The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry's Covert Agenda

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An unprecedented number of military soldiers and veterans are committing suicide every day all over the world. A revealing and hard-hitting documentary titled The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry's Covert Agenda firmly places the blame at the doorstep of the psychiatric industry.

According to the sequence of events presented in the film, an insidious plan was set in motion in 1940 during an annual meeting of the National Council on Mental Hygiene. It was there that Brigadier General J.R. Rees announced plans to introduce psychiatric practices within the ranks of the military. The Army and the other fighting services form rather unique experimental groups since they are complete communities, he announced, and it is possible to arrange certain experiments in a way that would be very difficult in civilian life. These heroic figures who fought for their country would provide an ideal breeding ground of guinea pigs for an industry struggling for worldwide public acceptance.

Three-quarters of a century later, these practices are still in place, and they're more profitable than ever. One disastrous symptom of this lies in the military's over-reliance on prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs. Several members of the armed forces attest to this disturbing trend in the film. They witness far too many soldiers who are not given the proper medical evaluations they deserve because pharmaceutical sales remain the priority. As a result, many soldiers are hurriedly diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome, even when their symptoms might indicate a more severe brain injury, and they're given medications that only exacerbate their already tremulous condition. These toxic drugs inflict severe behavioral changes and can potentially make them a danger to others and, more commonly, to themselves.

The infiltration of psychiatry within the military does not end with the soldiers. Outpatient psychiatric treatment for children of deployed active duty service members has reached an all-time high, says interview subject and retired Air Force Staff Sergeant Kerry Patton. How many drugs are these children being forced to take now?

With great humanity and concern, this film exposes a growing epidemic which exists under the spotlight of public scrutiny among military units around the world.

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  1. a_no_n

    Just so you know, this documentry was paid for and made by Scientology, who are against Therapy in general because of the way their abusive cult works.

  2. a_no_n
  3. a_no_n

    TDF doesn't allow you to post links anymore, but I looked into who made it and was taken to an organisation called "The Citizens Commission of Human rights" Their About us page says: "CCHR was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus Dr. Thomas Szasz"

    So yeah, scientologists...but as per usual with this deceitful cult they try as hard as they legally can to hide their involvement.

    On top of that though every aspect of this doc screams Scientology.

  4. a_no_n
  5. a_no_n

    Be very careful latching onto the words of dangerous people like Scientologists...even if they're saying something you want to hear I promise you they aren't telling you it for your own good.

    Besides that, i'm sorry that you feel so betrayed by Psychiatric medicine, i've always said it's nothing short of barbaric to treat healthcare like a private business.

  6. Fabien L'Amour
  7. Fabien L'Amour

    Many psychiatrists help people with depression, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Let's not say every psychiatrist is useless and incompetent because the one you were in contact with acted wrongly.

  8. a_no_n
  9. a_no_n

    The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons is moving in parliament to stop drug companies from being able to give doctors gifts...I'd advise you research this for yourself and then support it with letters to representatives and suchlike.

  10. a_no_n
  11. a_no_n

    In Britain it's completely seperate. literally the only link between the Doctors and the Pharmacies are the prescription papers.

  12. sonibvc
  13. sonibvc

    What a pile of BS. As a doctor in the Soviet Army I can tell you what we used to put into their food (done to this day). Are you ready for the mystery to be revealed? Here it is...SODA BICARBONATE!!! Why you ask? Kills libido...i.e. makes guys less horny!!! big problem when you have a bunch of young man in one place!

  14. Fabien L'Amour
  15. Fabien L'Amour

    I am from Canada and my cousin is schizophrenic.

  16. M.LeFaux
  17. M.LeFaux

    I could not get over that fake "movie trailer" voice.

  18. Wanda WaabiskaMigizikwe Boomho
  19. Wanda WaabiskaMigizikwe Boomho

    Is that the same as Salt Peter?

  20. Lastviewer
  21. Lastviewer

    Not much of a doctor...
    Ingested sodium bicarbonate is quicky neutralised by the acidic saliva to become basic soduim chloride = table salt.
    More over, we all have a certain amount of sodium hydrogen carbonate (Bicabonate for the ill educated) in the blood.
    It keep the blood pH at the right level.
    Thus... Are psychotropes a such a big business for you, tell us ?
    Last Viewer seen it all.

