Holy War
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Holy War

2011, History  -   25 Comments
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Holy War is a searing and clear-eyed five-part series on the ideologies and tactics which drive the global Jihad movement. This primer proves particularly insightful and crucial today as the world faces the continued threat of terror acts inspired and carried out by ISIS.

The roots of this troubling conflict, dating back to the 7th century, are explored in the first chapter subtitled The Sword of the Prophet. As the popularity of the Islamic faith began its ascent, it posed a perceived threat to the widely embedded doctrines of Christianity. The resulting showdown between the Moors and the Christians was a violent one, and set the stage for an ongoing conflict which continues to define global politics and unrest to this day.

As chronicled in Crusade to Jerusalem, the Christian led Holy War against Muslims continued into the 11th century as a bloody battle raged for control of the sacred religious site. Many hundreds of thousands across all faiths were slaughtered.

The Islamic Ottoman Empire inspired tremendous fear throughout Europe, and their successful campaign to overtake large regions of the continent met a critical turning point in September of 1683 as Christian alliance forces worked to thwart an overthrow of Vienna. This skirmish, which is billed as the last Holy War fought on European soil, is portrayed in the third chapter titled The Turks at the Gates of Vienna.

The Kaisers Jihad takes us back to the outbreak of World War I, as British archaeologist T. E. Lawrence fought alongside Arab troops to defeat an insurgency by the Ottoman Empire. Their efforts were coordinated in concert with British interests and strategies during the war.

The final chapter titled Terror and Faith outlines the birth of the modern-day Jihad movement, the key crescendo of which occurred on September 11, 2001 with the World Trade Center attacks. Viewers are provided insights into the rise of Osama Bin Laden, and what his eventual death has meant to the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism throughout the globe.

A gorgeously produced 5-part documentary series which is as instructive as it is ambitious, Holy War could not be more urgent and relevant viewing.

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25 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Geo

    @mikem: Ignorance is bliss.

    Those who believe they are above religions and spirituality via atheism or similar choose not to see that some folks try to be truthful while others are trained to "deceive the infidel". A proper Christian has respect for all peoples and their creed doesn't involve "kill or convert the infidel". No doubt some improper Christians have done some improper things.

    As for the Jewish leadership? That is where Muhammad learned his evil ways, lest you are ignorant of the term "goyim". Although to his discredit, he seems to have amplified it, being jilted by those Jewish leaders.

    The Ego of those at the helm of any group is a serious problem. If Christians knew what the slithering forked tongue Jewish leadership truly thought and has said aloud among their own, desiring to enslave the Christians to do their bidding and fight their wars, you might have a different view of your "friends".

    Many if not all so called Jewish leaders, are not believers in God but in Lucifer, just as too many of the so called Christian leaders such as Bushes, Clintons, the Pope, and too many at the top of various groups. Many of the ordinary Jews are clueless to that fact as so many Americans are clueless to what and why the Banksters, through their media and their university pseudo-professors teach, now Collectivism rather than individualism as they once did. Individualism made the usa the greatest nation in the shortest amount of time. The very thing that made many men super wealthy. And now some of those fear competition so prefer Collectivism(Socialism, Communism, etc.) to prevent competition. "We climbed the ladder now we're pulling it up behind us, screw everyone else; we'll make them our slaves!"

    What might a free and independent people do, with access (and the motivation to look for it with the difficult task of clicking a computer a couple times) to independent information?

    They may choose to tell the banksters to piss off and not fight their money grabbing wars; or jail them for false flags and treason, which they should, along with the Collectivists (Obama, Hillary, Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Angela Merkel, the top Swede, certain CEO's, etc) who aided and abetted the enemies of sovereign nations.

    The choosing of ignorance is one of the largest problem throughout the world. Choosing to believe you are informed by listening to a govt (including Sharia) school teacher or major media outlet, is choosing ignorance. Propaganda reigns supreme.

    War benefits both banksters and the oil Sheikdoms greatly. The Jihadis and Western warriors are the propagandized cannon fodder.

    Did ISIS ever attack Israel, their supposed mortal enemy? Not really, no. Doesn't anyone wonder why? Or are you just nodding to the bankster news networks or Sharia network?

  2. D Suriyamoorthy

    When I attempted to play the video I got the message, "This video is unavailable."

  3. mikem

    You people crack me up! Both sides. And it's always "sides"
    So little critical thought put into "comments" in america.

  4. Christine

    The part about the spread of Islam in the first century after Mohammed and the Battle of Tours seems pretty accurate. Then they go off the rails with the 'Golden Age' in Spain etc... as if Islam brought this blossoming of civilization. It most certainly brought second class status to any remaining Christians or Jews who had to pay a dhimmi tax for starters. They were the survivors who chose subjugation rather than death or conversion to Islam. They may as well been slaves for they were in servitude. They have no voice, no legal protection, must follow rules which vary under different rulers but are generally harsh and meant to oppress non Muslims. If you want to call this tolerance- you are not simply stretching- you are lying.

    It is also a lie to make any moral equivalence between Islam and Christianity. Christian lands were overrun by Muslims from the start. The entire Mediterranean basin, parts of Asia Minor and India were evangelized by the Apostles and were the home of Christianity from it's beginning in the Holy Land. The Crusades, just like the Battle of Tours, was defensive. The only difference was the Crusaders had to travel to the Holy Land to protect and defend their people, churches, and holy sites. It is not mentioned here that the cause of the Crusades was not only continued assaults and attacks on Christians lands for 400 years but a massacre of 3000 Christians on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and a simultaneous cry for help from the Byzantines in Constantinople who were besieged for the third time. (First Arab Siege 674-678; Second Arab Siege of Constantinople 717- 718).

