Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11

2004, 9/11  -   41 Comments

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American EmpireHijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire examines how a radical fringe of the Republican Party used the trauma of the 9/11 terror attacks to advance a pre-existing agenda to radically transform American foreign policy while rolling back civil liberties and social programs at home.

The documentary places the Bush Administration's false justifications for war in Iraq within the larger context of a two-decade struggle by neoconservatives to dramatically increase military spending in the wake of the Cold War, and to expand American power globally by means of military force.

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  1. Will Hybrid Beats Vergano

    So... its been removed due to 3rd party copyright notifications. I assume that was the makes of this video? Of course, its a documentary! They would want this type of thing not to be shown to as many people as possible wouldn't they... ;)

  2. DoHuh (Sombrero del WalMart)

    Preemptive War by a nation with only 2 countries on it borders and protected from conventional war by 2 oceans. Yet we spend more money on weapons than the rest of the world combined. That has to tell you something.

    1. batvette

      Preemptive war? Gee I thought Saddam invaded Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and refused to meet the conditions of the cease fire he agreed to.
      But then silly me, I don't see the good in portraying the actions of our side in a bad light to the world.

    2. James Shawver

      Preemptive strike was the term W. used in the run up to the invasion, along with words like wmd, mobile chemical labs, aluminum tubes, yellow cake from Niger, meetings in Prauge with terrorists, and smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud. I don't see the good in portraying W. as being noble when every reason he gave for the invasion was shown to be untrue. I don't believe any of the 9/11 conspiracies, but let's not rewrite history.

  3. N

    America look in the mirror...

  4. buttons1994

    The Republican's???????? I'd say the left had more to do with it all..but all of them are behind it.. God help us!

    1. cinesimon

      Because paying attention is too hard for you?????

  5. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    The essencial: "They will fail" quoting Kevin Danaher

  6. 911_was_an_Inside_Job

    No matter how much we disagree with these tyrants, they are gonna do what they do best. Wage War, Kill innocent, Colonise other Countries, spoil and steal resources, make life hell for comon people, bring one World Government.
    I only hope, we as the generation of today together with the generation of yesterday and the generation of tomorrow could make an impact so hard that these tyrants can never rise again.

    1. Andrew Crook

      We are and we will. Free Humanity is rising and these tyrants are doomed.

    2. 911_was_an_Inside_Job

      And i am absolutely positive about it. We are not gonna lose this battle.

    3. batvette

      You're a real Che Guevara.
      You bring some proof of an inside job and we'll see about that.

  7. Winston Smith

    "How could they have placed explosives in the buildings without anybody noticing?" (*Read; 'DEMOLITION ACCESS TO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER by Kevin Ryan in the Journal of 9-11 Studies & Jim Hoffman on 911research.wtc7 net has 'A Hypothetical Blasting Scenario' which go over some of the possibilities.)

    There are many different possibilities and all are hypothetical.. Maybe the person or people in charge of security might have had an easier time of it. It could only be hypothetical but people have looked at this.The cores, could only be accessed through the elevator shafts, had their own walkway-floors beyond the walls on the interiors of the buildings.

    There's no question that these events happened as witnessed and that uncontrolled fires and gravity (subsequent to the plane crashes, the buildings stood for only 56 &102 mins) ) cannot possibly account for all the anomalies that make the official explanations impossible.

    For example: the speed and symmetry in the destruction of WTC 1 2 & 7, the explosiveness of 1 & 2, which systematically blasted apart the entire buildings and their core structures, blasting them laterally for hundreds of feet in every direction creating 1200' debris fields and massive pyroclastic clouds, pulverized most of the concrete in the Towers, and left 1100 missing bodies,,- all in about 12-13 seconds.

    The fires burned for 100 days (w/temps as high as 2800f). Despite continuous efforts to put them out, neither water nor special fire suppressants could extinguish them for over 3 months, molten metal, explosions, sham investigations which ignored evidence, the rapid disposal of most of the structural steel, the FEMA BPAT Appendix C which documents molten structural steel, the iron micro-spheres, and so on.. are all indicators of additional energy sources and a cover-up by investigators which did not even test for explosive residues.