  22. Yes Sam
  23. Yes Sam

    The % abusers within that medecal specialty is kown to be simply abnormal.

  24. Yes Sam
  25. Yes Sam

    Yes, easy to spot indeed.
    But "All the peopes" speaking in the doc are not "Paid by", the same as "All the 911" victims couldn't be "Paid for".
    Beside, the doctors and quite a few persons in the doc can be readily tracked on the Internet.
    Nah ! The don't have that money to waste through the year.
    Needless to state that 2 wrongs doesn't make one right ?
    Personnally, I like it when hoaxters take a heck of a good beating.

  26. Fabien L'Amour
  27. Fabien L'Amour

    Even if that is true, unless your percentage is 100%, it is incorrect to view them all as bad.

  28. Yes Sam
  29. Yes Sam

    Would you know about one sole perfect person of guild of individuals in the history of mankind who never "Goofed"?
    A pope, a religion or a governement maybe?
    Is that to say that no human being ever done good to humankind ?
    Nothing and nobody is either totally wrong of bad.

    Gotta use your head.

  30. a_no_n
  31. a_no_n

    That's's a pretty lame excuse though.

  32. Yes Sam
  33. Yes Sam

    I dunno 'bout the laws in UK.
    All thing consider, the UK is the home of human rights.
    Not the US. But based on the BBC doc named "How crazy are we", it apears that this profession lacks proper medical tool everywhere on earth. 2 right diagnostics out of 10 submited cases is nothing to bragg about. Especially for worldwide recognized specialists.

    I saw a doc in which a brain neurologist (In N-England) used a modified MRI to detect brain defect for seriously ill persons (Inmates in fact).
    Like for the Altzeimers).
    That women was not only a doctor but also a electro-technician using colorant dyes in the brain.
    What is doubtfull if that the establishment within that specialty may well reject her efforts since it could cutoff the freedom to claim authority about "Infused" knowledge of the "Old timers".
    Beside, there's so much to do & learn in what she discovered...
    It's a newly born child technology.
    Useless to the next or 2 generations.

  34. Yes Sam
  35. Yes Sam

    Words remain words but as a life is lost, it something else.
    In such a case, there can't be no excuses.
    That is why the GOV has a pass a law in the US that forbid any citizen to sew any psychiatrist.
    All other doctors can be brough to court.
    The US isn't home to humain rights. This is well documented in their history.
    It's a republic bought & paid for ...

  36. a_no_n
  37. a_no_n

    That's not actually true.

  38. Michael Epstein
  39. Michael Epstein

    The USA is terrorist nation #1 in the world today.

    The level of willful ignorance and shameless apathy, even among the so-called spiritual types and the so-called artists, is mindboggling.

    Study, study, study, before you respond.

    There is so much misinformation and disinformation put out by the corporate media. Put in at least 20 hours per week for the next 3 months. Then let's have a discussion.

    Speak to the facts.

    If you have evidence to the contrary, then bring it forward for all to see so that we can learn together.

    Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong.

    When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted.

    It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance.

    And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.

  40. purplegrant
  41. purplegrant

    I smell L. Ron bullishit.

  42. Johanna
  43. Johanna

    The drug companies need to stop buying doctors with gifts, etc. I feel all Military should go for complete testing. In my days of the army. You have issue and you were discharged and goodbye. This is such evil and yes, the battle ground is safer than all these drug companies. Many of them should be taken off the market.

  44. Linda
  45. Linda

    I agree, first thing I thought of when I saw the film title. IRS please make Scientology pay taxes.

  46. Sue
  47. Sue

    Excellent video! Shocking! Scandalous! Definitely sounds like 'negligent homicide' to me. Question is, why have there been no (to my knowledge) charges filed and courtcases conducted against the psychiatrists who have prescribed drug cocktails that lead to so many deaths?!? They must be held to account! I don't want my tax dollars supporting these charlata
    ns one more day!

  48. HelenNPN
  49. HelenNPN

    NOTIFICATION: This is a documentary produced by the Church of Scientology.

