The Great Challenge: China, Russia

The Great Challenge: China, Russia

2014, Politics  -   34 Comments
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The Great Challenge: China, Russia is an informative documentary focused on the United States' relationship with Russia and China after the 1990 dissolution of the Soviet Union. Through newsreel footage and interviews with journalists, politicians and strategists, we learn about the US attempt to maintain world power in the aftermath of this dissolution, the current status of Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, and the present relationship between Russia and China as imposing competitors to the US.

As explained by Daniele Scalea, Editor-in-Chief of Geopolitica Journal, the US strategy after the fall of the Soviet Union was to prevent potential rivals from growing powerful by strengthening US military power in key locations adjacent to the energy resources of the Middle East. Journalist and politician Giulietto Chiesa cautions that America's desire to control global resources creates a situation that gets increasingly dangerous with time.

Highlighting the establishment of the Greater Middle East Project by the second Bush administration, it is explained that the project's intent was to impose America's influence throughout the Middle East, a move that helped the US maintain economic and political domination in the area. By controlling the borders in the region, which is central to to Europe, Eurasia, Russia, East Asia and Africa, the US could thereby neutralize any threat from Russia.

Political expert Francois Marshall claims the intent behind attacking Afghanistan post-9/11 was not in the interest of counter-terrorism, but rather for the purpose of establishing military bases in former soviet countries that would, in turn, continue to limit Russia's influence. However, Putin's turn to power in 2000 saw Russia regain its status as a world power, renewing its potential threat to the US.

Although heavily focused on the relationship between Russia and the United States from 1990 through the present, we are later introduced to China's relationship between the two countries. Political Activist Ginette Skandrani cautions that Russia and China are currently taking control of the global economy as they've managed to gain independence from the US and Middle East despite US efforts to block their economic growth. With these countries regaining strength in the world market, it is questioned whether the United States' attempt to dominate through globalization will neutralize the growth in Russia and China, or if we are on a course of conflict with the two.

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  1. BG

    Good thing we have Trump now to handle the chinese.

    1. fff

      how did he end up doing

    2. jhc

      @fff Not so good apparently

  2. Ajay

    It is a view, probably a lot of it was not quite accurate. There is, I believe, almost certainly some truth within. I find the best thing to do is watch a range of views from each side of the argument, scrutinize each of them, and decide where you personally believe the marker lies. NATO is still the most powerful military force on Earth, Russia and China are certainly asserting themselves both economically and militarily. Although western, I don't believe that our intentions and views are anywhere near perfect. Much of what the west does I think could be considered quite shameful. But thats not to say that the east are any better.

  3. Gwayne Gautreaux

    @Peter Wilson.........."You mean the 296 Palestinian children recently killed by Israeli attacks?"

    Yes, the Palestinian children that Hamas used as human shields when they were fighting with the IDF.

  4. winter

    But if US goes to war with China, how will we get the bigscreen TV's? And I pods? And PC's? And microwaves, refrigerators, wash machines, dryers . . . We will be helpless!!!
    What about toys, car parts, industrial machinery?! Surely our politicians will not let this happen to us? What about power tools, any tools, lawn mowers, snow blowers, light bulbs, motors, thermostats. . . without the chinese we will get up in darkness and sleep in the freezing cold without blankets! We will be naked!!! We will not have computers and cell phones to entertain us every hour of every day! US government will put a stop to it! They will kill chinese and when russia see's this they will kill US with the help of Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and any other country whose resources the US has stolen while turning their countries into toxic waste dumps. Also,

    Jews suck. That is why they are universally hated. When you are dickheads, you don't make friends. In the old testament their proclivity for war was clearly demonstrated. When Jesus comes along and tells them to live in peace, they convince the romans to kill him by saying he is a threat to them. Every time they antagonize some random country and that country starts to look at coming after them, Netanyahoo calls US to intervene and save him. To his credit, Obama tells them to get lost. They have learned a hard lesson.

    1. Howard Roark

      God will bless them that bless Israel and curse them that curse Israel. I prefer blessing.

  5. Swapnil

    Gl trying to make India do as you wish. India has always supported the weak countries being dominated by world powers for their gain. And the US knows that the excuse of "bringing democracy" is useless against a country which is already the BIGGEST stable democracy in the world. So they gotta swallow their pride and watch.

  6. John

    The next world war will be fought over natural resources. Many countries started working on this near future problem a few years back, but you almost never hear anything about it.

  7. CrayRail

    This is all old news really. The global balance of power since the start of the Industrial Revolution (dawn of capitalism) has rested on great power access to oil and other natural resources. The strengths of this doc is that it tells this story unapologetically but in a rather repetitive way. Once you make the point that the world is "multi-polar" you need to expand in more provocative directions and sometimes they attempt this.

    More often than not, it comes off as crass pro-Russian propaganda and seems to make no ideological distinction between the Soviet Union - an openly leftist ideological and military force in the world - and those capitalist gangsters who sold off the best of the socialist project for their own profit, who now coalesce behind Putin.

    Another weakness is a serious lack of hard information and historical grounding of the rise of China and how it must view world events. This documentary seems to think China is in some ways secondary to Russia in it's challenge to US hegemony, based of course on the amount of time they spend discussing China's actions - especially on military spending.

  8. André

    LOL, I haven't even seen the documentary yet but it seems it hurt some Americans' pride. If you guys just took some time to read a bit of recent history (post-WWII), you could maybe realize your government (among most European powers) just seek to destroy anything and anyone who opposes the illegal and forceful enrichment at the expense of millions of innocent people.

