The Hasidic Drugdealer

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The Hasidic DrugdealerThis is the story about a convicted Satmar drugdealer who after his release from prison tries to get back into hes community.

Although he doesn’t sound like the smartest cookie out there, and that's probably the reason he was chosen to do the things he did with the drugs.

And it’s a little obvious that he doesn’t want to fully integrate into the community he wants to eat the cake and have it (no pun intended), but over all he does sound like a nice guy who got caught in something that was larger then he could handle, all I can say to him is good luck.

And there is one more thing, that had to come in, its the classic parents excuse for everything one does wrong in life, but over all it’s a nice piece.

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  1. graham

    yet another "hard-hitting" BBC documentary, where this idiot reporter asks the 'tough' questions of these people, treating their orthodoxy as paranoia. i'm not religious, and don't care one way or the other, but this silly idea that this reporter is exposing the sexual inequality and general 'backwardness' in the hasidic community (they don't go to college, they eat kosher food, etc.). i mean come on. why doesn't she hit 'em up about racism, that would be a splash. just like americans, and i am one, these BBC "reporters" seem to believe that they are culturally superior to everyone else. i get enough of that crap over here. no more local news-style investigative reporting parading as documentary, PLEASE!

  2. Prix
  3. Prix

    Thank you Vlatko for the documentary. It's always interesting to see jewish lifestyle. The ups and the downs. I didn't know but there are a lot of similarities between Jewish and Islamic view of woman.

  4. Bar
  5. Bar


    "no more local news-style investigative reporting parading as documentary, PLEASE!"

    Listen to yourself...Just because it does not suit you don't go telling the owner not to upload any more of those types on account of your opinion and views
    Your an angry, closed minded person. Grow up.

  6. graham
  7. graham


    just wanted to throw this out there. my comments were not directed at vlatko. i've watched many many documentaries from this site, and i very much appreciate what he does. it was a general statement and critique of this style of documentary.

    this close-minded reporting style, treating these people as if they are freaks for living a different lifestyle. i live in a community with many hasidic jews, and i found the beginning of this program to be at the very least rather condescending to these people, focusing on their more bizarre attributes.

    my point is that westerners in general would do well to understand that they have their own strange (to outsiders) cultural quirks and idiosynchracies. so Bar, my apologies for not being clearer, though i'm not sure that i follow your deducing my close-mindedness and angry-ness from what you quoted, i'll accept that this is how it came across. thank you vlatko for bringing us many delights, i just couldn't hold back on this one.

  8. Bar
  9. Bar


    Good to see you handled that reply in a civilized manner. Good man.

  10. Jay
  11. Jay

    I love the insight into a new world. But, being human is just that, being human. To apply such a rigid standard of living is going right back to cold war communism. Kids aren't even given the choice of being kids. Men are taught to look down on women. My notion of being human, is to be free, this type of communal living is far from free. This is all something right out the novel 1984, live like us or be excommunicated. A person can be responsible, good natured, educated and still not need to be in a social prison of sorts. No individual thought, expression. Just religion, religion, religion. Rules, rules, rules. It's no way to live.

  12. Henry
  13. Henry

    Anyone notice how they have a black person with guns on the docu picture? Like that IS the definition of a drugdealer... a black person with guns.

  14. Georgie Vasquez
  15. Georgie Vasquez

    This hole mix of backward living and religion it's just sad !

  16. Charles
  17. Charles

    What do you have to do to get to part 2 and beyond. All I could get was part 1 and I was enthralled hoping the wold delve into the self-improvement through study that was briefly mentioned in the first part.

  18. Dalamar
  19. Dalamar

    That was utterly depressing. I'm glad I don't live in that level of repression. What a dull and pointless life.

  20. Carlos
  21. Carlos

    Does anybody know the name of the songs/singer in the beginning and at 2:45 of Part 4/6?

  22. MIchael22541
  23. MIchael22541

    I learned so much from this, Thank you and I wish him the best in what ever he decides to do.

  24. Canadian
  25. Canadian

    well on the other side of this being boring and depressing and mind numbingly backward, and sexist. this community is there for each other. the community gives this guy a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance, and welcomes him back with open arms. The rich in the community pays for someone else lawyer costs. Emergency services are volunteer staffed and funded by public. Sure there a lot of bad stuff, but there is a lot of good stuff.

  26. menelik1&2
  27. menelik1&2

    Peace. I think their way of life is fine. But why is there a original on the poster with a gun.People are a trip same old thing laughable if they only knew what a real drugdealer looks like...but i'm sure they do.Peace.

  28. francois
  29. francois

    What a nice, almost narrative TV program. This guy story is wonderful. Maybe it hide's something else, maybe not. Like what was the money for?? Attention? Fame? Woman? Israel?
    Who cares?
    The fact that he is an hasidic Jew give's it a universal aspect that relate to every individual coming from a tightly knit community, religious or not.
    And I just love the hasidic community. The real torah serving jews. There is like a will for happiness in traditional values. Full of contradiction, but they almost admit it. Not aggressive or provocative in any way.
    Just like the small muslim farmer community i've meet in Morocco or in Turkey. Nothing to do with extremist, just plain religious obedience an striving for a simple good life.
    But hey, do you really want to live in a world wide manhattan. I like diversity, as long as peoples don't kill each other in order to preserve it.

  30. Thomas
  31. Thomas

    I noticed that and it's quite sad that the depiction would be such. It's stereotypical, racist and inflammatory. Plus I only got through six minutes of this dribble and called it a done deal. There's nothing to learn from them but how to stay stuck in the stone age when it comes to lifestyle. We will never advance as humanity as long as the chains of ignorance continue to be used to hold us back. Ten thumbs down for whoever made this douche-umentary.

  32. Lallawm Hauhnar Shine
  33. Lallawm Hauhnar Shine

    Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li - Shloime Gertner

  34. Razi Yahu
  35. Razi Yahu

    Hilarious to the people who think they have "advanced" in society... take a look around; world hunger, debt slaves, intolerance, wars year after year for a century, recession, government criminals and financial mafia stealing millions then getting "bonuses" as they move into government jobs... Yeah, we're doing great and these people are BACKWARDS lol. LOOK AROUND AND WAKE UP - ENJOY EVERYTHING is another word for GREED and that's the same principal cancer cells use.

  36. jilles reinders
  37. jilles reinders

    Why no TV???
    So thiese spoild kids can't see the real reason why palastine kids lost thier hope for the future & how daddy makes a fortune whit blood dimonds. cut the ****!!

  38. AMADOR
  39. AMADOR

    Trust me he has millions of pounds stashed away or has them invested in businesses. Good luck Samuel with your new life

  40. rocketmahn
  41. rocketmahn

    Not a very good doc. Mostly about Hassidic society, rather than the ins and outs of a Hassidic 3x convicted drug smuggler. Pass on this one.

  42. philip
  43. philip

    Is it just me or ,,did i see him sale drugs to one of the help at 8:45 in part 3.???ha ha ha it sure like he did something wrong his face after the encounter with the kitchen help.he looks guilty as sin. ha ha ..Yet the B.B.C didn't catch it....please !~!!!! give me a break. ha ha ha

  44. dave Norman
  45. dave Norman

    Informative to an extent.

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