Hangar 18: The UFO Warehouse

Hangar 18: The UFO Warehouse

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Hangar 18: The UFO WarehouseWhat happens when a UFO crashes? Some experts claim that the UFO wreckage and even the pilots are transported to a top-secret facility in Dayton, Ohio called Hangar 18 located on Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Declassified Government documents prove that the disk from the famous Roswell event and fragments of other mysterious crashes were shipped to Wright Patterson. Hear stories involving elected officials, UFO researchers, and former base employees, some of whom are going on the record regarding Hangar 18.

They spin a tale of flying saucer debris, alien bodies, cryogenic chambers and a vast underground network that may hold the secrets to the UFO mystery. Is there a conspiracy to hide UFO evidence from the highest branches in the U.S. Government, or is it all just a myth?

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  1. John

    I Worked at Wright-patt many years and next door to hanger 18, I never saw anything suspicious or was I ever restricted, I did know that many areas had Top Secret operations and I was part of a few, As I was working for the 4950th Test Wing And Base MAQ. I do believe in UFO as I have seen them on three occasions while in the Navy, But to say that the Greys from 1947 is located at Hanger 18 at WPAFB is a Myth in My opinion. But then I have no need to know, Many of the documentaries on Wright Patterson AFB shown on TV is not the base as it has palm tree in back ground and Dayton Ohio don't have Palm Trees I grew up just Blocks from it and worked at the Base,

  2. A Henderson

    Hanger 18 was filmed in Big Spring Texas. The hanger was on Webb air force base.


    I firmly believe that the B - 2 Stealth Bomber was a classified secret project at Area 51 that has a simular design and shape and near the same size of the wrecked UFO and made from nearly simular material to give the B - 2 Stealth Bomber it the ability to hide from MOST RADAR SYSTEMS of other world military armed forces who Do Not have this advanced technology yet. If one does look at it from the front,it does look very much like a UFO.

  4. Fred

    I just don't get a LOT of things about "aliens already being on earth"... First of all, why is it an american thing ? Out of the blue, they decide to land there, how coincidental. Don't tell me that "ufo's were spotted everywhere in the world", as far as I'm concerned most of them are just pure lies and have been debunked so many times, anyway I'm talking about the "let's keep their ship"... Why would it be JUST in America ? Another thing is the reason why aliens would travel across the whole universe, implying they have the technology to do that, and the FIRST thing they do when they are close to earth is TURNING ON THEIR F-ING LIGHTS. Seriously ? Doesn't make sense.

    Do I think there is an alien life somewhere ? Yes, indeed. It would be very presomptuous to imagine that with so many planets we are the only life form. Do I think there is an advanced civilization somewhere that want to reach us ? Nope... Wouldn't make sense. Either they want to meet us, either they don't. If they don't, we wouldn't see them. If they want, they wouldn't "prepare" us for their coming, involving government or anything like that, it would imply they have the same social structure as us, what would be the odds ? And even if they are SO advanced that they would understand our civilization, WHY would they choose to go with the government anyway, knowing about corruption and conflict of interest ? What would be THEIR gain to give some technology in exchange of... of what, exactly ? And one last thing : if an advanced civilization would have so many spaceship "stolen" basically from us, they would be there in no time to reclaim them or to start a war, because... well, it's an aggression, right ? If you send a ship to a foreign country and they destroy it, you would just let it go ?

    1. anthony ebing

      UFO s are reported around the world, usually close to nuclear weapons sites, Russia has the same or more sightings around their military sites as the states, the UK has the most crop circles and sitings anywhere as far as I know, we have famous sightings and abductions in Canada, China released footage of something destroying their probs (in video before destruction) recently... The Hindus, east Indians the oldest culture on earth, have the stories of vimans(flying cities) and nuclear weapons in the mahbarata or watever, ancient books... Its all over the world...

