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Marijuana, weed, flower, bud, pot - call it what you will but humans have been using cannabis for millennia. This is an ancient medicinal plant that was widely used by physicians in America and everywhere else on the planet right up until 1937 when the government decided to make cannabis illegal. And just because you make something illegal doesn't magically strip it of its therapeutic properties.

In 1970 cannabis was classified as "Schedule 1" drug, when the US government decided that the plant had zero medical value and a high potential for abuse.

Forty years on, medical pot is legal in 18 states, including Washington DC. In November 2012, Washington State and Colorado voted to legalize small amounts of weed for recreational use. With the world's eyes on Colorado, which just green-lit the first ever regulated, taxed, legal, recreational cannabis market, Motherboard headed west to see about the new green rush. They first went in a nondescript, industrial corner of town, in the grow house for Denver Relief - Colorado's second oldest medical pot dispensary.

Cannabis isn't just a plant; it's not really the evil weed that everybody thinks it is. Right now universities and college camps are not even allowed to study or research cannabis, which is pretty ridiculous. They're allowed to study cocaine and all the other drugs, they can do experiments, research and development on them, but they can't do that with cannabis. We know that there's medicinal value in cannabis and the government knows damn well that there's medicinal value in cannabis, and the fact that they don't let the Universities research it, it's a crying shame.

The government is not that interested in funding therapeutic studies, they're willing to fund studies looking at how bad cannabis is for you. You can only get cannabis from the government, you can't get it anywhere else, and DEA is making sure that nobody else can grow or research cannabis. The government is saying that cannabis is "Schedule 1," that there is no accepted medical use for it, and on the other hand they're not allowing any research to happen, to show that it has any sort of therapeutic efficacy.

Even if you've never smoked a joint in your life you have sort of internal cannabis in your body. You have an endocannabinoid system. You've got cannabinoid receptors in your brain, liver, spleen, bladder, your immune system cells... you've got receptors all over your body for this plant, so when you smoke you're sort of stimulating working within the endocannabinoid system. You're stimulating your cannabinoid receptors that help to regulate your immune system, energy, metabolism, blood sugar, etc.

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  1. dmxi

    a pity that roaches cause the 'stuck-to-the couch' - syndrome !!!

  2. AJF13

    English guy here. Please explain that sentence to me.

  3. AJF13

    Yeah roach doesn't mean the ends of a joint and also I don't think the ends make you more high or stoned.

    Anyway on another note I just wish that the legalised it so I can get Sativa rather than this s*itty indica crap we get in the UK. I remember being in the states and finding it weird how when I got high with my American friends we would do loads of crazy s*it but when I am in the UK all they wanna do is bloody sit on their a**es talking about how high they were. I mean I am all for sitting around but I do enough of that s*it sober at work.

  4. djc200

    drooooool. :)

    While this doc was fun to watch (for me at least), I heard a perspective rather striking and true on NPR this morning... that the decriminalization of marijuana was a good first step, but that America is not actually ready for legalization. Allowing "getting high" to be a legal business, subject to pure free-market forces, can lead to very negative consequences for society on a whole. So what also needs to be pushed concurrently is proper, truthful education on mind-altering substances. Americans have been lied to their whole lives about drugs - we still are. Therefore, Americans are mostly ignorant and prone to not only abusing marijuana itself (a rather harmless consequence, relatively speaking), but more importantly, prone to creating a hedonistic sub-culture - one that will inevitably weave itself throughout the American fabric and will persist as a major undertone to our post-modern history.

  5. oQ

    Marijuana got acknowledged for it's benefit by the mass at large through documentaries, Motherboard is the latest testimony of how far the US has gotten, but what direction is it taking by the way?
    And what about Canada? Or Europe?

  6. Christian Tintin Johansson

    Psychosis and schitzophrenic behavior contributed to cannabis use is the biggest myth of them all. Scientific research has shown that cannabis has nothing to do with that so stop spreading false propaganda.

    "don't add another", please! Add another what? Cannabis isn't physically addictive like alcohol and cigarettes. It wont kill anyone , it will probabely even HELP people with cancer, people in great pain and people with many other illnesses.

    Why don't you move to a communist country if you don't want people to have the freedom to do what they want with their own bodies?

  7. Bogdan Gherghel

    I don't get your point. Some dude committed a brutal assault and happened to smoke marijuana on a regular basis. Do you know how many tea enthusiast are in jail right now for armed robbery, for example?

