Hitler's Children

Hitler's Children

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Hitler's ChildrenNever has a generation been so completely taken over by a totalitarian state as was the case in Hitler's Third Reich: at the age of 10 children joined the Jungvolk movement, at 14 they joined the Hitler Youth, and at 18 they joined the party, the Wehrmacht, the SA, or the SS.

This 5-part documentary by Guido Knopp and the ZDF Contemporary History Department is the first comprehensive film portrayal of the young people in the Third Reich.

With in-depth witness statements and some previously unpublished archive material, the documentary demonstrates how Hitler succeeded in gaining power over his children through years of manipulation.

Episodes included: Seduction, Dedication, Education, War, and Sacrifice.

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5 years ago

Does anyone know the name of the producer of this documentary? I'm using it as a research source for a paper and I need to reference it.

5 years ago

Another documentary full of lies. Watch thegreateststorynevertold.tv for the real story of adolf hitler. A documentary they will never post here.

6 years ago

Get outta here with that 100+ million exterminated in the Americas. Sure there was genocides, but you can probably chop an entire zero off that number of people actually murdered. The entire world population in 1600 was ~550 million, more than half of whom lived in Asia. The entire Spanish + French + British empires' combined population was only about 60M., for example.

6 years ago

From the late 15th century, Spain, France, G.Britain, Holland and the U.S. government exterminated(100 million>) indigenous people of the Americas.
Stalin murdered (40 million >) .
Mao murdered (40 million >) .
To rate the Nazis as #1 in the "Genocide Hall of Fame" is a judgement based on subjective favoritism, not "Fact".
Genocidal motive remains the same:
Because we are predominantly a weak species (mentally,emotionally) this practice will continue.
.....the defeated never dictate history

Plat the Imvaler
7 years ago

@Peter Leclair.. So what you do against Neonazis then ? Deny the right to demonstrate, to meet at public places ? You sound like you have just the right solution to our problem..
And you don't see russian skinheads ? As you've been posting here it seems you're actually using the internet. There's this brand new thing called google (Does yahoo still exist ?) you can type 'whatever'-Nazis in there and even choose between text, pictures and videos..
Oh and as for this documentary as I grew up in the former GDR where you automatically entered a 'socialist youth organization' at age 6-7, whenever you started going to school. Back than at least they had a choice.. Quote[you]: '..put an end to neonaziz permanently.' - 'permanently'??? seriously ? People like you screaming the loudest, would have been the first to enter the party because you just condemn whats easiest for you, what you so easily can define as evil. Don't get me wrong I don't want to defend any faschist or racist ideology, but if I'm not on their side (e.g. Neonazis) it technically puts me on your side. Now before I start biting my fist or becoming really vulgar please keep that streamlined bull**** to yourself, because it's really hard for arguments to stick out in that sea of bull****.. (sorry, I'm trying to avoid heart attack so I had to let this out).

7 years ago

This is the reason I am with Noam Chomsky in fearing the "newspeak" or "soundbite/bumpersticker" mentality in news media, feeding shallow, strongly biased insights to "the masses" (and being designed for fast and mass consumption).

These are methods adapted from ideologies of Nazi propaganda techniques that were massively successful, as displayed here. And it is shocking to see it reflected in contemporary media of any kind, considering the implications of doing so.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

Yes a nation has been taken over after the hoax of the Germany takeover. The Jews have taken over America and it is worse than anything in history! Wake up stupid Americans!

10 years ago

someday an adventurous filmmaker will do film about America's Genocide's ..

11 years ago

if you look at the state of YOUR country today i think you will agree with me that hitler was right, if you dont then you are fools, HISTORY HAS A HABIT OF REPEATING ITSELF

11 years ago

Quite interesting that the current Pope (Benedict XVI) was a member of the Hitler youth.

Ch H
11 years ago


11 years ago

Circa World War II was witness to two main holocausts: The camps of Eastern Europe and Siberia, and the massive allied bombings of civilians during the middle and end of the war, culminating with the atomic bomb.
The tendency of man to use and advance available weaponry has been demonstrated consistently since the stone age. After the Cold War, people have been inclined to put nuclear weapons out of their minds, but they are still very real and the question I believe is not if, but when, they will be used.
These documents show with visceral cruelty that it takes very little intelligence to mount a mass campaign of slaughter in which even innocent children are taught to have no pity. A nuclear war will probably not be the tragic result of a failure in brinkmanship, but the end consequence of a series of blunders committed by demented leaders.

11 years ago

Nobody so predisposed to hate and division can escape the judgement of history...

12 years ago

Thank you Vladko, AWESOME site.

Informative and eye-opening documentary!

12 years ago

There was a "modern" class room experience in California in 1967 that was not as extreme, but delivered the realities of fascism to a high school history class. There have been several versions of the movie, "the Wave" including a musical [??] and a 2008 German release. It brings the concept of the Hitler Youth programs into focus for those who don't watch documentaries!

Watch it on Google videos.

12 years ago

George me again,it was the goths that brought rome to their knees.The germans were not a single people.The belgae was a large tribe which was a mix of germans and celts.The celts sacked rome in the 4 century bc.At one stage it was the celtic tribes who influenced europe not the germans.

12 years ago

George the saxons were not a single people.It is a collective word for people from northern europe,celts are the same though not neccesarilly from the north

12 years ago

65 years later and still Germany allows Hitlers birthday to be celebrated bye skinheads and neonaziz If they really are sorry for the past why do the German people still allow such marches and hate to continue in there country.We dont see Stalin skinheads marching in Russia. Or maybe I havent seen it on the news Germany should be ashamed for what they did and put an end to the neonaziz permanently.What the neonaziz of today dont understand is that the hate has never died and the prsecuted are still be persecuted only the world doesnt see it like they didnt see it back then until its to late.

