The Great Challenge: Israel

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Using stock footage of American religious fundamentalists and political interviews against original interview footage with experts on international relations, The Great Challenge: Israel documents the role of the Israeli lobbies and their relationship with the US Congress.

The film provides background on the relationship between major religions including Christianity, Protestantism and Judaism and their complicated intertwining histories before introducing viewers to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the leading Israel lobby advocating for pro-Israel policies to Congress and one of the strongest foreign lobbies in general. Interview subjects imply that AIPAC and other pro-Israel forces use their influence to persuade the United States of their intertwined interests in order to bankroll their conflicts with other Middle Eastern countries such as Palestine and Iran.

In one stock interview AIPAC is referred to as not only the most powerful foreign lobby, but the "most corrupting" for their financial influence on American politics, and another interviewee describes an incident dating back to Harry Truman's presidential campaign, in which he was bribed to recognize Israel as a state in order to win the election.

The film argues that many of these wars are "not America's wars" and an ex-CIA agent places blame on the leaders of the Jewish-American community for influencing and corrupting US Congress by dragging Americans into foreign wars that we should not be involved in. One interviewee refers to Israel as America's "bulldog in the Middle East", with pre-recorded audio of Senator Chuck Hagel illustrating the attitude from the pro-Israel lobby that American politicians are expected to fully support the interests of Israel at all times.

Despite the typical pro-Israel support from the States, conflict arises when President Obama declines to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who it is suggested hates Obama, preferring to interact with Republican politicians. Political activist Juliette Scarnani explains that while the Western world celebrates freedom of speech, there is no such thing when it comes to Israel, citing an incident in which she dared discuss Palestine's freedom and in turn had four Jewish radicals arrive at her home in riot gear.

In a pre-recorded interview with author Scott Ritter it is explained how Hezbollah and Lebanon are legitimate concerns for Israel, but should not be considered American problems as it was Israel that invaded Lebanon; and yet the expectation is for America to defend Israel regardless of Hezbollah not being a threat to the US itself.

The film continues to question whether Zionism is a propagator of racism with geopolitical author Mario Moncada likening the Zionist treatment of Palestinians to the very discriminations Jews faced from the Nazis, and leaves the audience questioning America's role as an ally of Israel.

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  1. Emotions ,emotions emotions! If those are set aside for a minute the waring parties may see a clear path out of there seemingly miserable lives -----
    That the would love to drag us all into

    After all why would you want to kill the ever expanding customer base of religiously breeding Arabs. Where's the real estate men/bankers-- in Israel???...opportunity's abound. Make money- not war!

  2. Why is it that no one mentions the fact that, the first thing Israel's Arab neighbors did after their becoming a nation was to attack them with every military weapon they had in order to kill them and deny them any state of Israel. The Palestinian people fled their homes in order to protect themselves while Israel was being wiped out. But Israel won that war!
    Shouldn't this discussion start with this? Everything that has taken place in Israel since that war is just an extension of the Arab aggression against Israel.

  3. Now a days, How Israel people going on before Third Great War !


    The best way for Israel to stop terrorist attacks in its territory is by first ceasing its occupation of all Arab lands and the continual, unrestrained building of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

    The problem, however, is that Israel will not pull back to its pre-1967 borders so long as most evangelical Christians in America continue to believe that present day Jews have a biblical right to all of Arab territory in Palestine and even beyond. The minority of war hawks in Israel depend upon this skewered American evangelical support. For this reason a biblical examination of the issue is necessary.

    As an evangelical and conservative Christian, of Indian origin, I wish to set the biblical issue in proper perspective.

    Although the modern state of Israel now has every right to exist as any other nation, this does not mean that Zionism (the belief that Jews have a biblical right to all of Palestine) is correct. And it is Zionism that is primarily fueling the building and expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on Arab land.

    From a purely biblical perspective Zionism has enormous problems.

    The fact is that almost none of the Jews in modern Israel are descendants of the original Jews of Palestine thousands of years ago. Most of the Jews in Israel today are descendants of Europeans who had converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages (known as Khazar or Ashkenazi Jews).

    The last time God had promised in the Scriptures to bring the Jews back to their ancestral homeland was fulfilled centuries ago when He brought them back from their Babylonian captivity. We read in the Book of Daniel that, during the Babylonian captivity, the Jews were spread through out all the nations of the empire of Babylon. When most of these Jews returned to Israel from their Babylonian captivity that fulfilled God's only and last promise of bringing His people back to their homeland. Thus, the Jews in present-day modern Israel are not a fulfillment of that ancient promise.

    Furthermore, God's promises concerning the land to the Jews in the Old Testament were conditional - only so long as they continued to obey Him were those promises concerning the land binding (read Deuteronomy 28). God fulfilled his promise concerning the land to the Jews centuries ago.

    We read in the Book of Joshua 21:43, 45: "And the Lord gave unto Israel all the land which He sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein. There failed not ought of any good thing which the Lord had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass." Thus, there is no promise concerning the land that still awaits any fulfillment.

    Most evangelical Christians today are looking forward to the seven-year tribulation period of Israel which would require for the Jews to be in the land. But this period had already occurred in history during AD63 to AD70. (seven years) when the Roman army besieged and destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple.

    It was this destruction that Jesus said would mark the end of the age (the Jewish Age, that is). During these seven years, there was a brief respite from the attacking Roman army and this respite gave an opportunity for believing Jews (Christians) of this time to escape the final destruction of Jerusalem and have their lives spared.

    Most evangelical Christians, who are dispensationalists, are still seeking for an Israel that the New Testament says is the spiritual body of Christ made up of both Jew and Gentile believers in Jesus Christ and who together (as one seed) inherit the same (not different) promises (Galatians 3:14-16).

    The New Testament refers to the Christian church as the "Israel of God" (Galatians 6:16). There is good reason to believe that some of the Old Testament descriptions of God's future dealings with Israel are already being fulfilled spiritually in and through the Christian church which is made up of both Jew and Gentile believers in Christ inheriting the same (not different) promises. For example, Scripture tells us that Acts 15:13-19 is a fulfillment of Amos 9:12.