  8. Bogdan Gherghel

    also, where are the "undigested pills" initially found in the zombie's stomach?

  9. tariqxl

    THC is a mild psychotic capable of furthering an EXISTING condition. CBDs are a very strong anti-psychotic. Your body maintains its own endocannabinoid system that regulates sleep, apatite even synaptic plasticity. At school I under achieved, when I finished school I started smoking... I also started learning. At school I did an IQ test, scored 123. After school and a few years smoking I did another... 147. If I don't smoke my mind races, goes off on tangents and I can't get much done.
    But YOU don't drink, YOU don't smoke so YOU want them illegal ROFL.

  10. tariqxl

    I'd imagine plenty of people in prison drink tea. My uncle did worse than that ^^ and he has actually done that one before too.
    He always loved a cup of tea when I knew him. Never smoked weed though.
    I not sure if you made a point to be honest, if you did I'm afraid its lost on me.

  11. a_no_n

    Most people who have schitzophrenic outbursts also probably have orange juice in their systems...shall we ban orange juice as well just incase?

  12. CapnCanard

    Really? I would guess that your American friends were just infatuated with you, the foreigner, so they interacted and did goofy ****, perhaps to impress you and/or each other... hard to say. But your description of English stoners sitting on their ***es is standard operating procedure for stoned people everywhere and this is why I usually get toked up alone and then read a book, draw cartoons, go walking into the forest, or do work in the yard/garden. BTW you stop toking for about a month, and start smoking again it will all seem fresh and new.

  13. dmxi

    what an useless argumentation....

  14. Jonathan Michael

    Don't forget water, everyone (almost) drinks water. :)

  15. dmxi

    'bootifull' doc...one of the best esp. the two giggl'ing at the end .
    highly recommendable watch,even for the mildly interrested !!!

  16. Bogdan Gherghel

    with all due respect for your uncle, I presume it's safe to say that his habit to drink tea wasn't the trigger that eventually led him to prison. I believe US shouldn't put tea on schedule 1 drug list, based on its frequent consumption among felons and criminals.
    although FDA might one day think "better safe than sorry", just like in the case of cannabis.

  17. John Krisfalusci

    Don't act like a smart ass, orange juice is a drink and has no mind altering effects. Save your useless reasoning elsewhere...

  18. John Krisfalusci

    I want them illegal because it's already BEEN illegal for almost a Century now. Just leave it that way... stop trying to revive a dead horse.

  19. John Krisfalusci

    Christian, if you think 'smoking' anything into your healthy lungs is considered 'medicine', you need to go back to school and get re-educated..

    Secondly, if it's not physically addictive, then it's mentally addictive? Please, enough with this circular logic. An addiction is an addiction. That's what our School says and I stand by it.

  20. John Krisfalusci

    Bogdan, did you know that all the Prisons across America are filled with Marijuana related criminals and offenders? And did you also know that addiction clinics across America are #1 in Marijuana related problems?

    Seriously, you think this is a fantastic coincidence ? I'm sorry but statistics don't lie.

  21. Bogdan Gherghel

    "marijuana related criminals and offenders". this should be very obvious for everyone: their crime is trafficking marijuana and their offense is smoking it. nothing more. make it legal and what's left? where is the crime? where is the offense? where is the VICTIM?
    now, regarding the addiction clinics, do you seriously think that pot smokers should do rehab? I can see how a drug addict, like a heroin user, could seek help at some point and could sincerely feel the need to lock himself in a clinic and do whatever is humanly possible to get rid of the addiction. however, since pot is not a drug, I have my doubts that you will find smokers that willingly would go there, so the other possibility is that their family, or more likely a court, pushes them into a clinic against their will.
    in conclusion, you should seek the roots of these in your legislation, private prison system and healthcare. follow the money.

  22. Christian Tintin Johansson

    Scientific studies have shown that smoking cannabis is NOT even close to damaging to your health as smoking tobacco, and smoking is only one way to use cannabis. I never said it would be smoked so don't make it sound like that.

    Secondly, if you don't know the difference between a physical addiction and a mental addiction YOU should go back to school. I do know the difference. And we were taught that cannabis was deadly, dangerous and as bad as cocain and heroin. Do you still believe that or can you admit that not everything we get taught in school is 100% right?

