose of being the UN bully) the US would of had foreign colonies and world wars inside its borders long ago.
      Now, Ive read many coments on TDF 9/11 docs and besides my rude and ignorant ones, and havent found any proof of a gov involvment. I dont even think I saw any of you conspiracy junkies mention anything about weld procedures in the early 70s...weld codes...preheat temps...names of any of the weld inspectors...what type of rod/wire was used...ect. I only ask because Im a structual welder.

    2. Hey ProudinUS, you will never find proof of Government involvement, they cover their tracks well! That's why Trade Centre Building 7 was destroyed, because it was alleged that it held many files that were due to be disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act.... And there wasn't any copies anywhere else!... Ok, say if I was to go along with you about welding in the 70's.... Then why wasn't all the debris collected, taken to a place where it could be inspected, gone over with a fine-toothed comb, analysed, you know... Just like any other aircraft disaster or building collapse, to discover the cause of such a failure of such fine architecture that was responsible for the safety of all those within the confines of those buildings.... Instead, most of the steel structure was immediately shipped out to China for recycling... And there's me thinking that the US of A was not conforming to the Carbon Treaty????

    3. So you want me to believe that US agencies such as the IRS, CIA,, DoD, and the Secret Service keep single hard copies of important files housed in a single location? These major agencies of one of the worlds most powerful nations can have all these important documents destroyed by bringing down a single structure? In the year 2001, none of these important documents were housed digitally on servers that could be accessed from anywhere else in the world? Building 7 was roughly 400 feet from buildings 1 and 2. When they collapsed, building 7 took significant damage from falling debris. Reports have stated that there was a hole in the bottom corner the reached 20 stories. Fires were fed by numerous fuel tanks and lines that supplied generators. Coupled with the fact the building was not constructed like normal skyscrapers, I would be suspicious if the building had NOT collapsed. Read the NIST report....the building failed due to damage from falling debris and fires.

    4. I hate to think we have leaders that would lie,cheat,steal,kill,but my inner spirit says,very probable it is so.

  41. This bushy guy can speak lie as good as me :)

  42. I don't believe a word this man says.

  43. I think if you were going to conduct a black op, the last person you would tell is this guy.

  44. Despite my disgust at the time when I heard that US forces would invade Iraq, I knew that it was wrong and had a very deep regret for us all as a nation.
    This whole thing felt surreal worse than any fiction out there. But my reaction changed, for two weeks afterward the US was united and everyone treated everyone as equals and it was a wonderful feeling for just about two weeks then the ugliness returned and everyone went back to their me first american consumerism mentality again.
    Probably what was worst of all was that the church praised this guy in the south and compared him to FDR! I was told by my church that this liar was the best President since Washington himself! I then embarked on a useless journey to bring sanity back to Christianity. It ruined my life, alienated our family from our community, and just proved one thing. The only safe place to be as a thinking adult was another country all together.
    I think the worst thing Bush did was claim Jesus name to procure votes. A disgusting use of the name of Jesus to fool voters into electing him.

    1. I do not follow any religion but your words ring very true.

      I am sorry your need for truth cost you alienation from your family and community.

      If it makes you feel better, my family views me as a conspiracy nut because i will never let go of the fact that our government was at the least very aware that an attack was imminent. Worse case they were directly involved with the planning and carrying out of those events.

      But as an American it is my job to expose the lies of our government. It is demanded of us in our Constitution and i simply refuse to ever let go of those events and what has transpired since.

      When my family attacks me with venom about who was really behind 911, i just ask them flat out "look back and tell me who benefited from 911, that will give you your answer"

  45. I have already made a couple of comments on this page to state that I have uncovered 16 signs of deceitful body language that Bush makes in this interview. However, I never stated what those 16 signs were and only said that I posted them in the comments section of the youtube page where this interview can be seen in its entirety. Well, I have decided to put them in this page as well, so without further ado, I present to you the 16 signs of deceitful body language that Bush shows as well as the times where you can find them:
    Bush leans backward as if in distress at the start of the speech while adjusting his tie, and he gulps while doing it.
    2:10-Shows micro-espression on face as his facial expression goes from sad to happy for a split second back to sad while saying he thought something extraordinary happened to pilot of? plane that hit WTC
    3:23-Bush gulps after saying "America is under attack"
    4:34-Waves hand out of sync with speech while referencing reporters on cell phones
    12:05-Eyebrows went up and moved inward when Bush talked about deciding what best thing to do was (sign of fear)
    14:33-Bush's face shakes while explaining decision to order air force to shoot down unresponsive planes. ?He also stutters while saying this.
    15:13-Bush gulps after mentioning heroics of passengers on flight 93 and his left shoulder flinches at 15:10
    17:13-Bush's head nods out of control when he explains his determination
    21:00 Bush gulps when he says "government is on top of the situation"
    24:30-Bush claims that his 1st inclination? it was Al-Quaeda was at national security meeting at the Nebraska base, yet earlier in speech he claimes that he jokes about it being Al-Quada at Louisiana base, which happened before being in Nebraska
    27:27-Bush's face does micro-expression of sadness to happy for a second back to sadness when he states he decided not to declare war to protect the homeland
    27:58-Eyebrows went up and moved inward when he mentions hugging his fellow cabinet members after returning to? DC (sign of fear)
    28:52-Bush's left shoulder flinches upward when he states that his speech was as close to being a declaration of war without actually declaring war
    31:29-Bush gulps after saying he was unsure of how his job would unfold
    36:16-Bush's eyebrows shook when he said that "maybe some of his own household members were critical of him wanting bin Laden dead or alive" (also deceiving cuz it's odd that he would use? the word 'maybe')
    44:20-Bush's right eyebrow moves downward when he says he "felt a sense of gratitude that justice had been done." He then gulps.

    Those are the "hot spots" that show that Bush is lying. If anyone wants to be a critic, please make your opinion clear and I will be more than happy to respond to your criticism of my analysis.

    1. @fanof2012,

      Let's gets directly to the point coze to me, you missed it.

      1)Bush (Jr.) was the son of Bush Sr.
      Who in turn was the son of a very well know and recognized NAZI symphatic collaborator. See a few docu here on TDF...
      Bush Sr. still was a high ranking CIA as Klaus Barbie.
      -Reputated NAZI later prosecuted and found guilty after the 70's.

      2)Bush Sr. remained silent during all the time that Barbie was harbored and protected by the USA Gov.
      Not only that but Barbie was hired by the USA Gov. to have an important role in the CIA Org.

      3) I have on my hard disk, a documentariy of ex retired CIA employee(S) who retired outside the USA and who provided not only documents taken from the CIA files but also who told the whole USA citizens about what I just mentionned here in the latter #1 & 2.
      -Part of the Paperclip project.

      And you, you come here and analyse the behavior of Bush Jr. during that interview? You're surprised on top of that?

      Ok! May I ask you if in the USA, peoples vote for their political leaders?
      So??? What's wrong with their constitution for Gawd Sake?
      Don't they update their things in a once in a while?
      Like establishing a maximum subsidee one citizen is permited to grant to any senator or party, etc...?

      Who's intitled to vote in the USA?
      Is it the so-called "We the peoples" or rather the "We the Corporates"?

      That is plain simple, isn't it?
      And if you're unable to get the driff, it just ought to be the reason why the some 3,000 deaths in the 9/11 were fully deserved.

      Compared to the few millions tortured ones in Vietnam, Chilie, San Salvadore, Panama, Iran and the rest, too long to list here; -I'll say that it's a heck of a good deal they gotten there.

      My gosh, things are much more simpler if seen from ouside.


    2. fanof2012, I know he is lying, he is the "chip off the old block"... His father!

  46. Sooo....a documentary promoting a fairy tale , led by a treasonous, lying, crook?
    Great job...not!

  47. I like many of the commentor's are thoughorly discussted that this Doc. is on this site for viewing. To give this traitor to the US a forum for his views makes me sick and I demand it's removal! Since he's taken away everyones freedom's and liberties in the false name of security, I see no reason to recognize his freedom of speech! Please for the sake of this republic remove it immediately.

    1. You "demand" it's removal? Then you mention "This Republic", what Republic are you refering to? I assume you mean the USA but this site is visited by people all around the world with varying ideologies, views and opinions and a lot of them are very intelligent people so listening to what they have to say (especially if they are from a different part of the world) is often helpfull.

      I am not saying I disagree with your opinion of Bush in fact a lot of what you say are things I have said myself but you can't demand certain docs be removed. First off Vlad wont do it and secondly I agree he shouldnt do it because as much as this doc pisses you off it is actually good that it is on so people can see what a liar he is so having it on helps to prove your reasons for not liking him.

    2. Point taken! I get it!

    3. Oh you don't like it so it should be censored. And on top of that you're doing the same thing you accuse him of doing.

    4. Let the Lie's live on.............

    5. Don't be crazy dude! We must keep this documentary available here so people can see Bush is a liar. This documentary does prove that Bush is a liar (and as such also proves that the official story about 9/11 is a lie) because Bush shows numerous signs of deceitful body language in this interview!

      I'm not kidding around here. If you think I'm crazy, then scroll down the page and you will see that 1 month ago I explained all this in an earlier post, and in that same post I also explained that I did my own analysis of Bush's interview and I posted all the signs of deceitful body language that I found in the comments section of the youtube page where you can watch Bush's interview in its entirety.