    2. Roger

      Fred, the phenomenon is world wide. There are approximately 25 countries which have released and opened their "department of defense" UAP / ufo encounters to the public. They say "we're not saying they're extraterrestrial but we don't know what they are or where they are from. You decide".
      You can go to those sites yourself...google it. As for the lights you talk about, well leds (the lights) are a byproduct of the led doing something completely not expected or designed to do, so the light from these vehicles (i'm speculating here) could very well be like the exhaust from internal combustion engine. Don't wallow in darkness, keep your mind open. There are countless, very credible people, more in the know than you and me that insist the phenomenon is real. I, personally, approach the subject with incredible, insatiable devotion to know the truth. The " they have all been debunked" part of your editorial i can only equate to - don't drink the Kool-aid mate. If it is true, everything we know-i believe- would change overnight, likely causing a grand scale panic, etc...never before experienced or understood.

    3. Mario

      Keep looking it is NOT just in the States.

  5. Markus

    "This video does not exist." Ha-ha-ha!! Hilarious!

  6. lostin.limbo

    I think it was Carl Sagan that said, "technology advanced enough would be magic to a less evolved species ". Our race has been calling these visitors GOD/GODS since "Eve" left the safety of the trees and stood upright. We are tadpoles while so many other beings have left the pond and learned to fly long before our egg hatched on a universal time line. It's likely most of these other races had interstellar/intergalactic capabilities before this solar system was a simple gas cloud. When we learn and fully understand DNA, genetics, physics and the other sciences we'll be able to live hundreds of years and visit any "Sun" we wish.... if, of course, we don't nuke ourselves or poison our blue marble beyond livability. Only time will show them.

  7. Peter

    So true. I have witnessed the British UFO, made by man from the technology obtained from Hangar 18.

  8. Hanger18visitrr

    Well Im going there

  9. Peter JC

    Henry Kissinger flew a UFO.

  10. Greg Bortz

    I went to Wright State University (WSU) for four years. It was about 50 feet away from Wright Patterson Air Force base, well the off campus housing was and I can tell you that "strange stuff" happened all the time. First off, our school symbol was a fallout shelter symbol......every building was connected by tunnels that were surrounded by six feet of lead and had big yellow signs with arrows point to an area that said "Safe in Here" with large iron gates in the ceiling. One day I woke to a siren going off and they said that they quarantined the medical building because of a chemical leak, which was in an octagon (not sure what that means) and we were not aloud on campus....what school does that.....WSU is billed as the largest handicap school on the planet because of the tunnels that connect all the buildings and they pay handicap students to go to school, plus provide free room and board. That is GREAT for handicap people, however it is just a cover up for the connection with hanger 18........the conspiracy and stories made for fun conversation but the tunnels made for great protection from tornados that rip through Dayton Ohio. You decide.

    1. John

      Let me help you here, first off I was born and raised in the area, I also have two sons graduated from Wright State, I I worked at the Base for 10 years and had a TOP Secret Clearance , I also worked next door to Hanger 18 and I am well aware of the so called Chemical leak at base hospital , That was a Practice drill and the word went out some airmen went off the reservation with a screw loose. As for Lead Lined walls and tunnels those have been there since after ww2 and the cold war for fear of Nuclear attack like most in those days had bomb shelters. I also served 30 years in Navy and have witness UFO on several occasions, Check the Logs on USS FDR, CVA 42 , Th carrier has witness more UFO sightings than any ship or facility to date,

  11. Spookman

    It's hard to discount armed forces members I must say.

  12. Sharon

    Ezekiel 1:1-25. Bear in mind this was written before airplanes and that Ezekiel had only seen an ox cart / chariot in his time to make a comparison with. The description of the craft that he saw with landing gear, (feet & arms) portholes, (their faces) the color of amber, (highly polished brass) circular disc shaped, (wheels) flying in formation, (when those went, thest went, and when those stood, these stood), the sound of the craft was like great waters (swish,swish,swish). What we call UFO's are actually vessels described in the bible.

    1. a_no_n

      because the bible is a totally trustworthy source of information.

      Presumably you're working from the modern english translations as opposed to the original texts yes?

      Ezekial is talking about a cloud, not a craft. and rushing water is the most powerful pre explosion sound that people of that age would have knowledge of, so it's not really suprising that it would be used for a dramatic description...also you seem to be ignoring the fact that Eziekiel quite clearly says they have wings...do aliens have wings now?

