Hitler Speaks: Hitler’s Private Movies

Hitler Speaks: Hitler’s Private Movies

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Hitler Speaks: Hitler’s Private MoviesOn May 1st 1945 allied forces overtook Hitler's private mountain retreat in Bavaria.

America's OSS (office of strategic services) looking for evidence of Nazi war crimes uncovered a large archive of Hitlers private home movies.

Without sound they were useless as evidence of war crimes and remained archived for years.

Re-opened recently with the aid of 20th Century technology and skilled lip readers we can now hear what was said.

These videos offer a glimpse into the personal life of one of history's most despised men.

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1 year ago

Adolf Hitler was just a human being, like you and me. No demon, anti-christ or whatever stupid religious nonsense. He was not insane, mad or evil. Just a man.

John. Agront
3 years ago

A. Us. Rep. From. The. Truman. Gov. Went. To. Moscow. To. See. Stalin. At. The. End. Of. W.w. 2. In. Europe. When asked. If. Hitler. Was. Dead. Stalin. Said. "no!". In. The. Police. Gazzette. For. Dec. 1960 -. 2. News. Journalists. From. The. Us. We're. "asked". By. Armed. Nazi. Guards. To. Leave. Patagonia. In. Argentina. &. Never. Return! In. One. Of. Nostradamus'. Predictions. It. Reads:. While. The. German. Child. Watches. The. Rhine. This. Great. Man. Will. Be. Carried. Away. In. A. "barn". (submarine?). At. Sea! Go. Figure. He. Did. Escape!

Lora Nemeth
5 years ago

Just to dispute some of the garbage written in the comments about the holocaust:
Hunterjagt: Deborah Lipstapt (not Debbie) and Richard Evans are well regarded historians, whereas David Irving has been exposed numerous times as simply making things up and mistranslating German documents. He may at one time have been a decent historian, but his research has long been about trying to exonerate Hitler.
Robin_Hood_89: yes the world is full of persecutions...but the Holocaust was unique in the systematic nature of the murders. And of course the numbers are estimates - the Nazis did not keep records of those sent to the gas chambers. Current estimates are based on German documents, lists of train deportations to death camps, and other sources. The numbers are estimated at between 5 and 6 million (1 million in Russia, 2.5 million in the camps, and 2.5 million in Ghettos, etc.). It is difficult to gage the number based on people reporting to have survivors in their families, since in many cases, whole families and communities were wiped out. If they were relocated, there has been absolutely no evidence of the creation of a settlement (including these 5 to 6 million people themselves). There are however numerous train schedules showing the transportations to numerous camps in Poland but not train schedules showing transport of these people to "a settlement." Finally, there are thousands and thousands of bodies, which should say something in itself.
WTF: there were approximately 9 million Jews in Europe before the war, not 6, and numbers are difficult to be exact because many countries did not conduct a census of this. In addition, it would also depend on the definition of who is a Jew.
Wakeupguys: No the number has not increased... if anything the number of Jews murdered has decreased. When Auschwitz was liberated the Red Army believed that four million had been murdered there. We now know that it was between 800,000 and 1.1 million. But again, as is the case with a lot of the holocaust (there are no records left to give exact estimates). There is NUMEROUS evidence that supports the gas chambers, including documents (Karl Bischoff letter), forensic studies (University of Krakos, NOT Leuchter, which has been discredited by any decent scientist), eye witness testimonies by both Jews and Germans, etc. As for the rest of your comments, I'm not going to even justify the idea of a Jewish conspiracy, of which there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Besides, lets play devils advocate and say the gas chambers never existed: does that mean the holocaust never happened, or that it was okay to do what was done because they were starved, beaten and shot to death?

These denial tactics are becoming more and more common, because something as horrible as the Holocaust is unbelievable. But it happened. IT HAPPENED.

If you want answers to denial questions or points, I would suggest checking out Nizkor.com, this is an excellent resource.

5 years ago

think critically question so called "authority"we are all in this together nothing can happen unless we let it.....don't be deceived war is not the answer ..its a racket our leaders are puppets of a unseen powerful elite and we are stupid masses to them WAKE UP MAN

5 years ago

wake up war mongering today is big business you pay....
why should anyone shoot another guy. Can you sit there and believe all the sh*t .... time to stop the madness

6 years ago

By the way, a fellow I knew that fought in WW2 in Europe, who unfortunately is no longer with us had no problem buying a German made imported VW. If that tells you anything about what he found out about the war he fought in, through independent looking, rather than sucking up TV and school propaganda.