    Consider the source which is a mind control cult, and BEWARE! Scientology "ethics" allow members to lie, cheat people, steal, kill and do anything necessary to further the interests of the church, so nothing in this documentary can be counted on to be accurate. Scientology has had an agenda against psychiatry since founded, because of course psychiatrists may be able to help people not be controlled by Scientology methods. Psychiatry no doubt has it's abuses - however this documentary is like the pot calling the kettle black.

  50. Fabien L'Amour
  51. Fabien L'Amour

    Sounds like a waste of time, I checked the side effects for Sodium Bicarbonate on drugs dot com and nothing about decreased libido.

  52. Steve
  53. Steve

    I dont even know where to start with you, but here goes. Scientology is certainly loaded with BS. This I can agree with, but to say that none of this is credible information is ridiculous to say the least and I am being polite when I say that. The stories of these families, friends and fellow soldiers are not BS. All of this is well documented in several other documentaries. I am sure they are not all funded by the church of scientology. I am assuming that NPN stands for nurse practitioner or something to that effect. If I am right you are funded through the pharmaceutical industry through your schooling and most everything you have been taught comes from there bad science and research if we can even call it that. I could go on and on but I will leave it at that.

  54. A.P.G
  55. A.P.G

    I suggest any soldier, who feels this way when returning from Iraq /Afghanistan,should seek help from a reputable exorcist. I know that sounds a little ridicules,but I truly believe this is a type of holy war,if I can use that term,because one side is fighting in the name of evil,and the other is fighting in the name of the devil. Demonic possession can occur through acts of violence,such as killing in unjust wars,violent rapes,ect..
    While watching the man who only peddles easy answers,Dr phill,one Iraq veteran claimed he actually thought he saw and felt his body being taken over by the spirit of a man he just violently killed in the Iraq war,he didnt just kill him in self defence,he unloaded his whole magazine at point blank range. Now all he wants to do is kill more people as well as himself. Psychiatry has know idea about the human mind,and their sometimes the first to admit it,but I believe the mind is the souls brain,and shrinks have know idea. If you are a true believer in god or even if your not,seek out a pure of heart priest for guidance. If your a non believer,and you go to a reputable exorcist, and have him place his hand on you,I guarantee,you will no longer be sceptical. I truly hope these people will consider this as an alternative,after all what have you got to lose,maybe a unwanted spirit that now inhabits your body,and a life time of useless medication that some shrink will force down your throat,in the guise of helping you. Anyone who feels this way,please trust me,I have nothing to gain.

  56. Tegen Esta
  57. Tegen Esta

    I started watching this assuming it was a Scientology video, (which are always a fun watch) and was quite enjoying it until I realized how angry I was getting. The good folks behind this drivel should be ashamed of themselves! Mental health awareness struggles enough without these jokester spouting their BS about drugs - some of which aren't even psych meds, and patently false claims of no tests/ no visible brain imaging etc.
    A: Way to research!! - smiley sticker for the effort and B: great job reinforcing the stigma that is already attached to mental illness!! Those of us that are actually part of the fight to help people heal and be whole again give you a great big middle finger salute.

  58. TakeTwoOfThese
  59. TakeTwoOfThese

    It's a FACT that military folks have been used as guinea pigs, globally. It's a fact that the military has used pharmaceuticals to create 'better' soldiers, globally, and still do. If you don't think psychotropics are not overprescribed and used as a band-aid, you are ill-informed. You do know that psychiatry is an art, and not a science, don't you? VERY often, there is no hard evidence that a real medical condition exists, but extremely dangerous drugs are still prescribed. It's a cr*p shoot most the time. Anyway, this doc needs to be moved to the military or health category.
    I don't care who produced this movie. I care more about the testimony of
    those in the movie, and facts. Shooting the messenger doesn't change
    the message. Rather than attacking the production company, try to provide a counter argument. No, I'm no Scientologist, and think they are as nuts as big pharm.
    Personally and professionally, I've seen otherwise healthy people turned into amphetamine addicts(Adderall) and zombies(pams and SRIs) due to poor diagnosis. What happened to therapy? Therapy doesn't pay, big pharm does.
    /not my best post, I must have a condition that needs medicated

  60. TakeTwoOfThese
  61. TakeTwoOfThese

    Exactly. Too tired to expand, but yup, psychiatry is just a step above chiropractics. Garbage science camouflaged as medicine. When high level psychiatrists collude with the CIA to torture...
    I'm thinking most people attacking this film are either on meds, or prescribing/selling them.

