Hackers World: Anonymous Investigation

Hackers World: Anonymous Investigation

2012, Technology  -   24 Comments
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Some attack governments, large corporations... and steal personal identities. Others use their skills for political activism. They are hackers.

And in a rare sit down interview with a member of the infamous collective "Anonymous", 16x9 gets a unique, inside look into a "Hackers World".

Anonymous is a loosely associated hacktivist group. It originated in 2003, representing the concept of many online and offline community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain.

It is also generally considered to be a blanket term for members of certain Internet subcultures, a way to refer to the actions of people in an environment where their actual identities are not known.

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. richard crawford

    The virus in Iran was us gov. Code


    Am I the only one that was freaked out by the coffee cups in plain white, with a black font saying 'create' and 'transform'?
    Totally had a 'They Live' moment.

  3. nameless3811

    This is so black and white with hacker "heroes" and "villains". Most people know that things aren't really so concrete. There is a lot of grey area and many ideas and situations can get very complicated ethically because of this. Is what anonymous doing illegal? Yes. Is it wrong? That is a different question with a very controversial (and rightfully so) answer. For instance....our government passes bills, laws, and legislations all the time that directly affects and violates our constitutional rights. The patriot act is a good example. Is it legal? Well technically yes. Is it right? Not at all.

    From what I gather, anonymous is exposing corporations and government organizations. While people as individuals shouldnt have to worry about their information being stolen or violated... at the same time our government is violating our rights and invading our privacy exactly in this way. I can bet that our governments' motives for doing so is not as heroic as people think. Look up PRISM for instance. Anonymous is doing what needs to be done. People just can't be heard standing outside of buildings, holding paper signs like they used to. In fact, they would probably get tasered or pepper sprayed for doing so (especially for political protests).

    "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."
    -Benjamin Franklin

  4. to_the_sun

    Full of mainstream bias. Polluted with words like good, bad and even evil. Then, predictably, the cheesy music starts and they end on a story about some "do-gooder" volunteers.

  5. Black Scholar

    Why they say Anonymous is CIA in Drag?

  6. Emanuel Faisca

    Yeh she looks really affected, continues to play on her playstation... She only wants money!

  7. Driver

    In my single opinion I like the idea of Anonymous but disagree with the way they have handled some of there protests. The right to protest is important but the protest must be done fairly. If by protesting the safety and peace of others and there property are compromised then this is simply unfair to the average person and can result in less support for the protest in future as people turn away in disgust. For example Anonymous' pointless hacking of Sony in protest over its lawsuit against George Hotz. Hotz had no right to release information on how to root the PS3 because it would cause financial damage to Sony. Anonymous then went a step further and released private information from uses of the Sony network damaging innocent users privacy. This behaviour is no better then a traditional street protest turning violent with shops being looted and innocent bystanders being injured. I hope Anonymous can protest correctly to help society or there movement will be seen as nothing more then a dangerous mob that make there own rules with there own agendas that do no represent the average person.

    1. Divided_Eye

      Anonymous is not really a group, though, so saying you "disagree with the way they have handled some of [their] protests" doesn't make sense. That'd be like getting into an argument with someone at a crowded park, then saying you didn't like "them" [everyone there] because of that one confrontation.

  8. Justin

    I kinda want to see the movie Hackers again now.

  9. englishjakes

    lol at the girl trying to sue sony when she didnt have anything actually taken from her. but more seriously 1/4 of the people who attend hacking for humanity are part of anonymous because they essentially have the same goal. anonymous truly believes its doing good for humanity, i dont agree with all their projects but i think someone has to slap some people around in this world, we've become so nice or passive that no one is willing to fight for what they believe in anymore and if you go and protest the government or organization that your protesting against can choose to ignore you or worse they can pepper spray you. the thing i really like about anonymous is that there is no leader no one makes decisions on there own so they will never be caught. if some one in the community voices something and several hundred people agree with it the decision they do it plain and simple all that is needed is the initial idea then people vote, they do this with all ideas u know like democracy used to be. if there aren't enough people with the idea being proposed those people are likely to be caught.

