The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers

The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers

2005, Religion  -   42 Comments
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One of America's most important founders was a man named Charles Thomson, who was said to have been closer to the events and people of the American Revolution than any other man of that era. Thomson was the Congressional secretary from 1774 to 1789, all the way through the Revolution and the establishment of the federal government. He was also the man who made the final decisions for the design of the Great Seal of the United States, which can now be found on the back of America's dollar bill.

As the new American Republic was being founded, Thomson made a detailed history of the events that took place during the Revolution and of the men who are being celebrated as heroes across the country. Though he was compelled for repeatedly to publish this history, Thomson declined, "No" he said, "I ought not, for I should contradict all the histories of the great events of the Revolution. Let the world admire the supposed wisdom and valor of our great men." He said, "I shall not undeceive future generations."

As a result, Thomson eventually destroyed his manuscript and what may have been the truest account of the American Revolution was lost for all time. It might be said that any serious investigation into America's history should begin with Thomson's story and his decision not to undeceive future generations. What did Thomson mean? What was he hiding? Since we are the future generations, what have we been deceived about?

Today, the founding fathers of America are perhaps the most famous men in the world, for setting forth a new form of government that has been the marvel of the modern age. In the discussion over whether America was founded as a Christian nation, it is important to divide her history. Most agree that the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth in 1620 were undoubtedly Christians who built their cities and schools based on the teachings of the Bible. Yet 150 years would pass before the United States was founded, as a result of the American Revolution. Because of the Christian influence early on, the Revolutionary philosophies have been embraced in what might be called "Patriotic Christianity." You can buy the DVD at

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4 months ago

Someone needs to tell this fool that this country is not has never been a christian country. He says christians were fooled by the founding fathers, but they were fooled first by their religious belief.

9 months ago

The whole problem with Freemasonary started when they stopped charging for their stone working services.

2 years ago

other than what you have been taught and delusional nonessential religious bigotry. I would like one person to persuade me as to why the US is a Christian country.

2 years ago

For anyone who is upset about the beliefs of the founding fathers go and lu
live with isis. Christianity is essentially the same. none of the greatness that we have in the US would exist without the exclusion of zealots of Christianity. I'm glad this documentary portrays the founding fathers as rational and just men abd not consumed by religious garbage.

Jerry Samouce
2 years ago

An anti American hit piece!

I am both a strong apostolic Christian and an actual historian.

This video is hogwash!
It is a hit piece on our founders created by fishing for bits of quotes, pulled out of all contextual background and twisted into ridiculous false statements.
Who else does this? Satan...

This sad video "arm chair generals" the primitive undeveloped faith of those who lived in times where their church cultures and biblical understandings where still deeply influenced by the the dead faith of the church of England. Heck, they where 1 generation from still burning witches... and they thought the rejection of witch trials was a big theological improvement at the time.
The video judges a people who lived 270 years ago by post-1st great awakening, pre Asuza Street revival, and pre modern theological doctrinal development made only possibleby revelation and world wide communication technology, which they had no posible theolgical concept of.

Let's add on the fact that they presented Paine as some sort of spiritual guru of the time. The man was a famous tavern dwelling, agnostic at best drunk, and all the founders knew this. But, he was also used by God to write pamphlets which saved our very nations future. They abused Franklin too. Making him out as a spiritual authority when anyone of the people in his time would have laughed at this notion, including himself. But, Franklin's patriotism, courage and scientific fame was also used by God to secure victory via France. Yeah, God can use all things and people for HIS glory, and HE did to form America!

The producers of this are clearly separatist Christians looking to fill pews by slandering the very, imperfect, human flawed, yet brave men who fought to make it possible for these guys to have the freedom to produce such slander.

There where many very well documented miracles throughout our struggle for independence which clearly show the clear and direct hand of God providentially creating this nation. But these religious separatist ignore this huge body of evidence in a sad attempt distroy God's America simply to say that God can only move inside their 4 church walls alone. Our way or the highways!
The truth is this, God was able to use even these imperfect men as founding fathers, inpite of their primitive faith, to change the world and bring unimaginable freedom to earth for the first time in its history.

This is a documentary is a pathetic attempt at revisionist history... It is un-American attempt to undermine the miracle of our Republic.. a sad and desperately horrible witness of our faith, and makes God look weak.
If I had the time, even I could point by point dismantle 95% of every statement made in this rubbish pile.