    6. Alrighty then, I see your points! I'm no believer in censorship. How else do you combat the mainstreet media's censorship of of the REAL truth to be aired. I never understood the americans allegence too this criminal. When witness's, and whistleblowers that come forward are persecuted and killed for telling the truth it makes me think irrationaly!!

    7. "it makes me think irrationaly!!" You sound like a perfect candidate to run for office in the USA lol.

      You can't combat the mainstream media's censorship of the truth on anything. If the truth on many things illegal or immoral was allowed to be reported on properly (in this case what really happened on 9/11 and why) whether aired on TV, radio or printed certain rich powerful people or corporations involvement in whatever the bad thing that was going on would be exposed. Rumour has it these rich powerful people and their corporations own and or control the mainstream media and dictate what is allowed or not allowed to be reported on. This would make it pretty hard to combat the censorship, which makes the internet all the more important as a tool for getting the truth out.

      The problem is most people don't and won't read or believe anything but what is reported in the mainstream media because there are no controls in place to regulate what is written online. I am not talking about censorship I am talking about people having to be able to confirm somehow that what they are saying is in fact true (unfortunately too many people think whatever is written in a newspaper has to be true), there are some kooks writing some crazy stuff online which hurts the legit people who have the courage to question "official stories or accounts".

    8. Obama has crucified more whistle blowers than any other American president.

      He continues and illegal process of secret trials against those that do release information that proves America and Obama continue to torture and murder people.

      So Rsrster - how about Obama the war crimminal (Nobel peace Prize recipient) Ha ha ha ha

    9. dont become that which you hate.

    10. Agree

    11. Rorster PLEASE? To remove evidence that this guy is lying won't help matters.... To see is to believe and from what I have seen, Bush is one of the biggest liars in the world, but he is not and will not be the only one!

  48. I can't watch this documentary. The idea of watching this guy lie, lie, lie and lie even more on camera for a whole hour. No thanks. :-S

    1. I managed 17 minutes, I may go back and watch more when I feel that I can cope!....... America!!!! Wake up and smell the coffee and not at McD's!

  49. I pity the men and women among us who don't question this system.

    2012 awareness will prevail !

  50. Lying sack of s#!t.

  51. 20:23 ..."slow down, Al Quaeda is not here!".... ????? you got to be kidding! How did he know about Al Quaeda at this moment of time? When will they stop lying? Give me a break!

    1. EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT !!! later on he mentions that his chief of intelligence told him that it could have been Al Quaeda but he didnt know as soon as he was in the car from Airforce 1.

  52. im afraid that the terrorists did win
    they suceeded in making the US go into 2 wars in the middle east
    and spend over $3 trillion
    they got what they wanted, a broke America.

    1. Totally agree with your comments. I recall Bush saying that the US was targeted because they are a beacon of freedom and how he won't let them win, yet turns around a pushes through the most archaic, anti-freedom, anti-american laws in history, being the Patriot Acts.

  53. This is a production most Americans have wanted since this tragedy happened. But is it the truth or a cunningly devised lie? Either way it's a terrible mess. If it did happened as stated in the official report, then we live in a country that can't even protect it's most vital entities. Our so-called national security/defense is a joke. We're running all over the world "delivering the oppressed" and we can't even take care of our own land? If this were an inside job, in some ways it would be a better thing.

  54. What a heroic president... when i grow up i want to be just like Bush!!!

    1. What a sell out and a traitor?

    2. @JohnBrady,

      Well, have you got any experiences in abuses, frauds, extorsions, war crimes, and all that sort of things?

      Aside the theatrical natural behavior.
      Connections with racist punks, the NAZI types?
      Better yet, did you read Hitler's Mein Kamph?
      Cause Bush Father (Sr that is) had very relations with many NAZI war criminals.
      Even Bush's dad was grew up in this extreme right wing psychopath way of life.
      Have you ever beaten a black, a Viet or any foreingners for the thrill of it?

      If not, maybe you should simply buy lottery tickets?


  55. Is dark forces playing tricks with my mind because this interview as titled with George W Bush is not an interview at all. Where is the interviewer? and whats his name? and have not seen any questions put before him verbally or in transcript. In fact if anything this is a well rehearsed script that one of Bush's more penned penpals have written for him. A well deserved Oscar for Bush and possibly one for the writer.

    A proper interview in the dictionary term is required and not of one in the American sense because they hav'nt quite grassped the English yet! Too many real questions need to be answered. And needs interviewing in its real essence and with a creditible interviewer. At least for the victims families who are still screaming for a real inquiry and a true, independant and transparent investigation. 911 Commission report didn'nt impress nobody in particular of victims families and survivors. They need closure so do the nation and globally.

    Am still quite shocked that the mainstream is turning a blindeye to the truth especially people in position of power and politics also media are to be blamed but they are controlled by influencial corporate figure heads which have shadowy influence on politicians. The most terifying scenario is "are we the people of nations going to be continually be duped by this tyrant government again and again?". Too many fuddy duddy wars to mention from previous governments. Or do we really dont want to hear the truth? Or is America still going to lead and continue the crusades?

    1. ya i can just see him reading the script... "take 42" director shakes head in the dark's "it's what the hell" ...."you can't say fu** dubya" lol

  56. "The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th." --Washington, D.C., July 12, 2007
    Another great George Bush quote

  57. its disgusting, such a sin-ism

  58. His body language reviles he is lying. I recommend everybody to see the doc, faces

    1. or he is afraid. lol

  59. Now Watch this drive! daveswildcamping

  60. by the way: he says alot of things that contradicts the truth i eg. after air force one lands at that military base and they get into this vehicle. bush tells that young driver to slow down with these words: "slow down, al qaida's not here."

    How does he know it was Al Qaida behind those attacks, when there's no intel at all at that time?

    1. They knew on the morning of that it was al-qaeda. That's how I knew on the morning of that it was THEM!

  61. As someone who's into reading body language (voice, face expressions, subtle face gestures etc.)for the past 20 years I've come to this conclusion after having carefully watched this man: he's lying alot. I mean really alot.

    1. he is a polatician! htf do you think he got in office?

  62. ''Who is this nut out there running ?'' love that one ,here is another '' The class room was fool of kids who were aaaaaam reading'' gets better !!! '' And I felt a presence behind me'' this one is a corker '' My first reaction was ! Who the hell do that to America ?'' I mean seriously W ya? '' The notion of an attack and innocencense of the children clarified my job'' and you are the president of USA ? Oh wow!

    Just to point out here ,when gets to the A 1 plane there is no urgency what so ever ,he just strolls up the stairs like is singing New York, New York. Here is another one why the hell there is no single fighter jet in sight escorting the plane in the first part of its flight,isn't America in war ? You would think if there is plane attacks going on using commercial jets that some one might have the intel to crash in too the A 1 plane ?

    Hmm ,NG I am sorry but making this mokumentary about 9/11 is a sacrilege and a utter disrespect to the lost lives in that tragedy !

    Here is the best quote from W ya and I will live you with it ''There is a certain gravity making decisions that involve life '' yep there is and a man with no conscience like your self would know the number as well 2,996 ,I hope it haunts you to the rest of your days.

  63. "My Pet Goat", is the book he is reading. As everything burns in NY on the second strike, and the Pentagon is yet to be attacked, he continuously listens to the reading by 2 Grade children reading of a book called "My Pet Goat".

    9/11 was a false flag /stand down operation.

  64. With the support of National Geographic, a once well respected photographic journal, the President here, propogates the single message of war. He outlines the script in his introduction as being called to be a war time President. He wants the world to follow his thought process, that by way of news of the third strick at the Pentagon on 9/11, the U.S.A. had had a declareation of war made upon her.

    His premise was wrong at the moment, wrong when he assumed his rush and lust for war on Afghanistan and Iraq, and profoundly wrong with the evidence of hind sight and to this day on Obama's succession, since no national leader or nation had declared war on the U.S.A. regarding the crimes of 9/11.

    They were crimes, yes and the established national and international means of investigation, apprehenion, charges and trials of justice have been systematically circumvented and disregarded by both U.S.A. Presidents. Instead they preside over pre-emptive strikes of continuing global terror and manufacture fear and confusion in the minds of the people.

    President Bush says he wanted to show clam by not disturbing the school children (and the nation) on 9/11, yet in his deliberate quite of full control he has proceeded like a meticulous maniac in reigning forth extended gross terror from 9/11, (as if part of the day's "genius" itself), preventing truth and deminishing liberty.

    Thanks for facilitating the President's lies National Geographic.

  65. I forced myself to watch all 44:59 of this documentary. I think it is actually a fairly important documentary to watch, because it continues the 'official' version of 9/11. This is how the story of 9/11 would be told around campfires if there was no such thing as video.
    It will literally be the mythology of a dramatic event. Just enough truth and told in a way that is completely scripted and rehearsed and edited.
    If there was no such thing as modern communication and the fact that video cameras are everywhere, George W. Bush would be considered a god. ((((Violent shuddering)))

  66. This is the firsr time I heard Gorge Bush with Emotion.

    Addis Abebea, Ethiopia

  67. @Yannick... George W Bush has a plane ticket for you compliments from the Elite...your a winner. please collect your ticket and board asap...destination oblivion.