      If you're going to quote historical sources, you need to quote them in context, not paint it over modern subtexts and hope for the best...we call that paradolia

    2. xared

      Birds have wings.
      Why cant alien species?

  13. Edward Church

    its all true the govt. can dis bunk it all it wants and make disinformation on it and also disclosed truth. the govt may never tell you nothing. all what comes out of the UFO files. But there is a craft that is not from here is here
    and it fly's like 7gs . where no of any pilot can fly its jets like that. the craft
    has been caught on raider from Rio in Bresil recently as I was told from a pilot that flies a air liner there.

    1. John

      When we humans who are so arrogantly thinking we are only who exist in the universe and are the most intelligent will some day learn what a joke we are. As for quoting scripters as Fact has to also not been educated as those that maybe are theologians know its not history with any factual content just blind faith and story telling from hear with a lot of good info for those to take the moral ground and follow a inter belief to over come what they cant understand, . Trying to put something 2000 years ago in perspective of today. But It dose offer wisdom and good moral guide lines as meant to be in order to control civilization, I my self a former Catholic, Mormon and Baptist. Even to day and while in the Navy highly enjoyed sitting in the great big beautiful Cathedrals of Spain and Italy and meditate gave me great comfort even though I no longer practice religion. We all need a time out place..

  14. Another21stCenturySlave

    couldn't have put it any better myself, eze! 100% correct. when discussing theories of phenomena & government corruption, it seems to be of benefit to be uneducated, as it so much easier to keep an open mind. where as, 70% of educated peoples seem to be 1 dimensional in their way of thinking. i.e: if we don't understand it, it ain't real. such a shame, all those great minds going to waste, simply because they are afraid think for themselves.

  15. PeSO821

    Good point soldieroflight777 :)
    Has anybody read “Hitchhikers guide to galaxy.” Remember how there were alien teenagers. For fun, they traveled to some far away planed which has not made contact yet. Then they found some lonely poor guy, which nobody would believe, dress up funny, paraded in front of him with colorful lights and beeping sounds…
    Very immature really… and I guess on this occasion they were also drunk and crashed.
    Among all the super intelligent, serious aliens out there, it seems like we were visited by drunken immature teenagers. LOL!!

  16. soldieroflight777

    They come all this way, and then crash?!!! lol. ETs are NOT real. its an illusion

    1. Uncle Arty

      your argument only makes sense if they intended to crash. Like all the planes in the air, don't they crash once in awhile?
      Maybe the thing got hit by lightening, or static discharge? Maybe they came in too hot.

    2. Truth

      The theory is they couldn't survive in earths atmosphere.

  17. MisterBob

    The US used high powered radar to 'mess up' the ufo's torsion field technology!
    The 'ruling elite' are well aware that humans are a result of 'ET' tampering & that the Earth has been visited for millenia.
    Religions are just 'primitive' attempts at making sense of 'Those who from heaven came....etc', when the bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) speaks about some one "walking with the lord" or "hearing Gods voice" it is describing the head honcho of the ET's coming down for an inspection etc & the booming voice would have been the loud PA system aboard the main ufo.
    Eastern religions even describe the ufo's 'Vimana' & even the other hybrid experiments preformed by the ET's. If you google 'Nagas' you will find pictures of ancient eastern statues of multi headed cobras, but the faces look nothing like any reptile known today. They look like the Aztec & Mayan carvings of reptiles.
    Cave paintings all over the world depict ufo's & thier occupants.
    The biggest secret (which scares the beejesus out of those that know,) is that some ETs look just like us.
    Oh & at the last count the US militry have catalogued over 160 species!
    But hey....it's all probably a load of B*@+SH~#!!!!!!! I mean come on, spirals in the skies, strange videos of wierd lights doing impossible manouvers, that high pitched tone most people try to ignore as they sleep........its all a big hoax!
    It has to be lol, so lets just get back to paying our tax's & waging war on 3rd world countries!
    Nothing to see,.... here move along!

    1. Truth

      I didn't come from ET. I was urinated on a rock and hatched by the sun.