  23. John Krisfalusci

    Listen, we learned at school that marijuana causes cancer, brain damage, pre-mature death, and unwanted violence.

    Society tells us it's bad, Our School systems tells us it's bad. Government officials/ Presidents tell us it's bad, even in the Bible it says it's Evil.

    How could something this dangerous be good when ALL say it's bad?

  24. John Krisfalusci

    I don't think making it legal will make this better. Crime rates would soar to unbelievable levels and I will not let our future be filled with drug addicts roaming our streets. We already live in a tense chaotic world and can't afford to mess this up any further.

    Pot smokers should do rehab just like any other addiction, Sex fiends should do rehab, Obese people should do rehab, etc. I'm not 'singling' out marijuana. My point is, they need help.

    Pot IS a drug, it is a mind altering substance and I saw on that dependency scale that it's addictive worse than caffeine. I don't drink caffeine but my point is it's on that scale.

    My argument here is that to control drug problems in our Society, yes we go at the root by increasing the penalties for doing these illegal things.

    Sure, I agree the War on Drugs has failed but I believe it's because our Laws were just too lax. If we increase the penalties along with harsher restrictions, then more people would think twice to even get in trouble in the first place. That is what our Schools are writing to Congress about and it worked because Oregon failed the drug initiative back in November.

  25. Bogdan Gherghel

    how about this horse: Iboga root extract? shamans use it in Africa in different passing rites, but not only. people around the world use it to cure in 10 days or less hard addiction, especially heroin. status? mostly illegal. definitely illegal in US. why? because it's also a powerful hallucinogenic and the FDA has a problem with natural, non-patentable stuff that can you high, although on the other hand it encourages the parents to keep their children numb on legal, debilitating chemicals.

  26. Bogdan Gherghel

    in Thailand they have death sentence for smoking pot. would that satisfy you?
    about the crime rates, in Europe states pot is either legal in some form, or tolerated, or the police just doesn't bother because they know there's no danger and they focus on real crime. and guess what, Europe is doing just fine on this aspect. I mean, it's not perfect, but I'm not afraid to roam unarmed in any part of the continent, even in Serbia.
    in Portugal they made all drugs legal, including the hard ones. the crime rate dropped, the trafficking networks collapsed or got exposed, the addicts came for rehab in large numbers since they had no fear of being arrested. the drug use dropped drastically, even pot smoking. I'm sorry but statistics don't lie.

  27. Daxchunjae99

    Dude, because it's more useful and powerful than you will probably ever imagine.

    Think about it , a natural growing plant in the wild that is capable of healing and aiding ailments with the lowest side effects, much MUCH better than all those poisonous prescription pills out there, there's been no deaths recorded in HISTORY from it, you can't overdose from it. Have you ever heard of someone going violent and causing a crime spree from it? It's the ultimate peace keeper/ peace maker, it increases creativity and hunger, and if anything, you just want to be happy and stationary and some people use it to relax or wind down and sleep. The same cannabinoids are also produced naturally in your brain so there's just no way to say anything bad from it. Do some research dude.

    Grow the F* up and stop living in a sheltered environment where everyone spoon feeds you what they hear or think.

  28. John Krisfalusci

    Well I'll look into that.

  29. Bogdan Gherghel

    the Bible says that God created all living beings. including pot. end of story. unless you think that God was wrong.

  30. John Krisfalusci

    I dunno, I heard it was Evil in revelations or something.

  31. CarimboHanky

    i know people that have been smoking weed their entire life and they dont have paranoia and for sure dont go around eating faces hahaha

    your argument is kinda weak after all just because stuff is illegal doesnt mean people will stop consuming them, that would only cause violence and crime as groups/organizations would start fighting for control.

    perfect example of stuff being banned and generating violence is the Prohibition Era(1920-1933).

    i dont do any drug, smoke or drink alcohol but i really dont see how making them illegal help us having a better society...

    legalization, regulation and taxation of weed would for sure lower the drug related crimes.

  32. WiseGapist

    "Americans are mostly ignorant and prone to not only abusing marijuana itself (a rather harmless consequence, relatively speaking), but more importantly, prone to creating a hedonistic sub-culture - one that will inevitably weave itself throughout the American fabric and will persist as a major undertone to our post-modern history."

    You mean humanity as a species is prone to hedonism as a central part of its culture, a trait that has woven itself into the human social fabric since our tribal days.

