The Great Challenge: Oil

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The sleepless economy of America with the population of 350 million is busy producing and consuming day and night. The full manifestation of modern capitalism, which is the focus of worried glances from all over the world, has drowned the feelings of the children of past immigrants and present residents of the United States in a spectacular ecstasy or visual beauties and pleasures.

The driving force of this enormous economic wheel is only one thing - oil. U.S. oil consumption is about 25% of the world's total oil consumption. Despite this voracious appetite the United States oil reserves account for only 5% of the world's total reserves. Experts believe that the country's reserves will come to an end in 15 years.

Dick Cheney, adviser to the former president of the United States, also refers to the US growing dependence on oil imports, especially the Persian Gulf's oil, which will grow by 85% in 2020 and 95% in 2030. If we add Central Asia, the Caspian Sea and North and Northeast Africa to the Persian Gulf region we will reach the greater Middle East. A region which is host to about two-thirds of the world's proven oil reserves.

If you look at the energy reserves in the Middle East you will see America's fascination with this region more clearly. Saudi Arabia - 265 billion barrels, Iraq - 220, Iran - 151.2, The UAE - 136.7, Kuwait - 101.5, Oman 30.2, and Qatar 25.5, which makes a total of more than 853 billion barrels of oil. Meanwhile, the average amount of oil extraction by the four big producers of the OPEC was a hundred times the average oil production of the American oil wells, while the production costs were half of the cost of oil production in the United States. The desire to get hold of such great resources makes America resort to any plan.

Bush built his governments on the basis of a strategic concept that was stated clearly by neoconservative thinkers that the US needed to prevent its potential competitors from becoming powerful in order to maintain the stroll as the dominant power in the world and that was not possible without strengthening America's military power and the domination over oil resources.

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  1. DustUp

    Hats off to those pointing out the arrogant nonsense of a particular commentor. It seems folks should watch a few more docu's on here to learn who in fact runs things in the usa. Those who own the actually private central bank. They are the ones destabilizing the country, ginning up wars to jack up oil prices since they own the major oil companies as well. The middle east oil barrons use religious fanaticism to gin up war. They also benefit from higher priced oil when it isn't so high as to cause alternatives to come to the fore to challenge oil.

    Truly unfortunate that Nikola Tesla type or inspired alternatives to electrical energy are not allowed to simply replace oil and natural gas. Even ethanol would be a better solution. Why send young men to get maimed or die for corporate and bankster profits? I have nothing against making profit, just not at someone else's expense.

    The only thing I agree with from the "bomb 'em and take it" commentor is to "look things up." For some reason people are far too mentally lazy and prefer to sit there and be fed full of shyte. Follow the money. Who benefits from telling you that ethanol consumes more energy than it provides? ...which is propaganda at its finest. Doesn't matter if the supposed "study" was from a university or more than one. Who paid for that study. No surprise the oil industry paid for those studies which fly in the face of actual empirical evidence on the ground in Brazil (6-8 times more output). Carbon neutral. And it actual provides MORE food not less. Ethanol doesn't need nor use protein, just the carbohydrates which tend to make us all porky anyway. Use the non prime farmland. Grow pi-melons in the desert. Pull your head out of the boob tube and look things up. Even though some americans are starting to wake up to the propaganda machine far too many have not. Even with all the fake news scandals, they still watch their favorite fake news network. Amazing. Turn it off and look things up. There are all sorts of good alternative news sites out there.

  2. DustUp

    The preview storyline has enough misinformation for me to skip this docu: "United States oil reserves account for only 5% of the world's total reserves. Experts believe that the country's reserves will come to an end in 15 years. Dick Cheney, adviser to the former president of the United States, also refers to the US growing dependence on oil imports, especially the Persian Gulf's oil, which will grow by 85% in 2020 and 95% in 2030."

    None of that is true. Too bad there is NO major media news worth listening to either. It is all designed to mislead, to get you to do the wrong things so the banksters (who own all that media and the govt) can take your dough. We get very little oil from the middle east any more. The usa has vast reserves in shale and could become the worlds number one exporter. Was on track to do just that until the Keystone pipeline got nixed by the muslim in charge. Also, when prices were driven down by the Saudis, a lot of frackers went belly up as was their plan. Saudis over produced for 2 reasons: Didn't want to lose market share (lose its customers) and wanted to amass cash to buy weapons for the coming war with Iran / ISIS. To top that off we have enough Natural gas deposits on and off shore of the usa to last us for the next 300-500 years, converting vehicles to run on it ... or to produce juice for electric cars.