  18. brunobear70

    Many worlds exist,no matter who denies and/or dont believe! Many folks deny the BIBLE ITS DUE...! ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE UNDERSTOOD CAN BE,BUT IT ONLY COMES THRU FAITH! Jesus said "other sheep"(human(s)-noid(s) i have ,not of this "fold"(EARTH)...Jesus wasnt just talking about the Gentiles(non-Jewish) but about GOD'S CREATION UNIVERSE COMPLETE

  19. brunobear70

    thru faith we know that the "WORLDS" were framed by the word of GOD... Hebrews chapter 11,holy bible

    1. Rolands Jaunzems

      Book of Harry Potter, Chapter 11!

  20. thomashendrikse

    i believe in "alien" life be it bacterial or intellectual but why would supposed high tech alien ships and beings Crashing all over our world that seems just so odd

  21. JerryHarden

    where can i buy films on ufo

  22. roy

    humanity is not ready yet for the aliens to reveal themselves in public. but there wil come a time that they will.. i hope in this lifetime..

  23. fasffeaf geamna

    Good documentary, I am really surprised that the history channel would actually show this type of info on their station! I am still a little skeptical though.. I mean if there are extraterrestrial beings, why are they just secretly flying around us and not ever revealing themselves to the masses?

    1. eze60

      We're violent, warring and conflicted species who are devisive over what would be petty differences on a universal scale, racial and cultural differences. If you're 500 thousand years more advance than us while observing this ugliness would you be so quick to expose yourself to this mass of beings? This is an easy question to answer.
      Furthermore, you have the air force and secret government aggressively taking this knowledge over like they have the right to do so and hiding it from us like we were children. If you're an advance specie observing these ridiculous follies, would you want to come forward? Our leaders are corrupt, greedy and manipulative; they lie to us for their own good. Most of us are quick to believe everything the government are selling us while fighting with others who distrust the government. Most of our heads are firmly burried on earth and we generally find it difficult to wrap the notion of visiting extraterrestrial/extra-dimensional beings around our heads. We may have passed one level of savagery; but we are no doubt still in the savage specie zone. More reason why the beings are keeping their distances.

  24. Snoik

    On part 5 @ 1.30 i see a prototype SR-71. A fusalage without the traditional wing, but embedded into a shape. Notice how the SR-71 went into the B2 by chopping off the extra fusalage. Now imagine the SR-71 vertical. Whats it look like? The space shuttle. Now look for the news story about the next-gen shuttle. Its just the cockpit. What we see here is the evolution of air and spacecraft from alien tech. The next advancement has been a new fuel source, hence the small size of the new shuttle. No more huge tanks of fuel needed.

    1. eze60

      I don't think so. It's like the example Stanton Friedman made in the documentary. If you gave Christopher Columbus and all the great minds a plan of a nuclear submarine of today, how close do you think they'd be able to reproduce it during their time?
      That's what we're dealing with here with the back engineered alien technology that these rogue government backed operations have been confiscating. We don't have the materials, tools, nor the knowledge to
      reproduce these alien technologies in their original forms and functionalities.

  25. Joao Marques

    Well, I'm strongly compelled to believe these guys since they are obviously risking their arses in loads of ways: professionaly, socialy,etc. For me it's not an issue if UFOs are real or not (watch "the portal:Hessdalen lights fenommenon") They exist! the question is wether or not they are alien life forms..wich is obviously possible! it's perfectly concievable that extremely advanced technological civilizations from thousands of light-years away could reach the earth.Now we have to consider IF they are aliens..why the hell aren't we aware of their presence? why haven't they made theirselves noticed? Well I believe there is no way of understanding or predicting the mentality of such possibly different biololical entities. Maybe they are just helping us not blow ourselves to pieces before we reach cosmical maturity! there are so many possible conclusions to be taken from all of these variables! Yet my mind is set: Aliens exist.surely many many races.some of them can, if they want, travel huge distances in short periods of time.And yeah there are some seriously strange things happening in the skyes all over the world! If they were aliens, I wouldn't be the least bit chocked. And yeah, america is twisted enough to be able to "hide" the truth, "they" definitly know so mush more than the masses. Will I live to see the truth? I'm 22, portuguese and hopefull...Bring on the little green men!or grey..