    The problem with most evangelical Christians today is that they interpret the Book of Revelation literally. But Revelation is a book of symbolism and should not to be interpreted literally. The Book itself tells us not to interpret it literally.

    In the very first verse of the very first chapter we read, "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God (the Father) gave unto Him, to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass; and He sent and signified it by His angel unto His servant John" (Revelation 1:1, KJV). The word "signified" in the passage comes from a Greek word meaning "signs" or "symbols". Thus, Revelation was meant by Christ to be interpreted symbolically, not literally.

    The Book of Revelation, like the rest of the New Testament, was originally written in Greek so sometimes we must go to the Greek language to have a more precise understanding of certain words.

    Many evangelical Christians believe (wrongly) that the "Great City" in the Book of Revelation, which God destroys in His wrath and which is referred to figuratively as Babylon, is Rome. They believe it is Rome because the city is described as being surrounded by seven hills.

    However, Jerusalem, also, is surrounded by seven hills. The proof that Jerusalem is the city and not Rome is found in Revelation 11:8 where we read, "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified".

    Was the Lord crucified in Rome or in Jerusalem? The wrath of God against Jerusalem for its apostate Judaism is what the early portions of the Book of Revelation are all about.

    The modern state of Israel, now that it has been established, has every right to exist, but it must abide by the U.N. resolutions and withdraw to its pre-1967 borders. Most Palestinians and other Arabs will recognize Israel’s right to exist if it follows the U.N. resolutions.

    It is important, however, to have some basic background knowledge of how the modern state of Israel was founded.

    As one writer points out: "Israel was created (in the beginning) not by force of arms or military invasion, but terrorist activity advocated by Jewish immigrants, in an effort to get rid of the British Administration (the lawful government of the day, as sanctioned by the predecessor to the UN). Britain abandoned its mandate and Israel was created by the UN."

    However, as long as most evangelical Christians in America believe modern Zionism is biblical they will continue to exert one-sided pressure in Washington DC in support of Israel's status quo in the region and prevent any pressure on Israel to pull back to its pre-1967 borders and discontinue building settlements on Arab land.

    If America insists Israel must be fair to Palestinians it will not only help achieve peace in the Middle East but also will reduce Muslim extremism, and even terrorism, against the United States.

  5. Festering hatred...lies... theft...revenge are all works of the devil.

    The Jews have desecrated the promised land (?). Do you honestly think that Jesus will return to such land of hatred? Hatred inflamed by them being abused,, they were grouped together and we see the result of just how much they want their revenge.

    They are wanting to rule the world..........Thank God the U.S. have awoken from a dormant state of give give give.

    Iran is not a threat, Obama sat down and opened discussions. Only through communication and understanding do you accomplish peace and not slurs sent through the media.

  6. Sh*t Religions are the scourage of humanity, None of them evolved from Europe, and the so-called semite Jews do not exist; The real HEBREWS were Black Egyptians that left Egypt to worship THE SUN or a monotheistic God

    Isreal is nothing but a geo-political tool; they GENERATE more havoc than anybody. Look at our degraded media and entertainment industries. They turning little kids into Wh**res and confusing Straight boys and girls into bisexuality.

    According to Naomi Klein, they did this in Germany.

    1. True,they done all this to Germany and even more too, but you'll never hear that in the mainstream.They are a wicked people and they'll never be appeased,they'll always want more.We'll never have peace as long as they are around,they are the incarnation of Satan.

  7. What a waste of I needed to watch a documentary to know that the USA government is Israel's b*tch....everyone knows that already.

  8. I have more respect for Chuck Hegal and others portrayed in the film than I did before. I didn't know so many had the courage to speak their mind like they did. Good documentary

  9. As per usual when it comes to Jerusalem, the problem isn't with the Jews or the Muslims, it's the damned interfering Christians.

    When the Ottomans held the city things were getting back to the way they were pre-Crusades, where give or take the whims of the occasional paranoid Sultan the two faiths were able to live fairly stable if somewhat fricticious lives in co-existence.

    But then along came the British, we smashed that sh1t down and rebuilt it the way we saw fit, and then the Americans arrived and the place has been on fire every day since, much the same as what happened when the Latin christians invaded under the crusader banners.

    Now just like in the crusades, there are foaming at the mouth Christians stirring up trouble (by funding the illiegal settlements and encouraging racial violence), except these ones are evangelicals and they are doing it in the vain hope that they can bring about the apocalypse by knocking down the dome of the rock and rebuilding the old Jewish temple.

    these are the people who make up and fund the vast majority of Americas pro-Israeli lobby.

    it's madness, and unfortunatly (as much as i wish it was) it's not tin foil hattery either, they're quite open about it, Hell, they tend to actually be proud of what they're doing...though i get the impression that most of their kin who share their faith would balk at the idea of fanning the flames of a war in a petty "get saved quick scheme"

  10. This isn't just war of religion but a war of freedom and belonging and America didn't just get dragged into it, it had to be in it to defend its interest as a super power.

    Israel accepted the UN 181 resolution but Palestine didn't want too nor did any of the other Arab countries. Instead they threatened to spill blood. Can you blame Israel for just thinking well if your not going to listen, then fine we are just going to go ahead with it as this land belongs historically and religiously belongs to us too? Judaism had no place in this world to call its own and after WW2 it needed some where to go. Israel is not racists, its a bit harsh and could of been more diplomatic, granted, but given the threats and the extremism that spans from the Islamic religion, they took what they could to deter any future threat. They could give some land back to the Palestinians but
    then they would just use it as a advantage to subdue more terror attacks.

    This issue is extremely deep rooted and before people make assumptions they need to understand the history and the repercussions that would be faced. No one can agree with every countries foreign policy, but America had to support Israel or someone had too. Israel otherwise be defeated, the Jews again would be displaced if not massacred, and there would be no strategic non-Muslim stronghold within the middle east which is extremely important.

    This video is literally to fool stupid people who are against Israel, and the US involvement in Israel. There are wrongs and rights on both sides of the conflict and some things that have happened will never be forgotten. But people need to stop taking sides and think of ways to satisfy both Jews and Palestinians. And if neither listens, then that doesn’t mean listen to this crap in this documentary, but it means don't give, accept what is and why it is and what should now be.

