Giants: The Mystery and The Myth

Giants: The Mystery and The Myth

2001, Mystery  -   162 Comments
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Giants: The Mystery and The MythThis unique special looks at the whole phenomenon of giants from the earliest beginnings of civilization to the present.

Also features interviews of Zecharia Sitchin, author of The Cosmic Code which talks about the content of the Sumerian Tablets.

According to a scientist's experiment on fish in a biodome with double the atmospheric pressure and a few other conditions, the fish grow to an unbelievable size which is proof that Earth had the right conditions back then to support the idea of Giants ever existing.

Giants: The Mystery and The Myth covers historical, biblical, archeological and mythological accounts of giant human beings.

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  1. Amazing how the Bible is misquoted. Makes you wonder what the agenda is...

  2. This video is a Giant waste of time. I didn't know anymore coming out as I did going in.

    1. Yeah John I agree,yeah this film is boring I give it a 1/10 rubbish and horrible movie.

  3. Lousy... first ten minutes-- I can hear this from anoyone's grandpa overloading on the bible.

  4. Just big, strong, Paleo people and shrunken early agricultural peoples. Mystery solved. And don't call them giants, just large humans.

    1. Why not try and find out what happened to the skeleton. We know the Government took them. The Smithsonian is were I would start

  5. It is said the place supposly where Goliath was slain by David has never been escavated. archeoligist dig where and when they want. Why not dig up the place of slain goliath then.

  6. "in the american midwest there are also many large mounds" LOL you bet there are

    1. I grew up near a mound in the Bronx, NYC. Smack dab in the middle of Yankee Stadium.

  7. God be with you

  8. Anyone who can say they definitely believe or don't is close minded. To be as such is a sad condition that many humans demonstrate in this era. Are there no more believers of ancient times?. Think of it scientifically if you must, that a long time ago the atmospheric pressure was much less which allowed things to grow much larger. Thanks for reading

  9. Great film! It was nice to see it again, not having saw it from it's first airing many years ago. Though I do wonder why they cut out an interview with a farmer from his home somewhere in the middle east? With footage of prints in his field and a description of a giant that had come to his door? As for all the disgusted narrow-minded people that just can't wait to spill forth their naivety? Listen more and talk less! Those who don't have enough knowledge shouldn't share their opinion! Yes, you do have the right... but please don't think you're doing humanity a favor with unfounded blurting mockery! Others, like myself, have done the research. But, unlike me, they would not attempt to educate the many Neanderthal's that are so readily anxious to spit out nonsense, and who abound in such numbers here! In other words,,,, reserve judgement until you've exhausted all resources and knowledge on the matter! I don't speak of philosophy. Don't BELIEVE anything! To BELIEVE is to have FAITH in something you know NOTHING about!!! Question everything until you get to the TRUTH! Giants are/were real!! There are still some who reside underground in the amazon jungle. Much historical evidence that could enlighten you people is presently being suppressed, mainly in the name of religions. FANATICS!! DELUSIONAL FANATICS!! Yes! More of you people here should really question and attack the many religions of the world! NOW THERE'S TRULY... WHOLE LOTTA BS BEING SWALLOWED,, if you must know! ;)

  10. See I don't find it hard to believe that giants existed cause when you compare history with archeology with what the holy Scriptures say it paints a picture so clear that it well out ways what any sceptic can come up with to debunk it n o yea these things that people are calling ancient alians well let's put it this way they are anciant but they defiantly are not alians They have been here but back to the giants thing what is so hard to believe in Genesis 6 :4 the first part of that scripture everyone knows that in those days the nephilim proved to be on the earth but u need to keep reading cuz it goes on to say that they were the mighty ones who were of old,the men of renowned or fame there is a sacred secret that is not being taught with accuracy same with the bible but just if they were the men of fame or renowned would it not make sense that u find ancient painting of the down to them having six fingers like the historian Josephus explained down to Abe Lincoln talking about them at his Niagara speach just keep being truth seeker's cuz the truth will always hold up cause if it were a lie we would not even be talking about it like we are now

  11. Sorry guys not sold on this.

  12. In a village south of here (Liverpool U.K.) a location called hale and buried in the churchyard is a guy called John Middleton otherwise known as the Childe of Hale. Many people could not believe how tall he was,that is until the authorities decided to dig him up...His height...9ft 3in (he lived during the time of the English civil war I642 - I649.) absolute fact.

  13. In a village called hale (south of here,Liverpool U.K.) and buried in the churchyard is a guy called John middleton, better known as the childe of Hale.People could not believe how tall he was ...that was until the authorities decided to dig him up...his actual height was 9ft 3in ( he lived during the time of the English civil war I642 -49) ...absolute fact.

  14. Watched just over three minutes and could take no more! All that talk about David & Goliath as if it really happened (n.b. Chap in hat I could cope with, assuming it was fun to include a 'loon'...but the 'voice-over' chap too?... NO WAY!). Pandering to a story that was created to keep people subservient with the message "carry on suffering as slaves, but all the while hope that your slings and stones will one day give you the power" is no way to start a documentary!! Woe is me, for the inability of the USA to make a serious piece of TV anymore. :(

  15. All gods are same but they called by different names in different places. Even the Greek gods are giant as heard.

  16. According to HINDU mythology, there is always proof in theory that all the Devils are giant which are slaughtered by the Gods and Demigods

    1. if u meant Titans, then yea.

  17. Scientist don't believe in Allah,, lol Jinns, Angles are out of the question Al- Hamdulillah for Islam clearing up the Mysteries

  18. I'm six and a half foot tall, the redhead in the cave in my Scottish cousin.

  19. never usually post anything but this is bad, to all who have said i am closed minded read all my posts PLEASE it will show a lot of things in a multitude of differrent areas from Demographics/Geography/History/Archaeo-anthropology to creatures found that were thought extinct for 65 million years, that is not closed minded be patient and read what i have to say . thanks.

    'it just shows how narrow minded a person can be... and you are the perfect example of that !!!'

    Well if i am narrow minded after reading all this info i have put on here there is something wrong with you or you just want to prove something so much nothing else matters and you ignore ALL evidence and just constantly scratch at a blip of nothing i actually look for real evidence not take a Documentry made by some one for whatever reason as proof.

    If you have found giant houses or equipment or giant anything that goes with everyday life we find with ALL Humans in all tribes and cities, even nomadic ones then please tell m, we have even found a type of paint the Neanderthals used in their Ritual buriels, 300K years before these Giants mentioned existed. Thanks.

  20. when the 10 to 12 feet skeletons were found, computers didn´t even exist... you certainly make me laugh, it just shows how narrow minded a person can be... and you are the perfect example of that !!!

    Please read what i wrote properly.

    Obviously I was talking about the often used photographs used to depict Giant Skeletons i actually said SITES not reports of skeletons found which have ALL been 'lost' in the 1830's etc.

    Type Giant Skeletons into google and see the images i meant and these are used on numerous sites to 'prove' giants existed and were from a competition.

    'So your research on this was traveling around 4 continents? Sounds really skillful to me.'

    No i learned how to research at 8 years at University and also well travelled which if you are well travelled you will know broadens your 'mind' no end and when you have met and lived in so many different peoples you realise how the same we are and only some cultural things are different.
    Most people know this anyway but there is nothing like experiencing it in person like most things in life.

    'Deadite is probably one of those people who are paid to write things like that to keep others from researching further'

    No just this crap has been banded about for a long time i encourage people to research it the more that happens the more people will see.

    If you take the time to read all my posts you will clearly see i have done quite a lot of research in different fields myself and only write it here so Hopefully people will see more about this subject and be keen to go out and FIND FOR THEMSELVES with a more open mind if more people researched all the different fields related to this that would be AWESOME and i fully encourage ANYONE to do so if they are truely interested.

    A lot is said that scientists 'hide' all evidence of Giants as it upsets the balance ...

    All that shows is the people who say that have a lack of understanding that Science is a constantly CHANGING thing.

    Since this was made 3 NEW species of Human have been found which ALL go against accepted thought but they exist so have to fit in too existing knowledge.

    Another case is Feathered Dinosaurs once thought in only ONE type and it was ultra rare now we know there are entire Species that were feathered not too long ago that would have been laughed at...Science changes with evidence.