  68. The main picture of this doc is funny. It looks like a teacher is reading to her class and has had to pull a misbehaving student (George in his chair) away from the other kids and sit him up front with her so he doesn't cause anymore trouble. Maybe he took some kids lunch and stole what he wanted out of it then placed the kids half empty lunch bag in someone elses backpack, then told everyone out loud "Hey Jimmy stole Bobby's lunch, I can see it in his backpack!!". But the teacher was no dummie and saw some icing from a cupcake that was in the kids lunch (George didnt bring a cupcake to school this day because his mom said they were running low on them and only had enough of them left for his after school snack) on Georges cheek, so poor Georgie got caught and no matter how much he lied saying he saw another kid steal it on his way into the class room this morning this teacher wasnt letting him get away with it and punished him.

  69. wow,.. this is just unbelievable, made me dizzy listening to this man

  70. I would love to see the full unedited version of this. I can only dream of this.

  71. Some sources say Israelis were picked up everywhere during 911 doing weird stuff. One said they were here to document the event, I guess. What happened to that info? Just another lost piece of the puzzle I guess.

  72. Okay so i'm not trying to ignore the comments about sorrow, and people who lost lives, but this is a conspiracy case and i will comment on the conspiracy not the tragedy. George Bush i just (in my very own opinion) bulls***ting us when he says the attack was out of no where. We all saw how he was all over the map talking to government and what not in the middle east, he had some form of connection good or bad. It may have started out good, and they may have started out as some kind of alliance but then one thing leads to the next and some kind of agreement must have been broken or too many things were going on and boom. It went all back to Georgie. He didn't know what to do at ALL that day clearly, if you're president... you wouldn't be sitting there staring into space thinking "doh! what do i do now?" no you would be excusing yourself, making a lot of phone calls, getting your friggen guards up and protecting your f***ing country because either you screwed up or you're just hated on for no reason? Their are two sides to every story and we definitely don't know what the other side was. George Bush could have done a lot more in this situation and in other situations. I do send my condolence to every family member lost, to every friend, colleague, acquaintance it happened all so fast and behind our backs.whether we really do know the truth or not, this was a great landmark in history. and a great landmark as life of human beings

    1. The Bush's (and I believe other top level Gov officials) have been doing business with the Bin Laden's and the Saudi rulers for years (the Bush family as you know is involved in the oil industry) and Osama himself worked with/for the CIA. The CIA indirectly helped in the creation of al qaeda when it gave billions to aid the Jihad (when the afghans were fighting the russians) and didnt pay enough attention to where and who the money and weapons they supplied went to. After the war these jihad groups/movements should have been dismantled as they were no longer needed once the war was over but the CIA made no efforts to deal with what they had helped create. As far as I know they also didnt put much if any effort into at least getting the arms they sent that were left over back and out of the hands of these extremists.

      You mentioned Georgie just sat there staring into space not knowing what to do, I have the feeling thats how he spends a good part of every day.

  73. first thing a leader would do in such a scenario would be to mobilize every combat plane in the u.s.a to police the skies over the country but i believe for over an hour after it was determined that terrorists were responsible for plane crashes into twin towers no air cover was dispatched to protect the very seat of power in america the white house from an attack from the air or even the the building in washington namely the pentagon im sorry but THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN i wonder if the plan by conda rice and cheney was to have bush away from white house to give them carte blanche to do whatever hey wnted and bush didnt know anything about it

  74. "We thought we were set up to fail... I think basically it’s because they were afraid we were going to hang somebody"
    Lee Hamilton: Vice-Chairman of 9/11 Commission Report - 8/21/06

    It’s been said that anybody who researches the subject of the so-called September 11 terror attacks in the United States ever ends up believing the official story about what happened. Those who believe that they have been told the truth about 9/11 often believe so because of a superficial understanding of the official story.... as sold by officials.

    The establishment and the media love to portray the government’s official version of the events of 9/11 as a coherent, monolithic and universally accepted body of documented facts, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    A decade after the September 11 attacks it still isn’t fashionable in many circles to draw attention to the defects/misinformation in the official account. That’s a shame, because this event has had immense consequences for The United States of America and the world.

    Those who cling to the official story of 9/11 because it affirms their sense of purpose in the world would have the rest of us believe that questioning the official story is a dishonor to those who died, and an offense to their families.

    This could not be further from the truth, for the pursuit of truth always has been and always will be led by those who lost their loved ones on September 11, 2001.

    It was the 9/11 families whose relentless campaigning led to the formation of the 9/11 Commission. It was their leadership that established the moral framework for millions of concerned citizens to join the pursuit of truth. It is their perseverance, despite the passage of time, that continues to inspire millions to fight to shine light on the events of 9/11.

    The information, eye witnesses, physics & science, documents, evidence that contradicts the official story is sometimes disturbing, highly technical, and even treasonous, but we will never arrive at the truth and achieve justice for the victims of 9/11 if we don’t begin the process of asking the tough questions about the official story…and demanding answers.

    On the passing of the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, let us remember that the most meaningful way to honor those who died is to continue to fight for the truth. Pursuit of the truth is the highest form of patriotism. A nation is as good as its values. Information is the currency of democracy.

    Caveat: There are a few quotes in this post that I appropriated. Thank you all TDF'ers.

    1. Well said Lewis! Because I'd never fall for an "All out conspiracy" before act, but once the various Gov. Org. were faced with the facts, that is a very different ball game.
      Buildings never tip over. It never been seen unless very rare cases where the height wasn't close to the WTC.
      If a clown saw an opportunity to get rid of his properties afterthen, that is the different ball game.

      The bottom line problem is the lack of sensitivity toward the ones who died in this ordeal. Being refused (Anyone) some pseudo matter of security that only the outmost patriot can be intitled to know or view the facts is an insult to the deads as well to the survirors.

      I seen documentaries on other websites where many victim spouses spoke with very little freedom because of Gov. restraints.
      Pure typical mericans recognized and aknowledged as such by their community. Much more american sole than most of who turned down their requests.

      Any innocent would gladly offer to help instead of hiding.


    2. Very well put Gough. I have been searching for a quote on what a patriot is that I read years ago that would have fit nicely with what you wrote but seeing as I cannot remember who it was that said it my search came up empty. I did come across this one that I liked and it seems pretty fitting, well it did to me anyway.You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.Malcolm XAnd this one, I just had to add it because it left me speechless.It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you.Dick Cheney.

    3. I wonder what part of my comment was edited (I dont remember word for word what I wrote down so if part of it is missing I dont know what it is) and why? Perhaps I should actually read the comment policy so that I know what is allowed and what isnt and possibly the reasons behind these rules. As a rule we seem to have few restrictions (besides obvious ones like language and racist comments) so I am sure the ones there are have been put in place for good reasons.

    4. I don't know what the editing policy is Greg_Mc, but liked what you wrote that made it through. Dick Cheney is a weirdo, any quote from him is creepy.

  75. Time to piss some people off.

    I grew up a New Yorker, and 9/11 was the end of my childhood. I was never a fan of George Bush (would've much preferred 8 years of McCain) but more than I ever hated his tactics, politics and decisions, I've come to absolutely loathe the conspiracies and "inside job" assumptions of people that whack it to tragedy. These people get off on disaster, and use "insert conspiracy here" as their podium to argue on. I have my own reservations about government conspiracies (I.E. UFO's, Area 51, MKUltra, etc.) but to patch together conspiracies about 9/11 with other, far-out conspiracies is to spray diarrhea from the mouth. Nobody will take you seriously, and they shouldn't, because you're either starved for attention or just plain crazy.

    I lost friends on that day - and it wasn't the "Illuminati" or the "Reptilians" that killed them; it was a small group of motivated men with an extreme ideology, and a simple enough plan to cause mass destruction with minimum input. Why is it so difficult for some to believe that something small and sinister could destroy something so big and beautiful? Ever seen someone pop a balloon with a needle? Al Qaeda killed thousands that day - with a needle - and our armed forces would kill thousands more in the years to come in revenge. Some of the revenge would be warranted; most would not (Iraq). None of it was part of a "master plan".

    History shows that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. History will also show that Al Qaeda - led by Osama Bin Laden - carried out the attacks on Tuesday, September 11th 2001. Now as I stated - I'm no fan of G.W.B. or the Patriot Act and so on - but I never, not once pointed my finger at our own government.

    It's a case of history repeating itself. Many Americans blamed F.D.R. for Pearl - but eventually history sorts out the crap, and we are left with a simple truth - there were people who felt vindicated in attacking the U.S., and they got away with it. For awhile, anyway.

    As for the Doc - I feel that I understand a man that for many years, I did not. I still don't love him as a president, but I do understand him much better. I understand the decisions he made. Put any one of us in his position those early days and I believe it would've played out in much the same way.

    1. You have my sincerest condolences on losing friends that day, I actually mean it and am not just saying it because it is the polite thing to do. I live in Canada (not far from the NY state border) and Sept 11 2001 had quite an impact on me, obviously nothing even in the same realm as it did on you, and is a day I wont ever forget. I had an American friend come over that night because she was extremely upset for a couple of reasons. 1: Her home country had been attacked which upset her for obvious reasons and way more importantly 2: Her sister was a flight attendant for united airlines and was in the air that morning, she flies almost every weekday and while we didnt know exactly which airport she was flying out of that morning we did know it was one on the east coast. So that needless to say was a little on the stressful side until she was finally able to contact us.

