Guilty: the Conviction of Cardinal Pell

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Cardinal George Pell was one of the highest ranking and most powerful figures in the Catholic Church. When he was convicted of sexual crimes against two 13-year old boys, it shook the already trembling credibility of the church. In Guilty: The Conviction of Cardinal Pell, ABC News Australia outlines the troubling saga of Pell, his many victims, and the plague that continues to fester from deep within the church.

In 1996, while church leadership was floundering in the midst of rampant child sexual abuse allegations, Pell was serving as the Archbishop of Melbourne. The Archdiocese of Melbourne was home to more pedophile priests than anywhere else in the country. In light of this, Pell launched an in-house damage control initiative designed to "lessen the sufferings of the victims". Even while he maintained a position of authority as an advocate for child safety, he was engaging in the same behaviors he protested when behind closed doors.

The film features detailed descriptions of the abuse Pell inflicted on the children in his church choir. The revelations are obscene and disturbing, but essential to understanding how Pell was able to use his authority, access and influence to his advantage.

Detectives, lawyers and child advocates join the discussion to discuss the church's efforts to conceal these types of accusations. They argue that the church has remained implicit in these scandals for too long, and that seismic internal reforms are long overdue to combat this sickening epidemic.

Most impactful are the insights from the families of the victims. In tearful interviews, these parents discuss the spiral their children suffered in the aftermath of Pell's abuse. In less than 20 years, one of them would be dead of a heroin overdose. The other - now a young man - was able to summon the courage to reveal his abuser's crimes to the authorities. Perhaps finding empowerment in numbers, additional abuse claims would soon start flooding in from other child clergy members.

Guilty: The Conviction of Cardinal Pell is not an easy watch, but its frank and unforgiving approach brings a crucial sense of urgency to this crisis.

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Francis

    This didn't age well. Justice is never served in secret courts.

  2. Mark Gaboury

    You would think that a cardinal believed in hell at least. Not believing in hell will not save you from going there, though. I see that he was swarmed with reporters, which is good. But how come the Muslim pedophiles in the UK had questions put to them only by one man, Tommy Robinson, and he went to prison for it?

    1. Dominic

      Corect sir ! Fatwa 31409 is the mosques santioning all muslim men to marry a child and have sex and then divorse them , its sick twisted and nobody dare coment

  3. Mark A LaJoie

    "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." --- Mark 10:14 KJV

    Oooh! That's what it means!

  4. hank

    Disappointed at your obscured [persons] video presentation. Senseless to portray interviews/persons that cannot be properly seen. Might just as well done the entire thing behind screens.

    1. Rob

      This was my thought as well. What's the point? Simply became irritating to view, and would probably have made a better podcast??

  5. Catherine Todd

    Why I quit the Catholic Church and won't join any church at all. Monsters! The Catholic Church "planted religion at the point of a sword," stored great stolen treasures under the guise of using them to celebrate "The Mass," taught us to worship and S&M behavior of whipping oneself to "destroy the flesh," taught us our bodies were sinful and sex was "lustful," and forced young men to re-enact nailing someone to the Cross.

    Now they have laundered Mafia money for years.

    I was in Catholic school for most of my life and even joined the convent as a novitiate. I have still not recovered.

    1. Jerri

      I believe God has His hand on you and will get you through the healing of all this. Keep the faith in the real and True Lord that really loves us and will be there for us when we ask and trust in Him. Glory be to God .......the only One True God......Hallelujah and Amen.

    2. paul caden

      Very interesting, as I was raised by staunch Irish Catholics in Canada. I almost went to a seminary just before puberty thinking I could live my life indoctrinated and would not need to get married. This would have totally ruined my life just like it has a ruined other priests lives who started as good humans but became corrupted by religious indoctrination

    3. paul caden

      I am so glad that I left the Catholic Church instead of becoming a corrupt priest I studied evolution, sociobiology and neurotheology and realized that being good , having empathy morals Etc have nothing to do with religious zealotry and everything to do with evolution.

  6. vcragain

    And this guy is just the tip of a horrific iceberg ! It seems to me that the fact of these people hiding themselves within the Catholic Church, just brought more of the same - you have to wonder if they actually discussed this stuff among themselves, or was it all nod-nod-wink-wink ? How do they know that they could get away with this inside the church ? Just for the record - Christ's Christianity has no relationship with the grandeur & idolatry of the Catholic Church - this is not what he preached, never mind the evil of this sexual perversion ! There is nothing worse than crimes against a child !

    1. IM

      There is nothing worse than crimes against a child. Agreed 100% . These monsters must be given exemplary punishment.

    2. Jerri

      I highly agree with you, but you have to consider the catholic church as being a cult......therefore the difference between evil and good. I pray the True God will protect these children and instill in them to come forward as soon as something happens to them. Amen

  7. asdf

    crazy that he was molesting kids while being in charge of stopping it.

    1. Catherine Todd

      asdf: and one more HUGE reason it still continued. DEVILS, ALL OF THEM!

    2. paul caden

      Hypocrisy at it's worst