High Drama: Honeymoon Hostage Situation

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High on a mountaintop in Ecuador - Laura Milcawich and Steve Aube stood overlooking the Valley of Longevity. The couple were honeymooning in Vilcabamba, a Mecca for backpackers and new age spiritualists looking for adventure.

They were alone when three strangers approached, demanded money, pulled machetes on the couple and held the woman hostage.

At the peak of the mountain Laura and Steve stood near a white cross when three masked men headed towards them. The three masked men forced the couple onto their knees, ordering them to take off their shoes while they went through their bags looking for cash.

But the terror had just started. The men demanded three thousand dollars – an impossible deadline for Steve. With only two hours to make the four hour trek, Steve made a run down the mountain in his bare feet.

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  1. steve70638

    The husband is such a wuss!

  2. Elizabeth Wesley
  3. Elizabeth Wesley

    Can you believe this?!!! She hbeen almost murdered and she would kiss the perpetrators. Can such idiots truly be part of the human race. I just can't believe this; they are free to do it all again!

  4. dewflirt
  5. dewflirt

    Only paid half my attention to this, the rest was spent singing People are Strange. Nowt as queer as folk :)

  6. Mike Porter
  7. Mike Porter

    Pathological criminals need to be brought to account for their actions. This woman was saved by her own actions, not by angels or new age energy. Her husband just let this would be rapist go free allowing him the opportunity to commit his next robbery/rape. These people are quite misguided.
    Michael Porter

  8. Mick Fraser
  9. Mick Fraser

    Steve and Elizabeth...

    You'll never understand much but how much you think of yourselves.

    Criticize Laura and Steve as you will.

    They were in a very safe part of Ecuador. It was an unprovoked and unusual attack in the area. They did the right things. They survived.

    You're even wimpier and more idiotic than they can ever be.

  10. pwndecaf
  11. pwndecaf

    I don't understand at all. Laura made a bold decision to have it end on her terms, the villagers helped her out, showing their own bravery and compassion, and then...

  12. iStateOfMind3 iii
  13. iStateOfMind3 iii

    I'm kind of curious to how this would have ended if those guys had 'dishonored' that lady. That man needs to examine his own logic. Imagine it had been him wondering if he was about to get raped at the top of a mountain while his wife went for the cash. I wonder if his wife would have been conflicted as to whether she could ever love him again if the worst happened? She would probably just love him more, right?

    We men really are pigs.

  14. oQ
  15. oQ

    Rare and Extraordinary journey!
    This woman is glowing and certainly doesn't show the signs of trauma had they decided to opt for that reality.
    He's a wuss? I get the impression he is honest with his profession and what it stands for. In my opinion they made the right choice, in fact they followed their own calling, my opinion or anyone's opinion has no relevance here.
    Even the people of the town are touched deeply by the experience.
    If one day peace is to have a chance to take place, it will require such reaction for many different situations.

  16. zettie zette
  17. zettie zette

    the husband is the pussiest pussy...i want to shoot him myself...unbelievable!

  18. zettie zette
  19. zettie zette

    these two are selfish bastards! they've let these pigs go free to do the same to someone else...aarrgh!@

  20. Jack1952
  21. Jack1952

    One can only feel the utmost admiration for the strength and resilience of Laura but that husband of hers is another matter. Would he still love her if they raped her? My god. It's not about his feelings. It was about the brutality of the multiple rapes his wife was possibly facing and her life, which was in extreme jeopardy. He then takes it upon himself to allow the rapist to go free so he can heal his delicate spirituality without even consulting his wife...the one who suffered infinitely more than what he did. I can only wonder how he psycho-babbled his wife into thinking that this decision was the right one. He allows three men, who have demonstrated just how dangerous they are, to go free. He goes back to the safety of his Canadian home where he can heal his damaged psyche leaving the good people of that Ecuadorian village in the danger those lunatics pose. A naval gazing, self aggrandizing and just plain selfish individual.

    I hope nothing but the best for Laura. She's tough as nails and yet a decent human being. She deserves all the good things that life can offer.

  22. babby660
  23. babby660

    Those pigs have probably subjected others to that treatment by now. Laura & hubby should have turned them in -- I don't understand why they didn't.

  24. babby660
  25. babby660

    I don't agree -- he did take a long. bare-footed run over unforgiving terrain to save her life. But his comment as to whether he could love her had she been raped absolutely turned me off. This would have been the final insult.