      Just wanted to say that starting your comment off saying "Time to piss some people off" is not the best way to get a reaction from most people on here. Even if what you write does piss people off, knowing that was your goal and more than likely the only reason you even left a comment in the first place will probably cause people to not respond because to quote your own words "Nobody will take you seriously, and they shouldn't, because you're either starved for attention or just plain crazy"

    2. I figured I'd be pissing off the 9/11 conspiracy nuts - hence the opening sentence.

      If they don't want to read it, they don't have to. I was just tossing in my two cents about some of the comments I've seen.

    3. In spite of my opinion that your opening statement would probably stop people from arguing with you just because your intention was to piss them off, I figured at least one person would have had something to say.
      Glad you have a sense of humour and didn't get mad when I used your own words to make fun of you. There are people who come on this site who wouldn't have seen it as the joke it was meant to be.

    4. Yeah, piss some people off.
      Thinking twice, there's just ought to be same lack of sorrow and regret toward the one who died in 911 as for the others ones who suffered and died under the ignominies the USA have lead since the ~mid 50's.
      It is now a fact that in life, all is fair.

      The others ones, being the civils in Iran some 55 years ago who seen their democratically elected president overthrown by USA hired guns to install a NAZI totalitarian "Sha" regime that tortured and murdered at the will of the "Zombies".
      -That was #1 even though the NAZI WWII war criminals who where offered (Or requested as some "Zombies" would rather say) safe heaven in the land of the "Once Frees".

      2) The CIA planed and organized murder of the Chili president to install once more a "USA Yes-man" totalitarian criminal, namely “Pinochet”.
      That left so may MUCH MORE wives and mothers in hell until now days.
      The panama CIA overthrow and sedition organization/leader to install once again a drug used/dealer who later went a little too far in abusive scam pure USA crime org. up to a point where the USA Gov. agencies had to take care of that psychotic murderer.

      3) The Nicaragua paysans who were though by the honorable trash Colonel North to massacre, torture and organize scam and drug deals in their own countries, as long as the USA teenagers can smoke and sniff his drugs while the North jewish associates that bought these USA arms that they resold to terrorists.

      4) Vietnam war... Is your psychotic murder maniac “Kissinger” still alive? Retired on your taxes? Do you really have a good erection while viewing the little teen Viet girl running over the bridge, her skin dangling down her back after her family home got bombed by “Made in USA” napalm?

      5) Have you ever seen the documentary “School of the Assassins”?
      You have any idea where was located these criminal gangsters?
      How about its expansion, satellite abroad?

      To cut that short since the list has no end, compared to the millions of persons who suffered under the USA these past few 60 years, the some ~3,000 who died in 911 were not much of a big thing.
      You got yourself a heck of a good bargain!

      Remember Capone? Never got caught in a criminal case?
      They had to resort to his income taxes reports to lock him up.
      Was there any doubt that he lead a criminal gang?
      Even if the Internet didn't exist at that time, when he appeared in court, the whole world knew that he was one of the worst criminal that ever existed on the face of the earth!

      Same thing for George. With the tools he had at hand, there were much too many incongruities to allow him the benefice of doubt.

      Luckily, the same follow for the USA all over there world.
      Lying to the rest of the world while baring such a long file that contains all the latter aberration makes you guys, criminal by profession.
      Otherwise, you claim to live in a democratic society, you vote?
      'Cause as of now, when your crooks come to discuss any subject on an international level, no one can take their blah-blah for granted.

      Only one option left, go grab your own peoples.
      It's them who have the dough.
      Interestingly enough, it appears that your Elite already figured tat out and are real busy at it.

      Now, go pay your taxes that your government owes to the Communist Chineses.


    5. Pierre, you're all over the map as usual. Quit getting drunk and ranting - it never makes any coherent sense.

    6. @BeardHero420
      please, could you point which of his statement is wrong.
      I don't see drunk, how do you see drunk...a few typos...i make them all the time comes with trying to write in english with a french brain.

    7. @az I think far to many people forget/dont consider that English is not the first language of some of the contributers to the comment section. That he wrote the name Pierre at the bottom of his comment was even to me a red flag (is that the right term? it sounds negative to me which is not my intent at all. I am sticking up for the guy lol but my lack of an extensive vocabulary doesn't allow me to always say things the way I want to. But they do say ignorance is bliss, so I guess going by that I must be happy) that English may be a second or third language for him. I would like to see us English speaking people try to not only communicate but do so in an intelligent way in another language. Hell half of us butcher the one and only language we do know and yes I include myself in that group. But this is an internet comment section and the basic idea is to get your point across and not have to worry about spelling and grammar. Yes sometimes what people write doesn't seem to make sense at first but if you take into account as you said trying to write English with a French brain then read it more carefully and you will usually get what they are saying. English is a stupid language with far to many rules and that someone can speak it (or any other language) as a second language is commendable as far as I am concerned. I am a Canadian and speak basically no French and understand just slightly more than that and I wish could speak it in at least a passible way, thats why I sent my son to a school that was half day English and half day (and subjects) French. Well for a few years anyway but 90% of the kids who went there come from snotty rich families and well lets just say (and whether I have money or am middle class didn't come into play, who I am as a person did) a snotty I am better than most because I am rich and my kids school must be run the same way wasn't a good mix for us and the type of person we wanted our son to grow up to be. He is now 13 and a good chunk of the kids who go to that school live in our neighbourhood and most are very nice kids but to many of them (and you see their parents in them through their actions and speech) I would not be proud to call my kid. OOps got way off topic sorry

    8. You didn't piss anyone off, we just feel sorry for you that your from N.Y. and you haven't even researched 9/11 for yourself because it's rationally impossible to believe the bullshit story the government gave out.

  76. "Slow down Al-Qaeda isn't here." I thought he didn't find out about Al-Qaeda until later.

    1. I have a question to ask as I need clarification on something. At some point (either before or during) in the course of the war between Russia and Afghanistan did the CIA not have a hand in some way in the formation of Al-Qaeda supplying them with weapons, ammo and money etc in order to help defeat the Russians? Or was it the Taliban the CIA helped out? If it was Al-Qaeda and Georgie Jr says he didn't know about them then his is dumber that I thought. I have a feeling it was the Taliban the CIA helped out during that war.

      So many terrorist groups to keep track of it is just so difficult to keep them all straight .... Al-Qaeda, The Taliban, the American Government. There really should be a users manual or a program like they hand out at plays or sporting events so I can reference it and stay on top of who is who

    2. I was saying the same thing. This guy is trying too hard to cover up his bullshit

    3. I clicked "Like" because I think your comment is really funny. Like they had never heard of Al Qaeda before? They were the most dangerous and notorious terrorist organisation from before the attack. Some people just look for any "anomalies" in anything, and then make a real "exciting" story about it afterwards.

  77. wow am speechless! Thats just sickening.

  78. Lying bastard smiles too much when he is talking about a day 3000 people died.

    1. He smiles because he is clueless. Not to be insensitive but have you ever seen a group of special needs kids walking around at a park or a zoo or some place they have been taken for the day by those wonderful people who have chosen as a carreer (after much schooling) to look after them during the day, teach as best each one of them can learn and just generally take them out and help integrate them somewhat into society especially the ones that function at a level where they can have some independence and maybe live on their own.

      Oh yeah I had a very insensitive comment to make before I got sidetracked. Anyway my point is that George smiles just like some of those people who are mentally handicapped and generally unaware of their surroundings but seem happy all the time no matter where they are.

  79. I cant watch this . Loose Change is better.

    1. Why? Seriously why? You should look at all evidence. Even if its a liar's body language......

    2. Wow. And you probably prefer Snow white over this too?

  80. After watching it I must say that it is a well done documentary - for what its purpose was. Listening to the 'junior', even I had a feeling that he was truthful (gee, I never thought I'd say this).

    The fact that none of the contested issues, those that many US citizens want to see clarified, were addressed is a different story.

    I would have liked to hear if he, as the President of the United States & the Commander in Chief, ever asked those responsible to ensure that the killer planes are intercepted & brought down before they completed their mission of murder to explain what happened & why the standard procedure didn't work?

    Neither was he asked to explain why did he refuse to be questioned by the 911 Commission on his own & why he refused the presence of the representatives of the families of the victims & the release of any transcripts from that meeting. To me (& I'm not affected by 911 tragedy in any way) that was extremely unorthodox. But this was an occasion where he could have provided some explanations that could potentially bring some light to the negative context surrounding the issue.

    The fact that he said to that young driver that "al-Qaeda is not here" before it was brought as the most probable culprit in the Andrews base during that brain-storming session hours later, was allowed to feature in this documentary probably only to show how smart the junior is.... or it was perhaps just missed by the editors... I don't know.

    But overall, this documentary is absolutely worthless in terms of bringing light to the controversy that surrounds the 911.

    1. Firstly .... Hi Hunny Bunny!!!!

      I agree with you about how I felt he was being truthful (as far as you might expect a failed oil baron Texan could be anyway.) From watching such docs as this and reading blogs, reports and so forth I`m these days of the opinion that he was shepherded into the whole thing. As much as a twatt that he clearly is I don't believe he could have or would have orchestrated the event. I believe Daddy would have....

