Give Us the Money

2012, Society  -   35 Comments
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From Live Aid to Make Poverty History, celebrities have become activists against poverty. Bob Geldof and Bono have been the most prominent voices advocating on behalf of the poor.

Geldof, Bono and Bill Gates speak candidly about how to lobby effectively and how to play to politicians' weaknesses for glitz and popularity.

They have been criticized for over simplifying issues and failing to challenge the fundamental causes of poverty. But they've also received praise for saving lives and bringing an awareness of poverty to a new audience and a new generation...

Can poverty be tackled without celebrities? Do they put issues in the spotlight or cause more harm than good? Have their concerts and campaigns really lifted millions out of poverty?

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  1. joan

    Great documentary, showing things well done and things that could have been done better.

  2. claire s




  3. DustUp

    Web search for the video clip where Billy Gates states vaccines is his favorite method or reducing the population. I'll do it for the lazy pukes:
    You don't even have to watch it, it is right there in the description. But please do watch so you can see how you are considered the enemy to be eliminated by the elites.

  4. grahame paul

    Alfred I couldn't agree with you more. These guys make me sick to the core. I wanted to kick the heck out of Geldof's wax dummy (that he is) at Madam Tussauds when I was in London in 1987. Who does he and Bono think they fooling.

  5. Alfred Silva

    Not one of Geldof or Bono have sold less albums or become less popular making hundreds of millions in the process of pretending to help the poor whilst helping themselves.

    Their tired old rhetoric at human analysis or working politicians is a form of self indulgence you would cane your dog for (a bit like licking the dogs proverbials when it is comfortably curled by the fireside). They are as educated as the proverbial Irish Navvy. Drunken scumbags.

    ABBA, Olivia Newton John and others who are appointed by the UN as ambassadors against poverty for education etc, get to be so through intense lobbying. They all go on to sell millions more albums and get to do more endorsements and make so much without giving a penny back because the scam is that they are helping the poor.

    This is a means of marketing these scum bags. I hope the Real IRA get Bono and Geldoff and send them to where Geldoff's junkie daughter went to recently. Our children should be scared the scum influence of these scum bags.

    What they have done to others will have done to them. Olivia Newton John and Kylie Minogue adopted the most recent scam for women entertainers who claim to have developed breast cancer. What was never told to the world was that both Olivia and Kylie had what is common in most women, a benign lump but not cancerous or threatening to either.

    The publicist for both played it to the hilt till a journalist in Australia got wind of it from a slip made by Olivia's doctor who was then muzzled by her lawyers.

  6. Olrac Amor

    consolation price whats African people got

  7. Bungaroosh

    The Live Aid concert raised $245.4 milion, a drop in the ocean compared to the $20 billion in debt repayments per annum that Africa pays on the interest for all the other aid it receives.

  8. sharise mathews

    Poverty is the direct result of the failed monetary system, created by the people that rule this world. Right now, there is enough resources on the planet for everybody. We cannot advance until the 99 percent revolt. Stand up for whats right and make changes. The world banks, governments and police are keeping the sheeple enslaved.
    Wake up people, time to open your eyes.

  9. dmxi

    if bono were a true irishman he'd pop bush a swift right hook as he clearly had the chance going by the picture where he's teaching george to read.

  10. Chrosmata

    Wow, this one was a doozy. Although Bono and gang are bringing a water gun to a gun fight, at least he does feel passionate about helping people. I loved the african woman who did nothing but damn their efforts, and talk about africa's image. As if image is more important than starving people on the ground. This should be a lesson for everyone on root cause problem solving though. Imperial colonialism. Cold war tactics gone wrong. The wealthy seeking to become more wealthy. Despot leaders who don't care about anything but their own mansions. A population who has no tangible connection to their actions and realities on the ground (ie having butt loads of kids when you can barely feed yourselves). And most importantly, a ruthless terrain that is impartial as to who lives and who survives.