  26. Hillers62
  27. Hillers62

    Will the next victim (and there will surely be one) and the family of the victim be so forgiving?...or will they blame Laura and her husband?
    This was a completely selfish act...that of trying to be "zen" about the experience.
    I cannot believe that they were so irresponsible as to let such people back into society to do their crime again...and NO...these criminals did NOT learn from their mistakes...they will write this one off as a lucky break and make it a good story down at the bar...
    ...after they have committed several more crimes...

  28. Emily Hirleman
  29. Emily Hirleman

    I would have jumped off the mountain too if I knew I just married a guy who isn't sure he could love me if I were raped.
    This is so incredibly disturbing.

  30. pjle
  31. pjle

    Guaranteed this will happen again.It won't be the guy with the tattoo but his two buddies are probably laughing and thinking as any other criminal would feeling emboldened to try it again.As for the couple who are obviously peace loving people.They made a mistake in recognizing that these three Gringos may have done this before and quite possibly there may be some soul out their who was not so fortunate but to ashamed to come forward.If it was me and my wife,Guaranteed I would have the scum locked away.I can guarantee anyone who watches this will be thinking as I am and will probably never go to that villa knowing full well that three men attempted to Rob,Rape,Murder these two.So If he had come back with the money he would have been killed.Finally I'D suggest to this couple to go see a shrink.What they did buy not seeking justice is beyond stupidity.Are they going to let every single person who may try to do something wrong or illegal get away with it and say to others.Lets shake hands and buy the way it's Quite O'K that my wife nearly got killed and please go do it again

  32. marimike6
  33. marimike6

    People like these kidnappers are known in Spanish as desperados-- people born with nothing, that have nothing to lose. They can be really nasty to deal with. They are the "desperate ones".
    In Latin America there are a lot of people like this, people society has no room for. And in some countries, whenever there get to be too many of them the police form death squads-- then go out at night to kill them off like rats.
    Ecuador has its share of them. In fact in downtown Quito, a very civilized town, if you find yourself not within sight of someone in uniform, with a gun, you're in a degree of real danger. Even in the daytime.

  34. Martin Ellacott
  35. Martin Ellacott

    Lara made a mistake......Steve is a shite head.

  36. Martin Ellacott
  37. Martin Ellacott

    She deserves better than Stevie boy.

  38. dmxi
  39. dmxi

    the girl made me loose a tear & the guy made my stomach turn....& the helping populace gave me hope for mankind.

  40. Imightberiding
  41. Imightberiding

    Uggh... that couple frustrates me. She was brave but naive & clearly swallows all the bullsh#t her husband feeds her. He is so full of himself & deluded in his thinking & perceptions to the point of making the whole experience all about himself.

    A nice, peaceful little town is left with violent criminals roaming free to hurt others.

    What a complete bell end Steve is.

  42. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq
  43. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Ha! Story of my life :-p

  44. idealpointer
  45. idealpointer

    she should have hooked up with the prosecutor!

  46. giallopudding
  47. giallopudding

    Never saw a bigger pair of idiots in my life. They will eventually be weeded out of the gene pool...only a matter of time.

  48. soros soria
  49. soros soria

    "She was all busted up everywhere and yeah...everyone was like..." How articulate.

    Well, i was in Ecuador years ago at a time when a small group of campers (gringos all) were murdered on a hillside; I met others in Colombia and Peru, all had been robbed one way or another, some by knife point in the streets. One fellow had his nose slashed open.

    I feel sorry for the Ecuadorians because basically most people are honest and very gracious. But, as one poster notes below, there are desperadoes, young gangsters who are not so nice. All you can do is not be foolish; forgo your sense of innocence and peace and love and all that naive nonsense, carry a knife at least, always, and be prepared to use it.

  50. TheElecticMystic
  51. TheElecticMystic

    Steve , it greatly pained me to hear you say that you wondered if you could love Laura if she were raped. ( do you suppose she wanted to be violated? ) For such a spiritually minded man to ponder such a question about his wife is beyond my comprehension. It seemed it was easier for you to forgive one of the men involved in her attack than it would have been for you to forgive your wife if she had been raped. Sometimes men are so spiritually minded that they are no earthly good. Have you ever pondered upon the premise that maybe part of your role in this terrible event was to help deliver justice to this monster so that his reign of terror could be stopped ?