    Once the threat of war and terror as left Israel, (which it probably never will until a full blown war in the middle east where this one victor) it would be the right thing for Israel to integrate displaced Palestinians, remove extreme Zionists and build a prosperous Israel.

    1. I guess you don't realize that nobody's buying this drivel anymore.

    2. what do you mean?

  11. to bad Martin Luthers' "The Jews and their Lies" has been censored in America,like other works...people might actually wake up...but no continue to be fooled by the Jews,who are as Semitic as the Emperor of Japan

  12. So much misinformation masked in the demonization of Israel. This is not a documentary, it is an indictment. A singleminded, narrow view of history and current events through the eyes of a view anti-zionists, American special interests, and some individuals who really have no idea what they are talking about.

  13. Praise God for His MERCY & LOVE! The political reporter in this doc, Francois Marshall has made very incorrect statements about Israel…"They (the Jews) rely on religious books to justify their own atrocities & bloodshed in Palestine. If anyone knows history, Palestine in the ancient times was part of what is now called Israel. This land covenant goes back to Abraham in Scripture! Israel has always been in a spiritual battle with the Ishmaelites (Arabs/Muslims) since Abraham bore Ishmael w/the slave from Egypt, Hagar! Isaac is the promised son, the lineage of the Messiah Jesus/Y'shua! This is a spiritual battle and God will bring JUSTICE to the Jews & to each who call on His only Son's name JESUS!

    1. Idiotic Dogma. Only children believe in fairytales created thousands of years ago. Use your OWN brain and study REAL HISTORY. Using Religion as a gun is Demonic.

      and you too are a demon for supporting devilish deeds.


    2. Migrant workers built the pyramids and were given the benefit of social mobility. And for a long time the Jews had a good standing relationship with Arabs since Cyrus the Great freed them from Nebuchadnezzar. In fact they had a better standing with them than they did the Christians as you might recall. You were all messianic cultists in their eyes and you still are as a conversation I had with an 18 year old Israeli kid on youtube would show. As he'd say your an Idolater and a gentile or heathen if you prefer. Perhaps you should pick up a book that isn't fictitious un-evolved bronze age nonsense.

    3. ok, several problems with your comment:

      firstly, the bloodshed in palestine is paid for mostly with christian money...but i reckon you'll find a passage in your book to justify that eh?

      secondly, Gaza was a part of Israel for about three hundred years. Gaza spent more time as a roman territory than it did a Jewish one. Since 635CE it's been pretty much exclusively a muslim territory, except for a brief spell when it was a part of the crusader states.

      Thirdly, the lineage of Jesus?
      Are you saying that Joseph was Jesus's father? because that would mean God isn't.
      Either Jesus is the son of god, or he's a part of some human lineage, he can't be both.

      fourthly God seems to have a funny view on justice...if this is all a part of his plan, then i think cruelty would probably be a better word for his intentions.

    4. There's no god and there was no Jesus. Anyone using mythology and folklore while trying to have an discussion shouldn't be taken seriously to begin with.

    5. preaching to the choir dude...i just wanna know how they justify the plot holes to themselves is all.

  14. awesome doc, avoid some of the misinformation comments and watch.

  15. This was kind of hard to follow.Too many subtitles.Were they all in Italian ? I Wish Israel would smarten up and help the Palestinians get a state of their oun . Enough is enough!! Israel wants more and more. They have enough. I enjoyed watching this video !! Peace!!

    1. Sorry mate you probably meant the best by that statement but the Palestinians had a state of their own. They don't won't relocation no-one would.

    2. They already have a land of their own ... Palestine .... just needs the occupying soldiers to leave, take the mad settlers with them and for the UN to declare the Palestinian state.

  16. As I replied to another reader just two days ago...I have no use for religious fanaticism.

  17. How can anyone sane can listen to this bs!

    1. So how many minutes before you gave up and walked away from its message? Does it make you sick to your tummy to hear respectable white guys and gals putting Israel's feet to the fire instead of kissing up to God's Chosen Zionists, just to see the fulfillment of His prophesy so that they can run around and yell "See I told ya so !!!"? Do you find unpalatable the notion that AIPAC virtually gets a blank check from OUR Congress to provide essential(?) military support to a foreign power whose very existence and behavior to begin with is why there is so much ire directed at the U.S. from the Islamic world?

      How can anyone sane NOT listen to this and refuse to remain pushovers of the Stand With Israel crowd ?

    2. I have no use for religious fanaticism of any kind.

    3. Oh, sorry. I mistook you for a Judaic-religion fanatic.

    4. And once again you're flat out wrong! I'm an agnostic Atheist and have no ties to religion at all!

      I have and I have and do study the various religions and their origins, thoroughly!

      Judaism was founded on proto Judaism, polytheistic, then their own ancient myths, mixed heavily with Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Akkadian, Sumerian, Uritic and Egyptian myths, as well as others.

      All religions have used mythology to fortify select ethics and principles, but Islam uses death threats and torture as it's sole imperative which includes aspirations of world domination and control in a very subtle 'friendly' (not) way!

      Quite different from all other religions!
      Read the Qur'an, it will make you aware of their tenets!

    5. I don't have the time to waste, picking all your outright lies apart. Keep in mind, others, the Qur'an specifically advocates and supports lying to 'unbelievers' (in Mohammed and Allah), and especially Jews!

      Oooooh, scary! NOT! This mentally bankrupt excuse for a human, is not worth my time! You've convinced me, you're of a very fixed mind, and not worthy of my time, begone, you're useless! I stand with Israel!!!

    6. If I'm reading the comments display format correctly, you refer to my response to Vera. Therefore don't act like I'm talking to you 'cause I'm not. You don't need to answer for her, and she has already replied to me anyway.

      You seemed quite freaked out at my words. What, was it the "God's Chosen Zionists" remark? Was it my arrogance at citing AIPAC's mischief ?