6 years ago

Besides what @wakeupguys said, how about what General Patton said ...that we defeated the wrong army in Europe; was in favor of continuing on to defeat Stalin, the real enemy; had a "jeep accident" shortly thereafter.

The Treaty of Versailles, the punishment of Germany for WW1, enough historians point to for the cause of Hitler; is was insult on top of injury.

If you watch interview of jews that were in camps closer in that didn't have their supply lines bombed out by the allies, they state they were treated well. A video of a young jew investigating the concentration camps shows the gassing and what not to be propaganda. Said the lies need to stop.

Although likely some inaccuracies and keeping out some of the bad, the most accurate account of Hitler I've seen is "The greatest story never told" which I think still has its own website.

Please show me records of how Hitler even had access to 6mln jews. Imagine the propaganda if supply lines and Typhus struck the Japanese internment camps in the usa; and the Japanese had invaded and won.

The great lesson of Hitler is that if you lose, you are screwed. You have to be made out to be the devil in order to justify all the evil done to defeat him.

Am I a fan of Hitler? Not at all. Do I think he was worse than a litany of leaders of countries then and now, including Bush and Obama? Not at all. Was he worse than that Brit weasel Churchill who wanted Hitler gone because Hitlers revitalized Germany was eating Britain's lunch in their valued export trade.

Realistically, in the final analysis, the war was about money, as most wars typically are. A friend of mine, his dad fought in WW2. Had no fondness of the military telling his gungho son to stay away. You are just cannon fodder for the generals and colonels while the corporations are selling to both sides. Yes amerikan companies were selling supplies to the Germans. The one ship coming through on a regular basis that the German Uboats never sank was the Std. Oil fuel tanker. The more ships and supplies enroute to Britain that were sunk, the more the suppliers would make in having to supply more.

If you are a middle eastern country dependent on oil export revenue, ginning up a war, causing the usual war premium on oil is always good for the bottom line. If you are an american or multinational oil company who makes more on margin at higher prices, they will help with that war.

War on terror? Hahahaha. A false flag propaganda show from the get go. In recent times very few leaders of the major or modern economies do what is in the best interests of their people. They do what is best for the central banksters who own a controlling interest in the major industrial companies, the banks, the media, ...

That is why, if people really want change (for the better, rather than for the worse as with obama, which you would have known if actual did your own homework or read his books favoring marxism and muslims[whose book tells them to lie just like Hitler to the non muslims] which obama did every time I heard him, barring only one time), they must gather together for one hour every month or two to find and examine wise, decent, uncorruptible candidate for all offices from all parties in numbers, so who ever the lazy minded vote for, someone good will get in.

7 years ago

this is just more western propoganda.

7 years ago

The description of the film does not match the documentary, it describes another one where they lip-read his words from Eva Braun home movies using the voice from the famous recording. I saw it once but it has now disappeared into the memory hole and is nowhere to be found. It was really good too. Probably made Hitler look too human and therefor was erased. I think it was called "Hitler In His Own Voice or something similar. Put it on youtube if you find it. It might stay there for a few hours.

7 years ago

The title is incorrect. The description is incorrect. And this "documentary" could have been told in 20 minutes rather than 68. They just dragged it out and repeated themselves a million times to lengthen it into a "documentary".

8 years ago

history is always give us a moral. We have to take the teaching from the history and we need to be aware from the bad effects.

8 years ago

I am getting sick of hearing about how evil (or whatever) Hitler was. I have read Mein Kampf and this "so called" documentary is totally inconsistent with reality. It is yet another attack on someone who I am beginning to question the status quo narrative.
No truth here in this 'show'

Germanicus ludicrus incitus
8 years ago

im always amazed at the way you pseudo intellects continue to think that hitler was the worst evil in all recorded history,when in fact he probably only ranks 3rd or 4th.its funny how the liberal leftists like to shy away from criticizing their heroes, comrades lenin and stalin who ran that wonderful workers paradise to the east.between the two of them,they did away with about 50 million of their own people through murder and starvation.and then we have cute little chairman mao,who is responsible for the deaths of about one hundred million of his people in china,by murder,starvation and enslavement.and lets not forget the millions of Chinese the Japanese killed in their invasion of china in the early 1930's.simply put,hitler was a genius that went mad from the seduction that power has on men .no,i am not defending hitler.i just think we should remember our socialist murderers of the past century,the same as our fascist murderers.