    The two types of Coelacanth have been found which flies in the face of a lot at the time they were found as they were thought extinct for around 65 million years.

    also say 8-10' tall apes existed and Homo Ergaster etc who where a lot taller than us Homo Sapiens, odd thing is the description of Cyclops skulls in Ancient Greek tourist 'handbooks (yes they had them) are just like mammoth and elephant skulls likewise the griffins.

    If you dug up a 4' long bone 1,500BC you would not have thought ' hmm judging by the shape and attributes this looks like it could have belonged too the order Saurischia from the Diplodocidae family, maybe a Diplodocus'.

    I grew up with Myths and legends of British Isles. Balder, Gog magog and lots of other Giants and wish they did exist but the evidence is not there

  21. I find it funny sometimes how the same people who quickly jump on the bandwagon when it comes to aliens who build all these monolithic structures, which is only one of the possible explanations for these buildings, use ancient mythology spread all over the world as an argument, then so easily dismiss the record in the SAME ancient mythologies about giants or let's say dragons.

    The mere fact that there existed giant life forms on our planet at more than one time (dinosaurs, giant mammals before the last ice age) makes it a possibility that there also might have been giant humanoid life forms.

    And who knows? Maybe ALL these stories in the mythologies have a true core...

    1. 'The mere fact that there existed giant life forms on our planet at more than one time (dinosaurs, giant mammals before the last ice age) makes it a possibility that there also might have been giant humanoid life form'/'
      use ancient mythology spread all over the world as an argument, '

      Why do people only think that giant animals lived in the past or Giant Humans could only live in the past????

      Interestingly the largest Animal EVER to have existed in History that we know of makes all Dinosaurs and Mega Fauna look small in comparison and it lives to this very day in our seas.
      The Blue Whale has been recorded at 110' long and others weighing approx 187.5 long tons both far bigger than anything we know of by a long way.

      Also largest species of trees we know of in History live in modern times some in Australia (Eucalyptus regnans) where reported as 470' - 490' tall, Giants still exist in nature bigger than ever.

      So a ten foot ape like creature is not Giant? (Gigantopithecus blacki), strangely its teeth were found first in China labelled as 'Dragon Bones' like other fossils of big bones evn to this day in 2012 they are finding fossils labelled as dragon bones, luckily the Chinese have recorded everything for thousands of years so we know they have been finding fossils for a long time but like anywhere did not know what they truely were untill Modern times but being Humans where curious and tried to explain where they came from.....(can you see how some myths are the same here)

      Some fossils (bellamites etc) and early stone arrowheads have been documented as dragons teeth or Pixie shot for 100's of years in England, farmers even now still keep finding things so farmers 8K years ago too would have found things.
      That says a lot of what people thought of big bones that can not be explained by the contemporary knowledge of the time.

      hmm maybe because we all are human and think the same? we all laugh, cry, bleed ,war ,starve, die, natural disasters, crop failures , invaders, fear of the unkown, a want to know why things happen thought process etc exactly the same way as each other also trade routes have passed around ideas since the early stone age, on a massive scale and earlier but on a smaller scale.

      Most cultures around the world have myths/legends/Gods etc based on wolves at that time in the world wolves lived in most places and did take peoples livestock, so did the stone age Brits talk to the far eastern Paleo-Siberians who talked to the Proto-Tibeteans or did they share the same common things???.

      Natural disasters now when they happen we know they effect many countries ie Tsunamis so is it odd that some legends are similar?

      The world was not a closed off thing with groups of people all evolving seperatley, some things yes but in prehistoric times British tin has been found all over the Mediterranean and even as far as the Near East them trade routes to be so large would have been established a long long time before that and there are many other cases of this happening.

      People found buried over 4K years ago have been found around Stonehenge in England and they were from Central Europe!

      All this is established and changing thought and not unusual but if you do not know much about History a lot of people tend to think we are so much different to the Humans of the past and do not think of all the things that make us today also made people back then only our outlook on some things has changed.

      I really want to believe Giants were real as in 15-30' people but there is no REAl evidence, no bones all 'lost', no houses, no weapons, no chairs, no combs, no anything really big we have found like we have in every other culture dating back 8K years.

      Troy that ancient city was a myth for thousands of years then in 1865-8 it was found then they found out Troys name in other cultures called Wilusa or Truwisa in Hittite for example and it led to the changing of History, just like a lot of places in the world, so why have all these History CHANGING things not been covered up? because at the time is was that much of a big deal it changed our views on Western History forever.

    2. Argentinasaurus is the largest animal ever

  22. The Summerians were the first people that we know of with a written language. They recorded their history on thousands and thousands of tablets. Many of them discussed the Gods and the Giants that they lived among and even hung out with. They knew a lot of things about the universe and what was going on here that we are just discovering today, over 5,000 years later. They built structures that we couldn't even replicate with any technology we have today. Anyone who believes they know everything and these documentaries are just a joke is a closed-minded m*ron. We know nothing compared to what they knew. I really enjoy learning about stuff like this, because it helps me to learn where we actually came from and what we are doing here, but I hate reading these criticisms.

    1. 'The Summerians were the first people that we know of with a written language'

      The Sumerians were not the first people that we know of just the most documented and found now they have started unearthing tablets found in Pakistan of the Harappan Civilization which dates back 5.5K years, just not enough of them yet.
      'They built structures that we couldn't even replicate with any technology we have today'

      Another thing flip the coin, the Sumerians could not build 99.9% of the things we do becuase they dont have the right Tech, can you see a pattern forming?.

      remember when comparing totally diffent cultures you must not forget we are all the same Humans with same brains ec and problem solving skills, the Sumerians could not build a inter continental ballistic missile or the internet or Bullet trains etc but they did not need too as well as they did not have the tech.

      The same applies to us.

      Heron of Alexandria one of the worlds greatest historical engineers worked with things like the aerophile (steam powered ball) and new of gears etc we know this from his work, and if he would have combined his knowledge the steam engine would have been around in Ancient Greece but the tech and just as importantly in a 'slave' or agrainian based society would have been useless also his thought patterns DID push the boundries to the limits of what he knew of the world and the way the world he lived in was run an often unmentioned CRUCIAL part of tech development etc.

      Yet again same applies to us.

      When you come from a culture that has to walk everywhere your first tech thought is not hmm i want to travel 10K miles in one day so i am going to invent a Jet Aeroplane, chariots, carts, horseback, carraiges etc its a long journey and a lot of tech falls to the wayside and is forgotten.

      we do not need to use 5K people to haul rocks around today we use lots of little 'rocks', we have the tech to build things much larger than ANY ancient structure with these little rocks, Sumerians etc did not and could not so of course tech has changed and some has been gained and a lot forgotten.

      Even a LOT of tech used in the C18th has been LOST & FORGOTTEN and we have trouble replicating it, in fact from ANY Era but no one talks about them its always only the ' Ancients' and never about forgotten C16th Pig Rearing techniques.

      'Many of them discussed the Gods and the Giants that they lived among and even hung out with'

      Thing is we have found numerous Sumerian Cities (btw the Sumerians where NOT one people like we think today but a Civilization made up of lots of City states fighting for power), we have found Sumerian Cuneiform tablets, we have also found accounts of Sumerians in other peoples Documents and also have found Various 'Sumerian' Artefacts in other areas so we know they traded far and wide.

      We have houses, graves, burial complexes, weapons, eating utensils, toilets, writing even combes but guess what none for Giants.

      The Elamites, Akkadians etc make no mention of Giants living in ANY Sumer city state or Gods for that matter, or has any tablet been read that another culture thought there was?
      When Sumers city states all fell to invaders why did they not record Gods and Giants been slain too as you will know from studying the period most peoples of the time loved gloating on the different types of peoples and cities conquered and even did bas reliefs to show all these different people, guess what..thats right no Giants of Gods in any of them and some that we have in one war mention over 200 cities and towns conqered.

      All the trade agremmeents we have from that period mention all kinds of things from animals, plants, weapons, stones, gems, slaves..everything you can think of but no mention of Giants.
      We have letters from Kings to one another but no mention of Giants or Kings/Queens been scared to attack because the opposing army has 12-30' tall soldiers or letters from Visiting Royalty that never mention Giants and Gods living in any Sumer City State...

      Why is that do you think? Did the Sumerians hide them from the rest of the well connected world and its highly developed trade routes????