      I have already said I am a Christian Arab so why do you "quote" Qur'an to me (I've a sneaky suspicion something's terribly out of context with that)? You're still welcome to pick my lies apart... by the way, how do you know they are outright lies, maybe I'm just plain stupid. This particular mentally bankrupt excuse for a human and his "very fixed mind" stands by his convictions. You post shows all the earmarks of a tantrum-laden escape from an intellectual fight -- insult the hell out of me and turn your back. I've seen this behavior before.

    7. James you probably are one of those israeli govt trolls who were appointed a year or so ago by israel to counter anti israel blogs and propoganda lol. Jews survived the brutal holocaust in Europe and you guys are spreading same sort of propaganda that hitler/ nazis did against jews during those dark times. All you want to do is spread islamophobia. You are no diff from those anti Semitic nazis !! Instead of treating fellow humans equally , the treatment of African refugees is appalling in israel, no matter what excuses you and your fellow Israelis give, there is no excuse for your crimes against humanity...

    8. Agreed to a point and I understand that in the U.S as the same in England there are a lot of innocent people and a lot more naïve/ignorant/innocent people. The same is true in every nation including Israel as much as that sticks in my throat. But you can't say the hatred is misdirected at you or us. The best the good people in each respective nation is to inform the naïve/ignorant ones and hope the world wakes up.

    9. very misleading comment,care to elaborate?

    10. I did,,what is your criteria of sanity. As for bs…Plato said
      “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” I think you kinda fall into the latter.

    11. At the risk of repeating myself...I have no use for any kind of fanaticism - religious or otherwise.

    12. Thanks for that ... good for you..... next .....

    13. Wise men are only wise because they haven't been caught yet saying something foolish.

  18. That is no civilized way to address a person loved by a large proportion of world population. Mr Thomas seems to come from a civilized part of world. Better language is expected even for an adversary.

    1. Your and any Muslim's taking offense to my use of profanity in addressing people who want to kill me and other non Muslims are the VERY least of my concerns! Your psychotic religion and the founder 'Mohammed' will never have my respect!

      Were you sane and rational people, my profanity would NOT be necessary! JUDGE your 'loved' Mohammed as you do me.

  19. Mr/Ms. arcot, this has little to do with 'Jesus', but Mohammed the psychotic, pedaphile, and psychological oppressor!

    1. actually the American evangelical lobby donate most of the funding toward illegal expansions.

      Also if Mohammed was a paedophile then so was everyone else because marrying pre-pubescent girls was common at the time even amongst Christians.

    2. Where;s your citation and reference for your statement? Beyond that, I have no affinity nor respect for evangelic nut cases but they are no where nearly as sick as Muslims!

      Secondly, what Mohammed the pedophile did, as a religious leader, can NOT be excused nor 'swept under the rug' as you try to do. I think 6 years old, just past infancy, would have been repulsive to people 1300 to 1400 years ago, though obviously 12 to 14 year olds were considered 'fair' game in that time and even up until fairly recently..The odd thing, is that rather than deploring such an act, you try to rationalize it! And it was but one of many deranged things he did.

      I do not believe Mohammed did nothing sexually with Aisha until 9, at all. His egomaniacle behavior in general, makes this highly unlikely! He was worthy of hanging, not worshiping!!.

      I;m no fan of polygamy, but find it very acceptable,since if you can love and support more than one female, you've got more masochism in you than I! More power to you, you're going to need it!

      I find even one to be difficult at best, and I know people today, throughout the world advocate polygamy

      But get serious! Marrying a 6 year old is incredibly sick, and borders infantophilia!

    3. you realise of course that the old testament is filled with endorsement of child rape?

      when God's chosen people sack a town and keep "the virgins" for themselves, who do you think they're talking about? i'm sorry to tell you that it's the children.

      If you think sex with children is wrong then you need to turn your scorn toward ALL the abrahamic religions, not just the one whose followers have the darkest skin.

      Marrying a six year old is sick in 2014.
      back at that time though, MOST children were arranged into marriages by that age.

      You find Polygamy acceptable do you...i wonder if you accept it the other way around as well, where a woman has lot's of husbands.

  20. If America and it's Allies were not defending Israel, all the surrounding Arabic Muslim countries would assault them in a heartbeat! Israel would be forced to go nuclear, and that must not happen! I stand with Israel

    1. what you mean the arabic muslim countries that are all in the process of tearing themselves apart?

    2. As they should! Time to 'thin the herd' so to speak. It's the total alliance of Muslims and their collective sick religion, that is of more than serious concern!

      If Jordan, the Gaza and the countries just north of Israel, mainly Lebanon and Syria, were not fanatical and literal interpreters of the Qur'an, it would make it far easier for the world to accept them as non hostile, and a reasonable degree of peace could be attained!

      I personally would like our country (America) and it's Allies, to leave the middle east altogether,and cut off ALL financial aide to ALL Muslim countries!!!

      We could then dedicate the huge amount of money, could be redirected to our own problems like our southern border that's out of control, and managing OUR domestic problems being neglected by sending enormous amounts of money to countries like PAKISTAN of all countries! The key operator in the terrorist movement, the Jihad! Your fanatical psychosis, is NOT our problem! We should have realised this far earlier!!!

    3. i love the way all of americas problems are to do with foreigners not the corrupt system.

      lol i also love the way you can talk about fanatical psychosis after fully endorsing a genocide...are you that lacking in self awareness that you can't see how hypocritical and straight up evil that is?

    4. "We could then dedicate the huge amount of money, could be redirected to
      our own problems like our southern border that's out of control, and
      managing OUR domestic problems being neglected by sending enormous
      amounts of money to countries like PAKISTAN of all countries!"
      WTF???poor display of malignant vanity !

  21. This video is absurdly pro Muslim, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hesbolah, Jihadist propaganda. Consider the sources it uses, 'PressTV', 'RT', and select anti Semitic people. Disgusting!!!

    1. Because of PressTV's unfortunate association with Iran, disser's of the video will trash it wholesale. Never mind the interviews with responsible Americans and Europeans who in some cases are in solidarity with Palestine, in others simply unafraid to tell the truth. Perhaps it doesn't occur to you that since it is next to impossible in the U.S. to reach a broad audience through mainstream outlets (as was pointed out in the film regarding criticism of Israel), that the producers HAVE to go to PressTV or other "questionable" carriers just to gain some exposure. Your insistence upon using severe invectives such as "Disgusting!!!" and "absurdly pro Muslim, Al Qaeda" is a cheap attempt to poison its message as unreliable, filthy Jew-hatefulness, and nothing more.