12 years ago

Given as a present to Hitler the whole world was ignorant to what this man did until it was to late as the camps were being discovered in 1945. Suddenly the world was a caring world.Balderdash. I am certain that many boys still to this day as Grandparents are no doubt are teaching the youth in Germany how to be racist. If Germany is truly sorry for the past. Then why do they still allow neonaziz or skinheads march and salute the flag on Hitlers birthday or still march to heil Hitler while the German puplic watch and do nothing? They pretended to be sorry 65years ago cause if they really are sorry the marches today should be banned shame on this world for allowing such hate to continue

12 years ago

21 century...fell asleep too long.

12 years ago

Just look at Fox News and its loyal viewers, this is the 20th century, and it is shocking that a News Organization can use basic common fallacies to seduce its viewers.

It is simple, Fox News owner knows there are segment in the U.S population, that have a particular view of the government and everyone else that does not look or act like them; they are mostly Republicans, they are mostly White, they are mostly in the South.

So how does Fox News profit from this?

Normally a news organization reports facts and figures so their viewers can make their own opinions, but in Fox News, they twist the facts and lie so the stories support the pre-conceived opinion of their viewers. Just google "Fox lies" and see for yourself the endless example of clips people have composed.

It became so effective that Fox News can now say that there is no Sun, and their viewers will keep their loyalty and don't confront them, they have taken on a tribal mentality. Every other station is the "enemy liberal media". Use words like "elite" or "liberal" to identify the other.

You say "elite"? The Australian billionaire owner is laughing his way to the bank.

12 years ago

lol whats diferent between hitlers and today, i think none. yeterdays victoms became todays agrasers, todays victoms may become agressers in future, history is full of conflict, what name u give it, killing civil is a crime, its by intension or by mistake, kill is kill,
all power full empires and countries fall at the end. we r next. agree or not same hapend in history, same wil hapen in future. power is no ons loyal frind,
this what i think.

doc was great, 7 out of 10.

13 years ago

Its interesting that our society does not differ so much from nazis. Lot of same elements. No one really questions the system, its values or how it works. Everyone is just doing the same things its human nature. This is interesting if you have children. Same ways of manipulation, same social rues are still in use.

13 years ago

Genocides happen even today, it simply doesn't touch the people that have television and internet connections (most of them) as deeply as ww2 in which probably all europeans have a grandpa/grandma that remember a thing or two of the horrors.

Thus I agree with Tom, this docu is there to teach us something about HOW it happened and what to avoid repeating, not to set some type of perverted genocide competition.

13 years ago

I think what really amazing here - without first having watched the series, is that people are having a REAL dialogue here. People are using punctuation, they're spelling correctly - it's so nice to see.

13 years ago

Dear Georges.
There were east and west germanic tribes, which were basically warriors, smiths and farmers. They had some kind of tribal organization. There was a barbarian invasion around III-IV centuries, which german historians call "Völkerwanderung", which means the migration of the people.

It is unknown, why all the tribes attacked the roman empire almost at the same time. Some writers say, that maybe there was another enemy pushing them from the East, and provoked this simultaneous (but not coordinated) major invasion. Anyway, the roman empire crumbled, and the Dark Ages begun.

I have read, the germanic tribes were quite good for forging metals, and their kings and queens liked jewelry, gems and stones. Although they were basically pagan (heathens)They were quite impressed by christian bishops, so they considered them as holy men. It seems that slavery was practiced also among them (romans did that too).

It seems that many elements from fairy tales (magic swords, gems, rings, dwarfs working on subterranean kingdoms, dragons and worms (terrestrial dragons without wings)) were born at the period from germanic myths.

K. Adam.

Eric Howe
13 years ago

Tom's right, this series is a lesson in authoritarian thinking (or the lack thereof in the followers) and the dangers of blind faith.

13 years ago

People here are missing the point of the documentary, its not to show people that this is the biggest and the best genocide of them all. It is to show how people were seduced into this type of mind set and why we should be aware of these types of thinking. It is heartless to say that because only so many millions died it is less important than a larger scale one. An attempt at genocide on any scale is a horrible thing to downplay like that.

13 years ago

If you watch the documantaries about Barbarians, you'll understand from where the german peoples are coming from. they r predators. With small groups of farmers,they managed to put the western roman empire on his knees to finally conquer western europe from Spain (visigoths), Italy (Lombards) Gaule (Franks)and even england with the Saxons. They ruled europe. Hitler did exactly the same

13 years ago

The Nazi GEnocide is over hyped. WW2 was geographically the biggest war ever, couple that with millions of Jews dying and you'vve got an eternal topic. Issues like Palestinian kids dying (which is happening right now) seem like an appetizer.

Charles B.
13 years ago

In fact, my dad was a child soldier. He was sixteen when he enlisted in the army (saying he was 18) and went to Germany near the end of WWII. He's a verteran of WWII. He was trained as a sniper, but fortunately never had to use his skills to take another human life.

Charles B.
13 years ago

Wow! This is a great series! So sad.

REB: The greatest mass murders are yet to come, on that I'm sure you and I both agree. I believe the worst of the worst will happen under the "Antichrist" proper. I've never even seen anyone die, nor have I had a close loved one die, except for a close friend or two. It's hard for me to imagine death on such a scale such as war. God help us all.

13 years ago

perhaps then, jack, one could at least say that the nazi genocide continues to exert a dominant influence in the cultural imaginary whatever it's actual position relative to other past similar conflicts.

Jack M.
13 years ago


Sorry, your opinion is wrong.

13 years ago

Nazi Genocide is still the wost imo.

13 years ago

Thanks @kapima.

13 years ago

Thanks for sharing this documentary Mr. Vlatko! We love u :)