The Greek Resistance

The Greek ResistanceGreece - it is where Europe's civilization and the very idea of democracy began. But today the country is in crisis; a crisis that may well destroy the dream of a unified Europe.

A dream born out of the nightmare of World War II, a dream to unite different nations under one currency, has become a tragedy.

Ten years after joining the eurozone, the Greek economy has collapsed, living standards have plummeted, hundreds of thousands are out of work and thousands more have left the country to find a new future.

Many Greeks blame the European Union, and Germany in particular, for the crisis they are in. Today, almost 70 years after its military defeat in World War II, Germany is the strongest economic power in Europe and its political leadership holds the future of Greece in its hands.

Al Jazeera correspondent Barnaby Phillips travels to Greece to discover why these two countries, tied by history and culture, are now locked into a conflict.

Why has the European vision, designed to heal the wounds of the past, instead brought them back to the surface? And who is to blame - the Greeks themselves, the EU or the old enemy, Germany?

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  1. patric

    Ultimately Greece will show the way and save eurozone

  2. Vicki_in_Greece

    p.s.for factual information on the Greek banking and financial situation, Max Keiser (he has videos on YouTube and weekly shows airing on RT. com and PressTV. com) has had Greek economists as guests who have no qualms about sharing factual information

  3. Vicki_in_Greece

    Good grief what strange comments and assumptions about Greece. Firstly try considering the fact that Greeks are human beings and have the same variety of diverse characteristics and personalities as everyone else in the world.
    Then remember Greeks do not hold grudges towards people in a country because there is the reasonable understanding that governments are in charge of war and torture.
    How frightening it is to see Kissinger quoted here. His love for torture and rape matches of that of the general public in contemporary America perhaps. The scars of the military dictatorship are evident - people are still alive that can remember those times after all.
    Germany made out well after WWII and so did Japan for that matter. People in Crete and Greece fought against fascism - and they did not even get a t-shirt saying "i survived WWII now I want to go to Disneyland"
    Another point to make gently - Greeks are all different based on personalities but also based on where they live in Greece, the history, weather and topology are all influential in building local cultures, so I would like to say gently that without understanding the richness and depth of Greek culture the generalities and assumptions may be saying more about the person making the comments than about the subject at hand.
    I am curious why people love to think that Greeks hate Turks but in the long run it does not mater. The Greeks and the Turks share culture, music, respect for the ancient. Turkish soap operas are popular in Greece. Turkish and Greek singers and actors perform in both countries.
    Ah, well English is a tough language to communicate about complex issues. I loved my fatherland, america now my feelings are conflicted. Whereas I love my Greek motherland and feel saddened by the judgmental and often racist comments shared by those who have problems in their own decaying imperial countries that far, far outweigh those in Greece. Greeks have been around for thousands of years and it will be around for thousands more - not so sure about many other nations

  4. kompikos

    Greece has a self-esteem problem since it's independence after almost 400 years of Ottoman rule. It's everywhere around you in Greece and has been around for way too long. A vast civilization and one classical Golden Age, 2 massive Empires (Hellenistic and Byzantine) and then... 400 years of occupation by the Ottoman Turks. We have issues. And these issues cause problems and cost us A LOT. Maybe Henry Kissinger was correct in his analysis after all... we MUST pull ourselves together "pronto".

  5. kompikos

    "The Greeks had a dream of living like their counter-partners in Northern Europe..." Mr Phillips? No. The Greeks love the way they live as Southern Europeans. They lived perfectly well as such, before they entered the Euro. The idea was to make the Greek currency stronger by adopting the Euro and leaving the Drachma and thus to make the Greek economy stronger. It was never about borrowing and raising the living standards which where just fine in Greece. That's why the Greeks are furious with their politicians. The borrowed and spent instead of following the principal goal for which they were elected. And they created all shorts of other civic distortions along the way. That is why a whole society came upside down.

  6. Vicki_in_Greece

    Unfortunately Barnaby Phillips has no idea what he is talking about. I've been living in Greece for many years. Every time I see a report about Greece from Barnaby Phillips I send a note to AJE explaining his factual mistakes. He walks right past the real stories he could present by sticking to a racist perspective.
    The Eurozone is designing a banking system that will allow for balance between North and South. So far so good!Daily life in Greece is not nearly as bad in as in the US and not nearly as bad as in the UK - so perspective is needed to understand.