    2. Exactly! Nothing more! YOU made me your enemy, not I!

      Islam, Mohammed and Muslims are an operable CANCER! Fortunately, not all Arabic people are Muslims, something we must remember. As well as Iran (Persia) are NOT Arabic, but were invaded by them, legally or illegally, and now TRUE PERSIANS have been taken over by Muslim Arabs! I respect non Muslim Persians!

      The same will NOT happen in America, nor it's Allies! We don't accept Islam at all, it's poison and a fake religion without any credible foundation. China and Russia will have to fend for themselves unless they'd like to talk.

      Anyone can read about it from a myriad of sources, including here. Your right to spew the rhetoric of religious vomit ends, when it's a disruption to the lives of thinking modern people!

    3. people with rhetoric like yours are the actual danger.static views with no room for others!
      the worst is the venom running through your veins which you only attribute to differing fellow humans!

    4. No, actually, the rhetoric of killing the Jews and 'unbelievers', (meaning anyone not following Mohammed and the Qur'an) are commanded to kill all but the Muslims, is the fuel to make all but other Muslims hate your hatred.

      It's YOU and 'yours' that are the guilty ones. living in ancient dogma, mythology and lack rational thought!

      Now go bow to your carpet, kiss it as you would Mohammed you pervert homos!

    5. hilarious,preston...isn't it ancient dogma that gave israel it's 'right of existence'?now,i'll pervertly kiss a carpet & bow to homos,or did i get something wrong?
      you,sir,have serious issues!

    6. No sir, it was mostly Great Britain, with support from the U.N.circa '47-'48. Canaan was their original homeland when they were a few thousand people. We can waste a lot of time discussing the details and chronology, but you are not equipped.

      Sure, ancient myths, like yours, were part of the politics of the time, as it remains today, everywhere! You should always keep in mind that Palestine was a very general geographical area, composed of many different peoples and religions and never a sovereign nation, something not mentioned enough!

      The only 'serious issue' I have, is people like you, totally lacking objectivity, and rational thought! Your mind was hijacked, and fortunately, can't be recovered!

      Now, if you can't pose more realistic propositions and objective thought with questions, you'll be wasting my very precious time! I'll have to just ignore you, should you persist!

    7. evidently,i didn't start ad hominem rhetoric but your change in 'style of conversation' is ludicrous
      for "I'll have to just ignore you, should you persist!" is hypocritical
      due to your length to my short replies.....again,you have issues &
      they do not concern 'israel' or other 'topic-hot-spots' as you
      contradict yourself in your own logic & have outed yourself as a(n
      ignoramus) troll!
      with best wishes.....yours truly!

    8. YOU are a serious 'issue', but definitely not mine. I estimate your age at 22 to 28 years old, still 'green', and if you are technically older, it certainly doesn't show!

    9. you just fail to keep a coherent discussion & use foul's been done here before & we've seen enough bigots here
      that the 'story' is old & we all know the outcome!this is my last
      reply & will ignore future insults which have nothing forth bringing
      to the debate!
      auf wiedersehen,pet!

    10. i the rhetoric of killing jews is bad...but the rhetoric for killing Muslims (what else could calling them an operable cancer mean) is ok.

      i smell a hypocrisy.

      you also seem blissfully unaware that marrying pre-pubescent girls was something done by Christians at the time as well as Mohammed, and continued to do well into to the modern era.

      a violent racist with no grasp of history...what a suprise.

    11. I said nothing about killing ALL Muslims in my metaphor of 'an operable cancer'! As in medical procedures, such as removing cancerous tissue from healthy tissue, you don't kill the patient, you relieve the patient of their disease.

      As usual, you manage an ATTEMPT at twisting my words, and failed. In 'smelling hypocrisy', you're smelling your upper lip! Try taking a shower! Be sure to also wash your head, especially inside!

      I'm a near expert in history, so bite your ignorant tongue!

    12. that's a good attempt to dance around the awful thing you said, but it failed

      You called Muslims an operable cancer, not an operable cancer patient. you were expressing joy over the deaths of muslims. who you were referring to as a disease, not a patient.

      You're an expert on history are you? sounds like you're an expert on your particular version of history...but ain't we all?
      Please keep your arguments from authority to yourself, logical fallacies like that don't impress me.

      If you're going to call me ignorant you better have a damned good explanation to justify it, otherwise i'll just accuse you of ad hominems as well.

      (i enjoy a good round of logical fallacy bingo, and you're filling all my boxes so far, three more and i got a line)

    13. "I'm a near expert in history, so bite your ignorant tongue!"
      yepp!you're an expert!...esp. in tools!

    14. Yes, tools are essential in research, dim wit! Your POV comes through a Muslim filter, ignoring an extraordinary amount of evidences, from extra canonical sources like; Archaeology, Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Paleo-Graphology to Neo-Graphology, Linguistics, Radio Carbon dating, ElectroLuminescent dating, as well as DNA, and sub specialists in all the above!.

      I could give you a brief education on the ancient history of the Levant, but you are not worthy, considering your lack of knowledge, and dismissal of my approaching 50 years of in depth, very objective, research!

      I know you'd rather fight than kearn anyway, and I'd LOVE to accommodate you, But I have things to do, places to go, people to see and above all, so much yet to learn!

      It surely will not come from you! Keep your sick religio-socio-politico doctrine,
      I'll keep my boundless freedom of thought!!!

    15. "...., dim wit!"
      watch your tone,sir!if you're unable to debate in civil manner,then you should go elsewhere.. where your rants are appreciated by the like-minded!...& i won't start by advocating spell-check,i'll leave that tool for you,sir!

    16. Quit calling people names, nobody here is a "dimwit" anymore of this and you will be removed from TDF, no other warnings.