    The price of oil should continue on down after its current blip up since all of the middle east are producing pronto to amass cash for their coming war. When their war begins in earnest, they will likely knock out each others oil production. Then of course such events depend on other factors such as what Putin, amerika, and Chinas angles. WW3 could happen. Or their war may get circumvented an oil stays down for some years until they decide to gin up a war any way to boost oil prices. No one has a crystal ball. Several possibilities. However, the number one reality is that the puppet masters are and will continue to find ways to get rid of the virus which they consider to be us.

    If like them, you consider the population to be a problem, I recommend you volunteer to solve that problem by getting rid of yourself first, as they should do.

  3. mike m

    The only thing about the whole film that I found purposely false was when the white guy with no chin says the middle east people have been fighting over territory and this or that, but purposely, it sure seems, didn't mention the vastly more actual reason for their 7 hundred years of gang warfare.
    To leave that out can turn the rest of the more probable iterations into the means of an agenda. I say, CAN, if you don't think about it.
    I need to be fair and say that I can very easily see the rest of this film to be about accurate. Sounds like Corporate,(small d) democracy to me!
    Seems the agenda is to make all of this an issue of western immorality.
    The reason for the gang war of hundreds of years and into today is the sheitte and sunni argument over muhamed and who leads now, coupled with religious rule instead of secular law. That's about as smart as bar-b-cueing a full can of gasoline.
    It's easy to steal all the gang members stuff from their house if their all out of their heads having a good ol' religious party of 7 hundred years in the street. (nobody home,so to speak.) They could have grown up, put the plug in the alla jug and been ready for this. That's not to say that Corporate democracy fares any better, in my view. With a little Christian charity, they never would have killed 3 and a half million Vietnamese. Nor gone about taking advantage of the nut house, that is called the middle east, for their oil.
    The middle east is religiously insane and the west is ruled by corporations who have no body,soul nor spirit . Yet it is called a person in a court of secular law. (a Christian country ALLOWS this!?)
    One mess plus another mess equals one helavamess.
    So, who's to fault for all the hoo haa goin' on.
    I would say whoever runs their nation on religion, or whoever puts more money into business than into getting fusion-for- power up and running, like a clear thinking Christian would do.
    Pick one, or whatever.
    I don't give a rats stinky about either one, myself.
    I just wish John Stewart was still around help make sense of the insanity which abounds through out all the comments and on up into religious, no, corporate, no, I mean gumment law, ya all. Yu know, Like in cops and that kinda stuff there. Trump and everytin'. No what a mean?
    Sorry about that last part. alla made me do it, HA!

  4. Ttcitizen

    This whole film is ripe with lies, distortions, inaccuracies and anti western propaganda. Wow, should have read the preview n reviews. Total junk, wasted my time.

  5. whats up

    after bush mistake they r saying more loudly God bless America ......

  6. bluetortilla

    DEPOPULATION- can you spell it? Look it up!- should be the highest priority in the policy toward the Third World. (I think that was Kissinger)

  7. eishhappens

    This is for SeanQ38 - What exactly do you think about about your country creating a state of chaos and US media fueling it so they can have an excuse to attack these oil producing states?

  8. aswrd

    SeanQ38 The filibuster: I would love to know what part of the movie pissed you off the most.
    anyway anybody knows who's the African man in the movie ? I wana see his whole speech

    1. AJF13

      Louis Farrakhan aka Minister Farrakhan.

  9. SeanQ38

    All that oil and it would still be in the ground if we didn't build the infrastructure and we shouldnt be able to buy it. Thats why we do what we do because two faced Arabs made promises to become wealthy and then stabbed us in the back. Pay backs a bitch. We should make a pact with China and Russia and take it all. So simple and dont think for a minute that these other countries I mentioned wouldnt bite.

    1. SeanQ38

      Just a matter of time. All that oil and still weak and poor.

    2. over the edge

      it always confuses me how all of Americas oil ended up under the ground in other countries. what promises did the "two faced Arabs" make (sources please)? finally who do you think are the biggest suppliers to America when it comes to oil? do you plan on taking Canada's and Mexico"s oil by force as well ( your #1 and #2 supplier of oil) if we raise the price or cut you off?

