Has God Forsaken Africa?

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Has God Forsaken Africa?

The story of this documentary unfolds in a working-class neighborhood in Dakar, Senegal. The director, Musa Dieng Kala, returns there to see what happened in a district he grew up in. Twenty years have passed since he and his friends dreamt of rebuilding their land. Today the young people there dream of a sole opportunity to leave and go far away, elsewhere.

Many young people are finishing school and they're just wandering around for years. They're not really losers. In fact when they get up in the morning they look for ways to make money to survive. You may conclude that they lack ambition but they're smart enough to know that in order to get anywhere they need to take action. They do a bit of everything - painting, cleaning - to make a living.

They experience their highs and lows. They could've been violent, like others in their age, they could've robbed or soled drugs, but they're sober. No alcohol, no drugs. The values they share among them are respect for the individual, mutual cooperation and sharing. Instead of eating lunch at home, they prefer rummaging through leftovers and eating them on the bench. At their age, it's dishonorable to be fed by their parents.

But, they're at the point where they'd do anything to go to Europe, anywhere in Europe. They'd hitch onto a plane or go by pirogue. Deserting Africa is like claiming that nothing can be accomplished, established nor enjoyed there. This is a severe problem.

Like rats deserting a sinking ship, their leaders send their children abroad to study in the most prestigious universities in the world. Their wives give birth abroad in hopes that their children will one day become American or European; in fact, anything but African. They leave behind an African youth feeling lost, frustrated and in despair, yearning to go to the West to escape a seemingly pointless future. The land, see and sky become their refuge. Leaving Africa thus becomes a life-long task - to live elsewhere, anywhere, but not there.

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    ~Oliver B Koslik Esq
  1. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    I would Love to go to Africa.
    The airfare's a killer though

    Perhaps I can trade one of these guys their beach front fishing job, for mine?

    But seriously, this is a huge burden upon the first world countries. In terms of responsibility. The war machines that continue to thrive are even more so a despicable reminder as to the senseless frittering of possible humanitarian aid monies.

    {face palm} (again) @ the corrupt society that governs military spending and the politics that persuade it.

  2. Joel Savage
  3. Joel Savage

    The situation in Africa is very sad for both children and adults. Thousands of children roam on the streets without education and the severe unemployment is driving everyone from Africa. Sadly everyone is aiming to make it to Europe and America.

    Frankly speaking, Europe doesn't make one rich overnight. Much suffering in Europe equally like Africa. There was a time as illegal immigrant I was sleeping at the central train station in Rome. I have written seven books about emigration and integration in Europe from Africa.

    I will encourage many to read my books before making a decision of coming to Europe. I have been arrested many times by the police and tasted life in detentions, all because of being illegal immigrant. They often ask "If Europe is bad, why are still there? My answer is even though I have papers, I am planning to return home finally."

  4. chris
  5. chris

    God has not forsaken Africa...The Western World has forsaken Africa. North American's throw away more food because if a small blemish like uneven colouring than what it would take to feed Africa. We have countless billionaires that hoard money and assets when that money could be used to stabilize places like Africa, but instead greed is preventing that from happening. Until we have a change in the way we operate society, until we get rid of the idea that money is the most important thing in society, we will never see a a positive situation in Africa or any other third world country.

  6. jaberwokky
  7. jaberwokky

    This documentary has God in the title ... gentlemen, start your engines :/

  8. docoman
  9. docoman

    I recall hearing on a doco that the resources used in WWII, used differently, would have been enough to house everyone alive at the time.

  10. xxDarkSidexx
  11. xxDarkSidexx

    very well said chris, taken the words right out of my mouth! +1

  12. Douglas Ferguson
  13. Douglas Ferguson

    The problem with Africans is they think they are victims always blaming others for their iniquities..
    They do not take responsibility of all the lawlessness and greed in their own countries.
    If Canada was half as rich materially as many African countries it would be richer than the US. It is not the material asset but the people and their institutions that make a country safe and prosperous. Africans need to grow up and take responsibility and quit blaming others and being the victim.

  14. vcragain
  15. vcragain

    Europeans basically raped Africa, starting with the English (my country) and the global corporations now have the upper hand in everything. The wonder is that there hasn't been MUCH more revolt from the Africans, but people have to survive somehow, and the people of Africa do the best they can with what they have the use of. I hope the next generation will have a better life. Study Mandela and what he represented, Europeans can learn from his grace and charity too ! God help us, it is time we grew up and learnt to cooperate together and make a beautiful planet for all of our children.