  52. Jack1952
  53. Jack1952

    As I commented earlier, I found Steve's thinking that he may not love his wife as much if she was raped quite despicable. Even more telling, is when Laura says that if she threw herself off the cliff at least her husband would know that she had not submitted to the indignities those men intended. Both people in that relationship thinking only of the feelings of one person...Steve. She expressed anger towards those attackers and I would think that she would have proceeded with a prosecution of those criminals had not the husband made the decision for her. A one sided relationship in that marriage. I tend to think that she is so enamoured of Steve that she doesn't see that he is quite a manipulative person and that the relationship is all about him, not them.

  54. War Dog 666 - U
  55. War Dog 666 - U

    Steve Aube is a coward and an i*iot. He had the opportunity to put away his wife's tormentor and chickened out - all due to his so called 'spiritual' self awakening, what a load of crap - he makes me SICK!

  56. John Charles Rennie
  57. John Charles Rennie

    I can't believe How much of a coward this guy is. Talks about spiritualism?Please don't put the word Christianity in here, certainly not a place for it, the law would have intervened. And taken to task off his hands. Fear should not have been the order of the day, for him. But a set of B A L L S THAT'S WHAT HE SHOULD'VE had!!!

  58. John Charles Rennie
  59. John Charles Rennie

    you are absolutely wrong in your accounting of this situation. He is a prick and she has been diluted in her thinking having said I do in front of the justice or peace or the altar. And not see where this marriage was going to go. Basically off a cliff, pardon the pun. Your estimation of this state of affairs your only right on one count that he is woss a very light word, in her ordeal. I've heard of turned a blind eye but this is ridiculous

  60. oQ
  61. oQ

    Their marriage is just fine, it appears to be extraordinary. Look up her facebook account, it is open to public.

  62. Achems_Razor
  63. Achems_Razor

    Your facebook link did not work.

  64. oQ
  65. oQ

    i think you have to have a facebook account to open a facebook account...it's just as well! I wrote her a message and invited her to share a testimony...we shall see. Her recovery photographs are amazing, even within days she was glowing and recovering very rapidly.
    Thank you Achems.

  66. wald0
  67. wald0

    I'm glad to see that most ppl aren't falling for this spiritual awakening b.s., this man is a coward living in a fantasy world. I see this constantly, Westerners that are used to law and order and a spoiled existence going off to some place like Peru, Ecuador, The Darien Gap, etc. for so called adventure only to find that the real world isn't so safe and comfy, especially not for tourists. The difference is that most of them have the sense to adjust their thinking once they have been put through some horrible situation like this. Not these geniuses though, they left harboring the same silly misconceptions as when they came, the very misconceptions that landed them in trouble in the first place.
    Worse than that this coward who received no injury, lost no money, was not victimized in any direct way decided it was he and his wife's decision whether this man was removed from society. Maybe his wife had a say but, why him? What about the ppl and the authorities that have to live with this animal? These guys just packed up and left it all behind never even considering that just maybe they have a slightly over romanticized view of the world, that just maybe this same guy was raping some local or the next tourist that came skipping up the trail lost in new age b.s. They think it is impressive that they went back home harboring the same fantasies that got them in trouble-I don't get it.

  68. dmxi
  69. dmxi

    i don't think that it's a good idea to invite her here as the comments here are direct & harsh which would possibly hurt her or would open her eyes to the
    'knobbiness' of steve!
    maybe the interview was edited to make stevie appear that way as the producers felt the same way as we do...not comprehending his pacifistic passivity which he forces on to his wife,who knows?

  70. kevdok1955
  71. kevdok1955

    so sad.Laura is so nieve she dosent evin realize that steve is a sad excuse for a man.

  72. I AM POP SLAG.
  73. I AM POP SLAG.

    Some of the comments on here are very assuming, probably wrong and some of them are simply downright unpleasant- these two individuals are not the brightest knives in the box- pardon the pun, nor is steve seemingly either totally sane or a saint for that matter.
    However, You are ill considered in even airing your views on their marriage even if you are qualified in the subject of psychology- and if you are you shouldnt have such a qualification.
    How would you feel finding comments such as this whilst suffering probably quite severe post-traumatic stress symptoms?
    They seem to really love one another at least and nobodys perfect- certainly not you lot! as your perceptions of steve as an arch manipulating spiritual coward does not ring true with being married to a fearless, unkillable, ninja bubblehead.
    you dickheads.
    What's really weird is the style of the documentary, a sort of fear porn masquerading thinly as fake concern and solemnity.
    It's like the interviewer doesnt know whether to cum or say a mystical prayer to the spooky white cross.
    I speak english as my native tongue but this alien, overemphasised, dramatic repetitive drawl that these media chimps speak is like another language entirely-
    Not to mention the shameless manipulation of the emotions of traumatised people to add a bit more excitement to their hollywood news piece. What was it like to have your life threatened?
    was it terrible?
    i mean really awful?
    did your blood turn cold?
    did you see a white light?
    i bet it really really hurt didnt it?
    ....interviewer then leans back and relaxes as floods of tears flow down the poor, beaten, but brave heroines cheeks...
    cue explosion...end scene...

