Hard to Believe

Hard to Believe

2016, Crime  -   9 Comments
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China boasts about their status as one of the world's top sources for organ harvesting and transplantation, yet they're suspiciously silent when it comes to revealing how these organs are procured. Hard to Believe attempts to delve into the heart of this dark medical mystery.

Mounting evidence suggests that these organs have long been attained from unwitting prisoners of conscience within the country. Additionally, reports indicate that many of these organs are extracted without proper sterilization or sedation. The victims could potentially number in the tens of thousands. The country is essentially charged with torturing and carving those who dare to voice protest against their government.

Sectors of the international medical community are aware of these atrocities, yet there seems to be no will within the political and law enforcement establishments to intervene and put a stop to them.

The illegal operation is driven not by medical necessity, but purely for profit. The film offers insights into the complicated pressures and discretions that dominate the region, and which allow these barbaric practices to continue.

The filmmakers speak with a variety of sources, including prisoners who managed to survive following long periods of torture, medical experts and human rights advocates. In one particularly jarring segment, a surgeon turned whistleblower recounts a harrowing moment when he was instructed to remove a prisoner's liver and kidney while they were still alive. Following the makeshift operation, he was intimidated into secrecy. In another segment, a young daughter fights to secure a release for her wrongfully imprisoned father.

Various regions have enacted a series of meager penalties and restrictions against China in retaliation for the country's widespread corruption and brutality. Yet most of the world is turning a blind eye. A significant portion of the film explores the reasons why these practices are being allowed to continue with little consequence.

Hard to Believe is a powerful and disturbing portrait of one of the world's most offensive - and ill-reported - affronts to human rights. The silence surrounding these offenses speaks to the values of both the Chinese persecutors, and those who refuse to take action against them.

Directed by: Ken Stone, Irene Silber

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john smith
3 months ago

video is marked as private so can't watch it. Whats the point of putting it up if people can't watch it?

Billy boy
1 year ago

It's all true. People in Samoa who have died are getting their organs harvested. And without consent from their loved ones. The samoan government has bought in doctors from China under the guise of treating the samoan people with health problems😡😡

A widow lost her husband from car crash this year. The Chinese doctors took all his organs, then stuffed his body with garbage bags.

2 years ago

NO Sound

winter andresen
2 years ago

It would help the cause if people were informed that the prisoners are not anestheti zed I suppose the chinese don't want to spend money on anesthetics. I told a friend that death row prisoners in China that death row prisoners there were harvested for their organs and he said, "That's a good idea", and then I told him they were alive at the time and no anesthesia was used, and he be came disgusted

Keith R. Sauerwald
2 years ago

We all equally responsible for the horrors that happen in that disgusting country, China. The world knows of the atrocious and horrendous crimes and criminal activity that is happening in that country. Even as I write this, I can reasonably suspect that some illegal horror is taking place in that pathetic country. But I guess, you people need to ask yourselves this question......"How could we possibly expect better things from a country where its people live happily eating Rats, Cats, Dogs, Centipedes, Tiger penises, et al (oh yes, and drink the warm blood of freshly killed snakes). This information is, by far, incomplete, in its list. The world could do wonders for the hapless / helpless people there.....but we prefer to stand by and watch, knowing that atrocities are happening in that moronic country, every day.....and we do nothing about it. The world could bring China to its knees, if only it would unite to stop the horrors that occur there, every day.....not just horrible horrors, but unspeakable horrors. As long as we stand by and do nothing, we will always be no better than they are.

Keith R. Sauerwald
2 years ago

America does it LEGALLY. China does it ILLEGALLY.

Jim King
2 years ago

It's absolutely obscene that the democracies of the free world continue to condone by inaction, the hideous crimes meted out to any dissidents of the Communist Party.
Nazi Germany started out this way by gassing its own citizens who were infirm, insane or even delinquent from school. This progressed to killing people who disagreed with the German government in any way to finally rounding up, torturing and gassing millions of Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Russians and others that weren't of the master race. I refuse to aid Communist China while they are committing crimes against humanity by boycotting any and all things "Made in China" and invite others to vote with their conscience because the only things that the Communist Government care about is control and profit.
Jim King

2 years ago

"...China has a huge number of transplants, largest in the world after the US..."

2 years ago

Well although some might be true good Capitalists / Christians can legally put anyone to shame with their unlimited corruption for the almighty buck. The US Empire has too many disinformation campaigns going on right now so I’m going to pass.