Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

2007, Military and War  -   25 Comments
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Ghosts of Abu GhraibAward winning documentary filmmaker Rory Kennedy explores the human and political consequences of one of the most bitter scandals of the war in Iraq in this feature. In the 1960's, a prison was built in Abu Ghraib, an Iraqi city west of Baghdad, and during the regime of Saddam Hussein it became a center of torture and abuse where political dissidents were subjected to agonizing punishment or death.

Following the United States invasion of Iraq in 2003, the prison was taken over by American military authorities, and was used as a holding facility for prisoners of war and suspected terrorists captured by U.S. forces.

The prison's reputation as a site of widespread abuse rose again when journalists discovered photographs of Iraqi prisoners being tortured and humiliated in an ugly variety of ways by American soldiers, a scandal which had a major impact on international thinking about the war.

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib offers an in-depth look at the story behind the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, featuring interviews with observers on both sides of the national divide. Ghosts of Abu Ghraib received its world premiere at the 2007.

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  1. Mahi Tuna

    those i*iot soldiers caused more violence and death than can be counted. they also caused the death of many american troops because of their idiot behavior.....all of them are scumbags

  2. Hamilton Barrett

    Twice during my life I've met former American soldiers who related how they were subjected to forms of approved torture while being held in cells on US bases. What matched up is that both described how the guards loaded squirt guns with urine and regularly drenched them.

  3. Shawn Foster

    what do you expect that a**hole Bush said it's ok to torture TORTURE
    Americas doing torture the shame of it. My father receved two
    bronze star's and three purple hart's and one thing he always said
    was any leader like HITLER that allowed torture was lower then dog

  4. ammar alkadhem

    and miller got promoted..
    how can you have the heart to do something like this, stupid american army

  5. Pete Leclair

    Sickening,Deplorable,Downright inhumane,Smile for the camera thats just me i always smile for the camera.Do u believe in KARMA?"I DO" Those who were sadistic should keep eyes in the back of their heads.The man who lost his father to torture is very strong not to try and avenge his Murder.I would suggest those who suffered at the beheast of the guards are without a doubt wanting justice but in a totally more gruesome way and those guards are probably let their guard down and someone from that time period is going to get justice.I certainly would not want to be any one involved with this sick discusting act.I once was proud to be forthright for what the West stands for.Now i am deeply hurt and I pray to the almighty that this is quite possibly the beginning of payback.Those guards should be afraid revenge has its time as its ally.Very shameful what man and now women go to for self piwer

  6. corktech

    Moral of the story? Stop being sheep people! Indoctrination is pure evil from the military to the church you let them mess with your mind and this kind of behavior will persist. War in defense is honor war for profits, brings sociopaths to the surface as witnessed on this doc and throughout history. At least there are a few who stood up and barked. Thank-you to them for showing us these photos and exposing the sheep to some reality. You are not a great nation under god you are a nation under some men, simple men who themselves think of themselves as gods and keep you believing in all kinds of superstitions and propaganda. To all you military boys and girls remember your families and friends when you deal with defenseless people and this s*** won't happen.

  7. Captain_Mannering01

    Americans as corrupt as the next guy, why are people shocked? Its only mainstram media that have hidden these things

  8. maariyah_seedat93

    It's sickening that they're trying to sit there and justify actions which can never EVER be justifiable. It seemed to be a 'blame game'. 'Oh so and so did this...I was only following orders'. What happened to your conscience? The American Government seems to be a twisted, lying, corrupt and self-serving piece of rubbish. They seem to love going around everywhere, killing innocent people, all in the name of 'the war against terror'. They're the ones doing the 'terror' themselves! The stupid morons sitting in the chairs (a.k.a the "guards") seem to also believe that if there wasn't any hard evidence or in other words no photographic proof, then they wouldn't be charged and they would have gotten away with it. I dearly hope to God that they are haunted with the images of people they have destroyed for as long as they live because seriously, a few months in a military prison is not enough. And for the record, I am not Anti-American, I'm Anti-cruelty and Anti-Torture.

  9. abe78

    as an american i am truly disgusted by what i have seen here, as should we all

  10. abe78

    there is no apology sufficient for the atrocities and indignities portrayed in this film. i am a proud american but the actions at abu ghraib were reprehensible. we should all be ashamed as a society for what happened there!

  11. Giulia

    f*** us army ...some day the people of us will feel like the iraqis ...soon everything will turn against innocent American civilians, and then who will laugh?

  12. Pierre

    Here we go!
    Big foot had a little walk in Iraq now?
    Bo wonder how huge are his feets, huge step as well!
    Got cought & locked up in Abu Ghraib prison?

    I'll tell y'a, if they plug him on a 220 volt, his hairs will look as awfull as ever!
    Plus the "Curly" toes!

    I think you're confusing some foot endowed GI for some sort of beast, didn't you?
    Else, you're smoking Big Foot tabacco?
    Drank his boose maybe?
    Do you see organge palm trees floting in the air?
    Why don't you talk that oever with your doctor at the hospital? They'll provide you a nice white coat, with sleaves tying uo in the back.
    You'd relax...

