Give Me Sex Jesus
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Give Me Sex Jesus

2015, Sexuality  -   15 Comments
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What does it meant to be pure? For many people of faith, the purity of an individual is largely determined by their success in abstaining from sex until marriage. This is one of the key tenants of the increasingly popular Purity Movement of the 1990's, and lays the foundation for the enlightening and alternatively amusing and harrowing new feature-length documentary Give Me Sex Jesus.

"How can we purify the world of sin?" asks R. Marie Griffith, PhD, a professor at Washington University, author of Christians, Sex and Politics and a featured interview subject in the film. Many Evangelicals believe that the key to living a pure life is to refrain from any form of sexual relations until marriage. The film consists of a series of revealing and brutally confessional interviews related to every facet of this belief - from the people who strictly adhere to this religious mandate without hesitation or regret to those who have felt shamed, ostracized and tortured by what they view as an unrealistic commandment.

The Evangelical Purity Movement enjoyed a resurrection on the heels of the AIDS crisis. The movement involves the preaching of abstinence prior to marriage, a view that believers celebrate and promote as the word of God. Give Me Sex Jesus includes a host of insights from those who lend their full-throated support behind the movement. For them, abstinence from impure thought and action not only shows respect for religious doctrine, but ultimately leads to a more fulfilling and productive life.

Meanwhile, detractors of the movement find disgrace in the movement's instruction. They believe that its teachings inspire shame in the face of natural, universally shared urges and needs, and that this shame can often inflict irreversible damage upon one's mental and physical health. The issue is further complicated by factors such as pornography, or the devastation incurred by homosexuals who feel pressured to alter their identities in order to conform to constrictive religious teachings.

By offering a wide variance of viewpoints, the film provides an in-depth and thoughtful investigation of sex in our modern society, and how it is interpreted through the prism of morality and faith.

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5 years ago

Approaching sex from a standpoint of supressing natural instincts willl definitely not enable anyone to be celibate. However the subject should be seen not as denial, but rather as enabling our spiritual nature the opportunity to advance.
Whatever occupies our time reveals who we are.
If we enjoy the revelations of religion or philosophy then we have unlimited access to myriad of philosophers and Prophets waiting to bring us forward spiritually (for free) on the internet.
If we waste that same amount of time on porn, politics, and games then that is where we are going to be as the end result.....with no more spiritual knowledge or progress to show of the time given. Our soul, (spirit) our experiences, and our love travels with us forever. The natural animal body stays here. Why don't we, instead, use the time to gently accustom our souls to spiritual advancement.....and possibly like it.

Linda Jurgens
7 years ago

How can I get a password? I would really like to watch this.

7 years ago

how can I get a password?

7 years ago

Sigh. Live and let live. If you want to treat sex as some kind of separate holy thing apart from being human, fine. But that may mean a horrible sex life for you if you marry the wrong person.

7 years ago

I started getting lost when the man said that an orgasm is worshipping God. Then I was completely lost hearing that virgins do not have guilt from previous relationship. Im not a virgin but I dont have guilt either.

7 years ago

This was rather good. Seriously, a bit of fresh air.
Speaking from personal experience, I submit that the American Christian view of sex is warped, and it warps people. It's based, like much of Christianity, on fear. I appreciate that this documentary pointed in the direction of the folly of Christian sexual attitudes, while also allowing Christians who still hold to those attitudes to clearly voice their beliefs, and without demeaning or demonizing anyone on either side.

7 years ago

Guys, no matter how you may paint it, come what may, abstainace is the best thing to do. Do your personal research and prove what I said wrong. Don't be deceived.

7 years ago

"one of the key tenants"? Seriously? How long is the lease?

7 years ago

I was raised and taught about birth control but the catholic school told everyone that abstinence is the only way. I had sex before marriage at age 20. I freaked out bc I instantly felt guilty and I really thought I was going to hell. I feel into a deep depression bc of this guilt. I no longer think premarital sex is horrible; but what is most horrible is having social constructions telling you how to control your own body. Abstinence does not work. And youth have to be taught that both abstinence and premarital are personal decisions without judgement. but abstinence-only teaching does not work for the general public

Todd Morrow
7 years ago

It's hard to listen to Christians. It's so frustrating. They are so drowning in misinformation and stupidity. Fighting the body in a futal waste of their lives being controlled by psychopathic evangelists

Ann Bettencourt
8 years ago

The music is too present, it gets very difficult to focus with the music too conspicuous.

Suza Francina
8 years ago

I give this documentary 5 stars. Very well done! If you were raised in the Pentecostal Christian church back in the sixties, totally ignorant about sex, and had a baby as a teenager, you will especially connect with this film.

8 years ago

There was a guy in this docu that couldn't watch a film about babies without 'mentally sinning'. How repressed do you have to be to sexualize breastfeeding children? srsly. SMH.