      A tiny issue I know but I want your opinion (and others) about one small issue which is often neglected. Bush states early on something like "When I heard an air-plane had crashed into WTC I thought it was a light aircraft etc etc etc......"

      Now as I repeatedly say here I`m no expert, no genius but I`m thinking the USA with it's massive "intelligence" service might have told Bush that it was a giant jet liner that had crashed into WTC. (It's not as if they would fail to mention it) Ummmm he should not have had to draw any false conclusions. It was indeed a giant jet liner. The moment I first saw his comment (years ago) I smelt most obsequious BS on a grand scale.

      I know this whole 911 thing has been done to death but in advance of the 10 year anniversary the BS .... sorry BBC..... has started showing plenty of anti "conspiracy" propaganda over here so it's kind of dug up what is probably best buried. We are getting spammed with prop docs so it kinda grinds my gears.

      I really wished I knew the truth beyond doubt and more so could do something other that squawk about injustice and so on. If I`m honest I wouldn't even given a flying feck about 911 if 911 hadn't precipitated WW3. Lets face it that's what's occurring in slow motion.... As you say it didn't affect you directly and most of the world (very politically incorrect to say so and I know I will receive flack) don't care that much either. It's a hysteria. 3K people died. It was a horrific event and I humbly regret those deaths as any human soul would. Some office blocks got smashed down. (by whatever means)........... If this had happened anywhere else in the world would the whole world now be experiencing such drama?

      One doc I watched in Vlatko's recent spamming spree........ 450k deaths a year from smoking related illnesses? 100k From alcohol? Who Is the USA in war with on those issues?

      Let's face it it's not the amount of human casualties nor the prestigious landmarks being knocked down. It's a murky driven war against an (mostly invented) unseen unkillable enemy which can be exponentially extendible; driving this media frenzy indefinitely. It's cash driven.

    2. Hi sweetheart!

      It's always so great to hear from you (although you rarely leave comments here nowadays my friend)!

      I've seen a documentary (don't remember which one now, I've so many of them on this topic) where I also got the feeling that the junior was somewhat left out of what was to happen on 911. That may be supported by the fact that he was actually prevented by the security service to go back to Washington straight from Florida, as he himself claims in this documentary.

      Not that I have ever thought that he was the one who masterminded the whole thing... That would be too much to come up with, even for a '911 conspiracist' such as myself and would, sadly, absolutely undermine any theory of that kind :).

      But the thing is that the whole game is being orchestrated by much more serious players, Henry Kissinger being one of them, or Zbigniew Brzezinsky, to mention just the two (although there are many more of whom I know little or nothing), who have been in the background of the policy-making-decision-circles, creating the US politics for some fifty years at least (or more).

      So, the junior was just a toy in a much grander game, in which his father, as you rightly say, is one of the big(er) players.

      The 911 is just the "catalyzing event – like a
      new Pearl Harbor" to bring the 'transformation' needed for the project of the "New American Century" (whatever the heck that means for the creators of the project, made in September 2000).

      My problem is that you may be too close to the WWIII thing, having in mind this hole bloody situation in the Middle East. It's a volatile region of the world (especially volatile because of the introduction of the imposed State of Israel - I know I'll be bashed for this).

      The enemy in the case of the 'war on terror' is an enemy one cannot really identify (except if one thinks that al-Qaeda is an identifiable enemy) and the war could drag for years without any conceivable direction. I'd say that's a perfect situation for shady 'business' of gradually imposing the global government through the global security concern.

    3. @WTC7 stop dodging my question about the light aircraft issue and ohhh by the way will you marry me?

    4. @ Yavanna,

      The only thing I heard about Bush commenting on the first plane crash is that he said he thought "what a terrible pilot"!

      I wow to... whatever... till the death parts us.... etc.... :))). Is that ok? :) Are we married now? :)

    5. Well Mrs I should have warned you - I went all Islamic recently so I insist you wear a bag over your head for now on ok?

      And yes I remember the "bad pilot" thing also.... but in the doc (in the first few minutes he states the light aircraft bit) he elaborates..... lies tend to propagate.....

  81. I managed to get 15 minutes into the doc before I turned it off. He said he was "notified" of the first plane crash then told his people to give NYC as much help as they needed and then he went into the classroom. The man changes his stories as often as most people change their their underwear. Over the years I have seen this one video (possibly more than one but this one particular clip is what has stuck in my mind) countless times where he is doing what I believe they call a townhall meeting or something like that (on CNN I think) where he tells the studio audience his actions and thoughts during the morning of that day. In the clip he says he walks into a room in the school that has been left empty for him and his people and there is a TV on in the room where he sees a news report showing the first plane crashing into one of the towers and thinks to himself "that is one bad pilot" and he says this with a smirk on his face attempting to make a joke out of it. This is an obvious lie as there was no footage at that time of the first plane hitting the tower, so over the years someone must have pointed out to him that he best not repeat that story because the way he is telling it it could not possibly have happened. So someone must have come up with this new version of events for him to tell.

    I may be totally off on this next part but here goes anyway. He eventually left the classroom after story time was over because he didn't want to leave early and upset the kids after he had been told of the second plane (like they weren't going to hear about it soon anyway and get upset or more likely confused as they looked to young to comprehend what was going on). Then they show him writing his own little speech that he is going to go back into the classroom and read to the TV cameras because as President he has to talk to the nation about what is going on. Now my question is were they trying to make it look like they actually let George write what he was going to say to the country (and world) in a time of crisis the like of which we have never experienced in an attempt to calm people down? They showed him with the paper and I think a pen in hand but no way was he the one who wrote it, he was just going over it to memorize it, he has smart educated people to do this for him.

  82. I'll have to watch this another time.

    1. You don't think he was lying. You will watch the doc another time.............

      Why not watch the doc then have an opinion? Not saying you don't have a valid opinion but seriously why not comment on a doc you have actually watched?

      I question if anything you comment on on this site is something you've watched. Unless of course it's directly related to Jesus Club. After all the first rule about Jesus club is we must never stop talking about Jesus club.... The second rule about Jesus Club......

    2. yavanna, I watch most docs I comment on. Do you? I actually started watching this doc when the server in Manila went down, so I was watching it, just as I said I would.

    3. It appears that A lot of people read comments, comment on the comments and then watch the doc if it sounds interesting OR people watch the doc first if the subject is undeniably interesting. I have myself commented on comments before i watch the doc and decided afterwards not to watch it.
      @CnN ...Yavanna is right you are always on queue with the Jesus preaching but as you say this is what rules your life, your Higher Self.

    4. The third rule about Jesus club is you shall never change your mind with any evidences what so ever. A real labyrinth kind of alliance your explore on your knees.

      And then there is freedom ...sometimes called Hell on earth!

    5. It's not a club, Az. It's a relationship.

    6. That's fair enough. I know you mean that. We don't always understand WHY people are in "certain" relationship and sometimes people can't explain why they are and remain in it too.

    7. Yup I watch 95 pct of all docs in their entirety and have done so for 2 - 3 years now although I dropped out of commenting a year or so back. The other 5 pct I try to watch and if they are absolutely rubbish or of a subject I have zero interest in I move on. I can say positively that I watch every doc I comment on.

    8. Impressive. What have you learned that is most life-changing for you?

    9. @C_and_N

      "Impressive. What have you learned that is most life-changing for you?"

      That it's pointless arguing with people on the internet. (Not a dig at you.)

    10. I would actually agree with you on that--I ain't changed anyone's mind in . . . has it been 2 years? At least one year plus!

    11. @C_and_N:

      Lets see if you can change your mind about 9/11
      watch the new doc. 9/11 Explosive Evidence-Experts speak out.

    12. @Yavanna


      "Impressive. What have you learned that is most life-changing for you?"

      That it's pointless arguing with people on the internet. (Not a dig at you.)

      .... It can be a fine line between arguing and having a passionate discussion on here, but there is a line and some people either don't see or know the line is there or just don't care.

      Personally I agree with you that arguing on here is pointless, sometimes you (not you personally but you as in people in general) reply to a comment you dont agree with and all of a sudden you seem to be in an arguement you werent looking for lol. It can happen because the person who's comment you responded to takes the fact you do not agree with them personally and gets offended or has their feelings hurt (some people are very sensitive to critisism and get bent out of shape if you disagree with them or say something sarcastic about them or their comment) so they get defensive. Or they may just want to get in an arguement with someone.

      I think because I babble on so much and make long comments most people have just tuned me out all together lol so I don't get caught up in many arguments.

    13. I feel your pain about internetz and arguing. Just a suggestion:

      One can use the pronoun "one" to indicate a non-specified individual and thus negate the need to make parenthetic explanations, as in this sentance: "...sometimes ONE replies to a comment they don't agree with..." Did you see what I did there?

      Hope this helps in your further discussions of interesting topics! =)

    14. @Azilda The fourth rule is the bible is the big book of multiple choice

    15. @Greg_Mc

      What you said is spot on. I've been involved in a couple of heated discussions in the last week or two and I've thought to myself "why am I even bothering to argue about this; this person isn't to change his mind - It's just become a p155ing contest."

      That's why I try to restrict myself nowadays by trying to add to discussion where either I have some personal knowledge to impart or it's a subject I'm really passionate about. Whereas going back a year or two I used to stick my oar in just about everywhere.

