Hijacking Humanity

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Hijacking HumanityAre you a corporate body and legal name registered as chattel property with the corporation you reside in? What the heck does that even mean?

After connecting with many people from around the world during 5 years of intense research, Paul Verge charts his journey of startling discoveries through the many systems that govern our lives in North America, where hidden levers are pulled, backs are scratched in the shadows and the seemingly unconnected gears of everyday powerbrokers combine into a massive jigsaw puzzle, revealing themselves to be part of the juggernaut machinery pushing towards a consolidation of World Power.

This film examines the many aspects of our Authoritative Systems that we take for granted in our everyday lives. From Currency Printing and The Origins of our Money, to How the Media Works and Compartmentalization of Information, this film connects the dots between seemingly unconnected dynamics of our System.

Find out who YOU really are, Legally and Lawfully -Discover the difference between the Sovereign Human and the Legal Person. Empower yourself with important sources of key information, from Books to other Mind-Blowing Documentaries that will change the way you look at the world, and inspire you to do something important that makes a difference!

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  1. americanzombie

    WATCH the numbers you see on TV, Internet, & Movies (Planet Of The Apes / old & new / The Stand/ The Bone Collector/ Tooth Fairy 2) /TONS OF MOVIES /You Tube videos EVEN HERE relating to us being fuct over as humans sheep! THIS IS ALL BEING DONE BY THESE ILLUMINATI CODE LOVING ZIONIST , They use it all the time you watch it will blow your mind. It's called digital root. Say a police cruzer, helmet, license plate, train, plane, or boat has #'s on it in a MOVIE or youtube views add it up digit by digit then add the double digit sum then on to the next digit so [9]+[2]=11(1+1=2) 2+[9]=11(1+1=2) 2+[8]=10+[3]=13 YOU WILL SEE THE NUMBERS 13 18 & 9 so often you'll know it's a message, TO ME THIS SEEMS LIKE A TAUNT REFERING TO REVELATIONS 13:18 especially since it refers to 666 which is 9. NOW THE TRIANGLE add these 3 #'s anyway you want 13 18 9 and you have a triangle of perfection. DO IT NOW AND TAKE YOUR PLACE AMONG THE FEW PEOPLE ON EARTH WHO KNOW THIS SECRET. Oh and please tell the sheep!!!

    1. Achems_Razor

      Give me a break! me-thinks that you watch to many movies. As in "knowing Prediction"-with Nicolas Cage.

  2. Lora Catherine

    Why all the background music? So distracting and irritating.

  3. zaphodity

    People being the way they are its hard to believe "they" could consolidate anything into one powerful entity without trying to stab each other in the back in the process. Perfect example of this are the Greek, Roman, English and American empires. No, I believe it'll remain the way it's always been, dog eat dog trying to scramble up to the top of the **** heap.

  4. Mrbrutus1

    Hum.... I tried to watch this but you tube would not allow me to see it! Wjh

  5. Rocky Racoon

    Good Doc, it is the economic that's for sure! What to do about it. Public money for the public interest-not subsidizing private wealth.

  6. mav1969

    excellent i knew a lot of the 911 was a inside job! great work because before i knew aaron russo or his america freedom to fascim u cant believe how many people friends family thought i was crazy! i was begining to believe i was nuts. but i saw aaron russo interview with alex jones and i downloaded and showed my family. after hearing people talk about what i felt in my heart that something is wrong with the world never again will i dought my gut instinct.to bad their still people who think its BS but im glad im not bowing down to the very same people who sticking that big blue & red dick in their ass!

  7. MJ

    The Sovereign-Person and Freemen-On-The-Land movements are horseshit. I took the bait when I first saw a few videos of people quoting this law and that definition. That is, until I actually opened my own deluxe edition of Black's Law Dictionary and saw the actual language. And then I read the Constitution of the USA, my Constitution. These pseudo-legal gurus are selective and greatly abuse terms for their own unsubstantiated definitions. It's simply ridiculous.

  8. Jim N.

    Can you please specify which book on the Rothschilds do you recommend, have not been able to find a book entitled "The Rothschild Dynasty" There is the Broffmans Dynasty as well.

  9. Helmholtz Watson

    It is not encouraging to see the first, glaring, factual error at 1:54. The quote, "war does not determine who is right - only who is left," is from Bertrand Russell, not from Confucius. To claim it as a quote from Confucius is utterly ridiculous, and quite shockingly ignorant. The quote is a 'paraprosdokian sentence,' and its effectiveness, thereby, depends on the 'play on words' (right - left). Confucius likely spoke and wrote in Carloshatesu (Old Chinese) and the meaning does not translate.
    Only 1 minute, 54 seconds, in and this movie has, already, lost all credibility, as pertaining to its 'factual information.'

  10. Rose

    Yep, we're screwed so far.
    But the more people get poor, the smaller the group of rich people. :-)
    That' the last war.

