On the Line: A History of Ericsson

Chernobyl HeartOn The Line brings Ericsson's rich history of innovation to life told by those who helped change the way we communicate.

Their story may appear to revolve around technology and engineering, but their impact goes much further, transforming lives for the better.

On The Line is not about products or services. Instead it highlights Ericsson's personality, its people's values - and the moments where sparks of imagination and innovation changed everything.

The name itself is intended to reflect the risk that Ericsson people were willing to take, and also the more literal interpretation of communicating by phone.

Ericsson's contemporary innovators are building a Networked Society, standing upon the shoulders of giants.

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Ratings: 8.54/10from 26 users.

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14 Comments / User Reviews

  1. lechaise

    Pretentious and annoying, it's a half hour advert and the whole "focus on the characters while they say nothing" intro to the people just smacks of arse kissing. It's a shame because the information in the documentary is interesting enough, but let down by the irritating style of it all.

  2. System expert

    Ericsson its not only cell phone - you cant just day that Ericssons design ugly phones . You dont sems to understand that Ericsson constructed all the system architecture(axe, bastation system)behind every Phone call. Thats the brillians behind Ericsson compare to other "Phone" companies. This is what this doc shows.

  3. Black N Bianco

    Very inspirational documentary.

  4. francisco sa

    Pity the bees are going away...anyway who need bees !!!???

  5. Grace

    Fantastic ...great work...

  6. borsuk88

    Well, Ericsson phones I had (two of them, one was Sony-Ericsson) had the worst unintuitive menus and user experience I`ve seen. Maybe first on technology, but last on interface. Just my private opinion. and no, I don`t work for their competition in any way.

  7. lex lexich

    how can that be ''transforming lives for the better'', we made several steps back in inter-human communication with cell-phones only, i am seriously trying to kill my cell phone at least in my private life

  8. tim trudell

    congrats ericsson co. on your contribution to the accelerated decline of humanity.

  9. Alexandru Matei

    we want to hear about the story of nokia :)

    1. lex lexich

      same sh t

  10. WiseGapist

    What a pile of ****... I doubt anybody will ever read this comment because frankly, what kind of deranged mind would click on a doc about the history of Ericsson^...

    I suggest that anybody reading this comment should immediately click another doc category before it's too late. -------->

  11. Emil Delin

    On the line! What a joke of a name,"The name itself is intended to reflect the risk that Ericsson people were willing to take, and also the more literal interpretation of communicating by phone." More like Chinese productionlines and outsourcing agendas.

  12. I AM POP SLAG.

    "designing freedom" oh f&ck off ericsonn. just f&ck off...

  13. I AM POP SLAG.

    quite interesting but basically a rather long advert for well....guess who?
    from the chirpy advert soundtrack to the narrators chirpy "isnt it wonderful" tone.
    I expected the thing to end with the slogan "the new sony ericsson x4005606 -connecting the world etc. etc.
    Its a PR piece- Vlatko sort it out...
    The subject matter is very interesting but its missing vast tracts of information and basically an exercise it blowing smoke up a corporations arse, nothing about ericsson the man...nothing about their collaborators- they just keep repeating "we were first we were first,we were first-"