  7. KsDevil

    When you loan to others, you always risk a loss. It seems the EU doesn't want to acceopt the down side of risk dispite taking actions that are in excess of the system to fix itself.

  8. Aldo Solari

    Germany ... well, not everyone had a Marshall Plan ...

    1. CapnCanard

      Aldo, nice... following this big mistake of austerity the Germans will be facing the possibility that once faced Germany following World War 1... Good work Germans, you got help from the Americans following WW 2 and then you s*it on the Greeks? Die Deutschen sind alle Arschlöcher

  9. nexus974

    Bilderbergs, masons, lluminatti, zionism...
    I see the tin foil hat brigade is out in force.

  10. DrJack37

    Have lived in Greece/Crete for extended periods up to this year. The people work more hours/year than Germans. Greece got sold on EU-glam and old fears of Turkey; received every kind of "credit" to buy German/French weapons (Greece their #1 war client). Also the young got credit like never before and walked into debt for techno-culture. And ever since, you notice, the EU banks have always "managed somehow" to find more loans to "help" Greece---knowing all along that Greece could never pay any of this from the start. Acc. to standard banking law, when a bank fails to do its homework on the lendee who can't pay, THE BANK LOSES. They want to "help" because when Greece falls off the hook, they're finished.

    Greece HAS the power to resist. Acc. to study by Greek International Business Association (Kathemerini 5/9/2012), Greece actually has "comparative advantage in exports" in 43 of 97 product categories: fur/leather, fruit/veg products, cotton, tobacco, salt, olive oil, fish, aluminum/copper, dairy, soap, candles (not to mention tourism!). When Greece stands on the value of its own wealth it can endure a hard return to the drachma and come out stronger than ever. (Many international examples before them.) Their old 2 parties (right and left) are totally corrupt---and I hope Syriza stays aggressive.

    Western Civilization started in Crete, and it looks like it's going to have to start there over again!

  11. Hussain Fahmy

    Moral and Ethical values have to be in place before Rule of Law and economic prosperity can be Achieved. Example, Knowledge will be ineffective if the Heart is Corrupt, Money is of no Value at the Cost of Health. Death of Democracy in its birth place is the result of not addressing the root causes of Moral and Ethical Values.

  12. Hussain Fahmy

    German expulsion of the Zionist is a lesson the rest of the world should learn.

    1. tomregit

      Sure Hussain, now they're in Jerusalem so, provided you're happy with that, I guess it worked out alright for you.

    2. tariqxl

      England expelled them too... They got back in.

  13. tanzanos

    Unregulated capitalism at its worst. Neo liberalism has reared its ugly head and we the people are paying the price:

  14. watchtheduck

    While 20th century Greek history is not as familiar to most as 20th century German history is,war is an ugly devastating atrocity no matter what country or nationality of people are caught in it's wake. I feel for the woman who recalled the horrors of the German invasion of Greece when she was a child but how many know about the "war" against the German people by the British and American Zionist Jews who called for a ban on German exports after WW1, devastating the German economy and leading to mass starvation of German civilians? This later contributed to the popularity of Hitler who had been an unknown but whose rise in politics was directly related to his charismatic ability to give hope to the German people followed up by recreating a strong German economy. Look up Judea Declares War on Germany for the largely unpublicized truth about what led up to World WarII and the Nazi contempt for Jews. I do NOT condone Nazi activity, but that's not to say that there are not two sides to every story and that no matter how you slice the pie, war hurts EVERYONE!

  15. Tristan

    It's ridiculous to blame the Germans for the crisis in Greece (which actually started in America, remember?) - nor should the wealth of the Celtogermanic countries of Europe be continually transferred to the South, as is currently the case in the EUSSR. It's crisis in the North as well, folks. I truly hope the Greeks can break out of the political and financial system which strangles them and the rest of Europe to death. Maybe other nations will follow their example, then.

  16. watchtheduck

    To blame Germany for the problems of Greece is missing the target by a long shot. The banks of Europe have long been owned and ruled by Zionist Jewish elitists who determine how and when a bank's money are to be used. This is a historic fact, not a racist statement which is verifiable by anyone who cares to do the research. The major banks of Europe have been owned or ruled over by a 200 year old dynastic family whose name most people in Israel are very familiar with. It's not difficult to find out who they are if you do just a wee bit of research. I'll give one clue, they rule the Bank of England and have done so for nearly two centuries. How these bankers conduct business with nations of the world is the same way they influence the outcomes of war through the lending (or not lending) of money. If the people of a nation pay a great price in the reshaping of that country, it's all part of the game; all collateral damage. Look up John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man to get a better idea of how the game is played to bankrupt countries and score big.