    1. batvette

      you better get your story straight with the rest of the twoofers, they think a good talking point is "collapsed in their own footprint".

      Check it out! Gravity! Who knew?

    2. Jeff N.

      I bet going through life with blinders on, and a limited intelligence, really sucks!

  8. Liebewitz

    to add a little context to my initial comment infra-

    I remember in 1963-as a 7 year old-seeing JFK -in Dublin Ireland. He was not a bad man despite what some opportunist lazy and cowardly latter day scibes would have you think. Dead men can't sue. I digress

    When I heard news of his murder -5 months later-I was scared of this 'Oswald' character. Years later-what Warren et al- overlooked-was evident to anyone who cared to notice.

    40 years -or a little shy of it; I have had the great opportunity to visit almost half of the great US States from California to Vermont.

    My interest and fascination with aviation -found me at flight test areas and air force bases across the length and breath of a wondrous land-of kind and talented and hard working people.

    In 2007-I was privileged to be in the White House -and in retrospect take up JFK''s offer -to visit there-which he made in the summer of 63. I as an 'ordinary Joe visitor' that is

    . I have similarly been privileged to have been permitted to 'tour'the Pentagon -twice no less. I stood in the centre or center-of that 'power house'-and to this day -I would see the folks there -as 'good'.

    I stood -in Lincolns 'place' in the Capitol building as I tend to do-in aslightly obsessive way -at most -most historic places =across the globe

    As critical sense developed-I believe I understood most socio -economic -cultural political moves-(though I missed the Ollie and Ronnie Iran Contra intrique-which was some move-by the backroom boys)

    Anyway-to bring matters to issue at hand-----I fell for the 9/11 tragedy 'line'---until I decided -belatwdly this September 2011-to review the evidence.

    The only conspiracy -is to take the meaning out of the word. The 'evil' which the misguided Mr Bush spoke of -as he rode backseat -behind real pilots onto a carrier-is the coterie of Cheney, Rumsfeld , and their ilk-who sat out wars in Vietnam and Korea-and schemed ways to make 'meaning' of their lives-by the acquisition of money and power-
    .......in effect making war on thie own nation,

    Notwithstanding the cabal of power holders -mentioned in most of the documentaries here ....the lowest form of human life outside of them and lower than bankers and esate agents is the self serving media tribe..

    Here in Ireland-the -the aforementioned Random Tedious Effluent videlicet RTE-; along with cartoon class TV3 ;Newstalk' ;Today FM-make up the numbers.

    They height of their inquiry-when not insincerely joking and 'joshing among themselves on the latest celebrity - is to ask their audience -'dial up-if you can-and answer if you can-where is New York'-and win a chance to win -a chance to win -something. The money of course -is collected to add to hyper salaries...but one 'member' of their audience wins something.

    The scary element is that folk do-and that indicates how easlily people can be manipulated-and ultimately 'down the line' controlled

    Keep a critical eye-or develop one -if necessary-and try to resist print and visual 'networks'-who will only take your soul away for the price of a holiday or a car .

    Seek the truth -in the USA and -across the world
    -or in my country Ireland (where the political class are 'only' inordinately clueless and greedy)-that is -God forbid- they could ever wage war.

    more anon

    Maurice Aherne

    aka Liebewitz

    1. Ireno Rodriguez

      So true!

  9. Liebewitz

    -the opening speeches-' they have lethal weapons' -replays in my mind the old truth in jest -that is....

    How do we know-they have weapons?
    we have the receipts---
    Sadam +Osama-are---eh -were old friends---eh clients---eh---cut the tape!!!!!

    NB-Here in Ireland-the national media RTE or Random Tedious Effluvia 'news ' department -follow the 'line'.
    that is when they are not condescending to their audience -or selling them something-or mesmerising them-- in other sublimal ways-while they pamper themselves and their own golden circle of opinion making friends.
    Sadly the same-is evident for neighbours in the UK.