  33. Guest

    If you don't do them yourself, then why are you siding with them? It's like now you're an enemy too. Don't do it!

  34. Guest

    Addiction is a psychological disposition of a person. Objects and substances do not create the mentality of a person. So, that argument is a dud. Marijuana is a controversial matter, which means that the substance has to be used properly and be of quality. Legalize it already. By the way, I don't smoke.

  35. tomregit

    It's called empathy. The abilty to understand how others think and feel.
    The ability to think something, yet know it may not be true, is a sign of intelligence.

  36. tomregit

    John, this is my first and likely last reply to you. I shall speak to you as I would to an adult.

    You are correct that the orange juice argument is spurious. However it is no more illogical than your belief that having THC in ones system is the cause of ones actions. Correlation and causation are not the same thing. This may be beyond your comprehension but I leave it for you to consider.

  37. AJF13

    Well thank you for your flattery I can only hope that they felt that way and therefore entertained me.

    Sativa does give you a more energetic high than compared to Indica which is the majority of what we get in the UK because we still have relatively strict laws on the stuff. The fact you have Canada above you and many states in the US stocking such different strains would suggest you have better smoke. I mean in general I find Americans are more clued up on the weed they are smoking what type it is and where you get it. My mate had his on the bloody medical container. Whereas ours comes on in tin foil and the guy simply says this is some good s*it cos the dude he got it from doesn't know where he got it from. Having said all that maybe I need a better dealer.

  38. Carl Hendershot

    I have done it all and then some... No addictions whatsoever. I wonder if others who have become "Addicts" have some sort of DNA flaw...

  39. Nwttp

    Probably because good people want freedom for all, not just themselves or a select group. Contrary to what your brain washer has lead you to believe of course.

  40. Nwttp

    Know what really "causes psychosis and worsens schizophrenic like symptoms"? Society. Hope you're steadily at work trying to do away with our modern, unnatural society as well.

  41. Nwttp

    I want people who don't mind their own business and stomp all over the very idea of freedom illegal, don't see either of us getting what we want on this one ;(

  42. CapnCanard

    Sativa does make me wanna talk, debate, and discuss almost like having too much coffee, though too much weed can mess with your head. Moderation! Buying anything on the street is always a shady undertaking. I've heard the same sh!t from the people I bought from too. What about Amsterdam, I hear they are going to ban smoking pot in school!? WTF? Hell even I could almost agree with that. And I hear Portugal has relaxed their laws as well, it is really amazing to me that this drug was ever declared illegal in the first place, perhaps it is the result of fear based on racist ideas of Mexicans and Negros and consequently I suppose the idea is to control the people with fear. Oh, by the way, moderation and a long drug holiday can really make even shwagg, or ditch weed, seem like decent bud.... unless you're chronic then there is very little help! lol...

  43. CapnCanard

    And that is the best argument for legalization, this has been the big argument for legalizing since the 1980s but if you were to watch/read/listen to American media you'd never know about it! The crime of drugs is an economic issue, take the profits and black market profit motive out and very quickly the crime associated with the drug trade tremendously reduces to but a whisper... a shadow. Crime becomes rare... and the reason/rational for criminal behavior in the disappearing drug trade just collapses.

  44. AJF13

    Yeah I have cut down to almost nothing because like anything if you abuse it I think you lose the benefits of it.

    And agree completely with you. I just think that the gov made it illegal for the reasons you said before the whole "reefer madness".

    However I believe the reason governments won't reverse the law and make the drug legal is that politicians and the gov don't like to concede that a policy is wrong especially when they have invested (wasted) so much money on said policy. The reason is because if they concede they are wrong on one point then they fear it will open the flood gates for citizens to question other policies.

  45. CapnCanard

    SO in the end all your information comes from programs like D.A.R.E. rather than from science and empirical studies? There is no evidence that suggests that cannabis causes cancer in any form. period. If there were any studies demonstrating carcinogenic and/or detrimental effects then you can bet your bottom that they would be talking about the evidence 24-7, but they're pretty darn quiet. Perhaps what you've been told is a lie and like many other people you may have trusted those who told you said lie and trusting that they had your best interests at heart rather than their own interests. Hmmm... you decide. BTW, not all authorities say it is bad. Only those courting your allegiance and your vote will rationalize such lies.