    17. James, you keep putting the main focus on Islam. When I was much younger Palestine national movements were by and large secular; they may have emphasized their religious beliefs to varying degrees locally, but in the western hemisphere they were barely thought about, let alone spoken of. This conflict has always been over land and human rights. It only became about religion when the Arabs gave up respecting Jews and Christians and began turning inwardly to their predominant indigenous faith, and that played right into the hands of the Zionists. Now, especially post 9-11, they have succeeded in turning it into the big bug-a-boo and forcing non-discerning, little minds such as yours into their angry plaything. It ain't me who spews the rhetoric of religious vomit in this discussion -- I happen to be a Christian Palestinian, yet I still consider the Muslims to be our national brethren; our mutual enemy is the Zionist Israeli. They have caused us far more grief and suffering than we have each other.

      You need to start thinking like a modern person, as you put it. You are so wrapped up in your own steaming venom that you can't come up for air long enough to introspect and gain a decent analysis of the situation. As I put in another post on this thread -- which you refused to even respond to -- how silly is any argument which pits one evil over another (Arab terrorism over Israeli terrorism). By my thinking the one true evil in this world is a refusal to avert your eyes to the whole picture -- to ignore your sins while focusing on the shortcomings of the less favored and less fortunate.

    18. mr, Tavil, let me 1st address your last statement first. You say "As I put in another post on this thread -- which you refused to even respond to"...

      I did no such thing! The ONLY time I refuse to reply to anyone, is when it's so short and absurd, it's beneath my dignity to reply, and I recall no such post of yours which I intentionally dismissed.
      It might also have not contained a question, but possibly Muslim biased rhetoric. I'll browse back a bit to check.

      You're stating that you are a christian Palestinian, (noticing the sequence) is suggesting to me you are in America (or 'the West'). I'll leave it to you to elaborate.

      I am a Sephardic Jew. by ancestry, from Tunisia, as far back as I've been able to trace. One 'specialist' told me, the Tunisian Jews were previously from Livorno Italy, in the north west. If true, we would have been under Roman rule, and the reason for our migration or expulsion is not know to me.

      That's the earliest I've been able to trace our particular blood line. From Tunisia, we entered Spain, then Portugal, then the Açores Islands (Pico and Faial), then to America ) Providence, Rhode Island, then ti California. I have virtually no secrets.

      I'll stop shy of arguing my views here, but you van be sure you have misjudged my intelligence, knowledge and experience, dramatically!

      I am, above all, a critical thinking, rational, reasonable human. but not devoid of strength in responding to epithets, as found in the Qur'an and the people actually believing that bull shit!

      I'm an agnostic Atheist, and although I find historical mythology very interesting, I'll not tolerate ANY religious belief system imposing itself upon me, nor any of my friends, family or fellow Countrymen!!!

      Choose your battles wisely, 'they' WILL lose the war!

    19. you sir are the cancer for you have been completely blinded by propaganda and choose to believe what you want and what makes you able to sleep at night.

    20. Well, when you watch a video on CNN, BBC or Fox, the videos and opinions are ANTI everything you said above. A person who has opposite views to yours would call them disgusting. Who is right/wrong? The purpose of these videos is to watch them, hear both sides and make your own understanding of the details presented, not pass a judgement using labels like anti-Semitic or islamophobic.

    21. Your judgement has no value what so ever, and as far as being (sic) 'islamophobic', I am NOT, as that suggests I fear them, I don't, I hate them! Their karma will be coming soon, as more people actually read the Qur'an, aptly referred to as 'Satanic Verses' (Surat). I've read this toxic book extensively, have zero doubt of the mindset of the people that read and FOLLOW it!
      Insane like a rabid animal!

  22. How these people going to recognise Jesus when he takes birth in this planet earth? BY internal eye or external eye?

    1. i'd say for all the good it'll do you may as well unzip your fly and use your third eye if you've got one.

    2. That's what you are doing all along i think!

    3. you...think...surely not?

  23. I noticed that the makers of this film are all Arab or Muslim and I know they all have an agenda which goes against the existence of the State of Israel. They seems to disregard some well known facts and paint Israel as an evil empire. This movie tells half the story. It does not show how the Jews always wanted to live in peace but were forced to fight radical Arabs who wanted to throw the Jews to the sea. I face of the Arab violence, Israel had no choice but to fight back. Last note to watchers of this movie: Take it with a grain of salt. it is one sided.

    1. And I am not arab or muslim, still I hate what happens every day with the illegal settlements and murdering of palestinians. Israel is as evil as the documentary says. Anyone who don´t see that is blind. Israel can stop the violence but choose not to. I don´t hate jews, what I hate is what has become of Israel as a country.

    2. What you should hate is your pathetic ignorance. Repeating slogans that you clearly don't understand is not going to help anyone. For one thing, had you done your homework, you would know that there is nothing illegal about the settlements. Israel has every right to build them on land that does not belong to anyone as long as the Palestinians refuse to make peace. The longer they wait, the more settlements there will be. And for a second, precisely, just vaguely mentioning "murdering of Palestinians" to conclude that "Israel is evil" completely ignores Palestinian terrorism, which is the real evil. But when you have an agenda or you mind is made up, why bother about the real facts, right, Christian?

    3. United Nations and international courts have deemed israeli settlements illegal, so stop making your own facts. Israel has no right to make any new settlements, israel stages events like kidnapping and killing of its own Citizens as an excuse to bomb West Bank, Gaza and to create illegal settlements in cover or as an excuse to destroy Palestinian villages,Any move to take israel to international court of justice for crime against civilian is always blocked by a group of specific nations. If israel hasn't done anything illegal then it should have no issues facing any court of law.

    4. Sigh.... Another ignoramus in love with slogans he doesn't understand. "United Nations and international courts"... What does that mean? Clearly you have no idea. The UN has no authority over this situation. Yes, the General Assembly has adopted dozens of biased resolutions against Israel, but here's the problem: they don't mean squat because they have no legal force. They're just bla-bla and easy sloganeering (much like you do). Next we have "international courts". I'm going to assume you're talking about the International Court of Justice in The Hague which came up with another ridiculously biased statement condemning Israel for being a "wall" (that's factually false since said "wall" is actually made of concrete walls on only 4% of the entire security barrier built by Israel to protect its citizens from Palestinian suicide bombers). The best part of this legal "judgment" is that the court refused to consider the very reason for which the security barrier was built, i.e. Palestinian terrorism, and in any event it didn't even have jurisdiction over the matter. So all we have is more bla-bla in the wind. Why should anyone serious about international law pay attention to this farce? I'll stop here because then you go into demented conspiracy theories that - of course - you can't prove (such as accusing Israel of killing its own citizens to bomb the West Bank...). Maybe you didn't notice the latest news, the ones that refer to Hamas firing hundreds of rockets over to Israel? Wake up from your self-induced coma...