  9. Mindaugas

    most biased documentary I have ever seen. complete crap. how could you not to see ridiculous missinterpretatons and all kinds of conspiracy theorists crazy talks without any reasonable arguments? Check the names who did the video... Makes me laugh.

    1. Anthony Mustacich

      what are the misinterpretations and unreasonable arguments specifically?

  10. Aditya Rajan

    India is not part of the Middle East how dare they say that! India is part of South Asia and is not culturally or historically similar to the middle east in any way shape or form.

    1. Craig Stowers

      It said "greater middle east" meaning the M.E and surrounding area.

    2. Howard Roark

      Oh? It has the largest Muslim population in the world--a Middle Eastern influence, to be sure.

  11. Johannes

    Highly anti-American propaganda doc... The narrative accepts the neocon narrative as the guiding light of U.S. foreign policy. Very narrow-focused criticism and totally shirks the foreign policy aims of the other poles.

    1. Anthony Mustacich

      I would say it is more anti-imperialist than anything. Also, the so-called "neocon" narrative is the guiding light of U.S. foreign policy and that is why Obama has pretty much pursued the same course of action as his predecessors. The "asia pivot" strategy of Obama is an explicit affirmation of the neocon goal of preventing the rise of any nation in the world that could challenge U.S. hegemony. Obviously the "liberals" no less than the "neocons" are dead set on maintaining the U.S. empire and have to resort to militarism and proxy warfare to achieve this. Dont be a tool.

  12. Rocky Racoon

    We need to work together with these countries there is no other way. They are to powerful not to partner with and the US cannot act as boss because it is not-the world does not deserve to live under threat of nuclear annihilation just so America can maintain reserve currency status and get a free ride on the rest of the world by FORCING countries to use their currency or ELSE! The BRICS are the beginning of the end of that fiasco and the Ponzi scheme is coming to an end.

    1. Spear

      Bullseye !

  13. backwards

    With regards to Documentary's description: I was just think the exact same thing after watching KoreanWar doc's. It was then, that it reflected upon me that since WW2 every war has had the underlyings of Soviet vs USA agenda / influence. Mostly USA's attempts to stop the influence of Communism. (WW2 , Vietnam, Balkins, Korea ...
    I'm not sure if current UN (US) campaigns in the middle east are to prevent communism (as the document suggests) or islam, or both)

  14. arcot

    The facts are in the open. Especially what's going on in Ukraine, Another NATO expansion. U.S.A losing their grounds.

  15. FreedomforIran

    This is lousy Iranian propaganda. They could not find one person in
    Europe or the US with have some kind of institutional affiliation.
    "Strategic advisor" and the like only reveals that their so-called
    experts are leftists who hate the West (and therefore embrace the Iranian
    regime), or conspiracy theorists. There will be no war between the
    US and China, or the US and Russia. And there will be no war against Iran
    either. But all this does not mean that the Iranian regime will survive.
    Someday this regime will be toppled by Iranians wanting democracy and freedom,
    and a determination to pay the cost for freedom by taking on the regime. That
    day will come.

    1. slpsa

      i agree it was lousy propaganda. A war with either of those two countries is highly unlikely. MAD still exists, although some claim Russian and Chinese technology lags far behind the US regarding missile technology, as well as Anti Missile Defense systems. I just think of the Star Wars program that Reagan started back in the 80's, and apply that to what gains have been made most assuredly to spaced based weapons to intercept missiles. Me thinks those missiles might not ever get close to the US mainland.

    2. bringmeredwine

      Thank goodness for NORAD.
      I feel very uneasy living right next door to the US.

    3. veverk

      Like the democracy and freedom the Palestinians have to get bombed and terrorised by israel? The hypocritical US has no credibility left in the world so you should shut the f*ck up preaching `freedom and democracy' to everyone else. Nobody believes America's bullsh*t anymore.

    4. Billy Willy

      Spoken as if the poor Palestinians did nothing to invite the bombs. Just poor, innocent victims.

    5. Mr. Know-it-all

      Are you referring to the same Palestinians that celebrated (cheered, danced, sang and cried with joy) in the streets when terrorists attacked on 9/11?

    6. Peter Wilson

      You mean the 296 Palestinian children recently killed by Israeli attacks?

    7. robert elliot

      This presents a different view from that of my government! Waaaaah! Waaaahahahaha!

    8. Mr. Know-it-all

      It' weird how when people think they're getting "the other side of the story" they have this overwhelming bias that says it's entirely it the conspiracy theory bias.

    9. robert elliot

      Yeah right. Come to think of it, why do we even need defense lawyers? Anyone susceptible to their trickery obviously has a "conspiracy theory bias".

    10. tannhaus3r

      Scrutinize your sources.

      From wikipedia, on Giulietto Chiesa.

      "He is an active supporter of various conspiracy theories, about September 11 attacks, chemtrails, and HAARP[3]"

      Not to mention the turkey Louis Farrakhan.

    11. robert elliot

      The citizens of every country in the world, with the exception of brainwashed Americans, know that political conspiracies are a fact of life and have been since the dawn of human civilization. People are convicted of conspiracies to commit crimes in thousands of courtrooms throughout this country every single day. Do you think the rich and powerful don't make plans in secret (AKA "conspiring") because they are just so much more honest than us plebes? Quite the contrary. Grow up.