  62. Patrick Adrien Varencaus
  63. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    For the love of $$$ they die.

  64. Miranda Kurzhals
  65. Miranda Kurzhals

    I thought documentaries were supposed to be objective and based on a foundation of facts. Not about someone, (or group, or entity,) explaining a given topic as if it were undisputed gospel. This alleged "documentary" is pretty much a one sided presentation, in which had been originated from opinion, and paid testimonials, under the guise of facts.

  66. John deAndrade
  67. John deAndrade

    While I understand that Scientology paid for this film there is some truth here. I in no way endorse Scientology. I have lived through being prescribed anti-depressants. There were always serious side effects that were more dangerous than the depression they were intended to help. Please re-read that last sentence. The drugs, for me, were worse than the condition they were intended to remedy. Something is seriously wrong, out of whack, for this to be true.

  68. Karl
  69. Karl

    Even though this is endorsed by Scientology there are irrefutable truths to take note of in this video:

    1) There are zero conclusive tests that are administered before prescribing psychotropic drugs.

    2) The drugs always affect people differently on an individual basis.

    3) The amount, variety, and combination is all based on trial and effect with no discernible or tested validation before prescription and usage.

    4) They do not cure you of your issue. They only have a chance of holding back the symptoms.

    5) There are countless side effects for these drugs including de-personalization, de-sensitization, anger, anxiety, deeper derpression, fits of anger, suicidal thoughts, etc.

    6) Not assuming causation, but it's interesting that even though psychotropic prescription and drug use are increasing, accounts of depression/suicide rates are also increasing.

    7) It's very difficult to get off of the drugs due to their heavy withdrawal.

    8) These drugs are directly affecting how your brain works without definitive conclusions, affecting your reasoning and behaviors.

    9) Personal experience- As a one time Prozac user, I could relate to several things mentioned in the video- Increase in anxiety both when taking and then exponentially worse once I went off of the drug. I was prescribed after a 30 second conversation with zero testing. Other scripts were given when that didn't initially work.

    I'm still not convinced that psychotropic drugs over time with better testing might be somewhat helpful in alleviating some of the immediate distresses of onset anxiety and depression. But it's not the cure and it never will be (we know that), and it seems very risky (right now) and will be difficult to gradually get off of the meds once you start them.

  70. Dean Andrews
  71. Dean Andrews

    I do not see a problem here. The cowardly scum that comes back from invading other peoples countries after abusing, raping, torturing and killing men, women and children alike while serving the despicable and murderous ANGLO SIONIST AMERICAN EMPIRE, cannot live with themselves so they are commiting suicide in mass. Again, I do not see a problem here just KARMA.

  72. Wayne Elliott
  73. Wayne Elliott

    A good doco re: drugging the masses is called "The Marketing of Madness." The business model for pharmacuetical goliaths is "to ensure every human being is in some way reliant on at least one pharamacuetical drug." I found after a heart attack that the medications prescribed were making me sicker than I had ever been. I was being set up for other diseases, therefore more prescriptions. I weaned myself off the poison and feel fabulous. Beware what your doctor prescribes to you.

  74. Bemused
  75. Bemused

    Scientology cult members hate psychology because the psychologist diagnosed their founder as clinically insane. L Ron Hubbard wrote an article espousing his views and submitted it for peer approval but when they read it's contents they disavowed every aspect of it. His followers know the truth, that his so called church is nothing more than a tax shelter for the rich.

  76. Just Passing Through....
  77. Just Passing Through....

    Wayne Elliott - I completely agree with you! I have been saying this for a long time.
    Isn't it common sense? How come no one gets this? The pills they give you make you more sick than you were when you came in to see the doctor. You go in with one problem....and after awhile of taking the have 5 new problems,and still the old problem.
    Has no one noticed this? How can you all be so dumb? IT's a multi trillion dollar industry.
    The doctors,pharmacies and government want you to be sick, the sicker you are the better.
    Because then you go to the doctor for your new ailments,and guess what? They prescribe you some more pills..........and this pattern goes on and on,till your dead.
    Let me give you one tip to stop this in it's tracks......stop taking the pills stupid. Be your own doctor,do your own research and networking,find out what's wrong with you and cure it in the most NATURAL WAY POSSIBLE. The doctors are even starting to just deny that they know what's wrong with people now,or they say it's something different. It's getting to the point where they can't be trusted at all. Would you ask a serial killer to help you? Or perform a surgery on you?