  74. oQ
  75. oQ

    Even though every one on TDF sees her as an id*ot, strange, misguided, irresponsible, beyond stup*d and a "genius" among others, i imagine she could defend herself quite well against the attacks she would read here. So no, i don't mind inviting her to explain herself.

    My initial reaction to this doc was what it was and it hasn't changed. After researching through their facebook pages which are both open to the public, i still come with the impression that this adventure (ordeal) ended up the way it ended up because every piece of the puzzle of life was in place for it.
    Had he been a braver, cockier guy they may both be dead now. Had she been less in love and trusting towards him she may be dead now. Had they chosen retribution they may not be healthy and happy as they are now (see her facebook page).
    We are all presented with weird events in our life and if those events were telecast in choppy slots of thoughts and events, who knows how good we would look.
    What do we know about these men out in Ecuador? The whole town knows who they are for sure by now, at least one of them. How has those men react to the chance life has given them? What have they learned about foreigners who carry lots of cash and not much brain, not much heart often times?
    I don't mind if people think i am nuts. I can tell you i have travelled a lot, i have come to some situations where although i didn't have to jump off a cliff , at times i had to jump in the arms of life....and i landed ok.

  76. dewflirt
  77. dewflirt

    I can only judge Steve on what is presented here, and by comparison to my own man which isn't really fair, mine does martial arts and doesn't mind a dust up! I try to understand everything he did but it isn't easy. I do struggle with his comment on whether or not he could love his wife if she had been raped. How can he feel ok about thinking that way? Rightly or wrongly he left her to fight it out on her own, she out-braved him, he must feel pretty inadequate. I can say with confidence that if my man had taken the decision to let my attacker walk free I'd have been seriously hacked off, and if he'd taken that man's hand in his own, our relationship would have been over. But that's just me, maybe I expect too much.

  78. oQ
  79. oQ

    may be...just may be....Steve loves her to his maximum, not able to imagine higher love and wondered in front of the world if that love could be diminished.
    If he had a say in the editing, perhaps he would have asked to take that part out as it is too personal...who knows? Not many man (or woman) would say in front of the whole world that they doubted themself to that extend even though some may. Remember that this was said many months after the experience, many months after a difficult recovery, many moons of (perhaps) talking, crying, healing together.

    Relationship over?....i bet you and your sweet have gone through stuff many would have thrown the towel down and walked out. We all have different limits, that's why beautiful unions still are around us if not within.


  80. oQ
  81. oQ

    What would your man have done, stay and get hacked together? or try one of his martial art move against 3 guys with machetes?
    Steve said he tried to convince them to let her go down instead, he tried to convince one man to go with him. He ran all the way down, went to his hotel took binocular saw there were only two men, went to the police, explained the situation in a language he was possibly not comfortable with, they organized a group and walked up and still after all this they could see three men walking away in the distance.
    I bet his heart was pounding like a mad dog.
    I should have, i could have, i would have....has never worked (fixed) anything other than create regrets.

  82. dewflirt
  83. dewflirt

    I'm prepared to give a bit, he probably was edited for effect but that doesn't change the fact that he thought it and so strongly that it stayed in his mind until he did the interview. If I was her, that comment would stay with me too. I'd be disappointed. I made my man watch this while I was out, Steve earned a grunt. Laura earned admiration. I asked what he would have done differently and he answered 'six million ways to die, choose one' and did a Snoop Dog impersonation. Pretty much as I'd hoped :)

  84. I AM POP SLAG.
  85. I AM POP SLAG.

    That was a truly, grotty thing to say but at least hes being honest!
    I thought it might have a bit more depth than just this comment- look at the context- he well may have meant "how could i still love her if i let this happen to her"
    just suppose...
    and the way the weird horny interviewer getting high on torture porn coaxes emotions out of her subjects is designed to illicit raw responses- i bet she used the word rape a few times in the build up before it eventually came out of his mouth...

  86. oQ
  87. oQ

    Well at least your man is up to your expectation. That's what counts.
    You guys know each other, love each other. Good for you!
    Hope you are never in this kind of situation, one never knows how one would react. Seconds go by so fast.