    Even the more intellectually searching agencies-and less corrupt- in Germany and France among others have bought to some degree-the 'line'

    Panem et Circenses- - bread and circuses
    ...Here! Buy this commodity- you need!
    -while we show you sport and musak-and
    Give your minds a holiday!
    Don't ask and don't worry!--ad nauseum-adinfinitum

  10. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    This one should be watched by every American citizen. It seems to me that many of them didn't quite understand what patriotism really means.

    No sensationalism - but instead smart people with insight on every level of government, politics, and economy.

    It should not be forgotten that patriotism is a form of nationalism, supporting the notion of the own country being better than any other. But countries are made of people, humans like you and me... or the Afghani mother, the Iraqi father, the Somali daughter, and so on. There is no 'better'. Every human life has the same value. The only value that can change is the value of a person for their respective society, which is of course dependent on the view of the observers on that person.

    Patriotism - in its worst form - is planted in our brains by leaders in order to be manipulated in a certain direction. How this usually turns out we can learn from history. No single empire which thought of itself to be 'superior' and tried to force others to be a part of it has ever survived.

    Another aspect I personally have a problem with is the pride which goes along with patriotism. How can I be proud to be - in my case - German when it was merely coincidence that I was born in Germany? Did I choose it? Is it an achievement? What if I was born in Venezuela, or China, or Eritrea? Would it make me better or worse as a human? I think not. (Please do not counter with any Third Reich stuff; the USA has enough skeletons in its own closet - as well as any other country for that matter.)

    On a sidenote, as far as I know pride is a cardinal sin as well. Not that this would affect me, being an agnostic, but I understand the message anyway. We would be all better off with a little more of its counterpart - humility.

    'Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.' - Oscar Wilde

    I believe tolerance, freedom, and peace, would be much worthier goals to strive for.

    All I learned about the USA in the last two decades reminds me as a German of our own not so far past. I already see America going into the exact same direction.

  11. tonymalone501

    Patriots are always standing alone, being imprisoned, laughed at or shot.Whatever the enemys of freedom loving people can use to quite them. I am older andf yes I used to believ in my government but our founding fathers knew better. The free press was supposed to help inform people of what is really going on but now try and just mask a question that the non constitutional abiding govt we have now. Patriots are few and far between so you may want to educate yoursel if you want to concider your self a patriot. Patriotism is not standing behind a lying governmet it is standing up to them. you may be called names you may be physically injured or worse, but if you wish to be a patriot then stand for the conxtitution, when you see rights being pushed unfer the rug raise your voice. This is not the same country I grew up in. Do some research. I believe you can be proud of our country and be wrong I was.

    1. James Shawver

      Why would he need to educate himself before he calls himself a patriot? Is it because he does not share your narrow views of patriotism? People need to adopt your beliefs or they can't love their country. I'm sorry but you sound as ignorant as Bush.

  12. debbye


    good luck with the delusions!

  13. debbye

    When the events of this "era" were unfolding, i knew that the words spewing from our leaders were BullS**t!

    I knew that the WTC buildings collapsed in the manner of a planned demolition, as i watched in horror on TV.

    I also knew, that the US government is not representative of the "freedoms" that our country stands for. I have long been an activist for the rights of those who have no voice. I am no longer young. Nor am I as active as I once was.

    I am no longer a "Cockeyed Optimist" … & our future is grim.

    I can understand the view of the world community towards the US. i do not believe that the "people" are represented, anymore.

  14. Davd


  15. t.altan

    those colors did not fly....and they never wil!!

  16. TREBOR

    Our country would never be this cruel. The USA is the best country on this planet. The most compassionate people and
    God fearing. I love my country, the troops, the flag and the people. The US Goverment has many wonderful and caring people
    who would never allow these lies to take place. PATRIOT HERE AND ALWAYS WILL BE!

    1. GoughLewis

      Psychologists tell us that many people's view of the government is a projection of their view of their parents. In other words, whatever they believe about their parents, they also believe about the government. He or she assumes that the government wants to protect its citizens, just as his or her parents tried to protect their family (or at least he or she believed they did).