9 years ago

Now that I think about it, I've never heard a recording of Obama in a casual setting.

Dougle Zebadee
9 years ago

What some people fail to recognize is that their are historical documented facts, yeş hitler new about the holocost, I am of Arab origin however that does not prevent me from holding a balanced view of historical events ,Judaism is a religion the same as Christianity or Islam, had hitler had issues with Islam for example we would be talking about a different holocost. The man held a twisted view of the world and his twisted warped mind ultimately led to the wannasee conference where it was decided that all the Jews had to be murdered in his death camps ...
His death camps are another historical reality that certain people try to deny however it is not always easy to deny reality...
This documentary shows a different side to hitler and that itself is important as only by understanding all aspects of the past can we hope to learn and avoid repeating these events in the future.
Any form if racism is wrong and if the world spent more time understanding the differences between cultures we would have a lot less wars.

9 years ago

Has the voice of Mannerheim been examined and compared to his authentic one? That would give extra possibilities to prove the authenticity of the recording.

Justin Lesniewski
9 years ago

eh. I don't care about Hitler's private videos. I think they should have been burned. The things I read about in Schindler's List are too grotesque and soulfully disturbing to have been made up. He deserves no credence whatsoever. And Germany should have renamed their country in my opinion. I don't care to do any research I had enough hard time reading that book and watching the movie... He should be forgotten completely, not even in the history books, he has nothing of value to teach the world. He represented a very sick culture that brutalized human beings, yet we are here talking about "The man himself wasn't so bad" "its nice to see his human side" yeah whatever.! Seriously... Its like America's fascination with killers, theres always a show on TV about some piece of immoral garbage. No patience for this stuff, expunge him from history, erase his memory from existence. That is how I feel about Adolf Hitler.

10 years ago

Six Million jews before the war, Hitler apparently killed 5 million.

End of war 5 and a half million jews left.

DO THE MATHS! It doesnt add up.

10 years ago

In the history of modern civilization people like Hitler have waged wars of total domination in the "name" of their country's superiority. Britain, Russia, Spain, the US, Germany, Japan, China etc. All of them have committed tremendous atrocities on others and some, on their own people. I come from a small country with no such agenda because it's small, but with a huge history in the evolution of human civilization. My country, though small, has "indirectly dominated" in human history through culture and has had tremendous gains because of the name this culture carries. It uses these achievements even today in order to exercise "indirect" diplomacy and gain from this without even having to kill a fly.

What makes me sad is to see that "domination" of nations has transcended from being an act of dominating by culture, in being an act of dominating by using tremendous violence. In the course of human evolution this is the opposite course when in fact this should have been the way to start.

Culture is far more powerful than guns. And it's far-far more enduring as a diplomacy card. The reason why my nation still stands today with the same language in the same area it has inhabited for more that 5000 years and is a unified state today, is because of these achievements. And this is the reason instead of "invading" someone we prefer to stand back and think. We fight only when we have to defend our land. because one thing we know best is to defend the durability of this nation and the ideals it has produced. On our soil, by arms or even bare handed if it gets to that. We struggle but you can see a certain endurance and self preservation act here, can't you?

China is an other example, but China is huge with resources and a certain geographical location! We are tiny and located in the crossing of 3 continents, surrounded be sea, with 2000 islands and a mountainous mainland! Hard times are coming and going. But you actually win when you manage to still be around as a nation no matter how many centuries pass. And preserve a certain lifestyle, language and tradition. Greetings from struggling Greece. Bad times come and go. Culture stays.

10 years ago

reading the comments bellow,i see that a mass of you have been brainwashed into what to think of Hitler..please open a book and do research for your self..NOT FROM THE WINNERS SIDE OF THE WAR. you may find yourself betrayed as to what you were told growing up. Hitler was not a devil or a bad man, he did what had to be done for his country.

