History of Magic
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History of Magic

2008, Mystery  -   20 Comments
Ratings: 6.97/10 from 31 users.

History of MagicThis show will trace the development of entertainment magic throughout the world, from its earliest roots in religious ritual and tribal shamanism to today's international stars of Las Vegas and television.

This series will cover all of the mentalism subject from prediction, book test, blindfolded, fortune teller, levitation history, secret tricks, and developments.

This is the story of how the dream of levitation and fantasy of the mysterious east combine to the magic golden age.

On all form of magic, close up is the oldest, the simplest, and the purest. At its heart there is trick that hardly change for thousand of years.

This is the story of how the magician has taken the scientific advantages and use them to conjure up a new ways to make things appear and disappear.

There is one kind of magic that put the magician in danger or appears to. This is the story of how dangerous magic has been defined by one man legacy for more than one hundred years.

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20 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Rick Donovan

    3 of Diamonds hahaha you nailed it and it was in rewinding i saw the subtly clues, that is creepy. Nice Nice.

  2. Jacek Walker

    There is a lot of magic around in daily life. One only needs to put aside the calculative mind for a moment.
    And those cheap tricksters...magic would be the last thing to find in them.

  3. Jen

    Where's parts 4-6? Too bad, considering there's only half an hour left of a five hour documentary!

  4. Caspar William

    wOW tHiS iS gAY

  5. Kyle Parker

    stop typing like that. you are not a twelve year old girl.
    and if you are, go to bed.

    1. Mark Sutherland Jr.

      lawl, Thas my magic font.. Im glad you like it..

  6. Mark Sutherland Jr.

    IF YoU Were TO ExPlAiN To Som1 What PenN & TelLEr Do. YoU woUlD JusT HvE To SImPlY SAy ThEY TaKE MaGiC TOo ThE NEXt Lvl.


    great doc very entertaining! especially enjoyed the close up stuff, truly magical.

  8. Nino Bennett

    Shazam ! how Fun !

  9. Yeung Xiao

    OMG as a magician this is so cool!!
    I can't believe someone took the time to capture the magical arts for a doc.

  10. misterwong

    Is it possible to de-materialize and teleport yourself through solid matter?
    Is it possible to be in two different dimensions at once?Sure,Houdini did it over a hundred years ago.Marty McFly and the guy in"The Prestige",Mister Spock and Captain Kirk did it.All we have to do is work out the details.Magic doesn't bother with the small stuff.It just shows us that it's possible.
    That's what Magic is.The Art of the Possible

    1. Gary V

      misterwong, if you like magic tricks there is a very good doc on here that I think that you might enjoy, if you have not already watched it, it is in the science section & it is called "Is Seeing Believing?", You might also enjoy "What is reality". I highly recommend both of them to anyone who has not yet watched them.

      I'm sorry but I'm sure if the second doc is the one that I was thinking of, it's still well worth watching though. I was trying to find a doc that I have watched that should answer your question "Is it possible to de-materialize and teleport yourself through solid matter?" The problem is that I have watched so many that I can't remember exactly which one is which, if I come across it again I will let you know.

    2. misterwong

      Thanks,Gary,I shall follow your link


      yeahh they are def. a couple of my faves on this awesome site. i'm about to watch this one right now, i usually just skim through some comments first. this one looks promising.

  11. tomdham

    I'm only up to Episode 3, 1/6 and so far EP1 6/6 is completely missing and the end of Ep2, 6/6 is cut off at the very end.
    Pretty interesting in all though.

  12. Gary V

    I watched the first hour then it got blocked by channel 4 here in the UK, I didn't bother with Anchorfree or finding a direct link to it because in the first hour I had not seen anything that I didn't already know. Maybe I will come back to it at a later date & try to watch some of the other 4 hours of it, if I'm really bored & desperate for something to watch. I didn't think that in this day & age that anyone (except the misguided or uneducated) still believed in magic of any description, I thought that we all knew that it was all just illusions & trickery. I watched it several hours ago & was not going to even bother to comment on it until I read gabbledegook's comment & thought that I would add my own to it. As always, watch it yourselves & draw your own conclusions.

    1. misterwong

      Misguided or uneducated,poor deluded fools,victims of dupery.Gary,I gave you more credit than that.Why yes,Magic Is illusion and trickery,as I'm sure we were ALL aware.Are you now on a quest to expose Robin Hood and Father Christmas(they're not real either you know,I'm not too sure about Father Christmas,seeing Is believing)
      Conjuring is one of the oldest forms of performance art to entertain,to astonish and ,well yeah,to bilk folks out of their dough.
      Powerful religious priests (Greeks,Mayan,Druid)relied on displays of Magic to prove divine powers.ESP,telekinesis,even levitation were studied intensely by the Soviets and CIA.(MKULTRA).It was the imaginings of magicians that propelled us to invent the talking pictures,Television.the phone.Movies and TV aren't real either(notably FOX political or war coverage) but we DO get bored,as you know.Some folks hate Magic because they don't like the feeling of being fooled,which I guess makes them feel a prat.Then again.some folks can't take a joke.The people today feel too sophisticated for such banal tomfoolery..despite glaring examples to the contrary(karaoke bar).Remember "Willing suspension of Disbelief"? that's Magic.It occurs in the mind."The greatest sensation we can experience is Mystery"-Albert Einstein. Oh yeah,and besides,it's fun

    2. Gary V

      misterwong I am sorry if you misconstrued what I was saying. I did not say that there is no entertainment value in the performance magic tricks, as you quite rightly said people have indeed been entertained by magic tricks for thousands of years & will carry on being entertained by them for a few thousand more if magicians can keep coming up with new ways of showing them to the audience. What I said was that today most people do not see it as some kind of supernatural event, but merely as a cleverly executed illusion & nowadays (by the educated) it is seen more as entertainment than real. Robin hood is now very widely accepted as just a mythical character, Father Christmas or Santa Claus (taken from the Dutch Sinterklaas) is too, although his character was indeed taken from a real person, namely saint Nicholas who was from what we now call modern day Turkey. When the great Albert Einstein said "The greatest sensation we can experience is Mystery" I think that he was to referring more to the mysteries of Nature & the Universe than to mere light entertainment. I hope that this now clarifies exactly what it was that I was trying to say, if not then please do not hesitate to ask me to elaborate on any thing that you did not comprehend. lol

  13. gabbledegook

    I watched it for a bit excellent tricks but no explanations of how they were done and i didnt fancy waiting 4 hours just to be left wandering could be a good one for debate though !