    3. SeanQ38

      Haha cut us off. Try it. We wont allow you to cut us off. Anyway its an act of war to deny us the right to buy oil at market value. So get real dummy. Are you really that dumb. Fall in line or get run over (Iraq). Lol

    4. over the edge

      i never said we would i said "if" and please show me where " its an act of war to deny us the right to buy oil at market value" ? also do you have the sources for your claim of the promises of " "two faced Arabs""?

    5. SeanQ38

      Its an act of war to destabilize our economy by manipulating oil prices or moving to different currencies. Ask Saddam about that one. Oh yeah I forgot. Lol Try it oil prices arent low enough. I want Iranian crude.

    6. over the edge

      where did i state that i supported "manilulating oil prices" (sp) or moving to a different currency ? and please tell me where that is stated as "an act of war" ?

    7. SeanQ38

      You refuse to see the obvious and I could care less. Show me proof show me proof. Sorry professor but I didnt bring my reference books with me. Look it up yourself. It wouldnt matter anyway because you think you know it all anyway. So gullible. It is an act of war to cause harm to any countries economy. How is it you dont believe that. I guess in your world its okay to try and destroy someones economy. The refusal to sell oil is an attack to a countries ability to survive. Tell me is it a threat on your life if I refuse you food. Or make food to expensive for you to eat for more than a day or two if Im your only supplier. Thick skull man. Is that so hard for you to comprehend. Wow. Hugo Chavez accused us of this act when we tried to oust him in a CIA coup. Look that up genius. You'll believe him I bet hes your kind of tyrant.

    8. over the edge

      isn't it annoying when you make a claim and some else thinks you should have proof to back it up before they take you seriously. also who "likes" their own comments?

    9. SeanQ38

      Its always up to the person who says something is false to prove it. Always. In court and any educational setting. Class dismissed.

    10. over the edge

      what? in court it is the person making the claim that has the burden of proof. that is all i have asked for is proof of your claims. also i never claimed something is false all i asked for is proof of your claims. you are right on a couple of things i could look up your claims myself and you have no onus to prove anything to me. but with all the claims on the internet i would not have the time to find the evidence for everyone else s claims. so my solution is to not take someone seriously if they cannot prove it. the bad thing for you is i am not alone in that approach

    11. SeanQ38

      I guess you should stop commenting on everything then. Maybe if you only commented on a couple things it wouldnt be so hard to look the claims in question. To make it easy, the oil embargo that occurred in the late 70's. Our goverment demanded the oil be released for sale as it is an act of war to deny us a vital resource. He went on to say oil exporters have an obligation to the world to act appropriately to this valuable resource. Im not positive but I believe OPEC was created because of this embargo by the oil exporters. If Im not sure of something I can say it. Its not like I have a need to have you believe me.

    12. SeanQ38

      In court the person being called a crook is innocent until the state proves his guilt. Maybe where your from the courts dont have to do this. So it is you making the claim that my comment is wrong so you hold the burden of proof. My comment isnt a claim its a comment on something that is common knowledge. To do anything that effects a country negatively can be called an act of war. This isnt some far off claim.

    13. timbo

      so the US embargo on Iraq in the 90's was an act of war? damn right it was

    14. over the edge

      "In court the person being called a crook is innocent until the state proves his guilt." right. the state made the initial claim and has to prove it just like you. i am not going to argue this point with you as this is self evident.

      i like the insertion of the word "can" from Its an act of war to destabilize our economy by manipulating oil prices or moving to different currencies." to "To do anything that effects a country negatively can be called an act of war." i agree with the second statement but not the first as anything "can" be called an act of war that doesn't mean it automatically is as your first statement claims.
      anyway just so i know do you plan on answering my questions or not? and finally just so you know OPEC initiated the embargo as a response to the U.S involvement in the Yom Kippur war. it wasn't an act of war but a response during one.

    15. SeanQ38

      Please read this carefully. Your question is answered at the end but I need to try one last time to get my point across. The crook can plead the 5th and not say a word, so tell me how then does he have to prove his claim of innocence when he doesn't even have to speak. You absolutely refuse to use your head. You already think your right so you just try to explain away the fact that in a court of law the burden is always on the state. The state is the accuser. Again you cant prove a claim if your nor required to talk. Does that register at all professor know it all. So as to your question am I going to answer you. NO- I have to put to much effort into everything I say to you. This court thing isn't even the topic and was used as an analogy and you even attacked it. Your impossible. You dont want to be wrong at any cost and that makes it difficult to communicate any point I might want to make. As far as the Yom Kipper War being the reason for the embargo, prove it. Ignorant right. Aggravating isn't it. Don't waste your time, because I can believe that, because Muslims would try to punish us for the acts of another country. We weren't fighting anyone in this conflict. We would have if Israel needed us but they didnt at all. So dont worry I dont need proof but honestly if I did would you bother to provide it. If yes then you got issues with yourself needing to prove something. What that is I dont know.