    16. I have got to say this Charles because I feel somewhat guilty and this has been bugging me for a few days.

      I feel like I`m picking on you. You have every right to express your opinion just as I have every right to attack it. I`m really riled by what you say sometimes and your wholly ridiculous stances on biblical literacy. But what really riles me is that I WANT to "like" you. I know in my heart that you a decent person even if so utterly brainwashed. But at the same time I want to slap you in the face and say "FFS man open your damn eyes!"

      It's a personal thing of mine that I should watch a video before I comment on it and it grips my sh1t when other don't. Most maybe don't have the time to watch all that is on offer .....but even so I believe people shouldn't comment on stuff they haven't watched. After all this isn't some facebook BS chat friendspace blogfest. This is a documentary library and link-fest. It's not a social website and I personally believe the doc / video at hand should be discussed otherwise it all becomes rather facile.

      But much of my former comment stands. I don't believe you watch much of what you comment upon. You rarely comment on the material - rather your faith and beliefs. This makes you seem very one dimensional. Your constant reaffirmations of faith aren't necessary here. We know you are a god botherer!

      However I believe you are intelligent and I KNOW you are a gentleman, so I guess what I am saying is drop the monk robes once in a while and say what you feel rather than what you "should."

      If you had watched many of the informative and educational docs on this site then by now I would have hoped that you would have achieved a better understanding of reality. We ask you watch some of these docs with an open mind. Unfortunately however this has never occurred. Instead we get standard cut and paste responses from answersingenesis, rather than human type responses.

      Please don't be a robot. Be stupid and speak from the heart like I try to. Even though I`m often an ass. And here's thinking with your mindset..... If god can be wrong, screw up (and reset) destroy the world with a flood why cant you be wrong? Please be human.

      I cant reword this to sound how I really want but I hope you get the meaning beyond my obvious bitterness at your "calling."

    17. Yavanna it isn't healthy to bottle up your emotions and keep them inside. You are going to get an ulcer or have a heart attack or something, every once in a while say WTF and let loose and express your feelings and emotions (aren't they the same thing?) you will feel much better for it afterwards.

      Well it is either that or you could pray.

    18. Yavanna: Wow! It's been a while sinse I've inspired so much typing time! I've hardly said anything religious except on religious docs for a while. Go down my profile comments and see. Some docs are inherently religious such as "Why I'm no longer a Christian" etc. Certainly I can express my opinion there. Blessings!

    19. @C_and_N

      "Yavanna: Wow! It's been a while....."

      Yes I felt I owed you an apology for being so obnoxious towards you and your "relationship" and as I said I do believe you are a gentleman and deserved that.

      You are correct in saying your religious mutterings have reduced a great deal but I would say on many science doc discussions you do usually manage to slot in something religulous. Having said that you always show good grace even when we all pick on you and I respect that. I don't think the site would be the same without your input.

  83. as i watched this, i paid attention to his facial features and wasn't surprised by his excessive blinking...which is a sign of deception or lying.

    1. Excessive blinking is a sign of Reptilian Syndrome just wanted to throw that one in there :)

    2. I counted 7 blinks in a 30 second section of the film early on, and decided not to bother anymore. 15 a minute I believe is average and with the interview taking place against a black background with bush well lit a light was is obviously shining directly into his face which means you could probley bump that figure of 15 up considerably. Your arguement holds no water. Im not saying everything he says in the interview is true but claiming excessive blinking proves this isnt true either.

    3. that was suposed to be in reply to pinched loaf not you knowledge sorry.

    4. I don't think he was lying.

    5. Why do you keep editing all your e-mail Charles, so now ad-hominem attacks EH? calling us "conspiracy Nuts"? TSK, TSK!

    6. I don't have time for the arguments that follow; opinion has not changed, however.

    7. You don't? not even a bit? a slight bit?
      Rehearsed countless time, interview was shot with intend of gaining a better image, did not succeed in my view!

    8. Charles, your baby Bush was lying through his teeth! He was told what to say, or would not have been shown.

  84. National Geographic should stick with science and nature.You guys are too big to rock the boat regarding anything political. Mainstream media is lame, they say what they are told to by the rich corporations that place ads and want to get interviews with powerful people by not asking tough questions,(or at least unprpared/scripted ones).

    1. I have been led to believe the rich "corporations" own a fair amount of the newspapers in the United States (and elsewhere I would assume too) which would make it very easy for them to dictate the content of said newspaper.

  85. To many people buy into propaganda and conspiracy theory's anymore, most of the things he talks about in this video are true. GWB is just dumb... he isn't a grand mastermind or anything, there is no new world order... stop. I can't stand it even after 10 years people wanna bring up that our government did it, and so on, Muslim extremist did this, and maybe its about time you start believing in your country instead of not. Americans need to start to understand that most of the people on the internet who shows links of propaganda, or conspiracy theory's there is no proof or science backing it. The world trade centers can be explained by physics, and another thing about most of the people who post that its our government doing all this they are not even a part of our country... propaganda happens all the time in American, and most certainly around the world in fact its more around the world then in American then most people outside the states will say.

    1. Agreed GWB is not the mastermind of anything and he is dumb but its the very powerfull and smart people who allowed him to get to where he was and if that can be done then why not 9/11? WTC 1&2 complete implosion due to direct impact by jetliners possible but unlikely.WTC 7, another steel re-enforced concrete building/ bunker,home to some of the highest powered government offices, has fires on several floors...AND IT IMPLODES IN THE EXACT SAME MANNER?! Come on you are having the wool pulled over your eyes And what about the WMD in Iraq? Whoops, there was none!I supposed you believed that too only now its simple to prove otherwise because the government couldn't immediately contain and dispose of the evidence to foriegn countries like ground zero.Like the fing Pentagon doesn't have any clear surveillance of that incident just to shut up us conspiracy freaks.It is, afterall ,the most important building of the most sophisticated military in the world, but dang we never thought this could ever happen...wait again that has been proven a lie also. You just keep being a "patriot" and keep believing the crap they feed you while brothers and sisters die fighting BS wars to build permanent bases in ironically oil rich areas...which by the way America is the largest consumer.

    2. After reading your comment 3 or 4 times, which was needed to be done to get around the poor spelling and grammar (As a rule grammar and spelling don't matter in comment boards, if it did matter a lot of my comments wouldn't get posted) so I could try to understand what you were saying. I am not American so I know in your view my opinion doesn't matter but do you not think it is possible some (not all but some) people from other countries may be able to analyse various facts and circumstances that have happened from a different perspective than an American one (sorry that is a far to generalized statement) and possibly give a view from someone who is seeing the whole thing in a way that may be more impartial given that it didnt happen in their country, I almost wrote that they possibly could be more objective about it because of this but I felt that would be seen as an insult to open minded intelligent Americans and I have no intention of being insulting as I do not have the right to be. This tragic event occured on American soil to two (well three really) iconic buildings that in essence represented what America stands for and killed mostly Americans (We lost some good Canadians in this attack too, as did other countries) so obviously it is something you very correctly as a nation have taken personally and want to avenge. This is taking me a while to write because I am being overly cautious to not in any way inadvertently insult my American neighbours so if anything I say comes across as insulting it is purely by accident. Many of my closest friends are Americans and they tolerate my well intentioned rants so I hope you all do too. Anyway rEpulse0110 you said most of the people on the internet who blame your Government are not even part of your country, I have personally found that most of the people I talk to about this are Americans as are the groups or movements who email me on an almost daily basis which is a good thing because if the truth is ever going to come out it is only going to happen because the American people have demanded it. Not all I speak to say your Government was behind it all but a lot say the Government at the very least knew something was up and for the most part they just want answers to their questions and a fair and impartial investigation.

      You say the World trade centres can be explained by physics so please explain it to me, all 3 building if you don't mind. I am not knowledgeable on physics but I am sure if I need help with what you say I can either research it myself or someone on here will help me out. I would really like to hear you explain how 3 steel framed/structured (if that is the correct phrase) buildings collapsed at near free fall speed from a jet fuel fire that doesn't burn hot enough to even melt the steel, especially those floors that were not even on fire. You could say two of the buildings were hit by planes (they were designed to withstand that very thing) and that weakened them but building 7 wasnt hit by a plane.

      As far as my point of view goes (that the buildings came down with the help of explosives which is the only way a steel structured building can implode into itself at the speed these did totally pulverising the concrete into dust leaving traces of thermite in the powder and sadly I believe in peoples lungs) a physicist by the name of Steven Jones can be found all over the internet and he gave up his carreer to spend his time proving the official story is a load of crap, and he explains the actual physics and science behind the theory that the buildings were brought down by explosives and not a fire that would have weakened the steel structure of the buildings and they would have fallen over sideways had the steel by some miracle been weakened or melted by a fire that was never hot enough to do any of that.

      I do not even attempt to claim I have the answers to what happened but through reading things online and watching many docs made by or featuring physicists, architects and scientists that have researched and proven their theories I have over time come to believe that what we have been told happened is not only untrue but impossible. And this is just a small part of it all and only delves into the 3 buildings imploding at near free fall speed.

    3. What makes our country great is the people holding the government accountable. Therefore,following the government blindly, in this country , is an act of treason.
      How does physics account for building 7 falling at free-fall speed?

      Hint: (it's called controlled demolition)

      With reference to your statement about propaganda; what goes around comes around.

      P.S. I do believe in my country. It's the government that I have trouble believing.

