Hannah's Anecdote

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Hannah’s AnecdoteThis is a film about Hannah Bradley who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in 2011, age 26.

Even after surgery and radiotherapy, Hannah's future was still severely limited. Her partner Pete Cohen searched for a solution and found Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.

Burzynski had been developing a treatment for cancer for over 40 years. Although very controversial and expensive, Hannah was accepted onto phase 2 of an FDA trial for the treatment in Texas. This is their story.

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    Penny Handley
  1. Penny Handley

    I am eager to watch this, I saw another doc on here about this man and I have thought of it often since...My best friend lost her sister to cancer when she was 17 and it was just such an awful waste of life - she got a perfect score on her SATs, she was just an amazing girl.

  2. Mads Djervig
  3. Mads Djervig

    Very interesting documentary. Worth watching not matter what one might think of Dr. Burzynski treatment.
    It is clearly positiv on the treatment. But I don't think it sets out to prove anything, but rather just convince people to be open to new ideas. It is not very scientific, and when it comes to medicin one case hardly proves anything. But it is a very interesting journey and I am happy to see that Burzynski is still active. Recall seeing some other stuff about him a few years ago, and it seemed like a story worth following.

  4. Jason reek
  5. Jason reek

    I'm happy to see a sweet ending to all of that. Perhaps the skeptics have good reason to doubt the treatment, but at the same time the people who are saved by this have good reason to trust in it. It really does come down to what anyone would be willing to do in that situation, and trying your options out is proactive, which is what one should do if they desire life.

  6. SieglindeP
  7. SieglindeP

    I believe that there are many effective treatments for cancer. Johanna Budwig's protocol boasts a success rate in the 95% rate, even late-stage cancer. Sir Jonathan Winters also has an effective treatment. There is now an FDA approved machine that treats brain and other tumors with low level electrical current - painless, and you wear the unit under your clothes as you go about your day - also very effective. There are many other treatments, and we owe it to ourselves to find them, if we know someone with cancer. We can not rely on the standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments any more. In older people, chemo is just about useless, and it kills. On a talk radio program the other day, I heard statistics on success with chemo after age 60 as 5%. I believe that. If we continue to wait for the FDA to approve other kinds of very effective treatments, we'll be sorely disappointed.

  8. Laurence Vanhelsuwe
  9. Laurence Vanhelsuwe

    I had a good friend who got brain cancer, who got zapped and poisoned by the orthodox methods... and died not long afterwards. It is a disgrace that the great bulk of medical people can be so short-sighted, and aggressively and arrogantly so. Any therapies with any level of success need to be investigated using the scientific method, and not shot down by gross prejudice and stupidity.

  10. Michael Last
  11. Michael Last

    Don't treat this as anything more than the title states, an "anecdote". I would rather see a documentary about many of this guys patients. The treatment has been around for 35 years and still no evidence has been found on how it works, or weather it works at all. Look up all the independent studies that have been done on this method before making a decision. Not a single study has found this treatment to be effective, so no wonder the FDA hasn't approved it. I would guess that this anecdote has more to do with a placebo and positive thinking than any medical treatment.

  12. Hodd
  13. Hodd

    The procedure HAS cured terminal cancer, period.

    Any discussion on FDA approval has to include vested interests in the profiteering of cancer treatments, and how that affects the ability to bring treatments to market. In this process you can clearly see how these interests work to marginalize doctors like Burzynski when he threatens such massive profits, when clearly there is something to help cancer patients present in his work. To suggest that the lack of FDA approval proves the treatment doesn't work only illustrates ones ignorance to this.

  14. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor
  15. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    The real cure cancer is not experimental: Marijuana extracts. Grow a brain people, the government lies to you about everything else, what would make you believe the FDA is above the corruption on this one? They have been in the pockets of Big Pharma for decades. I guess they have dumbed down America to a point where people are too stupid to recognize the truth when they see it?

  16. Yvette Ollerenshaw
  17. Yvette Ollerenshaw

    *whether* .....placebo or not - positive opinions are kinder than negatives.