Christians need to spend the time digesting multiple books and even read the actual hand written correspondence of the time before they go off claiming they "know" what our founders truly believed and why.

By the way, for the record of the religious who don't like this, I confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. Now, what are you gonna say?

Jamie Johnson
2 years ago

Free Masonry is duped by satan, period.

2 years ago

Very informative and enlightening video, although the comments below the vid seem to indicate it is being viewed more by infidels than by the Christian audience for whom it is obviously made. Not surprised though. The vast majority of today's American Christians hold views of God that are closer to those of Freemasons and other Deists than of any version of Biblical Christianity. I am confident the tide will eventually turn, but that is where we are for now.

edwin whitcomb
3 years ago

It seems that many of the comments do not come from Freemasons
Our belief then as it now has not changed. A belief in a Supreme Being regardless of individual faiths

Daniel Lynem
5 years ago

Slow down Jay Linn, pump your brakes my brother. I'm glad I don't let other people's opinions become my reality or your strong opinions would pull my trigger for sure. My "opinion",. I don't think this guy was trying to define what a Christian is but more so what a Christian is not. We can put his information on the founders and test it by scripture which does tell us what a Christian is. An I'm confident God does not have a narrow definition but we can count on His Word.. Amen? I'll just give one scripture reference. The book of 1 John. There are about 5-7 test statements that can determine a real Christer. Sorry, but I'm like this term. One very clear point is in 1John 2. Where it says, "if you say you know me but you don't obey me your a lier and the truth isn't in you." Now I don't know about you but I think that's fairly clear, you agree? Of course he isn't talking about perfection because the Christer life isn't about perfection but it is about direction. Another point in 1 John is... If you love your brother then the love of God is in you, if you don't love your brother...... well I think you get the point. It goes on like that from the first chapter and verse. Check it out. Then there's many other Scriptures that talk about what a real Christer is. Again, it's not about perfection but about direction. So, if the information presented in this video is in any way accurate and true about what these founder's believed, I'd have to say, no, they were not saved. Because what they believed about the nature an character of God is in direct contradiction to what scripture says about who God is, His nature, attributes and His character. It akso sounded like they believed in a works salvation(man centered) and scripture says one is saved by Grace, (undeserved, unmerited favor), thru faith, in Christ, not by human works or ability(Eph 2:1-10). Anyhow, that's some of my thoughts..... and opinions... Take care Jay.

Daniel Lynem
5 years ago

First, a word for whoever came up with the term "Christer" for Christian's. As a Christian I've been called a lot of things but never "Christer"... but I'm liking it. Its original, new(to me) and fresh. So, my hats off to you guys. Next, when you talk about Christian's who push the idea that the founders were"Christers" and this country was founded as a Christer nation, I think your speaking of a particular group of Christers. I think your talking about those Christers who are referred to as "White conservstive Evangelical Christian's"... I surrendered my life to Christ 38 years ago and I'm black..aka, African-American. Most of us African American Christers just don't see Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and the boys as our hero's. At least I don't. We also feel if they were Christian's, they weren't obedient to the Lord because if they were they wouldn't have enslaved and owned human beings against the word of God. Plus we're fairly certain when the words "all men are created equal" were penned, all didn't really mean all, since we were seen as only 3/5ths of a human being. And being 3/5ths is 2/5ths short of making the "all" list. So we've not had a problem or concern if this country is or if it's founder's were Christers. I attend a church that's 99% white, hey, I like standing out in a crowd ok, so don't knock it till you try it. So I hear it from my pastor, he be like, "we need to go back to the founding principal's of this country, humm, so does that mean we need to give up our Christianity and become Freemasons? Just asking..? or is that the time we're going back to to make this country great again? No no,Hold on wait a minute, y'all can go there but I'm fine right where I am, thank you very much..!! Personally the little bit of research I've done I've always felt they (some, most founder's) weren't Christers. The first time I saw a painting of Washington with that Mason apron on, I was like, what the heck, yo, hold up y'all, something is not right. Anyway, and not just based on the slavery thing(I just threw that in for fun) but on some of the same information presented in this documentary. I've also lacked a bit of confidence in David Barton's integrity thru my research. I liked how this presentation read, in context, some of the orginal documents. Of course I'll spend some time checking to see how accurate and honest these guys are. Can't take anything for granted, right? Overall, it was a bit long, but I'd recommend it to my friends, especially my White Conservative Evangelical Christer brothers and sisters..?. Y'all take care now ya hear. Peace Out!