    4. @gsjikwblao
      That is more or less what I was saying to him, I just chose (because I am unable to shut up) to say it using about 300 more words than you did lol. The one good thing about writing really long comments is that what I say can be totally wrong or full of BS and I don't get called on it because I seriously doubt anybody even reads them lol

  86. Wonder how many people believe all that was said in the interview? Tried to watch in all honesty and give the benefit of the doubt, didn't work. Pure lies and BS. For one thing, show us "all" the video frames of the plane??? hitting the pentagon.

    1. The video's they released were all the frames from those, but anything showing the "plane" is being held away from the public. There are probably at least another 10 videos that show the object.

    2. I know there were more video cameras involved of which all were confiscated, and the frames that are shown (looks like only a couple) are basically edited from the many more frames from that one video camera.

  87. OK deep cleansing breath- within the first minute President Bush states he was focused on domestic issues and never considered a war. Let's at this point he had taken numerous vacations and was in fact( as is documented) looking for a reason to execute his planned attack on Iraq . Also President Bush knew of Al queda and he previous attacks as well as Bin Laden, but chose to ignore President Clintons warnings.

    Seriously I have only watch 50 seconds dare I risk heart palpitations and finish this propaganda piece?

    1. The longer you watch it the more ticked off you'll get..I'd say skip this one you might have the urge to punch someone in the face....and they'll say damn why did you punch me in the face what da hells wrong with you? Then you'll say it was that damn George W. Bush. :)

    2. I stand corrected, I watched this an open mind and find it informative and insightful. it was interesting see the copy of the memorandum - President eyes only dated August 1, 2001 stating Bin Laden would attack the U.S. while President Bush acted surprised .

      Go ahead watch his , but do so with an open mind. It wont change any ones mind or opinion but is a nice doc.

    3. You didn't miss much.

      Anyway - this is from National Geopraphic and since when did National Geographic give us the truth about anthing of importance?

  88. 33:15 Interesting time for George to stumble, it sounds like he said bomb while stuttering before he said death.

    1. lol! this guy is so easy to read.
      also prior to that, georgy mentions being in the armored presidential vehicule going at least 100 miles an hour and telling the driver ''you can slow down kid, al-queida is not here...''.

      and then he goes on saying ''when we arrived at the airforce base, thats when i had the first indication al-queida might be behind this.''...

      the guy literally has trouble containing his joy when he talks about destruction and death.

  89. fully agree with Azilda. looking at that joker monkey lier makes me very angry. seeing is a Nat Geo release was another clue because they are a bunch of disinformation slaves. trying hard to lie about Jesus, saying he is not the son of God, but a regular man is their main hobby...

  90. I tried to watch this doc but the feeling of hitting the computer was growing and since i have a very old computer i thought ...might as well turn that shite off.
    I cannot look at that man and remain calm.

    1. Az: what made you so angry?

    2. Charles, not sure what you are disagreeing about with Azilda.

    3. Even wooden puppets have a more trustable and better grin than him.

  91. Interesting how soon this murderer knew that they will blame al qaeda, when he was trying to be funny with his driver...
    I wonder how many americans even know what al qaeda really is. Is it 0.000025%?? or even less?

    1. My thoughts exactly.although I think it was actually his dad that organised this. George is not nearly clever enough. Merely a puppet

    2. King George the first, was actually IN the White House, entertaining Osama Bin Laden's FAMILY the morning of the attacks! Now THAT'S 50 yard line "private-box" seating!

      Too bad they decided to leave before the half-time show. With a full military escort back to Saudi Arabia, what's the rush?

    3. I seen your comment on "Recent Comments" & though to myself; -"A bit exagerated". So viewed the doc. NG didn't though of this!
      Normally they don't omit such things.

      I'd really like to view back the tapes of Bin Laden where he states that he was involved in this.
      -But translated by a third party and not by one of George's "We the Corporates". Since that as far as anyone can tell, that was the only justification for George to take for granted that he was facing a second Pearl Harbor.

      As well, what was the urge to destroy, get rid of all the debris abroad in George's friends country, China?
      Why did the Corporate NG didn't shead a little light on this fact?
      That doc was as much of monologue as the 911 inquiry was.

      Taking into account the recents ~50 years of the USA Gov. behavior, there just ought to be something fishy in there.
      No one should conclude to a 100% USA Gov. planed hoax but for the least, much too sleezy to not be involved in a way or another.

      Just think of this, both Bush Jr. & Senior have made business with Bin Laden in the past! And Bush granpa made business with the NAZI before the USA went to war with the NAZI.
      -Such peoples just couldn't care less.
      Bush Sr. was in a meeting with some individuals of the Laden family as 911 took place.
      Only one plane went out of the USA during the ban of the USA air territory.

      The NG Corporate has made his bed.


    4. By saying that Bush did business with Bin Laden, you make it sound as if they were partners with Osama Bin Laden himself. They did business with the Bin Laden family, not Osama personally. Osama was not as active participant in the Bin Laden financial empire.

      Osama is one of 54 children of Mohammed Bin Laden. The Bin Laden family controls a 5 billion dollars construction and telecommunications empire in Saudi Arabia. Only the Saudi royal family is richer and has more influence than the Bin Ladens. Anyone who goes to Saudi Arabia and has any extensive business dealings there will eventually deal with the Bin Laden empire. It is inevitable.

      The Bin Laden family are, at best, uncomfortable with the reputation of Osama. Some have even shown hostility towards their brother....and why wouldn't they. He may be the biggest threat to their financial empire. Not all of them want to live in a cave in Afghanistan.

      It was also quite prudent of the Americans to fly the Bin Ladens that were in the United States home, immediately. The last thing they needed was for some self appointed patriot cowboy to wreak revenge for the 9/11 attacks by shooting a Bin Laden who may have been perfectly innocent. To guarantee the safety of the Bin Laden family members was the right thing to do. As for Bush Sr. having a meeting with members of the Bin Laden family at the time of the attacks, difficult to prove and if it is true so what. A tenuous link at best.

      I'm sure a lot of people did business with the Nazis and later regretted it. Doesn't make them Nazi sympathizers.

      You asked me to think about these points and I did. Not one of them have the strength to strongly suggest that there was a government plot.

    5. Of course people know what Al-Qaeda is. They are a group of freedom fighters formed during the Afghan struggle against the Soviet Union and were made up foreign nationals with a very strong Muslim faith. This belief in Islam was the prime unifying force. At the time when the Soviets finally withdrew from Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden was their leader. Just a brief description.

    6. Jack1952, I'm surprised that you didn't anticipated that I'll remind you that Boing Laden once was on the USA civil servants payroll as the USA was busying againts the russians?
      At that time, the Bush's gang loved him quite a bit more than they ever loved any of his family member.
      -Quote: -"Just a brief description" pushed by the will to mislead the readers. And don't tell me that Jr. wasn't didn't reach the "Age or Reason" at that time, while he was at Sr. sides.

      Knowing what the whole world now knows about the USA foreign policy, anbody call this much more than "Partnership".

      How comes it is that difficult for the USA nation to find someone who never dip himself with this type of individual?
      More over, why would anyone who's having a clean, somewhat or very good standard of living and who earns his life in an easy decency, get accointed with such persons?

      Does the USA absolutly need those weirdoe's?
      Is the USA at the knees of these weirdoe's?
      What's the thrill or the fun to be hanging around these persons?

      Regarding GWB behavior during the whole event, I just don't give any importance to the whole since the whole world sure knowns that any & all USA presidents are trained by the finest behaviorists there can be on planet earth. Same for the other leaders of the "G8".
      I hate those who say : "I see in his eyes and blinlkings that he lies"!

      Damned! It it's the sole thing that save your face, bring out the privates tapes confiscated from the gas stations as well as the other ones! Banana republic that once was a democracy.

      To finish that off, Granpa Bush did not regret his moves but rather had no choice to give up as he was forced by legal regulations.
      The documents exist and are exhibited in documentaries where some Ex-CIA disclose a few things about that Ex_agency.
      IF I remember well, 2 documentaries state that fact.
      One of these is on this present website.

      PS; Where the heack are those WMD?
      When any mature responsible human being, who has anything that looks far or close to a sole, say such things as Powell did under the authority of Bush Jr. he should think about what he's doing instead of acting like a criminal gangster.

      I repeat, National Geographic has made themselves part of that hoax.
      Low, vile sub-humans.


    7. Although I do not believe that 9/11 was an inside job, I did not, at any time, voice any type of approval for George Bush, Junior's presidency. He failed miserably at his job and in his pursuit of Bin Laden.

      His decision to invade Iraq was made by reasoning that was incredibly flawed. Bush and his staff had decided to go to war and there was nothing that was going to stop them. They had made their minds up that there were WMD and there was no amount of intelligence that could change their minds. When CIA operatives told them that there were none, they replied that it must be there somewhere. So his spies returned to their Iraqi sources until they found someone who would tell them what they wanted to hear. Bush and his staff believed that the WMD existed in the same manner that some people believe in their particular ideals. They only listen to what they want to hear and shut out anything that contradicts what they believe to already know. When an average person does this, it can be annoying. When the president of the United States does it, it can be catastrophic. It also makes you a terrible president....maybe the worst in American history.

