Heavy Watergate: The War Against Cold Fusion

1998, Science  -   30 Comments
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Heavy Watergate: The War Against Cold FusionOn March 23, 1989, respected chemists, Dr. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleishman made an announcement that rocked the world of science.

Their tabletop experiments with heavy water, a renewable resource readily available in ocean water, yielded enormous amounts of heat energy. Appropriately named, "Cold Fusion," this breakthrough challenged many basic scientific concepts.

In response, a group of powerful physicists, heavily reliant upon government funding for their hot fusion research, leveled an unprecedented smear campaign against Pons, Fleishman and the entire field of Cold Fusion science. Was the discovery of Fire From Water too good to be true? Or was it the discovery of the millennium?

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Danielle

    Work hard be nice.

  2. Heiny Reimes

    Trying to look at it from a scientific point of view... A hydrogen atom has one electron flying around it... This electron works as some sort of forcefield, like our hand not going through eachother while clapping, due to all these electrons around the atoms/molecules in our hand,

    So if a hydrogen atom is stolen from it's electron (which should not steal the properties of hydrogen) and another hydrogen atom meets the same fate... Then there would be nothing bothering them if they hit eachother... You could get fusion?

    Although the atomcore itself are very small compared to the atom with it's electron around it, it does make sense that the chance hitting eachother is relatively slim.

  3. Incomelive Gate

    ok 99% of us don't now how money is made? if the money is stoping god discovery's for benefit of all living things and the planet we all care about,than, we should newer buy oil so dollar can clopess weary repidly
    hot or cold i just want clean and resistant energy is just like electiric car henry ford kildit

  4. belizean

    If "mainstream science" is so scewed by the "evil corperations" and their so called corperate greed, then how is their so much climate change this and global warming that hype in the "mainstream media"?

    1. Thien Warder

      To give everyday people thing to worry about , and really... to stop Africa and Asia from developing ?

      Because North America is the only places that didn't join the Kyoto Protocol to reduce global warming, even though probably one of the biggest user of oil. So there is no intention of doing anything about it on a national and industrial level.

      that's just my thought and observation. There's too many sides to this 21st century story.

    2. BiznatchRuler

      Do research. Climate change is a big industry as well. Before long it will rival big oil.

  5. Sharad Bailur

    I do not agree with this documentary. It is not a war of personalities but of the first principles of Physics. IF the relative strengths of the four fundamental forces of nature are actually what they have been proved to be, cold fusion is not possible. If not the whole of Physics needs to be re-examined. And what does that scientist mean by saying:"Helium cannot be produced by a chemical process"? What is it that goes into balloons nowadays? Lastly if there is really something happening in those chemical processes, it is probably something as yet undiscovered; it need not be fusion.

    1. Kyle Zeiszler

      If you only have water then Helium can not be made by a chemical reaction because you only have hydrogen and oxygen. In there experiment they produced excess heat and helium. they said themselves that they dont know exactly what is going on, but it could not happen with the principles of physics that we except today.

    2. Mitchell Malloy

      This documentary is actually pretty poorly constructed. They know how the helium got there now. They used sea water, and sea water has helium, deuterium, and tritium in it. All of those explain the fusion reaction where water could not. It's not beyond our physics. Please don't propagate this myth.

  6. Rich M

    Amazing that so many of you buy into this tripe.

    This is a video about sour grapes. Of course hot fusion is going to get funding. It's real science. Cold fusion is basically proven cold and dead. That is how science works. Science that produces results gets more money. Science that doesn't, dies....but cry babies are just cry babies. Conspiracies are created by cry babies.

    1. Musgrave

      If the world listened to people like you we would all be conformists and think the earth is flat.
      Just because something doesn't work the first time we shouldnt pursue it..?!
      C'mon now... open your mind.
      PS. Conspiracy theory in itself is nonsense when you put them all together. Tree through the forest my friend.

    2. joeflo

      yes, there are no politics involved in science ever. real scientists are always showered with praise and money, just like Gallileo, to pick a cliche. you really hit the nail on the head with your brilliant observation about how science funding works, which must mean the film-makers behind this movie are total boneheads, or at least someone is...