      " Oh excuse me Giants and Gods we have visiting Royalty( or about to be invaded) from 80 Cities coming over can you just hide for a bit please "

      All that can be researched and PROVED, if Gods and Giants lived and hung out with them why is there NO evidence like there is for the Sumerians or any of there contempories like the Darra Happen culture in India?

      Hmm thats a lot of knowledge right there that can be backed up with your own eyes.
      There is so much we do not know of the past but humans are humans and we act like humans i think people forget that sometimes, 'i caught a fish this big' syndrome'.

      What does all that tell you?.

      Btw research it all please it is rewarding and enlightning.

  23. What is this, a joke? One minute documentary and 8 minutes of commercials. Screw you for uploading crap.

  24. Skip this one. Horrible quality, captions cover the bottom of the screen and the commercials have not been removed lol. Don't bother, JUNK.

  25. Deadite is probably one of those people who are paid to write things like that to keep others from researching further.Ridicule is one way to psychologically deter people and keeps them following the status quo.

    1. 'Deadite is probably one of those people who are paid to write things like that to keep others from researching further.Ridicule is one way to psychologically deter people and keeps them following the status quo.

      There is no Status quo in that way lol, contemporary examples already quoted that are now accepted include-

      1) Feathered Dinosaurs ( only Archaeopteryx was thought of as a one off) now we know of whole species of them, never thought possible untill fairly recently.

      2) 3 NEW species of Hominid which should not have been there but ARE and at least two are now accepted in Science.

      list is endless and shows Science is constantly evolving thats why when we go to the Drs they dont bleed us because our humours are wrong or blame plauges on bad smells and 'Miasma'.

      I drop a heavy book on the floor, why? gravity thats why...thats the status quo that exists for example.

      whats H2O? thats right its water Hydrogen/2xOxygen thats staus quo.

      lastly can you give us all some evidence and names etc of those people who are paid to write things like that to keep others from researching further' on Giants?.

      I have spent some time explaining myself so it would be nice if you could prove this too or is it another conspiracy?

      Do you know this information of people writing to cover things up on Giants?

      If you do not want to tell us all names and proof of this happening on Giants why are you 'covering' it up too?

      You do realise that a documentry is just a programme right? and can be made and used like any other program and all that entails, this is a fact a lot of peeps ignore and think that all docus must be true and are fact or they would not have been made mindset. They can be judgemental and also full of c@@p as well as propaganda etc.

    2. lol this guy thinks Water molecules have 2 oxygens....

  26. Its not a mystery. The Bhagavad-Gita is a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna before the battle of Kuruksetra of which many of the warriors were giants.
    Learn about Krishna and chant his holy names and you will see the absolute truth.

  27. Answer to: Urban Deadite
    Watusis. People who raise cattle in Burundi, Africa. They are among the tallest people in the world. Many of the adult males are more than 7 feet tall. ... why is it so hard to believe that in the past, skeletons of people with 10 or even 12 feet high were found ??!! ... and what´s this crap about photoshop ??!! when the 10 to 12 feet skeletons were found, computers didn´t even exist... you certainly make me laugh, it just shows how narrow minded a person can be... and you are the perfect example of that !!!

    1. when the 10 to 12 feet skeletons were found, computers didn´t even exist

      you did not read my post obviously.

      that does not mention skeletons been found in 1830 does it for example, i was using the oft used pictures of people standing next to 'Giant' skeletons you see all over the net.

      TYPE IN GIANT SKELETONS INTO GOOGLE. >>>these type are what i meant and are used on many sites as 'proof' and were from a competition.
      also look at the picture top left advertising this program with the words Giants The mystery and myth this was from that competition.

      why is it so hard to believe that in the past, skeletons of people with 10 or even 12 feet

      Why because these people like the nomads in Northern Niger on the fringes of the Sahara who are just as tall i can see them with my eyes i can also see Skeletons of them from thier long History, btw Robert Wadlow the tallest human ever recorded or found was 8' 11" when he died. His photos still survive he was a star.

      Harald Hadrada one of the greatest Norse warriors was reputed to have been 7' tall too like a few other Norse warriors, we have found some of their bones, though most Norse people were far far smaller, yet we cant find and prove a race of giants but can of single big person?.

      One thing no one mentions is Biology and its limitations there is a reason Spiders are not 20' for example.

      This program only skits along Giants in Myth and Legend if you have ever read about giants in Legend they are frequently Miles high and can leap mountain ranges in one step etc, these are the most common Globally in fact a lot of mountains globally are named after sleeping/slain Giants as are a lot of geological formations that look freakish to us.

      No doubt there were Tall tribed people out there but 10-15'???.

      Never say never but still thats no excuse to go mad on a theory.

  28. omg i can not believe this rubbish is still going around ALL THESE SITES WITH GIANT PHOTOS ARE REAL! REAL PHOTOSHOP!, THEY WERE MADE FOR A PHOTO COMPETITION, anyone with a bit of research skill will know this and its not hard to find, yes 7' tribes of people existed.
    @animefuntime Hmm a lot of our Relatives where taller or the same size as us, example Homo Ergaster was tall, average height was 6' 2", a lot taller than modern Homo Sapiens average height!, the 'fact' that everyone before Homo Sapiens was small is a big MYTH a lot yes but by no means all ^^, Gigantopithecus was a 8' - 10' tall Ape.
    Regarding the height of 6' 5" or 6' 6" that is very tall for a modern Homo Sapiens, maybe not in some places but out of a 6.77 Billion (est) population the amount of people over 6' is quite uncommon, i am over 6' and very well travelled on 4 continents and most people i have seen are smaller than me even though there are people significantly bigger than me they are definatley a smaller percentage by far.

    1. "anyone with a bit of research skill will know this and its not hard to find"

      So your research on this was traveling around 4 continents? Sounds really skillful to me.

  29. This is so bad that I don't know if I should cry och laugh! Love that the mostly used source is the bible, and that all the people interviewed is talking about the "flood" as if thats something that happend. This i just religeus people not only believing in god, but as well in giants.

  30. I felt this was a good place to post. National Geographic has reported that no giant skeleton remains have been excavated. Furthermore the pictures posted around the internet and the news stories were all a hoax started by someone in Canada with photoshop. Makes me disappointed even more about my own country and human race. Can we stop make up stories and really started getting to the scientific truth please.

  31. Our earliest memories as children are of us surrounded by "giants", i.e. adults! Maybe our collective cultural memory recalls these distant dreamlike encounters and out of them the legends of ancient giants formed. Some giants were our ancestors (our parents) and some were monsters to be feared (strange adults). All these "giants" could do mighty deeds that we as children had yet to grow the strength for. Just a thought.

  32. Andre the Giant was a giant.

  33. Ugh. 6.6 feet nowadays isn't all that astonishing.

  34. I love reading all the derisive comments from folks who don't take into account this is referring to ancients , mentions the current tall people, and claims outright to be about The Mystery and the Myth.

  35. Amazingly poor quality content. "Giants" over 6.5 feet! what? Constant bible quotes followed by "experts" claiming that we have yet to be able to reproduce the "amazing" stone structures of the "gods". Has that guy been to any of the thousands of modern cities on the planet? Poor logic all around. So bad it was funny though :)

  36. by the way - nephillim means giants in hebrew, as well as fallen
    another word for giants in hebrew is "Annakim"
    which reminds us of " Annunakim" . " Annu Anakim" in hebrew
    means - "us the giants"

    1. or of Annunaki

  37. wow 7 feet tall? I've never heard of people THAT tall. Obviously the creators of this documentary dont watch the nba!!

    1. you do realize that 7 feet tall at the time being talked about was a giant height since average sized people at the time were shorter then we are now a man would have been between 5'2 and 5'6 so, yea, a 7 foot tall skeleton dating from that time period would be considered a giant.

  38. Compelling evidence. I haven't slept for weeks.

  39. I HAVE to watch this, purely based on all the comments. Reading the comments that others posted is pure comedy, this must be a terrible documentary. What I at first thought might be interesting, I now think it's worth a laugh.