    1. xxDarkSidexx

      well said mate, so we have families like rothschilds who are the big guns in israel and rockafella family who possibly have jewish bloodline, guess we'll just have to wait and see, soon it will all kick off in the middle east with israel first strike and america supporting them just so theyu can get there little grubby hands on more profit and feel secure with american weaponry.

    2. watchtheduck

      The only Jewish Rockefellers are those who descend from Godfrey Rockefeller Sr. whose mother was Jewish. Some of the modern Blairs came from this same bloodline.

  17. DigiWongaDude

    So many mistakes happening all over Europe, one after another, surely must warrant the question of whether these so-called mistakes are not actually politically motivated, intended consequences. I know how that sounds, and I truly hope I'm completely off base, but I have serious concerns about the Bilderberg Group playing a role in all this :-/ Shoot me down if you like, or rather help me see the errors in my thinking.

    I mean you can blame German politics and economics for the bribes and for pushing those miltary purchases on the Greek politicians. And you can blame the politicians of Greece for fleecing their own economy. You can go on to say the resulting imposed austerity is wrongly implemented, as Harry rightly points out, and even that politicians need to be watched more carefully for their tendencies to be greedy, corrupt and to follow their own interests. Like they are naughty children carrying on regardless because nothing is really stopping them.

    But at some point you have to say "Hang on a minute! Surely, these politicians and central banks are so innept their mistakes should ban them from any power mongering, or... they aren't stupid at all but quite happy to let us carry on believing so."

    If the Bilderberg Group were indeed capable and responsible for creating the European Union (as has been claimed), would they seriously be sitting idly by watching all these uncontrollable 'mistakes' unfold. Or rather is this part of the intention, a much larger political economic plan that none of us have the power to be privvy to, except to roll our eyes and say "Tut. Those silly silly politicians."

    1. Harry Nutzack

      i dont think it's so much "the bilderbergs", or "the masons", or "the lluminatti" or any other shadowy organization. it's corporatism. it's economists and business folk. they're products of the same "assembly line", the top ones attend the same schools, have the same teachers, learn the same economic philosophy. the minor ones aspire to gain the respect of the top ones. i have a friend from chile, and one day after he returned from a visit there, he commented that we no longer have practitioners of "the long con" here in the USA. we have lottery scammers, 3 card monte and the like, but no real high end grifters. my response was "we just call it business". it has progressed to the point that it's just a game of fleecing on the grandest scale possible for them. it's more a competition than a conspiracy. that's why the mechanism is the same, whether it's Hostess, a steel mill, or Greece. over-monetize, suck out the debt at the top, and then demand the peons pay the piper. when they fail to, you close the doors, "re-organize", and start the game cycle over. the pols wont end it because they rely on those gamesmen for their comfy retirements. we're just pieces on a monopoly board. that's the dark secret of capitalism/corporatism. the booming economies of the previous century were built by industrialists, not capitalists. once we handed over control to the capitalists, the maelstrom became unstoppable.

    2. DigiWongaDude

      @ Harry Nutzack: I hope you are right (using the term loosely). I almost believe it. But...

      1) Many here in Europe (the Euro Sceptics) believe the same as Martin Ellacott [below] that the very design architecture of European Union doomed it from the outset - arguably designed to fail.

      2) Group that with multipronged attacks from the ECB, Goldman Sachs and these German debt revelations. It starts to look like Governments and Banking are colluding (that much IS clear), to create havok.

      3) Add to all of that, the fact that the austerity measures aren't in Greece's best interests (as you pointed out), indeed will only succeed in bringing Greece to its knees for the long term.

      and 4) Add to ALL that, the other EU countries also on the brink.

      ...It's going beyond a vulture feeding frenzy, to something preorganised and possibly co-ordinated. Forget about Bilderberg and all that and... the picture remains the same.

    3. xxDarkSidexx

      yes your right, it's about globalization, I was going to mention it, but it seems every documentry we watch or I watch now days brings us to one thing... money, globalization and all the evil guys who run it.