  46. I AM POP SLAG.

    it involves complex chemistry and biology and the study of genetic and pharmocopeaic differences in different strains not to mention proper medical trials.

    Beer for instance in small amounts is very good for you- in large amounts itll kill you dead and turn you into a complete a£$3hole

  47. I AM POP SLAG.

    "It's like now you're an enemy too."
    The psychology and conditioning relating to this statement, and hence your worldview itself Mr Guest demands further explanation..
    the enemy? like ze germans? or like the decepticons? would you care to elaborate?

  48. I AM POP SLAG.

    Its in the CHEESE! ban all the psychoactive cheese -oh and the ryvita...its got ergot in it.
    and whilst your at it ban tea, coffee,chocolate,sex,womens ankles,glue,petrol,paint,aerosols,prefumes,handsaitisers and all everything that is interesting in the wolrd. for ever because it might change your mind.

  49. I AM POP SLAG.

    you are quoting verbatim misguided staements about cannnabis that have formed the basis of the propaganda against a plant human beings are scientifically proven to have a kind of symbiosis with- its part of our very chemistry- you can eat its seeds and its very good for you- -you can make fantastic cloth and paper from it- it grows four or five times faster than trees and you can use it concentrated as a drug for pain rellief, cancer treatment and all manner of other illnesses and is defacto not an addictive substance-


    it isnt -
    not at all-

    it does not fall anywhere near what the term even means in a psychological sense...
    but isnt addictive in a physical, scientific sense at all, not ever.
    so stop saying it is.

  50. tariqxl

    Your making the same wrong assumption about weed that I am about tea. I don't drink tea but I do smoke weed all day long and apart from that I'm not a criminal... My uncle, no respect due is the polar opposite. And screw the FDA I'm British lol.

  51. IndustryOfBlame

    Cannabinoids aren't carcinogenic, but cannabis smoke is, much like the combustion products of any plant. You can't burn complex carbon compounds in an uncontrolled manner and not end up with free radicals. Maybe you're aware of this distinction, but alot of people aren't and it causes confusion on both sides of the argument about cannabis as a whole. I've met bong smokers who think they're in the safe zone as long as they don't lace with tobacco, making them stick to tradition and not consider using vaporizers, which are not only safer but also a great deal more efficient. Meanwhile, the anti-side read study headlines about "cannabis smoke causing cancer" and naturally think smoking it is by definition the way you use it.

  52. I AM POP SLAG.

    Can i recommend watching the docs on here about "learning to think critically"?
    I really reckon you might enjoy them ...and it might stop you clarifying your points with " i heard" "or something" and develop yur own moral compass as to what is evil and what is not...
    If you stick raound this site you will learn a lot but they will tear your misconceptions to shreds in order to do so.
    Firstly let me tell you it is highly unlikely there is no magic sky wizard (peace be upon him).

  53. I AM POP SLAG.

    The sad truth is John...frankly it is because it is they who are "bad"

    not personally, but systematically misguided, rotten and bad.

    "Listen, we learned at school that marijuana causes cancer, brain damage, pre-mature death, and unwanted violence."

    and lying through their teeth to you whether they know it or not,
    just listen to that staement -it doesnt even ring true..."unwanted violence" what does that even mean? who on earth would want violence? of any sort?
    (apart from .possibly. a school system that breeds violent soldiers of course. but thats another matter...)
    Be careful with cxannabis though its not a toy and has been shown to be harmful with repeated heavy usage in adolescents which is why they are maybe so harsh on scaring you away fom it a t your age...
    but then again...science is showing us that autistic children can benefit greatly from the stuff!
    not simple...not at all...

  54. John Krisfalusci

    I don't need to watch those videos because my whole School is based on critical thinking. I'm smart because I don't even go to a public school and I already know much more than my peers and some teachers.

    I've been sticking to this site for over a year now and I am just stating my black and white facts, because I HATE being in that gray area.

    But I have to admit, I have learned more in the past 9 months or so debating here than in School debates. What surprises me the most is that there are actually smart and well composed people who are actually for Marijuana and I thought it was the lazy/ hippy/ lower IQ/ dirty people who smokes and have no sense of intelligence, I might be wrong here...

    Anyways, more research until the next upload debate!

  55. charliefin

    Actually, orange juice has sugar in it which is more harmful and mind altering than cannabis. What a lovely world it would be if people stopped doping up on sugar and wheat.