    I was trapped in the mental health system for many years and I am here to tell you that these Scientology documentaries they put out against psychiatric meds and doctors and stuff IS NOT full of cr*p. It's NOT bullsh*t. However Scientology is just AS harmful --it is the pot calling the kettle black.

  80. Michael
  81. Michael

    This is very sad, I now know why my dad wasn't himself after vietnam he came back crazy & on high on meds, anger was the man I knew. The military destroyed my dad I hold them responsible & my dad for believing their lies about having a career in this satanic cult. Just last month after coming back from Chicago I saw three bus loads of young men and women under the age of 25 going to their deaths. Yes you must pay for education in the States but at least you have your damn life a future family who cares about you. Sacrificing peoples souls to feed the beast is unconstitutional just like in the movie (They Live) the government is controlled by a secret socity & they do not care about us. Tell your daughters sons TO STAY OUT OF THIS!

  82. Leigh Atkins
  83. Leigh Atkins

    Oh my Lord - 'We don't know what causes suicide'!!!??? That bloke was clearly a moron & I don't know what he was even doing in that position.
    Here's a hint mate - being in the military, killing other human beings & then seeing a military psychiatrist is what causes suicide... And you can pretty much put that in the bank.
    The fact is that those in rank don't want to know what problems the filthy little deeds they convince their soldiers to commit, does to them - the gun-fodder is more important coz this is all about money now isn't it?
    The fact is that the human brain was never meant to kill its fellow human coz the trauma from the event scars it forever. This is why 'Do not kill' is a basic commandment.
    And the fact is that when you allow a military to become an industrial complex, it will crush ANY opposition to its existence at any price, & we ALL pay the price for that one.
    It will be our destruction...

  84. Leigh Atkins
  85. Leigh Atkins

    There is a fantasy/myth which military personnel have in their heads that needs to be addressed, corrected & exposed for what it is - a fat lie.
    And that is that joining the military is 'serving' or 'defending' your country, or that it is 'noble', 'honourable' & 'heroic'.
    When you pick up a gun to point it at another human being with the intention of destroying that life, you dishonour both yourself & the fellow human beings which you CLAIM to be 'protecting'. For what difference is there between the lives you're about to take & the ones you're 'defending'? In the grand scheme of things? NOTHING. They too have families they feel that they're defending.
    Consider the ramifications of that single intent when followed by the accompanying action:
    1) It does permanent damage to your psyche so that when you return to those you claim to protect, they too pay in so many ways. In effect, you make THEM pick up the tab.
    2) Placing yourself in that danger causes fear, anxiety & stress to the partner &/or children who wait for your return, IF you return. Once again, you make THEM pay.
    3) Volunteering to be the aggressor in another country for your govt's agenda invites/demands actions of revenge from citizens of that country, & your family will not escape that revenge. Again, THEY pay.
    4) Your fellow countrymen (as well as your family & friends) have to pay for EVERYTHING required to arm & protect you, treat or bury you & transport your body back (dead or alive). Compare this to a job/profession which actually PRODUCES goods or services which can be used by the community you wish to serve. Yep, THEY'RE paying again.
    In short, the choice to 'serve' in the military is actually counter-productive to the aims or goals of serving & protecting your fellow human being - you may as well be pointing that gun at them. When asked why they even wished to enlist, most military personnel will tell you that they also really wanted to travel & go on some great adventure & that the military's resources made it more possible for them to go on that adventure than they'd ever be able to afford for themselves. This makes their explanation of 'serving their fellow man' really more of a cover-up & an excuse for a lifestyle choice seeking excitement & adrenaline rather than the BORING responsibilities of contributing to their community or raising a family at home with a partner who NEEDS their help, not more anxiety.
    Yet we, as a species, still continue to allow them to delude both themselves & those around them by accepting their feeble reasons for committing these horrible atrocities. They speak these excuses as though they were truths & they find it acceptable that they can do it, so it must okay - understandably, most have no idea what they're really getting themselves into because those in rank, also encourage the lie in order to keep bringing the gun-fodder into the machine.
    But it is akin to a male version of the Cinderella fairy tale, it is a heinous lie, it is wrong & we as a species, need to expose it - now.