    4. watchtheduck

      Harry, corporatism and the way it's taught is very much tied to the Bildebergs. I'll give one important example. Take the University of Chicago which is the main hub of economic teachings here in the states. It was founded in 1901 by John D. Rockefeller money.

      In 1902, John D. also founded the General Education Board whose general papers stated "we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands"......"we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning, or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have an ample supply." Source Wikipedia: search General Education Board.

      The criticism against the board was that it's intent was "to use the power of money, not to raise the level of education in America, as was widely believed at the time, but to influence the direction of that education... The object was to use the classroom to teach attitudes that encourage people to be passive and submissive to their rulers. The goal was-and is-to create citizens who were educated enough for productive work under supervision but not enough to question authority or seek to rise above their class. True education was to be restricted to the sons and daughters of the elite."

      Now to the Bildeberg Group, which is an unofficial, invitation only group of 120-140 elitists from around the world, who make decisions for the rest of the world. Would it interest you to know that David Rockefeller, the current family patriarch and grandson of John D., is on the advisory board of this group? Do you see the connection now, between how we are "educated" to accept what we are told to accept, and how that relates with ruling elites whose money finance our system of education? Do you see now how these same elitists tie in to the secretive organizations like the Bildebergs?

  18. xxDarkSidexx

    All jokes aside, you may not remember or know of this but Henry Kissenger said this in 1974

    "The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East."
    You can find this speech on the internet,

    Henry Kissenger is German born - American.
    He's part of the new world order, goes to the "Bilderberg Group" you can find alot of informatiion on him, he only recently got awarded the president medal in israel march the 1st 2012 which is the highest rank. The Bilderberg Group are the ones who higher puppets/salesman to run countries, i.e Obama.

    And if your well informed, your know that Israel and America own this world, Or more Israel own America.

    1. watchtheduck

      Henry Kissinger may be born on German soil but he is Jewish and reportedly a Zionist Jew. The First Zionist Congress convened in Basel Switzerland in August of 1897. That congress formulated a Zionist agenda later known as the Basel Program which expanded into a movement and the later formation of The World Zionist Organization. From the beginning the agenda was for the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine which led to the formation of the state of Israel. Lord Edmond De Rothschild paved the way for this with his contribution of monumental sums of money. Many of the most influential Zionist Jews have been born in Germany but the similarities between them and the non-Jewish Germans ends there. There are distinct differences between Germans and German Jews whose culture and religious beliefs are no more similar than Christianity and Orthodox Judaism. The gulf widens when Zionism comes into play as not all Jewish people support Zionism, in fact many are completely opposed to it. Clearly, not all Jewish people are Zionists, which is an agenda not a race or a religion. Zionism does not even require one to be Jewish in order to support the Zionist agenda. Henry Kissinger though born on German soil is Jewish. Is he a Zionist Jew? Search his record to find out. Anyone who would like a greater understanding about the affect that the Zionist agenda has on our world today should also read up on The World Zionist Organization as well as The First Zionist Congress for starters.

  19. xxDarkSidexx

    sigh... dont worry, i'm sure The UK will have there doors open, i'm looking forward to a greek takeaway.

  20. Harry Nutzack

    the standard formula of "friendly takeover" in the political world. lend too much to an obviously corrupt government, "reluctantly" impose austerity "for their own good" (after having siphoned off those lent funds, of course), privatize state holdings at pennies on the dollar, then encourage an emigration of the young educated professionals. this always results in maintaining a minimal economy with no hope of progress.

  21. President_Emil

    LoL, what a nonsense.
    This documentry his spending around 25min to explain Greeces problems today and that Nazi Germany are connected.

    Also that Germany is forcing decisions on Greece, which is utter nonsense!
    It is the EU that is passing on money to Greece.
    The Greece may decide if it accepts the conditions or not.

    The bail out from the Euro is alone Greeces decision not the decision of EU or Germany as this "documentry" tries to explain.

    This film is not even covering 1% of the causes for the Greek crisis.

    What it´s doing however is blaming the Nazis for Greeces nower problems.

    Thank you Al Jazeera for your contribution to understanding among nations!