  88. oQ
  89. oQ

    What i would be curious to ask about is: what happened on the mountain when they first met the three guys? How were they approached? Why would the one guy take his mask off knowing he was sending the husband down in the town? How long was the girl unharmed and crouching? Did they get agitated when they heard the police sirens? Was their intention to really get the money and run for it or did they want to rape her while he was gone?
    Obviously this doc shows what it wants to show, tells what it wants to tell. It is almost as if they want to portray the guy as a loser and the woman as the victorious.
    For having worked in the cinema for over a year i can imagine the size of the crew members that were part of doing this report which also involved many residents, the whole thing was plotted ahead of time with a well identified scenario. The goal being to make a doc that attracts attention.

    This story has fascinated me since i first saw it. I can't get it out of my mind.

  90. Ho Mer
  91. Ho Mer

    can u give us a link to their Facebooks please

  92. oQ
  93. oQ

    Her facebook name is Laura RainbowLuv Milcawich, There is a series of photos under the file My Super Human Recovery.
    You need a facebook account to access a facebook account.

  94. Mariel
  95. Mariel

    She said she would kiss each of the rescuers.

  96. dmxi
  97. dmxi

    as soon as you go public,scrutiny has to be endured....that goes for everyone!

  98. Stephen Meares
  99. Stephen Meares

    a frustrateing Muddled up tale of wrong decision and poor judgement

  100. nohandlebars
  101. nohandlebars

    you... shook his hand?

  102. Erin Bersch
  103. Erin Bersch

    Amazing how much forgiveness the couple have towards the people who tried to kill them.

  104. a_no_n
  105. a_no_n

    on some level they probably realised that going into deprived areas of the world looking like well off tourists probably didn't help.
    This didn't happen because the men were 'evil' they probably just needed the money, which isn't a justification for anything, but to be honest when your kids are hungry, morals and justification goes out the window

  106. a_no_n
  107. a_no_n

    have you ever narrowly avoided death before?
    That's one of those moments where you'll go down on your knees and take a shot in the mouth if it means seeing your loved one again!

  108. Rahiman Abdul Hameed
  109. Rahiman Abdul Hameed

    I will love my spouse with 10fold intensity if she is raped or violated and I remained helpless. Just think about 1000s who get raped and die with denied justice in the hand of protected criminals in different parts of the world. Even the locals believed that it is a matter of time they committed some thing of more heinous. They had that courage because they probably belong to those groups and the Canadian nationality factor was the only thing which could make the difference in at least temporarily protecting the vulnerable from these scums. You blew that chance to come to terms with your whatever............

  110. Mary Foy
  111. Mary Foy

    So how many more people have been terrorized and raped as a result of your self-righteous desire to keep your own "energy" clean? And is it really clean?

  112. Mary Foy
  113. Mary Foy

    And how does rape factor into that equation?

  114. Mary Foy
  115. Mary Foy

    Forgiveness is one thing. Absolution is another. It was irresponsible not to repay the kindness of that village by helping them identify and remove a dangerous person from their midst.

  116. a_no_n
  117. a_no_n

    well...presumably if you're going somewhere where there's likely to be bandits, i think you can take it as read that they aren't going to be squeamish about being a bit rapey...Unless you're so sheltered from the real world you think sh1t like that doesn't happen anymore.

  118. Mary Foy
  119. Mary Foy

    My comment was a response to another comment. if you read them in chronological order they don't make sense because you can't see what I was responding to.

  120. a_no_n
  121. a_no_n

    i did click on the context button, but apologies all round if i've made a mistake.

  122. bringmeredwine
  123. bringmeredwine

    I liked this doc (actually a tv program sans les commerciales) because it was short and to the point. (Half an hour).
    I don't want to give the story away, but I must write that I have never met a flakier, weirder couple in my life.
    How did these two ever find one another and hook up? I hope they don't reproduce.
    I briefly admired Laura at the 20 minute mark when she made her dramatic descision. Steve HAD offered in the beginning to protect her, so he did one good thing; but she declined his offer.
    I was very impressed by the police and the volunteers, helping these crazy gringos who had put their lives at risk by wandering around in a very remote location, oblivious to the dangers.
    The decision these two made at the end was just plain nuts.They couldn't handle being in such a "dark place"? It's alright for others to be put in danger as long as it doesn't rock their own little flaky world?
    My man would have NEVER left me alone with the kidnappers; we would have both fought and probably died. It would have ended badly, I'm sure. But nor would we go traipsing around a foreign countryside all by ourselves, seeking "Nirvana".
    Watch this if you want to be left stunned at this couples' weirdness.
    I wonder what the police were thinking afterwards? Too bad nobody asked them on camera.