  56. Scoobsnheather

    This documentary was wonderful! It was light hearted, but very educational and interesting!

    I personally use pot and have for over 16 years. I have horrible body pains as well as having Bipolar Disorder with occasional delusions. Pot helped to save my life when I hit one of my most severe depressions back in December of 2011. Its side effects are not harmful in the least for me, even with my serious mental illness.

    I also use pot to help with my body pains (the doc thinks I may have fibromyalgia, but I also suffer from osteoarthritis.). It helps me eat and sleep when I can't do it on my own, and best of all, helps me deal with my widespread pain!

  57. RedMagnolia

    I have to chime in here and set you on a road to enlightenment about our government. The CIA is the worst drug trafficker in the world. Wall Street is the big launderer of drug money in the world. We fund wars with drug money. Take illegal drug money out of this country and the 1% will have an empire collapse. Does your right wing head enjoy dark warm places, if not than get your head out of your ass and do some reading. Try Crossing the Rubicon, or almost anything written by Peter Dale Scott.

  58. Robin Wright

    totally agree my friend;
    i've had a rare disease since birth with chronic pains most of my adult working life.
    To me, pot is a bad word; it is 'sacred cannabis' and there's evidence that use goes all the way back to the very beginning of Judaeo-Christianity if not before, the Egyptians. We are one of the few cultures in the world that make it illegel so that 'law enforcement' can say it's doing its job, moving billions of dollars each year. While we pain-sufferers are criminalized because we seek relief and stability

  59. RedMagnolia

    We already have a hedonistic sub-culture: It is called the 1%!

  60. Weenis

    You know if we legalize it, the cartels go away and if we don't legalize it everything you hate about it stays the same. I could give two squirts cause illegal or not I'M DOING IT. Let the non believers suffer and continue to feed their ignorance on a plant they've never consumed.

  61. Weenis

    So you admit your pitifully uninformed about this subject, what else can I tell you about cannibus that you will research as well? Please use your time in a better manner and come back when you f'ing know something about this topic.

  62. aguasilver

    John, I am afraid you have been deceived by those who 'teach' you, so yes, please do study some more before you try to castigate cannabis as you have been doing.

    I am now 62 years old and have used cannabis since I was 15 years old, not all the time, but certainly enough over the years (and daily for a number of years when I was in my mid 30's, at the rate of one joint per 45 minutes from when I awoke until I slept again) to KNOW that is will not harm you IF you have a good quality supply and used it within your tolerance levels (and not with other chemical drugs).

    It's a sad fact that our 1% power elite know that when they lose control of illegal drug sales (which they do control) they will also lose control of the populace.

    They stand to lose billions of US$ when their prohibition is stopped.

    No more covert black money funds to allow the CIA to mess around with other democracies or countries they want to 'influence'... too much to bear for any 'spook' in charge of sales and distribution.

    For the record during my cannabis use years I have run international companies and been a success in 'world' terms, and never been arrested or imprisoned for anything.

    My IQ tops 140 and I a a Christian believer who has started and run churches.

    Biblically God gave us all the green trees and herbs for our health, and therefore anybody who states that cannabis is wrong, also calls God misguided and in error.

    Have fun learning to discern the truth from the deceptions of the enemy, and our enemy is NOT who you think it is from what you have written.

  63. Robert Tucker Clinton

    You forgot that the second something is criminalized you've made a bunch of criminals. That is to say we created and strengthened an underground market by the very act of making it illegal in the first place. The same thing happened with prohibition, and if I'm not mistaken, JFK's father was himself a bootlegger. Legalism creates your concepts of whats criminal, not whats right or wrong.

  64. Psych3d

    All those fencing with studies about schizophrenic/psychotic behaviour, loss of braincells, and whatever mumbo jumbo that comes up... I can assure you that even IF one day a study does actually PROVE a certain compound/molecule (of a way vaster array of compounds in the plant, mind you) would "trigger" (not cause!) this behaviour, then they would still notice it's a very small minority (couple percent?) in comparison with all the regular legal prescription and non-prescription drugs out there... In fact, if this empire called "america" would allow studies to find the POSITIVE effects of marijuana, one might even find compounds that actually destroy the triggers for various mental disorders... As with any substance out there (whether food, plants, drugs, ...) you have those that will be impacted either negatively or positively. Not any one substance has the same effect on every individual. But if we choose to live in ignorance, it'll always just be a yay versus nay debate with no progress whatsoever...