  40. I find it fascinating that everyone seems to fall back to the "fossil evidence" argument regarding the existence of ancient races.
    The fact is that fossils only form under a series of incredibly unusual and unlikely situations. Certain areas of the planet are completely without fossils because those conditions required to create them are simply never met.
    A good example would be the fact that there has never been found a single fossil of a chimpanzee. Well then, it seems to me that they obviously don't exist! ;)

    1. Fossil's??? They are saying they pulled 60 full skeletons out from a cave. Where are all these skeletons???

  41. Have not seen the doc yet, just glanced through the comments. Well, the hobbit of Indonesia was a myth for a long time and recently got accepted as a race of human. Most recently, archeologists found a new race that inhabited a part of Siberia near the Altai mountain range. This race interbred with the Neanderthal and created a new race in itself. Their closest living relatives, according to extensive genetical studies, are Melanasians in Papua-New Guinea. Yes, very far, so this also turns the out of africa theory upside down. Remember that Neanderthals were naturally built like Arnold? Look into Papua and you will find a naturally strong and muscular race. Traveling in africa, I have also noticed that certain tribes are just naturally stronger and even the kids had bodybuilder type muscular built. These people never worked out and consumed very few calories. Neanderthals must have gotten around a lot and evidently could interbreed with other races and modern humans as well. This too was denied until recently.
    Solomon islanders have their myths about their forefathers being giants. Supposedly the skeleton of a long dead chief is well over 9 feet tall and have been seen on occasion by relatives at the annual cleaning/rearranging of the bones ceremony. Solomon islanders do talk of ancestors being 15 feet tall, having super strength and coming from beyond the stars. If someone wants to dispute that, take it up with a Solomon islander, but better have medical insurance first.
    Ok, what does all of this mean? There is the human species, but within that there are races of humans that developed separately and are still around. This flies in the face of the dogma of the one race out of africa theory.
    This is pretty much like when some guys in history kept saying that the earth is round, but the dogma was that it is indeed flat.

  42. if only the giants were here now. interesting video enjoyed watching it . thankks.

  43. "The ego strokes its mind to be true to itself - you stroke your ego because you're not." open your mind!!! think!!!

  44. Islam's view:-

    Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, created Adam in His own image with His length of sixty cubits,.....

    60 cubits= 90 feet= 27.4 meters

  45. It was ok.

  46. This doc is being aired by the Discovery Channel....not going to learn any more than what we already know DC will aide in suppressing alot of the real true story.

  47. I don't understand how people doesn't believe that the giants were living on earth before us. This is clearly written in the book of EPOCH, Moses TORAH, BIBLE and on ancient tablets.....Open your eyes and read first, then criticise...There is a hidden history of humanity and we don't know anything about it...Think why...Be open minded and read the books if you are a believer or not...this fact is infront of your eyes and you are closing them..
    Where are the evidences?..why they don't teach this in schools?...ask this question for yourself..
    They show and teach everything to you as the way they want you to believe it....
    Excuse me of my english...

  48. @Capricious Im not saying that this documentary is true or false. They only thing I know for a fact is that there is a lot of information, specially historically. that has been hiding from generations. Remember the people who work the three M's. Money, Media and Military! Its all about the masses control. Check out this video, it might help you organize some ideas that as I had previously said they are controlled and modified for the public. The Ring of Power. You tube it! And good luck!
    "never settle for what your senses feed on first sight, investigate"

  49. Perfect example, Dinosaurs. It had been accepted by nearly the entirety of paleontology that a giant asteroid , rich in iridium was the direct cause of their (the Dinosaurs) extinction. Now with the help of a few people willing to buck the system, we find that they had long been on the decline, with the asteroid perhaps not even being the "nail in the coffin". I am not discrediting the entirety of mainstream science . I am only suggesting that we remember what the purpose of science is, to learn new things we did not know before and not to hold on to long held beliefs. We already have a system for that, its called Religion and is responsible for most if not all of the most horrible acts committed by man against his fellow man.

  50. academic journals only regurgitate the "party line" of course you won't find any studies on giants in them. The simple fact that mainstream science is proven wrong time and time again should be enough in itself to give people some doubt of accepted academia. If there is a shred of evidence to support a theory it should be tested exhaustively, not just written off as fantasy because it doesn't fit in with the accepted world view. When will people learn that just because we are clever doesn't mean we know or understand everything. Also, the Tao teaches us that the man who thinks he knows everything , can learn nothing. its only when we accept we know little to nothing, that we begin to learn.

  51. Vlatko: There aren't any videos embedded here. Is that a temporary or a permanent error?

    1. Fixed that @Charles B.

  52. AWSOME

  53. hahaha, a 10 feet tall person once carried 900 tons of stone up a mountain :S, then i have the right to say that me 5'8 carried my car to work, and then just threw it into my boss's window just for fun, what a bunch of c@#$, giants may have roamed this planet because of the extra oxygen, but these guys had too much acid to come up with c@#$ like this.. this is why this world is getting stupider and stupider cause even our scientists are running low on I.Q.

    1. you think this docu was written by scientists? Think again man...

  54. well, after watching this and add to what i knew from before, there are some real facts in this but the explanations they come up with are just poor interpretations of some people who feel they have to explain everything. we have to face the fact that there are some thing that are there and can t be explained easily. we do not have to explain everything but we also don t have to ignore and denie facts just because we can t explain them. there is definitely something there but the problem is that it s all packaged in myths and legends.....
    i have nothing against trying to explain things that surround us, but i do have a problem with people who think being intelligent is being narrow minded and only believing on things you see and touch.
    we know so little about ourselves and our world, that we cannot afford to be narrow minded prentending we already know enough. the truth is that those who know little are the ones claiming they know enough while those who knows the most are the ones in constant search for knoweldge ( every where even in myths and legends.....) aware of the fact that they actually do not know anything.

  55. @cody c,

    I'm skeptical that those pictures were really what the narrator said they were. I think it may have been wishful interpretation. It's like the Watusi with their supposed knowledge of a binary star around Sirius. I sense that something major was lost in the translation, and possibly these Africans perked their ears a little when a White anthropologist suggested they were smarter than they actually were. I'm not saying they weren't smart, because they were probably smart enough to know a good thing when they see one, and allow the silly White visitors to see whatever they want into their mythologies and ceremonies, as long as it keeps the canned ham supply open.

    In other words, if you ask me what I see, I see dots and circles. Are they planets? Who says? Why do they say they are planets? Did they go in deciding they were going to find something that fits their extraterrestrial theories?

  56. why they didnt take the knowlege from islam about gaint ??
    it may be helpful to cover the whole ideas and understand it..

  57. I'm not so sure that humans used to be bigger. The fossil record seems to show just the opposite.

  58. *revolving around the sun*

  59. I think that too many ppl will see one thing they see far fetched and decide the whole document is a b@##$%&*. I have found that every documentary has its truths and lies. some of the stuff in this document may be false. but i do find it odd that there are pictures of the planets revolving around the earth so far before it was "discovered" hundreds of years later. This could be explained by the library in Egypt that got burned down and is said to have set us back over a 100 years in evolution. but still there is no way at that time to have viewed Pluto or many other planets to have known they are there.

  60. Yeah, sander, what do astronauts know. They are too dumb to distinguish between a satellite, a probe or space debris anyway. And what the heck else could there be up there? In the end, humans are the only intelligent and technologically developed creatures in this Universe, that has been proven beyond any doubt... until the official science tells us the opposite. So, if exceptionally technologically sophisticated humans can't do it then certainly the potential somebody else out there can't either (yes, true, we don't have any background against which we would measure our technological advancement in comparison to someone else, but who is there to say that we are not the best)... lol

  61. lol @ sander....your appeal to authority is greatly flawed.

    you must realize that astronauts are not the final authority on what they see in space. if they see an object in space it is considered an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING doesnt mean its an alien.

    if you just believe it because an astronaut said so i feel very sorry for you.

  62. I now feel dumber after watching this documentary!!!

  63. The Russian people's voice dubbing is funny.. hahahahahahaaha

  64. Very inteligent docu.

    /i find it amazing that in 2010 when people are still so much stuck in dogmatic belief systems like atheism or cristianity that this info is still able to come out!

    For those who want to know more about the contact governments have today with aliens check out the docu (ufo greatest story ever denied).

    In this docu you can see astronauts and other us miletary officials talk about contact with aliens and things like free energy!

    And haha i laugh at all the religius people mentioned above who want to stick with their old belief systems, i used to be a stupid atheist also and i also did not know anything about anything.