  11. Gertrude van Voorden

    What nonsense of waking up to the situations of famine in Africa. Having been christian as a child, i collected money since a very young age. In those days they were shamefully called heathens. Only when adult i learned many just had a different then christian religion. I did not want to participate in Live Aid in any form. It seemed a bit contradictory to combine empathy for others suffering, with the pleasure of listening to one's favorite band. Which i believe are in themselves part of the problem, just like all idols are, whether popstars or footballplayers etc. Feeding the illusions of many to run after being rich without performing anything real. And at what cost is a ticket for a concert being paid by a lowwageearner. What needs to go when the price is € 60,-- or more. A price an african child could thrive on and be schooleducated instead of cooking the meals for the entire families at 4 years of age, while their mothers pick/sort our coffeebeans or grow our huge roses in factories that treat workers as slaves and pollute their much needed water with dangerous toxic chemicals.

  12. steven

    Poverty ultimately is one's own fault...period

    1. Janus Boesen Agerbo

      Orly? So all those people living in poor countries that get plundered by international corporations should just pull them self up by the boot strap? Whata bigot.

    2. Otto

      You should really try reading something, I think American Idol has rotted your pea brain.

    3. kafkafil

      Congratulations, you win the I*iot of the Blog award.

  13. dmxi

    how cold can people be?

  14. Anthony Julian Marrevee

    over 80 courics.

  15. kaitse8

    Yeah, give them aid and so what'? Nothing's changed.

  16. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    Hypocrisy at its highest ! nobody is getting saved there ! You cant change anything when men heart is corrupted to the core ! Poverty ,aids, ,ect has'ent changed at all ! They are (the elite loosers) agenda is depopulation with cancer vaccine and the aids virus was man made in a laboratory,+aspertame,fluoride in the water and gmo, chemtrails !! Do a little research you just might get the chance to find the real truth! Yeshua!

  17. Aisling Hudson

    great except there has been no definite link made between what is now known as the HIV virus and these AIDS symptoms... sometimes good will can go bad. the vaccines are spreading the diseases.. i hope this is only PART of the major plan. <3

  18. thursday child

    Bono can choke on his money & die of ass cancer.
    I was kidnapped on the Vertigo tour in 2005 by one of his crew... Guess what?
    No one in U2 or any of the crew cared. I had to ESCAPE to save my LIFE.
    I now suffer intense ptsd because of his stupid tour, and I will for the rest of my life. I hate you Bono, I hate Keane, I hate Damien Marley and his brother... I hate everyone who ignored that my life was in danger and I was being tortured, beaten, and raped every day, held inside a semi truck that hauled U2's equipment. I will never forget. I was there.

    1. Terry Beaton

      You need to increase the Lithium and stay away from movies that get you worked up. Perhaps visiting a nice doctor who you can trust will be helpful with your issues also.

    2. thursday child

      No. I don't shy away from anything.
      I enjoy TDF very much, and check back daily for new docs.
      Are you a physician? You should not be giving medical advice unless you want legal trouble. Everyone knows that.
      Now, go get some ice for your burn.

    3. dmxi

      hope you could bring in the law & that the law did it's job....

    4. kizigfree

      that's hot

    5. Achems_Razor

      What do you want? sympathy?

    6. thursday child

      I just want people to know. No sympathy required. Thanks.

    7. Jeremy Hughes

      I think I'm going to call and report what you're saying to the local FBI field office, I know that they can easily track you down and attempt to prosecute or help you get a case going if what you say holds any validity at all. I can't help but think you might be honest about your situation, at the same time I can't help but think of my schizophrenic ex- best friend who would come up with stuff like this, and then go to the police, and then end up in jail for fabricating conspiracy, falsifying police statements, etc etc etc.

      So lemme know, should I call for you or are you a web troll? Because this isn't funny or joke- ish.

    8. thursday child

      I wish it was a joke. I wish.

    9. dmxi

      then accept help as jeremy has offered. it is brave to come out & speak but very low if this is for attention....hope the latter isn't the case.

    10. tomregit

      I thought his original bizarre posting was made tongue in cheek. I can't take it seriously.

  19. Trevis Robotie

    Great guys Bob and Bono,such herculian efforts!Bankers be bankers any day,they want their money back a million fold.Africa's been exploited (and still is)for centuries in every way,so the West should just be glad to give back a for Ethiopia and the horn of Africa,they love killing one another

    1. freelyassociated97

      yeah how 'bout nah. you're wrong (except the exploited part)

    2. sarah

      what do you know about Ethiopia?
      Go do some homework about Ethiopian History!

  20. TheDanishViking

    12 minutes watched: Important subject. Boring docu.