      As for the claim that it was a missile that hit the pentagon, that forces me to ask a couple of questions. It seems rather puzzling that the U.S. government could find two planes to fly into the Trade Center but couldn't find a third to fly into the pentagon. With all the resources at their disposal you would think that it would not be all that daunting a task. American Airlines, however, claims that one of their airplanes did go missing along with its passengers and crew. What happened to them? One of them was Barbara Olson, the wife of Solicitor General Ted Olson....a rather high profile individual. She was on her way to a taping of the Bill Maher show and she never arrived. What happened to her? There were also staff members from National Geographic on this flight. This could explain their sense of connection with their disappearance.

      Bin Laden accepted help from the United States in the Afghan struggle against the Soviets. He accepted help from a lot of countries and individuals. The Soviet presence in Afghanistan was a very controversial issue and was the reason for the boycott by many nations of the Moscow Olympics. It was hardly a love affair with Bin Laden and was not meant to be a permanent arrangement. If my best friend takes off with my wife does he remain my best friend? Situations change and who was once your ally can become your enemy down the road.

      I do not mean to be rude but none of what you have said can used as evidence. It is much too vague.

    8. It's pretty easy to determine what's haunting you "Jack1952".
      Quote: -"Bin Laden accepted help from the United States".
      Just like a child who state that it is his brother or sister who...
      You don't like it when peoples take things for granted?
      Same for me but I mean it instead of going through crooked paths!

      Getting into that sort of deal just ought to be at one point: "The United States offered help to one of his employee, Bin Laden".
      Anyone on planet earth is well aware & documented about the McCarthism paranoia in the USA. You are seriously sick or intentionnaly misleading other as National Geographic is.

      What ever happened to the flight that went in the pentagon?
      No one knows except the individuals who conceiled the tapes.
      Those tapes ought to have been destroyed by now.
      No one do that without a reason.

      Just to remind you, I ain't no USA citizen...
      And I see that the USA are a pretty dangerous bunch of henchmen.
      Sort of sectarian clans that'd swollow any fantasies their sick leaders, Gourou would lead them in.
      When USA officials talks to the world, they'd lie on whatever bible there can be.
      -If one doesn't know how to create "Cold Fusion" for instance, shut up!

      Give me one good reason to hold back these tapes?
      National security matter?
      Is there only at the far most a few hundreds american patriotic men in the USA? In the white house?

      One this I know for a fact, is that Nat. Geo. is no scientific organisation that speaks freely about sciences, any science.
      They obviously can be bought and proven to be careless about facts and reality. Just specify the price, we'll sit & talk...
      Everytime one view a documentary or any scientific report or documentary, always bare in mind that the Nat. Geo. is part of some extremist corporates that would sink itself into aberrations.

      Now that I'm aware what zele motivate you, I shall say that there's a few other docs I'm interested in.


  92. He should be 'grappling' with his war criminal status in a hangman's cell, 20 feet from the gallows.

  93. i want to see how people will look at this 100 years later if the truth will ever sad. it was sad moment of human history!

    1. I think in 100 years it'll be viewed the same way as the false flags that started World War I, World War II, and every other major war we've been in. That is, virtually no one will remember the truth and the government story will be recorded in history as fact. We're talking generations upon generations of kids raised to believe the official story, taught in schools. For instance, no one even questions Pearl Harbor, at all. Same for the Lucitania incident that started WWI. The stories just paint the USA as the clear and unmistakable victims and that is that. In reality the events of Pearl Harbor were actually influenced and secretly encouraged by Roosevelt, and the Lucitania was a completely planned event (the Germans even put ads in US newspapers before the incident, telling americans not to board because they'd be going into dangerous controlled waters).

      Same exact thing will happen with 9/11. Kids will just be taught that some angry arabs led by Osama Bin Laden took down those towers and there won't be an argument about it at all. F***ing sickens me.

    2. I would like nothing more than to say you are totally wrong and we have learned from the past and eventually this time somehow someway somebody is going to find a way to get an impartial fully open investigation to take place and the true story will come out and those responsible will be prosecuted. (Even though I read somewhere today that Obama has already given full immunity to previous governments on anything to do with 9/11, I hope I missread it or it was a missprint). But sadly you are completely correct in your comment and there is not one thing in it I can argue with, and that sickens me.
      It isnt much but there is some hope as my 13 year old son and I have talked about 9/11 and while he is young and impressionable still and pretty much takes everything I say as the truth I have made sure to not go overboard with what we talk about. I keep most of my opinions to myself and in a nutshell only have discussed with him that something about the 9/11 official story seems fishy to me and a lot of other people who are much more knowledgeable about government,physics etc. That these people as well as myself have some questions about what actually happened and that the American government (we are Canadian) is not telling or letting us know the truth, and that is just not right. He has seen some shows on TV and on his own questioned how they came down so fast and straight. Basically I am teaching him that while he does need to respect authority he does not have to believe everything he is told or reads and not to be afraid to ask questions when he has them. Luckily he is a very smart kid and I am just trying to give him the tools so that he grows up to be a good person who is respectfull of others and knows that he does not have to believe everything he is told and if something doesnt seem right he is allowed to question it until he is satisfied with the answers he gets and that his opinion matters as does other peoples.

    3. If you are going to make an argument at least get your facts straight. WW1 started in July 1914. The Lusitania sank May 15, 1915. The war was in progress at that time for almost a year.

      The Lusitania was a British passenger ship which went from Europe to America. The Germans warned American citizens not to travel on British cruise ships because the Germans were targeting all British ships in their u-boat war. They did not want to antagonize the Americans because they wanted them to remain neutral. It was the submarine U-20 of the German submarine fleet that sunk the Lusitania. It was following strict orders to sink all enemy ships, military or otherwise. There were many Americans on board and this is what swayed many American citizens to side with the British. The Americans did not enter the war until April, 1917, two years after the Lusitania was attacked.

      How Roosevelt managed to encourage the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor is a complete mystery to me. Did he double dare them and so they had to do it to save face? The Japanese had been at war in China since 1937. They invaded Mongolia and the USSR in 1938 but were defeated and they pulled their troops out. In 1941 Vichy France allowed the Japanese to enter French Indo-china. On Dec. 7 of that year they bombed Pearl Harbor. The following day they sent troops into Thailand, Malaya and Hong Kong. The Japanese hardly needed encouragement to go to war.

      If you are going to dislike the United States, at least have legitimate reasons for your animosity.

    4. @Jack1952
      "If you're going to dislike the U.S., at least have legitimate reasons for your animosity."

      I'm sure you're already aware of it, but I don't think that's a primary concern.

    5. @ Pysmythe

      I am amazed that someone can say things that are absolutely untrue and no one calls him on it. There are even those who like what he says. This guy couldn't pass a basic grade 8 history test and yet he uses his own skewed version of history as evidence to support his beliefs. If this is an example how the CT's use information it is no wonder there has not been another investigation.

    6. @Jack1952
      You know, since I've been posting I've stayed quiet far more often than not when I've seen this kind of thing. But I admit, it's really starting to get to me. I'm starting to get more annoyed than I'm at all comfortable with... I'll tell you, though, I've been following all of your posts closely, and I love the way I've seen you handle these things. If I could, I'd give you 5 likes (or more) for each one of them. Don't think it goes unnoticed or unappreciated!

    7. The Lucitania didn't start WWI at all. It may have been the excuse the US needed to join The Great War but it sure as hell wasn't the beginning of the killing.

    8. In retrospect after reading some new comments on here I re read arlips comment and his first line where he says this will be seen as another false flag incident is I think a real possibility. Where I erred is I just took in the incidents mentioned and didn't pay enough attention to what was exactly said. I am no expert on American history, and not even an American, but I don't have time to research every fact that is said on here and while maybe I should be more sure of the facts before I comment or think about them as I do know those incidents didn't start the wars but they did play a big role in eventually getting the Americans to join in. I have to say that I agree with his basic premise that in the future the history books will probably say what the gov wants in them as the truth may never be found out, whatever the truth reallys is as I do not know what it is . The Americans, and i know they arent the only country to do this, have used false flag incidents in the past to inflame the American public so that it is easier for them to join in whatever war or conflict is going on at that time . I have many questions about what happened on 9/11 and believe high level government officials knew more than they are admitting, I obviously have no specific proof of this but have seen all the video's some good some bad and listened to some Physicists and architects who do know what they are talking about and they make a good case for a real unbiased investigation needing to take place.

      One thing I have to say is that part of why i like this site is that there are some very smart people who comment on here and I do learn from them and have at times changed my views because of things they say, but after doing some research on whatever the topic is and not just taking their word for it

    9. The (official) trigger that started events that led to WWI was the assassination of Austro-Hungarian archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914. Lucitania was torpedoed in May 1915 when the war was already going on

    10. learn to check wiki............

    11. I don't think arlips means the events that actually began the conflict, but the events that got the US embroiled in them. We were looking for excuses to join both WWI and WWII and didn't do what we could have to keep our citizens safe.

      Some of your attitudes (like Jack1952) are the reasons we are in the messes we are in today. Any criticism of our country's foreign policy=hatred of America. Perhaps if some of the adults posting here were more critical of our governemnt after 9/11 we would not have been in the geopolitical dumpster we are in today.

    12. It has had a 100 years of media footage. I personally believe that if any scribes exist to record it it will be considered the start of WW3.

      USA.... late for the first two .... REALLY punctual for the next.