    5. It goes both ways, israel does more bombing of civilian targets than old primitive rockets by khamas..and as far as I know in the latest situation it was israel that bombed gaza first then followed by rockets from otherwise. No matter how much you defend the illegal occupation there is no excuse for building illegal settlements after bulldozing villages .

    6. That's a triple lie: Israel bombs only military targets, and only in response to Palestinian attacks, in accordance with International Law, while Hamas not only fires rockets from its own civilian areas but also towards Israeli civilian areas, making a double war crime each and every time. That's thousands of war crimes already committed by Hamas. If Hamas hides military equipment and combatants in civilian areas, that's their responsibility, and Israel has no obligation to spare them. As for the "primitive" rockets, if they can reach Jerusalem, that means they're not that primitive, and at any rate since they're filled with shrapnel meant to hurt civilians, they are lethal enough, certainly more than anything Israel fires at Hamas forces. And again, before you open your big mouth, do your homework: the occupation is not one bit illegal, and neither are the settlements. When you attack a country and your territory is occupied or annexed as a result, you have only yourself to blame, and the party attacked (Israel in this case) has every right to keep the territory of its aggressor. Here is the lesson that the Palestinians seem incapable to understand: it's not a good idea to attack Israel. Better leave it alone and learn to live in peace with it. If not, you're going to get hurt every time you attack. Hamas is well on its way to learn this lesson, maybe for the last time.

    7. Look I don't give a damn about khamas or it's existence, you cannot deny that israel is always trigger happy and believes in group punishments, as for the legality of state of israel, it never existed until when Zionist movement started, and that doesent give any one any right to expel the people living in an area to be expelled to bring people from Europe , I have no issues with the existence of israel, every human deserves to live their lives, but making it a place only for one particular community/ religion?? And as for erasing Hamas or hezbollah we have all heard the same story in past wars that israel will destroy them for final time, but it only ends as massacre of Palestinians and Lebanese population. And of course to citizens in israel.

    8. First, Israel only responds to attacks, so if someone is trigger-happy, it is the Hamas zealots who started it all. As for group punishment, how do you call forcing 2.5 million people to go into shelters because of a rain of rockets? Collective punishment. And not to expect a reaction in return? Are you demented? Israel didn't intent to expel anyone. Proof is that 20% of the population in Israel is Arab. Can you tell me what is the percentage of Jews in Arab countries? Right: zero! So stop whining. And half the population of Israel is made of Jews from Arab lands, since these Arab countries were s*upid enough to kick them out, and where do you think they went? Israel. Thank you, If destroying Hamas means ending up in a massacre of their leadership and combatants, so be it: that's what happens when you start a war. Should have thought about that before. Now it's too late. They've dug their own grave.

    9. if by a rain of rockets you mean home made fireworks that mostly bounce off the iron dome then sure.

      You make the mistake of thinking Gaza = Hamas.

      True, Hamas is in Gaza, but that does not make every Gazan a part of Hamas. you also have to remember that the vast majority of the gazans are children and teenagers with no access to schools (Because the Israeli Government keeps blowing them up and pouring white phosphorous on them) because when you do remember that you realise that the Gazans didn't dig their own graves at all...Most of them weren't even born when this all happened...most of them were born in the nineties!

    10. I'd pay good money to see one of those "homemade fireworks" land on your head and interview you about how it felt afterwards. That is, if we can still find pieces of you here and there. So much for fireworks. As for the schools in Gaza, they are run by the UNRWA in case you didn't know, and Israel spared them as long as they were not used as launching pads for rockets, but when they did they enjoyed no more protection and became lawful targets. If you don't know what international law says, you're better off not saying anything lest you appear - again - not too sharp, to say the least.

    11. i like the way you ignore all my other points, about the iron dome and the fact they are all children.

      no smart answers for them?

    12. Sure. You keep making one ludicrous statement after another, too many to address all at once. And when I address a few at a time, you complain that I don't address them all. I'd suggest YOU respond to these questions first before we move on to the next. I don't have time to waste. Or are my answers too smart for you to handle?

    13. too many to adress all at once? I made three. the first was that the Gazan rockets do the square root of f@ck all damage. a tiny percentage of them get through.

      my second was that not all palestinians are members of Hamas

      and my third were that the vast majority in palestine are children.

      if three concepts is "too many to adress all at once" then i'm forced to ask what's wrong with you?

      Or is it more the case that you skim read what i wrote because you're not interested in any perspective that isn't your own?

    14. On Egypt there's a clear acknowledgement of the Israelites in 1280 B.C. and they existed in Canaan well before Palestine existed as a place name! Digs exist in Jericho, circa 10,000 B.C.of indigenous people, proto Hebrews, before Arabia even had a countable population much less a name! You don't know history and prehistory at all!
      Like I said before, do your homework, educate yourself, if you van get your nose out of the toxic Qur'an!

    15. What you refer to as "the real facts" are nothing more than the twistings of your illogical mind. Claiming that "there is nothing illegal about the settlements" is just an expression of your own agenda and of how severely human thinking can be warped in order to justify what YOU want to be the truth.

      By definition, a settlement is the foundation of a new order for a new people who have no immediate intention of abandoning it. Therefore it cannot be used as a tool to convince or coerce the prior residents to "accept" them as neighbors and make peace with them. Impinging the native Arabs by stealing their land, water and resources hardly encourages them to cooperate with the foreigners' enterprise. The sickening thing is, the Israelis are fully aware of this. It is not their intention to live among them, but to push them out and make it impossible for the Arabs to remain in their presence (this by its own definition is what Zionism is).