    There can be no doubt who is the aggressor here is you consult a map of the spread of Islam with dates.

  5. Wayne

    Examining the science of 9/11 reveals the truth. Sciencephobic? Then follow the money trail.

  6. John

    And there's the crux of it...the sword of the prophet (at the beginning).

  7. Realliberal

    Also Bush and Cheney did 9/11? It wasn't a terrorist attack from radical Islam? you guys need to learn how critical thinking and logic work. I know you think you do cos you saw a video you can't explain but stop you internal monologue you are wrong!

  8. Realliberal

    love the people who are posting just to say they won't watch it! don't want to upset your world view of perfectly peaceful and oppressed brown people and colonial imperialist white devils?! then don't watch otherwise you might figure out the meaning of equality at some point.
    It's always far easier to blame people who won't kill you for doing it
    America is the great satan! Gays for Hamas!

  9. One-world

    One documentary I will definitely not watch

  10. Adman

    Without religion we wouldn't have science, without a quest for spirituality we could have descended into a different kind of dark age, humans made religion and humans drive it in its various directions.

    As for it's place in a contemporary "civilised" world, it probably belongs in the philosophy or even fiction section. Sadly this is not the case, many people still cling to the barbaric dogmas of convert or kill/convert or condemn, despite the historic evidence of the human cost of this kind of flawed thinking.

    But just because some people use it as a vehicle of evil, doesn't mean it isn't and hasn't been used as a vehicle for good.

  11. Touche

    I agree its too short,but I do believe its the way of the world. Scripture has made it clear to me that speaking in tongues is one form of division.We have not yet understood what the full meaning of [this] means.

  12. eftal

    the narrator tells golden apple meant vienna for ottomans but nope. it was rome.

  13. Bos O

    It's a shame the producers are sucked in by the erroneous take on 9/11 that it was BinLaden. It was Bush and Cheney etc what dunnit. Wake up World!

  14. Dropzone

    Oh heck with it. I choose to not believe it either one . Muslim most diff not . And Christians ? Same , sure sure Jesus saw th devil and th burning bush. You go without food for thirty days and you'll trip out too,and think your talking to th devil . Yeah right ,and no water ? You dead in three days. It's all a crock of crap

  15. noah toe

    If they put their trust in God, they should have gone home,he would have fought the battle for them.

  16. Raymond

    History shows that both Islam and Christianity have murderous barbaric campaigns in their history. However, Islam is still the most murderous barbaric religion. Islamic Jihadist warriors have been that way from the time of Mohammad to this day.

  17. Zeeshan

    I am not surprised to see how this documentary shows a biased one side of the story , nothing but another propaganda film creating villains and heroes. First of all, Thats not the message Angel Jibraeel approached prophet Muhammad PBUH with, He asked him to "Read" not spread spread and spread. Next level of stupidity when such films are made without any proper research done into the topic.

    Secondly, I agree with anders that the narrator has zero understanding about historical or current times politics. I only see it as a extension of the "Media Story"

  18. Anders

    What a disappointing ending, to what was a quite interesting doc.
    The fact that they call 9/11 a terror attack by muslims, shows that the narrator just don't get it..He is sooo damn wrong!

  19. Frank

    What a joke

  20. squito

    Religion is the suckiest single detriment to the advance of mankind. All of it, every single tentacle of the crux of any and all religions.

  21. squito

    Someone commented that the above doc is too short to be all inclusive. If you hit the "YouTube" button on the screen and go there to watch, you'll find this is only part one of a five part series. Watching all of them will shed more light where it's needed.

  22. TJ

    what is god - man made bullshit like earth god / sun god / moon god / rain god and many more this is were it all started from as time went on some smart men for there time saw the fear in man with this they created one god and one religion and with that came the church out of this came power and wealth (taxes) and slavery the church had there own army of men to collect the taxes and young men and women if you did not obey you were hurt or killed they call this ( government ) and it still is going on today and no yet one has ever ever ever seen any ( god )

  23. justice

    I agree with you...delia. Veiling violence and bloodshed with religion was,is and will continue to be the ground of war. there is politically opposing views but violence is much louder in the mouth of claimed religion. In most african countries, conflicts and insane attacks are rampant, cause religion is at its peak.
    What surprises me is; battle for power and governance over territories out of our reach is ongoing and religion is used as "cover cloth". Terrorist attacks, violence etc are in truth having hidden subjects.....religious clashes are just " goat heads upon tiger bodies". How I hate evil minded folks who look religious .... some Christians of this age....infact most...are behaving like dogs (they are not dogs but they behaving as on). Why? cause we preach against war yet we go back to ignite what we have puked....we claim we abhor division but we are really divided.
    We hold our hands together, forming a unified circle but behind dem curtains of assumed unity and love, lies a whole lot of blood thirsty folks devouring hopes and dreams but I believe Jesus never taught that....lets be real!!!

  24. Zip

    Just a little bizarre to hear the Moors speaking German. Great doc, though.

  25. delia ruhe

    Not a bad overview, although too short for the kind of detail required by its promise of understanding. Its focus on the militarization of both christianity and islam is, I think, important for today's pundits and politicians. Christians are as fond as are muslims of grabbing the moral highground by insisting that their religion is a religion of peace, while the other guy's is a religion of violence. That's just a contemporary example of the futility of using religion as an excuse for violence.

    The History Channel did a fairly good documentary on the First Crusade called "The Crescent and the Cross," which, at bottom, is a good exploration of how the semi-barbarian christians of the European Dark Ages captured Jerusalem from the much more sophisticated muslims who ruled it. True to their barbarism, the christians slaughtered the entire population of the city -- not only the muslims but also the jews and the christians. This docudrama is really worth watching.