Gold Mafia

Gold Mafia

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"Gold Mafia" is a gripping four-part documentary series by Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit that delves into the dark underbelly of the global gold trade and its entanglement with organized crime and corruption. The series follows undercover reporters who assume the identities of gangsters with vast amounts of black money to be laundered, leading them to gain unprecedented access to Africa's notorious Gold Mafia.

Through secret recordings and closed-door meetings with crime bosses, the investigation uncovers the inner workings of rival gangs that specialize in converting illicit funds into gold, which is then circulated worldwide. The criminal networks extend their reach into government gold export schemes, enticing lucrative deals worth over $100 million. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe emerges as the epicenter of this vast money laundering operation, acting as southern Africa's largest laundromat.

Armed with confidential documents and interviews with courageous whistleblowers from within the criminal organizations, the investigators expose the intricate blueprints of billion-dollar money laundering operations that serve the political elite. The web of corruption extends beyond criminal syndicates, implicating high-ranking officials, including a senior African ambassador and even reaching the highest offices of power in southern Africa.

As the series progresses, it uncovers the involvement of Mo Dollars, South Africa's most notorious money launderer, who utilizes gold to clean the proceeds from illicit cigarette sales. The Gold Mafia's operations expand, infiltrating banks, government departments, and even forging relationships with Zimbabwean authorities. An audacious deal is struck with a rival mafia group closely tied to the Zimbabwean government, offering to launder a staggering $1.2 billion in illicit funds while ensuring access to executive power.

The investigation culminates in Dubai, the preferred destination for the world's dirty gold, where rival gangs vie to facilitate money laundering for the undercover team. Along the way, the series explores why gold has become the perfect vehicle to conceal and transfer criminal wealth. The ultimate goal is to expose how society's obsession with gold underwrites a vast global shadow economy, revealing the intricate networks that perpetuate the cycle of corruption and impunity.

As tensions rise and the net tightens, the Gold Mafia boss issues ominous threats, highlighting the risks faced by those who dare to break the code of silence. Amid the danger and the specter of violence, a member of the same gang seeks refuge in a safe house, fearing for their life as they provide crucial insights to the investigators. The series unearths the alarming extent of the Gold Mafia's influence, with high-ranking figures boasting about their ability to access presidents and heads of state across the African continent.

"Gold Mafia" is a riveting exposé that shines a light on the hidden world of gold-related criminality, unmasking the intricate web of money laundering operations that serve the economic and political elite of southern Africa. It is a chilling reminder of how the allure of gold can fuel corruption and perpetuate a global shadow economy, and serves as a call to action for greater transparency and accountability in the gold industry.

Directed by: Sarah Yeo, Alexander James

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No longer on Social Media
1 year ago

So, they are stuck in a cycle of trying to bring their country wealthy by any means necessary, only those means are also taking advantage of the situation and ripping them off. I understand the sanctions. But at this point it might be the golden opportunity to offer a golden bridge to a fast track of lifting sanctions and bringing money to the people. \
Our world is vastly and rapidly changing. The world market that we have in place now may be drastically different in the next 10 years. We should equate for this change before it happens. Ai and automation will bring 1st world to the entire world.

1 year ago

The worst organized criminals are the worldwide governments. Gold is economic freedom, a way to escape the hidden tax of paper money that gets it's value by forcing it on citizens. "Money laundering" is trading forced fiat money for honest money, i.e., gold, silver, real assets.