  7. Jordan Stevens

    Cold fusion is real and Frank Znidarsic has the best theory as to how it works. In fact, many things are possible once you have the right theoretical model. Modern physics has a terrible model at the moment and that's the main reason they are stumped. Yes, I am a physicist and amazed how long we have gone with qm in such a bad state. All forces are undeniably unified under FZ's theories and cold fusion results are easily explained.

    1. a_no_n

      i see you didn't take the time to explain them

  8. Ma

    water burns at room temperature, when put under a strong electromagnetic field it has a blue "flame" coming off of it, this is evaporation, deuterium is heavier water and evaporates at a much faster rate then normal water releasing more heat energy.

    "don't believe anything unless you can prove it with your own research"
    William Cooper

  9. Crab_Nebula

    If cold fusion is a scam, would you then call it Con-fusion?

  10. Giulio Camuffo

    @ Anemone Jones

    "Find me a peer reviewed paper proving the process of cold fusion and I'll dump every dollar I have into the project."

    Are you serious about that? Here you are:
    "Correlation of excess power and helium production during D2O and H2O electrolysis using palladium cathodes", from Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry.

  11. Anemone Jones

    It is absurd to give this documentary any credit what so ever. "Main stream science" is used in this documentary as some type of slur. Apparently publicly verifiable evidence is a sham to the makers of this documentary. If all of these people had such great data proving the effect it would only take one published paper that could be verified to completely reverse the consensus. Science is so amazing because of the vigor in which scientists try to disprove the discovery of other scientists. That's why we can trust peer review to a point. The more something has been critiqued the greater the foundation the science stands on. This documentary seems to believe that "Main stream science" is scared of things that don't seem to make since to the standard theory. It takes only a rudimentary knowledge of physics to think of many examples of publicly verified experiments that would have seemed ridiculous during the first reading. A very easy example would be the 2 slit experiment in quantum physics. One of the most important concepts in science is strict experimentation with control that have qualities that make the hypothesis and theory falsifiable. Not only was the theory incorrect and experiment poorly setup, because of the lack of environmental control the experiment produced different results at different places with the same setup. Find me a peer reviewed paper proving the process of cold fusion and I'll dump every dollar I have into the project. It's sad to see scientists give up their intellectual integrity over pride. They were not as smart as they thought, and made a huge mistake and now cant admit they were wrong. Science is willing to change, criticize and reconsider everything but not without evidence. (If you think this documentary presents evidence you don't understand the standards of evidence in the scientific community.) The only thing I learned from this documentary is how gullible some of the commenters are on this site. Please move this documentary to religion, the only way you can believe this quackery is on faith.

  12. Henk

    Sandor obviously is an oil company shill! Ignore 'it'!

  13. awful-truth

    Although it may be to good to be true, this does not guarantee that it is impossible. I have watched this story unfold since it first occured and the one thing that is certain, is that the doctoring of results (MIT)is undeniable. Money rules the day, and the same people that own the oil industry will not give up control until they own all the possible alternatives. Until this control is broken, humanity will maintain it's course towards self extinction. We are the weakest link, goodbye!

  14. Ngel

    This is not the first alternate energy documentary i have seen. The problem with all of them (and this is no conspiracy theory at all) is "it is not financially viable at this time". In this documentary it is repeated at least 4 times.

    And that is the essence of all things. Scientific progress? Open mindedness? Yeah sure, but i am afraid that currently the only scientific axiom that holds true is "money talks and..." i believe you know the rest.

  15. Ricko

    This documentary is pretty bad in my opinion because it is way too biased in favor of cold fusion implying there is a witch hunt for any scientist who dares to approach the subject, and thus making it seem credible. I like to keep an open mind and if results are THAT impressive and conclusive then the technology will be available some day.

    I'd rather not adhere to conspiracy theories and fear hoopla that is presented in this video.

  16. Samusakis

    How about vacuume energy I mean Tesla did this, is his name not eought?

  17. gav

    Cold fusion has not been demonstrated in proper scientific trials. This is independent of the sometimes biased, well-funded, and established routes of science that tend to prevent or slow the spread of new findings.