    But then i started thingking about all these things and i pondored 'If i was to belief that aliens exist and that we have contact or something like it who would be the one person that could be my autority on that like the pope or like famous stuck in belief system atheist?' And then i came up with the awnser: If an austronout a person who was proven to be in outer space would say to me that aliens exist and we have contact i would believe them.

    Then the disclosure project docu came out 4 years later the 6th men on the moon and US miletary offcials like jet pilots are now talking openly about contact and free energy i believe it now.

    Who is your autority and who is the 1 person that can convince you? Or does you belief system dictate if alien life is even possible or not?

  65. sooo how boat those giants then?

  66. 7 feet ? see about every NBA Center

  67. @ Enzo,
    LOL I know what your saying. I keep reading my own post and am in shock at what I see.

    Talk about a brain collapes- loose wires- etc...

    Well now that I completely embarressed myself lets see if I can rid that button that just changed my whole reality.

    I actually owe you a favor for showing me where my lose wires are.

    I know one thing. If anyone can toughen me up it is you guys:-)
    Hey live and learn and then if you don't then TDF will :-)

    AHHH !@ Vlatko you are awesome! I wonder what its like to sit in your seat and watch all the shanannigans :-)
    You must have a special take on the human mind that is priceless. Let us know when the book is published.:-)

  68. @Connie

    Hey I'm sorry. I just didn't realise people got so emotionally involved with this site. To me its useful to gain some extra knowledge hear some different viewpoints and generally just chill with the herb. If you want to get all emotional then sorry, that's your problem not mine. Shouldn't someone who's been through what you've been through be strong enough to disregard a snipe from an anonymous individual on the internet. Sometimes we show real strength when we ignore comments from arrogant pricks :)

  69. @ Thanks D_K Although a bit still shaken with the help of you guys I will overcome the eggshells :-)

    Give it time;-)

  70. @Connie: I feel I lack the empathy to respond to your (ironically giant) comment in a politically correct way, I shall thus refrain from doing so.

    Just know that any ad-hominems shouldn't be taken personally, there is no need to get emotionally involved in a discussion on science.


    Ah, I usually try to be concise, I've come to know that most commenters here (that I discuss with anyway) have a fairly robust knowledge on evolution and various other semi-related subjects. As for the the perpetuem mobile that is creation vs evolution, I hope you know that conflict isn't inherently negative or counter-productive, it depends on mindset and form.

  71. @ well I am going to the store to get more popcorn supplies .

    I hope by then you are all ready to get back to business and share your opinions and insight on the Docs again.
    How was the new Movie? I am still on the Paleothithic man.

  72. so much for equal treatment

  73. @ C**** where do I begin ? And how to I start?

    I guess with facts as I see them:

    Yes I guess I am opinionated at times and should be able to take it back. But you cant defend a statement of "Shut Up"

    Thats like trying to defend a slap in the face. Once done the damage is done.

    However, if someone really thought it out after meaning it as a joke then. the sting can heal in time and be forgiven.

    That was two slaps in the face this morning Cause I thought Randy was calling making comments for me also to shut up.
    Worse part of that was that it was not a direct statement to defend.
    That makes two slaps.

    Last night before retiring Henry decided to bring up something out of context I had written in the past.
    In of which many postings were written that I had made which only one of yous know why and what the real reason was for.

    It actually had nothing to do with what appeared onn the surface. The sexual attitude was a front to dig into someones mind and get closer .. Reason was I felt he was perfect for a job.

    Turns out it worked and that I was right that person was the perfect person. So now I have a total history here of sounding like I am a sex freak that I need to mend.

    Then its true I do have way too many posts. I was afraid someone would think I was trying to over comment. And yesterday I was very happy getting the work done that needed to get done and enjoying working with that special person.
    While I was working Others also were in a good mood and was just enjoying the day. I apologize to some that I did not yet finish replying to.

    As far as Some hints or sarcasmn here about two headed pigs and the slams referring to being double minded , I confess to all the universe that yes. I do not have the answers solidly down to most of all the controversial subjects . All I do have is my own thoughts that I search out and hope to find someday a conclusion. And yes this does bring stages of differnt thought. Name one of you that doesnt.

    DO I spend enough time doing my homework? Yes Do I spend as much time as some of yous have who blast at others like they are the all seeing eye of knowledge? Probably not. And I hope not cause all i can visualize is some Slobbish Geek with thick glasses sitting at thier computer naked from waist down playing with their one inch fungus infected crotch.You dont impress me!

    Yes I have my bad days as any of you, And I have my good days.

    But really we need to be more careful when we talk and apologize when we faulter one another.

    And I need to continue fighting back at things that haunt me that affect how I deal with others.

    I will share this with you. The statements from Randy and Enzo this morning was not the bullet that pierced my heart. It was the tone or the spirit. It was something from the past. Yes I too just as all of us have something that haunts them. Have a button that can be pushed. My button was the outright rejection of myself. The deliberate attack to be mean without any particular statement to defend.

    That was the button created by my Father who was the cruelest man I know. We were not allowed to think or have a mind or to be seen. We did not have the right to live. He resented and tried to get rid of us. And it was in that manner he would ridicule and belittle and treat you like an animal and be told "shut up"

    My Mother died in 1999 after 40 years of sufferring from brain damage. The pain was enough where the Drs let her take the lethal dosages of Morphine.

    I left Home at 12 and even raised myself in the woods for 6 months. And spent the rest of my life fighting to take care of my Sister and Mother.

    Now I have a chance to use my mind and work for myself and not have to give everything away to help others.

    I so much look forward to these docs when I can and learning about the universe around me and sharing and learning with you guys.
    I also enjoy the commaadery , I am not looking for a pity party. I just want to set things straight. and Start over again. and hopefully what I have shared will help us all learn more about playing with one another. And being more sensitive to others and being less sensitive when needed.

    I hope I have addressed the issues and I apologize to Enzo for not seeing he was joking and I hope Enzo you might think twice before you Joke that way. If it helps many times in life I too have learned the hard way about joking in the wrong manner. Its easy to do. Esp. here on typing land we cannot see the faces or expressions.

    Sorry for the uproar, but I have to stay. Dad just died this summer and I vowed I would not let anyone belittle or hurt me again. And this is a good place to learn and grow. weather it hurts or not.

    @Achems I am sorry I backed down in a corner when confronting my demons . And being the Genltemen that you are you stepped in to defend the MAiden like a Nobel Knight.

    But I ask you all to shake hands and let it all go and lets keep trucking on. I mean how many peoiple enjoy the subjects that we are exploring? I think thats why we are gathered here.

    If it were because we are serious science majors out to win the nobel prize, I hardly think that comments on a Doc forum is the path we would be on. Instead we would be out in some desrt land with ax picks and paint brushes dusting of ruins. Or in a lab filling test tubes. REally !

    1. I believe Enzo did not mean any harm. He was just pocking. He explained himself afterwards so I think it is enough. Shake hands.

      Oh and this supposed to be a thread reserved for Giants documentary.

  74. I doubt she was crying :) and the comment was never meant to be a joke. That's not my style bud. Neither was it meant to be offensive. And Achem, we cant all be gentlemen like you :p

  75. @WTC7:

    Thank you! :D

    @D-K:...Romantic?? absolutely!! (LOL)

  76. @ Gang

    Gang on please before yous get any deeper be right back I hope to beat any more postings

  77. I'm going to have to disagree here, Achems. Connie has quite a strong opinion, and if you can't take being told to shut up, let alone cry over it, somethings not right.

    I'm not saying the joke was good, or that I even recognized it as a joke, but still. Might romantic sexism be getting the better of you here?

    No offense.

  78. @ Achems - I simply love you man :-)))

  79. @Enzo:

    Well, you tell a woman to shut up and make a woman cry, and then you call her an old gal.

    Do you figure that is conducive to a good relation with the opposite sex, What's the matter with you man?

  80. @Achems Razor

    Jesus! what's wrong with a little bit of sarcasm? Please tell me how I am picking on her?

  81. Well, well, @Enzo:

    You like picking on women do you? Instead of picking on women give me a try!

    In fact our whole gang will be after your a*s!

  82. @Connie

    lol no agenda, was a mere joke, a light quip in reference to the large amount of comments you have concerning this doc. Good work old gal, keep it up :)

  83. Cried, you are?

  84. @ Enzo

    For whatever reason you said out of no where to shut up. Please know you will succeed not because I plain cried and ran away. cAuse i did not run away.
    But cried... I am . I hope you are happy and I hope you have some great agenda planned that you should need the floor so much.