  16. Paul Gloor
  17. Paul Gloor

    The problem isn't feeding them or giving them aid... its leaving them the feck alone, they can sort crap out on their own. Unfortunately, half the world has 3/4 of the country tied up in food production for export and corporations monopolize their utilities and basic needs. Its a shit show and its capitalism's fault.

  18. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq
  19. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    The title, was not affirmed in the mannor I was hoping for.

    However, I can still make the speculation that it seems as though God has forsaken Anyone, not "towards the peak" sorta speak.

    The Churches, Mosques and Temples are worth trillions.

    ...wtf... why you no blessy blessy?

  20. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq
  21. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    I like how you've put it: billionaires that hoard money and assets.

    I believe in understanding that these traits (hording assets) aren't so much conditioned behavior are they are *reinforced/exploited* instinctual behavior.

    We will intrinsically be able to circumvent "greed" in the first place. Once the undesired behaviors
    cease propagandization.


  22. over the edge
  23. over the edge

    first off sorry for the off topic
    happy new year to all the commenters here. i have enjoyed the education,debates and conversations i have had the past year. thanks to those i agree and disagree with. thanks to my fellow mods and especially Vlatko for providing this site for all of us to end each day with the possibility of knowing more than when we started the day.

  24. Nada nada
  25. Nada nada

    Well, this is the result of nearly 700 years of pillage and human genocide in that continent. They lost their own language, their own culture and their history (at most their history is the history of western colonization.) And some people have the nerve to blame the Africans themselves as if there's something pathologically (even genetically) inherent to them for the whole mess.

  26. 1concept1
  27. 1concept1

    Perplexing - The corruption the wars in Africa - If these people can amass arms to kill and control people can't some of that money that Africa's rich has, (assuming there are people who are well off) - and create a better system for people to live in?

    I believe we tend to judge their mode of living by ours and this is not acceptable - in my eyes anyway -

    many of Africa's people are non materialist - I am not a materialist so I relate -

    I am not passing judgement on any comments here - again very perplexing!

    Aren't the African Govt.s responsible for the proper care of its own people?

    Its almost an insult to these people to think that their existence requires someone else besides the Deity - Nature?

  28. zeestan
  29. zeestan

    we did this to Africa just like were doing it to the middle east

  30. CanResPub
  31. CanResPub

    Lack of adequate education provided by their governments. Stupid people are more likely to be exploited and vote against their own interests.

  32. 1concept1
  33. 1concept1

    You got that right! We have that problem right here in the US!

    With the advent of the internet govt.s have a harder time keep the people ignorant.

  34. xxDarkSidexx
  35. xxDarkSidexx

    I might start something here but i'm going to say it,
    Why would you start a family if you are struggling? I understand that we have the right to breed as humans, but in no way would I bring a child into this world if I didn't even have enough money to support myself, I have seen so many documenteries of people in 3/4 world countries that have 3-5 children and have no food or even a pot to piss in, instead of dropping food in creates why not supply them with condoms + Instructions? then maybe the aid we supply might actually be able to support the population?

  36. Jim Moore
  37. Jim Moore

    blaming the victims has always been the way :)

  38. John Defalque
  39. John Defalque

    Agreed, but the biggest BS myth we have ever been sold is that of upward mobility. I wish crapitalism would stop lying to us and tell us that if you are born poor, you will die poor. Only the rich should be fit to breed and rich men should have huge harems like they did in the past. The poor could be paid to get sterilized. I am poor, autistic 46 and childless because I wouldn't want this hell for anyone else. All I have to look forward to is death.

  40. Joel Nabiswa Khisa
  41. Joel Nabiswa Khisa

    africans have never and will never play victims; infact the lobbyst in western countries present a myopic view of My continent to line up their dry pockets.

  42. Asante Kotoko
  43. Asante Kotoko

    ALL African governments are puppets controlled by European puppet masters. Anybody who got a head on their shoulders should know this.True African democracies are always murdered or hi-jacked in their infancy. Show me one authentic African politician who lived to see the peoples dreams come true and I will show you a flying pig. P.S....and please do not cite Mandela as an example, u'll just ruin my weekend

  44. 1concept1
  45. 1concept1

    I don't have the nuts and bolts down like you do - Actually I know very little if anything to be even able to comment?

