Hidden Secrets: Gangsters of the 1920s and 1930s
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Hidden Secrets: Gangsters of the 1920s and 1930s

2012, Crime  -   39 Comments
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Pretty Boy Floyd. Born in 1904, Charles Arthur Floyd, an American robber, was raised in his father's dust fields. He was just 21 when he robbed a bank for the first time.

The reason he chose this life was his bitterness and frustration of living a low class life. After a meeting with local gangsters in Kansas City, he was given the nickname of "Pretty Boy", which he hated to be called.

He had a positive reputation in public, and was known as the "Robin Hood of the Cookson Hills", despite being hunted down by the cops for several robberies. He was finally gunned down in a corn field by local officers and FBI agents.

Machine Gun Kelly. A famous bootlegger, Machine Gun Kelly, was born in 1897. He was known to be a harmless gangster until he married Kathryn Thorne. She encouraged him to rob banks and commit crimes and later on, Kathryn convinced him to kidnap a millionaire oilman, Charles F. Urschel. This turned out to be his last criminal activity because he was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1933. He died behind the bars 21 years later.

Legs Diamond and Dutch Schultz. Raised in tough streets of Philadelphia, Legs Diamond was born in 1896. Shortly after his teenage years, he served in the U.S. Army during the First World War. By 1927, he was known as a powerful figure in the underworld along with Dutch Schultz. In 1929, Legs and Schultz conflict was too much for either of them to bear and in no time Legs was shot down. Dutch Schultz was suspected of ordering the murder of Legs for which few years later he himself was brutally gunned down in New Jersey.

John Dillinger. He spent most of his adult life in prison for robbing 4 police stations and 2 dozen of banks. Just 11 days after the East Chicago bank robbery, he was captured and sent to Crown Point Jail. The jail was acknowledged to be escape-proof, but a month later he escaped. He was killed by FBI agents outside a theatre.

Bonnie and Clyde. The most wanted crime figures of 1930s, Bonnie and Clyde, were recognized as 'public enemies'. These American robbers had killed several civilians along with a number of police officers. After the killing of police officers, the police were left with no other choice than fighting them with stronger firepower. They were attacked by five policemen and were slain as the bullets went through their bodies.

Al Capone. The first mobster to be featured on the cover of Times Magazine was a Chicago gangster, Al Capone. Nicknamed Scar Face for his scars on his left cheek, he was known for his brilliant mind that distinguished him as a force to be reckoned with in the criminal underworld.

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39 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Benny worm

    “This is the bees knees” Joe Mama

  2. Joe Mama

    This is the bees knees.

  3. Steven payton

    Die the way you live all of a sudden.
    That's the way to do it

  4. Spirit Wisdom

    Nice info.

    1. Joe Parker

      nice info!

  5. Lily Evans

    Al Capone was honestly the Original mob/crime boss of this decade.

  6. T_Ecstasy

    al capone was the OG of this whole thing

  7. Ariana Grande

    gangsters are pretty kewl :)) ngl

  8. Tommy Lee

    I liked that era. The gangsters

    In those days were no joke

    Even the bootlegging days

  9. Gus Bus

    i heard bonnie parker was kind of a pussy

  10. Tommy Lee

    The good old days. I liked those


  11. trashkidtryhardmanboyit

    no citations, just like every other url areas, not even an access date.

  12. JcI

    Bonnie Parker- never killed anyone!!!!!

  13. Will_Mayo

    I'm doing an academic fair project

    1. billy bob

      no one cares

  14. TY_RAXAH

    I bet most of the people are here because they are doing a project for school

    1. Karen R

      Naming a litter of puppies. Lol.

    2. no

      you right, you right

  15. EligerDaTiger

    Anyone else come here for a research paper but stayed for the comments?

    1. phv iuftv yfviub

      lol me

  16. Me

    Honestly @crazydewey, are you perfect or are you mad because you won't be in history.. they may have done but they also done good to.. your seeing the bad see the good to .. stop try to erase history because if that the case what about the people that died for this country or the soldier that have killed innocent because they had no choice . So let history be

  17. Desmond

    I mean, a lot of people find history interesting and im just here to do a project, so I don't think we should be burrying it, because if people find out we were hiding it it'd be a bigger deal than it would if it was just out there. Thats my idea of it all. Later

  18. Trevor Blair

    This is crazy

    1. Eric

      Anyone that glorifies the death of another while pillaging and robbing is a complete goon that needs mental health help. Seek it ur poor souls. God forgive them for they know not what they do.