    16. SeanQ38

      Before you read my first response I need to point out that in the court analogy I used, the court is you and I am the crook. Right. So by you demanding proof your saying im wrong. Your claiming im wrong. Im being told to prove my statement or comment because you are claiming im wrong. If a lawyer/prosecutor says your guilty of making false statements I dont have to say a word. So I plead the 5th. Hows that. Make sense. Thats were im coming from in my analogy. I do see where you're as well but its a bit skewed. My initial response is below or it should be.

    17. voiceofreason

      By this logic the American financial system committed an act of war Against America when they made loans to people knowing that those people would never be able to pay them back. Did they American government wage war on American banks? No it bailed them out.

    18. SeanQ38

      Cant you use Google? Why do I have to prove it to you. Learn how to look sh*t up and maybe you wouldnt be so gullible. Look up US military installations and you'll see a bunch in the regions of Iraq where there oil facilities are. You wanted proof of that to right but you wont use your computer. Unreal.

    19. SeanQ38

      Do you really expect that anyone would have sources at the ready for every bit of information they have. Arabs are two faced and its all available in this American product called the world wide web. Has anything like the telephone or TV ever been created in muslim land. Of course not. Camel we got camel. Im using broken english when Im saying we got camels. haha

    20. rimed

      I really find it hard to believe how curtained your mind set you know why it has risen much? do you know the USA interest isn't your interest. you are just the people on the inside of a nation ruled by people who want world domination and control over resources of the world and are trying to make sure that the children don't cry while they are trying to make money. They has so much inflation in the US and price rise. US is corrupt to its bottom but it isn't known to world because it isn't magnified. they are good people no doubt..but morals at every level have lost meanings. What is called women's right is just women exploitation for money in a more open manner, and the sad thing is the world is following in the footsteps of this. Don't call arabs 2 faced. by the way invention math sciences started with the arab nations I know my history, simple eg Al-gebra. ur are talking about tv. Arabs layed the foundation to modern medicine. By the way im not arab so please please don't talk about things u have little to no knowledge.

    21. SeanQ38

      As an oil exporting country there are rules. You cant pick and choose who gets it. I wish you would so the price would come down after we bombed you. Its just that easy, get it.

    22. over the edge

      good luck with "the price would come down after we bombed you" you tried that once and lost. also you are getting your arse kicked in two vastly smaller countries than ours. but on a more realistic note article 605 of Nafta allows us to sell our oil to anyone we wish as long as the price and access is the same for all countries. trust me if China or Russia were to be cut off due to a power grab on the u.s part we would be the least of your issues.

    23. bringmeredwine

      So, you send me some lovely supportive posts in regards to my struggle with depression, and now I read here that you'd happily rain down bombs on my country.

    24. SeanQ38

      And as to Canada and Mexico. Yes if we have to. What happens in a city when theres a little food for a lot of people? You fight for it or perish. Why is this any different. Your upset because in the city I mentioned. You'd starve.

    25. over the edge

      so " the ends justify the means"? who else said that i wonder. yes the U.S is the most powerful country. but there are limits and you are not the only powerful country.

    26. SeanQ38

      Sure we are. Our navy alone consists of 10 fleets. One of these fleets is larger than all the combined navies of the next 12 wealthy countries. Thats for starters. Just one of them. Theirs a reason noboody gets in our way. Plus there is an agreement. We now will stay out of Ukraine. Russia has its turn now and China will swallow up Taiwan. Then were up again and i think I know where were going. Hint Israel will lead the first wave.

    27. eishhappens

      SeanQ38 you are really a naive Gun toting NRA member.No?

  10. SeanQ38

    Of course this Iranian channel fails to mention China which will pass us in a couple years as the biggest oil user. They possess less oil then the US so why only America is the oil monster. Oh yeah Iranian channel. The US uses more nuclear power than anyone so China is going to be worse. Plus we scrub out exhaust (CO2) at an immense cost while China doesnt. Global Warming anyone.