      You are ignorant of the circumstances in the West Bank. Whenever possible, Jewish-only settlements are build on the highest ground often overlooking the much older Palestinian villages and farms below. Generous government subsidies construct elaborate pumping stations to get the water up those hills for use in multiple-dwelling units and to fill swimming pools; the Arabs must pay more than twice the cost per liquid unit of water, and have access to much less of it. Insult on injury occurs when the settlers excrete their waste water down onto the native peoples land and fields, generally making them useless, polluted and a breeding ground for disease. The settlers (actually the IDF and their earth-moving machines on the settlers' behalf) raze the fields and olive groves which the Arabs have relied on for centuries to subsist on and maintain a modest economy. This, to expand these oh-so-"legal" establishments, supposedly to get the Palestinian Arabs to agree with everything they do. And more and more, as Israeli soldiers look the other way, settlers continue to attack non-Jews, usually without provocation.

      The land does NOT belong to no one as you say. Even when Arab landowners produce the deeds to their parcels Israeli authorities ignore them, stating they are not recognized under Israeli law. Very convenient for an outlaw regime which has no need nor desire for the unChosen. Using illegal settlements to force a change in the hearts and minds of them is tantamount to extortion or bribery.

      How silly is any argument which pits one evil over another (Arab terrorism over Israeli terrorism). By my thinking the one true evil in this world is a refusal to avert your eyes to the whole picture -- to ignore your sins while focusing on the shortcomings of the less favored and less fortunate.

    16. Lots of nonsense here. The land belonged to the State under the Ottomans, then the British, then the Israelis. Private land with valid deeds is left untouched, except for reasons of eminent domain, like every other country in the world. The problem is that many Arabs produce fake title deeds, and then they scream bloody murder when the courts reject them. The Arabs (there is no such thing as "Palestinians") lie and cheat at every opportunity. Luckily for them, the Israeli justice system and a sympathetic Supreme Court lets them get away with a lot of them. They should consider themselves lucky to be dealing with Israelis. If they were dealing with the Syrian government, they would all be dead by now.

    17. Very well stated jjs! You know your history, most don't and just keep hearing 'Palestine' as if it were a nation. Good for you, never stop learning, the world needs you!

    18. Thanks James. I do what I can, as you are, thankfully. The problem we're facing is that we have a whole bunch of self-designated do-gooders interested only in patting themselves on the back for being what they believe to be the "good guys". In the recent "J Street Challenge", which I encourage everyone to watch, Prof. Landes came up with the perfect description of these pathetic souls: they suffer from moral narcissism. What that means is that what's most important to them is to feel good about themselves, and to that end anything will do, regardless of whether the cause they embrace has any merit or not. As long as they can look themselves in the mirror and tell themselves "I'm such a great person because I support the Palestinians", they're content and quite pleased with themselves and their own image. Whether the same Palestinians are vile terrorists who will kill anyone they can get their hands on is irrelevant. They fire hundreds of rockets blindly over Israel (a double war crime as defined by international law)? Irrelevant. They kill three young kids who had never hurt a fly in their young lives? Irrelevant. And so on. All that matters is that they feel good about themselves, not about truth and real justice (as opposed to the one confiscated by the Palestinians to hide their murderous practices). All in all, these so-called "do-gooders" are rather pathetic, especially considering the fact that they are objectively supporting and encouraging pure evil, i.e. Palestinian terrorism.

    19. could have been a transcript out of the 'der stürmer' (1938).

    20. I think maybe it would be wise to adjust your position to say that you dislike the Israeli government as opposed to Israel in and of itself.

      There is opposition to the expansion within Isael itself, by lumping the whole population into one pidgeonhole i think you may risk treading into rhetorical territories you don't intend to.

    21. Yes you are right, of course it's the government I don't like, not the people.

    22. I figured as much. I got the general grasp of what you were saying, but the problem is that both sides of the argument will look for any reason, even down to grammar to decry their opponents as Islamaphobes or anti-semites.

      I'm of the opinion that Hamas and the Israeli Government are both exactly the same, just as bad as one another, kicking the people of their own communities about like political footballs for personal private gain. Neither have the best interests of the Levant or it's people in mind.

    23. Oh how cozy! Two 'traitors to truth'! And I don't mean religious truth, that's a hologram at best!

    24. lol, you're in no position to talk about can barely even identify the parties involved.

    25. if you would like to point out where i've betrayed the truth i would be grateful...assuming of course that you actually can.

    26. well,it would be a different cup of tea if there would be a muslim lobby,or not?what became of the US universalism,the ethnic melting pot so propagated before the collapse of the ussr?
      maybe the need for the anti thesis to excuse incontrolable military spending...inventing an enemy by persecution seems to be fact if you study the last 5 decades.

    27. Judging by your name, you are a very brave man! So far, I respect you for revealing truth!

      Although the Jews (we) are far from innocents, we by far, have made the most attempts at peace settlements many times over, each time rejected by the Muslims adhering to a religious mandate, not to give up 'one inch' of what they consider, 'their land'.

      An 'impasse' of great consequence to ALL people, in the long run!

      Again, thank you!

  24. 400 nuclear war heads!?!?! What does anyone need that many nukes for? If I remember right there was a doc not so long ago that said Britain had 200, and it was more than enough to destroy life on the surface of this planet. Are we getting bad info on this or is there something bigger than we can imagine out there ? What's the point of banning nukes in space ? One pissed off fanatic or power hungry dueche and we are done for. Great find TDF but I am going to climb back under my " blanky " and pretend that the world is a safe and happy place to be. LOL just realized I probably should have applied to go on that trip to Mars....

    1. Although you at least have a sense of humor, you too, know virtually nothing about military matters of defense, Go back to your 'blanky' and likely toy poodle. Nighty Night!

    2. Defence EH!!! Well I prefer to Kill Em with kindness. The best defence is no offence!...

    3. Yes, let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya, that'll change the psychotics! Let's pretend, throw flowers everywhere! Happy happy, Joy joy! Music and dancing, sure, that'll do it!

      Sheesh!, only from a VERY naive and very young girl! Even the Muslims are laughing at THAT one!

      The best defense is one supported with military capability and the ability and willingness to use it! That's Israel!.

  25. facts,barely seen anticipated in general news.