5 years ago

To the person that said something about Christers not letting truth stand in their way. You sound bitter. I will pray for you.

5 years ago

@Jay Linn: Sadly people see what they prefer rather than what is there. The presenter invites you to read the letters the founders sent to each other, did you? No, instead you attempt to kill the messenger, as is typical of those who don't like a particular message. Also ridiculous to claim someone is a Christian just because they sit in a church pew. The presenter made his point well regarding Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Obama. Could have easily extended that to Mr. Clinton who found or made himself a Bible with an extra huge cross because he was keenly aware of the camera and the perception he hoped it would cause.

Socialists-Communists-Progressives i.e. Collectivist New World Order minions as Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, Obama, and Hillary all are, albeit some different flavors which the puppet masters being the luciferian elite leaders of Bankers, Jews, Jesuits, Mormons, Free Masons, Illuminati, EuroUnion, etc. could care less about as long as the sovereignty of the nation and freedom of the people are incrementally removed.

The history is interesting, the present is much more important. It seems the presenter is trying to remind people that Christian principles are important to keep at the forefront lest the "age of reason" becomes unreasonable, which it clearly has, If you read the Georgia Guidestones put there by a Free Mason, and track the erosion of freedoms by the govts of the USA and the EU.

Why is it necessary to spy on each and every person? To identify those who may present opposition to the agenda of the secret societies who serve those who will profit from the New World Odor they work towards via propaganda.

If you desire to label something as conspiracy driven, why not do some homework and label it on the conspirators, those of the secret societies, rather than those exposing them? Or do you belong to one of those secret societies?

6 years ago

The truth can not be hidden or buried for ever a proverb says "a lie might travel for a thousand years but the truth will overtake it in one day" if Charles Thomas had the truth why didn't he release it and if he burnt everything then where ,this film is surely not a Christian and he intends to use this to spread his confusion about Christianity the message of Jesus Christ . You can't understand it accept Jesus Christ today he loves you and receive the spirit of Jehovah and be saved from confusion .

Jay Linn
7 years ago

I think the main problem with this film maker is that he has rather narrow view of what a Christian is. It is not enough for one to attend church regularly and make Anglican confession. He also has to be a street witnessing, on fire for the Lord, Jesus following, serious believer.

So was George Washington a Christian? In most people's definition, he was! But not to this film maker. Washington was not serious enough. He must be a hidden mason cultist pretending to be a believer! And that is why this film maker is a conspiracy theory nutcase. Excuse my French.

Jay Linn
7 years ago

You don't have to watch a lot to realize that this film is made by a conspiracy driven, irrationally minded nutcase. It consists mostly of this one guy's monologue and some historical factoids he dug up to support his idea. However I doubt that even this nutcase cannot deny that Christian faith prospered in America set up by these founders - whom he loves to denigrate and insult. This film is a disgrace.

7 years ago

@ Pat Thompson and @ robertallen1

both God (exactly in that form suggesting 1 god) and divine providence are both found in your declaration of independence.... Which would suggest a religious tone to the convictions of the founding fathers.

Not a bad thing either considering that in that day and age people were religious and had a firm belief in God. Any belief system that supports people having a moral compass and a loving heart toward everyone, including your enemies, is a good belief system to have. Regardless of what you call that belief system. Be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, Hinduism, etc.

Do religions have outdated ideas, doctrines, laws and observances ? of course they do. These ideas were written in a time when they held relevance. As a society we evolved over time to realize that some of these ideas, doctrines, laws and observances no longer play a role or have a place in our modern society.

Respect history for what it is. Mans struggle to get things right and the obstacles that have been overcome to get to where we are today. Every part of human history plays a part in shaping the society we have become today and we will continue of the path of making mistakes and either learning from them or repeating them until the day that mankind ceases to exist.

You don't have to believe in what was done or said. But you should respect the fact that it made us who we are today. I am a Christian. I don't believe that Christianity is anything close to what it was intended to be. Too few men had their hand in developing the religions of the world and like power in any hands it corrupts and becomes polluted by the ideas of the few who shape and mold it. I respect you for your ideas and you convictions. I don't see any reason for you to judge me as less a person because of mine. All of mankind has a dark past. Religious and non-religious alike. As an evolving society. Lets stop dwelling on the transgressions of the past and look to the future. Work together on making this a world that has a moral compass and embraces the ideas of love, peace and happiness for all humankind.