    1. No Name

      Wow......... Whats with you? All of that debate, and no solid answers. Enjoy that cheap oil, couple more QE's into American Economy..... No more Petro Dollar!!!! No More USA!!!! Will be sold off to the Highest Bidder.....

  11. Highlander

    Having read the comments, I don't think I will watch this. However, we all know that oil is going to become ever more expensive and scarce.
    If one tenth of the rumours about patents for alternative energy etc being bought up and then ' buried' by oil companies are true , then surely , at some point a responsible government will demand they be released for the public good ? Oops, who really runs the government?

  12. dmxi

    so it's a snake-oil production?(PUN,eh?)

  13. bulldogg18

    I think they just used all the music from the Hitman movie.

    1. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      and Battlefield!

  14. JohnVideobiographer

    Consisting of a narrative crudely translated from some other language, outdated statistics, and stock footage, this should never have made it to Top Doc's list, much less be featured.

  15. techcafe

    i’m sorry, but PressTV (Iran’s state-run news/propaganda channel and producer of this ‘documentary’) is simply not credible by any stretch of the imagination. i stopped watching after a couple of minutes.

    1. iStateOfMind3 iii

      Not credible yet the US and EU is trying to ban it all over the place. Alex Jones isn't credible I don't see anyone trying to ban him. CNN, BBC and many others lied through their teeth to get us into Iraq, to get us to send money to 'rebels' in Syria, to get us to bomb Libya, now they are telling us the country that defeated the real Hitler is being run by a guy who is the new Hitler! - then they don't bother to inform us that our country is bombing places like Yemen and Somalia.
      I'd love to know which networks you find credible these days.

    2. techcafe

      none of them are credible, especially not PressTV; or notorious yellow journalism networks like Kremlin-owned Russia Today (RT)

      ok, i'll concede that PressTV is probably more credible than Alex "InfoWars" Jones

      Putin is an authoritarian KGB thug, and head of a corrupt mafia state for the past 14 years, who stole a piece of Ukraine via a sham referendum under military occupation, backed by the Kremlin's so-called 'little green men' (Spetsnaz special forces). Crimeans were told to 'choose' either A) join Russia or B) become 'independent' (to join Russia). there was no option to keep the status quo, and remain within sovereign Ukraine. Crimean Tatars, who make up about 15% of the population, stayed home, they boycotted the bogus 'referendum', because they knew it was rigged. as expected, 96% 'voted' to join Russia, even though that is not mathematically possible. funny that.

      let me guess, you think RT/Kremlin propaganda network is a credible?

    3. iStateOfMind3 iii

      Have you ever seen the Ukrainian parliament debate the renewal of the lease for the Black Sea Fleet? Last time they did that was in 2010, look up the video on youtube. Also the second option in the Crimea reunification vote was to revert to previous arrangement from the late 90's that allows Crimea to remain part of Ukraine but with more autonomy; and by the way the vote turnout was 80% with a 96% majority favoring reunification. That democracy my friend, a little different from the Washington version that destroys a country and divides it's people. I know which I'd prefer.
      As they say the best propaganda is the truth.

    4. oQ

      you think US news is always credible?

    5. SeanQ38

      Of course not. Yet you believe this channel.

    6. oQ

      I haven't stated what i believe, i believe.

    7. SeanQ38

      Nobody really cares anyway. Some people get so upset on these comment threads. Im not saying you did because you obviously have not. No hard feeling I hope.

    8. oQ

      What do you think of Abby Martin?

    9. SeanQ38

      Not much.

    10. SeanQ38

      Its as credible as their new stealth fighter. LOL

  16. Sam

    Who wrote this lead in article? Cheney was advisor? how bout Vice President and President of Halliburton I may add that got the 'no bid' contract to rebuild Iraq, that war since the 90's by the way would've never been fought if there was no oil involved.

  17. Fabien L

    What kind of journalism is this?!?! At 17:10, the narrator quotes Chris Taggart saying something but presents a different quote in a newspaper! Leads becomes Achieve and Positive becomes Perfect!

  18. Fabien L

    The translation is dubious. French is my main language and Alain Cruz says at 15:40 "terrorism it needed to be fought but MAYBE NOT in the way America did", the english translation by the narrator says : "terrorists needs to be fought but CERTAINLY not in the way the U.S. has chosen".