Goya: Crazy Like a Genius
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Goya: Crazy Like a Genius

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Goya: Crazy Like a GeniusDocumentary in which art critic Robert Hughes travels across Spain in search of the reality beyond the mythology of Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Goya has long been Hughes' favorite artist but has become a particular obsession since a near-fatal car accident left Hughes living with nightmares of Goya's often dark and violent imagery.

Written and presented by renowned art critic Robert Hughes, Crazy Like A Genius explores the world of Francisco Goya: charting his achievements as a court painter, satirist and war reporter, as well as a topographer of the inner self - of madness, fear and despair.

This program offers a detailed visual and intellectual analysis of Goya masterpieces, including Witches in the Air, The Third of May and The Dream of Reason, as well as examples of his early work and portraiture such as The Duchess of Alba, The Nude Maja and The Clothed Maja.

Hughes gives an insight into the enormous changes that took place in Goya s work in the course of his life: the shift from light to dark.

In Spain, he travels to Goya s native Aragon and in Madrid he is seen visiting galleries, palaces and churches where Goya s works are on display. In New York Hughes calls on the American painter, Leon Golub, who shares his fascination for Goya, and elicits a contemporary artist s perspective on the Spanish master s work.

Hughes professes himself incapable of summing up Goya s achievements neatly, but concludes that to meet Goya is still to meet ourselves.

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12 years ago

where i find full edition knowledge should be free

12 years ago

Really enjoyable,very well presented.I found myself saying "wow" every 5 minutes or so...Thank you to all involved for this wonderful documentary!

12 years ago

Here is nothing essential about Goya’s language articulated to capture essence. Robert Hughes is just an old Englishman who stares at the paintings. It’s annoying how many times this fade critic is in the camera field of view. I have the impression that this film is about him. Nothing as Saturn: An Essay on Goya by André Malraux.

12 years ago

A documentary of great power and eloquence.
Thanks Vlatko

12 years ago

magnificent documentary