11 years ago

I watched this one a bit ago. Pretty good doc. Of course we didn't get to veiw him of camera. If I was him I'd learn to control my every expression and body
movement 24/7. Hell, I'd even at times smoke some diet cat-nip to keep it real and stare at the wall for 4-5 weeks wondering why my words are stuck in the same time zone. lol

11 years ago

Great original footage - usual ridiculous commentary

11 years ago

i hate nazizam of adolf hitler

11 years ago

hiter wanted to rule the whole world in the name of nazizam in same way some foudamenalist are trying to bring hinduisam also so we have to be very careful and we should safegaurd secular fabric of india

11 years ago

No offense, well actually a lot of offense but a lot of people here have really ignorant views. Just reading comments I've read that: Hitler was possessed by a 'demon' and "sure he persecuted he jews, but...". Really just think about what you're saying. I mean I'm not one to swallow propaganda but that doesn't mean you have to compete to invent the most ridiculous views possible. And yes there have been worse massacres like the Indians by the British empire and the Russians by Stalin but that excuses nothing. Playing the devil's advocate doesn't mean excusing stupidity and ignorance. Sure consider it from Hitler's side and then rationally realise immediately that there was nothing better in any shape or form in the 'Third Reich'.

It's easy when you have complete personal freedom to think the grass is greener; its not. National socialism is either a failure or a tool for mass manipulation.

Oh and good documentary it helps one to understand the true Hitler. To imagine being in his shoes rather than seeing him as this alien that doesn't even seem real.

12 years ago

i am british, but even i can see that there is something that hitler knew or could somehow foresee about secret societies or developing religions. Sure he persecuted the jews, but even today a society is full of persecutions. Another question that i believe needs more of an answer is that this is not the first time a race, specifically the jews have been treated in such away.
It doesn't help that after the war, world leaders manipulated, rounded or simply guessed the numbers of jews who had been killed. It would be nice to see how many people statistically claim to have holocaust survivors in their family, and prove once and for all whether the majority were simply relocated during or at some point after the war. Not to mention the people who must have understood the meaning of a national socialist party, in the years they were growing in numbers, before hitler was anywhere near being in charge.

tom bradly
12 years ago

Lang lebe mein fuhrer

12 years ago

hitler was demon possesed believe or not. he was in the end a frail man. there was evidence he had very hipnotic eyes shiny deep blue.women were frightened at times. this was from a close personal friend that stated these attributes. this was not some act of his own doing .there was a menacing spirit in him. no man is able to to bring a whole nation to ecstacy. believe it or not.this evil spirit just left his body in the end when the war was lost. hitler in the beginning before he was the furh many times stated he heard voices. he was possessed, its just not believed these days.that such a thing could happen.

12 years ago

"Like a documentary of a documentary."

"Where's the beef?"

Exactly. A lot of build up with very little pay off.

12 years ago

Not bad, not bad!...
The man seems to merealy with an objective in he´s existance...
Not bad not bad porpouse to make great he´s nation (full of Alzaimer´s candidates by the way).
Not bad not bad. Next time I will like to see real story´s abut the man. I do not believe the english a jewish propaganda. Jusi I don´t believe nor even de church, they are a bunch of liars. they keep change the story from the entire world.
The americans are the new criminals today. Well; the world allways will have wars and none of them created for justice or "legalite" "egalite". Just a world of delinquents, today much more tha never before in bad hands, and with the AIDS virus in "crescento"; level 2 today, level 3 next year... Or the hit is on or ready in level 4?!...

12 years ago

This was fascinating. It shows Hitler's human side and not the side that we are all brought up on...either a hideous inhuman demon or a cartoon. He was just a man.

13 years ago

There should be more of these documentaries about human or trivial side of big events and leaders. Personally i like to listen white house tapes about presidents talking their personal business telling bad jokes and having casual conversations as normal human beings.

13 years ago

Among the problems with this documentary are the comments from the British "historian" Richard J. Evans. Evans has completely discredited himself by accepting hunreds of thousands of dollars for giving specious "evidence" in the court case against Debbie Lipschitz for defaming the great historian David Irving. Evans is a shill and a superfluous human.

13 years ago

Among the problems with this documentary are the comments from the British "historian" Richard J. Evans. Evans has completely discredited himself by accepting hunreds of thousands of dollars for giving specious "evidence" in the court case against Debbie Lipschitz for defaming the great historian David Irving. Evans is a shill and a superfluous humane.

iain C
13 years ago

Hitler's greatest victory is that his larger than life ego lives on to this day as the demon of the last century.

To humanise him shows us that he was nothing more than a slave to his own unhappiness. It is a shame that this unhappiness was allowed to spread so far from it's source.

Forgive but never forget. Today children play and birds sing all across the poppyfields of France where so many died. We should take our example from nature.

13 years ago

yeah, not a great one, has some nice bits and bobs,alot of the clips are in multi docs already.

13 years ago

reaally good documentary,,,

13 years ago

Where is the beef here? It is more like a documentary of a documentary.

13 years ago

disappointing doc.