  26. David P.Curcione

    The Unveruse is hudge too! there are (999 Billions Of Galixies Cluster And Megagalixies too! Or More Still out there Yet too! True!!!There is Billions of Unverses too! Out there too! Trilloins Of Stars too! Our Galixies is one tiny Dust Spece of Dust in the Universe Unit too Ture!! There is 999 Milloins Billions Trillions SmillilerOf Universes out there too! Or Larger Too! Warning Is; Tell The Nations of other Counties to watched the Night Skys too! Or Datetime Skys too! They could Bases in our Oceans Depiest Areas too! True!!!

    1. theyak

      You need spelling lessons TOO.

  27. David P.Curcione

    1.There are Alliens Bases in our oceans depts too! We are not Alone too! The Are Alliens scouts Are cheching our Plenet Earth too! The Flying SAUCER Space Ship has homming beacon too! True!!! Later they will find There Missing Space Ships Flying Saucer Space Ships Are Missing too! They will come a Visited to Earth in the Future Beyond Year 2012 A.D. too! I would Tell Chinia,U.S.S.R. India Nations And other Nations Should be Involved With U.F.O. Allien Space Ships to Crashed in Desert in Aronzonia Desert Mountains Locations They Crashed on Earth too!

  28. Hopeoliviagrace

    Hey Deepak...if you really get into learning about UFO's you will find that they have landed in many countries! Personally I have never seen a UFO but the evidence and facts show there are other living beings out here and they have been here. You sound as if your disturbed in some way by the US. Maybe we just talk about it more than other countries??? Your English is very good..where do you live?

    1. Sid

      I second your answer man,
      But whats with the last line?
      you seem to be disturbed by the same sh** you are blaming Deepak for!!

  29. Deepak Mahat

    why do aliens get hold by only US government?? Why they land only in US..I am sure most other countries government would be kind enough to release information to public if they encounter any such thing... Or are they threatened by US in this topic for some reason or it's just plain lame conspiracy among Americans :)
    Can some one be kind enough to explain this to me please...why aliens love to crash on US soil only...or love to get captivated by US government personals only...LOL am i making any valid concerns here?

    1. Megan Bentvelzen

      you are making very valid points. but the question is where are the answers

    2. eze60

      Nonsense, there are reports of crashed UFOs from all over the world.
      And yes, the same military/air force entities from the US that confiscates and hides the information has monopolized other US friendly countries if they've had such crashes.

    3. Keith Sutton

      One of the most recorded and researched UFO events was called the Belgium Wave. Meaning there was a wave or sightings, over an 18 month period I believe. The government of Belgium actively researched and reported. UFOs are not limited to the USA.

  30. dubtom

    Wow,those aliens travel millions of light years and then crash here on Earth,we must be their Bermuda Triangle!

    1. eze60

      Your assessment is not so clever.
      Very advance does not equate to them being all perfect, godly or flawless.
      That's your assumption and flawed conclusion.
      If they're using earth's electromagnetic field as a conduit, has it ever occurred to you that the instability and unpredictability of the field
      may be a challenge for the newcomer ET beings to control if it's a first visit or expedition?
      Also has it ever occurred to you that some of these things were shot down? There's never been any report of these UFOs responding violently against military jets. They've made spectacular feats beyond our knowledge of physics; but that's all;
      however there certainly has been reports of us shooting at them. We are the violent ones in this picture.

  31. dubtom

    Wow,those aliens travel millions of light years and then crash when they get to earth, we must be their Bermuda Triangle!

  32. Valerie B

    seriously whyyy whyyyy do they keep these secrets from people? they should let scientist work on those bodies so we would be told about them too... this secrecy thing pisses me offf soo much... its like everyone else is a less of a human being and we dont deserve to know about our own planet and who comes here?. BS f--king hate the goverment and them hiding so much info form regular people. thank god those people who worked for them get older and wiser and share this information with us.