  19. doug

    @crazydewey, so what should society see as a criminal, under your opinion what is the "model" criminal? sure aint these jokes nowadays, at least the criminals back then had class and honor to they`re own.

  20. Tommy Lee

    I have read alot of these books of these gansters life's plus most of. Them

    Had poor life's living in. The. Cold dust days the banks were robbin the poor

  21. Popo Swat

    Some of these Gangsters were just Victims of circumstance. "Pretty boy" for instance, was a simple farm boy, grew up knowing hard back breaking work, saw his family and neighbors alike, busting their ass just trying to stay afloat, make ends meat, just to be ran over and dismissed by the banks..Floyd simply chose not to take it. I believe Floyd to be a good man, never murdered anyone. Did the things he did, out of resistance..not bitterness. He just wasn't gonna take it. I applaud, admire, and respect him for the road he chose. Dont even get me started on Dillinger! Lol. He was a good man, and he didn't kill that cop.. Pierpont did. Witnesses identified Pierpont as the shooter. But some how Dillinger got the charge, which he was never convincted of I mind you. Dillinger was a role a modle, he committed crimes but he never shot anyone. The life story of John H. Dillinger is incredible, outstanding, an very impressive. I suggest reading his wiki bio as well as wiki bios of others from the Dillinger gang. Their story is like something Hollywood wish they had thought of. Anyhow, Dillinger like Floyd just chose not to take it lying down. The world could use more people like the two.

  22. i

    dosent work

    1. Migger

      same bro

  23. Tommy Lee

    I Remember those days. When I was a kid I use to read about them, plus many of the gangster's lived on the Lower Eastside, there were lots of them back there then even those who were part of Murder Inc, I kinda miss those Days, they were interresting


    You cant just bury history and forget about it because they robbed and killed many people, its apart of history and today will be in 50 years. forget isis because they killed the innocent, its history and if you cant take it you lose

  25. idc

    no one cares kys

  26. Cb

    It's very interesting history I love to read and watch movies about the old days and the movies about the famous gansters are great if u have never seen the old movie the lady in red u need to find it and watch it a great show of how it use to be I think they should remake a lot of the old movies I can think of all kinds that should be redone boxcar Bertha, mamas boys, the lady in red there's two movies with that name I'm talking about the one that tells about john dillingers gf Polly Hamilton and her life as a prostitute and meeting Dillinger . Of mice and men so many good old movies need redone

  27. Robert Harrison

    Back in the 1930's I saw many gangster films played by great actors like Edward G Robinson,George Raft, Paul Munie, Mickie Rooney and Allan Ladd. We did not see these actors as persons who were glorifying the criminals, for they were no different to playing the rolls of the bad guys of Dodge City and Tomb Stone. All who played the part of the bad guy's were reenacting a part of American history. I admit that much was far fetched but it did give us a view of what the American mobster was like.
    Some of my friends who are of the same age as myself have no idea regarding the history of the Wild West neither the crimes committed by gangsters in London, Birmingham and Ireland. It is just a matter of sifting out what actually happened and what the directors of films thought the public might like to see.
    Yes many were killers of their like as well as the the innocent bystander, but like those of Roman times all had their bad guy,s. History; we learn from it.

  28. Eric Lawson

    Great Documentary. Thanks to the producers Peace!!

  29. Fabien L

    Very superficial look at the life of several notorious american criminals. Each segment is only a few minutes long, so no depth there. If you read the short intro text for the doc here on TDF, you already covered 50% of what is being said in the documentary. No real hidden secrets there either.

  30. crazydewey

    Why does society glorify these criminals that killed and robbed innocent people. We should bury these people and make it a crime to publicize these animals who were an abomination to our society.

    1. common law

      yea lets just lock people up for viewing criminals on screen.....
      you are whats wrong with society and people who share your opinion.

    2. Pemba Sherpa

      the society you are referring to is an abomination in itself. Also using word like "innocent" people tells a lot about how you divide up and see the humanity. You have a condoning view on humans...