    My comment is a generic one - basically -

  46. Jacek Walker
  47. Jacek Walker

    You ask the impossible. No politician is authentic. Falsehood and mendaciousness is a visit card of all politicians.

  48. Jacek Walker
  49. Jacek Walker

    Don't look for any government, African or whatever, to do anything about it. Goverments are a part of the problem not a solution.
    Here in Europe is not a paradise either. Educate yourself more instead of breeding. At least don't consign your future children to pointless vegetation while you yourself don't see any light in the tunnel yet.

  50. Young Cosby
  51. Young Cosby

    Because sex is the most widely used sedative for being poor. It's free and it's everywhere.

  52. Asante Kotoko
  53. Asante Kotoko

    My point exactly. Now, with Africa,the leaders are merely managers looking after the vested, nefarious interests of foreign share holders. Look @ the plight of the Masai in Tanzania,being pushed off their ancestral lands so that foreign conglomerates can extend the boundaries their game parks. How does a government come to disrespect its people like this? This is standard practice all over Africa.

  54. Asante Kotoko
  55. Asante Kotoko

    Neither do I, not the whole lot anyway.a bolt here. a nut there, certainly not the whole thing. What Africa needs are leaders who are proud to be African,leaders who are prepared to lay down their own lives by putting the needs of the native first, not this "get rich quickly,any which way" bunch that has been proffered on to the people by the establishment

  56. capnmorgan5150
  57. capnmorgan5150

    Do the filmmakers realize that the population of Africa has been going up for the last 50 years? Maybe if they didn't breed so much they wouldn't have all these problems. These do-gooders on TV are just exacerbating the problem.

  58. max
  59. max

    yes because Canada got its independence by asking nicely and its not a US b*tch and its not been exploited by US (pipelines through native lands without their consent and all other s(it like been draged into buying US military technology useless for canada). if you cant see problems in your own backyard maybe ur not the best person to give advice to others...

  60. bringmeredwine
  61. bringmeredwine

    I tried to watch this but it was extremely blurry so I gave up. I'll look for another copy elsewhere.
    I'll go out on a limb here by saying many women, and young girls, are not willingly reproducing. They have no voice and no one to protect them from unwanted sex..
    They are left behind to pick up the pieces and try to eke out an existence.
    When you don't have a reliable mode of transportation, and its not safe to walk anywhere on your own, finding birth control at a far off clinic can be extremely daunting.
    It blows my mind that some people in 1st world countries (like mine) continue to have babies and can't possibly support them, despite all the free birth control and education that we have available.

  62. disqusdamnuserid
  63. disqusdamnuserid

    "God may be subtle, but not malicious."
    - A.Einstein

  64. disqusdamnuserid
  65. disqusdamnuserid

    Europeans have breed so much so that since the middle ages, you've ramped up triple digits in the millions.

  66. disqusdamnuserid
  67. disqusdamnuserid

    It's simple:
    Education and a proper state policy.

    Look at the Europeans learning from the Arabs during the 1400s.
    Then the Scientific and Industrial Revolution.

    Look at Japan learning from the West.
    Then the state nurtured Zaibatsu

  68. Douglas Ferguson
  69. Douglas Ferguson

    The process of developing a nation is not simple, a continent even tougher, though copying good things from others is a good start.

  70. Douglas Ferguson
  71. Douglas Ferguson

    Population density can be a problem but it is not the problem.

  72. Douglas Ferguson
  73. Douglas Ferguson

    You see problems I see opportunity and solutions. The cup is half full. :-)

  74. Douglas Ferguson
  75. Douglas Ferguson

    I agree that many Africans are industrious but what do you say about the rhetoric of many leaders of African states. Take Mugabe his entire political career is based on victim-hood and entitlement. If the problem is not admitted then the solution will never be applied and Africans will continue to be victims of themselves.

  76. Douglas Ferguson
  77. Douglas Ferguson

    Too many children? A problem here is war and the oppression of women. So many problems and not enough people doing solutions.

  78. Douglas Ferguson
  79. Douglas Ferguson

    You are 46 autistic and yet you can communicate well. You must have had some people that really cared about you to help you get this far in life. Be thankful.