  33. brenda butler

    when the movie hanger 18 came out something was missing...remember when they went into the ufo and found the dead aliens ..they also found an abductee..does anyone know what happened to her....

  34. Brendan

    how could the history channel release this documentary.

    their owned by a&e.

    wouldnt they have to ask the government in order to release this documentary?

    this is actually a question because i dont know!!

  35. Pyrrhus

    Nothing new.
    One unintended implication of the doc is that the U.S. gov has discredited itself to the point that NO ONE can trust our(strike that: corporation's) government. It has become SO bad that whenever the government says something, it is probably the only thing you can be sure is NOT the case.

    P.S.: Any documentary flooded with constant background 'music' is, in reality, nothing more than entertainment.

  36. ProudinUS

    Well, what I think about the doc.is....ah..hold on a second.....OH, hi Elvis.Just in time for meds!

  37. Pipboy

    Funny film with no real evidence and comical repetitions to meet the time margin.

    Love the "Bad Conduct"´s remark ... nice :D

  38. Calde

    Just a thought here.

    Amongst us, there are people with an unimaginable amount of Cha-Ching. Some of these people are referred to as elite. Well, us, the not so wealthy population, we play with toys like cars, motorcycles, boats...etc. Maybe those "ufo's" are toys to the one's with phat pockets. Hmm...
    The technologists & Scientists are out there, the technology is out there, & so is the money... What do you think?

    Like i said, just a thought.

  39. rockysbeats

    Analize the skies, and youll get a surprise, as you realise the deciet and the lies
    If you open your eyes, the truth shall arise, dont be foolish be wise, we need to compramise.
    One mans chalk is another mans cheeze so start spreadin the truth like viral disease,
    you know that Everything you know isnt everything it seems so show the world the truth just by ajusting the screen .
    They try to make you believe in the books that we read on how we came to succseed but still we disagree
    and the more we research the more that we see that how we got to this stage is far from evolutionary
    But i agree its equally extrodinary to find out were not from where we claim to be
    It took some time to scramble this hypothesy but this could be the worlds greatest discovery.

    man......did not evolve from apes or monkeys
    No man.....is just a result of alien technology

  40. jimmyjimmy

    im with ciphero why would they crash? and why do people think that lights in the sky are ufos? why would they need headlights?
    they can telepathically speak and abduct ppl, travel thru dimensions live for thousands of years but still need head lights to drive their space ships? cmonnnn people. the human race always tries to make unexplained things be explained from our pathetic perception. its a natural deep down defense. no one on this planet has outgrown that. and will ever. unless 'they' alter our dna again.

  41. Bad Conduct

    With all that Alien technology the US is hiding, you think they would have won at least ONE war.

  42. deox

    I think it's b@##$%&*. Why would alien ships crash at all? Even more-- numerous times?!

  43. Kerns


    1. rogeridoo

      I C.

  44. gero2006

    Uh-oh! Video link broken. Error message said 'temporary fault' I might try again later.

    I saw about 10 minutes of the doc - too brief to comment except to say the narrator has an irritating growl. It is like listening to a cheese-grater. Someone must've told him it was sexy. How wrong can you be?

  45. duuude!!

    There are 'ufo' bases on earth too. They do not always come from outer space Most of the aliens are only drones; simple genetic clones designed to operate craft that monitor our technology. They've been around for thousands of years. They (the "Seres") have pierced the veil of time.
    One thing is ,they do not want our radioactive pollution to leak about the earth or, into space.
    Two: They are stealing raw material: metals, high-quality gemstone,etc.
    Three: they are developing a way to alter their own genetic structure (of their bodies}to be able to withstand the earths gravitational pull and, breath our atmosphere.

    Comment however you wish, it makes no difference whatsoever.

  46. charlesovery

    I love it when people say stuff like "spinning the truth", yet they believe what the mainstream media tells them.

    This doc is half hazardly put together. there are some strange inconsistancies in it. Some have already been commented on here.

    As for Aliens go...well there is no known physical evidence that they have been here on earth before now or now. If the government is hiding it and then keeping the secret well then I don't know if they can everywhere like all the time.