    1. Snow

      I personally believe it's a fight or flight mentality that most people have. If you hear someone in the middle of the night in your apartment complex yelling or making a ruckus, are you either going to investigate or are you going to yell for them to shut up? Likely you're going to tell them to shut up and not pay any attention. Why wouldn't you investigate though? I believe it's due to the mentality of "Oh I'm sure someone else will take care of it, I don't want to be personally involved." You often hear about cases about a store or some individual being robbed among other citizens, yet nobody does anything. Again, fight or flight response.

      I'm getting tired of society making Hackers look so negatively, while in retrospect they have no idea what the true motivation is of that person or group.

      Anonymous hacked Sony because a fellow hacker himself was giving the root key to the PS3 over the internet, and sony decided to press charges against him even though it's within his own rights to hack or manipulate his console as he sees fit. He was the owner of his own machine, not Sony. Sony's only right should have been in the maintenance of their online software and networks, not their hardware. So because of their attitude towards gamers and the one individual, Anonymous decided to help the fellow hacker and found the security flaws within Sony. Was it wrong what they did? That's your personal judgement to make. I think they did great in what they did, and Sony should be thanking the group in finding the vulnerabilities that were found in the flawed security. Tighten it up, make it better. We trust our information to be safe, not to be compromised.

    2. DigiWongaDude

      Technically, you are not allowed to reverse engineer hardware or software (decompile) because of the ownership of the intellectual property rights. You can however (and many do) use reverse engineering (and decompiling) to produce a similar project of software or hardware but only because it would be practically impossible to show you had reverse engineered the product to begin with.

      It becomes a question of ethics, and capitalism is anything but ethical.

      All the big players have done this to one degree or another.

      So you are not correct when you say it's 'his' hardware, that he owns it and can do what he likes with it. He does not own the intellectual property rights of it or the rights to expose it. The fact that he reversed engineered it and then shared his findings in doing so?...well you figure it out. To my mind a clever hack, but a stupid brag leaving Sony so choice to but press charges.

      I know, I know...how can you own programming code? This would mean paying royalties to individuals for code you created but has been ear marked as owned...I get that. If the same was done with literature, well, you'd potentially have to pay an author if one of your publicly published sentences appears in their book. A ridiculous notion.

      That's why there is such a big fight going on. It's been going on for decades now and the battle lines are firmly in place.

  10. SpookyS

    I think anonymous help us realise there is so much corruption and shady dealings going on on a massive scale against us and our enemies.
    May the evil-do-er's get what they deserve.

  11. easyTree

    You've accidentally conflated the terms 'hacker' and 'cracker' and therefore added little value. Yes, Gates, Jobs etc.. were hackers; tinkerers with computer hardware. Crackers are those who break into computer systems for nefarious reasons.

  12. Wayne Siemund

    I suppose because the program is so short, several concepts had to be incorrectly associated to each other. It's a nice puff piece, but there is far more truth about what Anonymous is fighting against.

  13. Luyang Han

    Where is the sit down interview with the masked person? The show just interviewed some computer security expert but not real hackers. And for the Guy Fawkes, well the show just post some common words used by Anonymous and presented by a unidentified masked man. Such behavior is simply unthinkable for any real Anonymous member. Anyone who is really a bit into hacker culture will never show his identity like this. Check the videos posted by Anonymous on Youtube, you will understand the difference.
    Meanwhile, the information presented is just so lame, not unique, and definitely not "inside look into a Hackers World”. The show says essentially nothing in detail about Anonymous, their culture, members, history and achievements. Not impressed.

  14. bringmeredwine

    Very short and sweet from a tv series.
    The masked guys from Anonymous reminded me of the creepy maniac in the movie series, "Saw".

    1. Geoffrey de Geoffrey

      Its the mask from V for vendetta

    2. bringmeredwine

      ? What is "V for Vindetta"?

    3. Pysmythe

      It's a movie about a quasi-religious fascist state, set in England in the not too distant future. It's very well done in all respects, especially storywise. You should give it a try sometime, you might enjoy it.

    4. Luyang Han

      This is the mask of Guy Fawkes.

    5. nameless3811

      "Remember, remember the fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot!"

  15. Chaz Searson

    The Good vs Evil dichotomy view represented in this video is straight up bull****. Apart from that I enjoyed this short. Thanks.

    1. Shawn Williams

      Thank you for your insight. I look forward to reading your next publication.