    1. tanzanos

      Germany earned over 60 billion Euros in one year from the interest on the money she lent to Spain Portugal and Greece. Europe is not GIVING us money; She is LENDING us money at interest and forcing austerity measures that in essence forbid the economy from recovering and makes it impossible development to occur. It was all fine when Greece was spending billions on German arms and goods and Siemens and other German companies bribed our corrupt politicians in order to secure billion dollar deals. Now the people have to shoulder the burden. You will soon feel the Neo liberal onslaught in your country and when austerity measures are enforced in your country, you can be sure the Greek people will be on your side and not blame you as you are blaming us!

    2. Harry Nutzack

      well stated! had the original loans been tied to "strings" that actually required the building of industry that increased the indigenous economy, the austerity measures would not have been required. instead, it was predestined to return to the lending economies through purchases that did nothing for the debtor economy. it's the political equivalent of "vulture capitalism".

    3. silkop

      Name your sources.

    4. watchtheduck

      I'd like to know WHY Greece had spent billions on arms in the first place? That they were bought from Germany is secondary! As for the repeated statements that Germany is lending money to Greece, everyone needs a history lesson about the banks of Europe.

      Bank representatives are merely employees of those who oversee the European banking system. Zionists control the European Banking system as well as the banking system in America. It is the agenda of the top level bankers that are the driving force of all of this turmoil. The German bank reps are only the "talking heads" for those behind the European banking system, whose main offices are the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland and in the financial district of The City of London, a one square mile corporation not to be confused with all of London.

      If you look at what is happening economically in America, it can be seen that America too is high in debt and has seen many losses in the public sector. It's all by design in order to bring in a New World Order most commonly referred to as Globalism. What is happening economically in the western world is required for the emergence of this New World Order, which in order to come into being requires the dismantling of sovereign nations via economic and political instability followed by a consolidated system of finance, as well as political, military and later even religious consolidation.

    5. tanzanos

      Greece was basically forced into a mini arms race with Turkey. Read about modern Greek history. We basically have no friendly neighbours. We have had foreign occupations, military dictatorships, civil war, and the threat of war with Turkey. Greece is fortunate but at the same time cursed for being located where it is geographically.

      Our and your enemy comes in many names but is basically one thing and that is UNREGULATED CAPITALISM a.k.a. Friedman's model, or globalisation, or shock doctrine, or Chicago doctrine.

      It used to be up till the seventies that only about 10% of the world economy was based on speculation. Now it is the opposite; Where speculation rules our lives and it earns billions for the few while the rest of us are being fleeced.

      This is not a struggle between left and right; It is a struggle between the peoples of this whole planet vs corporatism.

    6. watchtheduck

      Capitalism is directly linked to "the stock market" and it's shareholders, which is very evident by how America for instance, is tied to Wall Street. If the stock market crashes, everything comes down with it. The stock market is nothing more than a game of manipulation by the bankers, namely those at the top of the big banking families . They are the insiders that not only set the values for gold, silver and other metals each day in the financial district of London, they also start panics which result in stock prices plummeting. When stock prices plummet they and their shareholders buy up stocks of coveted companies and resources for their own benefit while bankrupting individuals and countries alike. Don't believe me? Read Frederic Morton's "The Rothschilds, Portrait of a Dynasty" to see how it's done and how they boast about it.

  22. Matt van den Ham

    I haven't watched this yet, but I can say that one of the main reasons for Germany's resistance to the recession is they BUY GERMAN. They produce and manufacture most of their own goods and pride themselves in extremely high standards of engineering, manufacturing and design.

  23. Martin Ellacott

    Like the man said at the start of the video, "There is no democracy in Europe". The EU has been destined to fail from the beginning, and fail it will. Too bad that it can't be done in an orderly fashion, but the talking suits that run the Union don't want to lose their very lucrative positions.
    Chaos, violence and perhaps Civil Wars in several of the Mediterranean Countries are evident.....Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The tax payers of England and Germany are throwing money in the bottomless chasm that represents the EU.
    Europe doesn't need a Central Government to be successful.....all it needs is trading partners. Believe me, it will get worse......much worse.....just wait and see.

  24. invient

    The guy representing the German left had IMO the most sensible path forward.

    The German leadership has been blood letting thos with little blood...

  25. Roger Gordon

    Buying on regular basis :D and Feta as well. Lately there is no Tyros since they are probably so damn lazy that they wont produce it.
    And What about theirs Golden Dawn?
    I think this is unbalanced documentary.

  26. sebastien972

    Everybody buy olive oil and the problem will be solved.