    However, a good doc to actually watch about this phenomenon is UFO:The Greatest Story Denied and the The Disclosure Project, which both can be found here on this site.

  47. Jack

    The one saucer they found after Roswell that was 100' in diameter, how did they transport it to Ohio??? So Area 51, a lot closer didn't get the wreckage?? A doc on all the cow mutilations, that really happened would be more believable than this cr*p.

  48. silversky

    Love the docs, conspiricy theory's. So much thought and time are involved in spinning truth's and basically attemting to frighten us. I welcome the day when a massive number of us decide, or are forced, to make true beneficial change, for the sake of humanity as a whole...

  49. Strat

    Hmmm? Andrew Kissner talking about 'DNA tests' in the 1950s 1960s? I don't think so.

  50. dogstardom

    I saw somthing crazy once on a camping trip in northern Ontario. I cant say what it was but i know that thrust is conventionaly needed for lift... I saw no thrust. And a big slow moving triangle. Pure X-files sh*t. But who knows, I'd suspect secret anit-grav tech before i'd start speculating about Greys from Zetaretuclui.
    Although I'm a skeptic, I choose to remain open minded.

  51. esmuziq

    i think its sad to leave people speculating

  52. Kurrrt

    This doc makes a circle. Take just the one Crash at elevation 309 under consideration. Was it not like the others? Few sub groups of ET's, as we have criminals, gangs, renegades in our culture, they also have those in their culture they also frown on. Who bring it upon themselves to deal with the inner evil within this planet. And soon find it an immediate mistake. It's inevitable they fall subject into their grasp and become victims themselves. Then, they further impact even deeper to fail humanity.
    A name, a place, a persons clearance makes absolutely no difference to any of these evil doers. Humanity is unarmed and subject to a strategic long ago planned out prisoned culture. No matter what time it is, day, or what year it is. Time to them means nothing. Any conflict with them, they will not let you win, and they will not allow you to loose. They feed off of human kind. It's a loosing situation stemming from the most of all evils- The Vatican, so beware. Seek within yourself for the truth. No other place has it...

  53. SteveM

    Meh! typical UFO doc. Just like watching ghost hunter, a whole lotta nuttin', gimme a shout when you got some tangible evidence.

  54. Kamran Khan of Shabqadar

    UFO crashes only in America because they are the only people who believe in UFOS. I think the real cause of their faith in UFOS is that they drink too much alcohol and after they get drunk, whatever they watch seems like a UFO to them.

  55. Carl Hendershot

    Need to know basis. LOL. Very good.I think this is truthfull in the fact that there is a way to keep things in the public eye just as they should be. Need to know basis. LOL

  56. jenni

    sooo there are so many crashes cuz the bases use a bright light to mess with their vision and bring them down. its sad really...maybe if we werent so anti-diversity maybe then they will put themselves out there and we could learn all the science and mechanics... everything really and could evolve our lives in ways we cant even imagine. Theyre out there people need to accept the fact that they are out there and just like the human race there are good ones and bad ones. lol just ramblin away here and i havent even watched the doc yet!

  57. mahesh

    what i cant seem to put into logic is why are the space ships crashing on earth???? and so many of them??? am sure they have the tec not too!!! it just dosent make sense...interstellar travel with phased out alien spaceships which crash more often than land!!! nope definately not! call me skeptic am ok with that...

  58. Ciph3ro

    Sooo, I'm just going out on a limb, and take a guess that most of those people are not lying.

    Looks like they made good use of all that technology acquired.
    Look up "TAW-50".

    Supposed to be a hypersonic, antigravitic space fighter/bomber. Also the US is supposed to have 20 of them and the specs, if real, would blow anyone's mind.

    Also XH-75D or XH Shark antigravitic helicopter is pretty cool. Not a lot of info available on it though. 600 mph helicopter is pretty cool anyway.

  59. verbal

    i think a part of this Doc is missing

  60. threewaybob

    Good documentary and an excellent site..

  61. Phil

    Excellent. The only way of cracking this NWO and alien withheld knowledge by the government is by exposing the D.U.M.B.s the deep underground military bases.