  13. Bigfoot_is_Real

    Watching this documentary has only strengthened my belief in the existence of the legendary Bigfoot. I mean how can you explain that hair that the hikers found which after numerous DNA tests can't be linked to any known mammal. Just admit it BIGFOOT EXISTS!

  14. Pierre

    As time goes by & as it'll keep passing by, the whole will be remenber. Remember as well that all USA citizens have the legal obligation to vote.
    When one vote, he or she is part of the decision.
    -No sain person can deny that.

    Bottom line: It appeared (Documented & corroborated) that since about ~ mid 50's, the USA Elite including the USA president or his emissaries from various USA Gov. agencies has intentionnaly & willingly lied to the their nation as well as the rest of the world to cover events that lead to the death of millions of human beings.
    The list of the fully and extensively documented cases is much too long to mention here.
    Their CIA was founded by NAZI war criminals that set their lines of conduct and who first managed that USA agency.
    The whole in exchange for safe heaven in the USA along with the pleasure to abuse, murder and torture human beings.
    -No sain person can deny that.

    Ok! Understood that for now, the USA possess the most powerful army and that since every USA citizens are fully willing to enjoy harboring such spychotic vicious thugs, the rest of the some (4 billions human beings - 450 millions USA citizens) must simply sit and wait keeping an opened eye.

    No one can expect the USA population to put all these abusers on a plane on route to "La Haye" under war crime accusations. Don't even dream of this.
    It would take so much guts and determination!
    It is not possible. They'll protect them to the fullest extent. USA Gov. officials are convinced to be above international laws.

    Now that G. Bush Jr. & a few others in his gang admited that there ain't no WMD in Iraq and since that the UN voted "NO" to the invasion of Iraq, this constitute a war crime within itself.
    I noticed a few times that most of USA citizen are convinced that it is their nation who created the UN...\
    -Me, myseft I.
    It was the absolute responsability to Bush and his accomplices to do their job with integrity, verify themselves the details of the "Hoaxed" proofs including UK's Blair's fantasies.
    If one (Bush & his gang) realize that he doesn't possess the competence or the mean to resolve such important matters where massive deaths are obviously foreseen, then resign & do not perpetrate such criminal negligences.
    This isn't a matter or driving under the influence and killing (1-5) persons on the road!
    Spreading depleted uranium in an armed conflics is an offical war crime. Agravated when non-justifiable.

    Since Eisenhowever quit in the 50's, a little bit more than 50 years went by with no observable effort from the USA to rectify their filthy foreign policy.
    There ain't no integrety within their judiciary system.
    They capture rebels, hold them in GITMO stating that they are no soldiers and then, bring them into a martial court?
    What does martial court mean according to the USA elected dictator? No USA citizen is intitled to his own opinion since their new "Patriot Act" that suspend civil rights in the USA.

    What the USA population feared the most about communism/socialism => TOTALITARIMS & it was imposed upon them by their leaders, no foreign clown!

    There may well be a few millions years ahead of us if not a few thousands for the least.
    And meanwhile, many countries on planet earth are obviously justified to consider the USA as a "Very Dangerous" nation to humankind.

    On another hand, look at their economy presently.
    Not everybody knows but it ain't bright, not at all.
    The more I go, the less I source raw material "Made in USA".
    As much as I can. No need to give details why to the sale's rep. Anyhow, it ain't a business matter, so...
    A few millions/yr is peanuts?
    What about the rest of world who are as disgusted?
    No need to discuss or argue, just give any "Suitable reason".
    Anyhow, they've got their thugs, so...

    Give time to their leaders/elite, they'll suck the money out of their citizens with wars such as in Iraq.
    The forecasted cost of that war is grossly egal to the USA debt. Ask Cheney 'bout Halluburton, he sure knows.

    Just smile friendily and say: -No thank, I just stumbled on something else. I'll phone you if need be.
    It is simply dangerous to hand 'roung with such guys.
    Most of USA are very cool peoples but too many have double personnality.
    Go figure who is what when their outmost Elite are crooks.
    Plus no civil right over there backed by a hoaxed justice.

    Nah! Just stare 'round, sit & watch how it'll turn out.
    The less businees there is over there, the more there are in St-Elsewhere.
    Have a good look on Thailand's epoxu resins.
    The australian alumina derivatives, the Phillipinoe's latex.
    Western Europe and above all, China.
    Who you think lend the money to Obama to save the USA banks and fix Georgie's goofs?

    I sit & watch.

  15. Flashman

    What do you think will happen when you train i@#$%^ as soldiers? For God's sake she couldn't even spell rapist and it was already written on the man's charge sheet.

  16. bb

    usa is the biggest terrorist in the world. some day us will feel like the iraqis do

  17. bb

    this is a scandol i think that rumsfeld should be punished for this . how can you say you fight terror when your own goverment is the biggest terrorist

  18. Pierre

    1St) I wasn't stroke by the disgrace & dishonor of being a US citizen. BTW, I'm a caucasian christian, a bit disgusted.