  18. Tylzz
  19. Tylzz

    now that's what I call true love...I hope you have a full recovery hannah :)

  20. Marie P
  21. Marie P

    Hannah is a brave and has suffered so much. She's so fortunate to have someone like Pete by her side. The best of luck to both of you.

  22. Chrispy777
  23. Chrispy777

    I agree with you about big government, big Pharma, and the Big medical establishment, but not about Burzynski. Watch "Burzynski, The Movie" (also found on this site under "HEALTH") and see for yourself how the FDA, U.S. Patent Office, our Government, the Texas Medical Board, specifically, and the entire medical community, in general, has tried to railroad this man, even though his treatment is non-toxic, and has yielded much better results, than the traditional paths. Invasive surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, makes people weak, sickly, and can kill you. Given a choice between the two treatments, with death being the end result, I would still do Burzynski's, because the quality of life remains. Hannah was from another country, and this could explain why she was so sick with fevers, chills, and infections. Another huge thumbs up for Burzynski's Clinic is that documenting cameras are encouraged, not restricted. He has nothing to hide and everything to gain, by getting more exposure.

  24. Chrispy777
  25. Chrispy777

    Absolutely, Hodd! The whole medical community's paradigm, in their approach to cancer treatments and cures, would have to be destroyed and restructured, including its attendant profits. Burzynski is not playing by THEIR book and their rules......in fact, he's playing with a completely different book!

  26. Chrispy777
  27. Chrispy777

    You said, "I would rather see a documentary about many of this guys patients." Watch "BURZYNSKI, THE MOVIE," also found on TOP DOC FILMS, under the category "HEALTH." Burzynski has been through the mill with the FDA and the Texas Medical Board. He successfully treats the most aggressive tumors (brain stem gliomas) in children, where your average oncologist would just tell you, "Bye-bye!" in 6-12 months.

  28. Chrispy777
  29. Chrispy777

    Watch "Burzynski, The Movie," also found on this site, under "HEALTH." The science is explained, along with a bevy of patients who've been successfully treated. Burzynski's struggles with our bureaucracies is also detailed.

  30. Chrispy777
  31. Chrispy777

    Indeed, Penny. I'm telling many who've posted to watch the doc of Burzynski on this site, under "HEALTH."

  32. Abamovich
  33. Abamovich

    It's strange she's on her cell phone in the photo before she had the brain tumor, holding it right up against her head.

  34. Common_J
  35. Common_J


  36. PLsmscientist
  37. PLsmscientist

    Assuming that this documentary is genuine it's quite a brave movie when dealing with a sickness that can kill you. However I'm curious to know what did this treatment cost for one month. I do understand skeptics but if it's true that a tumor has decreased in size, that alone is reason to research further. Also I think we should agree that 99% of the population wants to live in peace, obviously the military industry could not survive if there wasn't a great PR machinery behind it which creates false enemies and cause wars to break out. Health is not any different, and if someone comes along and cures people with cheap products that's the end of the pharma industry. No wonder that they can afford to destroy anyone's reputation.

  38. Fairgoose
  39. Fairgoose

    I was thrilled to find this documentary/story. I discovered Dr Burzynski last year on the Documentary "Burzynski-The Movie" . I even ordered the dvd from the clinic I was so intrigued. In the dvd he had many survivors show up to speak at his many court hearings. These people were very angry at the FDA for constantly trying to put him out of business. In many cases they, or their cild were given death sentences until finding Dr Burzynski. He is the sole Patent holder of this Antineoplastons. That is why the FDA and United States Health dept have tried to destroy him for the last 40 yrs.He wont sell the patent for profit. He is a huge threat to the standard cancer treatment Industry.....great story hannah !!!! everyone needs to know of Dr Burzynski.

  40. lisakn
  41. lisakn

    It doesn't matter why they got this story made. The good thing is that her tumor reacted in a positive way to the treatment. Good for Hannah.


    Congrats Hannah!!! I pray that you continue to recover and live a long wonderful life.

  44. ISA
  45. ISA

    You are amazing I send you all my love

  46. word dream mystic
  47. word dream mystic

    Amazing !!

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