He Will Eat Anything for Fame

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YouTube sensation Shoenice22 explains why he's spent the past two years eating and drinking everything from sticks of deodorant, to tampons, to full bottles of grain alcohol.

Chris Schewe, or Shoenice will eat anything to end world hunger and he started at the age of three by eating a pack of cigarettes and being rushed to the hospital.

Through grade school he would go on to defeat the dares of his classmates and bullies. Gobbling down cups of salt and baking soda, pieces of metal, glue, grass, and piles of sawdust, he found a way to win their love.

Chris was a hellraiser with an iron stomach who grew up with his brother under an alcoholic mother whom he would later discover dead (from alcohol-related issues) on the living room floor.

As an adult, his ability to slug bag everything from car wax to motor oil has turned him into a YouTube star.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. ZarathustraSpeaks

    He wont eat some things but once.

  2. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq


  3. Trevis Robotie

    holysheet !

  4. wald0

    Man, i really don't know what to say.... I mean i loved the guy and his cause is of the up most importance, I can easily relate to a lot of what he has been through, i went to bed hungry as a child many, many times. Not because I had a drunk for a parent, we were just poor. Finally we bought some land, built a farm and learned to feed ourselves That said, i really don't think what Mr. Shoenice is doing is really going to have much impact on world hunger.

    The truth is that we already grow more than enough food to feed every hungry stomach on this planet. Politics and economics are why people go hungry, not because there isn't enough food. Check into every country that is facing famine and you will see that while the citizens are starving their government is exporting food for cash, food often grown and tended by those in need of it. Now don't get me wrong, some of these countries do have a food shortage and even if they kept all they grew and distributed it fairly they would face malnutrition at the least. But the developed world could easily take up the slack and make sure everyone was fed. Instead we choose to turn on average 13 pounds of grain into one pound of meat, which we eat far, far too much of. The next time you set down to a nice, juicy filet mignon or order a one pound hamburger about three inches thick (man, that sounds good) think about that. The grain that produced that meat could have fed you and probably five or more other people for several days.
    If you want to impact world hunger buy less meat, donate what you can to an organization that actually works, and most importantly force the government to do something about it. We often say that we can't effect what our politicians do, that they just do as they please- that isn't true at all. They are elected, and we are the ones that elected them. If there is anything these useless buggers care about its staying in office. Therefore if you make staying in office contingent on addressing world hunger- it will happen.
    I suppose what Shoenice is doing will at least stimulate thought and conversation regarding world hunger. Maybe he is contributing the best way he can, we all have our individual talents and must work with what we have. Its really hard to dislike the guy, he seems very sincere. I just wish he would, while he has everyone's attention, remind them what the root cause of world hunger really is, talk about the politics and economics behind it all- try to inspire people to do something specific, something real, something tangible- instead of just thinking of the problem in general.

  5. Trevis Robotie

    coulda put some sauce on them tampons!simpaticone

  6. the CUBE

    OMFG.. Its the real life Tommy Boy.. Ill bet he ate paint chips as a kid

  7. AntiTheist666

    This very interesting and frightening (for me) doc brings back so many memories of people eating/drinking crazy stuff. I had a friend in school who was smart, popular and very funny but he would eat and drink almost anything. Spiders, flies, worms and almost any insect would be devoured without the slightest grimace or after affect. In later years his party trick, often done in restaurants was to drink a bottle/glass of the hottest chilli or tabasco sauce they had in the house. The strange thing was he would never eat rice pudding as he said it made him feel sick.

    I think the drinking of the wood glue was a little too tacky and maybe he should stick to a more balanced diet - but would it be easy for him to adhere to? While Chris Schewe is a very likable character and his vids are entertaining I’m not convinced about his mission to end world hunger and hope this doc does not encourage anyone to go too far in this eat/drink anything endeavour of his. Sadly two people I knew died from alcohol poisoning brought about by just one session of binge drinking hard liquor.

  8. Jener

    It is the truth that there is enough food for everyone. Its the politics and economics that ensure that some remain hungry while others gorge on. In India here people in some parts die of hunger while tonnes of foodgrains are lost rotting out in the open

  9. Shadowblur

    ....I think he ought to pursue another way, one that is not extremely harmful to his body, there are plenty of ways to 'get the message' over to the world. How about staving himself for a week or so, like Davis Blaine style stunts etc.

  10. morsie2

    He looks very yellow in some shots, so perhaps his liver is playing up.

  11. Bob Geldoff

    This guy should stop abusing his body for money/fame...

  12. Entertainmentluvva

    he's going to kill himself !

  13. Entertainmentluvva

    overall very nice documentary !

  14. Harold Rottencock

    It's disappointing that my comment was removed because I feel I made a valid point. This guy is simply the "unpopular" kid from high school who is still desperately seeking approval from his peers. It's damn depressing.

  15. clara

    he will die soon

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