    That said, what triggers even more mental disorders is the media itself... uninformed biased information being put into the minds of many through tv-sets, internet, music, religion, politics, lobbyists, ...

    In this day and age it is simply very normal behaviour to go totally nuts... If you consider oneself "normal" then it is time to reconsider what normal really is... but that is a whole other discussion entirely, though a way more appropriate one than wanting to ban a plant on bases of wrong information...

    Hell... if you show some law enforcers out there a psycho active plant, they get scared thinking the plant might somehow affect them from a distance (just pointing out how much idiots are invading your personal freedoms/pirvacy, lol)... but it's good this debate keeps on going though, hopefully one day, the skeptics have some disorder that can only be helped by marijuana, making them conquer their fears and thrive by using some sort of extract that makes their lives a better place... and they will be glad by then that they didn't vote to criminalise it again...

    we will see what the pot-future brings...

  65. Psych3d

    Well, I disagree with your "statistics don't lie" deal... While they can prove something, numbers can be manipulated or misrepresented (scales/biased links/...). I say this because anti-marijuana protestors use the same line "statistics don't lie". And these days people are more eager to believe the lie than to go research their stuff themselves... It's... well, it's the case of who cries wolf the loudest ;)

    That said, totally agree on most of your arguments round here. at least one extra informed person on the planet (on this subject that is)

  66. Psych3d

    nothing to do with true communism here... lol

  67. Psych3d

    bill hicks...

  68. Bogdan Gherghel

    I am aware of that. I was merely sarcastically quoting Krisfalusci, who gave me the next statistic: all the Prisons across America are filled with Marijuana related criminals and offenders and addiction clinics across America are #1 in Marijuana related problems. so, yeah, statistics don't lie, but there's more than math to it.

  69. ChefBryn

    Its only illegal because of lobbying and the massive tobacco Companies forcing the hand of the government to make it illegal.....

  70. Daxchunjae99

    Impressive! Sometimes I'm hard on myself for marijuana being my ONLY crutch in life and reading this makes me less guilty about smoking it.

    It saddens me that no matter how many States legalize it for medical or recreational purposes, Society still tells us it’s bad and to live in that guilt is just as awful.

    It's people like John with false information that makes me upset because I hope one day Marijuana can become legal on a Federal level so we can all smoke happily and without guilt.

    Military veteran here.

  71. Mathew Scannell

    oh john, i remember having the same argument with you last year as all these poor people! you still seem to think that everyone who breaks the law is a criminal? (in the moral sense not just in the eyes of your prescious state) maybe you should take some time to have a smoke and listen to some bill hicks man. in fact f''' it ill have one for you

    "drugs are bad mmmmkay"

    wake up

  72. Psych3d

    Point taken ;)

  73. Psych3d

    So very simple, so logical, almost TOO logical... and then we can't help but find out the conspiring members in the near future... because don't forget, it is not just the "shadowy business" that will go away... the countless billions spent on "the war on drugs" will dissappear as well... rendering a couple of people in the policing/prison business very unhappy! (and I guess both sides kind of work against the legalizaition all over the place for now...) that said, the people always have the last word, even though sometimes it feels like a pyrrhic victory...

  74. Psych3d

    If it were only this simple... but you're on your way anyhow ;)

  75. nacia

    Cool doc guys! Thanks!

  76. Scoobsnheather

    To me, pot isn't a bad word, then again...I am Canadian. lol :)

    It's really frustrating, as a pain sufferer, because the long term use of the medications they prescribe is not sustainable for us physiologically. Those meds do way more harm than good in the short and long term. There are no harmful side effects to ingesting pot (edibles), especially physically. It is a sustainable method for pain relief with no major consequences. That point really upsets me when I have a damn good doctor who doesn't believe in giving me a medical card for pot because he's either afraid of the liability or he just simply doesn't agree with that method.

  77. rainmaker

    A person with a basic critical thinking would understand the facts about cannabis and what this documentary tells us. At the same time, a person without the ability to process and analyze information would stick to a limited piece of information he/she at some point decided was absolute truth.