  80. Douglas Ferguson
  81. Douglas Ferguson

    I agree entirely. Just like! Your a victim too. The world is full of so many whiners.

  82. Douglas Ferguson
  83. Douglas Ferguson

    I site Mugabe. An elected politician just like all his country wants; a true democracy; a standard for all Africa to follow. The African dream come true in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is no-man's puppet!

  84. Douglas Ferguson
  85. Douglas Ferguson

    Do you know why Canada became a Nation. Let me tell you it was because the American civil war had just ended and finally they had an army that could win a war and find Ottawa. I do not understand what your point about exploitation. Of course Canada has been exploited by the States and is continually being exploited but Canadians are not whiners blaming everyone else for their own lack of integrity like Africans do. Canadians work at making their country what it is and it is no cake walk.

  86. Douglas Ferguson
  87. Douglas Ferguson

    I agree Mandela Mandela Mandela. We should all look up to the standard that Mandela set. I never meant him yet I miss him.

  88. Douglas Ferguson
  89. Douglas Ferguson

    Poor Africans. Do you not know that every people have experienced genocide, disintegration of their culture and loss of language. Can you tell me if there is one Englishman who can speak Old English and live by the old religion? No because they were conquered by almost every European nation. English the language is a mishmash of every nation that conquered it. Do you think that they became the imperialistic empire of the 1800 by thinking themselves victims of Europe. The only ones holding back Africans are Africans.

  90. Douglas Ferguson
  91. Douglas Ferguson

    If you think it is easy in Europe you have not looked at how the borders are always in flux. But do you think a people can survive by blaming others for the state they are in.

  92. John Defalque
  93. John Defalque

    I'm fluent in Spanish too-I'm the opposite of rainman-I'm retarded in math and less socially awkward.

  94. Douglas Ferguson
  95. Douglas Ferguson

    Not only the attitude of victim-hood but also entitlement keeps the people in Africa enslaved to war and poverty. If only there were more people like Mandela, he did not become a tyrant. He respected the industry of people who build and did not put his friends into positions that they knew nothing of because they thought they were entitled.
    Africa is now the youngest continent; so many young people. They need a chance to a better life but it is hard to see any hope at times.

  96. Douglas Ferguson
  97. Douglas Ferguson

    Awesome, the mind is an amazing pile of fat (this is true that must be why people call me a fat head :-)). My daughter who was showing promise developed mental problems but in her up time she got me interested in learning a new language which I have been doing diligently though she has regressed. I also know a autistic fellow who is very gregarious though he is has many problems mentally. His dad spent allot of time with him to help him live his life positively. Family is so important.

  98. Nada nada
  99. Nada nada

    LOL So you 're gonna compare barbarian vikings conquering England 1000+ years ago to African colonization that was going on till some decades ago!!

  100. Douglas Ferguson
  101. Douglas Ferguson

    French Italians Danish Germans Celts and probably more. But the point was everyone has gone though this and no one moves forward by thinking poor me.

    Actually as far as colonization goes the Europeans had little influence in the interior of Africa, I mean more than 50 miles off the coast, till around 1850. Though Europeans did terrible things later they did even worse to themselves (I guess that is Karma). And by the way the same arguments of we are victims and entitled were used by Germans for justification of the WWII. Except for Arabs (not European) in Northern Africa they been colonizing for several hundred years. The Arabs had lots of slaves by the way. Anyway thought I would mention some history. Thought maybe people could learn from history; guess not.

  102. Terry Beaton
  103. Terry Beaton

    You ought to talk about them like they're people, not like they're some 'overbreeding' bunch of animals. If you can't feel bad for these people you probably didn't watch the whole film. Each one is a human being. You're unfeeling comment is just a reason for good people to feel sad when they read it.

  104. Guest
  105. Guest

    Maybe if they had access to contraceptives and education in the same way other countries do. It's not as simple as deciding not to want to have more children and doing it. There are barriers to that.