  18. normal

    We should all keep an open mind.
    Lots of things thought imposible in the past are now a reality like the Hutchinson effect.
    If it turns out to be true then we have gained so much.
    And if it turns out that it does not work we have lost nothing. and still gained knowledge..

    1. a_no_n

      if you open your mind too much your brain falls out.

  19. Sandor

    I watched the first half of this and would have only watched the first few minutes if I had some other entertainment readily available at the time while I was busy with a menial task. I was amazed. I was astounded. I had never seen such absurd and flagrant propaganda in all my life outside of creationist videos and Fox News/O'Reilly Factor. And yes, I am including "Triumph of the Will" in the word "never" there. What is possibly even more astounding is the other comments I see above. What sheep you all are, with the exception of carl hendershot.

    How can anyone with a functional brain fall for this crap? They endlessly demonize the "scientific mainstream", yet in their unbiased investigation they never actually TALK to any of these people to hear THE MANY REASONS WHY it was all not just bad science, but an epic fail. They demonize the peer-review process itself and actually praise them for going to the press instead, they make other logical fallacies like having the ULTIMATE nerve to compare it to Nikola Tesla's AC electrical system, which is about like George W. Bush having compared himself to Abraham Lincoln in his little speech in Springfield Illinois.

    They outright lie, claiming that it had been widely reproduced, when in fact just about everyone who had claimed to reproduce it immediately said "oh, my bad, I set up my experiment wrong". But perhaps I am cheating a bit. I have outside knowledge beyond this video about the debacle. Do you want to know where the excess heat came from in the end? The idiots had a metal thermometer which was connected into their circuit in the mix with the other electrodes. They measured the current into their circuit with an ammeter that was in series with the electrode they knew about, but 5 times that current was going through the metal thermometer which was sitting in the liquid alongside it. Now is that boneheaded or what?

    The neutrons they claimed, it turned out they were too incompetent to use a neutron detector. A neutron detector responds just to plain ordinary heat as well as neutrons, and so you need to subtract the effects of heat to see if there are neutrons, but the stupid chemists did not. It all reminds me of an old humorous story from my 9th grade Geometry class which I always remember: a scientist wishes to determine if a flea's ears are in its legs. So she takes 100 fleas and teaches them to jump on command. She then pulls off the legs of all 100 fleas and gives them the command to jump, and not one of them does. She thus concludes that, indeed, a flea without its legs cannot hear.

    The chemists managed to accomplish one thing with their fiasco. To undermine the status of chemists as scientists. There may be a human tendency to side with the underdog. But there comes a point when doing so is to side with an ignorant buffoon against an expert. Be it the born again Christian at your door who tells you that there is no evidence in the fossil record in support of evolution and that all of biology has had it wrong for the last 150 years, or be it a chemist, whose course curriculum probably didn't even have calculus as a requirement, going up against Glen Seaborg and the rest of the old school scientists who were still around from the Manhattan Project who seriously knew what they were frigging doing.

  20. carl hendershot

    This is to good to be true. Did anyone catch him saying iron into platnium?

  21. Philip Dawes

    Mainstream science is a dismal reflection of the degeneracy of human nature. We laud them as being the epitome of integrity and upstanding in pursuing diverse objectives for the advancement of the human race. But sadly, the opposite is the case, with exception of the few illustrated in this film. Mainstream science is no different to the fraudsters, harlots and charlatans within politics - psychopaths!
    The genuine scientist, the 'real' scientist is the one who is not interested in accolades for his work, nor high rewards, but pursues his objectives with a diligent open mind, forever seeking perfection of his art, changing his ideas according to new discoveries, ever learning, ever seeking the 'truth' as his goal. And the genuine scientist is not necessarily academically trained; he is an intuitive scientist, the genuine article, a real human being.

  22. Chubbs

    I've seen and read accounts of the same information and i believe it's a fair portrayal of not only the quest for cold fusion but also the corruption and pomp of mainstream science. As more ego and money comes into play (government grants etc), and corporate greed, science is inevitably skewed. I wish more people would take this seriously instead of filing it under the (easier to deal with) label of conspiracy.