    For the non-poorly educated USA citizen, remember the overthrow by the CIA of the democratically elected Mosadeth in Iran, the covered CIA murders in Vietnam who had a heck of an erection seeing a teen-girl running over a bridge her skin dangling down her back because of "Made in USA" napalm, the CIA murder of the democratically elected Chilian leader later replaced by the USA backed Perron murderer, the overthrow of the democratically elected Nicaraga leader who passed a taxation bill on all exported banana that went against US based private businesses while great US Colonel North subidized the so-called "Contrats" with the Iranian money, left aside the US-Army drugs deals?
    Closer in time, the sale of chemical weapons by D. Rumsfeld to Saddam for the mass-murder of the Iraqi Kurds?

    Specialised arms that need technical specialists to be used with efficiency... No wonder if anybody knew that some could be left over in Saddam's Iraq! They sold it to him because it is this nation's biggest commercial activity in the world!

    A well documented case.

    How come a well fortunate US business man entertain business relations with the "Laden" family for some 10 years before 911? Bin Laden's brother involved in the USA based Carlisle arm business was permited to fly out the USA with his jet while most if not all other airplanes over USA territory were grounded! I don't need to imagine any "Complot"/coverup that USA elite demolished willingly any building, just the business relation with criminal is plenty.

    If simple citizens in other countries know that, what's with the democratic USA? You stopped eating french fries. Humph!

    Tell me? I take for granted that the USA is a democratic country? You vote? Does any knowledgeble person knows who was the CIA director when Reagan decided to go ahead with the Iran/Contrats affair? Reagan himself told Pointdexter's attorney that he discussed proceedures of the Iran/Contrats arms/hostages releases while at the same time lied to both the US congress, the US nation & the rest of the word stating that he'd never get close to this.

    He wasn't senile at all when he gave that testimony.

    What does that constitution worth? The senate vote to veto a political decision and then, the president veto the senate veto? Vetoing a veto? Bizarre!

    I'll tell y'a, I'm in R&D. I create consomption goods. Thus, I select the raw material. As much as possible, I rather source from outside USA.

    Every single times I have no other option but to source the raw material in the USA, I feel bad, real bad.

    I just don't want to go sympatise with vicious thugs that waive their humanity and simply hope for a better luck next time. You'd give a few dollars to the needy 2thrd world to smooth off your integrety? Better use is to use it to stop harrassing others. Geezz!

    What's you're gonna do once most human beings on planet earth run away from you, bullies? Nuke the the rest of humankind? & you'll sell your things to whom, "ET" maybe?

    The huge international corporates are bound go out of there late or soon. Beside, there ain't no more civil rights in USA with the "Patriot Act" already! No heabea corpus what so ever in the land of the frees.

    You only have 2 factual political party and based on documented facts, there ain't much difference between the 2.

    Memory is the most precious skill.

    Good day.

  19. Mary

    Americans and their ideas have long disgusted many countries in the world.
    They said at the end if there were no pictures it would have been whatever, everyone go home. Thank God there were pictures. How many times have no pictures been taken that link American soldiers to what they really are.

  20. 123

    "it was just a dead guy" ... where's the respect to the dead? Were these not human beings? If this was done to Americans, how would the United States react?

    Even though this is a great documentary, it doesn't show half of what really happened. It just reports on what made it to the American media. Please keep researching to know more about the incidents that took place...

  21. Lunarbong

    I watched the doc on here about Zimbardo's 'Stanford Prison Experiment' the other day, and it came to mind at the end of this disturbingly truthful film. Is it down to the environment that they were all in (i.e. the prison compound itself)? We can never really know for sure.
    When you see those terrible pictures that were taken at Abu Grhaib prison in Iraq, showing the prisoners being abused, THESE are the people who did it! Most of them seem like desensitized robots when they are trying to explain themselves. The women seem especially dopey. One of them talks us through a picture, which shows how she had written on a prisoner's thigh with a marker pen because he was a 'RAPEIST'! Oh dear...

  22. jason

    Let's see, get your head cut off, or be embarrassed; which one shall I choose?...Shame on you, America is great and always will be, god willing...

    1. coryn

      "America is great and always will be, god willing...." ??? What kind of a dream are you living in? I'm old enough to have watched it all, from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Abu Ghraib, from the 'Domino Theory' to 'Weapons of Mass Destruction', and I am disgusted and ashamed of what has become of America. 'Might Makes Right' is the American motto. Our so-called leaders, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Miller, are all morally bankrupt. These men are thieves and liars, just watch the reports regarding the money that was supposed to help Iraq, If I were young I would give up my citizenship and emigrate to a sane country, as America is in a death spiral. Is it really all about oil? This country began by disenfranchising the American Indian tribes, destroying their cultures and stealing their land. We have the largest national debt ever accumulated by a country, and we have little productive industry now except the machinery of war. What a disgrace.......

  23. Lisa O

    Deeply disturbing!

  24. john

    Shame on America,never again you will hold the title of being one of the greatest countries in the world!