  11. Tyrant

    Terrible documentary. I turned it off when he started describing the "pyramid scheme" I mean who the f--k needs that explained to them ?
    And all the coloured text with terrible fonts... very irritating. Is this conspiracy theory for pre - school kids ?
    And the randomness of the big pointy arrow pointing towards apparently JP Morgan I believe ? Without even explaining what the f--k JP Morgan has got to do with anything hes talking about.

    Terrible documentary dont watch it.

  12. Eve

    I appreciate the spirit of inquiry and empowerment of individuals but I always feel dirty when I watch this type of doc because they shamelessly use all the same techniques of propaganda our human brains eat like candy. Why are we such a bunch of easy whores.

  13. some guy

    This is a badly made, unprofessional film that teaches you nothing. It's a waste of time, and it doesn't help anyone to "empower themselves", but instead makes everything more complicated by mixing fact and fiction and spreading fear.

    Sensationalist paranoid bullshit.

  14. Tess

    Wow!! A power point presentation. So blown away!

    I appreciate learning that he was pulled over by boarder guards for reading/carrying "Alice in Wonderland & the World Trade Centre" or something of the sort. I travel often enough to the states, that something like that COULD effect me (while carrying grass BAD idea right?)

    But the doc is s@#$. If you need a Canadian to reedit with good material shoot me a message. Let your view ACTUALLY come across and not be laughed at :)

  15. HeWinked

    Excellent documentary...part 2 and 20 have no audio...followed the links posted in prior comments...not pleased that I have to fill out an "APPLICATION" to watch on the hijacking humanity dot com website ;)...still, a good doc.

  16. 1perspective

    must see documentary.

  17. Nigel from New Zealand

    that's what good documentaries do! they consolidate information from a variety of sources & present it for viewing thus allowing people to have a well researched summary of the facts, very few people have the time or ability to do the lengthy reserach themselves. Nothing new? maybe for you Nick, there are those viewing this information for the very first time & for them this is a brilliantly presented piece.

  18. Moris

    There is no way out. The Rothschilld dynasty has spread to far. They have control over our lives. Napoleon tried to collapse them, and tried to nationalize his banks, so as Hitler. Now days there is no lever to prevent, to limit, this hierarchy unlimited power (global).

    You guys should read first the book called: The Rothschild Dynasty!

  19. jack1952

    I have no opinion. I am a brainwashed zombie at least until I agree with the nonsense on this nonsense. Then I join the enlightened ones.

  20. Eli

    Law was created by the people? Any historian would know that law is a product of heirarchy. egalitarians and primatives have a temporary understanding and taboos; civilizations have esoteric law. aside from this and a few others, the film is a nice compendium of knowledge many need even if it is something one disagrees with.

  21. Achems Razor


    Yeah, looked into free-man stuff for quite awhile, since I am an employee of the govment here in Canada according to my birth certificate number, they actually owe me millions because of the bond they took out on me at my birth, trying to collect of course is another matter!

    If anyone is interested in this free-man stuff, simply google..."Robert Menard"...or..."thinkfree.ca"

  22. princeton

    @achems Razor
    whoa? me no know you got into tha freeman stuff.. awesome!
    that was actually what got me into my unorthodox approach to beating victimless court cases.
    the free man on the land stuff is a little tougher to fight and prove in court, but "corpus delicit" & "standing" as i tried to tell Ez holds up pretty well.. and although I haven't done the freeman stuff (a little tricky in the US) I can pretty much walk away from any traffic case.. we are currently working a couple of drug possession cases to see if we can get around the lawyer assigned and actually beat one of those.
    you guys should also check out marc stevens @ marcstevens . net. for some more iron clad strategies.

  23. Achems Razor

    A very good in-depth doc on most everything, including 9-11, codex alimentarius, even religions. (except there was no sound on 2, or 21, segments)

    I have been following "Robert Menard" here in Canada EH! for some years now, he is what is called a "free man on the land"

    Whereas pays no income tax, can operate an unregistered vehicle, without drivers license, no tickets or fines etc:, or any other fines or tickets, for that matter.

    Check his free website. and you do not have to "sign up".

  24. Nick

    Watched the first hour. Seems like the filmmaker just took parts from other docs and put them together. Nothing new or special.

  25. The ImPoster

    @Andrew C
    You don't have to sign up or provide any information for chapters 1 and 5... The rest can be found on YouTube and Google for free. Its a YouTube problem in this case.

  26. Andrew C

    They want to drive you to their website where you can watch the movie in full for free... but you have to give them your information to sign up after part 1...

    This is a ploy to collect your info to view the movie. It could be harmless. If you put in false information it will let you watch the other chapters for free.

    I'm doing it right now. Not sure if the video is worth it. Kinda of a backhanded thing to do, especially when you are doing a video exposing the evils of corporations...

    I'm in sales myself. This is a great way to generate leads (something I do actually) but I think philosophical discussion over the internet shouldn't be used to capture leads. Instead people should be encouraged to spread the film.

    Maybe I'm wrong, I'll watch the success of this movie. I know it took me some work to get it and the path put me up on guard.

  27. Moris

    no sund at part 2