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God Grew Tired of Us

2007, Society  -   8 Comments
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God Grew Tired of UsThree young men leave behind a land in chaos to find new lives in a thoroughly different culture in this documentary. As the African nation of Sudan fell into political disarray near the dawn of the 21st century, with unspeakable violence following in its wake, thousands of refugees attempted to flee the country, making their way into Kenya in hopes of earning passage elsewhere.

Jon Bul Dau, Daniel Abu Pach, and Panther Bior were three such people who eventually came to the United States, and filmmaker Christopher Quinn spent four years following them on their journey in a new and unfamiliar land.

In God Grew Tired of Us, Quinn documents the young men as they struggle to build new lives for themselves, acquaint themselves with the "American" way of doing things, the difficulties of being black in a primarily white culture, and try to track down the friends and family they were forced to leave behind. God Grew Tired of Us received its North American premier at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

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8 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Patti Shields

    I work wit Daniel at Baldwin health center I pray hes safe and he returns home soon

  2. Patti Shields

    I work with Daniel pach,,he has gone home 2 c his wife and son and is trapped over Africa I hope he returns safe 2 us we miss him at Baldwin health center and pray that his family and every 1 elses is safe

  3. Jener Sharma

    39.28 Very appropriate t-shirt slogan at the back."When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers."

  4. Guest

    This was a great journey into the depth of the hearts of Africans. It brought back memories of people i met while traveling in West Africa, the values of life that are so important to them, the camaraderie, the children, the simplicity of expression and especially the will to reach heights when a chance flies by and graps them by the wing.

  5. Guest

    Pay back their plane ticket? fkers...sorry but this enrages me and i am not easily enraged. Ya welcome them and make sure they know that in America you have to have debts otherwise you are looser that has nothing.
    Ok back to this great doc.

  6. Guest

    Yes, disturbing considering what happened over there in those years.
    But so soothing when considering the beasty behavior of the homosapien specie.

  7. Andy Dabydeen

    This is a great film. Disturbing on so many levels.