  124. Heidi
  125. Heidi

    The husband is a complete toser....He refers to himself throughout the complete doco! Talking about vibrations and spirtuality! These sort of people are so far removed from spirtuality its ridiclous..She is brainwashed..you can see that the reporter at times is looking at them both completely stunned, with the crap that comes out of there mouth...It was about the husband forgiving the man..it was about the wife forgiving the man and the husband for being such a dork...never trust a man who wears tops that have fitted on gloves...POSer

  126. Heidi
  127. Heidi

    i agree

  128. Theothereye
  129. Theothereye

    To most of the nasty comments about Steve..I felt the exact same way as what most of you guys felt when he said that he couldn't love her the same again if she was violated,but then i thought about it for awhile and.. I thiiiiiink that maybe the meaning behind it is not what we think it is. Think about it, if a person you love is being violated, you would feel angry and it would be very difficult to forgive and totally forget the incident. Maybe thereafter every time you see/touch/make love with her you might be pained or hurt by the memory that she was violated. Thus with such bad memories it's difficult to see the person in the same kind of happiness? as before again. I'm not saying that it's not possible to love someone wholeheartedly again because of the painful memories, I'm just saying that maybe what Steve meant was that he still loves her but to be reminded (constantly?) of what happened if she were violated is not exactly a nice feeling to mix into the whole lovey feelings? I don't know.. this is just how I feel but then again it would be nice if the person i love would still love me all the same if anything happens to me ? hahaha :) God bless all you lovely couplesssssssssssss!!!!!!

  130. el Turko - Europe
  131. el Turko - Europe

    Bad story in a bad place , they go alone to a place where everything can happend to everybody that is not from that city.

  132. The Worse One
  133. The Worse One

    OMG - Pacifist piss me off! He shook the guys hand and then let him walk??? W...T...F??? How many other victims are wishing that there was a different ending to this story.
    I do not think she "chose to fight" at all. She chose to jump AND let the bad guys get away.
    They are both a--holes for not pursuing prosecution.

  134. guest
  135. guest

    @ a_non_n: three men armed with machetes aren't stealing money to feed their children - it's premeditated armed robbery with multiple assailants and specific targets, making it crime that is organized.

  136. guest
  137. guest

    @ a_non_n: the only mistake you made was referring to people commit sexual assault as being "a bit rapey" - either you rape or you don't, so why put it on a scale when the law actually covers it all (threat, coercion and force)?

    It's an odd choice of words that belongs in your Hmmmm file - you know, those things that people say or do that make you go Hmmmm, what's up with that?

  138. priscilla
  139. priscilla

    People in the village told these bandits about the tourists hiking up the mountain. This probably happens all the time in this village, whenever there are tourists. It's never safe to travel to third world countries.

  140. beepath
  141. beepath

    Hell's bells! I wouldn't even go camping in the US without a gun and a knife. Those days are gone when you didn't need to be armed.

  142. beepath
  143. beepath

    They were hungry alright, but not for food. Another thing, he's running down the mountain and he's actually considering how he'd feel about his wife if she were to be raped. What medieval culture did he come from. And the cop said the the guy involved was seen around town.....unbelievable!

  144. Namaste Sommer
  145. Namaste Sommer

    Or maybe he threw her off the mountain, thought she was dead, made up the story and she "forgave" him. The only physical "evidence" was the police finding someone with a yinyang tatoo. Don't suppose there are many of those in a place that caters to new ager tourists.

  146. Dini Ghost
  147. Dini Ghost

    oh yeah, and all he could think of was 'ew could I ever touch her again?'. dude you are a piece of S***

  148. Sam Riley
  149. Sam Riley

    Something here doesn't smell quite right. It just doesn't.

  150. Scott H
  151. Scott H

    The narrator says Quito is the highest capital in the World. This is false. La Paz Bolivia is the highest, Quito is #2.

  152. Susan
  153. Susan

    This couple are a bunch of idiots. She is lucky she survived but once men like this get away with one crime, they are likely to repeat it and be more effective next time. This puts other people in even greater danger. The true heroes are the Ecuadoreans. If people went out of their way to save my life like this, I would not only fly back, but do everything I could to at least get to know their names, thank them personally and help them in anyway I could in return. What an ungrateful couple. But now Ecuador will be on my lists to visit.

  154. LAURA
  155. LAURA

    they are both nullified boring people

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