  86. Suzy
  87. Suzy

    Think MK Ultra. Think DC sniper. Think One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Think Nazi drs & scientists behind all of it. Screw Scientology. The fact is, this crap DOES go on all the time! Wake up people.

  88. Outstandingdoc
  89. Outstandingdoc

    To those who discredit the doc just because apparently Scientology is behind it. I say as if 22 US soldiers do not kill themselves everyday in the US after they come back from battle. Shame on you. What about the testimonies of all these Americans? Are they all "scientologists"? If nobody would listen to them, and if Scientology is willing, then thank God for Scientology. And I thought Scientology was all around about evil. I guess they do have some light in them after all, for documenting such dark side of the military. This is not even the first related documentary that I saw whether it be within the military or outside it.
    Fact of the matter is, Scientology or not. FDA, big Pharma, and a massive # of US doctors are all in cahoots with each other to get rich on the expenses of, Brutally and not mention NEEDLESSLY, TRAUMATIZED soldiers. THIS IS A FACT!! Shame on big Pharma and their dealers and on anybody who covers for them. How would you like to be one of the victims or their family members so you live what they lived through? You are a disgrace to this country.
    To this great documentary makers. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  90. MamaB
  91. MamaB

    As an Air Force Mom this documentary is quite frightening. I don't care if this is a documentary produced by Scientology, the fact remains that these are in fact actual FACTS. I am scared for my son who enlisted right out of high school. He is still a young man only 21 and joined the United States Air Force at the age of 18. He was recently deployed overseas to Qatar in July 2016 he just recently returned to the states, stationed in Florida and he will be home for a visit soon. If he comes home with any form of medication, you will can be dang sure I will make a fuss about it. He is a brilliant young man and would have no necessary reason to be medicated on anything whatsoever. If in fact he does need some sort of treatment for his deployment it will be in a natural theraputic way.
    I have done enough of my own research to know that civilians and military men and women are nothing more than guinea pigs for big pharma companies. I will not hesitate to take action on whatever I need to do to not allow my child to be medicated by any type of psychedelic drug. No matter what the reason. There are natural ways of healing and can all be applied with a holistic approach. This film angered me, because these soldiers are standing in the name of our country only to be used and disposed of like nothing by the US government. I feel for these families who lost a child to these pseudo drugs. I cannot even bare the thought of losing a child, but I supported my son in his decision to join the Air Force. I wish I knew then what I know now. People need to be educated on how harmful these drugs can be. I've learned how to educate myself about the big pharma companies and the drugs they push. I know first hand that these prove to be 100% INEFFECTIVE! I also have a child who was diagnosed in the autism spectrum and was told that she has aspergers, their treatment was to medicate her with even those meds that were named here. Her aspergers was only getting worse and then one condition turned to another and then psychiatrist wanted to diagnose her as having O.D.D. (also known as Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and mood disorder and their treatment plan was to up her meds change her meds and/or add more meds to her condition. It only got worse from there and that is when I first began doing own research!
    I've educated myself quite well on the subject. Often too, while taking these kinds of meds only increases the long term effects and may actual cause damage to the brain or body that can be irreversible.
    Its sickening that these corporations can get away with this, but then again the only reason they do is because all they see is $$$$ that's the bottom line! They dont see people they see deeper pockets for themselves. Its a billion dollar industry and they will keep on getting away with it until more people speak out about what an outrage this is and educate others on the harm that this is doing to those we know and love.
    Mental Illness is a real disease but what people dont realize that its not a curable disease. It can only be managed with therapeutic efforts not meds!

  92. Juliet
  93. Juliet

    WARNING! This film is malicious propaganda made by the Scientology cult, they are real bastards and do terrible harm to a lot of people!

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