    Almost any medicine has some side effects and use restrictions. You can seriously damage your stomach with aspirin; antibiotics act like a nuclear bomb at your body's bacterial level, too many sleeping pills can easily put you into sleep forever, (I'm not even talking about 100% pure harm caused by absolutely legal alcohol and tobacco), in your apartment you constantly breath in an incredible amount of odour coming from paint/wallpaper/furniture/etc., you eat genetically modified food, consume drinks tinted with artificial colorants, etc. and you are talking about how "bad" cannabis can be?!

  78. rainmaker

    Do you want alcohol and tobacco illegal, you want to send sex friends to rehab, and you are making an incredible number of ridiculous points. I wonder if you are from this planet and know anything about human nature, history, how human body works, what's going around the globe and what surrounds us?

    (A tip: this is a rhetorical question, so there is no need to answer it, because the answer is obvious and is already in the question).

  79. Krutarth

    Its more like lobbying from big pharma companies.

  80. randy

    Lock up everyone who dissents, and keep a select few happy. Yeah, that's america for you.

    How s*upid does one have to be to find logic in that?

  81. Psych3d

    It is oh so logical for those happy few ;) the ones that probably run around coked up as hell, but hey... you're not a criminal if you can buy your way out ;) too big a criminal to fail... lol

  82. emz

    Prohibition didn't work, it ruined the economy, created an underground market, and actually increased demand for alcohol. Why would anyone think that the prohibition of marijuana, which has been scientifically proven to be far less harmful than alcohol (and used by humans for about the same period of time, if not a bit longer!), would be any different??

    Also, you'd have to be a special kind of s*upid to think that the solution to psychological and/or physical addiction to any kind of substance is to ban it. You've been harping on about how this is the way to go, but the entire time you've been arguing on here, you haven't been able to back up your arguments ONCE. Probably because you can't find anything to support your arguments besides s*upidly biased opinion pieces. Good luck trying, by the way.

    One more thing - did you really think you'd be able to rally support for your cause on the comment thread of a documentary supporting the decriminalization of marijuana? Not only do you have s*upidly un-researched opinions, you picked the worst possible place to voice them.

    You would make a terrible, terrible activist. Go read some books, get an education and do something more useful, would you? Far out.

  83. Guest

    I will paste this comment in a more recent cannabis video. People need to wake up.
    For heavy smokers of high grade marijuana (high THC content) the withdrawal symptoms are very serius and take months to go away. Depersonalization, panic, can´t eat, paranoia, muscle pain, headaches, tachicardia, alterations in body temperature (hot/cold), night sweats and vivid nightmares, insomnia, blurred vision, extreme anxiety mixed with lethargy.
    Hard to believe?! That´s because the potency in marijuana is very high today in many places so more and more people are having more severe withdrawals.
    What relaxes in marijuana is not THC. THC creates tension, anxiety, euforia and hallucinations/psychotic symptoms. What gives stress relief are CBD and CBN which are sedatives and counteract the phychotic symptoms of THC.
    Today marijuana is very high in THC but has very low CBD and CBN level. This turns the problem worse.
    Marijuana is a complex drug, the addiction is complex and the withdrawals are complex too and goes in waves.
    People who smoke low or mid grade marijuana are not undertanding how hard the withdrawals can be for a heavy user of high grade.
    Have in mind that a standard joint of normal weak weed has less than10 mgs of THC and a joint of high grade has something around 150 or 200 mgs of THC.

  84. Daath Gnosis

    Same conclusions I also made supplementing with cbd and melatonin is good for preventing issues obviously, having problems with marijuana is not something is consider personally though, personally I know It helps me and someone saying otherwise is a complete m*ron in my eyes, the word m*ron is perhaps a bit overused.

  85. Yogurt Head

    You have simply been brainwashed by hogwash jargon.

  86. Bob Bobert

    Not worth watching... and I know that because there are blatent LIES in the description "the fact that they don't let the Universities research it, it's a crying shame." Thats bulls*it... I personally know someone who studied cannibis in university.

  87. Bob Bobert

    " you've got receptors all over your body for this plant" You also have receptors all over your body for a whole variety of different poisons.
    Also just because something binds to a receptor.. that doesn't mean that is the purpose of that receptor.

  88. Bob Bobert

    I even smoke weed sometimes and love the s*it.. but still... don't make the mistake of thinking its only good... theres some serious psychological downfalls that only a long term smoker would recognize.

  89. tim thompson

    so much disinformation! so many souless shills. cannabis is THE medicine so sick of big pharma muddying everytihing

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