Major Dave
7 years ago

Nothing in the founding documents suggest Deism was dominate in the discussions that led to them. In fact, the Declaration of Independence which sets forth our national values specifically claims that we rely on "Divine Providence" for our success. We were founded as a Godly nation, not as a Christian nation and not as a secular nation, but rather on the basis of common Judeo-Christian principles. Such is why the Ten Commandments are carved into the very stone of our US Supreme Court Building, the likeness of Moses, not Jesus, hangs over the main entrance to The People's House in Congress and why when church services once held in the very halls of Congress eventually spread to the Supreme Court chambers when the crowd grew too large and ultimately resulted in the Congress commissioning a National Cathedral, a national house of worship in DC. It is the Bible of the God of Abraham and Moses that was instilled as a staple in our Courts of Justice at all levels and used as the first textbook in their schools. It is silly to conclude that 13 states who all acknowledged a supreme being by one name or another in their own State constitutions then turned around and mutually created a central government empowered to deny that such existed or to act as if one did not.

Justin Wiley
7 years ago

The thing is, it seems to be presenting anyone who questions the Bible as the bad guys in this, as if they are somehow being deceived......... interesting, when western civilization had for centuries been dominated by a violent church. America was originally meant to break away from those "old world" oppressions, whatever the case.
If anything this film had the opposite effect for me, encouraging free thought in the face of these bizzarre, controlling, and cryptic Christain doctrines. America has gone downhill rapidly, for many reasons, and is no longer the best choice for everyone in terms of a first world citizen experience, but that proves not one thing or another about any religion.

9 years ago

Fascinating stuff. A lot of insights regarding the moral/religious standings of the founding fathers. Unfortunately the presenter uses a lot of credible evidence to draw some very biased and slightly worrying conclusions. Yes if you are using a bible as your yardstick then I'm sure you can paint the founding fathers as antichrists and demon worshipers. But all that says to anyone that doesn't believe in your book of questionable moral certitudes is that you are possibly bat$hit insane. Or at the very least seriously misguided and gullible. Nonetheless this doc is worth a look in for numerous reasons.

Can Ali Gurguc
9 years ago

So many people think the way he did and I believe they did the right thing.

Pat Thompson
9 years ago

Thankfully, the founding fathers took great pains NOT to found this country on any religion, to make all religions welcome. This is a SECULAR country. Religions are "social clubs" and have nothing to do with belief in God or with spirituality.

john ford
9 years ago

America ; land of the Incarcerated ,home of the Craven.

Is there any subject Americans have not managed to lie about in their history?.

Terry Beaton
9 years ago

This is one of the best Doc.s I've seen in a long time. And I watch a lot of Doc.s. Don't miss it!

9 years ago

The doc makes the claim that the American Founding Elite were in fact secular humanists (and Masons and Unitarians) who were NOT Christians at all. The argument being that those trying to 'sell' the christian nation idea in churches today are mis-leading people. The early half is kind of interesting, then it goes too far again. Who knows, maybe a deal was struck with the Catholic Pope and the ideals of the Rosicrucians and Masons were weaved into the fabric of the 'new' United States. I agree for sure that many of the days philosophic thinkers, which would include revolutionary leaders of the times, were 'not' fundamentalist evangelical christians! Were they part of a crazy elite who wanted a new nation based on equal rights, democracy and the emancipation of all people (even women)? The docs host makes those directions sound shocking...well I don't know. Is it a waste of time to watch?...hmmm...maybe.

Brian Allen
9 years ago

BS - Read the writings of our founders and our 4 founding documents. Look up the director - a Christian ministry pushing biblical prophecy blah blah blah -

Strange that the founders never mention Jesus in any founding document and only reference a Diest deity when they mention one at all, yet we are expected to believe this nation was founded exclusively for and by christians....


Michael Spinler
9 years ago

watch it and weep christers! finally a doc to refute the stupid claims of this country being founded by Christians for Christians.

9 years ago

Not even 5 min. in, just 3 and OH noooo... This might get bad. Wow, hit the 6 minute mark and this guy has already tried to present an argument for religious segregation, used redundant categorizations in reference to people, and overall came off a bit too paranoid. Are you Christian? Do you feel as though everyone is out to get you? Do you recognize that you are part of a major religion but somehow always manage to present yourself as an underdog? This is for you.