    I hope I left something good behind. Take care Gang!

  85. Shut up Connie

  86. @ Connie...OOOps...Guess I slept thru the popcorn party last nite, story of my life..and sorry for layin' on the couch and taking up all the room. Now,it may be a little early,but pocorn sounded like a great idea *rummages thru cupboards*A-ha!Reddenbaucher's!Yum!See ya's at the next doc!

  87. @
    Ez2b12 IS the new doc really that good?
    I have unanswered comments to do, but I really needa a break.
    Beat you to the couch ! And see ya on the other Doc.

  88. No prob connie. Its good to see someone take a little constructive critism with such grace and professionalism. Once again you set a great example for the rest of us. Now lets get that pop corn back out and get to the new doc. I watched a little earlier and it made my small insomnia problem seem like childs play.

  89. @ ez2b12

    You are right and that is why I apologized, and was graciously forgiven. You must of missed the posts. Go back and read It still touches me heart :-)

    I guess this really does make us all family here on TDF.

    I will have to reply more later :-) I'm almost finished with one project and moving to the next.

    Thank you for input and sorry I upset the house.

  90. Guests !!!!!!!!!!!11

  91. @ Gusets not gueets LOL

  92. @ C2Beleive,
    Thank you so much . Your words just touched my heart and made my whole day.
    I am glad you are feeling better too.

    OH Boy! C2Believe you should of never let me know that you are a Lady. Because now I am putting you to work too. I am running out of bowls and kettles and I just can't keep up with the popcorn . Get in the kitchen and help me please?

    I also need help greeting our wonderful gueets.And making sure they can comfortably discuss the Films.HELP!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    Ah dont worry about sweeping , just kick the felled popcorn under the rug They will never know :-)

  93. @ D-K

    I was pretty sure you meant what i had elaborated but, I wanted to spell it out. The reason i believe we must be careful when describing evolutionary processes is because creationist use our words against us quite often. They start talking about chance shaping evolution, which is absurd. Chance has nothing to do with the final outcome. It does bring about the mutation but the continuance of said mutation is driven by natural selection.

    I just wish everyone would really word it right so they would not have a leg to stand on except thier own ignorance or refusal to learn. Insted we generalize quite often and this is what they, the religees, tend to hear. Then they run off with a distorted preception and start attacking things we do not even believe.

    I understand no one meant to mislead but, we have to remember that the scientifically illiterate are listening to what we say. I also understand that even if we spell it out correctly many creationist will still distort it to make it back thier beliefs, seem impossible, or appear absurd. At least it will not be our grammatical failure but thier willfull ignorance that they are spreading. Trust you me I make all kinds of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes but, when it comes to evolution I try and be as clear as possible.

  94. @ Connie,
    I am glad that you are also feeling better today, and I am glad that you enjoy this site as much as I do, Vlatko rules!
    p.s... Us LADIES got to stick together!Lol....Have a good day.

  95. I'll also pose that if there is alien life, I myself always suggested it'd be most likely they were insectoids, rather than humanoid. The vast majority of atmospheres/environments out there are less friendly to humans than insects.

    I'd like to add that there isn't really a reason to assume aliens will be insectoids, just that given the knowledge of environments I have, and adaptability and resistance of certain species, insectoids are less unlikely to occur than humans.

    Conjecture is fun :D

  96. Indeed I meant it like you (ez2b12), excuse my terribly generalized wording of it, my comments often seem like pitfalls of ignorance due to sometimes poor or convoluted wording (wink Randy)

    I don't think one is able to logically defend a clear goal, purpose or ultimate destination in/of evolution. Considering the rarity of cross-breeding, and the branching nature of evolution in species, evolution itself cannot be claimed to have a goal or even direction other than increased complexity of the systems it affects. Unless I'm missing the big picture where all the tips of the evolutionary branches coalesce like the conclusion of some ultimate divine plan (giggle)

    Clear goal, purpose and destination belong to natural selection. Natural selection is cause, evolution is effect, overly simplified? Yes, but accurate nonetheless.
    Haven't seen the homo futurus doc yet, will do so later tonight, if I get around to it.

    Hybrid animals do, in rare cases, produce "healthy" offspring. There are cases known of Ti-Ligers, Leopons and certain crossbreeds of pheasants who do quite well. Certain species/types(?) of flowers cross-breed quite succesfully as well, at least I've read some on that a couple of years ago, I believe.

    I do believe that the next step in human evolution will be directed by man himself (transhumanism), which kinda muddies up some defintions, add some, or completely redifine some, but I feel time is wasted thinking ahead on semantical issues.

    I also find a pondering I had some years back in my philosophical stint still rings true "Why do we asume amino acids present their full potential in our earthly environment, or are even the basic necessity" I found it to be unreasonable to put limits and boundries on the unknown, seeing as planets, systems and even levels of background radiation differ in the various systems.

    There's just so many variables.

    I find the notion of giants to be rather unlikely. Awesome, in a comic-book, wonders of nature, kinda way, but unlikely indeed.

    On the subject of alien vs mankind crossbreeding, I'm with Epicurus. On our own planet we have so many different reproduction cycles, it'd be silly to assume anything alien would be compatible with man's reproduction system. Simple example, Mice are genetically quite similar to men, both mammals, similar reproductive organs, similar basic composition, yet I don't see cross-breeding there.

  97. @ez, im pretty sure DK didnt mean the environment made the mutations. he meant what you said. it selects certain mutations and discards others by natural selection.

    how extremely egotistical and typically human to think that we are some special chosen species with some destined goal. there is nothing to support this post ad assumption other than our own narcissism.

    "The fertility of hybrid big cat females is well-documented across a number of different hybrids. This is in accordance with Haldane's rule: in hybrids of animals whose sex is determined by sex chromosomes, if one sex is absent, rare or sterile, it is the heterogametic sex (the one with two different sex chromosomes e.g. X and Y)."

    so you are right that some (about 50%) female ligers are able to reproduce but their offspring is often in very very bad health.

    the problem here is still genetic differences and similarities.

    so the issue here is would an alien species that has evolved longer than us (assuming it is at a stage to make galactic trips) and on a completely different planet, be close enough to mate with....there is NOTHING suggesting that could be possible.

    but the real question here is DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THERE WERE GIANTS. and not just a couple...hell andre the giant was a giant. Was there an entire race or species of giants, NO. absolutely not. if you understand how the human body is shaped and how the gravity on this planet works including the rotation speed of the planet and of the planet around the sun....the food resources and other resources that would have been needed, and the absolute complete lack of any fossils.

    come on kids...lets use our heads.

  98. Whoops, that was suppose to be @ DK not Cool e beans.

  99. @ Cool E Beans

    Almost right, DNA does not alter due to surroundings, unless cvertain types of radiation are present.Then it doesn't alter as much as it is reshaped by radiation,usually with horrible consequences. It alters due to completely random mutations. These mutations are either passed on or they die, depending on wether the are helpful or harmful within the context of environment. To say that ther DNA alters due to environment is to say evolution has a set purpose or goal it is trying to reach. Although this is a subject that has recently come into question, watch Homo futurus, Darwin stated that this was not the case.

    I would be greatly interested in your opinion of Homo Futurus, a doc that is available on this very site. It supports the idea that evolution did have a predetermined goal that it is working toward. What are your ideas about this? Do you think that Homosapien was destined to be, that we are the culmination of all mutations. That we are destined to keep mutating down this same path or predetermined destiny thierfore eventually arriving as Homo Futurus on the world stage.

    If so what intelligence designed this path and predetermined our final identity and what will Homo Futurus be capable of? If you look at the illustration of Homo Futurus you can't help but see the similarity with the so called "grey". Yes I mean the alien creature that many have described and say they have been abducted by. Is this just coincidence, or something more? Check it out, you will be interested i'm sure.

  100. @Cool E Beans

    DNA alters code according to surroundings, right? Unless there is an earth-like planet with the same atmosphere and same consistancy, volume, elemental composition, etc. etc. than they're extremely likely to be "built" differently, so to speak.

  101. @Epicurus

    Actually, it depends on how close the DNA match is. The first video I saw stated that a male Liger is sterile but a female Liger is capable of bearing young (it may be the other way around) but even in a National Geographics short, they said the combining of different species 'usually' results in barren offspring. And really, how do you know that we are not so close with alien DNA?