  106. Asante Kotoko
  107. Asante Kotoko

    Your idea of democracy is warped outa shape. Mugabe democratically elected....? Please stop joking,its a bad joke. Here,let me break it down for you. 1980.....power given to Mugabe by the British(peoples vote irrelevant). 1985.......in this election,he had @ this time managed to divide the masses on a tribal bases,suppressed the opposition and had loads of members from those parties in prison,many died and some fled the country to this day. 1990........he had managed to suppress all real opposition by forcibly integrating with ZAPU. He even had the luxury of creating a puppet rival party ZUM and therefore, in 1995...........with virtually no opposition he won once again amid wide spread voter apathy. Democracy .....? Don't get me wrong facts are facts but I like him a lot and will pick Mugabe over Mandela every time. But democracy......? Thats really stretching it.

  108. Jhyzel
  109. Jhyzel

    Don't compare the Atlantic slave trade to other examples of slavery. The Atlantic slave trade saw people packed like sardines shipped thousands a of miles away to be treated like animals with no rights or laws to protect them. Even slavery dating back to Hammurabi time had laws to protect them. The slaves of the Atlantic were stripped of everything including their humanity.

  110. Jhyzel
  111. Jhyzel

    Don't compare the Atlantic slave trade to other examples of slavery. The Atlantic slave trade saw people packed like sardines shipped thousands a of miles away to be treated like animals with no rights or laws to protect them. Even slavery dating back to Hammurabi time had laws to protect them. The slaves of the Atlantic were stripped of everything including their humanity

  112. Black Scholar
  113. Black Scholar

    It is NOT HARD to figure out. Africa has all the WEALTH. People, coltan, uranium, oil, copper, gold, diamonds, titanium, and an untold amount of other minerals Europeans and Americans coveth. Free Trade and the Money system controlled by Europeans/Americans is the reason for Africa's death. It is Greedy Brutish and vile Euro/American policies that keeps Africans starving.

    Whenever an african leader try to free his people, Zimbabwe/Ivory coast/Libya they get Axed. If and when africa re-rises, all of Europe and America FALLS. This statement holds true for the middle east. As you can see, America is FAILING because Asia is rising.

    Again, this goes back to the ICE AGE PEOPLE FROM EUROPE. the people that have lack in their DNA and scarcity in their genes.

  114. aj
  115. aj

    The reason why they have children at such a young age is because they have a chance to get money, but they don't have to work for it.

    It's called child benefit...

  116. Guest
  117. Guest

    I think you mean the government did this. How can you say we did this? What was there a voting poll, i don't know about?

  118. Ac Da Lifeenthusiast
  119. Ac Da Lifeenthusiast

    Well said!

  120. capnmorgan5150
  121. capnmorgan5150

    Thanks for deleting my comment for no other reason that you disagreed with it. Censorship is alive and well on TDF.

  122. Achems_Razor
  123. Achems_Razor

    There was nothing under your avatar that was deleted, nothing put into spam, sorry.

  124. Sheldon
  125. Sheldon

    With the statement "Again, this goes back to the ICE AGE PEOPLE FROM EUROPE. the people that have lack in their DNA and scarcity in their genes." one would think your saying that Caucasian peoples are genetically inferior.

  126. Douglas Ferguson
  127. Douglas Ferguson

    Being an African American slave was hard and many died but many survived to become citizens in the Americas. Being an Arab slave is and was much worse and the Arabs didn't keep many records to incriminate themselves but there are other records of their deeds. They castrated male slaves by cutting off their entire genital area, causing a massive death rate. The women and children were and are sex slaves by the constitution of their holy book. Infanticide for male slave babies. In the Arab world there are few remnants of the millions of slaves they had because of the brutalization of Arab slaves but they continue to do similar acts in ISIS today to show their historic behavior. Even today Arabs have slaves and they abuse foreign Muslim workers and treat them almost as slaves.

  128. Douglas Ferguson
  129. Douglas Ferguson

    So you know how he has abused his position of power and you like the guy. I understood him and his democracy before and now I understand you.

  130. bungabunga
  131. bungabunga

    It's simple really. The industrialized world has destabilized africa so that they can pillage it for whatever they see fit. If you have real governments that try and take the reigns of their own countries, and try to become independent... well... we saw what happened to Gaddhafi when he tried to create a gold dinar in africa. The west doesn't want a strong and united africa. It's bad for business.

  132. bungabunga
  133. bungabunga

    Wow this douglas turdguson is a slobbering troglodyte. "being an arab slave was worse than being an american slave" Where does one even begin when trying to address a statement defined by such staggering ignorance? You should be embarrassed to have divulged publicly such idiotic ideas. Go away, "douglas ferguson", go away.

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