      So for this average American, believing that the government could do something cruel would be extremely difficult. And to question Fathers actions is tantamount to betraying that approving fathers love, regardless of the fact he is a mass murderer with a pathology of secretiveness/deception/perception management.

      The script goes like this Trebor:

      The sleazy looking cop, as cops all look like these days, says to the kid, "Kiddo... we caught your Dad doing something very very wrong, he did some things well, they are so disgusting we are going to wait until you grow up a bit before we can tell you, ok? ...we have the DNA tests Kiddo, it's your Dad! I know this is hard to except!"

      The kid looks into the reptile like eyes of the authority figure, and trusts him because he is an authority figure, but screams out anyway, "My Dad would never be this cruel. My Dad is the best on this planet. The most compassionate of people and God fearing. I love my Dad, the troops, the flag and the people. My Dad is wonderful and caring people who would never allow these lies to take place. I LOVE MY DAD AND ALWAYS WILL!"

      "Kiddo... your dad is going to be getting a lethal injection when a jury hears the evidence on what your Dad did." The sleazy cop, as they all are, snorts with joy. "I just wish I could be the one stickin that needle deep into your Dad's sick @!*% arm myself Kiddo! ...he's one sick ass son of a bitch." Cop laughs, as the Kid cries tears, and muttering ver and over, "I'll never believe it...EVER!!! (boo hoo hoo)

      Just a thought on mental resistance to information regarding the dark event of September 11th, 2001.

    2. oklima

      Trebor,I feel sorry for you, you blind mouse...


      Nurse! He's out of bed again!

  17. Peter Leclair

    This most riveting doc is telling something I already know. At the onset of 9/11 I was convinced that the attacks were part of a conspiracy from the get go and the axis of EVIL is within the office of the U.S Government and the men who planned to takedown Saddam were the very demons within. Sure enough North America has become the most hated in the world thanks to a war that was never justufied. When George Bush senior saved Kuwait,the invasion bye Saddam was just the specific war that the Bush chronies of the 2002 era had been hoping for. The U.S could have killed Sadam but the powers that be needed a more powerful reason to invade Iraq. I have paid special attention to the words NEW WORLD ORDER. I am convinced this might become reality within my lifetime.Finally everytime a question was raised bye the media about Iraq junior Bush would falter with his answers and would be caught in a lie.These war mongerers will pay the ultimate price in the end when they must answer to a higher power that will see right through the lies. We as a people should hold them responcible for the lives of thousands. This is high treason. These thugs have made a mockery of the principles set out in the declaration. Wasted hundreds of years and insulted Washington,Jefferson.Lincoln as well as Rosevelt.

  18. Brett Gasper

    This documentary is compelling - but has a leftist bias (Norman Mailer and Naom Chomski)

    Remember it was Bill Clinton in his 1998 State of the Union Adress who brought up Iraq's WMD's. The CIA knew that Sadam Husein gave up his WMD's to deny his sons in law CIA protection after their meeting in Amman, Jordan.

    Remember also, that the Democrats voted to go to war. If they were lied to - that just makes them incompetant... Democrats and Republicans.

    Robert Byrd and Ron Paul voted "NO" for war in Iraq.

    I was in Iraq when we were viewed as liberators and I thought that was a graceful time to leave. Paul Bremmer screwed that up by disbanding the police, military and public works... welcoming in the militias.

    1. communism_works

      There is no left/right. It's the same policies running the country. I know friend from Iraq, who calls the new government a bunch of thieves.

    2. cinesimon

      It's very clear you don't you know what 'leftist' even means.

  19. Yavanna

    good doc - very slick, approaches the political causes. Also useful to view from an economical viewpoint.

  20. Vlatko

    Thanks decaris, I appreciate that.

  21. decaris

    I have your site bookmarked and have watched quite a few documentaries so far and find them very informative. Thanks for putting this together and keep up the good work.

    1. Jules

      This is one of my favorite sites ever!!! I've watched easily over 100 docs on this site, in every category. It's amazing, and has really opened up my eyes to everything from factory farming to political issues. Vlatko, you rule!! I intend to keep watching docs on this site as long as you keep them coming. :o)
      ~A very thankful Californian.