  102. @ C2 Believe

    I didnt think you were directing anything directly at me.
    But Guess what ? LOL you were not the only one angry that day ;-)
    They say it takes one to know one. I think I saw your anger so strong because I was having a go at it myself that day.

    If I really wanted to be of help I should of just asked you if you wanted to talk.

    You are a pretty strong guy to pull yourself around reply as you did.

    Now this I had to C to believe myself :-)

  103. @ Connie

    I really like you Connie, at least I like most of your posts. That being said you are a little out of line here telling people that they are angry or closed minded because they do not believe in what amounts to fantasy and fairytales. Thier is a place for open minds and then thier is a place for common sence. We should be able to reject the assertion that a race of extraterrestrial giants existed on earth in the past with out doing any research what so ever. In fact i can not believe that some one that does all this research you speak of could buy this crap. More than that you have managed to tie it in with Hitler and what- eugenics or something, I don't know.

    Any way do not get angry when people make the remark that this is pure specualtion and fantasy- it is. I agree that no one should tell you that you are gullible or anything, I disagree with insults and negative thought process. But I also disagree with pretending to take outlandish falsities seriouse in order not to offend someone who buys it. If you believe this stuff fine, just do not get offended because we refuse to indulge that belief.

    I hope this doesn't make you hate me or something. I noticed everyone trying to dance around you here as no one wants to offend you. You seem very nice and engaging as well. But trust me no one buys this stuff, they just do not want to run the risk of you getting mad at them and not wanting to talk to them anymore. I did not want that either as I like you and we have had some great conversations here. Please don't get mad at me.

  104. Great Post My Brotha!!! Knowledge is only for the worthy!!

  105. @Connie,you are perceptive in your point that I was not in a good mood when I made the comment, as I was not feeling well when I started to watch the doc,and I usually avoid commenting as I do not feel like starting the usual back and forth that seems to occur when someone makes a statement.My comment was in no way directed at you. In fact, I had not even read comments when I made my own,it was a simple blurt of thought when I was watching it.Please do not take every comment on this site as directed at you. I guess I was simply caught in the crossfire of a previous back and forth of opinion.My philosophy on comment sites is simple,and may I quote an anon internet sage...fighting on the internet is pointless,nobody wins, and both look silly. Peace.

  106. Cool E Beans, the only reason a lion and tiger are able to mate and produce offspring is because they close enough evolutionarily, however that offspring is always sterile.

    so your theory of humans and aliens doesnt work. for the same reason we couldnt mate with an orangutan. or a cat cant mate with a dog.

  107. There is a doc, not sure if it is here, on a Liger - a cross between a Lion and a Tiger. They found out that the male of one species and the female of the other species controls the size of the offspring so that the Liger is HUGE in comparison to a normal cat. That being said, IF males of an extraterestrial species mated with our human females the giantesness may have been a genetic causation. That being the potential case, wouldn't the males teach their children about their technologies? I refer to Chillyhill's comment about being a large person and lifting a heavy weight. If you had the technology to fly a spaceship across light years of space within a reasonable span of time, couldn't you use that tech to not only lift but cut, transport and assemble whatever you wanted?

    If we were the off-worlders going to another planet and building some structures the best stuff to make them out of would be the hardest natural minerals available on site. Make these stones the biggest you can to combat eons of erosion and put them together so precicely so that even earth (planet) quakes wouldn't cause them to disappear completely.

  108. @ C2 believe

    Hi, May I say something about what I observe by your comment?
    I really am very tired and definetely do not feel up to a war. However to me your name and comment clearly are shouting to me that you are already angry. That you already believe nothing until your very eyes see it and that you are closed mind about anything unless your eyes can witness it for yourself. Another words you are not listening to anyone or believe nor will accept anything that you yourself learn by sight proof.
    I am not sure who is insulting your intelligence by your statement and name accept you yourself for you already chose to not use intelligence to sort out facts and gather evidence from others and come up with your own conclusions.
    If you were using your intelligence you might realize that documenterys are not gospel they are peoples individual studies and added connotaions. Why would anyone who knew this be angry?

    Why should you feel insulted over someones opinion and studies?

    I have bit my tongue for a few hrs now hoping i would not verbalize my thoughts. And make someone feel bad. I dont like it when someone points negative fingers at me. But somehow I thought you might like to actually hear what I hear in your comment.
    I actually wonder if I might be doing you a favor so you can be free of that anger. Perhaps you might consider yourself and change your thoughts.

    Hope you have a good night and hope you except my POV


  109. I try to keep an open mind and have diverse interests, but this program is such an insult to my intelligence,it almost makes me angry.

  110. First things first, If there indeed was a 'race' of giants, there would be clear fossil records. There have been examples of large fossils, bones and footprints alike, and there are examples of large sized humans living today however not enough to support claims of an entire civilization and distinct race of giants. It is more likely that 'Giants' were indeed giant humans... Combined with the double-muscle mutation you could find yourself with the mythical Hercules.

  111. i did google it and every link is an unreliable nonacademic blog or conspiracy site that talks about mythological creatures and what-not.

  112. @ D--k I hope you were not calling me Lazy. For if you were your credibility just flew out the window!

    I might be accussed of doing too much in all areas of life but never slack or Lazy.

    An apology would be excepted, otherwise put your Dukes up !Or at least block mine cause its a coming.

  113. @ Hi Epicurus,

    Did you know that I have only watched 1/3 of this doc? I have not finished. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I was going in too many directions.

    Epi if you want to google "Red Haired Giants in Malta" and tell me what you think amoungst the articles.

    i havent time right now to search out much more. but I still enjoy the docs.

    Have a good night or morning :-)

  114. @connie

    "What you speak of that you say I am gullible of is only stuff that backs my own studies up, And no I do not take that as Gospel but it does give a handy guide following keywords to what some hypothesis leads and that only broadens my study."

    no idea what you are saying here...

    do i research hoax slayers research? yes i do. but if you want me to do the research for you here you go again...

    news . nationalgeographic . com/news/2007/12/071214-giant-skeleton . html

    so just to be clear you are not saying you believe in giant skeletons or giants at all but you are saying you havent looked into it far enough yet to dismiss it?? okay but it shouldnt take your more than a day.

    "Trust a witness in all matters in which neither his self-interest, his passions, his prejudices, nor the love of the marvelous is strongly concerned. When they are involved, require corroborative evidence in exact proportion to the contravention of probability by the thing testified." - Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895)

  115. @ PS ACHEMS I found the doc. It is "The Pyramid Code"

  116. @Epicurus:

    I share your sentiment of it being a lazy cop-out, then again, school as I know it does little to excite one for actual knowledge.

    Escapism is pseudo-instant gratification, the quest for actual true knowledge is tedious, hard-fought but ultimately rewarding. Having a thesis or even a hypothetical mind-wander is exciting, the process of verifying and scrutinizing is punishing and arduous.

    Not everyone has the fortitude to put themselves through the ginormous hassle that is coherent, consistant thought.

    Everyone has a voice though.

  117. @ Epicurus,

    I am sure you intentions are good: However you are missing the mark. For I do not follow thw doc. for proof. It is the other way around, I do my own studys and let my studys guide me. What you speak of that you say I am gullible of is only stuff that backs my own studies up, And no I do not take that as Gospel but it does give a handy guide following keywords to what some hypothesis leads and that only broadens my study.
    I never believe anything as gospel till all the facts support it as a whole.
    I will often follow trails many miles and gather much info and often I abandoned some roads along the way. But no knowledge is ever in vain for it always comes to mind when needed for something.
    It is the hunt!

    I ask you do you believe everything hoax_ slayer says? on what grounds? do you research their research?

    Did you beleive the Govt. when they said all vacines are healthy for you.

    Did you belive the gov. when they said the food pyramid was the healthiest way to eat so they can change it again?

    Did you believe in Santa?
    Then dont ask me questions of the sort! and do not underestiumate my intelligence.

    And for your sake unless you know all the answers do not tell someone else what they should think.

  118. @connie....why are you so gullible? how can you believe this stuff that is not verified by any academic journal? the red hair gene has been found in neanderthal DNA.

    maybe you should check this out

    hoax-slayer . com/giant-skeleton . html

    do you have an open mind that you have been tricked into believing something which isnt true?

    do you just WANT to believe all this crazy stuff to make the world seem more interesting because you are unable to understand the physics properly to see the REAL wonder and amazement????

  119. @ Achems , Its ok if you are not convinced at least you dont condemn and have an open mind.

    Trust me it has to do with each other.
    Google this " Red Haired Giants from Malta"
    I found alot there you can disect.

    For the moment I need help . I have company here and we want to watch last weeks Pyramid doc. About the telleric lines and power plants. Do you or anyone remember the name of it?

  120. Mere speculation at the end of the day, but the path to knowledge and understanding starts with a little imagination. Im not saying I believe what this doc is saying, however it would be foolish and arrogant to discredit the theories as simple trash, we still have a s*** load to learn about the earth and the universe.

  121. @Connie:

    I do not know Connie, I find this giant stuff hard to believe, if anything this type of doc. does not really portray anything.

    Need hard empirical evidence to believe this, otherwise it smacks of "snake oil" as one of our very voiced commentors @Hate_Machine says. (LOL) If this is true where are the skeletal remains of the giants, or some other substantial evidence. At least they have skeletons of dino's, then dino's are believable.

    Illuminati?? have read and watched a lot of stuff on that, but what has that to do with giants?

  122. @ Achems
    So here we are again near the melted candle wax from a sweet long episode of sensuality to the opposing thoughts of certainty and skepticality.
    I do Beleieve in Giants just as I believe there were dinasoars .

    I also believe I know where this is all leading to.
    It again falls back onto the Illuminatti. Why ? How?
    Because they have that Norman bloodline and as I said I traced back as far as sumer and low and behold I had wondering from there where was the Red headed race.

    Looks to me weather true or false this is leading to the gods of Eygpt probably being of the Norman blood. So hence forth Hitler and others can say they have traced the perfect bloodline back to the gods with their large cone shaped heads . NO??????????????

  123. The most educatated men of the world knew for a fact that the earth was flat before that Italian guy proved them wrong in 1492. Humans are quick to mock what we don't undrstand. Remember Socrates? Closed minds are the rule I suppose.

  124. @Karakus:

    I'm assuming you meant the comment section with "With the ignorance being expressed here"..

    I will say that while all knowledge is good, there are some criteria as to what is "knowledge" and what is simply "information". The means of testing/verifying as displayed in this particular documentary is hardly scientific, therefore any statement deriving from said tests/verifications should be met with a healthy portion of skepticism.

    Perhaps you should explain how you see it as fact that giants have roamed the earth, and you may want to elaborate on the "dark age of understanding" comment as well.

  125. I liked this show, it was intriguing and made me laugh. It is a funny phenomina that people can be extra large and also extra small, and that some people do indeed have double rows of teeth.

    Vlatko,can you debug this comment area so that if you forget to put in your e-mail address, it will return you with out erasing your comment after you press the button. Please.

  126. Glad I'm not the only one who thought this one was awful.

  127. Scientist and intellectuals alike tend to discredit information that goes against their established view of the world. With the ignorance being expressed here it is no wonder we are stuck in a dark age of understanding. All knowledge is good. Have giants roamed in Earth history? Absolutely.

  128. Guess that this could really be a great thing to watch when being high. And since i´m not it was just really awful.

  129. Im one part in, and ive got to tell you, a highschool student with wikipideia could make a better case for giants.

  130. hey wait ... this was a documentary???

  131. Watched some of the doc. can't stomach to watch any more.
    Hope whoever put this doc. together keeps their day jobs.

    I think this doc. was made be a flock of Dodo's! Oh wait! Dodo's are even smarter, let me rephrase, this doc. was made by people as smart as rocks!

  132. So Cro-Magnon man was a hybrid between a primitive hominid and an advanced alien from another planet? Than the female offspring of this experiment looked sexy so the advanced super tall aliens who then came down and fathered bastard hybrid freak babies which drowned in a flood. Some of the super tall survivors got religion and built temples, terrorized Native Americans in the Midwest and headlined WrestleMania 3 with Hulk Hogan.

    Just kidding, the WrestleMania 3 thing wasn't mentioned in this doc.

  133. Thanks guys I appreciate the support and friendship. Maybe i'll be able to get on line at the hospital somehow. By the way I am not old Simon, maybe wise but not old. I never said I was either though so i'm not sure where you are coming from man. I was merely relating my experience here at TDF to whom ever wanted to read it. Its been an emotional, mind expanding,and powerful journey that i look forward to continueing soon. Adios amigos. Remember their is no "they" or "them" only "us".

  134. @ez2b12:

    Yes, I am your friend, and you have a lot of friends here John,

    Wish you the best, and hope to see you back soon.

  135. why is it that the image of our solarsysthem in egypt have been depicted for 1000 of years and we have only found pluto in 1930 ?

  136. @Capricious
    I feel the same way excellent comment.

    Romantic idealism there are too many stupid people to take this seriously. Just because you became old and wise doesn't mean the world all people did too.

  137. Due to the posts I have read here combined with title of this doc. I think I might skip this one. We seem to be in a slump as far as good docs go right now. I have finally worked through all the older docs on this site and the few others I frequent- well not all of them but all the ones with titles that are interesting and a few others i just lucked into despite of the odd title like "Kamatica" and "zeitgeist".

    I have learned tons and become really angry countless times. I have cried a few times and laughed often as well, been inspired, offended, surprised, but most of all I have experienced things and had thoughts that would never have happened if not for these docs. I have made tons of friends along the way and a few enemies unfortunately- I still say the cosmological argument is outdated and employs circular logic. (got the last word after all..) Just kidding.

    I have to go out of town for a while with my dad. He is going into the hospital for a few tests and so we can all get training on some new things we need to start doing for him. I am determined that he will not end up in a home.

    We have sixty something acres here that he cut out of the wilderness/world with his own hands and this is where he wants to be. So while I am gone you guys play nice and remember that we are all in this together, no matter what we believe or do not believe. The world would be really boring without the occasional big foot siting or stories of giants. that said this is not science it is entertainment, lets remember that please.

    1. @ez2b12,

      Possibly the most touching comment posted on TDF so far. Take care and you're always welcome here.

  138. It's documentaries like these that perpetuate that lingering doubt in my mind;

    Am I so much ahead of the curve or are other people just intellectually challenged..?

  139. "EEE-DEN!"

    Comedy GOLD!

  140. This was such a retarded waste of time. 100% speculation beginning to end involving myths, parables, untranslated Sumerian tablets, and so on. I don't even know where to begin.

    "there were 70 skeletons of giants taken out of this cave" then where the f*** are they? If these were as important as you are asserting and there are SEVENTY of them, WHERE ARE THEY? Oh someone just misplaced 70 gigantic human skeletons? Give me a break.

    Then they go on to say sites like the Great Pyramid and Machu Pichu must have been made by giants. OK--let's say they're 8 or 9 ---- even 12 feet tall. How does that explain them moving 900 ton stones? IT DOESN'T!!!!!!! If you gave them that height and even 500% more strength than average man - it explains NOTHING.

    These type of shows irritate the hell out of me because they perpetuate belief in superstition and never approach a single topic skeptically as any intelligent person should.

    Moronic waste of time.

  141. Sensationalistic crap.
    I'm shocked this "doc" comes from such a renowned channel as Discovery...
    No wonder all these nutjobs claim this and that - they all have a book to sell!
    Two of the highlights so far (haven't finished it yet) are the rabbi who references the great flood as an actual documented historical fact, aaand of course the rest who speculate that 900 ton stone structures must've been put in place by giants - only to go on to talk about them being around 2,10 meters tall.
    Now, I'm 2,07 and would therefore be considered something of a giant, but let me tell you that I've got a looong way to go in the gym before I start juggling 900 ton slabs...

    My favorite quote (Pt. 3/6, 4:56):
    "Certainly we know from fossil evidence that some species, like DINOSAURS, grew many times larger than they do today."

    Yup, the Brontosauruses I've seen in the zoo really feel smaller nowadays...

  142. Same old BS.

    1. yeah this film is boring I give it a 1/10 rubbish and horrible movie.

  143. Michael tsarion also talks about giants and the anunaki etc.

    You should put some on moderator.

    And the nefelim.

    Thats amaaaazinnnggg what this guy did creating a controlled biosphere making giants fishes.